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Versatile Lasagna

Posted by: Opie on 03/09/97 18:34:55 CST

Note to the reader:
There is no meat in this recipe, but it fits better in this catagory

This is a versatile recipe because you can call it one of 3 names depending on who you are serving it to...

The family - Spinach Lasagna
Impress a date - Lasagna Florentine
Folks with body piercing and wearing Birks - Vegetarian Lasagna

And best of all, it is the same thing!!

1 lb ricatta cheese (I've never seen 16 oz, only 15 oz - why is that?)
2 c shreaded mozerella cheese
1 egg (face optional)
1 block of frozen spinach, thawed
1 t oregano (the secret ingrediant)
dash of black pepper
9 uncooked lasagna noodles
32 oz jar of spaghetti sauce (or your own)

Mix ricatta, 1 c of mozerella, egg, spinach, spices in a bowl. In a greased 9:x13" pan, spread about 1/2 the sauce, 3 noodles and 1/2 cheese mix. Repeat sauce, noodles and cheese. Finish with noodles, remainder of sauce and remaining 1 cup of mozerella. Pour 1 cup of water around the edges and cover/seal with foil. Bake at 350 for 1hr 15min and let stand 15 min before slicing.

Remember to call it by its appropriate name before serving. They will all enjoy it and won't know the difference.


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