Opie's WAVS

advensleep 95,208 Aw, RATS! If you was stayin, I was gonna get to sleep....
beatfem 63,446 Does that mean we beat 'em, Paw?.......
cap 56,728 If honesty is such a good policy, how come I'm out a cap pistol?
do that 2 21,686 What'd she do THAT for?
duckpond 34,406 Why go to the duckpond at night? You won't be able to see the ducks!!
facebleeding 23,598 PAW, PAW!  Barney's face is bleeding!!
grwmn 50,816 Paw? Mmhm? Just what CAN ya do with a grown woman?
horatio 30,748 Poor Horatio
hushup 42,866 Under the power invested in me..First they tell ya to speak up, then they tell ya to hush up.
iboard 26,568 OH!  I get to sleep on the ironin board!
meat 18,444 MEAT!!!!!!
notfriends 38,642 They ain't my friends. They beat me, and they got my medal
prettygirl 36,966 Gee whiz, prettiest girl in town, and nobody cares.
stay 51,162 Don't go, Aunt Bee, I don't want ya to. I want ya to stay!