Mayberry quote of the Moment:
[Aunt Bee, Opie, and Andy setting on the porch before church]

AUNT BEE:      Oh, Andy, look there. The Beamans.  Don't they make a picture.  Four 
        generations all going to church together.  Awww...Claude Sr., Claude Jr.,
        plain Claude Beaman, and Claudette.  What a wonderful thing.
OPIE:   Pa?
ANDY:   Huh?
OPIE:   Why do they call Mr. Beaman plain Claude Beaman?
ANDY:   Because he's not a senior and he's not a junior, so they call him plain 
        Claude Beaman.
AUNT BEE:      Oh, that's right. You know, all these years I thought they called him 
        plain Claude Beaman because he was so homely.
ANDY:   He's not so homely.  He's got the Beaman overbite, but that's more of a 
AUNT BEE:      That's true.

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