The Taylors' Front Porch

Pull up a chair! Have a sit-down an' shoot the breeze with us. Later on, maybe we'll go down to the drugstore to get a sody. . . maybe see what's showin' at the pitcher house. . . . What you gonna do tonight, Barn?

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7720: Much as we all don't take to them color episodes,
this morning's is one of the rare ones... Aunt Bee
becomes "The Foster Lady" for Willard Foster's
Furniture Polish... y'all remember him, he was Mister
Tucker, the "Man in a Hurry"... of course, it lacks
something, but that big man with the great hooded
eyes... he just softens the heart. An' he's got that
telephone in his brand new Continental! Oh, an' ain't
that one of Gomer's USMC buddies there, as the
director of Aunt Bee's commercial? ~~~love, Leon.

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7721: Much as we all don't take to them color episodes,
this morning's is one of the rare ones... Aunt Bee
becomes "The Foster Lady" for Willard Foster's
Furniture Polish... y'all remember him, he was Mister
Tucker, the "Man in a Hurry"... of course, it lacks
something, but that big man with the great hooded
eyes... he just softens the heart. An' he's got that
telephone in his brand new Continental! Oh, an' ain't
that one of Gomer's USMC buddies there, as the
director of Aunt Bee's commercial? ~~~love, Leon.

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7722: aw, jees! I ain't done that in a long time! Sorry,
folks... must be all those lights, and those clacking
sticks.. it just makes me so nervous!~~luv, me again.

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7723: HOWDY ALL,
I've been away for a long time, and I just purused the porch again this morning, and it's nice to see new names, and old names. The porch never really changes, and thats good, extree good. I think I may stop by a little more often, I forgot how much I enjoy reading this stuff. You folks are pretty funny. Hang in, and I'll be monitoring things again, but I won't talk unless spoken to, don't want to cause any big molages again.
You friend
*Oh Bernie

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7724: Here I go again, The company I use for access is shutting down the end of this month, I need a new company, does anyone have any suggestions on good providers?
PS I'm up in New England.
*Oh Bernie

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7725: re: 7707 - as des mentioned, one of the two deaths I was talking about was that of Gail Davis, who played Thelma Lou's skeet-shooting cousin, Karen. The other was one that Nate Bracey mentioned in 7620 - Jesse White, who played Fred Boone and also played the role of the Maytag Repairman.
Welcome to the porch; hope you enjoy.

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7726: "Operator MERLE DEAN checking!"...hope everyone is doing fine...been real busy here trying to earn some extra $ for them new shocks I'm needing! seems like things are rolling along nicely!
I didn't like Howards Sprague's mother,no I haven't found a house in B'ham(thanks for asking),I also enjoyed TAGS saturday night what a treat

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7727: Hey to Merle Dean. I'd forgotten all about Howard's mooootherrrr. She was a serious pain.
Fly away buzzard
Fly away crow
Way down South
Where the wind don't blow
That's all I can remember
Cuz I'm a feeb
Ain't had a brain
Since '73.
Mornin porch! A fine day to all.... des

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7728: Merle Dean it is good to see you back though we might have to deputize Floyd (Watch it three ) and Goober and come look for you. Uncle Ollie

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7729: des Its rub your nose and give two winks, save me from this awful jinx.

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7730: I was quoting a different one. I couldn't even remember what Barney said THAT time. Surely I can't be expected to remember all of em! By the way, where's ch this morning? Haven't heard from her, I don't think. des

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7731: Oh I get it! hahahaha That WAS the ending! God, I'm going back to bed. See y'all tonight. des

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7732: You wouldn't have to look far ,just close your eyes and listen for the squeaking shocks!SINCERELY,MERLE DEAN
"Don't do that MERLE!"(Andy)

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7733: I'm here, des. Thanks for asking. Some mornings it takes me awhile to get in the groove. Obviously, this is one of them. ch (From one of my favorite episodes: "Just had to have an apple." "Come on Houdini." (Barn) "I'm not marching off to war." (Gome) "Boo!!" (Prisoner))

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7734: ch one of mine too, now look Andy old Hugo Hotflash may have been on the wrong team back in eighteen but he was a heck of a soldier. Uncle Ollie

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7735: Hey Oh Bernie....Glad you stopped back by....Was kinda worried that you got run off...I can't resist posting "Shut Up! Bernie Just Shut up!" Everytime you post....I got to meet our local county nurse...Based on the Mayberry examples I was really looking forward to a treat for the eyes.....Well, all I can say was I overexpected but, she was nice, real nice.JohnnyPaul

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7736: Hey, Leon, I've never seen the Foster Lady episode, but I'd sure like to see the big man with the great hooded eyes.
Hey to all the newcomers. Stay awhile. This is a friendly porch.

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7737: Howdie porchsters! Leon, I saw your picture, but almost didn`t recognize you without the peanutbutter on your face. Hey to kelli. Welcome to all newcomers. Hello Bernie. Emma, didn`t you have a picture at Flora`s? What happened to it? Or was I dreaming? Glad to see you back MERLE DEAN.
Me and hubby were riding down the road the other day and I heard an awful noise and asked what it was and he said the shocks. At the same time, we looked at each other and said, "It`s yer shocks. It`s yer shocks." Funny how we fit TAGS into our everyday life. Have a good `un. Miss Ellie

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7738: Miss Ellie, you're SO right...... How many times have I "called the man"???? Something's always "twangin my buds". Always tellin the kids to "act like somethin". I'm always "more power to ya"-ing. hahahahaha
What are some of YOUR favorites, everyone? des

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7739: des, my favorite would have to be, "And it's a fun day." Another 'un that's high on the list is, "Well, about that." I'll be interested to see how others respond to this question.

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7740: "Sure, Mike, sure." I used that one ALL the time! "You beat everything, you know that." "Lotsa luck to you and yours." ch (The "Thelma, Andy Lou's here" episode was on last night and I fell asleep smack dab in the middle of it and woke up to here Barney say: "Andy, I forbid you to see that girl." Love it!!)

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7741: Anybody seen the Chick-Fil-A billboards with the two cows writing "Eat More Chickin"? Cows always forget that rule about "e" before "n" in chicken.
"Stand Back! Can't you see a man's doing a delicate piece of artistic work here?"
- Dooley

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7742: Here is the quote I use all the time..."Crazy,Don't know what I was thinkin'"(Gomer) and of course the infamous..."He's a NUT!"(Barney)

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7743: Barney will you stop hollerin' with them women. Uncle Ollie

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7744: Hey to Dooley and CA

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7745: Dooley the other day after the dog and pony show I told that VIP she should go down to Krogers and sit in the window and show them who the big cheese is, one thing about thoes VIPs they sure are moody. Uncle Ollie

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7746: "HEY"Dooley...Uncle Ollie tells me your a WAR EAGLE fan like ch and myself? WAR D___ EAGLE !SINCERELY,MERLE DEAN

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7747: Miss Ellie, I envy you. My husbie is real sweet, but sometimes when I say things like "Call the man" and "Nip it, just nip it," he looks at me as if I was spreken ze deutch.
Maybe when my 7-month-old little Hog gets older, we shall meet on that higher plane that only true Andy and Barney fans can know.

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7748: TATORS!!!!
Al Becker? Al Becker???

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7749: MEAT!!!

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7750: Hey kelli ...I thought it was "Par les vooo francie" you said to that Frank-o-phone husband of yours? JohnnyPaul

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7751: I passed it I didn't heave it.

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7752: "I can't hear'em, I CAN'T HEAR HIM....How am I suppose to learn anything if'n I can't hear him!"(Ernest T.)

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7753: I just wont to say hooray for Otis and Briscoe on their post cards if you haven't tried its BA-SO-LUTE-LY great. If I ever get windows 95 I'll be in hog heaven. Uncle Ollie

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7754: Y'work with a person long enough and you get as goofy as he is." des

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7755: Notice how, when Andy and Helen are walking out of the movie, Andy says "I don't know. I just don't like it when the woman shoots her husband." and Helen says "Well, it happens." Catch that gleam in her eye when she says that? Hmmmm..... that Helen Crump, I don't know.... des
("It's real delish....!")

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7756: des I ain't goofy I'm just ignorant. Uncle Ollie

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7757: Aww, Uncle Ollie, I didn't mean you! hahahahaha
Have y'all noticed that the actress who played Flora (her name escapes me), the YOUNG waitress, also later played one of Andy's and Barney's old classmates in the High School Reunion (color) episode? How old WAS she anyway? des

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7758: Love ya'll but I've gotta ta go !SINCERELY,MERLE DEAN
"FE FI FO FUM...I smell the blood of an Englishman!"(Andy)

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7759: I never understood how Flora could do that, too...either she was some sort of prodigy and graduated from Mayberry Union High at around age 8...or She was from the other side or some such....I saw a movie once where this lady would get some kind of rejuvenating formula from wasps or something...but she never got any older...untill she turned into a big ol' WASP!...You ever notice any "buzzing" sounds when Flora is around...Otherwise how can you explain it...I mean everything on TV is based on real-life, right?

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7760: Excellent reading, "The Definitive Andy Giffith Show Reference" by Dale Robinson & David Fernandes. I got it from the library. Tells so much!! Howard's mother, was the sister of Jack Anderson (Chico & the Man), Mike (Mayberry R.F.D kid) is Jodi Foster's brother. The book gives detail description of the episodes. I can try to answer some of your "burnin'" questions!! Just ask!!-sign, "Oh-ter"

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7761: des I knowed you didn't mean I was just being obtuse don't you hate it when some ones obtuse. Uncle Ollie

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7762: Re 7759: That would be the science fiction classic "The Wasp Woman" and it's a gooooooooood movie. Sign me, Nate Bracey

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7763: I declare I think I'd rather be a big old wasp than to get old and ugly. You could, at the very least, sting the tar outta your adversaries. Scare little kids and the horses in the street and such. 'Course, first thing in the morning I can do that as it is. I liked Jeff Goldblum in "The Fly"!! That was cool. BRINDLEFLY!!!!!!!!!! My husband called me BrindleGull after that bird ripped out my jugular at the coast that time. He's funny that way. des

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7764: Gomer when I pass a quonset hut and see a man sittin' by himself with a bucket over his head I just have to ask " What's the matter?"

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7765: Emma, your toasters ready

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7766: Look, I can't remember the telephone operator's name and I'm real embarrased about it . Please help. Thanks, HL

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7767: Sayruh

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7768: Sarah give me 142R and put this right through, this is a trouble check

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7769: All right every body what is a 502 and what is the fine

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7770: Frank, thank you for the nice sweeping job. Everyone at the boardinghouse thanks you. My valoose is still on the loose. Anyone seen it? Goober, you can hold your reception in my parlor if you'd like. Just let me know when and who the bride is. We can serve chili and cider. Leon can bring his own peanut butter. "You sure ain't lost your touch with a skillet," Mrs. Brendlemight.

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7771: You haven't trouble checked today? Oh! Well! Let's trouble check! Hey Oh bernie! I haven't seen you in a while. Welcome back to the porch. Sit down, stay a while, don't rush. What's your hurry?
--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7772: Hey will have you got that latrine ready for inspection tomorrow, I wont it standing tall.

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7773: My 'puter keeps messin' up over at Sarah's,
don't want to get no rude...
too many dad-blamed numbers, I just
don't cotton to all that...and I want
to do my sentance

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7774: Who was it that looked "Good enough to be in the JCPenney winder", according to Andy?
Rafe Hollister

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7775: Jelsik you are a bird in this world, I saw your post and Ernest T came in my mind( what little I got ) and I just laughed out loud. That's what so good about this board. Uncle Ollie

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7776: "Look down, look down, that lonesome road, before you travel on..."

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7777: "Throwin' food's a SIN!" (Andy)
"I passed it, I didn't HEAVE it!" (Ernest T.)

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7778: Stumper: What other role (besides Ernest T. Bass) did Howard Morris play in TAGS? Hint: his other character only appeared in one (1) episode!
--Rafe Hollister

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7779: The tv repairman who came out to the lake when Andy and Helen were trying to be by themselves. George? des

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7780: des, YOU ARE RIGHT! I thought that'n would be a toughie, but I guess not for you!
Here's one I'm sure you'll get: Who said, "Irritatin', ain't it?"

April 9, 1997 - Msg 7781: Rafe, can I answer? "Irritatin aint it" was said by Earnest T when Andy was mad about him escaping from his cell and Andy and Barney not knowing how he did it. Andy's reply was "YES!"
-Mister MacBeevie

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7782: MERLE DEAN says "HEY"....hope everyone is fine and dandy !
I'll have to go to the library and check out that thar book....maybe I can get me some learnin'!
do ya think they would have that peotry book by T. Jonathan Osgood?
"Heeeey Gooomer!"(MERLE DEAN)

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7783: Merle Dean, you will enjoy the book, according to today's WGN episode, "Quiet Sam", it states that Barney thinks Sam may be growing marijuana!! I did not get that impression, was I napping this a.m.??-Oh-ter

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7784: Also, I found out that "Skippy", Joyce Jameson died at age 55 in 1987. My daughter was horrified to find out that "Helen Crump" & Ken Berry share her b-day, November 3.-Oh-ter

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7785: Helen Crump is a sweet and pretty girl and a lot of us like her.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7786: Thanks for sweeping, Prince Frank. Did you get that golf ball out from under the freezer?

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7787: Kelli...."CALL THE MAN"...Does anyone know how many years it had been since the man had worked on Aunt Bee's freezer before Gomer?

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7788: The Fun Girls are sweet and pretty girls and a lot of us like them.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7789: "Once burnt a lesson learnt."

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7790: Wasn't it last serviced in something like March of '52? Just a guess. des

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7791: Mayberry's a sweet and pretty town and most of us like it.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7792: Hugo Hauptfleisch!

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7793: I don't know des...that's why I'm asking...."anyone,ANYONE ,something "DOO" economics...VOODOO ,VOODOO ECONOMICS"(can anyone name what movie that was from?)

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7794: Don't remember, Merle Dean. Someone will. Y'know, every time I turn around they're tossing Allan Melvin in jail. Dang, he got a lotta work from TAGS. des
"Y'got chickens to throw, y'got chickens to sell."

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7795: "Because when they roll up the sidewalks, they er... they uh... well, they don't really roll up the sidewalks. And that's funny." (Floyd)

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7796: Hog back! Hog back! That's all you ever cook is Hog back.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7797: Hey Floyd is peek a boo like HAHA?

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7798: RULE # 1 Obey all rules.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7799: Hey ya'll great to find the porch again...the normal page I use under "lycos" was gone, so had to search a while to find Frank's page...been pretty busy lately... from yesterday the quotes I use often are "I'm just beat to the socks" and "you're a sight" ...hope everyone is as happy as chickens around a june bug...Glen Cripes

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7800: Hey to the porch today! Some of my oft used quotes are "You beat everthang you know, that?" and "Don't under estimate your contribution" and "Nip it" and "Wonder what causes that?" and I could just go on, but I'll quit. I've noticed since I've met you nice people my TAGS vocabulary has expanded and is used more often each day. You all must bring out the best in me! Good Thursday to everybody! Emma Watson

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7801: "Miss Fried Chicken of Mayberry" is a sweat and pretty girl and most of us like her.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7802: Re 7801- "Sweat" and pretty girl? Wonder if it's a glandular condition...she ought to see old Doc Andrews.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7803: One of my favorites has always been "It ain't a whim if you wear clean underwear, Ange." But, I tend to speak in TAGs most of the time...Mrs. Paul's a fan, too but, she ain't a compellsion nut like she sometimes doesn't get what I mean...she also thinks I need not only more non-TAGs friends but, also more human role models...We pulled into the drive last night and a strange cat ran off...I barked! She also says I bark and growl in my sleep..."Wonder what causes that?" JohnnyPaul

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7804: "Gomer. There's enough wood there to last 7 winters." (Ange) "Aint it though." (Gome) ch (Can anyone remember what the tag ending is on this episode? It's been so long since they've used them, I've forgotten what most of them are.) ch

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7805: Fried chicken is a sweet and pretty dish and a lot of us like it.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7806: Cash or swap for twelve good laying hens.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7807: Miss Peggy is a sweet and pretty dish and a lot of us like her.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7808: Snails are a sweet and pretty dish but some of don't like it.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7809: We're not spring chickens anymore.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7810: Hope that's not more chicken.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7811: Hey Rafe... If you listen real close, it sounds like Howard Morris also does the radio voice of Leonard Blush.
" Leonard Blush! Leonard Blush! Is that all you can talk about?"
PS: MERLE DEAN and ch ... War Eagle!!!

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7812: Howard Morris was Leonard Blush!!
That canary hasn't been with her since she sang on Sundays at the Pot O'Honey restaurant!
Apple pie's a sweet and pretty dish and a lot of us like it.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7813: Jim Lindsay was a sweet and purty dish and a lot of us liked him! des

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7814: Back atcha, Dooley!! ch

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7815: Who is this "Sweet and pretty dish" poster?

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7816: #7807- Miss Peggy sure is missed.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7817: 7793: Merle Dean, that was from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" By the way, Merle, the guy on that movie who played Cameron, plays Stuart on Spin City (the ABC show with Michael J. Fox). And speaking of people who have been on two different things, someone on the TAGS mailing list ( pointed out that the old woman giving out free samples on the Corn Pops commercial is none other than Miss Rosemary, Barney's church walking partner. Just thought I'd let y'all know!
--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7818: Someone mentioned on one of the other TAGS pages that they thought Aneta Corsaut(the actress who played Helen Crump) had passed away. Does anyone know if that is true and if so any details. I sure hope they are wrong. Mary Grace

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7819: Yes Mary Grace, Aneta did pass away, shortly after the 35th reunion of
Tags cast members in Winstom-Salem NC. She did speak to the cast and audience
over the phone during the show. It was an emotional and special time for
everyone there.
Jennie Boone

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7820: Hey, everybody on the porch today. Hope it has been good for you'all.
Hey to MaryGrace, Jennie and des, and Johnny Paul and MERLE DEAN and
Will Stockdale, Nate, and anybody else (hope I have forgotten) oh, yeah best bud.......
He's a nut.... Slow down, Take it easy, What's your hurry.
Hey, let's all meet over at Sarah's tonite.....

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7821: I'll try, Flora, but I've been having a terrible time getting in the past few nights. But I'll give it a shot. des

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7822: Some of my favorite Mayberry lines are, "You are a bird in this world!", "Extry good!", and "Ain't we pickin' our peaches before they're fuzzed up good?" And of course, I have a category of speechifying to my kids that my wife and I universally refer to as You're My Youn'un Speeches.
--Opie Taylor, Sr.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7823: pickles are a sweet and pretty dish but not too many of us like them.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7824: A rose I give to you
This rose so fresh with fragrance rare,
It's petals bringing joy to you
The fairest of the fair
Oh roses are like memories
They fade and pass above
But you dear heart will 'er remain
my fading flower of forgotten love.
Roses are sweet and pretty and most of us like them.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7825: She's a pantin' after me

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7826: Brisco is sweet but not too pretty and most of us like him.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7827: Peanut Butter is a sweet and messy sandwish and some of us like it better than others.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7828: "Miss Ellie, are you a 'desperate woman hunter?'
'Cause if ya are, I know where ya kin git a possum!"
Wasn't it 11, or mebbe 12 tears since that ol'
freezer'd been serviced? And.. I'm almost positive
I've seen Ernest T. in yet another role, too, but
can't quite place it.. "Irritatin', ain't it?" Well,
"exrty messy hugs" to y'all! (little extry **smooch**
for Miss Emma)~~~love, Leon.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7829: Mary Grace is nice but not too pretty and most of us like her.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7830: a typo in every post.. "years", not "tears", eh? And,
that "rose poetry" jus' gits me... right here.
(ya want some?)~~~love, li'l me, again.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7831: Sadly, Aneta Corsaut passed away on November 6, 1995 following a three year battle with that insidious disease, cancer. Among those with Mayberry ties that attended the funeral services were Betty Lynn (Thelma Lou), Howard Morris (Ernest T, George and the voice of Leonard Blush), Jackie Joseph (Ramona Wiley), Everett Greenbaum (who, with his partner Jim Fritzell, wrote many of the best episodes of TAGS), Hoke Howell (Oh, Dud, you're the sweetest boy what ever growed) and Jean and Rance Howard (Ronny's mom and dad). Aneta was only 62 when she died. - John Masters

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7832: Hey to John Masters! des

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7833: Prisoner of Love is sweet and voluptuous and most of the fellows like her.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7834: Jack Dodson was only 63, Burt Mustin was 92 when he passed on.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7835: Howdie Will....I pointed that factoid about Miss Rosemary here on the Porch back around the time of the TBS 18hr marathon...since nobody said nothing I thought I was wrong...Thanks for the belated reassurance...I think the actress that portrayed Lydia is doing Little Debbie commercials too. Anybody elstes noticed that. JohnnyPaul

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7836: "Dirty me, dirty me, I'm disgusted with Myself"

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7837: I use the phrase: "Just don't over-expect" all the time it seems. I also say: "I'm just pickin' atcha" quite a bit when I tease the kids, Mrs. Bracey or somebody. And hey back to ya, Flora. Sign me, Nate Bracey.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7838: Well, it's a good thing Flora didn't forget about her best bud! Gettin called a "best bud" and gettin a "smooch" from Leon (now I got peanut butter all over my face). But bless his heart. That's another one I say a lot in everyday converation....Bless his heart. But, don't get me started. That sure was a nice poem somebody put on here. You need to sign that one, though, cause you don't want to under estimate your contribution! Emma Watson

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7839: Miss Lydia, Josie Lloyd, is the daughter of Norman Lloyd, Dr. Auchlander on St. Elsewhere.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7840: It is kind of weird when you do a posting & nobody responds, it's like you didn't follow the "rules".

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7841: Thanks for the info in the passing of Aneta Corsaut. I am saddened and surprised. I guess I was out of touch during that time and was unaware of it. She seemed so young and healthy the last few times she had appeared on Matlock. Aneta was one of my favorite actresses and I always tried to catch her performances whenever possible. Thanks. Mary Grace

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7842: I used to take it personally....kind of like when Andy and Opie were going to go fishing without Barney...I kept my mouth shut, though. Didn't want anybody to say I was "A Sight".

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7843: Howard Sprague is a sweet and nerdy person, and a lot of us just tolerate him.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7844: re 7760: It was Jack ALBERTSON who played on Chico and the Man.Javk Anderson writes a newspaper column.Just thought inquiring minds wanted to know.

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7845: Hey Everbody....been in Calidorni since Saturday and was without Inet access....shore is lonely without the porch....hope I dodn't miss nothin...last thang I member was apologizin to Lydia cause I posted when I was hungry....'bout the only thang that can cloud my love fer her is food......
I'm a mess....

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7846: YO, Goober!! Good to have you back! It ain't no fun when that iron door clangs shut on you, is it? It clanged shut on me last week, too, and I ain't over it yet. Hope you at least got to catch a few episodes of Andy while you were "netless". Emma Watson

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7847: "When I was born I had my Mama and when I die I`ll have the undertaker; don`t see no sense in clutterin things up in between.... I don`t wanna be a dead hero, I wanna be a live me." Rafe Hollister. Hello p
orchsters. Sorry to here Skippy, Joyce Jameson died. Johhny Paul, you`re a bird in this world. My neighbor is always saying, Poor thang. I like that. How`s everybody? Lord Bless you all.
Thank ya Frank for a clean sweeping. Leon, I could make some possum stew. (It aint road kill, is it?) Miss Ellie

April 10, 1997 - Msg 7848: Now let's all go out there and
sell that salve...what do you say!!!

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7849: Yeah. Happy Birthday Elinora, from one great mind to another. Yeah.

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7850: A very happy birthday to Elinora from a "Miss"ing friend.

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7851: Aw, shucks! Elinora is "pickled pink" to be remembered! I am having a good day already...lotsa cards and letters! I enjoy this place, and love to read the stuff. I just don't post much--still basking in my Shared-With-Trey Quote-a-thon win, tho'. See there? Right there on the back? "5". Bless y'all. Your OLD Arkie cronie, Elinora. (Keep them cards and letters coming!)

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7852: "Aunt Bea, call the man. Just CALL THE MAN!" was on this morning. Anybody catch it on WGN? Got my morning off to a good start (til I got to work). I think I need a sugar pick-me-up, seeing as how I'm a slender, high-spirited person. ch

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7853: Hello my darling Goober and welcome back. One of the things you missed was my poem asking you if you really and truly want to get married in early May. (I'm out of town from the 21st until June 4, so we'll have to avoid those two weeks). You'd better be real sure, my sweet Goober, 'cause I'm not inclined to put up with any wandering eyes or wandering stomachs. You also missed my good buddy des warning me to wait a little longer because you haven't truly courted me proper-like and I'm inclined to agree with her. There's also the little matter of the house to be settled. Maybe we'd better wait until June after all. I love you dearly, Goober, but best look before we leap or we might end up in traction.
Your devoted Lydia

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7854: Good Friday morning, porchsters!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOTH ELINORA AND BRISCOE! Miss Ellie, you are a treasure! Road Kill!! That's a good un. Emma Watson
"Pipe down, Otis!"

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7855: MERLE DEAN says "HEY" ! ch I wish I could have seen "Call the Man" with you this morning...I LOVE THAT ONE! Gomer is so funny...I love when he says "Glad I could Help" when he hasn't done anything, and then he whispers to Opie as they walk off the porch something like "You were a real good helper,I think we just about had that thing fixed!"

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7856: Not to mention "It's TEAR GAS!!" (Ope) ch (MERLE DEAN, AU and UA play each other in baseball starting tonite. W.E.!!)

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7857: Elinora, the happiest of birthdays to you. Come on over for cake and cider later. Leon, it's a peanut butter cake! Emma, jaywalk on over.
All are welcome. We'll have a valoose hunt- mine is still lost."I'm gonna keep these baby blues wide open!" Mrs. Brendlemight

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7858: "Hey Barney! Wanna come over and play jacks with me later??" des

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7859: I agree with msg 7842 about the nastiness that crops up on the porch, my favorite line from the movie "Harvey", is a good one to remember, Elwood says, "My mother used to say to me, "Elwood"-she always called me Elwood-"Elwood, in this world you must be oh-so clever, or oh-so pleasant." For years I was clever. I'd recommend pleasant-and you may quote me."

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7860: KEEP ME UP TO DATE ON THE SCORE...THANKS!
I remember watching BO slam one out a few years ago!
"I think ya got a nibble!"(Gomer)

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7861: I still think that chat place is unbelievable. "They don't give you a medal for tryin." Happy birthday Elinora. howie

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7862: P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELINORA!

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7863: Elinora, in honor of your birthday: "Me-they, me-they, me-they." ch

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7864: Elinora...I just gave you an "A" for your birthday. Have a good 'un!! Sign me, Nate Bracey.

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7865: I think of you Elinora everytime I get sick and I have to lay a Poultice on my chest !
I said that with the best of intentions but it sure looks polically incorrect when I read it !
"Elinora,my music!"(Barney)

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7866: Merle Dean I didn't think any thing laid heavey on your chest.

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7867: Merle Dean, that freezer was last serviced on March 3, 1951, not March of 1952 like I said. des

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7868: I feel sorry for Goober, he's in the
clutches of a wiley woman...
Miss Lydia played me like fiddle...
I don't want to talk about it...

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7869: Happy birthday to Elinora, Frank this is such a great page will you be my brother figure, got to drive back to Lake Charles now Aunt Nora forgot my goose down pillow, and I left the stove on KABOOM. Uncle Ollie


April 11, 1997 - Msg 7871: I just heard the saddest , most pathetic line ever spoken in Mayberry. What a commentary on the times. Briscoe said to Charlene, "How many girls do you know that has a wood floor and a husband that hardly ever hits them?" And that was supposed to be funny!

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7872: Mrs. Wiley says, "Ernest T is a nasty and "a creature" but a lot of us like him cause he makes up for it by being real healthy.

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7873: Thanks des...I know I've asked that one before but I keep forgetting the date.
re 7866...YOUR RIGHT NOTHING LAYS HEAVY ON's too short....ENJOY!
"ATTABOY LUTHER!"(Haven't posted that quote in awhile....I know it's only TAGS related from the Ghost and Mr. Chicken...but I love it!

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7874: Most of us on the porch was born in the 50's, do most of you remember how sad the sixty really were? The war, the assasinations, a big generation gap. I read that the Mary Grace episode was on tv 3 days after President Kennedy's assasination. TAGS must have been a wonderful relief.

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7875: Hey 7871 - I always cringe when I hear that line! Ain't that pitiful? And what's so bad is it's TRUE in so many situations. Sad. Glad I'm not the only one who flinches at that one. des

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7876: While we are on the subject I also hated when Aunt Bee says to Andy that maybe it would be better if a man were down at the courthouse(Goober) while he's away...of course it led to some great lines like"Yea,in case thar's a fire or famine or something!"(Goober)

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7877: I remember getting out of class early (I was in 3rd grade) and walking down the halls and seeing teachers and the older kids leaning against walls in tears over JFK's assasination. I remember watching the funeral on tv. I learned that word, "cortege"; it reminded me of corsage (cor-sayge). I remember that by the time Bobby was murdered we were all pretty much desensitized. MLK had been killed. The world was SAD. Scary too, to a kid. I can remember watching Walter Cronkite reading the number of casualties when the sun was going down all those nights at 6:00, hoping my dad wasn't one of them. I remember the riots, the burnings, the public suicides. It was a HARD time to grow up. All the kids nowadays with the peace signs around their necks and headbands just can't know, can they? TAGS was a sanctuary. It still is in my house. des

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7878: An article in today's paper talked about how most people watch TV rather than read newspapers. They interviewed one guy who said the only show he ever really watched was TAGS. I agree with you, Des. It is a sanctuary and a happy one at that. Can you imagine what a current day TAGS show would be like in today's TV? I shudder to think what they would do to it. That's why the TAGS of yesteryear is timeless and provides life lessons as well as being darn funny. It would suit me if they had a TAGS station all by itself, 24 hours a day of pure heaven. (Sorry for the ramblin). ch


April 11, 1997 - Msg 7880: There's an article under "Who's Been Messin' up the Bulletin Board", about a teacher who shows TAGS to her class. They discuss how the characters try not to hurt Barney's feelings, Opie & Andy talking honestly with each other, etc...

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7881: TIC/YAHOO

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7882: You ain't ramblin, ch. They're always tryin them new shows. I think they call em things like "Family Matters" and "Home Improvement". They're fine shows (well, "Home Improvement" anyway), but it's almost impossible to incorporate an intelligent script with sufficient escapism. "Home Improvement" is a great show, but that depressing old reality thing always rears its ugly head in the form of "modern-day-problems-which-confront-America's-young-people". SOMEHOW, the TAGS creators and producers and actors managed to help us escape, BUT didn't insult our collective intelligence. How rare is that?? des

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7883: Bless you.

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7884: Miss Lydia, so dear, I'm glad that I'm back.
Sorry I missed your poem, cause you shore have a knack,
of puttin together words, with grace and with flare,
and wherever you are dear, I wish I was there....
Courted you proper?? what about at the lake?
I don't just go there with anyone, come on, give me a break...
If waitin you want, then thats what we'll do,
but I shore do get lonely, just thinkin of you...
can't wait till I hold you, feel your love and sweet breath,
If you think pretzels are tough dear, wait'll I lay on you chest!!!

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7885: GOOBER PYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a hoot!

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7886: GOOOOOBAH!!!!!

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7887: My favorite Floyd the Barber episodes- The one in which he is eating the banana with the 3 women convicts completely tuned out to the gravity of the situation. The other one is when Floyd is weighing the advantages and disadvantages of adding some chairs to his barbershop. The one that clinched it was that he "had enough magazines to swing it".

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7888: "I said I'd be thar...and I'll be there!"(Goober)

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7889: Watched Andy saves Gomer again last night ( must have seen it five hundred times ) and when Andy wakes Gomer up and he is running around looking for the bucket I laughed as hard that time as I did the first time, why can't they make them like that anymore? Uncle Ollie

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7890: Happy Birthday Briscoe & Elinora. I was a bit older than some of you when TAGS first came on the air. (I was in high school when JFK was shot, and remember it like it was yesterday). Yes, I think TAGS was a welcome escape from the problems of that era and I know it has always been so for me. I have never encountered another program where I feel so much respect and love for the characters, as well as for the actors who played the parts. I have been relocated several times in my life and I know that I am always searching for "Mayberry" each time I have moved. There is an idealism there that exists nowhere else, I think. Mayberry is everybodys dream of the perfect place to live. Well, pardon my rambling. Feeling a little melancholy today. Mary Grace

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7891: des and Mary both echoed my exact feelings about TAGS and Mayberry, our home town. You brought the memories rushing back about that day in November 1963...the day children throughout America learned a new word: Assassination. I, too, was in the 3rd grade (a 55er, you know) and I remember distinctly coming back to school after lunch and seeing several teachers in tears. They let us out of school that day. I remember my mom making my brother and I sit and watch the funeral when we really wanted to take advantage of the days off from school and play. She said: "This is history." I had no inkling of it at the time, of course, but it certainly was. The 60s were a difficult and confusing era...especially 1968. Kids today will never understand. I, too, remember Walter Cronkite telling America, each evening, how many American boys died in Vietnam that day. I remember the lottery and, though underage, waiting for my birthday to turn up. I'm not sure TAGS was as much a sanctuary during its first run as it is today. But I am grateful it is there for me to visit anytime I care to pop a tape in the VCR. And that you're all there too. Sign me, Nate Bracey

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7892: They were filming "My Fair Ernest T. Bass" when JFK was shot.

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7893: How do you know?

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7894: Hey everybody, I'm in a trivial mood. Who knows how much each issue of "Learn a Month" magazine costs?
--Opie Taylor, Sr.

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7895: Beautifully put, Nate Bracey. I doubt if any of us fully appreciated TAGS then. Heck, my grandmother's kitchen was Aunt Bee's kitchen! I 'spect all y'all's was, too. (talk about taking liberties with punctuation) Anyway, it's only in retrospect that we appreciate those times. My grandmother's in a faincy little subsidized condo now, but I can still hear the gravel crunching in her driveway and smell them gardenias at her back door. Was the whole world in black and white back then? des (sorry for the babbling)

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7896: It is amazing that the writers of TAGS never mention the current events. This makes the show timeless. I think that today's shows has too much "political statements" in them. Parents are simple-minded, not as smart as their kids (esp. on Nickoleon, "Clarisa") I appreciate the way Andy is respectful of Bee & Opie of his "paw".

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7897: Whoever you are, you're right!

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7898: Nate you have got me thinking of it now I was in high school when JFK was shot and every body was just stuned and I also remember 1968 very well I was with the BIG RED ONE and will never forget Tet 1968 sorry about this post but I just can't for get it.

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7899: I have only had two men stand up for me when I entered a room. I will never forget those moments. I love the way TAGS say "Miss Elie". I know it's old fashion but it shows respect.

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7900: Opie senior wasn't it 25 cents

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7901: Are there any other TAGS politeness that you wish people today used?

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7902: Yes how about dressing like a human in public and it has gotten so I wont take my wife to a move because of the language of the kids

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7903: You're right Uncle ollie. Also calling women "miss" so and so.

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7904: Dear Friends, can't help but get caught up in your nostalgic talk today. I would love to spend a week at my Grandma and Grampa's again in 1960 and watch her hang the wash out on the lines and pick plums from her trees and have a slice of her lemon merangue pie while watching the Lennon sisters sing on Saturday night on Lawrence Welk, and play with her neighbor kid, Luther!!!! And hide in the hall closet when my Grandpa got home from the bank,(he always pretended to be surprised!) Think how much less prozac and booze the world would need, if we COULD "go home again...." --love,Skippy

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7905: Happy Friday evenin Porchsters. des, I remember when JFK was killed. They announced it over the intercom in school. Whenever I got home, my grandmother and I watched it on her tv which had a light blue exterior. I also remember MLK was killed and we had a curfew and the National Guard patroling the street. We left our windows open back then, and when they would pass at night I would hear them and it would wake me up and I would look out the window and for some sort of reason, the National Guard driving by made me nervous. Guess I was scared they`d see me looking out the window. The only time we ever had a curfew. I didn`t pay attention to TAGS until my husband and I got married. He is a bigger fan than I am. I just can`t get him on the Front Porch. He loves Barney. Don Knotts was an original.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ELINORA AND BRISCOE. A special thanks to Briscoe and Otis for their wonderful website that I visit each day after the Porch. I long for the days of the 50`s. I don`t like being an adult. Too many responsibilities and heartbreaks. "Get my salt and pepper cleaned and spotted and what for HEARTBREAK, HEARTBREAK." (Sorry I know it aint an exact quote. You know me if had a brain I would be dangerous. Emma, road kill around here is popular. Don`t get me wrong, I don`t care for it. We wen to eat with some friends and in advance I asked what they were having and he said road kill,and it was spaghetti and I aint stupid, but I know this much, it won`t ground beef in those meatballs, maybe he was serious about road kill. It won`t even ground turkey. I am a meat eater and I know how both those taste. Night , night. Miss Ellie

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7906: I suppose that each generation has some event which they will never forget. You can ask anyone about my age where they were when the Challenger accident occurred. I was in a second grade classroom, and we watched it on the TV for the rest of the day.
--Will Stockdale, P.L.O.

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7907: Will Stockdale, thanks for muddling thru all our nostalgic posts. I certainly enjoyed reading all y'all's (there I go again with them apostrophes again) accounts of the past. Skippy, you almost broke what's left of my heart there. Bless yours. Will, you witnessed history there with that Challenger explosion. Isn't it funny how these things we'll never forget? des

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7908: This was one of the best days I've read since I've been on the porch. And that just about sums it up for me. Thank you all. Emma Watson

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7909: "...And a good time was had by all." Thanks for the words...all of 'em. --Elinora

April 11, 1997 - Msg 7910: Thanks all...I guess we needed today just to reminisce a bit. Yes, Miss Ellie it is not easy being a growed-up human being. As difficult as the 60s were, I loved my childhood. And Will...'preciate your memories. Ya'll have a good weekend and thanks for a memorable day here on the porch. "How do you fight fire?" "With a hose" "See, I told you, Barney!" Sign me, Nate Bracey.

April 12, 1997 - Msg 7911: "Canaba in, canaba out, canaba in and round about."

April 12, 1997 - Msg 7912: Boy, that chat place sure can throw a party-unbelievable! "We could have a real big barbecue!" Howie

April 12, 1997 - Msg 7913: WOW! I've just finished catching up on the posts of the past few days.
Boy it sure does bring back a flood of childhood memories. You know what
this world needs more off? Porches! The one like this, and the real ones
on the front of houses. I can truely say that the quality of my life has
improved 100% since I've had a front porch. We sit out there on nice
afternoons and evenings and watch the world go by. Somehow its all goes
by so much slower from the view of my porch. We have a big wrap- around
porch that is 40 ft long. Many times we have gone out there and sat at the
little pink table and chairs to have ice-cream or sat in the rockers to
listen to the kadidids in the fall. Its a perfect place for our granddaughter
to ride her tricycle, under her grammies watchful eye. Its seems so safe.
Yep, thats what we all need is porches. Thanks for this fine porch, Frank.

April 12, 1997 - Msg 7914: Wow, Jennie, Frank do live the real Mayberry. We do some porch sitting, but not after dark. How did Barney put it "Mayberry, gateway to crime." He got excited about something happnin and said somethin like that. Has been a nice couple of days on the Front Porch lately. Emma, did you get my e-mail. I`m having problems agin.
"You beat everything, you know that." Miss Ellie ---Hey to everybody. Will you must be young to abeen in second grade when they Challenger disaster happened. Bye agin.

April 12, 1997 - Msg 7915: Sorry for the second post, but Lydia I was just wondering if you would e-mail me sometime. It is Since we live so close, I thought maybe we could get to know each other better if you`d like. See ya later. Miss Ellie

April 12, 1997 - Msg 7916: Jennie, you're right, the world needs more porches. We've got one, only ours isn't the wrap around kind. But it's big enough to gather some family, friends, and neighbors on a summer night and talk over the day's news (and maybe a little gossip), listen to a little banjo pickin, and just generally enjoy each other's company. It's just a shame that so many places these days aren't exactly "porch friendly". But we've all got each other here to enjoy! Anybody want to try to peel this apple without breakin the peel? Emma Watson