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Ravioli with Vegetables

Posted by: Aunt Bee-e on 06/21/00 14:15:02 MD

This recipe is with frozen cheese ravioli, but you can use fresh
if you'd like. Just modify accordingly.
You'll need:
1 package of frozen cheese ravioli.
1/2 stick butter (the real thing)
Canola oil to your preference-no more than 1/4 cup
1 pack frozen pea pods
1 fresh onion
2 cloves fresh garlic
parmesean cheese to taste

Boil water and cook ravioli according to directions.
Drain and save. Put 2tbsp oil into pan and cook on medium
heat until onions are transparent and peas are cooked to
your liking-of course add garlic at the same time.
Once the vegs are done, put everything together in a large pan
and put remainder of oil and butter in. Allow to cook until
the ravioli are slightly browned. Serve with grated Parmesean cheese.
You could also add one teaspoon of paprika. DEELICIOUS-no sauce

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