Goober's WAVS

badeyes 82,018 Helen. Anything wrong with my eyes? You're a teacher......
bethere 29,532 But I'll be there, cause I told ya I'd be there, and if I told ya...
couch 19,350 That's the couch I was tellin ya about.
doinit2 30,166 Barn, Barn, they're doin it, they're doin it!!
eatin 8,058 I'll eat in.
edwardg 74,598 Ok you guys, c'mon you guys, alright you guys, beat it you guys.
gotajack 9,046 Ain't you got a jack?
judyjudy 19,602 Judy, Judy, Judy, Judy, Judy
lively 16,594 Sure lively tonight!
puckapucka 80,678 He's been troubled with the drendest noise in that car......
sayagain 8,476 Say it again.
speedspeed 12,940 Speed, speed, speed.