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World's Greatest Porkchops

Posted by: Nancy Brossart on 05/31/98 12:05:38 CDT


6-8 boneless pork loins
Salt/Pepper to taste
oil, for cooking
1 large (family-size) cream of mushroom soup

Heat oil in large skillet. Flour pork loins, then fry in hot oil (turning often) while adding salt & pepper to taste. Transfer pork loins to baking pan. Spoon the cream of mushroom soup on top of and surrounding meat. Pour 1/2 can of water over the entire pan. Cover with foil. Bake at 350-degrees for 2 hours. This makes it's own WONDERFUL gravy, so have the mashed potatoes ready. I serve this with mashed potatoes, peas, corn and dinner rolls. It's my family's favorite meal -- hope you'll enjoy it, too! In fact, if Andy Griffith were coming to my home for dinner, this is the meal I'd make for him!!!!!

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