The Taylors' Front Porch

Pull up a chair! Have a sit-down an' shoot the breeze with us. Later on, maybe we'll go down to the drugstore to get a sody. . . maybe see what's showin' at the pitcher house. . . . What you gonna do tonight, Barn?

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20255: hey burt, its me, i need some socks
size 37 aa please,
do ya have any?

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20256: A very Mayberry-like Good Morning to the porch!

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20257: TAGS quote opportunity: I just went to the cafeteria to get me a BLT sammitch (for real), and everyone was talkin' 'bout how the bacon was burnt, and of course I said.........
Mister Dave

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20258: "Johnny Paul Jason says burnt food is good for the teeth."
"Aw, Ope, that's an old wives' tale."
"Johnny Paul ain't married."
That's my guess Mr. Dave, do I get a "Tuscarora"?
Ernest T.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20259: TGIF to the Porch!
This is the first time I've been here in a long while. Someone in my home went on a wild clicking spree and erased everything!
I lost all of my cool bookmarks. I especially miss the greeting card sites. If any of you have some neat ones, would you please
send me the site so I can bookmark them? I'm at Thank you so much!
Des, I'm so sorry to hear of you loss. My heart goes out to you.
Hey to all the new-comers! Glad to have you!
jennie boone

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20260: Good Friday Morning everybody. Just checking in to see how ya'll are getting along this fine TGIF day. Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20261: G'mornin' all. Hey jennie, Check yer mail. I hope ya' like th' sites. Hey MaryGrace, How 'bout a little " Carolina in the Mornin?" Here we go. Briscoe (I aint gonna write on th' walls no more) Darling Jr.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20262: The Porch is starting to sag a little in the middle....should we call Sherrif Frank for a sweep...or does anybody want to crawl under there with them spiders and prop it up. Me I vote for the sweep...I swell all up from spider bites!

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20263: Hey to the Porch,
This raining day in Ole Virginny...dark and gloomy but hey it's the weekend,
and hope it turns out to be a nice Mayberry Week-End for everybody.
See ya,
Your healthy girl,

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20264: Cool Web site! I'd write more but time for my daily Mayberry Fix!
Andy Addict

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20265: Hey Andy Addict! Welcome...Watching TAGS is Addictive? I got a TAGS compelsion-complex...but, an addiction? Fix?..."Junkie Chic" has reached The Porch! Next thing you know **Barn will prefer to wear black BECAUSE it makes him look so thin.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20266: Hey maybe I'm a TAGS addict, too. Could I get disability?

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20267: Wow....and I just thought I was some kind of a Nut!

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20268: I think somewhere there is a doctor that will do it for disability.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20269: If TAGS addiction is therapetic can it be a disability?

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20270: Hey Flora, Rain ch'er, more tomorrow th' paper sez. Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20271: Reckon they'll build an Andy Griffith Center (sorta like the Betty Ford Center). It would be full too! ch ("Its therapetic.")

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20272: Maybe Betty Lynn instead of Betty Ford....make more sense.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20273: Poor Horatio, don't jump the gun there, bud. I don't know ya too awful well, but one thing I know is you ain't no dope! I know a little HTML (not as much as you and Burt, of course) but I can barely operate a timer! Glad to see you again. I've been away some. Just ain't had anything to say. Unusual for me.
Hey Junior, what with all that rainin' goin on your way, how 'bout some Bob Marley to make us think of the tropics? Some "Trenchtown Rock" maybe, beins as I don't think "I Shot the Sheriff" would be appropriate for the porch.............
Thank you, jennie, for the sweet words. You're the cats. Sorry to hear about your computer woes. Junior and **Barn have some terrific card sites!

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20274: Re 20268...where I live the local station that shows TAGS sells all the commercial-time to low-dollar law offices....they're always saying things like "We'll get you the money you deserve for your injury or disability"...think maybe somebody in sales at the station is thinking along these same lines....only they are making it from both angles....1) they get us hooked to sell ad time then b)they don't sell us the they just try to flim-flam us with lawyer speak....Mrs Lesch could learn a thing or two from these all the angles covered alright.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20275: Did anyone here listen to Rich Mullins? If so, I have a little poignant thing for you. I didn't know much about him, but was sorry to hear of his passing.
Seems that Rich had admitted that he "wanted to die young and join Mozart, Jesus Christ and spiritual composer Stephen Foster", all of whom died in their 30s. Recently, after turning 41, he told fans that he'd come to realize that "life was for living". Then, as he and singer Mitch McVicker were driving on a straight stretch of I39 near Lostant, Ill, they were hit by a tractor trailer and Rich was killed instantly. Mitch suffered critical head injuries. The last thing he'd told fans was, "I had some romantic, highly exaggerated notions about joining the immortals, but this was a party I didn't get an invitation to, a gang I didn't belong in".
Apparently, to your audiences' great sadness, you did, Rich. Sorry for the non-TAGS, but some of the porchsters are Christian music fans I've noticed, and I thought some of y'all might appreciate that info. Thanks for your time.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20276: Flora, I loved your poem about friendship.(#20096) ;o}

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20277: Hey Flora.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20278: Hey ~Des~, Oh, that's a good'un! "Trenchtown Rock." Here we go. Briscoe (flattery will a git ya' a everywore) Darling Jr.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20279: Calypso juggin...Junior...uhh....Maestro, you sure can jug.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20280: Thank ya'. Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20281: yer welcome

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20282: Well...hey to the porch....I havent posted in a couple of days and came back to see that I had some business...cooter, you sure you need those socks? I wouldnt want to be pushy and sell you somethin you dont need...And for Poor Horatio...Im sorry I stumped ya on that one..the blinkin 12:00 was a joke, apparently not a goodun...So Sorry!!! De?...I am glad you are back in rotation and feelin chipper...Emma, where ya been girl? I keep missin ya, but I spose Ill catch up with ya soon...Hope I wasnt too pushy...
ps...we need to send Frank some mail...this takes forever to load...but lets not be pushy!

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20283: Briscoe...what about a little Rocky Top..lets get the weekend started off right!

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20284: yo burt, can I PLEASE have some
socks? I REALLLY NEED EM!!!!!!


October 17, 1997 - Msg 20285: Hey to ever'one. Welcome to the California Andy Addict. Glad to have you here. Looks like the one month reunion is on hold for now. Great to talk to this morning, Miss Emma! Looks like a real wet weekend in Mayberry town.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20286: Way cool broom you got there prince Frank! Did you buy that'n from Burt?

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20287: Good sweep, Frank. Hey To **Barn! Post more often, you hear? We missed you. Hey to Briscoe Jr. Nice reggae, mon.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20288: hey to the californy
tags jonesr i remember well how i
used to scoot to north berkeley
bout every afternoon round four
to see tags.what a privelige it
was! cable is a luxury!
hey to ever'one

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20289: Ha Ha Ha!! 20286. Good one!

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20290: jonesin' for tags............... the tags-inator............. the tagster.......... know exactly how you feel. i'm one too.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20291: Evenin' all. Welcome to the CAA (California Andy Addict). I think you will like it here along with all the rest of us addicts. Birds of a feather flock together, ya know. And it takes one to know one. Sorry about that - got a little carried away, but yes it is a compelsion fer sure. And all us here got it. Hey to Flora. Good talkin' to you and Miss Ellie at the chat last night. I'm just so tickled that I can get over there now. Plumb pickled tink. Sorry, I'm just full o funnies today. Thanks for the sweep Frank. Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20292: Oh, and by the way. I think a "Betty Lynn Center" sounds like a wonderful idea. She seems like a real sweet lady and I would be proud to be a part of a center dedicated to her name. What ya'll thank? Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20293: A Betty Lynn Center for TAGS addiction? Sounds good to me too. Count me in, I'll sign up.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20294: Ok..Cooter..heres them socks...that'll be 1.00...if you think thats too much, I can lower it...just dont want to seem glad ya swept up...Nice, Real nice, MAry are funny today! Full of them euphemisms, but they ARE good...can someone clear up a little trivia for me? Who is the man that played the bad guy in a lot of TAGS? He was the getaway driver in the episode where the bank gets held up...I really would like to know his name!...oh well...hope I wasnt too pushy...

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20295: Oh...forgot to welcome our new mwmber..CAA..hiya and welcome to Mayberry, the friendly town!...hope I wasnt too pushy...

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20296: Burt, I believe you are refering to Allan Melvin. Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20297: Thank you Mary Grace...I remember an episode where Floyd hired a man as a barber that was really a bookie...isnt he the same man?? Hope I wasnt too pushy...

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20298: UMM>.. Allan Melvin played the tough guy that worked at Foley's and tried to pick a fight with Barn. I don't remember him as a bookie at Floyd's. Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20299: He was also one of the roadside produce peddlers. Remember that one? He was in several episodes. Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20300: Briscoe, Thanks for the cool sites! It's so nice of you to respond so quickly! Any one else could help me out, I'd really appreciate it. E-mail me at

Good Mayberry evening to the Porch.
jennie boone

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20301: yeah, m.g., he was a meanun,
shoulda been run out of town
or perhaps strung up, fer
disrespectin barn like that.
is fifty cents ok for the
socks burt?

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20302: Hi, ya'll! J Lydia, here. New to the Porch...been readin' and readin' tryin' to catch up. DES sorry to hear of your loss. Prayers for you. Thoughts to you. A little about just outside Greensboro,NC BIG TAGS fan...Took class with Prof. Brower last spring...very interesting! Wish every TAGS fan could be so fortunate. Been to Mayberry Days for last 2 years running. My " better half" owns a '63 Galaxie and is very anxious to get it just right. Now to MG...not talking about Allan Melvin, are you? He was one of the produce peddlers, but I don't remember him being in the Bookie Barber, either. J Lydia

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20303: Hey is some lingo that we may all be familiar with...think Barn would think up some of these???

Hard Drive
Trying to climb a steep, muddy hill with 3 flat tires and pulling a trailer load of fertilizer.
Place to hang your truck/tractor keys.
Place in the truck to hang your guns.
When you run out of Polygrip.
How you get rid of dandelions.
Delicious when you mix it with coca-cola.
First words in a kiss-off phrase.
What you do when the first pair gets covered with barnyard stuff.
Activity meant to provide bait for your trout line.
Fuzzy, soft thing you stuff in your beer bottle in order to get a free case.
To borrow as in, "Hey Bubba! LAN me your truck."
What some guys do when they are mad at their wife and/or girlfriend.
A wager as in, "I bit you can't spit that watermelon seed across the porch longways."
Digital Control
What yore fingers do on the TV remote.
What you do to a suitcase or Wal-Mart bag before a trip.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20304: hope I wasnt too pushy...

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20305: MaryGrace...he isnt the one I meant...this guy played in the episode when barney got locked in the safe when he was wearin the dress...remember?...he drove the getaway car in that episode...played the bookie Barber..and if I remember right, played an FBI agent to get the money that Barn found down by the tracks...hoipe I wasnt too pushy...

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20306: Hey and welcome to J Lydia, but unfortunately there is alreay a Lydia. Someone will come up with aname for you unless J Lydia is ok with every one.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20307: I want to set myself straight! I didn't mean unfortunately there is already a LYdia!! We love our Lydia.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20308: J Lydia is fine with me...and cooter 50 cents is fine with me sure that aint too much? Why dont I just give em to ya?? Hope I wasnt too pushy...

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20309: 20303-Great Stuff! I LOL. Character Map-What You Use To Navigate Around Mayberry Days.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20310: Hey to J Lydia, and Welcome! It's nice to have another Triadian here on the porch. Hey, Burt, did you ever find another one of them openers with the umbrella? My hands is gittin' awful wet here opening these cans in the rain.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20311: Hey there everyone. I have a new nephew, born early this morning. Ten pounds, ten ounces! My brother and his wife proudly informed me that his first TV show was this morning's 11:05 WTBS episode of TAGS! So I guess the little fellow's getting off to a good start! Unfortunately I couldn't prevail upon them to name him . And thanks for the kind words in the messages above. I love all of you, too. But not pretzels. They lay on my chest, you know.
Lydia Crosswaith
not J. Lydia (what does that mean, anyway?)

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20312: Well, how did that happen? What the above was supposed to say was that I couldn't prevail upon them to name him Opie. They named him, of course.
Aunt Lydia

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20313: ** know, I was lookin in mah bag and just happened to have one left...( the umbrella's kinda bent, so Ill knock 10% off for ya)...if you will make me an offer, dont let it be too much for you now, I will gladly sell it to you as you seem to really need wouldnt do to have your hands gettin wet, now would it?
Welcome J Lydia to Mayberry, the friendly city...Im burt, and if I can sell you anything that you REALLY need, then just let me know...but you have to really need it..I dont want to be too pushy....if theres one thing I cant stand, it's a pushy salesman...
Oh, by the way Porch..I just got a shipment of preservin jars today...If'n you need em...REALLY need em, let me know....Hope I wasnt too pushy...

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20314: Welcome J. Lydia from G'boro. I used to live in "guitar pick central" aka Winston-Salem and miss the days of getting home to watch TAGS at 5:30 WITH THE EPILOGUES. Hope you appreciate what you've got. Keep up the good work. - Opie

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20315: Thank-you, Burt, the rain is coming down at a angle, so, I'll just stand with the bent part t'ord the rain. I'll give you a dollar fer it. Congrats to Aunt Lydia!

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20316: **Barn...a dollar is a little much for a bent opener...just give me 10 cents and we will call it even...hope I wasnt too pushy...

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20317: G'evenin' my friends. Jus' a passin' through ta'night an' a wanted ta' say a "Hey." Welcome ta' all th' newcomers! Glad ta' have ya'! This is a very friendly place. Hey jennie, Yer welcome hon. Glad I could a hep ya'. G'nite all. Briscoe Darling Jr. (this will post more than once. Sorry.)

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20318: So I a didn't a post twice an' Congrats Aunt Lydia! Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20319: Hey Burt, when I realized that you knew more than basic HTML (inserting graphics and offering instruction), I figured you were a techie. And techie's either know how to set their vcr's clock, or are able to figure it out.
Thanks for admiting it was a joke and for the apology. For a while there, I though you was some kind of interloper teasing us. Now I know better.
Bye the way, the bookie barber was Herb Vigran.
Poor Horatio

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20320: Thanks for the name, Poor Horatio...I was a rackin mah brain tryin to figger that out...glad ya didnt get mad at mah joke...hope I wasnt too pushy...

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20321: Ernest T, Chewin' tar is good for the teeth. Eatin' burnt food gives you a good singin' voice.
Mister Dave

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20322: you aint pushy burt,
75 cents ok?

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20323: Thanks to Opie,**Barn, and all for the nice welcome. Do appreciate good ol' Channel 2. Can you believe Lee Kinard has been with the Good Morning Show for 40 years? He's a real trouper! As for Aunt Lydia...congrats on the new member of the family. Babys are so prcious. By the way, J Lydia was chosen for sveral reasons: I don't bowl--bad back...Don't gamble...Don't like pretzels, either...Live so close to her hometown...Character Crosswaiteis real name's initials are JL--so are mine and besides I didn't there to be any confusion in case there was another "Lydia" on line. As for "Goober" and you (I've done my homework and read thru a few archives) he's all yours...I'm happily married, thank you very much! Now, I'm a fair person...if this is not enough evidence to keep my name...we'll see what we can do...We 'preciate it and goodnight.Do I get the window seat or not?
goober" and you (I've done my homework and read thu a few archives)

October 17, 1997 - Msg 20324: Sorry about those last couple of lines. I must have been on a roll and forgot to do away with the bad stuff. Also forgot to sign my essay.Good night. J Lydia

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20325: Mornin to the porch! I'm trying this thing out early cause I got kicked off last night (I was assaulted!-haha) and could NOT get back on. Wonder what causes that? Well, I hope today will be a better one. Welcome to J Lydia and any other new folks. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAFE HOLLISTER!! -Emma

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20326: Good morning porchsters. Happy Birthday to Rafe! Hey goober, remember Dave Wright? He was with WFMY for a long time too. Great time at Sarah's last night. Songfests and all that. Dang we was good! Hey to Emma. Hope you're well this morning, dear. I was ready to sign off last night, they talked me into staying a few minutes longer, but my ISP said NO! PfffT!

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20327: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAFE HOLLISTER !!!!! Hope you have a great one. - Emmett & Martha

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20328: Good morning to the porch. Yeah **Barn, good time at Sarah's last night for sure. Kinda like the old days. Hey to De? and ever'body else,
Milton P. Oliver
"Just had to have an apple......"

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20329: Mornin' fellow Mayberrians! Happy Birthday, Rafe, try not to celebrate too much! Otis will be in the lock-up tonight, you know, it being Saturday and all. Yes, **Barn, I remember Dave Wright very well. He's on another Triad station now. By the way, name's not "goober", it's J Lydia. Read msg #20324---that should nip that right in the bud! Hope everybody has a wonderful day! J Lydia

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20330: G'mornin' all. How is a everybody ta'day? I'm a goin' ta' play a "Rocky Top" an' Happy Birthday ta' Rafe! Here we go. Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20331: Hey J Lydia, Kin I scrub one on/off fer ya'? (yer a choice in a words) Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20332: Hello everyone! Welcome to all the newcomers.
I am very behind on reading the porch. My sincere sympathies to ~Des~. Bless you heart.
Welcome to J.Lydia. and hello to my buddy Lydia.
Hope all you ailing folks are feeling better. Me and DocPendyke been working together to keep the shelves stocked with Miracle Salve, since it and the Mircale Pills are good for everything.
Nice, real nice words about Rich Mullins from ~D~. I didn`t know of him, but Momma has told me so much of him, I feel I know him.
Now Rafe, I liked to roasting pan story. You are a bird in this world, you know that.
Sorry for the long post. Lord bless you all on this cool, rainy day.
Your pharmacy Gal, PHG, Miss Ellie Walker

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20333: Hey Porch People!
Cool web site, my first visit here. Have some Trivia for ya!
What famous radio program did Floyd (Howard McNear)and Mayor
Roy Stoner (Parley Baer)play characters on together?
Answer in a couple of days.
Catch ya later,
Andy Addict

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20334: Hey, y'all...
Good t'see y'all this fine Sattidy morn'...
Thanks fer th' clean sweep, Sheriff Frank!
Miss Ellie~~ yer mailman ourta be a-bringin' ya a package t'day... I'm a mite anxious about it gettin' there safely an' not squashed.
Burt~~ Sorry fer runnin' off like that.. ol' Judd an' me both really do need socks, if'n ya ain't sold outta 'em.
CAT (Calli Addict o'TAGS)~~ Howdy, neighbor! Are ya in the L.A. area? Gimme a holler...
Miss J.Lydia~~ Welcome, welcome... **hug**
Wonder what became of thet JL feller... don't s'pose thet really was a jokester an I just got took in by it all... Not s'prizin', 'cause I take folks like they say (why lie?).
Hey, y'all have a great Sattidy... mebbe I'll stop by this evenin', and we'll all swap desserts.
**peanutbutter hugs** ~~~love, Leon.

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20335: No wait fer thet answer, CAT... thet would be Gunsmoke, with Bill Conrad as Marshall Dillon... KNX, Friday nights, right? I listen to all the OldTime Radio I kin, an' hear Mayor S-T-O-... on the SixShooter, and Floyd on a lot of shows, like Johnny Dollar... ~~~love Cowboy Leon.

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20336: howdy, can ya tell me if barneys
duck walk is a frank sinatra


October 18, 1997 - Msg 20337: ain't never seen Mister Sinatra duck-walk... say, cooter, are them European feet ya got there? what's 37aa in 'Merican? ~~Leon.

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20338: Hey to the Porch.
Welcome to JLydia. My Fred and I have a 63 Ford Galaxy too! Maybe some
day we will meet up with you at the Squad Car Rendivous. (sp) And isn't
Mayberry Days a blast? We have gone three times. This last time was the
most memorable because we got to meet some of the fine folks who sit
here on the Porch and chat over at Sarah's.
Hope all is well in everyones world today!
jennie boone (the fishwife, but married to the black hearted buzzard)
so who wouldn't be?)

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20339: Hey Cowboy Leon,
Glad to hear someone else listens to the KNX radio classics.
Sure enjoy those shows and the characters from Andy.
Gotta git off the porch and git to bed.
Before I go Miss Kathy my sister-in-law wants to know if anybody knows
of a good Aunt Bea Lemon Merangue pie recipe.
Andy Addict

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20340: Hey, "CAT"
(kin we call ya that?)
I think they might be a recipie like thet over to Miss Emma's Cookbook at Otis' Site... purty sure, anyways.
Ere ye a Ol'TimeRadio fan, really? My life is made complete ever' Sunday, listenin' ta Bob an' Barbara on KCSN, an' Ron an' Larry on KPCC... KNX every night, 'cept sometimes with the TV on, too. I get OTR on the 'Net, at "" any time (which is all the time)...
Gotta get up the change ta join S.P.R.D.V.A.C., too!
I'd sure like ta set around th' campfire an gab about the Golden Days of the Glowing Dial, 'cause all my OTR friends are in that little box...(kinda like all my Mayberry friends bein' in this one, here...)
~~~love, Henry "Leon" Aldrich

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20341: And...
got me a autographed 4x5 of Hal "Gildersleeve" Peary, right on mah fridge... Mister Tucker once said we're all in another world-- I'm just in another time. ~~LL

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20342: Hey Porchssters,I have a special request. Would you please say a special pray for a family that lives in near by Puluski County. My son (Mayberry Band Member) high school football team played them lastnight and a boy got injured by just a route block an one hour later the boy was pronounced dead. It was a real tragedy, the child was only 16 years old. You never know when the Lord is going to take you home. It is especially sad for such a young man to be taken home. Sorry to post non TAGS stuff but I know yall are praying people and this family really needs lots of prayers.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BUDDY RAFE, I'll sing a special song fer ya. Take care bud and I hope your day is extra special.
Have a ood day all. Hoggette

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20343: hey to leon my feet iz american as
the flag, i was born with big
feet thats all, hey burt,
reckon ya GOT any socks that'll
fit me?I dont mind apayin extry!!

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20344: happy birthday, RAFESTER

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20345: Cooter..ifn I don't have your size, I can get em at no extry charge..happy to...hope i wasnt too pushy...

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20346: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAFE!
your friend, jennie

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20347: Good afternoon ever'body. Just got back from taking my son, Aaron bowling on a kids' league. It was his second time on the lanes and his second game, he threw a 118. Not bad for a 9-year-old who just done started. Sorry I misread your post, J Lydia. My eyes were still half-closed and I hadn't even finished one cup of coffee. Near the Green City, huh? Me, too. Hoggette, From what I understand, that poor boy was a competitor of MBB? I know he must feel awful, even though they was on opposing teams. A special prayer goes out to that family. Thanks for the offer in price reduction on that opener, Burt, but just give the extry 90? to Mrs. Burt's favorite charity. Hey again to Andy Addict, Fred and Jennie--hey to you, and to cooter, and to Leon, Miss Ellie, and BD,Jr. And a special how-do to WB MPO. It was a special night last night. Them songs are still singin' in my haid.

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20348: Happy birthday Rafe!!!...Hope I wasnt too pushy...

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20349: Happy Birthday Rafe!

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20350: Evening, all. Hope it's as pretty in your part of town as it was in mine today.
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, dear Ray-afe, Happy birthday to you!
Rafe, old buddy, thanks for that beautiful song a while back - "It is Well". One of my lifelong favorites. I've got a demo tape done by one of my friends who has the voice of an angel, and that's on it. It's enough to make your heart take wings. If we do indeed take a big old vanload of TAGS folks to Mayberry Days next year, I'll bring it along.
Welcome to JLydia and CAT, and anybody else I might have missed. Glad to have you - as you've already noticed, this is truly a friendly place, and everybody needs to that, to some degree or other.
~De?~ girl, I hope you're feelin' better now, and not missin' your little granny too much. You know she loved you, and that's something you'll never lose!
I sent a Mayberry-flavored email to WGN earlier today, about them takin' TAGS off the air. Let them know that I've got an arsenal of tapes to fall back on, and will surely do so when the networks quit runnin' the shows for us. Check out their listings site on our home page here, and there's a place provided to email the programming department. You all probably already knew that, sometimes I run a little late on things, but I get there!
Well, guess I'll drop by the diner and see if Juanita will pack me up something to go. I'm tard, and ready to go home, and hungry and don't want to cook. Maybe she's got some Vienna sausages with tomato sauce and succotash left over. (That's probably a sure bet!)--Romeena

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20351: Hey to the porch...and welcome to all the new will soon find that this is a place that is very unque...Mayberry spirit runs wild here, and folks helpin one another is the main thing...we are just like any town that you would want to live in...'cept ya caint find one like this one anywhere...And **barn...You keep that 90 cents...I fixed the umbrella on the can opener, so it is a dollar after all...unless you think thats too much...hope I wasnt too pushy...

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20352: Dang, Hogette, that's one of the saddest things I've heard. My thoughts and prayers are with that poor boy's family. There has been lots of sadness at Antonian High School in San Antonio lately. The week before last one of the kids' moms was taking half a dozen or so kids (including her son) to a out of town football game and lost control of the van she was driving and was killed instantly, and over the following week 3 more of the kids died, including the class president, a beautiful and talented young girl. So incredibly sad. This very thing happened at Antonian 2 years ago, killing some of the team. Unbelieveable. Just kids trying to have fun. None were in seat belts.
My good friend's cousin's child, a 4-year-old girl, was killed last week by an airbag in her aunt's car that deployed in what was actually a minor wreck. She was riding in the front seat, and we've all heard never put a small child in the front seat.
These horrible tragedies occur, sometimes due to human error, but a kid just playing football?? Unspeakably sad. His family is in my prayers.

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20353: again........ I always post before loading, and wind up having to come back. I apologize.
**Barn, from a fairly good former bowler, lemme say that I was very impressed at your son's performance tonight! That's really phenomenal, a 118 second time out, regardless of age, but 9 years old?!?! You better pursue that, bud. You might have another Earl Anthony on your hands!
Thanks to Romeena for the well wishes. I do feel better.
VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RAFE!!! Many, many more to you.
And you're right, Burt, this is a friendly town!

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20354: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAFE!!!
Welcome to all the new folks here in Town
This is a friendly place, so just sit a spell with us
Your healthy girl,

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20355: Evening Porch Sitters!! Been a really long day, what with having to keep family happy and all. jennie boone---the plan is to have the squad car ready for Bradford next year but, we heard a rumor that there won't be a rendevous--have you heard anything to the contrary? Sure hope so. Anywho, we'll be at Mayberry Days with siren blarin' and red light flashin' just like ol' Uncle Ollie for sure!! Andy Addict--I've looked in both of Aunt Bee's cookbooks for a recipe for the sister-in-law to no avail. Leon had a real good idea there about checking out Emma's Cookbook there. Thoughts and prayers go to the family and friends of the youngster ...I can certainly empathise (forgive spelling, please) for I too have a 16 year old. J Lydia

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20356: Oh yeah, **Barn, congrats to the son. That's truly incredible! Brisoe Darlin, Jr, could you please play something that won't make us cry? Sure would 'preciate it. J Lydia

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20357: Oh, CAT,
J Lydia's right-- no lemon merengue pie in Miss Emma's cookin' book. But after readin' some there, I decided to add my own, for my famous Extry Fluffy Omelettes, an' my famous "Too Much" French Toast, on the "General" page of the book.
I really do hope "all mysteries are revealed" when this life's done, 'cause I do wanna know why kids die playin' football an' other seemingly senseless losses. I mean, God don't owe me an explanation, but I gotta hope it's forthcoming, as part of the "eternal package". Seems like that's covered in the brochure, somewhere, about understanding the unexplained... Rafe? Rev. Tucker? Anyone?
Miss Ellie~~ glad ya got the box safe an' sound-- can't thank you enough for helpin' us out, here! **hug**
Am I too late for dessert swappin'? Mebbe we could make it a Plan-- all show up here some evening an' share sweet snacks while we visit.
Goodnight, all... see ya in church, or out here, after. ~~~love, Leon.

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20358: I'm with you, Leon. I believe in God and the life hereafter, but when/if I ever get face-to-face with God, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask him just what's up with scorpions? I do not get it and I need it explained to me.

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20359: Hey to the porch...I found some funny church bulletin they are..hope you enjoy em...
Some churches are more fun than others.
Believe it or not, these actually appeared in various church bulletins:

1. This afternoon there will be a meeting in the south and
north ends of the church. Children will be baptised at both

2. Tuesday at 4PM there will be an ice cream social. All
ladies giving milk, come early.

3. Wednesday the ladies liturgy society will meet. Mr.
Johnson will sing, "Put Me In My Little Bed," accompanied by
the pastor.

4. Thursday at 5PM there will be a meeting of the little
mothers club. All ladies wishing to be little mothers
please meet with the pastor in his study.

5. This being Easter Sunday, we will ask Mrs. Johnson to
come forward and lay an egg at the alter.

6. The service will close with "Little Drops Of Water".
One of the ladies will start quietly and the rest of the
congregation will join in.

7. On Sunday, a special collection will be taken to defray
the expenses of the new carpet. All those wishing to do
something on the new carpet, come forward and get a piece of

8. The ladies of the church have cast off clothing of every
kind and they may be seen in the church basement on Friday

9. A bean supper will be held on Saturday evening in the
church basement. Music will follow.

10. The rosebud on the alter this morning is to announce
the birth of David Alan Belzer, the sin of Rev. and Mrs.
Julius Belzer.

11. Tonights sermon: What is hell? Come early and listen
to our choir practice.

12. For those of you who have children and don't know it,
we have a nursery downstairs.

13. Remember in prayer the many who are sick of our church
and community.

14. Potluck supper: prayer and medication to follow.

15. Don't let worry kill you off -- let the church help.

...hope I wasnt too pushy...

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20360: More-
**This being Easter Sunday, we ask Mrs. Lewis to come forward and lay an egg on the altar.
**A bean supper will be held on Tuesday evening in the church hall. Music will follow.
Along those lines, some actual note from parents to teachers (Burt, you'll enjoy this)-
**Dear Teacher, Please excuse Lisa for being absent. She was sick, and I had her shot.
**Dear School, I hope you will excuse John for being absent on Jan. 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 and also 33.
**Dear Miss Larson, Jack didn't go to school yesterday because he had two teeth taken out of his face.
**Mrs. Smith, Please excuse Tommy for being absent yesterday. He had diarrhea, and his boots leak.
**Dear Teacher, Please excuse Jimmy for being. It was his father's fault.
**Dear Mr. Brown, Please excuse Jason for being absent yesterday. He had a cold and could not breed well.
**Dear Mr. Anderson, Maryann was absent yesterday because she had a fever and upset stomach. Her sister was also sick, and her brother had a fever. I wasn't too well, either. There must be something going around. Her father even got hot last night.
**Dear Mr. Thomas, Jennifer missed school yesterday for a good reason. We forgot to get the Sunday paper off the porch, and when we found it Monday, we thought it was Sunday.
If ye don't have the welfare letters, let me know and I can post um for ye. I also have a great batch of insurance letters somewhere. If ye have um, please post!

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20361: You already had those! Apologies to Burt.

October 18, 1997 - Msg 20362: I didnt have em apology the welfare letters...Hope I wasnt too pushy...

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20363: Hey, I just had a thought. In addition to starting an E-mail campaign to WGN (and anyone else who messes with us!), why not try to remember the sponsors of TAGS on WGN and E-mail or write THEM too???
We can tell them that we are extremely disappointed with WGN's decision to remove TAGS and that consequently, it is with regret that we must penalize the sponsors for allowing it. Hardball? Yeah. Mean? Maybe. Unrealistic? Probably. Will it work? Might. Might not. But if word gets around maybe the other networks and advertisers will think twice about messing with TAGS in any form.
There is power in numbers. I once read that for each letter a TV station or advertiser recieves, it represents 40 unexpressed, but shared, opinions.
How about it?

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20364: When did WGN remove TAGS? Saw 2 episodes on WGN Friday morning.

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20365: G'mornin' all. Sorry to hear about all the deaths this morning. My thoughts and prayers go out to these people and their families. Hey J Lydia, I'd be a glad ta'. How 'bout "Doug's Tune"? If'n ya' start ta' cry, fight it!, fight it!. Hey ta' **Barn. Here we go. Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20366: I'm a goin' ta' play "Amazing Grace". Aone, atwo an' athree. Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20367: Good morning to the porch. I just got through looking over all the nominations for our subchapter of WBMUTBB, and there are some good ones. I had to eliminate a few, because they were either already taken or they were too close to another chapter's name. Here are the nominations in no particular order:
Maple Street Porch Sitters
Sarah's Porch
Sarah, Get Me the Courthouse
Barney "Mature Human Being" Fife
From the Halls of Monteezoomer
Get Me Sarah's
A Little Sugar on the Jaw
24 Elm
14 Maple
Juanita's Place
Watch Out, I'm Gonna Rock Forward
Barney, If You Got One Girl, Why Do You Need Another?
Norman's Groceteria
Yeah, But Don't the Trees Seem Nice and Full?
We Don't Preeshate Being Called Squirts
You People Are Living In Another World
You Know Who Said That?
Out Of the Way, Sunday Driver
A Picture No Artist Could Paint
Win With Taylor
This Is All New
Taylor's Front Porch
Internet Interlopers
From the list I have, the above names are available. To submit your vote, just email me. The results will be posted and we'll take it from there. I hope everyone is having and will have a great Mayberry day. If anyone discovers one of the nominations posted here is taken, let me know too.

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20368: Regarding letting WGN how you feel about TAGS, if you want to post a message on their web site, try
But if you just want to send a private email that doesn't get posted, try EMAIL TO WGN.
Hey Burt, are you someone else's alter ego?
Poor Horatio

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20369: Oops, let's try this again:Try this one

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20370: Poor Horatio...what do you mean??? I am myself, and myself I am...splain yourself...Burt

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20371: Poor Horatio, are you the same Horatio with the house in Opie's hood?

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20372: Good afternoon, porch sitters! Just got back from a visit to WGN's website, been readin' some of the postings about TAGS being taken off their lineup. Left a couple of observations of my own, as a matter of fact. I did notice one little thing, though. There were one or two comments posted that might have gotten a "rude" from Miss Crump. Maybe it would be best if we kept our comments in the Mayberry spirit, language, etc. Seems a little inconsistent to "rudely" request the return of such a kind, gentle show.
Burt, have you got an apron I could buy? I may be having some houseguests in the next couple of weeks, and might have to break down and cook. Yes, Burt, I REALLY need it.

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20373: Romeena, your 'bolds' are lookin good, girl.

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20374: Thanks, 20373, I'm tryin' to be extry, extry careful.--Romeena

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20375: Miss Romeena...Ifn ya really need the apron, I got one special for ya...its a cute little thing with daiseys on it...only 1.00 for you...wouldnt want to be pushy ya know...

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20376: Heartache, nuthin but heartache...

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20377: And a fine good evening to all ye dearies on the porch. Mr McBeeVee and I have been gone on a wee trip, and we've missed chit-chattin' with all o' ye. Sorry to hear about all the sadness and deaths.
The mister and I surely loved all o' that humor in message 20302 and 20360!!
BRISCOE, about tuning up ye jug and playing a little "Indian Love Song" for all o' them Cleveland fans who are feeling a mite poorly after yesterday's game. Maybe ye could find a Janette McDonald fan to sing along with ye??
BURT, do ye still have any o' them fancy silk scarves for sale? T'would be a fine birthday present for me 29th birthday, and if ye were to remind the mister about that, I'm sure he'd buy one from ye.
DES, hope things are improving a little for ye dearie and that ye are thinking of your grannie more in happy thoughts than in sad.
OPIE, why did ye name your little bird, 'Dickie'. Was it a dickie bird?
Mr/Mrs. McBeeVee

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20378: The Value of A Smile
A smile is nature's best antidote for discouragement
It brings rest to the weary, sunshine to those who are sad,
and hope to those who are hopeless and defeated.
A smile is so valuable that it can't be brought, begged, borrowed,
or taken away against your will. You have to be willing to give a
smile away before it can do anyone else any good.
So if someone is too tired or grumpy to flash you a smile,
let hime have one of yours anyway.
Nobody needs a smile as much as the person who has none to give.
Thought I would share this today with the PORCH.
your healthy girl,

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20379: This private to Mr. Mcbeevee...Mrs. McBeevee dont read this!...Mr. Mcbeevee, the missus has her 29th birthday comin up, and she shore would like a scarf (silk)..I just happen to have three (3) in stock, and ifn ya want to but one for her, I'll let it go real cheap...seems Im runnin a special on scarves today..let me know...hope I wasnt too pushy...
Burt.. can read now Mrs. Mcbeevee

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20380: Burt, you're adorable!

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20381: HAP HAP HAPPY birthday RAFE!!!!!
A happy day to you my brother!! I hope it was a blessed one!!
De??..hope you are doin well...Hey to all....
Lydia, so fair, tender and true...
words just can't express, my love for you...
your the sun in the mornin, and the dew on the grass,
from now to eternity, our love will last!!!

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20382: Godd Sabbath, all!
Just runnin' by, an' thought I'd toss this up on the Porch... I stumbled into A Yahoo thing, an' typed in Mayberry Days, an' got this:
Just at a glance, I saw headings of lots of stuff I'll have to take time to read...
Hey-- just runnin' by, not even gonna read today's Porch till tonight...
See y'all! **hug** ~~~love, Leon

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20383: Howdy everyone

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20384: Hey, Jets.
Just listenin' to a late-40's episode of the Great Gildersleeve, an' ol' Throckmorton stopped by.. check this out.. Floyd's Barbershop. His pal, Floyd Munson, proprietor. It ain't Howard McNear, or anywhar near, but... y'don't s'pose Andy mighta been a Gildersleeve fan, an' "borrowed" that name/idea, like so many other names and places on TAGS? They was an awful lotta references to colloquial an' nostalgic things, like Leonard Blush, the Masked Singer an' like that...
Well, the social worker's there to evaluate Gildy about keepin' that baby what got left in his car... YAYY! We get to keep th' baby! (Anyone remember that show?) ~~~love, Leon

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20385: Wo haben Sie bin, Jets?

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20386: Happy Birthday *Rafe

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20387: Burt, you beat everythang you know that.

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20388: Hi ya folks! Sorry it's so late, but I've been real busy today trying to get the peanut butter and jelly stains out of my sweatshirt I had on yesterday! That's okay, Leon...Just try to be a little more careful next time!
BriscoeDarlin', Jr.--Thanks for the tune." Doug's Tune" happens to be one of our favorites, and it didn't make me cry neither!
Hope y'all sleep good tonight and get up tomorrow with a smile on ya face and a spring in ya step. Good night, all.
J Lydia

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20389: Hey Burt, thanks for remindin me. I nearly forgot. Would you happen to have a blue slilk scarf? Mrs. McBeeVee is kinda partial to that ther color. And did she say it was her 29th? I thought she'd already done had that one back in '81! Oh how the time does fly!
Well thanks to you once again ole buddy. Sometimes I spend so much time up in the treetops with the birds I tend to get a wee bit "bird brained"!
Mr. McBeeVee

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20390: Hey to the porch...I just began a Mayberry web page and need some feedback...will somebody mosey over to and tell me what ya think?? Hope I wasnt too pushy...

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20391: This might be easier...just click on it...

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20392: oops..what happened?

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20393: sorry porch...ya gonna have to write it down and go thataway...sorry..

October 19, 1997 - Msg 20394: Mr Mcbeevie..I have one beautiful blue scarf to match your beautiful wife...and just cause its her birthday, I'll give it to ya...hope I wasnt too pushy...

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20395: Hey, y'all!
I think we

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20396: (fumblefingers!)
Burt's place is pretty neat, 'specially for just startin' up... Betcha a nickel this'n takes form an' grows an' stays, huh?
Was tinkerin' with th' 220v wiring to my wax tanks an' got a light show an' a whallop of a jolt I won't soon forget-- YOWZA!! Knocked out all the breakers an', once I caught mah breath, had to go hit the main at the meter for juice. I can see y'all shakin' yer haids, now... an' quit that snickerin', too! I had to change mah drawers, doggone it! ~~~love, Leon

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20397: Good Mornin', Peoples!
~~~Leon, are you sure you're okay? Sounds like you got a jolt stronger than Java! Maybe you should have "called the Man" before tackling that job??! Hope you're allright. Also, thanks for the shortcut to Burt's place. That helped alot.
Burt-- Homepage is "all right"especially for just getting started. Got to have a Guestbook,though. How elest do you know who's been and seen? By the way, now you can make a catalog of your goods so's people will know 'xactly what you got for sale. Don't believe it would be too pushy,either.
J Lydia

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20398:
Oh, what a beeeautiful morninnnnnnnnn..
Oh, what a beeeautiful dayyyyyyyyy.....

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20399: Hello darling Goober, the king of my heart,
I miss you so badly, and when we're apart,
I cry and I blubber and mostly boo-hoo,
for me there is one guy and that one guy's you.
The grease 'neath your nails and your beanie so fine,
there is no denying that my heart is thine.
Forever our courtship will ring strong and true,
sweethearts of the porch, dear, that means me and you!
Your adoring Lydia

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20400: G'mornin' everyone. Hey J Lydia, Yer a welcome. Hey Mr./Mrs. McBee Vee, I'll be a glad ta'. I'm a goin' ta' play, "Centerfield" by John Fogerty. Hope ya' like it. Aone, atwo an' athree. Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20401: Hey to the Porch and also all the new folks, too...just when I get the real world back where it belongs, I'll be danged if it don't start sneaking back on The' grandmama, Hogette and Shawnee's football player, Mrs. Goober...heck me with Mrs Dr. Paul and my mamma...oh, there is too much pain and sorrow going around....Guess it all means something somehow/somewhere. Hoggette...all my thoughts go to that family...and I really haven't been putting you folks off...Fiscal year stuff is a mess 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after Oct. 1. And my playing hooky to go to MD's didn't help anything but my spirits. So...I'll send you a huge e-mail tonight (With my answers(?) to Andy's quiz). And to the rest of The Porch....guess you'll have to get used to me posting a lot again...Heck somebody has to take up the slack since Merle Dean is so busy. Gonna start enjoying this good fall weather now! Hey Jr? Would you play "Mountain Dew" for me...ought to just add to my newly restored spirit.JohnnyPaul

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20402: How is Mrs. Dr. Paul doing? And your Mamma, JP?

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20403: Good mornin' to the porch. Been outta pocket for a few days. Went to the mountains fer the weekend. It was lovely, but over too soon. Hope ever'one is doin' fine this beautiful autumn Monday. Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20404: Re msg 20402: They are doing just fine...extry good, actually...thanks for asking....see, I warned you folks.JP

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20405: Hey JP, Thangs will git a better, you'll see. Here 'tis "Mountain Dew". Here we go. Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20406: Hey kids, I just got home from the City (Raleigh). I didn't have my laptop with me so I couldn't check in on the latest happenings here on the Porch! I looked for ya Lydia but, I didn't see you nowhere's.
I'm taking Real Estate Appraisal Courses in Raleigh.....It is good to be home~ I'm pooped. Hey to everyone.(ps: how is the chapter name vote going?)~~Juanita

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20407: Claw hammer, banjer sounds out of a jug! got some talented lips can probably just send the Mrs into orbit with one kiss, huh?

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20408: Nitaaaaaahhhh, Jua-ha-ha Nitahhhhhh....Glad you made it back safe and sound. How is our favorite realtor these days?

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20409: Hey to the porch! Florida was nice, real nice! ©
Let's see. I'm not too hungry this morning. I'll have
uh, orange juice, bowl of cereal, stack of wheats,
three eggs over, make sure they ain't runny now Olive,
bacon on the crisp side, white toast buttered, hash
brown potatoes, and coffee and cream.
Does my heart good to see a thin person eat.

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20410: Miss ya Merle Dean....

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20411: Sure is quiet today...going through those Yahoo links posted above...the ones at are nice, real nice. All written in that "Mayberry State of Mind" and has some character analysis worthy of the "Sunday Magazine".

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20412: hey to the porch, whatchyall up to this mornin?
I know karate,

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20413: hey to the porch, whatchyall up to this mornin?
I know karate,

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20414: hey to the porch, whatchyall up to this mornin?
I know karate,

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20415: hey to the porch, whatchyall up to this mornin?
I know karate,

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20416: that cabbage was easy to swallow. Watch that trigger finger, buddy!

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20417: Yo, it seems now that they is a
face on MARS jest a starin up at
the sky, it is kinda big, and
it aint natural, in my opinion
it looks like the face of
christ i been lookin at it
latley, & I dont know what to
make of it.ifn ya mash on
face on mars u can see it too.

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20418: The REALTOR? game is going along fine...I have a closing scheduled for the 27th..(yippeee) I'm doin' just fine. Hope you are (who ever you might be, ha ha)
Has cooter been smoking coconuts again?

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20419: it's MIR, cooter.

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20420: 'Mornin', y'all...
was so "wired" last night from my little mishap thet I didn't notice till this mornin' th' burn marks on mah feet, an' th' feet-shaped scorch marks on th' floor... funny, 'cause I've had 220v before, an' it never did this-- it's kinda like what ya hear about lightnin' strikes blowin' off folks' shoes.
Say, anyone got any leftover Miracle Salve?
Glad yer home, safe an' sound (well, relatively speakin' thet is), my buddy Otis! **hug**
Great Mayberry Monday to ya! ~~~love, "Sparky" Leon

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20421: um... Briscoe Jr.?
Please e-mail me.. I'd like to ask ya somethin', kinda quiet an' to th' side... ~~~love, "Sparky"

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20422: Hey Leon, Check yer mail. Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20423: Hello porchsters..."who you callin a porchster??"..I wanna cast my vote for that name!...any way, I hope everbody is gettin on just fine...Leon, I am so sorry to hear bout your little mishap...didn't you ever stick yer finger in a light socket when you was a yungin? Then you should know that lectricity will hurt ya...I really hope that you get to feelin better...I bet findin those burn marks on yer feet was a shock..(pun intended...LOL)...anyway, get to feelin better soon...Mr. Mcbeevy, you need to let me know ifn ya want the scarf...I got some extras and will give ya this one free just because it is Mrs. Mcbeevies birthday...(just don't tell mrs. Mcbeevie, she aint sposed to know...)wanna say a big HELLO to the rest of tha porch, and was wonderin if Briscoe will play a little Hank Williams...whatever crosses yer mind Briscoe,it don't matter...Also, ITS OFFICIAL!!!..the newest chapter of TAGSRWC was chartered today!..I just got my info in the mail...the newest chapter is named...If there's One Thing I Can't Stand, It's A Pushy Salesman! kinda makes me feel like I's eatin curly onions..."curley onions twang my buds"....hope I wasn't too pushy...

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20424: I SMOKE A NICE HAM ONCE IN A WHILE,

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20425: Hoggette, sorry to hear the news, but thanks for passing it on. We will remember Mayberry Band Member, his friends, and the kids at the other school in our prayers. This is a tough, tough time. When I was a junior in high school the older sister of a good friend of mine (she was a college senior) died in a car wreck. She was engaged to be married and her fiance was in the passenger seat of her car, but was not seriously injured. Then when I was a senior in high school, a kid my age, whose Dad was my Dad's best friend, died in an auto wreck. Very, very difficult for everyone involved. So, my sympathies go out.

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20426: Boy, Burt, you don't waste a minute, do ya? A mover an' a shaker (got any of them in thet satchel?)... Myself, I'll hold off till we get our own Porch Chapter, 'cause this place is my home. But I'll be a-visitin' about as often as you'll have me (been called a pestilence before...). I ain't even joined Otis' Chapter, an' he's my blood-brother (we used charcoal, but it's the same).
Oh, thanks, ever'one, fer yer concerns-- injuries don't get me down at all- I take it as part of the overall adventure. Funny, though, I'll take gettin' hurt all in stride, but I'll whine an' howl over sniffles or a headache. Kids- who can figger 'em...
Congratulations, again, Burt! ~~~love, Leon

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20427: Hoggette, our families prayers also go out to you and yours also. Five years ago, on Valentines day, my wifes sister died in a car crash on Kill Creek road. Her husband was in the car with her, he underwent brain surger, and back surgury, and leg surgery... And, one year to the day, on Valentines Day a year later, her husband died within a half mile of the original accident. It was really hard for all of us to loose 2 great people in that manner. Life is precious, and life is hard. Love to ya and their family!...Otis©

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20428: Leon, sorry to hear about your shocking accident! Didn't you do that same thing a couple of months ago? Did any of the fillings in your teeth warm up, or fall out? How about curly hair. Be careful bro!...Otis©
Sorry, I couldn't resist:
"Oh, Electric!"...Gomer
"More power to ya!"...Briscoe Darlin

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20429: Hey, Leon...just cause I got mah own chapter, does that mean I cant be a member of the one for the porch? If so, Ill resign mine..I LOVE the porch!!...hope I wasnt too pushy...

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20430: Burt, we aint been introduced yet. I am Otis©, from KCOCC. A big WELCOME, and I like the idea of your chapter. The more the merrier! I just have one question: can folks belong to more than one chapter? If so, I'd join the forthcoming Porch Chapter, and Yours too! Oh heck, I'm just being obtuse...Otis©

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20431: cooter - you smoke ham????? Must be a booger to roll.............
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh, I amuse myself so.
Hey to all. Otis?, that's awful about your wife's sister and brother-in-law! Good grief, what a sad time that musta been for y'all. Bless your hearts.
Nothin' happening my way. Weather's been hot again. Oh well. Hope all's well with y'all and y'allses. har~
P.S. You be careful, Leon! A little kid shouldn't be a-playin' with 'lectrical thangs anyways.

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20432: BURT, sure do like your new place on the web. That blue silk scarf will be just fine and dandy for my misses. Hope things are well with you and yours.
LEON, hope you're all right. Try fixen yourself a peanutbutter and jelly sammitch. Makes everything feel much better.
Mr/Mrs McBeeVee

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20433: Afternoon, everybody!~Leon, all I can say is "Shockin' it is, just shockin'!" (Malcolm Merriwether). Little boy, you be careful now, you hear? This porch has had about all the sadness it needs for a while, and we certainly don't need to have you goin' up in smoke, so to speak. As my dear husband used to say, if it's 110v, it's questionable, and if it's 220v, call the man! Don't you do that again, now, and I mean it!
Burt, I'm impressed! Your site is wonderful. Didn't take time to browse it fully, but I will soon. Just barely had time to stop by here and give little ~~Leon the scoldin' he so richly deserves, bless his little pea-pickin' heart. By the way, I'm having difficulty refrainin' from any comments about peanut butter on toast.
You all love one another now, and I'll be back by soon.--Romeena

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20434: Oh, I almost forgot! Burt, you hold that apron for me, the one with the daisies on it. It sounds like just what I need, and the price is fair. I'll pick it up later.--Romeena

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20435: On my trip this week, I found myself using popular quotes, and people reckognized where they came from. There is a larger base of fans than I realized. Just a few of the buzzwords I used were:
Therapedic, There's spider's under there, Pipe down Otis, Bless her heart, Gateway to danger. Hi Sweetie Pie...sincerely glad to be back, Otis©

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20436: BTW, in my Hotmail inbox I had 17 (!) messages from ever'one around the time my grandmother passed away, but it won't lemme read 'em!!!. I'm thanking ever'one in advance and I'll write y'all back just as soon as I'm able to read them messages. Means a lot, guys. A whole lot.

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20437: Sincerely glad to have you back, Otis ?.

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20438: Hey Leon, I hope yer okay. Check yer mail pal. Congrats Burt! G'evenin' everyone. Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20439: Hey to Otis..Ive heard an awful lot about ya...if you can belong to two chapters, then I would be honored to have as a charter member of my chapter...good ta meet ya!...Mr Mcbeevey, the scarf is on the way...happy to oblige, and thanks for the compliment on the page...Romeena, the Apron has been on lay-away since you said ya wanted it..just let me know when...hope I answered everbody...and Des..I sent ya one to hotmail, hope you get it...hope I wasnt too pushy...

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20440: Hey Juanita,
Sorry I missed you on your trip to Raleigh. I was here all weekend but the reason you didn't see me is most likely because I didn't hardly stick my nose outside, what with that cold rain all weekend long. Beautiful today, though, and State Fair's in town. Big fun and great big food.

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20441: Lydia, how Are you doin?

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20442: I had to wait to type this, until the beloved left. The reason I like to go outa town, like to Florida, is because I can finally get a decent meal...signed the mystery florida traveler...guess who!

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20443: uh........johnny paul?

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20444: MYSTERY FLORIDA TRAVELER: Dearie, ye can feel free to stop by anytime and have some Irish stew with Mr. McBeeVee and I. Tis true that every once in a while the mister takes some top out from walking in the tops o' the trees and he surely can cook up some mean hot cakes...Irish style.
ROMEENA: Do ye know of any good home remedies for that poor lad's feet...meaning LEON'S?
BRISCOE: And a fine good evening to ye, too. Put a little chapstick on those fine lips o' yours. Wouldn't want all the dearies on the porch to be feeling under the weather because ye have chapped lips and couldn't play our favorite tunes.
BURT laddie...have ye been talking with Mr McBeeVee? He's looking as smug as a four leaf clover in a patch o'petunias.
A fine even'n to all o ye on the porch. Anyone for a wee slice o' apple pie?
Mr/Mrs McBeeVee

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20445: Heartache, nuthin but heartache...

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20446: Mrs. Mcbeevee...Who ME? Talkint to Mr. McBeevee? Uh....uh.....hey theres ya doin Barn?...private to Mr. McBeevee...quit lookin so smug, I think she 'spects somethings up...Hope I wasnt too pushy...

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20447: Hey and a big "Thanks!" to all my Porch buds who expressed congratulations/condolences on my birthday! Thanks go to Emma, **Barn, Emmett & Martha, J Lydia (A BIG "Hey" from Rafe, and WELCOME to the Porch!), Briscoe Darling, Jr, Miss Ellie (it's good to see you back, Miss Ellie!), Hoggette (my bestest bud in all of cyberspace), my buddy cooter, and jennie boone, Burt, Romeena (lookin' good, girl!), ~De?~, Flora, and Goober! Wow! You folks are wonderful!
*Rafe Hollister

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20448: Happiest of birthdays to you Rafe, one of our real loyal porchsters. Goober , you are so lucky to have a girlfriend like Lydia. So loyal, so sweet. Writes sensitives poetry. Lucky I'm not the jealous type. Lydia, you are truly a catch. MAN IN A HURRY

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20449: Thanks, MAN IN A HURRY (What's your hurry?). I appreciate it.
*Rafe Hollister

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20450: Hey Porchsters, Thanks for all the special condolences from the greatest people in the world. It was a tough weekend, but God is good and gets us through those tough times. Life is precious, live it to the fullest and impact those around you! The young man was buried today and many people in the community were there.
(A moment of silence for Scott Lee Cook #77 Puluski County High School)
Rafe, you are the greatest!! I hope you had a very special weekend. (How old did you say you are????:) :) :)
It is a beautiful day here in Virginia I love the early part of fall things are so colorful and the mountains are spectacular. If you don't have mountains I feel sorry for ya!!!! Its sounds like everyone had a great weekend. Hey to Johnny Paul, I understand about being busy, but I'm sure you'll catch up soon.
Where are you Boojum?
Oh! by the way if anyone knows where I can get a VW Beetle I really want one (old not new) Any ideas, they are hard to find!!!!
Thanks to all of you for your love and support during tough times, I love you all!! Sorry for such a long post, I don't come here often so I have to get it all in at once. (don't be mad please) Hoggette

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20451: Hoggette, I for one ain't mad at ya. A person what's got somethin' to say orta say it, and you said it well. I ain't jealous 'bout yor mountains, neither. Nope, me an' ~De?~ an' Romeena an' Hodie got it made here in Texas! Why, the land lays so flat 'round these parts that I can see if'n ~De?~ is home over near San Antone just by lookin' south from Dallas with a good pair'a binoculars! And if'n you believe that'n, I got a gen-u-wine original copy of the Declaration of Independence that my daughter just drawed, and I'll let you have it, CHEAP!
*Rafe Hollister

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20452: Happy Birthday to *Rafe! I forgot you don't have I-Net access after Thursday, but we put up a Birthday banner for you all weekend long. Click Here to see it...Otis©

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20453: RAFE: A fine happy birthday to ye! Are ye just a spring chicken of 29? Tis a happy day we're wishing for ye!
Mr/Mrs McBeeVee

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20454: Happy Birthday RAFE. Hogette, our sympathy goes out to you and Shawnee and MBM on the loss of that young man. His family is in our prayers. I'll keep an eye out for a VW for ya , too. Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20455: Any pie left, Mr/Mrs McBeeVee? Smells good.

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20456: Thanks very much for the birthday wishes, Otis?, Mr/Mrs McBeeVee, and MaryGrace! You all are the CATS! Thanks also for the banner, ?! I got me a copy of it saved so's I can just set an' look at it ever' now and then...
*Rafe Hollister

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20457: Oh, and I ain't ashamed to say it, but I got a little less than 2 years to go 'fore I turn the "BIG FOUR-OH MY GOODNESS!" Do y'all mind if I have my mid-life crisis a little early?
*Rafe Hollister

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20458: It's catch-up time, folks, so you all just bear with me, okay? Thanks, friends.

Hey to Burt! Yep, Poor Horatio's right, that there bookie barber was indeed played by Herb Vigran, but he ain't the same feller what played the getaway driver in The Bank Job. That feller's name is Al Checco (his character's name was Ollie in that episode), and yes, he's the same feller what played the fake FBI agent (Hennessey was his "name") that fooled ol' Barn into givin' back the $250,000 that he found near the railroad tracks. Oh, and Herb Vigran also later played the gateman (security guard) at Belmont Pictures when the Taylors showed up to watch the filming of "Sheriff Without a Gun".

Congratulations to our Aunt Lydia! That's wonderful news, and WHAT A BABY! 10 lbs, 10 oz is a good healthy size! Thanks for sharing in the birth of your new nephew. I'll always think of him as our little Opie!

Romeena, the Texas Delegation to Mayberry Days 1998 is a sure thing! I've done got the Missus's permission (always pays to go to the top when makin' those big decisions), and we're markin' our calendars for the big event! Girl, you need to decide if'n you intend to come with us, so's we can swing by and pick you up! Our plans aren't definite yet, but I believe we'll be makin' it a short visit (just over the weekend), so you shouldn't have to take a whole week off'a work to go with us, maybe just a Fridey. We intend to get back to town before Mondey mornin' followin' MD'98, even if it entails drivin' all night (which it could). I know Martha would love to meet you, and I would too (in person, that is), so think about it and let me know what you decide! ~De?~, you and the family are welcome to join us too, and if'n you want to invite Hodie and his new bride to make plans to join us, GREAT!

Hey to my little buddy ~~~Leon! That 'lectricity is scary stuff. That's why me an' Martha won't have it in th' house. Hope you're doin' better now, and that you've stopped smolderin'. As for your question about understanding the unexplained, all I can do is offer you consolation from the Bible, the only source I trust in matters like this:
1 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.
2 I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.
3 And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, "Now the dwelling of God is with men, and He will live with them. They will be His people, and God Himself will be with them and be their God.
4 He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away."
--Revelation 21:1-4
That's John telling of the vision that God gave to him of what we have in store for us. Can you imagine? "...No more death or mourning or crying or pain..." I know that sometimes we don't understand what God's plan is for our lives, but those are the times that we must have faith in the God of all Creation and say, "Whatever your will is, Lord, let it be so in my life." I hope this helps, Leon, or at least gives you something to think about. I love you, brother!

Well, I'll shut up now and let somebody else do some talkin'. I'll be here if'n somebody wants to drop by and say "Hey" later!
*Rafe Hollister

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20459: Hey to Rafe....Burt

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20460: After that Texas delegation leaves Old Man Kelsey's woods,
bound for Mt. Airy,
they'll be headin' right for the cornfileds of Illinois...
I'll be thumbin'...gettin' my kicks
on Route 66...swing by and pick me up,

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20461: Hoggette, you can look in a little magazine called "The Auto Trader" (found in any convenience store) to find your Beetle. Lots of those in there.
--Dot Comm

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20462: Hey to Burt!
*Rafe Hollister

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20463: Hey, Dot Comm! That's a good idea! Matter of fact, The Auto Trader is ONLINE, too, and IT'S GREAT! Hoggette, try this link: The Auto Trader Online and let me know how you like it!

*Dubba-ya Dubba-ya Dubba-ya Dot Rafe Dot Comm...

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20464: You're right, Rafe! That Auto Trader is one fine, cool publication. Interesting reading whether you're in the market for an auto or not. They also have Truck Trader, Boat & RV Trader, Old Car Trader, you name it. There's even a Motorcycle Trader. Fine, fine readin'.
--Dot Comm

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20465: (Cowboy hat off, eyes closed.)

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20466: **snif**
Yeah, Rafe, thet's the brochure I was thinkin' of... as reassurin' as it is to know that it'll be okay later on, I guess we're still left seeking answers for the contradictions of Earthly life, an' death. Thanks fer remindin' me of that'n. **hug**
Th' Old Car Trader is like a "Wish Book" fer me-- dreams of goin' to some country boneyard, an' comin' home with a '37 Chevy businessman's coupe...**whew!**
Mah feet's fine-- tiny blisters went down, the leather hardly scorched. Otis, last time it was just testing for current by touchin' both poles, an' that don't bother me none (much)-- but this'n's got me thinkin' about safety (an' my own mortality), so I'll be more careful from now on.
Oh, Burt, I wasn't bein' "stuck up", okay? I just ain't much fer joinin' stuff-- I'd have to pay attention, maybe even be responsible-- an' I figgered joinin' th' new Porch club would be th' place to break that habit. I really get scared around people, but this Porch an' the kind of love there's been around here... this is the kind of group I'd want to declare myself a real part of.
I'm gonna go fix up my little house at Opie's, an' tell y'all just what I think of ya-- I realize I've been eatin' a lot of Porchspace wif back-fence chat.
~~~love, Leon

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20467: And we do love ya, leon. you're a kind and sensitive soul.

October 20, 1997 - Msg 20468: Goodnite to the Porch...Leon, I know you arent that way..never even thought it...I just hope you get to feelin better and real soon!...oh and Rafe, check your e-mail!...hope I wasnt too pushy...

October 21, 1997 - Msg 20469: Hey, Burt! I didn't get your email! Did it bounce back at'cha?
*Rafe Hollister
"The first rock you throw, I'm gonna put you under the jail!"

October 21, 1997 - Msg 20470: Nee-tahhh... Juanita! Where-oh-where is my special delivery? I'm (im)patiently waitin', girl! Hope you and yours are doin' fine.
*Rafe Hollister
"He's a pushy sort of a fellow, isn't he?" (Floyd)

October 21, 1997 - Msg 20471: Hey, Burt! Never mind, I got your email! I guess the postman was runnin' a little late tonight. Check yours, bud.
*Rafe Hollister
"...Other names for it are hooch, booze, happy water, old red-eye... In other words ladies, you got gassed." (Andy)

October 21, 1997 - Msg 20472: Good morning to the porch. Just whizzing through with my coat tail flying, but wanted to say hey. Remember to vote. There's a list of candidates at 20367. The correct voting link is at 20369. Thanks for you participation, and Mayberry says "Happy Voting".

October 21, 1997 - Msg 20473: Good Mornin' Good Mornin' Good Mornin' Hope all is well with everbody today!
Hogette-There's a fellow not too far from me (I'm not too far from you, just over the VA/NC line) who restores VWs and sells them ...prices ain't too bad, neither. Email me at and I'll be glad to give you more info.
Rafe--Thanks for the Revalation. It was just what I was lookin' for.
Des--I've got a cousin livin' in San Antone who comes from about 12 miles from the fine city of Mt. Airy. Dobson.NC as a matter of fact.
Y'all have a super day..gotta go to work..there's people who need new specs for their eyes waitin' for me. I've even got the Doc in the office into "Mayberry" spirit. Spreading it around is so much fun!
See you this evening, maybe. Lord willin' and the creek don't rise!
J Lydia

October 21, 1997 - Msg 20474:
Fine Citizens of Mayberry:

Well, I had a nice visit of Kansas City - chatted with my 6 month old nephew - taught him a vew TAGS quotes. Back in cold and snowy Minnesota. Took out all my annuals from the garden yesterday and got several bags of leaves ready to put over the perennials for their long winter sleep. Good supply of firewood is in place. Happy Birthday Rafe - Hey, I'm right there with ya lookin' at that big 40 in a couple of years. As I was driving across the plains of Iowa over the weekend I was thinkin how fast time goes by. Seems just like yesterday I was just out of college with a whole life ahead of me and now I looked around I there were 2 kids sleepin' in the back seat, a wife smilin' at me, and we are talking about planning the possibility of early retirement.

Mayor Pike

Knock, Knock
Whos' There?
Ma'am, would you like to buy a jar of Miracle Salve?

October 21, 1997 - Msg 20475: Mornin' all. Hope ever'one is fine and dandy this cool autumn morn. Barn, Mr. Grace & I still gotta vote. We will be sure and do that today. Have a goodn' ever'one. Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

October 21, 1997 - Msg 20476: Hey to All! The weather has finally cooled off somewhat down here in Alabama - hope it lasts. But we still need rain! Happy B'day, Rafe. Why, you're still a youngster!! Sorry Hoggette for all the troubles in your area. Des, hope you're still doing OK. Anybody seen MERLE DEAN? I'm worried about that boy. ch
(TRIVIA! What was Andy doing while hurrying Aunt Bea to get off the phone to Clara before going to church to listen to Dr. Brean give his "What's your hurry" sermon?)

October 21, 1997 - Msg 20477: G'mornin' all. Whew! I jus' a got a back from a votin'. Whatta line! Ya'll git out an' a vote. Kin Leon a vote a too? I saw him thar in a line a twiced. Hey Leon, What brand of a peanut butter da' ya' use? Jiff or Skippy? (not th' Skippy from a TAGS. Hahaha.) Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 21, 1997 - Msg 20478: Hey porchsters! That was a long line at the booth. I got me an official voting sticker, to remind everyone else to go out and vote...Otis©

October 21, 1997 - Msg 20479: Rafe!!!!!!! Hey bud! I haven't forgotten you. As a matter of fact, I have the list you want in my purse right now! I lost your address so could you give it to me again? Here's my email address
I have ICQ also, if you want to send me a message.
It is ready to go into the mail....I promise :)
Leon: my brother (when he was real little) tried to play the slots, only it was with a nickel in an outlet behind the couch. We heard a loud bang and then he came out from behind the couch his face was black, his hand was black, the nickel was black, the wall socket was black...Funny thing about it: He never did that again.
ha ha ha
Lydia: I have Appraisal classes again in two weeks...maybe I will see you then!
The weather was AWFUL the whole time I was there.
De?: Hey Girlie
cooter: The face you see on mars is a fly on the winder you're looking out of. Not that the face of Christ looks in anyway like a fly. You need to get out more. ha ha ha
BDJr: Play "Never Hit Yer Granmaw With A Great Big Stick" that'n makes me cry.
Otis©: Hey fella! Gimme a holler sometime.
I sorta like the "Who You Callin' A Porchster" made me laugh anyway.
Good to see everyone ~~Juanita

October 21, 1997 - Msg 20480: Hey to the Porch...I didn't forget you Rafe...just forgot to sign my birthday wishes....And Leon...I thought it was my job to be the Porch careful there bud...that's the only thing I really fear (ok, respect) is that 'lectricity. I always worry that even if I don't zap myself I might do something to hurt somebody else...yep, that's when I always "Call the man"....Hoggette, the house guest done took apart the computer at home...and when he got done "fixing it" at 10:30...I was too pooped to play....Rebuilding wrecked VWs was how I paid for school back in the "good old days"...I could usually do 2 really bad ones in the summer and one, not so bad one, over the them up for $50 to $300, spend $200 or so on parts and sell them for $1200....I think I had probably a dozen beetles or Karman Ghias (my first love) over that period....and my Momma, bless her heart, put up with it...including rebuilding engines in my bedroom (must be why they made me live in the basement). Now it's hard to find even beaters for under $1000. I'll keep my eyes peeled...I know of a couple that aren't all that bad...Mrs Dr Paul has put the kibosh on any "yard cars" unless I keep things hidden in the garage, but it's too full of my "collections"....I got valuables out there that would put Frank Meyers to shame. Anyway I'll try to send my answers and an email again this is on so I ought to get some computer time there...and I think I'll be home tomorrow if nothing comes up here to spoil my plans...leaf raking, tilling the garden for winter and insulating the attic are on my agenda. Just hope work don't go and ruin all that fun! JP

October 21, 1997 - Msg 20481: Good mornin, Porch...just thought I would post...Rafe..I got your E-mail and I want to thank you in advance..I know its gonna work out...Lets all do a write in voto for "Who you callin a Porchter" today...that name kinda just rings....Well, Ill be bac soon to check in with mah friends...hope I wasnt too pushy///
PS..Preservin jars are now on sale...get yous while they last!