The Taylors' Front Porch
Pull up a chair! Have a sit-down an' shoot the breeze with us. Later on, maybe we'll go down to the drugstore to get a bottle of pop .  .  . maybe see what's showin' at the Grand .  .  .  . What you gonna do tonight, Barn?

December 18, 2014 - Msg 100186: Sterling, That sock factory in Mt. Airy is one of the few industries left in the town. Mt. Airy used to be a big furniture and textile town, but as business's packed up and moved so went the town. I think Spencer's children's wear still have a small plant there, but most industry is gone. They are trying to make the area into a "wine" country destination, so those folks battle the "Mayberry" folks for the tourist trade revenue....Just in case you were wondering...G-F

December 18, 2014 - Msg 100187: ...I bet I could get a job sweeping the floors there! I have references!

December 18, 2014 - Msg 100188: I got it, ASA, I got it. Thanks for missing me. :) I think about all of you all through the days but sometimes just don't take the time to sit down at the keyboard. Things are so busy this time of year. I was sick with a cold and feeling lousy, having some vertigo and nausea, but thank God, that is over and I am feeling fit as a fiddle and loving it! I am still taking good care of myself and eating right, losing weight but slowly. At my age, it just doesn't come off as quickly as it used to. I am still waiting for some lab results to come in but as well as I feel, I cant imagine anything being really wrong, Lord willing.

We have been doing chores today to prepare for our party tomorrow night. We are hosting Bruce's sunday school class party and looking forward to it. We always have a great time getting together with our church family here at the house. I am done with most of the prep, except throwing some sandwiches together and such. I am going to make a big pot of the broccoli cheese soup that I like to make in the slow cooker. I will tell you how if you are interested Emeril...ahem, I mean Asa. ;)

Things are going pretty well but we are missing mom this year and things continue to be very challenging with St Susan's son, Matt. He has been in so much pain. He is one of those men who loves with his whole heart and just because his wife is unfaithful, doesn't me all his love just goes away. It is breaking our hearts to see what he is going through, and the kids of course. I just broke down and had a good cry about it today. I had a little talk with the Lord and it helped. It is so hard to see your loved ones going through something like this. Please remember to send up a pryer for Matt.

Well Erin got an early present. She wanted a guinea pig and we got her a very sweet girl named Oreo. She started bleeding from the back end though and had to take her to the vet already. She had some kind of infection but we are giving her antibiotics and she is doing great.

Well, I think I had better read back over the earlier posts and see what I have back later.



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This version of The Taylor's Front Porch has been created to pay our respect to the original porch found on Thanks to Frank for all the work he did for Mayberry on the web. We've tried to make this just like Frank's Porch. This is also a tribute to Ollie's "Trivialities" site which was another homage to Frank's porch but is no longer with us.