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Pull up a chair! Have a sit-down an' shoot the breeze with us. Later on, maybe we'll go down to the drugstore to get a bottle of pop .  .  . maybe see what's showin' at the Grand .  .  .  . What you gonna do tonight, Barn?

July 06, 2015 - Msg 101907: Thanks for the link, Poor Horatio. That was definitely "our" Opie! I was going to put up a link to the Mr. Schwump sighting on Gomer Pyle USMC, but in the Youtube video, it is not very clear. So much so, that I missed Mr. Schwump's second(and main) appearance. It was very clear on the dvd though.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 06, 2015 - Msg 101908: Oh, I swept the porch! Hope I didn't miss anything.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 06, 2015 - Msg 101909: GF--I think I saw "Acme" on the side of that anvil! ha
PH--I was just very busy yesterday, but wanted to wish all a happy 4th. The parenthetical phrase was just to be
funny since we have had some heavy subjects lately.
In fact, i dont want to beat a dead horse, but one thing we have not looked at regarding GS and GM is past history. Many historians, including the author of The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, believe that the decline started after romans were OK with such activity. It eventually got worse, led to the infamous sx orgi@s, etc, and it also entered their once invincible military, creating a moral and disciplinary breakdown. Then, at that time, there was a rise in barbarians, and it is they who attacked and killed at will, and pillaged as the weakened Roman army was crushed. Yes, they were a pagan society, or pantheistic; but there are many
similarities to our situation today. I saw an article where our Marine Corps is looking for FOREIGN ships to station it's soldiers and planes because our fleet has been depleted so badly. But one might say, we have no rise in Barbarians! Oh really? can anyone say ISIS? It is one of the most ruthless and killing armies that is on the rise in a big way, and already in all 50 states.
I'm not saying that this will happen tomorrow, but just sitting by and saying OK for SSM is the start of that fissure in the fabric of our society. They will want more and more and more. Jesus said that we were to be
a LIGHT to the world, to be SALT to the earth in such situations. The 10 commandments are still in effect, but how many can even
name them all anymore? I miss Rev's goodness and preaching. He was the real deal, real salt, and real light. He said it like it is, and the emailes we'd exchange were similar to my soapbox above.
PH, as you mentioned, we respect each other here, and I just felt that I had to say that, and say it that
strongly. I am far from perfect, but I am a catholic who is even questioning some of the pope's
recent statements. I have never written to a pope before, but I have written to him three times now
about what he's been saying, actually compromising some tenets of the faith IMHO. Anyways, that is all that I will say on the subject. Please pray for me. Thanks, and thank God for TAGS! :)

July 06, 2015 - Msg 101910: Sterling, you sneaked in there! howdy. mdc

July 06, 2015 - Msg 101911: Howdy back at 'cha, MDC!
And I think you are right to question the pope on his statements, as he is but a sinful man just like any of us and is not infallible like ONE we know. Praying for you, friend.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 06, 2015 - Msg 101912:
MDC, regarding that Marine Corps article you referred to in your Msg 101909, you can read it here
You may also find the following web site interesting:

from Poor Horatio

July 06, 2015 - Msg 101913: Hey SPOT, looks like Austin Dillon got his flying wings last night... Glad everyone was ok... Late race for sure, I think everyone went to the Waffel House for breakfast after the race sine they finished so late... G-F

July 06, 2015 - Msg 101914: That was a good article on "When Nations Die", Poor Horatio. It was so good I posted it on Twitter, in fact. Thanks for that link!

-Sterling Holobyte

July 06, 2015 - Msg 101915: Wow, yes, PH, exactly what I was trying to say. I too have passed it on.
GF--wet track...gee what did they think would happen?? Like you said , at least all OK.
Well, ya all have an "act like somebody" day!

July 06, 2015 - Msg 101916: Hey friends,
Do any of you use a cell phone company called EOS Mobile? They are supposed to be a conservative company that gives a portion of your money for conservative causes, as opposed to other cell phone companies who give to liberal causes.
I thought this was a good idea, and since I am looking for a no-contract phone I thought I would give them a look, but goodness, I can't seem to find any reviews of their service anywhere on the net other than their own website and maybe one other article that just talks about the company and what they do.
Now, this could be because they are relatively new, but you would think there would be someone talking about them, good or bad. They have a 30 day return policy if it doesn't work well for you, but I still like to know something about what people think of the service before I send anybody any money.
I was initially going to go with Trac Fone until I discovered that they are basically Obamaphones and get a huge amount of money from the government for that. So I know what our money will be going to if I buy from them.
Or does anyone have any suggestions on a good, no-contract phone company; maybe one that you yourself use? Doesn't matter if they don't have smart phones with internet capability since I just use a regular, simple "dumb" phone. And that's just the way I like it!

-Sterling Holobyte

July 06, 2015 - Msg 101917: Sterling, I thought I was the only one that still has a no contract pay as you go flip phone... As the commercial goes: "Why pay for more than you need"...And yes, I still do have a wired home phone..... G-F 📞

July 07, 2015 - Msg 101918:

G-F, you're not the only one with a no contract, pay-as-you-go flip phone. I have posted this before here that I have two phones; a Canadian smartphone (with data) and a US no contract, pay-as-you-go flip phone (no data).

Sterling Holobyte, in the last year and a half, my Verizon no contract, pay-as-you-go flip phone service cost me only $100 (about $5.50/month) because I don't use it much. Although I'm charged about $1.50 for every day I make outgoing calls, I have unlimited US voice and text for that entire day. So I consolidate all my calls to the same day. If I need to make more frequent calls on multiple days, I use Skype (through my computer) that gives me unlimited US/Canada voice calls for $3/month.
I'm not sure if Verizon still offers this pay-as-you-go plan with no data. When I visit and click on the PAY-AS-YOU-GO icon, I'm directed to pre-paid plans with monthly fees and not pay-as-you-go.

from Poor Horatio

July 07, 2015 - Msg 101919: Good evening, porch. Sterling, I'm afraid I can be of no help to you. My phone is a Samsung android, the "Note" or whatever its name is. It does a whole lot more than I know how to do with it. My son got it for me, and put it on his family account, so I'm an "add-on" for about $10 a month, through Sprint. I really was fine with my little old ten-year-old Motorola flip-phone, which was costing me about $50 a month, but the grandkids started complaining that they couldn't "text" me. So, my son got this android for me, and I have to admit, I really enjoy it. The kids send me texts, my granddaughter sends something almost every day and keeps me current on the happenings in her life. I get pictures of spectacular flowers from my daughters, pics of pets in action, just whatever. Since in reality it costs me nothing (my son pays the $10 and won't accept it from me) I just enjoy the benefits.

One fun thing - one of the grandkids found a ringtone on Zedge and installed it on my phone as the notification for a text message. It's a silly little chipmunky voice saying "I saw a squirrel! He was doin' like this - chk, chk, chk!" Hilarious. My incoming call ringtone is the TAGS theme, whistled. When it sounds off, everyone in the room looks at me! Pretty funny.

Well, guess I'll hit the hay. Toye Starr and I slept late this morning, so I may have to watch TV for a while before I get sleepy, but that's okay. I can sleep late again tomorrow, if I choose. This "retired" stuff is pretty cool. Blessings, all. --Romeena

July 07, 2015 - Msg 101920: Thanks Poor Horatio.
We did have use a Verizon no contract plan for my daughter(back when we all had Verizon), but that ran us $50 a month just for hers. But you certainly got a good deal there.

My situation right now is that my wife and I are with US Cellular, because my wife gets a small discount with them because of her Indian tribe; they have some agreement or something.
We didn't put Kai on our plan because we were trying to cut costs and I didn't really think she needed a phone anyway since I was with her all the time. Well, her grandma(my mother-in-law) decided to stick her nose in and bought Kai a smartphone and put her on HER plan. And, from what my wife says, her mom feels she kind of "owns" Kai since she pays for her cell phone and service, so I really want to get her out of that nonsense.
Soooo, my wife was hinting that she wants to do this deal she has seen advertised by US Cellular for two lines with an upper data package for $100, which is pretty much what we pay for our talk and text we have now for the two of us.
Since I don't want, nor need, a smartphone, I suggested that she and Kai do that US Cellular deal, and I will just go it alone with a simple no-contract phone, since I don't use mine that much anyway.
My wife was really for that plan, though I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that she likes to get a new, bigger and better phone every couple years, while I'd keep a phone forever if I could.

Anyway, that's why I am looking for a cheap, but reliable, no-contract phone, preferably pay-as-you-go like you have, PH, but I will go with a monthly plan if it is inexpensive enough. I have seen some, but am still shopping around.
They have a good one at that EOS Mobile that I talked about, but as I've said, I don't really know that much about them and whether or not they are legitimate.

So G-F, is that a Consumer Cellular phone you have, or a Cricket? I don't remember what company that commercial is for off-hand.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 07, 2015 - Msg 101921: Oh, hi Romeena. Didn't see you there.
Ha ha! Well, I guess there are some things that smart phones are good for. That "chipmunky" thing sounds funny.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 07, 2015 - Msg 101922: Tonite's ME-TV tags eps were good ones about our ASA and his faulty gun and then the one where barney says his inarculated line, and where Opie stands his ground to the new kid. Great lesson there.
Phx area has been "livable" the past few days at
about 103.
I think I mentioned but will say again that on July 4th we drove my Chevy truck to the baseball game, and we had hot dogs and and a slice of apple pie there. Gee, that sounds familiar...
Then after the Dbacks won, they opened up the roof and we watched fireworks! What'd ya all do on the 4th??
BOO--you do anything with fam?

July 07, 2015 - Msg 101923: Romeena, that's a funny ringtone, maybe you need the one from "Christmas Vacation" ..."Squirrel!"
Also once at work at an operations meeting I forgot to turn off my work phone ringer, yep you guessed it, the TAGS theme went off.
Charlie my boss said: " I guess we ALL know who forgot to silent his phone!"....BUSTED!! But it was a tense meeting and it sorta lightened the moment. Mayberry Karma?.. I think so!

Sterling, I have a AT&T pay as you go phone, what works for me is that when I USE it it charges me $1 and everyone who has AT&T service it's FREE! Since most of the people I call have that service it works for me. "Why pay for more than ya need" as the commercial says... But texts are 20 cents each.

MDC, I kept my roof closed and watched fireworks on TV..Ha!


July 07, 2015 - Msg 101924: $1 a day that is...

July 07, 2015 - Msg 101925: .....Where is TOM?.. Check in Buddy....G-F

July 07, 2015 - Msg 101926: Great video MDC, unfortunately today it is...."Soccer, Sushi, and Subaru..
I want my Chevy Nova and a piece of Pie!..Just sayin' ..G-F 👍


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