The Taylors' Front Porch

Pull up a chair! Have a sit-down an' shoot the breeze with us. Later on, maybe we'll go down to the drugstore to get a sody. . . maybe see what's showin' at the pitcher house. . . . What you gonna do tonight, Barn?

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24094: sweep...sweep...sweep the porch,
gently down the stream...
(take it BD Jr.)...

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24095: Hilarious, Poor Horatio! I LOL. So did Mr. Des. One outta 3, huh? Better get my fake sideburns ready. Already got the weight thing down.........

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24096: G'mornin' all. Hey Jelsik, Merryly, merrly, merrly, merrly, Mayberry is just a dream. How'd I a do? Welcome ta' Mikey. (He won't eat it. He hates everything. Hey Mikey!) Jus' funnin'. Glad ta' have ya'. Hey ta' Flora. Briscoe Darling Jr.
"We will not sing! We will not sing! We will not sing!" (Aunt Bee)

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24097: I Thank a I a had a "Y" shortage. Briscoe Darling Jr.

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24098:
Good Mornin! Juanita Here. This voice thing is pretty cute. Here are some concerns I have:
 1. It calls me "Jew-in-eye-ta".
 B. When I was clearing out some space on the ole hard drive for it, I accidently deleted Word...someone please tell me how to replace this...(is word in the Office 97 program?)
 3. While I am writing this, it is speaking....coooooool.
Soon we will be like the fellas in Star Trek...."Computer. What is the weather?" and then expect it to tell you.
What a wonderful time we live in. Skunks and spiders and gas and all.
Juanita (a.k.a. Jewineyeta)

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24099: G'mornin' everybody! Poor Horatio, for a half-a-boy, you sure have got a wit-and-a-half! Politicians! Fortunately, there ain't none of them livin' in my house, so no danger of a CO2 buildup!
MaryGrace, glad you're back! We've missed you, and don't worry none about getting that house back in order. Some things will get done naturally, like the kitchen, bathrooms, etc., out of necessity. Then just make a resolution to yourself that you will unload at least one box each day, and before you know it, it's done!
Mikey, we're glad to have you. Anybody who loves TAGS enough to tape it, buy tapes, etc., is a friend of ours! Would you mind emailing me a list of the unedited titles you have (, and where you got 'em? I have about fifteen, but am trying to find more.
Well, got to run - I think the local channel is showing an episode which I don't have taped, and don't want to miss it. Have a wonderful day, everyone!--Romeena

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24100: Good morning all. Thanks Romeena for the encouragement on getting my house in order. I was beginning to get a little down because of trying to get so much done at one time. Sure have a lot on my mind today. A dear friend of mine & Mr. Grace is gravely ill with cancer and is doing poorly the past couple of days. Please keep him & his family in your prayers. The man is only 53 years old and was up and about just 5 weeks ago. Now he is near death. Sorry to be so depressing this morning, but this is bearing on my mind today. Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24101: No, Juanita, that's "Joo-In-Ida"! hahaha You noticed that, too didja? hehehe~
Otis© or Poor Horatio or **Barn or Burt or Rafe or one of our resident experts might be able to help you more, but on the Word thing (how'd you delete that, anyway?!?!), if it were me, I'd borry a friend's install disk. Or buy one. Yuck! Wait 'till one of the experts come along and he'll tell ya. CALL THE MAN!!!

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24102: Briscoe Jr. I'm feeling a little nostalgic this morning do you know any by Country Joe and the Fish or one of my all time favorite Eve of Destruction. Uncle Ollie "She's a dog"

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24103: Hey to the Porch! Guess who gots the office laptop at home to work with this week-end??? Yep, it's me, little ol' Rafe!

Miss MaryGrace, I'm glad you're feelin' at home back home in Missouri. Havin' that feelin' so soon after you moved in must mean you was always meant to be there. I'll keep your dear cancer-stricken friend in my prayers as well. Thank you for sharing your concerns with us, and please keep us apprised of the situation.

I haven't heard from Hoggette yet, but if'n any of you do, I'd appreciate an update on her progress. Thanks, friends.

Juanita. if'n you're runnin' Winders 95, you should be able to pull Word back outta the trash can (unless you've already emptied the trash). Otherwise, I'd do like ~De§~ said and borry a disk from a friend.

Hey to our new friends Mikey and (I don't believe we've been interduced) Hazel! Welcome, friends!

*Rafe Hollister
"I was gone, but I come back."
"You cain’t come back, not after you’re gone, it just ain’t decent."

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24104: Good Morning to all! We're getting some rain in California today again. I see on CNN that some of you in the south are really getting drenched. I hope everyone is safe and sound. I can hardly wait for the TAGS marathon! Nice Mary Grace, your neice was looking for you at Sara's last night. What a nice girl she is! We have a "cyber famiglia" ourselves. They all e-mail though, I'd love to bump into them at Sara's or some nice place like that. It's so great to see how many Andy Griffith Show Watchers are finding this with their new computers! When we finally got ours on-line with the rest of the world, the first thing I searched for was an address for TAGSRWC. I didn't know how to use the search engines very well then, but I can tell you that my eyes about popped out of my head when I found this! Well take care all of you, I'll be checking back later. -Hazel

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24105: I know what you mean, Hazel. I was mighty surprised when I came on and found the porch. Glad I did.
Yeah, Juanita, what Rafe said! It's your trash, Juanita, your trash! (Seriously, check your recycle bin; probably raht thar.)

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24106: Thanks Rafe for your prayers and concern for our dear friend. Yes, I feel at home here in Missouri because it IS home. I lived here all my life except the short couple of times in Georgia and Tennessee. Hey to Hazel. Yes, I forgot that my niece was going to go to Sarah's last night and didn't get over there myself until too late. I just got too busy unpacking boxes and let the time get away from me. I talked to Orville Monroe for a little bit and then signed off to go "night-night". I too was thrilled to find the porch and all the related sites when I first got on-line. I am so addicted now it has become a big part of my life, as I think most of the rest of us "old-timers" here feel. I have met some wonderful people here and at "Sarah's". Don't mean to be mushy, but I love you guys a lot. Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24107: Okay, ever'body: GROUP HUG!!!

I feel the same way, this place and the folks who come here are the GREATEST!

*Rafe Hollister
"It’s nice to know who your friends are." (Thelma Lou)

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24108: Hey to the Porch...Rafe, If Juanita is running windows 95 and it came with the system, wouldnt she have the disks for Word? Wouldnt the installation disks have come with the computer for just this sort of thing? I know mine came with the disks for ALL my fact, mine came with a disk that will return my hard drive to the configuration it had when I first bought it, including ALL the programs...had to do that when somebody ICQ'd me a replaced all my programs, and restored my config...
OOOPS, sorry for the non-TAGS, but I was just thinkin bout it...
Hey everybody...Mary Grace, Yer friend is in my prayers too...I hope he gets to feelin better...Ill keep prayin for him, and you and yers...
Hope I wasnt too pushy...

"I do to got a hobby...DRINKIN!"-Otis Campbell

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24109: Neeter, Word, and Excel along with other office products, should all be on your Office 97 CD. I know, on my Office95, that's where mine are.
Just load it, and it'll ask you what you want to load. I'd only check off Word

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24110: Hey, y'all!
Got room in this big **hug** fer a sticky-faced li'l boy? Great big part of mah heart's here on this Porch with y'all, y'know...
Say, Mikey, you live out here by Kelsey's Ocean? They's a couple of us cowboys (an' ladies) out'chere, an' Cooter lives alla way out ta Kelsey's Big Island.
"Hey" ta Jew-in-Ida... Who was thet, feelin' nostalgic? Miz MaryGrace, I do a "general prayer" ta cover th' pain an' hardships suffered by strangers... what's yer dear friend's name, that I (we) might be more specific? Anyone hear from Miz Hoggette t'day?
~~~love, Leon
"Do you think that folks'll ever go ta th' moon?"
"Why, sure! I'm going there, myself, someday..."
"Boy, you already there!"
(thet Lucy Matthews sure was a purty one, huh?)

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24111: .midi (sorry!) ~~LL

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24112: Oh, fer cryin' loud out...
Proofread, twice, even!

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24113: Hey Uncle Ollie, Here 'tis, "Eve of Distrution." (a.k.a. '98 Orange Bowl. Ouch.) Here we go. Hey ta' Rafe. Briscoe(Hugs ta' all)Darling Jr.

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24114: Well Lil' Leon you done better than I could have done and it was good too. Uncle Ollie "Boy you fall down a well your wet."

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24115: **prayer**
Farewell, Sonny Bono. "Be not afraid..."

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24116: Welcome to Mikey, and our prayers to the friend of Mary Grace and Mr. Grace. Sure do hope Hoggette is doing alright.
Hey a Briscoe, re: 096 -- "Move them too! Move them too!"
Ever'body have a great week-end. Best of luck to you and yours.

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24117: Prayers ta' everyone. Hey Gomer, "Barney will you quit hollerin' with them women!" Briscoe Darling Jr. (from Andy)

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24118: Afternoon all. I appreciate so much your prayers for our dear friend. His names is "Steve". Little Leon, Briscoe D.Jr., Gomer, Rafe & Burt and Miss Romeena and anybody else I may have missed, you all "are the cats". Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24119: Bless your heart, Rafe. I just picked up on your card and enjoyed it so much. Gave me a lift that I really needed today. God Bless you. Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24120: Hey to the case ya'll want ta write me somethin, my address has changed to had to get rid of my ISP for the big corproation...had ta sell out...
Hope I wasnt too pushy...


January 9, 1998 - Msg 24121: Where is everybody this evenin?? Somebody post! I feel like Im trapped in

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24122: Yep, Otis is right, them install disks come with your computer. I know I got me one.
Prayers have been said for Steve, MaryGrace. A good evenin' to all! Thanks for the cool sweep, Frank.
"If two people say you're sick - LIE DOWN." (not TAGS but I like it anyways)

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24123:
"It wasn't under S, or A, or R. It was behind the file cabinet, on the floor."

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24124: "Forget about him!! Am I gonna pull through???!!"

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24125: "It's I before E, except after C, and E before N, like in Chicken

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24126: "What are your countermeasures in the event of a 1012"

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24127: Hello Front Porch! I'm home from work and have a few minutes to practice
on this new computer stuff. I did catch the 2 episodes today, they were
the Fun Girls.Romena- I'll send the listof unedited tapes. And Leon, yes
I'm out by Kelseys ocean, up in the hills and woods close to the
woodchucks."You jab at them with a long pointy stick" Mikey
" Hes a real gentleman, not like your feiend Al"

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24128: Good'n, Mikey!!

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24129: Romena, I have 56 unedited episodes,I'll send the list along tomorrow
I started finding them first at Wal-mart, then when I do leave the hills
and go to a shopping mall, I find them at a place called the Movie Store.

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24130: Hi everyone! This is a neat place! Nothin like the front porch! Let's go down to the station for some "pop" - yep, some pop. Never been a better show! See ya!

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24131: Need some help from the porch. Every Christmas, I make an effort to make the family watch TAGS Christmas Show; sometimes I win, sometimes I have to watch it by myself. But I do not have an unedited version of this episode. Can anyone tell me the missing parts of the Cristmas show we always see on TBS,WGN, and our locals stations?
David T.

January 9, 1998 - Msg 24132: Evenin' everybody. Prayers much appreciated De§. God Bless you too. Mikey you are good on the quotes; you must be a real TAGS fan like all of us. David T. which parts of the Christmas ep are you refering to? I don't know if I have seen it all or not either. Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24133: Anybody here?

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24134:
"There's nobody home!!"

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24135: "Oh and Al....he dances with Sally."

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24136: "Muskrat he's got this romancin' thing all worked know what the muskrat do...he just waits in his hole and grabs the firrst female what comes along and lthey ive happily ever after...that's what the muskrat does."

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24137: Reckon The Captain and Toenail were TAGS fans?

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24138: HELP!
My wife got a box of family pictures from her mom's last nite.
Inside the box was an autographed picture, of whom, we cannot tell.
I say it is Roger Miller, the singer of Trailers for sale or Rent, but the autograph doesn't look like it is his name, and is unreadable.
Can anyone tell me who This Picture is of?
If you can, Please Email me.
Thanks in advance!

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24139: Boojum here. To Mikey #24129; better be careful buying "unedited" videos. I too have a lot of them and believe it or not, most of them ARE EDITED! I also have some episodes on personal tapes I got of TV and when comparing them, the store bought ones are still cut up even thought the package says "unedited". Made me mad! I guess the video folks think we have all seen the cut up ones on TV so much, we don't know the difference anymore. TBS is even cutting them MORE nowadays. More stuff missing than just a year ago on most shows!! I guess they weren't making enough $$$$ of of commercials!!!
I have Hoggettes phone # so I think i may call to see if she's OK.
Boojum Snark

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24140: Otis, does it say "Pruit Taylor?" brb -Hazel

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24141: Hey Otis, that is none other than old Whisperin' Bill Anderson, no doubt about it! he founded Po' Folks Restraunts, named after one of his biggest songs. It's him for sure...go find another picture of him, you'll see. I have a picture of me and him together, hahaha. I don't show it a lot though.
Milton P. Oliver

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24142: MPO,
I shoulda known that. GEEZ. Thanks. I had forgotten that he founded PoFolks.
That shoulda been clue numero uno...
Thanks a Million!

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24143: Hi back to Rafe Hollister! I really admire a man who isn't afraid to speak his mind, yet can do so in a tactful way, as in your review of the wet dog on a hot day tv movie! Ha Ha! I have no idea whatsoever who "Pruit Taylor" is, but I come from a long line of folks with lousy handwriting and I have gotten pretty good at figuring out what they've put on the paper. It looks like I missed on Otis's picture though.
I have a dumb question and I can't find the answer in either of my Dummies books so if nobody minds here goes..Why is it that after my computer has been shut down, when it's been restarted I get text and pictures but no background color? I don't get the Mayberry badges on WBMWTBB. If you feel like helping me out or just want to say "hey" I'm at Thanks so much, -Hazel

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24144: Otis, that's Bill Anderson! **Famous Country Singer**.

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24145: Sometimes mine does that, too, Hazel. I just close out Netscape and reopen it. Usually works. Just mailed ya back, Hazel. Check yer email.
MPO, I didn't see that you'd already answered Otis's question! Sorry 'bout that. I have, in my possession, a whopping ONE Bill Anderson album, bought many years ago. He's 'sposed to be a really nice guy.

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24146: Yeah De§, I reckon he is a nice guy, he SEEMED nice when I met him anyway, hahaha. I don't have any of his albums, but have a few songs by him on some of those "Various Artists" type records. "Still" is a beautiful song, and he has written LOTS of songs that were hits for other folks.
Hey to the porch,
Milton P. Oliver

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24147: "Hey" .wav
Got th' Sattidy Sillies, so, y'all just "smile away" ~~love, Leon
(yeah, Boojum, please do...)

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24148: Hey to the Porch on this Mayberry Saturdey! Hope ever'body's havin' a fine day.

Boojum, was you able to check on Miss Hoggette fer us? Let us know what you find out, will ya?

Miss Hazel, I 'ppreciate the sediments you expressed, and it's nice to know my opinions are tolerated at least, if not down-right welcomed by your ownself.

Hey to Otis© and MPO and ~De§~ and my little buddy ~~~Leon!

*Rafe Hollister
Instead of a quote here, I got one'a them there "observational" trivia questions fer ever'body. I JUST noticed this'n myself recently, and I can't believe I've missed it till now! Here's the question: In the episode The Farmer Takes a Wife, what is Barney doing when Jeff Pruitt first calls to him and Andy from the street? Good luck!

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24149: Sweepin', Rafe?
Or, cleanin' up th' glass from thet cabinet door (again), mebbe? ~~LL

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24150: Nope, ~~~Leon, he weren't sweepin'. Try agin!

*Rafe Hollister
"Empty the trash and tell Floyd to come get his dawg." (Andy)

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24151: Howdy everybody! Just wondered if anyone knew if there was ever a song
on TAGS intitled "Possum in a Tree". I'm a member of a bluegrass band and
we've got a local who keeps asking for the song. If anyone can tell me if
it exists and which episode it was in, I'd sure appreciate it!
one of the Darlin boys

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24152: Can't tell you, rafe. What Barney does in hit
private time is not my bidness.
Still.......though you broke my heart.
Still.......though were far apart
I love you.....still.

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24153: Writin a parkin ticket?

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24154: I ain't sure 'bout no poss'tum in no tree, but I know what ta do if they's dug in under a big rock...

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24155: Nope, he weren't writin' a parkin' tickit. If'n you recall, Barn and Andy was inside'a the courthouse when Big Jeff come drivin' up in front, and he hopped out and hollered, "Hey, Andy! Hey Barney!" The next scene showed Andy and Barney inside, a-wonderin' what the ruckus outside was all about... Now, what was Barney doin' at this particular time?

*Rafe Hollister
"Goober ain’t stupid. He’s ugly but he ain’t stupid." (Gomer)

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24156: Hey to the porch..Rafe, ya stumped me brother...I could have went and looked but that would be cheatin...go on and tell us, what was Barney doin?
I hope all of you had a good Saturday...mine was boring, as usaul...sunny and 70 degrees, and I was in this room on a dadburned computer...I should have been on a golf course some where....
hope I wasnt too pushy...


January 10, 1998 - Msg 24157: fixin his hair in the mirror...tell me its true, Rafe..tell me its true..

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24158: hey, anybody heard how Hoggette was doin?? Somebody give us a report!
I know...Im bein pushy..


January 10, 1998 - Msg 24159: Hey to one of the Darlin boys! I think I found what you's talkin' about, but I don't know much more about it than this: A song called A Possum in My Tree, by B.Johnson/S.Mosley, was recorded by Little Milton on the album "Movin' to the Country" in 1987. According to the All-Music Guide, the album's still in print, although I'm not familiar with it. Hope this helps!

No, Burt, Barn ain't fixin' his hair. Good guess, tho. I'll tell ever'body the answer purty soon. Maybe tomorrey.

*Rafe Hollister
"I said you could stay, but not on the bed!" (Otis)

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24160: BOOJUM!!!!!! HOW IS HOGETTE??????????????????????????

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24161: Porchsters,
Is anyone able to play the Real Audio without payin for it. I know they
offer a free trial, but mine's expired, and I aint gonna pay 39.00 for
that. Any feedback would be appreciated...

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24162: Hey to the porch! Barney wasn't changing the pilla cases and fixing
up Otis' cell was he?
"Us town drunks got a code we live by"(Otis)

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24163: Hey Mayberry friends!
Mary Grace, I tried to email you but got it back! I wonder what causes that?
jennie boone

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24164: We patched the cracks and set the table with love
'Cause that's what you do when you're po' folks
And we wasn't nothing but po' folks.
Hey, Whisperin' Bill is on Opry Backstage!
Hey to the porch.

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24165: "You got to respect a man's code"

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24166: Hey MPO!
jennie boone

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24167: No, Mikey, he wasn't fixin' up Otis' cell, but that's another good guess. Here's a hint for ever'body: This is the ONLY TIME I've ever seen Barney do this. I don't believe this particular task was ever performed by Barney (or anybody else) in any other episode, although if he did it once, he musta did it several other times, as well.

Hey to Otis© and jennie boone and MPO!

*Rafe Hollister
Barn: "You ever see a rich kid’s bicycle?"
Andy: "No."
Barn: "Solid chronium, with at least six or seven red reflectors.
Andy: "I’ll be dogged."

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24168: ...not fly-killin'...

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24169: Sweepin'? Messin' up the bulletin board? Sleepin'? Pickin' his nose?
Oh, for the love of Mike, JUST TELL US!

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24170: Howdy, Hi and Hello porchsters, Just wanted to drop by and say....well, heck..I already said it (and I aint taken it back) Hope everyone here had a great New Year. Has anyone mentioned Mayberry Days lately? Aint it time to start countin' down yet? For those of you with ICQ, my number is 6513436.....For those of you with ESP....Oh, you already know. Love you all.....

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24171: Why, APawLawson, APawLawson, APawLawson!! Ain't you a sight for sore eyes! How ya been doin'?

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24172: Hey JENNIE!!!!! Great to see you again, hey to fred and GO HUSKERS!!!!!!
APawLawson, Lawd man, we's counting down to the Nashville get-together right now, hahaha. 55 days, I do believe!
Milton P. Oliver
Miserable, deceitful wretch! I'm going to NASHVILLE!

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24173: Hey, Msg 24169, if'n you'll say purty-please with sugar on it and sign yer post like a man, I'll be glad to spill it. Do we have a deal?

APawLawson, it's shore enough good to see you agin! How are ya?

*Rafe Hollister
"Sarah? Get me 247. Women, women, women. Fickle, cruel and heartless. That’s what they are unless you stand right up to ‘em. Thelma Lou? Barney. Hi, pussycat..."

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24174: How do you sign like a man? LIKE THIS???
Twas a MANLY post!!! Arrrrrrggggghhhh!!!!!

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24175: Oh, you know Rafe. He's sensitive. I thought it was funny.

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24176: I've got one.
What was Barney's blood type? --- Macho McCoo

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24177: Takin out the trash? Washing winders? dusting? mopping?

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24178: Give it up. He ain't gonna tell.

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24179: He's done this before, don't encourage him.

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24180: Yeah.

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24181: Rafe Hollister,
Thanks for the response...but I don't think that's it. The local insists it was sung
on one of the shows. And a friend of mine says he's heard it but couldn't remember
the lyrics.
I'm beginning to wonder if it wasn't something Brisco suggested and then Charlene said:
"But Paw, that one makes me cry." and Andy came up with something else.
Rodney Darlin

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24182: Hey to The Porch...great to see you here outside of your normal business hours Rafe.... So I was watching "Walker" and they had a character named "Mary Grace Canfield" well it wasn't THE Mary Grace Canfield...but she was nice real nice...actually she was a nun. Also went to the flea market today looking for a stove...(the House Guest is movng out) any way we're walking along and pass this fellow sitting under this sign that says "Psychic". So I said to Mrs. Dr. Paul, PhD. "Let's just see what kind of psychid this feller is." We then proceeded to think some really bad thoughts about the fellow's body odor, his bad haircut etc. Well he just kept grinning at us and eating fudge. Have a nice evening folks..Good Sabbath to you.JP

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24183: Hey Rafe, This is from your ole buddy up north. Long time no talk to. I ain't gonna tell ya who I am, just want to see if you have forgot about me.
Signed; Guess Who!!!

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24184: Also to Rodney Darling....According to Ken Beck and Jim Clark,,,,Possums aren't mentioned in any of the songs performed by the Darlings, mentioned by them or among those "that make them cry" While I don't usually like to turn to reference books...this one was preying on my mind....It's going on 12:00 and I need to go to bed.JP

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24185:
Your just now getting rid of th;at pesky
house guest, JP??? You poor guy.
You got more patience than I would.
A pestilence!

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24186: Takin out the trash? Nope. Washing winders? Nope. dusting? Nope. mopping? Nope. I'll leave the floor open fer a few more folks to try an' guess. I wouldn't even mind if'n somebody wanted to check it out on video; like I said, I've never noticed this before, and I musta seen The Farmer Takes a Wife twenty times or more!

Well, I'm plumb outta ideas, Rodney Darlin. Hope somebody elste here is able to help you out with yor "mystery song"! Let us know what you find out, y'hear?

JP, it's good to hear you're gonna be shed of yer houseguest (it is good news, ain't it?). And it sounds like that "Psychotic" wasn't able to do the trick. Wonder what causes that?

Hey to Guess Who!!! I been wonderin' where you been lately, tho I ain't asked about ya (I know, I feel ashamed). Last I heard you was havin' computer problems, and you was also lookin' fer copies of a newspaper article that you were featured in! I see the first problem's licked; how goes the hunt?

*Rafe Hollister
"Ain't worth a tiddly-boo?" (Frank Myers)

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24187: Oops, I mashed "post" before I said good-night. So I'll say it now: Good-night!

*Rafe Hollister
"I hope you’re satisfied. Now your plant’s gonna die." (Otis)

Hope I wasnt too pushy...


January 10, 1998 - Msg 24189: RAFE, Now you should really be ashamed of yourself, because you do not remember GUESS WHO. This Guess Who don't know nothin' about no newspaper article.
Guess it has been a long time. Oh well - no hints for you! I'll be here tomorrow nite if you want to give it another try.
Signed; Guess Who
I would post a quote but then that would give me away.

January 10, 1998 - Msg 24190: this Guess Who? ~~LL

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24191:
Bad things about being on call over the week-end: I get calls, ALL KINDS'A CALLS, from folks who I ain't never met, complainin' 'bout things I never heard of, expectin' me to provide answers I ain't got, about situations I have no control over.

Good things about being on call over the week-end: I get to visit the Porch any time I WANT!!!

I think the good outweighs the bad, what do you all think? I got a call 20 minutes ago, a-wakin' me outta a SOUND SLEEP, and I figured before hittin' the hay agin, I'd stop in and say "Hey!"

Sorry, Charlene, I don't know what I was thinkin'! Was the quote you was thinkin' of, "Aw, Paw, cain't I even look at the purty man?"? HAHA! Where you been, girl! I ain't seed you since the Dead Sea was only feelin' porely!

Hey to my buddy ~~Leon! You figured out what Barney was a-doin' when big Jeff Pruitt showed up yet? If'n you do, just whisper it to me; I wanna drive our buddy Burt crazy fer a little while longer (ain't I a stinker?)!

*Rafe Hollister
Briscoe: "Look at those fine, chiseled features."
Charlene: "The chisel hit him right here."

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24192: guess who's been sound-surfin'...!
Hey, anyone know who this is?
This place, Music Blvd., is loaded with 30-second RealAudio and .mpeg-2 samples of all kinds of stuff!
Good Sabbath, y'all! Let's hear some good word from Miz Hoggette, huh? ~~~love, Leon

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24193: Okay, so who's this? ~~LL
"...just can't talk enough about sin."

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24194: LiKe hI!
Is tHIs LIke ThE

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24195: Hey to the porch...Rafe, I could ask my brother in law what ol Barn was a doin, but that'd be cheatin too...He KNOWS his TAGS stuff...OK, one more guess...he was chewin gum (I don't know!)...just let us know, please? purty please? With a cherry on top?? and a scoop of Aunt Bees' homemade ice cream?? Please, Rafe, Stop the insanity! (oh, wait, wrong infomercial)...just please tell us...
Hope I wasnt too pushy...

"c'mon Andy, play the game..PLAY the game!"

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24196: You still care, Burt?

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24197: G' mornin' all! I'm going to be out of pocket for a while. To take care of some business and see family. I'll be gone 2 weeks. Feel free to call on the Boys ta' scrub one off fer ya'. Take care. Hey ta' ~Des~! Welcome ta' all th' newcomers. Briscoe Darling Jr.

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24198: Why you better believe I still care!...I been reckin my brain tryin to figger this thing out...I just cant take it anymore! I asked nicely Rafe...even said purty please...even with cherries and ice c'mon, do us a favor and tell us...please
Hope I wasnt too pushy...


January 11, 1998 - Msg 24199: Good morning porch! A beautiful Sunday morning indeed. Anybody in the mood for a band concert? Apparently, the FCC is at it again wanting to impose a surcharge for internet connections. You can sing a petition against it if you like. Let's tell the FCC WE WILL NOT PAY - WE WILL NOT PAY.

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24200: I didn't mean sing a petition, I meant SIGN . I'll be okay--

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24201: Boojum here............I FINALLY have an update on Hoggette and her family. I spoke with Edgar (Shawnee) this morning. Seems like they have had more than their fair share of troubles. Hoggette is still in the hospital. Seems like the surgeons ran into a few comlpications...NOT life-threatining, although it does require a few more days in the hospital than originaly planned. Surgery went OK and she is fine (although wanting to come home as you can imagine). This is the first day she will be allowed to eat. Hopefullyl she will be able to go home Tuesday. Lets hope that comes true. While all this was going on, Edgar's father passed away. As you probably know, he was stricken with bone cancer and not given much hope. Edgar is at piece with his passing, because he knows where his father is now, knows his father doesn't suffer anymore, and also because his extended illness gave all his children a chance to say goodbye. A chance lots of people are denied with a sudden passing. Edgar apoloigized because he wasn't able to come to the porch and tell everyone himself, but I told him there was no need apologizing...we all understand. So let's all keep them in our thoughts and hope Hoggette will indeed be home Tuesday and can come back to the Porch. I apologize for the delay in passing this info. Have a great day everyone!!!
Boojum Snark

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24202: My thoughts and prayers are with you, Hoggette and Shawnee. You are certainly missed here.


January 11, 1998 - Msg 24203: OOPS!

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24204: I am saddened by the loss that Hoggettes family is experiencing...if anyone knows her email address, can you please send it to me or post it on the porch...I really want to send her a card and letter...if ya want to email it, send it to ...
Hope I wasnt too pushy..


January 11, 1998 - Msg 24205: Boojum here...Burt, check your e-mail!
Boojum Snark

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24206: Boojum..thanks friend...I sent her the mail and a few cards...thanks again..
Hey to the Porch!...Hope everyone is havin a good Sunday!
Good Sabbath...
Hope I wasnt too pushy..


January 11, 1998 - Msg 24207: My condolences to Andy, Edgar and Virginia Lee on the loss of Edgar's father....Also thanks Booj, for sharing the information with us. Let's hope Hoggette is back on her feet soon....poor thing. JP

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24208: Hey, y'all...
Good Sabbath, friends.
Thanks, Boojum, fer th' Update... I gotta question fer ya, if ya got a minnit (I promise not to tax your patience).
You be careful out there, BDjr.
Our hearts are with y'all, Shawnee an' Miz Hoggette... **hugs** (Peace)
~~~love, Leon an' ol' Judd
(any guesses on them two .ra samples earlier?)

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24209: JUNIOR- check your recycle bin! I bet it's still in there! If you haven't emptied it, it's there. :-)
Hey to all!

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24210: Booj, thanks for the update on Virginia Lee's condition. I'm also saddened to hear of Shawnee's daddy's passing, but I know from talkin' with Hoggette that he's with our Heavenly Father now. I think we need to keep Shawnee in our prayers now, since he's the one havin' to deal with all of this at once. He and Mayberry Band Member's on my prayer list for sure.

What a wonderful thing it is to take our cares to the Lord and leave them with Him! I'm pleased to be a part of such an outpourin' of love that this Porch has shown.

*Rafe Hollister
There is a time for love and laughter,
The days will pass like summer storms,
The winter wind will follow after,
But there is love, and love is warm.

There is a time for us to wander,
When time is young and so are we,
The woods are greener over yonder,
The path is new, the world is free.

There is a time when leaves are fallin’,
The woods are gray, the paths are old,
The snow will come when geese are callin’,
You’ll need a fire against the cold.

There is a time for us to wander,
When time is young and so are we,
The woods are greener over yonder,
The path is new, the world is free.

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24211: aw, gee, Rafe,
thet'n allus makes me cry...

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24212: Good afternoon porchsters. I found some more info on that surcharge the FCC was supposed to be trying to implement. Latest sources say it is just a rumor. That was really nice Rafe.

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24213: Nice, Rafe. How is everyone today? Hoggette, not that you're able to read this right now, but my condolences on the passing of your father-in-law. He's been in my prayers, as have you and your family. I know this is rough on y'all. Thank God that you're alright and will be heading home soon.
Thank you, Booj, for the update.
Hey to Junior, Burt, Leon, JP and **Barn and everyone else here today!

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24214: non-TAGS trivia...
Ever'one knows Wild Bill Hickock was shot in th' back while holding "aces and eights". Anyone know which aces, which eights, and what was th' fifth card? I don't know th' answer... been curious fer a long time, an' ain't run across such details. ~~LL
(th' first .ra file was Woodie Guthrie ("This Land is Your Land"), th' second one was our Andy singin'.)

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24215: Thanks, **Barn and ~De§~. Briscoe Darling Jr, you take care and come back as soon as you can. You'll always have a place on the Porch and in our hearts.

Now, since Burt asked so nice about the answer to my trivia question, here it is: When big Jeff Pruitt yells to Andy and Barney from the street in the first scene of The Farmer Takes a Wife, Barney is puttin' sand in a spittoon at the time. I guess when you think about it, back then spittoons was probably provided in the jail cells for prisoners what chawed tobacco. Although we never seen nobody a-chawin', in that same episode Jeff Pruitt makes mention that he has to take a back seat to his neighbor Bertha when it comes to pickin' tobacco. I thought it was interestin', and not something you see all the time on TAGS.

Hope ever'body's havin' a nice Sundey. It's rainin' agin here in Texas, and the ground's had about as much water as it can take. So have I, for that matter...

*Rafe Hollister
"That's not enough food to get skinny on!" (Jeff Pruitt)

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24216: gee, them links worked last night when I put 'em up... now there's an "authentication failure" notice. But do check out, it's cool. ~~LL

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24217: Hey des, goin' to Orlando in a week...
gonna be a Condo-Commando...
--Jelsik the snowbird

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24218: Afternoon, everybody! Mikey, when I asked you to send a list, I had no idea it would be so many tapes and involve so much typin' on your part! My friend, if you don't want to bother with that, I completely understand. Tell you what I'd mightily 'preciate, though -- the address of The Movie Store? We have a Wal-Mart here, and they never have episode tapes, but we don't have a Movie Store. I might just be able to order from them. You're a sweetie (Mayberry-type person) to help out this old gal.
Rafe, ain't we just gettin' the rain, though? Been too nasty to get out today, so I found a neat project. I have 180+ episodes on home tapes, with just a label on them, listing the episode numbers. Today I started going thru them, with a fully rewound tape, and counter at 0000, and going thru recording the counter # where each starts. Also printed out the wonderful episode list that includes a description of each one - sure makes it easier to identify them for marking. Some of them, there are two or more titles that could apply, if the title is all you have. The folks who have built this whole TAGS website for us have my undying respect and appreciation! I didn't even know the episode description link existed. I've definitely gotta get out more! This little project of mine wouldn't take too long, if I could just fast-forward on through, but I can't resist the temptation to stop and watch the episodes along the way. This could take weeks!
Well, back to my doin's. Only got about 160 more to go!--Romeena
"Count Istvan Telecki lives!!" (Barney)

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24219: Someone get your bee-hinds over to mIRC! Now! (please??)

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24220: Hey to Rafe, Jelsik and Romeena. Jelsik, did you get my email about the mIRC Parrot Head chat Friday night?? Let me know. I'll be in Orlando in June, does that count? hehehe~ Sneak away to Cocoa Beach if you get a chance. If you wanna know some Parrot Head beach restaurants/bars to visit, email me and I'll give you the names of a coupla places.
It rained down here this morning, but it's been sunny all afternoon. Sorry you're havin' such bad weather, Rafe and Romeena. Just be glad you ain't in New England! Yikes...........
I'll go to mIRC!!
I'll DO it!

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24221: well, Rafe..ya did to us...I would never have guessed that in a million years...hey, ya gotta know I was funnin ya with the DO IT thing..I hope you didnt take that the wrong way...Hey tot the rest of the porch...I got a trivia questioon for ya'll...who was the man that bought the cannon?? I got a free pair of socks to the firs right answer, and NO PEEKIN BACK ON YER TAPES...this ones gotta come from memory!
Hope I wasnt too pushy...


January 11, 1998 - Msg 24222: Memory? MEMORY???? What's THAT?

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24223: JP,
>> According to Ken Beck and Jim Clark,,,,Possums aren't
mentioned in any of the songs performed by the Darlings,
mentioned by them or among those "that make them cry" <<
Thanks for the note, JP. Shucks! I don't know what I'm
agonna do! This guy has been askin' for this song for a
couple of years now.....
I'll post the song if I ever find it.
Nice job on the lyrics to "There is a Time"!

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24224: Burt? Was it Ralph Mason?

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24225: Hey, Rodney--
Y'all come back, now, hear? ~~LL

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24226: I wanted to share some news I just got about Hoggette. I just got a call from Shawnee (bless his heart), and he told me that she should be comin' home sometime Tuesdey, assuming ever'thing checks out. The minor operation that was originally planned turned into major surgery when the doctors found a very large gallstone impacted in one of the ducts, which required that they go in after it. She's doin' a lot better, though; her temp's down to 99 or so, and she's up and around, and startin' to talk agin (she was purty quiet right after the surgery, and for anybody what don't know Hoggette, that ain't considered normal fer that girl aTALL!).

I also talked with Shawnee about his daddy, and passed on my condolences. It's like I heard from Hoggette before, tho... he knows his daddy's in a better place now with the Lord, and Shawnee appreciates all the prayers on his behalf. Mayberry Band Member (their boy) is takin' his granddaddy's passing pretty well, according to his daddy. MBM was one'a the pall bearers at his granddaddy's funeral, and Shawnee told me MBM wore his special Civil Air Patrol uniform for the ceremony, which was yesterdey.

Shawnee got word of his daddy's passing on the morning of Hoggette's surgery, and, being as sure as he was of his daddy's place with the Lord gave him the strength to devote his full support to his lovely bride in her time of need. It sounds like the Lord was doin' amazin' things in this family the past several days, and I wanted their friends here on the Porch to know about it.

If anyone would like to send flowers or greetings to Hoggette in the hospital, they may be sent to:

Virginia Lee, Room #1016
Roanoke Memorial Hospital
Roanoke, VA

Like I said before, Hoggette should be leavin' the hospital sometime Tuesdey, but Shawnee says if anything arrives after she's left, the hospital can get it to them.

Shawnee also expressed his thanks for all your love and prayers in this time. You all beat ever'thang.

*Rafe Hollister

January 11, 1998 - Msg 24227:
I can't get Mirc to work/connect! (I do have it on the laptop) Any suggestions?

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24228: Ohhhh...get out! Me? First on the Porch..."you gotta be kidding". Thanks for the latest on Hoggette, Rafe. Better post before I lose the honor.JP

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24229: Wow! It took. Calls for a speech...."...I stand before you a humble man, all choked up with humbleness."

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24230: Good morning, JP and ever'one! Just wanted to say Hey, so Hey!

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24231: Hey back atcha, De§! JP, you're a born leader. "Lot's of luck to you and yours".
Milton P. Oliver

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24232: I read somewhere that the Darling boys only spoke one line in all of the shows. The line said "Great beans, Bea" or something to that effect. I have been watching for this line but never hear it. Has anyone ever heard this line or can you tell me which episode it is in? Briscoe, in honor of your boys do you know "Pick a bale of cotten"? If so I would like to hear it this morning. Well, I've got to run. MAN IN A HURRY

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24233: Hey to Man in a Hurry...slow down fella...That scene occurs in the episode "The Darlings are Coming". After Ange has to remove them from the hotel, and a vacant store he puts the Darlings up at the jail. The scene opens with everybody in a cell, Aunt Bee asks if anybody wants anything else....This is when the boys say "Great Beans Aunt Bee" and also the rumored "'bout to pop". They also do say "G'night" when Aunt Bee leaves. After that except for singing..not much is heard from them.

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24234: MAN IN A HURRY it was in the first one with the Darlings when Andy gets them for a hat in the horse trough and Dud is comming in on the bus. I think they also say good night to Aunt Bee. Uncle Ollie "Eatin' speaks louader than words."

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24235: One of 'em says, "'Bout to pop." It's in the ep where the Darlings first come to town and get kicked outta the hotel and all. They're forced to practice in an empty store or warehouse or whatever it was. "Eatin' speaks louder'n words, Aunt Bee." "You told him to say that!"
Gotta jump down, turn around, pick a bale of cotton, jump down, turn around, pick a bale of cotton....." I love that. Loved Steve Martin and the rest doin' it in "The Jerk".

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24236: Oh yeah, #24233, forgot they said "g'night"!! You're a quick one, y'are. (And I'm a slow poster!)

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24237: Good Morning Mayberrians! Hey there, who is that with the info on the Darlings? (Msg 24233)
I got to see another episode this weekend when Barney-poo puts on his lover-boy face for Thelma Lou. That gets to me every time!
Leon! I've had this song stuck in my head for about a month now, and the combination of two of your messages started it up again! Because of Jan 8 post 24060 and Jan 11 24214 I keep on having "I don't want a pickle, I just want to ride my motor-sickle" runnin around again. Know who that is? From -Hazel

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24238: Ha-ha! Looks like a few of us are here right now! Maybe we should go on over to Sara's or that mIRC, but I don't know how to get the last one! -Hazel

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24239: "And I don't wanna die..........Just wanna ride my motorrrrr cy......cle" heehee. Hazel I love that'n too! Hoggette (purty name, huh?), I didn't know we was neighbors? I hope you're doing much, much better! I'm very sorry for your loss. I might be in Roanoke Memorial myself by next week. Y'all pray that I don't have to make that trip. I've been down in the back for two months, fighting the pain and hoping it'd just disappear. Now I have to finally give in and have an MRI run. Next step (iffin the news ain't good) will be surgery in (guess where?) Roanoke Memorial. Hmmm, small world!
Now that I done run off at the mouth again. Mornin to JP, MP, Man in a Hurry, Des, Hazel and hope I didn't miss anyone...........Miss Peg

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24240: I got my thermos and that's all I need!
"I'd like me an ice cream just fine, but I ain't got me no dime." (Opie)

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24241: OOOPS, I missed Uncle Ollie! Sorry! Morning Uncle Ollie......Miss Peg

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24242: Morning to the porch. Glad to hear the Hogette is doing OK and coming home tomorrow. So sorry about the loss of your father-in-law, Hogette.
Please try emailing me again jennie. I don't know why it didn't go through. Hope you are feeling better soon Miss Peg. Briscoe D.Jr., hurry back; we will miss your smiling face and lovely tunes. Have a pleasant day all. Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24243: Hazel, that's Arlo Guthrie. It was on the 1969 "Alice's Restaurant", the soundtrack to the movie of the same name. I useta have that (bought it when I was 14!) but let a friend beat me out of it.
Hope all's well in your world and you're staying warm. It's nice here. Real nice!

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24244: So sad to report that our dear friend Steve passed away this morning. His suffering is over now and he has gone to be with the Lord. Thanks so much for all of your prayers and concern. Now we just need to pray for his family. God Bless. Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24245: Make that ".... the 1969 "Alice's Restaurant" ALBUM" It's called "The Motorcycle Song", by the way.

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24246: Oh no, MaryGrace. We must have posted simultaneously. I'm so sorry. His family is in my prayers. My condolences to you, too, on the loss of your friend.

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24247: Hey, y'all!
Miss Hazel, "th' motorcickle song" wuz sung by Arlo Guthrie...
Here's an oddity, I just noticed... in th' show where th' movie producer comes ta town, an' ever'one dresses up an' makes th' storefronts all fancy... th' front winder of Floyd's place says "Colby's Tonsorial Parlor"... "Colby"?
Well, I e-mailed ta thet there Roanoake Hospital, there, an' asked if'n I could e-mail a friend an' mebbe some'ne'd print it an' have it run up to her... got a letter this mornin' from a feller sayin' he'd "see what (he) kin do"... Ain't that downright friendly, huh? Think mebbe we could do a chain-type thing, an' forward an' add to an' forward such a letter around a bit, an' then th' last one to do it kin send it on...? By myself, it'd be jes' another "get well" wish, which is nice an' all, but we could make it somethin' special if'n we get together on it... An' I got a feelin' they wouldn't wanna be swamped with dozens of e-mails... but one whopper, now, thet's a different proposition entire. Anyone?
Gimme a holler, eh?
~~~love, Leon

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24248: Yeah Leon, I was thinkin the same thing, wasn't there a Miss Colby that was his pen-pal or something? -Hazel

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24249: Hazel that was Mrs. Grayson that was his pen pal and Miss Peg the only way you can offend me is he me with a 2x4 or call me late to supper. Uncle Ollie "Sure Mike, sure."

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24250: Please forgive the bold, but this is important.
I just set Hoggette up with a Hotmail address so ever'one can send their get well/condolence messages! This is the same thing I did when Lydia had her surgery; hope it works as well for Hoggette.
I hope EVERYONE sends her a message. Let's fill her inbox with cheerful and encouraging emails!!

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24251: Is it

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24252: Uh.... y'know, I was thinkin' that it might just be a good idee to give y'all HER DERNED ADDRESS!!! duhhhh.......

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24253: #24251, you got it! Bright one, y'are............ Sorry 'bout that.

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24254: Uhh 24233 was me...and also Floyd was a Colby before he was a the first episode where Floyd wasn't Floyd (Barney: "Next time I need a haircut I'll just stick my head in a pencil sharpener!" Floyd (not Howard McNair):"Yea, and it would fit, too!") he was a Colby and this lasted for the first few episodes of the first season....Then they settled on calling him Floyd Lawson....kind of like the Bertha-Clara Edwards-Johnson and the Goober Beasley-Pyle conundrums. JP

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24255: Gee whiz... as usual, I'm a day late an' a dollar short. We'd have ta do this too fast ta git it to th' man ta git it delivered on time... Again, our Cuzzin ~De§~ is th' voice of reason, an' th' HotMail thing is prob'ly th' best way ta go. ~~LL

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24256: Thanks De§ for the condolences and the prayers for Steves family. I appreciate it so very much and so does Mr. Grace. I sent a Hotmail to Hogette. Hope she is feeling much better. Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24257: Thanks on all your input answering my question about the Briscoe boys speaking parts. Funny, I have seen that episode recently and I can never catch their speaking part. Sorry to hear the news, Mary Grace. And De§ you are truly the voice of reason.. What would we do without you on the porch. Well, I've got to run. MAN IN A HURRY

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24258: "I'm pickin' out a thermos for you...not an ordinary thermos for you..."

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24259: Wow...a person after my own heart....Many is the time I've tried to start a sing-along with that one and nobody else would join in. I've also been known to use quotes from "The Man with 2 Brains!" or "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" when a TAGS quote just doesn't quite fit the situation....for instance whilest planting azaelias or tipping the cleaning woman! Cleaning Woman! CLEANING WOMAN!!!

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24260: "the bus bringeth and the bus taketh away...."

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24261: Hey to the porch...I found this on the net, and thought ya'll might like it...
Partial transcript of Paul Harvey News & Commentary, Saturday, January 10, 1998.
Finding the Way Back To Mayberry ..
Since television ran away from home .. it has been wandering .. searching .. trying to find it’s way back to Mayberry.
These days, whatever I’m watching, I’m unfulfilled. I can close my eyes and smell the crayons in Miss Crump’s classroom. I can smell the bay rum in Floyd’s Barber Shop. When I open my eyes, I see mostly mayhem. And as Charlene Darling would say "that makes me cry."
From our weekly visits to Mayberry, we learned tolerance for Otis Campbell’s weakness .. and for Aunt Bea’s pickles. We learned compassion from Opie’s misused slingshot and we were introduced to soft love at Myers Lake.
The bumbling Goober’s among us learned that we still may be smarter than anybody when it comes to fixin’ cars. Barney Fife .. taking himself so very seriously .. was a mirror reflection of most of us. And Sheriff Andy Taylor understood. Mayberry .. where are you now when we need you so?!?
Might television ever find its way back to Mayberry? Is the image of father and son, hand-in-hand, going fishing too trite, too provincial for contemporary plausibility? One might think so .. except .. that episodes remain evergreen in re-runs. After all these years .. the bullet in Barney’s pocket still evokes a smile. City folks .. intimidated .. or seduced by drifters. Buddy Ebson as a hobo was helped to discover his own conscience in Mayberry.
Remember the impatient city visitor .. with no time to spare? But he ended up in the porch swing singing "Church in the Wildwood". Opie slept on the ironing board that night. Adventure sleeping, he called it.
Today, we laugh at one another. In Mayberry, we cared about one another. That was confirmed even in the way the writers wrote around Floyd’s incapacity.
An observation which this professional people watcher considers most impressive .. is that everybody to whom Mayberry was home .. might have been assumed by cynics to be play-actors. And yet, each in real life turned out real good! Aunt Bea remained in character until death did us part.
Whatever it was about that small town brigadoon appears to have become an indelible influence on those who lived there .. and on us who visited.
Television owes us .. and that accruing debt will be amortized, at least in part, if it keeps Mayberry alive against the day when behave yourself and love your neighbor .. comes back into style.
Paul Harvey .. good day!
© Copyright 1998 - ABC Radio Networks & Clear Channel Communications. All rights reserved.

Hope I wasnt too pushy...


January 12, 1998 - Msg 24262: Just checking in. Condolences to Mary Grace and Mr. Grace. Boojum, Rafe, and De§, you folks are the best! Thanks for all the updates on Hoggette, the mail and e-mail addresses, etc. I'll e-mail her right away. My apologies to anyone I may have missed in quickly skimming the porch today.

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24263: Burt, bless yore heart. That brought tears to my eyes. Every word is so true. Thank you.
I'm glad y'all liked the idee about makin' Miss Hoggette her very own Hotmail address. Thank you for the kind words. I emailed her regular address to give her the password and all, and 'splained that it's all anonymous (her "real" name there is - get this - "Hoggette La Porch" - Hah!), and that she can always change the password, then she and the clan will have an alternate email address if they want one.
The kids had their first day in karate class today. They loved it!

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24264: Hey to the Porch!

MaryGrace, I'm sorry to hear of your friend Steve's passing. I've said a prayer for his family. You are a true friend for allowing us to lift them up to the Lord.

Burt, buddy, thanks for posting that Paul Harvey transcript. It was beautiful, and so true. He must be a pretty big TAGS fan himself, to remember so many nuances of the show like that! Anybody know if'n he's a member of TAGSRWC? I propose that somebody write to him and ask him to join The Taylors' Front Porch chapter! Anybody know his address? Burt, can you do this? Will you help us?

*Rafe Hollister
"Ain’t that one of the saddest bankbooks you ever saw?" (Andy)

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24265: Oh, ~De§~, I fergot to thank you for settin' up Hoggette with a Hotmail address! What a good idea! I'll send her a little somethin' now...

*Rafe Hollister
"You’re at attention, three." (Barney)

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24266: Rafe...I got that from a site on the net...dont even know THAT address, as I followed a link to it...Ill try to find out about Paul's address, tho...I think Allan Newsome said he was a member of TAGSRWC, but I could be mistaken...Ill definitely try to get the info and get it to the porch as soon as possible...

hope I wasnt too pushy..

Barney: "Now this is the well known ink blot test. Now I'm gonna show you this design and I want
you to tell me what it looks like...I just want you to tell me the FIRST thing that comes into your
mind..just say ANYTHING you think of, okay? Ready?"
Otis: "That's a bat."

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24267: HAHAHAHAHA!!! Great one, Burt! I LOL!
Thank you, Rafe. One thing I forgot to mention, I hope it goes without saying that I would NEVER read your messages to her. Just thought I'd say that, so no one would worry 'bout it.

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24268: I agree with ~De§~, Burt! That exchange between Barney and Otis is a classic! Another part of that exchange that I like is when Andy shows up and Barney says, "You may not know it, Otis, but just now you were standing naked before me!" To which Otis replies in shock, "I was not, Andy!' HAHAHAHA! What a hoot!

*Rafe Hollister
"Hmm. That's a good'n. Looks like a bat." (Andy)

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24269:
(psst...anybody goin to MIRC tonight? gimme the channel name....uppercase/lowercase? does it matter?)

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24270: we didnt think you would do that Des...why, she can change the password anyways...dont you fret about it none..
Hope I wasnt too pushy..

"...skinny widow...$4000...3-year-old bakery truck WITH THE ORIGINAL PAINT..." --Uncle Ollie

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24271: Hey to Juanita! I cain't get mIRC thru this here machine (dang firewall!), but I'd love to set an' chat with you awhile here on the Porch, if you're of a mind to.

*Rafe Hollister
"Right, 7:30, wear uniforms." (Barney)

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24272: Rafe, thanks for the info on Hoggette aka Virginia
Des for setting up the hotmail address, I just sent her a message.
MaryGrace, sorry to hear of your friend's passing
Everyone on this porch is special and I'm glad I found it.
your healthy girl,

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24273: Golly, those crickets shore are loud tonight...

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24274: It's good to see you, Flora!

*Rafe Hollister

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24275:

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24276:
*Rafe Hollister

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24277: God Bless each of you for your prayers and kind condolences. Our friend Steve was a special person and I might add, a TAGS fan also. He had planned to attend Mayberry Days with us next year. Thanks so much for your friendly kindness and concern. Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24278: "Why go to the duckpond at night? You won't be able to see any ducks."

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24279: Mary Grace...I just reread the porch from yesterday...I didnt know about yer friend...Im sorry he passed, and I will keep you and his family in my prayers...again, Im sorry..
Hope I wasnt too pushy...


January 12, 1998 - Msg 24280: m

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24281: m

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24282: m

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24283: m

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24284: m

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24285: m

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24286: Hello Porch! Boy is it rainin here!
Hey Romeena, I'll fetch that info tomorrow.
Burt, I saw your trivia question and here is another question: The
cannon buyer in REAL LIFE is the father of which of the Beavers friends on "Leave it to Beaver"?

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24287: Larry I right?

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24288: Eve'nin', all...
Gee, Mary Grace... I'm sure sorry about Steve goin'... there'll be an empty chair...

January 12, 1998 - Msg 24289: We shall meet, but we shall miss him.
Condolences, MaryGrace.

January 13, 1998 - Msg 24290: Good mornin', Porch buds! Somethin's been preyin' on my mind ever' since Boojum mentioned the 16mm movie of TAGS that he got... Maybe somebody can help me. I remember from a long LONG time ago about Andy an' Opie walkin' away from the camera at the end of the show, an' Opie droppin' his fish and comin' back to get it, but I was winderin': WHERE exactly did that scene occur in each show? My memory's hazy on this, 'cause like I said, it's been a long time. Were the credits that we now see before or after the walkin' away scene? Can anybody say fer sure? Boojum? Are you still out there?

I'll see you all later on tonight. Ever'body have a great day.

*Rafe Hollister
"When you and I are far apart..." (Opie)

January 13, 1998 - Msg 24291: Fellow Citizens of Mayberry:

Yes, I know, I know - your fat little mayor has been not occupying his esteemed office for quite some time. In my absence, councilwoman Des has done a wonderful job is keeping the complicated wheels of this cities turnin'. 15 below zero today in the Minnesota tundra - but I have already been studying the gardening catalogs in anticipation of spring (I agree with Opie - no spinach in my garden). Been lookin' at a tree form of Wisteria that is supposed to be hardy to Zone 4 - but I am skeptical - especially at $135/plant.

Sorry to hear of illness and loss here in Mayberry - but this town always has gathered to support those in emotional and physical need.

Rafe - that droppin' fish scene you reference was in the closing credits of TAG for some of the later B&W episodes (rather than the drawing the lake or town scene in others). Today, you rarely see closing credits.

Well, anyway - good to back. Today I got to go Mayor's conference semianr - Transitioning Deteroriating Infrastruture into Positive Revenue Asset Basis. I hope they have those little sandwiches - I love those little sandwiches.

Mayor Pike

January 13, 1998 - Msg 24292: Howdy Mayor! Bricoe Jr's away for a spell....would you have your lovely daughter grace us with her beautiful rendition of "Flow Gently Sweet Afton"...No offense to you or the Mrs. but, I'd certainly prefer that to you wife riding a white horse and doing all that opera stuff.

January 13, 1998 - Msg 24293: Is that corporate doubletalk for "liquidating a sinking ship", or, "cuttin' yer losses an' savin' yer butt"? **silly giggle** Good ta see ya, Yer Honor!
G'mornin', an' goodnight! ~~~love, Leon

January 13, 1998 - Msg 24294: oh, lookie what I just found... timing has never been my strong suit... ~~LL

January 13, 1998 - Msg 24295: Yesterday I was watching the episode where Barney is training ole Blue to track down Ralph Neal. Can anyone read lips? What the heck are Barn and Ange mouthing back and forth to each other? I tried my best and I couldn't figger it out. HELP!
BTW........heeheehee morning Porch........Miss Peg

January 13, 1998 - Msg 24296:
Don't pick your peaches until they're all fuzzed up good..

January 13, 1998 - Msg 24297: Hey, to all my Porch friends, who have got to be the most loving people in the world. I love you all for the kindness you have shown our family. I just got home from the hospital, I am doing o.k. but moving very slowly. 21 STAPLES and two tubes in my stomach-Gotta a big ol' scar coming thats for sure!!! I can't stay up for long at all, so this will be shorter than I would normally write. All the mail, Post on the Porch, calls and flowers made it a lot easier for me and my family. It is wonderful to know that people care so much. Thanks for the condolenses to Shawnee, it really helped him too, he is doing o.k. but has a lot on him with taking care of everything here and work and also thinking about his dad. I feel for him, but know that God tells us that he will only put on us what we can handle, Shawnee must be able to handle a lot. Please keep praying for us, I have to be off for 6 weeks so you will probably get sick of me real soon. Sorry I can't say more, but I took my pain medicine and I am really sleepy. I love yall! I write back soon. You all beat everything, ya know! Love to all, Hoggette

January 13, 1998 - Msg 24298: Bless you, Hoggette!!!

January 13, 1998 - Msg 24299: Hidie, everyone!! Boy is it gooooood to be back. I haven't vistited the porch in almost a year!! Yes, Miss Peg, I know what you mean about the lip reading. I saw that episode last night and I could figure out a little: One of the things Andy says is: "I'm coming e-in." , with his southern accent. Barney says twice real fast: What do you want me to do?" After that, who knows! And you know what? They didn't know either, because it didn't work. Old Neal got them both!!! I love it!!!
Hello, Doll

January 13, 1998 - Msg 24300: Was the actor who played Ralph Mason also the one who played George Haskell, Eddie's father? I know he didn't play Fred Rutherford, and I don't remember ever seeing Larry's dad, he was always, "away on business". Yeah, sure..........

January 13, 1998 - Msg 24301: Afternoon all. Hogette, so glad you are home and recovering. Take your medicine and take it easy for a while. We will enjoy having you with us more here on the porch while you are recuperating. Bless your heart. You folks here on the porch have got to be the best. Thanks so much again (I just can't say it enough), for all the kindness & condolence on our loss. All the porch posts and emails mean so much. You all are "the cats". Nice, real nice MaryGrace.

January 13, 1998 - Msg 24302: I ran across a copy of the " Mayberry Cookbook". Early this a.m. I have prepared "Morelli's Pound Steak" for tonight, it's gooooooooood! The book is very enjoyable to read. I can't wait to get home, set up a TV tray and watch 1TAGS show on our local tv station and then on TBS. I too have been a past visitor to the porch. -Thel