Tricky Timers
Otis' WAVS

askwhy 85,494 See what he did, Andy? He hit me with a tomato.  Just, PLOP.......
bloodymary 24,862 Aint Bee?  Bloody Mary!!
brkhrt 57,800 Ohhhh, I'm sorry I broke your heart, mother.
dothat 32,300 What'd ya do that for, Barn?
fillvase 27,618 I CAME to fill my vase.
injail 48,690 Barney's in jail, Barney's in jail, Barney's in jail.
Jud1 71,714 You see him throw that tomato at me?......
jumprope 77,226 Slow it down, and let me in, or I'll go out and get some Gin.
otishobb 88,462 Barn: It's a hobby. You ain't got a hobby, Otis.  Otis: I got a hobby...DRINKIN.
temptation 40,186 I seen temptation comein, but it seen me comin too.