Briscoe's WAVS

adios 50,780 Barney: "Adios, amigo" Briscoe: "He one 'o' ours?"
bread 17,492 BREAD!!!!
hwtr 46,776 No thank ya ma'am, 3 cuts of pie is my high water mark
killhim 45,302 We thought about killin 'im, kinda hated to to that far
keydup 24,652 They all keyed up
learnm 26,644 It'll take awhile, but I'll learn 'em
likma 34,566 Ya look JUST like ya maw
morpwr 24,862 More power to ya
noyel 35,886 Y'hear that boys? No yellin at the table!
ontrk 17,618 Everybody on the truck!!
taters 19,350 TATERS!!!!!!
twang 18,328 They twang my buds!
wwash 52,228 No you don't.....might end up whitewashin the whole house
cry 16,594 That'n makes me cry