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Season DVD Questions
  1. Season 3 DVD Edited Episodes
    Regarding the Third Season DVD set, there are a couple of edits. "Barney Mends a Broken Heart" and "The Darlings Are Coming" both are missing their epilogues. And the Darlings episode is of pretty poor video quality, too. It is disappointing that Paramount couldn't provide complete versions for all 32 of the episodes. On the bright side, they were able to include epilogues for all but two episodes. And only "The Darlings Are Coming" is of substandard video quality. The others are as pristine looking as the First and Second Seasons. There's no excuse for the poor quality of the "Darlings" episode, but at least Paramount was able to give us 30 clean, and as far as I can tell from what I've watched so far, uncut episodes out of the Third Season. After more than 40 years of chopping and editing, we can be thankful that 30 episodes from this key season have survived unscathed. It could have been worse, and often has been over the years. Paramount was also able to include 29 of the 32 original commercials, so that's a plus. I'll see if I can find out more about what happened with the two episodes from somebody at Paramount and let them know that fans in Mayberry are "all keyed up" about the situation. But I'm sure Paramount tried to include the most complete and best-quality versions they could locate. Although perfection would be better, I for one am thankful for each and every episode that does come out clean on these releases. There just happen to be a couple of lumps of coal among the diamonds.
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  2. I have a tape that starts out saying "Andy of Mayberry" instead of "The Andy Griffith Show". Why the name change?
    During the original run of "The Andy Griffith Show," CBS began to show reruns of TAGS during the daytime hours. To reduce confusion they re-titled the show "Andy of Mayberry." When TAGS original run was over the titles were changed back but when VIACOM began looking for "uncut" episodes, some of the best ones still had the "Andy of Mayberry" title on them and the tape distributors didn't fix it. They sometimes show up on your local stations, too, so be on the lookout.
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  3. Where can I get a complete set of TAGS video tapes?
    The "store bought" videos of The Andy Griffith Show (TAGS) are no longer being produced. The company that had been producing the tapes lost their license around 1995 and at this time there are no plans by VIACOM to issue a license to anyone for VHS. The only tapes you can still get are those you'll find already in stock in a particular store.

    The complete seasons of TAGS are being releases on DVD (as of this writing there are 4 seasons with Season 5 coming out in Feb 2006). Drop by Weaver's Department Store and get your copy of the DVDs.
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  4. Are there epilogues at the end of the color episodes of TAGS, and are these episodes available to the public?
    Yes, there are (or were) epilogues for the color episodes (the last 90 episodes, which make up the last three seasons of the show). But as with the black-and-white episodes, the epilogues (those cherished TAGS tags at the end of the episodes) are usually missing from the versions shown by stations in reruns. (They're cut out to make room for more commercials.)

    Only a small handful of the color episodes have been released on the licensed videos. It seems that about the time the licensed manufacturers get to the point where they might be ready to release more of the color episodes (that is, after they've released all of the black-and-whites), their license is not renewed When a new license is issued to a manufacturer. production begins with the black-and-whites again.

    But maybe someday the entire series will be available and with epilogues. Keep buying those Season sets on DVD and we may get to see ALL the episodes.
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  5. Season 4 Laugh Track Missing
    Several folks have asked about the lack of laugh tracks on some of the episodes on the Fourth Season DVD sets. Some folks love having no laugh tracks. Some don't. Paramount is checking to see why they weren't included. It could be that versions of some episodes with laugh tracks simply weren't available to Paramount's production team at time they were making the DVDs--even though syndicated versions and other retail releases of the same episodes might have always had the tracks. (Different versions of episodes sometimes get lost or were used by previous manufacturers and not returned, etc.)

    Anyway, all DVD sets of the Fourth Season are the same. There's no point in contacting Paramount to ask for an explanation because they don't know yet. We'll post info here and on the TAGSRWC site (in the Weaver's section) as soon as we get info from Paramount.
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