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Real down home mashed potatoes

Posted by: Aunt Bee-e on 06/02/00 08:56:21 MD

Take out potatoes. Usually Idaho or good mashing potatoes. Red new potatoes don't work as well. Plan for one potato per person(at least)
big eaters will eat more.

You'll need:potatoes,real butter,salt,milk

Put a large pot of water on-bring to boiling. Cut potatoes in slightly
larger than bite size pieces. Boil for twenty minutes or until soft that the fork will easily slip through. Drain all water off, mash directly after while hot. You must mash completely before adding anything else-or you will have lumps. Heat small pyrex graduated pitcher of milk and at least a teaspoon of butter for every three potatoes (or to taste) in microwave for about 50 seconds. Pour into already mashed mixture and get it to the exact consistency you love. Add salt to taste. I do not put pepper on till the end because it looks like bugs in there. A dash of white pepper would be fine, though.Serve in a suitable bowl for serving.

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