Mayberry quote of the Moment:

Mayor Stoner: "Sheriff Taylor, did you call these men away from their duty
        just to give them that hair-brained idea?"
Andy:   "Well I figured they need some help.  Luke knows that Fletch has got a
        prized cow out there and I figured he'll come by tonight to help himself to
Inspector: "Well then why aren't you out there waiting for him?"
Andy:   "He's to smart for that.  Luke or his dog would spot us for sure.  We
        got to get him with the evidence.  So I figured we'd wait in here and let him
        turn himself in.  You see.."
Stoner: "Sheriff, I am a patient man but I've heard enough.  I have heard
        enough!  I am not going to permit the entire law force of Mayberry to sit
        around in somebody's parlor on some impossible theory while those crooks
        could be cleaning out every farm in the county.  ...Come on men."
Barney: "You comin'?"
Andy:   "No, I'm gonna stay here."


Barney comes back in the door...

Andy:   "Well?"
Barney: "I just uh... thought I'd uh... wait with you a spell."
Andy:   "Well I appreciate it, Barn, but the Mayor could be right.  Could be a
        kind of a hair-brained idea."
Barney: "Well, I'll take my chances.  I was almost out to the car and... well
        I got to rememberin' another time a few years back when another Mayor of our
        town accused you of havin' a 'hair-brained idea'.  Remember that?  That was
        when you had the idea of... makin' me your deputy."

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