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Orville E's Roasted Racoon

Posted by: Earnest on 12/18/97 08:29:35 CST

1 Racoon
salt n black pepper to taste
1 large onion chopped,1 cup celery chopped,1 med bell pepper chopped
Flour for gravy
Shortenin for gravy n brownin the racoon
6 medium sweet potatoes

Dress racoon, soak for 1 hour in a mild vinegar solution. Drain.
Cut up or cook whole as desired. Salt n pepper meat n cover w/water in a big pot. Add vegetables n parboil till it starts gettin tender.
Remove from heat n drain. Brown the racoon in a little bit of shortenin, then put it in a roastin pan. Make a thin brown gravy, pour over racoon in pan and put peeled sweet potatoes all around. Bake at 350 till potatoes are done. MMM GOOD

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