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PharmacyGal's worksheet answers (Read 3006 times)
May 20th, 2011 at 4:37pm

PharmacyGal :)   Offline
Looking foward to TOM
Washington State

1, How long have you been watching TAGS? How often do you watch episodes?
I started watching these shows at the laundry mat when I was about 15 and I liked the show so much for my birthday my parents bought me the first season of TAGS on ebay.

2, Do you have the DVD collection? If so, do you also watch TAGS on cable or local TV.
I do have the entire series on dvd but I bought each season individually as they were released....now I go to Walmart and see my $40 seasons for $10 .... : S

3, Do you prefer the B&W ot the color episodes best? What are some of your favorite episodes?
I prefer the black and white, ofc i have a favorite episode from each season but i think my favorite black and white season is Season 5. Even though I prefer the black and white there are many nice color episodes also they just have a different feel to them without Barney.

4, Who are some of you favorite regular characters? Your favorite reoccurring characters?
Some of my favorites I guess are the main ones Aunt Bee, Opie, Andy and Barney, and Helen. I guess I would put Ellie under recurring characters, I think she was my absolute favorite in the show though, as well as Mayor Pike.

5, Who are your favorite one-time characters? Who would you like to have seen as a regular cast member?
I liked Jerry Van d**e during that episode in the fifth season when he was a fill in deputy. I was a little disappointed that was the only episode he did I would have liked to see him more.

6, Who were some of the unseen characters you feel should have been seen?
Barney's mother, and Sarah.

7, Who is your favorite of Andy’s girlfriends? Should have Barney & Thelma Lou gotten married?
Ellie is my favorite, Helen is my second favorite.
Idk if Barney and Thelma Lou should have gotten married but I read that Betty Lynn was offered a hair dresser part and I wish somehow she could have still been Barney's gf with everyone asking what her last letter from Barney said and somehow keep them together and keep her in the show even though he left. I was really sad in that one episode when she had gotten married...i only watched it once cause it bothered me.

8, Which of the 3 Ben Weavers did you like best? Which Mayor was your favorite?
Mayor Pike....I liked Mayor Stoner in his own way, but our fat little mayor was funnier. " no pressure Andy, we don't care which of our three daughters you pick "

9, Which replacement Deputy was your favorite. And least favorite?
I don't remember his name, but the replacement in the second season while Barney sold vacuums was my least favorite, and my favorite was Warren. I wish he had stayed all the way through season 8 he was fun.

10, If Aunt Bee woukld have gotten married, who would you have liked to have seen her marry?
John Canfield

11, If you could write yourself into TAGS, what would your character be like?
Since I am intending to go to nursing school some day, I guess I'd want to be the county nurse or work in a doctors office there.

12, Which character who left, other than Barney, do you wish had continued their role?
Miss Ellie and Thelma Lou.

13, If you’d like to tell us anything personal about yourself, do so now or tick a lock.
My real name is Kimberley, I am 20 almost 21 and love old comedy show's and old movies. I am doing my pre reqs and hopefully in about a year i can apply for Nursing School to be an RN. I love cats but not dogs so much and right now I work in an Assisted Living facility as a NAC. * nursing assistant certified *


I'd be happy to go to the dance with you Andy!
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Reply #1 - May 20th, 2011 at 4:50pm

tiltjlp   Offline
She Was A Sweet Cat
Cheviot Ohio

I would have never guessed that you were so young, PharmacyGal. Good luck in Nursing School. And yes, although those DVDs cost less now than when you got them, I'm sure the enjoyment you got from them is priceless.
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Reply #2 - May 20th, 2011 at 5:21pm

PharmacyGal :)   Offline
Looking foward to TOM
Washington State

yh there was a boy here who was a little younger than me and went by the name Mayor Stoner but he dissappeared so I guess I think i'm the youngest here again =)

I'd be happy to go to the dance with you Andy!
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Reply #3 - May 20th, 2011 at 5:43pm

Sue Grigsby   Offline
I Love Mayberry!
Shelby, NC

Hey Pharmacy Gal,  I am an RN at the local hospital here and I was in the same shoes that you are in now.  Actually what you are is a CNA  "Certified Nursing Assistant"  No such thing as an NAC.

You can see Barney's mother in the 2nd episode (The Manhunt).

Good luck in school!

Blonde Right Out of a Bottle
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Reply #4 - May 20th, 2011 at 7:41pm

PharmacyGal :)   Offline
Looking foward to TOM
Washington State

Oh yh forgot about that episode, and when I took the CNA class that is what it was called so there is such things just means the same as CNA

I'd be happy to go to the dance with you Andy!
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Reply #5 - May 21st, 2011 at 12:02am

Floyd   Offline
Everythings OKAY in Mayberry!

Wow PharmacyGal.  You're more like Nurse Peggy that Miss Ellie if you're going to be a nurse.  I hope everything goes great for you.

I think Sen. Canfield would have been the best for Aunt Bee, too. Smiley
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