Mayberry quote of the Moment:
Andy:   "Don't that seem a little strange to you - a customer goin' back to the
        barber shop the very next day?"
Barney: "No."
Andy:   "No?"
Barney: "No.  Didn't you ever hear of a person with a compelsion complex?"
Andy:   "A what?"
Barney: "Compelsion complex.  You know, like when folks gotta be washin'
        their hands all day long?  That's a hand washin' compelsion.  What you're
        lookin' at there - it's a case of hair cuttin' compelsion."
Andy:   "All three of 'em?"
Barney: "Well, all three of 'ems got the compelsion.  ...Listen, you find
        compelsion nuts all over!"

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