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Bailey's Irish Creme Stuffed French Toast

Posted by: Kristi Mulle on 09/04/00 19:42:51 MD

OK- get some thick sliced French bread. In a bowl whisk eggs, sliced almonds, Bailey's Irish Creme, cinnamon & a dash o' vanilla...put aside. Take French bread slices, cut diagonaly and cut a pocket into the open end. Stuff with strawberry preserves and creamcheese into pocket. Dip diagonal slices into Bailey's batter and REALLY soak 'em. Then pan fry slices in butter until golden brown and totally sealed with batter. Serve drizzled with honey and powdered sugar with stawberry preserves on the side. A nice glass of champagne with a sliced strawberry makes this dish a SUPER Sunday Brunch entree!

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