Floyd's WAVS
2chairs 38,616 Two chairs.....And I got the magazines to swing it!
baldcats 140,614 I always DID wanna be a barber.  Even when I was a kid.....
bclaw 55,012 Oh, listen...I keep this up, I'm liable to end up with a........
callagain 36,764 Thank You.....Call again!
calvinc 19,350 What'd Calvin Coolidge say?
criminal 30,374 Me, arrested.....like a common criminal?
FLawson 13,484 I'm Floyd Lawson
funnySheriff 32,416 You're funny....you're funny for a sheriff.
gdsuit 61,764 Ya know somethin, Andy?  this proves just one thing.......
harcut 18,712 Want a haircut, Andy?
Insulting-attitude 52,058 That insulting attitude of yours isn't getting us ahywhere.
MaudeA 51,584 Maude, Al, if those hamburgers are ruined, I won't be responsible!
nashville 25,758 There's no more to be said about it...I'm goin to Nashville.
niceman 33,852 isn't that a NICE MAN?
Ninety2 11,998 Ninety two
OKinMayberry 25,464 Everything is OK in Mayberry
phonehim 13,562 Better phone him, Al.
prince 34,838 You're a Prince of a fellow, that's what you are, a Prince.
Rush 63,446 Well, I'm so busy, I..uh...there just comin in and out.....
scoundrel 51,294 Floyd Lawson...Floyd Lawson, you're nothin but a liar and a...
seehim 38,178 Of course....he's in this room, of course I see him.
tjam 71,714 That sure was a big one, Barn.....I haven't seen a traffic jam....
wet 41,242 Boy!!   You fall down a well, your'e WET!
wretch 30,374 Wretch! Wretch! Deceitful, Wretch!