Tricky Timers
Miscellaneous WAVS
beautbullet 47,600 Oh, that's beautiful, Barney....I've heard about your bullet, Barney.
drprize 30,394 Tall.....dark.......and a doorprize!!
hearu 36,754 I can't HEAR YOOOUUUU!!
hurry 27,358 WHAT'S YOUR HURRY???
jacks 37,384 Hey Barney....ya wanna come over and play jacks with me later?
kp 15,568 TEN weeks KP!!
liar 29,820 Chester Jones, you're a two faced cheatin liar!!
mayberry 112,774 TAGS theme in orchestral
moveit 13,236 MOVE IT..MOVE IT..MOVE IT!!!!
pest 38,340 Oh,k he's a pestillance, and a pestillance'll find just wait.
thheis 54,034 THERE he is....there's the weak kneed......
treasure 19,350 You're a treasure!!!!
turncoat 21,560 Thanks, Andy!  It's ok, turncoat.
tuscarrora 45,090 Tuscarrora!!!!!