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My Shrimp Scampi

Posted by: Aunt Bee-e on 06/02/00 09:24:14 MD

You'll need:
Shrimp as desribed below
1 fresh clove of garlic per 1-1/2 dozen shrimp
1/2 lb real butter per 8 large shrimp
black pepper
basil-sweet basil crushed
Substitutions are acceptable (as margarine, bottled garlic in a pinch
or even powdered garlic, as it's better to make it and enjoy it rather than wait till everything is perfect-life's too short for that)

(This depends on whether you're serving the shrimp as a main dish, or as an appetizer) My suggestion is for appetizer use 3-6 shrimp per person, and for main course 8-12 large shrimp for dinner with other accoutrements. If shrimp is uncooked, cook it until the ugly greyish
brown color just turns fully red or orange. That is, plunge it in boiling water. Then, remove and let cool just so that you can work on it. Unless you have good gloves to protect your hands.Pull off shells, and leggy things, etc.
Devein shrimp.
Lay in casserole dish and pour over a mixture with butter, garlic, parsely, 1/2 teaspoon basil , 1 dash black pepper per 8 shrimp.
You can eat it now, or choose to bake it in 350 oven for 12 minutes.
Sprinkle parsely on the top to look pretty and taste good- You know what you like.

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