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Bonnie's Chili Soup

Posted by: Carolyn on 10/08/05 20:15:25 CDT

This is so good on the cold fall & winter days...

2 pounds of lean hamburger
1 medium onion
2 small cans of your favorite chopped chiles or jalapenos
2 large cans of chili beans (pintos with chili seasonings already
1 can of kidney beans
1 large & 1 small can of crushed or diced tomatoes

Brown the hamburger until fully cooked, drain any grease.
Add the onions & jalapenos (you can also cook them with the meat, and they smell soooo good while cooking!) Then add the beans and tomatoes, salt & pepper to taste, heat and devour!
My family loves burritos, so I save back a cup or two of the chile to mix in with the refried beans. It is a delicious and fast burrito dinner. The chili really adds to the flavor. I freeze batches for later use or a quick lunch.

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