Ernest T.'s WAVS
abcflg 91,728 Sheriff, I already know the whole front part of the alphebet..
aboutET 85,494 Let's talk about me.  You wanna talk about me? I don't.......
amen 18,226 I can't HEAR your amenenies!
balk 37,912 I ain't talkin, I ain't talkin, the more your askin, the more I'm balkin'.
cabbage    54,214 I don't chew my cabbage twice, and you ain't heard the last...
canthear 29,200 I can't hear 'im. Now, how am I gonna learn if I can't hear 'im?
creachter 26,526 Who you callin a creachter?
entrance 37,038 (knock on door)  I wonder who that could be?
ernest 24,056 It's me, It's me, It's Ernest T!
ETmag 89,974 Barney: You get out of here now, you're a magician....
gooberp 29,556 Now, ya wanna hear me sing "Eatin Goober Peas"?
Jelsik 60,404 Jelsik, walk with me, Jelsik, daince with me, Jelsik, kiss my mouth.
loveu 56,480 Good night, I love you , Miss Crump..........
MsWiley 51,796 Wiley.
nocoffee 34,804 No coffe, tea, or punch, thank YOU.
rude 41,398 I got a rude.  I bet you ain't never got no rude.
rules 53,584 i just don't cotton to all this. Too daggone many rules....
sen-tence 29,634 No hunt, beware, open and closed, no credit.
sewup 59,046 She took for now, she gonna marry the taxidermist what .....
soil 48,404 Now, if you will EXCUSE me, I require not to SOIL my vest.
surprise2 40,724 Surprise, surprise, I can see it in yer eyes!!
thkmthfg 20,108 I wanna thank my mother figure
wrtsent 18,692 I want to write my SEN-tence