Mayberry quote of the Moment:
Episode No. 88 "The Darlings are Coming"

(This was the first episode featuring the Darlings and we learn that one 
of the Darlings name is "Other"? We also hear the Darling boys utter a 
few words at the jail after they eat. You gotta be quick though, the 
boys aren't very talkative! The epilogue begins with Andy standing 
behind his desk at the courthouse with his 'marryin' book' speaking to 
Charlene and Dud as the rest of the clan watches.)

ANDY: .....I now pronounce you man and wife.(The couple embraces)
BRISCOE:   All right everybody, back on the truck.......How much do I 
        owe you Sheriff Justice?
ANDY:   Well, usually it's two dollars, but I'll settle for a song!
BRISCOE:   Gooood! How about something nice and sentimental for a 
ANDY:   Good idea!
BRISCOE:   All right boys, let's do "Keep your money in your shoes and 
        it won't get wet" and a-one and a-two and a-.......
CHARLENE:  Oh no, paw, that 'un makes me cry! 
ANDY:   How about "Cindy"?
     (Andy and the Darling's begin to sing and play "Cindy")

        THE END

[Footnote: Andy recorded "Cindy" on his album "
  Songs, Themes and Laughs from The Andy Griffith Show" 
  circa 1961 and re-released on the American Originals CD in

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