Mayberry quote of the Moment:

ANDY:   Something botherin' you?
BARNEY: Aw, I don't know...just wondering where we're gonna eat lunch.
ANDY:   What about the Diner?
BARN:   I checked the special on the way in.  Chicken wings, rice, and mixed 
ANDY:   That don't sound bad.
BARN:   You know what she does:  She gives you two wings, and usually from a 
        chicken that's done a lot of flyin'.  What you wind up paying for is the rice 
        and mixed vegetables.  That's what is boils down to, you might as well face 
ANDY:   Well, we don't have to have the special.
BARN:   I guess we don't have to.
ANDY:   Diner then?
BARN:   O.K.

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