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Thelma Lou Fife's Worksheet Answers (Read 609 times)
Jun 13th, 2011 at 11:42pm

Thelma Lou Fife   Offline
Cashew fudge anyone?

1, How long have you been watching TAGS? How often do you watch episodes?
I've been watching TAGS since they originally aired.  My dad looks like Andy, solved all my problems in about 23 minutes like Ange, was, and still is, one of the wisest men I know, just like Andy.  I don't watch a lot of anything when school is in (you know how it is, Miss Crump), but now that school is out, I'll resume watching several episodes (5-6) a day.

2, Do you have the DVD collection? If so, do you also watch TAGS on cable or local TV.
We don't have any cable/local tv so I have to rely on something that goes into a machine.  Until recently, I had to watch all episodes on vhs (Eons ago, I used to program 3 vcr's to get TBS & WGN overnight to get them all).  But this year, my students were so generous and gave me enough gift cards to B&N, that I was able to order all seasons on DVD.  Thank you, my dears!

3, Do you prefer the B&W or the color episodes best? What are some of your favorite episodes?
B & W for sure.  My favorite is Barney and the Choir.  I have a hard time singing the melody to "Welcome Sweet Springtime" b/c I've sung along w/Barn so much.  But I do like "Dinner at Eight" in the color episodes.

4, Who are some of you favorite regular characters? Your favorite reoccurring characters?
Regular:  Barney.  I love Barney. I think Don Knotts was brilliant.  Recurring: Ernest T. Bass

5, Who are your favorite one-time characters? Who would you like to have seen as a regular cast member?
One-time:  Ellen Brown.   Parnell Rigsby would have been a good addition.

6, Who were some of the unseen characters you feel should have been seen?
It seems like it would have been an invasion of privacy of sorts to see Juanita or Sarah.  Perhaps someone like Viola Slatt.

7, Who is your favorite of Andy’s girlfriends? Should have Barney & Thelma Lou gotten married?
I thought Mary Simpson would have been a good match for Andy.  And YES!  Barney and Thelma Lou should have gotten married before Barney left.  They were made for each other.

8, Which of the 3 Ben Weavers did you like best? Which Mayor was your favorite?
Christmas scrooge Ben is my favorite.  I get a lump in my throat still.  Our little fat Mayor Pike gets my vote.  (Mayor Stoner seemed too het up to live in Mayberry.)

9, Which replacement Deputy was your favorite. And least favorite?
Even though it was an impossibility to replace Barney, Gomer wore the badge with the respect due Barney.  My least favorite was Warren.  I can remember Mom fussing about Warren way back when.

10, If Aunt Bee would have gotten married, who would you have liked to have seen her marry?
The Senator, if she had to get married.  I think spinsterhood suited her just fine, though.

11, If you could write yourself into TAGS, what would your character be like?
In a rural area like Mayberry, you know there were lots of animals.  I would have been a vet.

12, Which character who left, other than Barney, do you wish had continued their role?
Gomer.  No where in the world could you have a daft look on your face all the time and be so loved.

13, If you’d like to tell us anything personal about yourself, do so now or tick a lock.
One of the first things my students know about me is that I love TAGS.  I teach them early on that Andy's name is  GriffITH, not GriffIN.  I quote things to them like "Act like somebody" and I tell them to listen carefully b/c I don't chew my cabbage twice.  I own goats: they all have TAGS character names.  I have been so busy with teaching that I have neglected keeping up w/TAGS trivia.  I missed it and decided to come back.

I'm the only one Barney ever gave a hoot for.
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Reply #1 - Jun 14th, 2011 at 6:34am

tiltjlp   Offline
She Was A Sweet Cat
Cheviot Ohio

I almost wish I could go back in time and be in one of your classes. And that's saying a lot because my mom was a school teacher, and so I've had my fill of class rooms.

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Reply #2 - Jun 14th, 2011 at 12:24pm

Thelma Lou Fife   Offline
Cashew fudge anyone?

I love teaching and I love my students.  I learned how to make history come alive by watching Andy teach those Minutemen!

I'm the only one Barney ever gave a hoot for.
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