Mayberry quote of the Moment:
BARN:   Oh, here's a card form the Eubacher brothers.
ANDY:   What's it say?
BARN:   Well, let's see.  It say's, "Hi from State Prison.  Celebrated 
        our second anniversary here last Saturday. The boy in our row 
        got together and threw us a little party. It was real nice.  
        Junior sang 'My Little Gray Home in the West' and when he got 
        done, we noticed the warden was wipin' his eyes."  That's 
        sweet, you know that?
ANDY:   Yeah.  It's been two years already?
BARN:   Yeah.
ANDY:   Seems like just yesterday they were waving good-bye to us from the back of 
        that prison van.  Remember?
BARN:   Yeah.  You know, we ought to take a ride up there some Sunday and 
        surprise them
ANDY:   Let's do it!

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