Gomer's WAVS
anybody 20,152 Anybody Here?
butcher 146,862 Andy: Say you, uh, ain't had no luck findin a job, huh? No, but..
citizen 26,476 Ctizens Arrest! Citizens Arrest! Citizens Arrest!
congrats 34,974 Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!!
gomer3 10,924 Sometimes, I have trouble talkin to girls.
holfish 25,736 You just go up an alley, and holler FISH!
hootowl 69,996 How 'bout if I go outside, and when I see 'em comin', I'll do my hootowl?  HOO, HOO, HOO.
lotsoluck 19,288 Lots 'o luck to you and yers.
MGcorsage 74,602 Yer flowers...yer corsage! Wouldn't be right for you, Mary Grace, to go to the daince unadorned.
sickdog 19,084 Sick as a dog, but havin the time of my life!!
surprise 30,188 Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!
swayve 36,244 It's so easy for you, Barn...yer so swayve, and worldly.
takeath 22,106 Go on, put it on and take a thank under there.
terrible 15,804 Terrible! Terrible! Terrible!
thankin 60,662 He's RIGHT! I been a sittin there with this bucket on my head..
golly 13,716 Golly!!!!