Mayberry quote of the Moment:
This is when Ron Bailey, a spoiled teenager played by Bill Bixby, was held in
the Mayberry jail once for hit and run.  

Otis:   "Hey, what're you doin' in my cell?"
Ron:    "Your cell?" 
Otis:   "That's right.  That's been my cell every Saturday night for the last
        ump-teen years.  Now will you kindly get out?"
Ron:    "Are you kidding me?"
Otis:   "I am not kidding you.  And if you don't remove yourself I am going to
        call the policeman."
Ron:    "This is ridiculous."
Otis:   "All right, wise guy.  ...Police!  Police!  Police!...
Barney: "What's goin' on out he...  Oh Otis, it's you.  Ya have to make so
        much racket when ya come in?"
Otis:   "Officer, arrest this man."
Barney: "What?"
Otis:   "He's trespassing on my property."
Barney: "Oh for heaven's sake."
Otis:   "A citizen's property's got to be protected against prowlers and
        trespassers.  That's the law."
Barney: "Otis, will ya just pipe down and go to sleep in that other cell?"
Otis:   "I just can't sleep in a strange room!"
Barney: "Come on, boy.  Let's put your things in that other cell."
Ron:    "Oh now just a minute!  You mean to tell me that you intend to
        accommodate this guy and give him any cell he wants?!"
Barney: "Well, he's an old customer.  I s'pose it's no more than right."


Barney: "All right now!  This is it!  I don't want no more disturbance out
        here!  Ya understand?!  It's lights out!   ...All right!  Let's try and get
        some sleep around here!"


OTIS:   "Barney... Barney...  Barney..."
Barney: "What is it, Otis?"
OTIS:   "I can't get to sleep."

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