January 1, 2001, 3:55 am Msg #1377
yep. Mr. Schwump musta fergot ta put thet slash inta his close-tag on his page-link. I done did a "/a" (twice, ta be sure) an' it appears fine now in Netscape. I think it stops actin' like a link after a "hr" but still looks like a link-- underlined an' in blue-- so thet was throwin' us.
had me jes' enough o' th' Morrison sisters' 10 year old single malt irish elixer (it really is a holiday!) ta git loose, not enough ta git tight. been enjoyin' seein so many big stars on th' TV Land Hitchcock weekend, includin' 'bout ever' one o' our stars an' familiar townspeople.
y'all have a great football Monday. best o' luck to you an' yours!
~~~love, Leon

January 1, 2001, 8:18 am Msg #1378
thank you, Leon.

January 1, 2001, 4:20 pm Msg #1379
I hope everyone had a happy & safe New Years Eve. I watched 6 hours of TAGS on KTLA. It was great! Anybody else happen to catch it..the TAGS marathon? NRNMG

January 1, 2001, 5:30 pm Msg #1380
Mr. Schwump, Fred and I plan on going to Nashville in June. Romeena, I loved reading about your Christmas- you indeed were blessed to have such a start on life. Happy New Year to everyone. jennieboone

January 1, 2001, 9:50 pm Msg #1381
Leon, You're the cat's!

January 1, 2001, 10:07 pm Msg #1382
I was suppose to go back to school tommorrow but the snow we got last night is going to give us another days vacation. Maybe Wednesday? Suppose to snow tonight! Did it ever snow in Mayberry? Sp00ky Benson

January 2, 2001, 10:29 am Msg #1383
SpOOky? Where are you puttin all that snow? ;o}

January 2, 2001, 4:03 pm Msg #1384
To answer your question SpOOky Benson, it never snowed in Mayberry, at least not so we could notice. (o)(o) !!

January 2, 2001, 5:36 pm Msg #1385
No school for Wednesday. The main roads are passable. But our country roads are still snow covered and slick. I guess we will try again Thursday. Sp00ky Benson

January 2, 2001, 6:00 pm Msg #1386
R.I.P. Ray Walston. You'll always be our favorite Martian.

January 2, 2001, 7:05 pm Msg #1387
Aloha, Mr. Hand.....

January 2, 2001, 9:04 pm Msg #1388
yo to everyone. 1st sweep of the new year!

i'm fixing to write a resignation letter for work related stuff. i wonder if i should put at the end "lot's of luck to you and yers" or perhaps "this is my resignation, and it's official"...... hehehe

seiously i want to put some kinda TAGS thing in there : no one will get it i bet.

goller at yall later


January 2, 2001, 9:06 pm Msg #1389
goller??? that'd be holler lol

sometimes i like to see a goller


January 2, 2001, 10:15 pm Msg #1390
ollie, how's about, "I ain't takin it back." or "over and out," or "swept in the dustbowl of history." or "move over, I'm drivin."

January 2, 2001, 10:17 pm Msg #1391
or "this is your official verification", or "we got a situation", or "that's that."

January 3, 2001, 3:50 pm Msg #1392
"this is your official verification"

haha i like that

January 3, 2001, 4:34 pm Msg #1393
Reckon ya'll heard that Miss Elly's 'puter's down? She done wrote 't me 'n tol me so! Says it's gonna be a while, so I knows we's all gonna miss her! Ah'm gonna write to 'er snail like, so iffen ya wants me t' tell 'er sumpin, Ah will. Moonbeam

January 3, 2001, 5:01 pm Msg #1394
hey to miss ellie!

January 3, 2001, 5:47 pm Msg #1395
Well gang, I'm finally going back to school. First day of school since Dec. 12. Still we will be on a two hour delay. Hey to Ollie. Sp00ky Benson

January 3, 2001, 10:03 pm Msg #1396
Hey, Moonbeam, tell Miss Ellie we miss her and hope that she gets her computer fixed real soon. Thanks.

Hey to everyone here at Trivialities!

Opie Taylor

January 4, 2001, 11:45 am Msg #1397
hey spOOky are you happy or sad about going back to school? i guess you'd have to make up days at the end of the year.

well, holler at yall later


January 4, 2001, 4:27 pm Msg #1398
Happy birthday Jelsik the Flatlander.

January 4, 2001, 7:02 pm Msg #1399
Hi. Just stopped by to say that.


January 4, 2001, 7:09 pm Msg #1400
I'll say that for ya.


January 4, 2001, 7:50 pm Msg #1401
Hey all,

Ollie, sorry to hear about your job troubles...I'll be keeping a good thought for you honey.

Hope everyone else is peachy keen!


January 4, 2001, 10:30 pm Msg #1402
Happy Birthday Jelsik the bulkhead! Celebrate!


January 5, 2001, 2:23 am Msg #1403
Does anybody know where the Lake at the start of TAGS is located? I would start saving up for a trip to California if I knew I could visit the lake and stand at the exact site Opie chunks that big ol' rock in.

January 5, 2001, 6:34 am Msg #1404
Well, I believe they know where the lake is, but the exact spot where Opie chucks the rock isn't exactly known. It's been years and it's changed a little I'd say. You might ask Andelina, I think she's been there.

Mr. Schwump

January 5, 2001, 7:51 am Msg #1405
Andelina's never posted here. Sure wish she would!

January 5, 2001, 10:08 am Msg #1406
Good morning everyone! Hey to MR. SCHWUMP! Say "HEY" to ANNABELLE for me too, OK? I have been to that lake. If I can just remember which street you turn on...hmm...if I could go along with you, I could take you there...'cause even though I don't recall street names too well, I remember landmarks real good! I can picture it in my mind....Meyer's lake....hmmm.......NRNMG

January 5, 2001, 1:32 pm Msg #1407
Hello everyone ! I'm up and running..don't know how long...I didn't even have to "whack it" like Emmett Clark does,this morning to get it running. Also my main email account is not working..don't know why, so if you email me, you got to do it at that missellie@animail.net one. Some nice youngun at Duke helped me get my modem installed and the internet set back up (over the phone) they do that fer free for employees (husband is). Wonder if I'd be imposing to ask him to set up my soundcard..haha also, I missed you guys and Hubby thought about sending me to "computer/internet withdrawal" clinic. Now that I done snail mailed just about everybody it decided to work. So please look over my sob story letters and attribute it to a menopausal maniac. Love ya, Miss Ellie

January 5, 2001, 8:38 pm Msg #1408
neither of my email addresses are working. "I think it's the fallout." Anyways, I'll call the nice man who helped me today on Monday and see if he can help me with the email problem. One thing is when I took this contraption down and brought it back up, I lost my coffee...I mean my Java and ain't sure how to get it back. Lost a lot of stuff. Don't quite understand that because it kept some stuff, lost some stuff. It kept all the stuff that is easy for me to put back on and lost all that, that I don't know how to put back on. So when's I gets my email back, I'll let you kind folks know. Goodnight.

Miss Ellie

January 5, 2001, 8:59 pm Msg #1409
Hey to NRNMG.....long time no see. Please say hello to Mr Foley for me!!!! Hey to Ms Ellie and Mr Schwump too....all my Mayberry MD friends! LOL.

Anybody here ever go to Sarahs anymore? I ain't been there in a long time.


January 5, 2001, 10:32 pm Msg #1410
Myers Lake is actually Franklin Canyon Reservoir. Near (or in?) L.A., but I ain't never been. I know some folks who have (NRNMG and Andelina, for example), and I gots me some water in a bottle from there, but I ain't been. I think I'll save that water till next time I decide to get baptized. Ya couldn't be no better off than doin' it with Myers Lake water! ("...since I was bapTIZED!" -- Aunt Bee)


January 6, 2001, 4:35 am Msg #1411
hey, y'all~~
"I fell awake!" got ma a bad toothache, find mahseff watchin' TAGS on LikeTelevision an' readin' here-- allus a comfort ta come home fer a while.
~~~love, Leon

January 6, 2001, 1:17 pm Msg #1412
hey leon that liketelivision is a wondorful thing ain't it? i watch it at work sometimes lol.

hey idelle thanks for the good thought. i (we. meaning me and verleen lol) decided to stick it out till something else comes up (i'm looking pretty hard) or they fire me or the company folds. it's rough out there at this point and time. i think they have (the word is) enough for 2 more paychecks............ sheesh. what a bidness. everyone there is freaking (those who are left.....not many). one guy totally LOST it 2 days in a row. just started hollering and stuff, and they sent him home for the day so he wouldn't go postal....... people are keeping their offices locked. no kidding.

on a lighter note.......

elinora it is franklin canyon. i went there a ways back with andelina and hazel and it was the first time i had met them. oh and frank even showed up for awhile. this was lessee like, 2 years ago!?!?!?! i think. i got a kick out of it. then there was the time that we (i'm starting to sound like my paw paw lol) met up in temecula with NRNMG and mr foley, hazel, clara, helen, jackson, lydia (jackson's lydia), andelina, oh shoot i'm leaving out somebody...... anyways we went to a vinyard and everyone was totally faded . no i'm kidding.

i'm currently awaiting the arrival of my buddy from WV over at sara's. nope. he ain't there yet. anyhow that reminds me, the plan is, i'm flying in to west virginia for the first time since i moved out here to the asphalt jungle to teach a guitar class for a week in june. my buddy i'm waiting on set it up for me, so we could have a chance to hang around. we used to travel together a lot back in the day (old hitler was a mean one {in an old man's voice}) playing concerts and whatnot.

anyhow i'll have to sweep again just because of this long post lol. nice to see you guys posting, my old pals elinora and idelle!!

oh there my freind is @ sara's

holler at yall later!


January 6, 2001, 2:42 pm Msg #1413
hey ollie,,, there is a new cafe in you old home town of st albans....called "Mayberrys". It's a very cool place where you get old fashioned shakes and hotdogs. They have a lot of posters hanging in there with andy, barney, aunt B, and the rest of th mayberry gang......... when you come back home i'll take you there.... your buddy, skippen

January 6, 2001, 2:45 pm Msg #1414
hey skippen how are you!!!! (i know you are fine because we were just over @ saras for about 2 hrs lol)

you oughtta keep coming back and posting stuff


January 6, 2001, 9:06 pm Msg #1415
Today at the inauguration of North Carolina's newly elected Governor Mike Easley, Andy Griffith read "A Toast to the Old North State". He looked good but I'm sad to report that he walked feebly. He did not have a cane, but took short limpy steps. I guess this is due to the arthritic type of disease he has had for years and his age. Today was a warmer day than usual with a very light breeze. I'm not sure but I think he may have stayed inside the State Archives Building until right before his appearance and probably retreated back after the attention was focused to someone else. His wife was with him. Mr. Griffith had done several tv commercial endorsements for Mike Easley during Mr. Easley's campain. My grandmother said "If Andy votes for him, so will I". I will brag to say that as State Attorney General, Mr. Easley has served North Carolina well. So, I just wanted to report in on what I saw. Since my email isn't working I didn't get the announcement from Opie (Not Opie here) that Andy was going to be there. But NRNMG had gotten the email from Opie and quickdotted me so I could watch it. I bet Opie was there too. I looked for him in the crowd but didn't see him. It is so good to see those who have posted. Ollie, be careful on the work front. I'm sorry your place of employement is going under. May God direct you to a wonderful job. Every one have a good night now. Miss Ellie

January 6, 2001, 9:11 pm Msg #1416
oh, I must add the crowd really got excited when Andy came up to the podium. I think besides the standing ovation for outgoing Governor Jim Hunt, this was the most excited the crowd got..even more than for our newly elected Governor. But also, Jim Hunt has been with us many terms and served North Carolina well,especially during devastating hurricanes. Somebody hollered out "Hey Andy". Miss Ellie

January 7, 2001, 1:36 pm Msg #1417
yo to everybody!


ps miss ellie i'm glad you are back amoung us! :-)

January 7, 2001, 8:47 pm Msg #1418
Thanks Ollie, I'm glad to be back, but my computer is still acting up. I had to beat on it this morning to get it to work (no kidding). Tuesday I'll call that nice guy back and see ifin he'll help me with my email that don't work. I've got to get back "java" and some other stuff.

been a lovely day here today, above average temperatures. It will be a roller coaster week in the temperature department, but leaning more toward normal. Everyone have a goodnight now. Miss Ellie "Everybody on the truck."

January 8, 2001, 1:56 am Msg #1419
Did y'all see the Beverly Hillbillies behind the scenes special on (I think) E?? It was extremely informative! I'd love it if they did a TAGS special like that! Hope everyone's doing great! Miss Ellie, thanks so much for the WRAL link with the picture of Andy!! ~Dež~

January 8, 2001, 7:03 am Msg #1420
Hello to Trivialities! Just wanted to drop by and say "Hi"! Hi! I hope all is well with you and yours!

Miss Ellie it's good to see you and your red font color back too! And that goes for you too,~Dež~!

Take care!

Opie Taylor

January 8, 2001, 6:59 pm Msg #1421
Howdy, friends! Seems I don't get by here but about once every couple of weeks, these days. Got so much going on - Daddy takes up quite a bit of my free time, we're shorthanded at work and all having to work extra shifts, etc. I do enjoy reading the archives and catching up, though. Ollie, I'm sure sorry about your job situation. That can be so scary. My beloveded and I went through that some years back - it took a toll on him, too, I can tell you! Seems like you folks of the male persuasion just tend to take it so personally, and let it make you question your own self! I never could get him to realize that it had nothing to do with who he was. He was the same fine man, but he didn't feel like it. Don't let that happen to you, Ollie. Weather is beautiful here in north central Texas - sunny and comfortably warm. Maybe not shorts weather, but shirtsleeves for sure, at least in the middle of the day. Well, my Sugarplum is going nuts at the front door, guess I'd better investigate. Probably a saber-toothed squirrel or something equally threatening. Have a great week, friends. --Romeena

January 8, 2001, 9:42 pm Msg #1422
Saw Aunt Bee fret over her restaurant because of a fortune cookie. Anybody ever had a fortune that came true in their cookie? 3 weeks before we adopted a child, we got a fortune that said, "Good news from afar will bring a welcome visitor."

What fortunes have you all gotten?


January 8, 2001, 10:14 pm Msg #1423
i just got one that says "you are never petty". dang thing cost me almost a nickle and for WHAT? HEARTACHES!


January 9, 2001, 12:06 pm Msg #1424
check out ~Dež~'s new wheels!! whoooo wee!


January 9, 2001, 12:32 pm Msg #1425
oops: you netscape users try this link.

January 9, 2001, 1:15 pm Msg #1426
Where's the fuzzy dice and raccoon tail???


January 9, 2001, 1:18 pm Msg #1427
Hi, all. Nothing going on much, only I'm subbing at school today (don't worry, the kids are out of the room at a special class). It was zero this a.m. but will be nearer 32 this afternoon, so it's a heat wave.

Ollie, I'm sorry it's so...well, SO, there at work now, but it'll get better (somehow). Remember the 'olden days' when you and that friend were trying to sell digital pix to email, and nobody would believe it could be done? HAHA. Electronal marvels...


January 9, 2001, 1:19 pm Msg #1428
Oh, and I didn't mean to criticize Des's car...it just looks like the kind that should have fuzzy dice and raccoon tails! COOL car.


January 9, 2001, 1:35 pm Msg #1429
yeah i remember the old days elinoralol. rafe used to say we were selling "junk" haha. yeah it's a long way from then i tell you.


January 9, 2001, 1:37 pm Msg #1430
how do you aim to drive? FAST? hehe

January 9, 2001, 1:46 pm Msg #1431
"Now I'm drivin so I'll sit in the front seat.

I'm all set

I smell gas......

Scoot over, I'm drivin."

any other car quotes?

January 9, 2001, 1:49 pm Msg #1432
"she's an 8 cyllinder.....she'll take 8..........." (gome)

January 9, 2001, 2:52 pm Msg #1433
Des, I did see the Beverly Hillbillies, True Hollywood stories. It will be on again tonight and I'm going to watch it again. I often wonder about Betty Lynn. Seems her acting jobs were few and far between according to imdb.com. Seems today's stars are set for life after one episode. And actor's I don't believe receive retirement pay. I would like to meet Donna Douglas after seeing the E! show. She seems like a sweet true southern lady and I admire her for not falling into the sex image mold that Hollywood has set up for attractive people.

January 9, 2001, 3:43 pm Msg #1434
"You don't start off talking about cars!"--Barney

January 9, 2001, 4:04 pm Msg #1435
Outta the way, Sunday driver! I did take one liberty though. I had Goober take my picture beside her with the hood up. Only driven to church on Sundays....

January 9, 2001, 7:25 pm Msg #1436
Thank you, ollie, for posting the photo. You're the cat's! I'm glad y'all like my new car. She was only driven to church on Sunday mornings. Belonged to my late husband, Barney. Off to search for some fuzzy dice to complement this beauty! I'll send a photo of me driving her soon; I'll be right there IN it! ~Dež~

January 9, 2001, 7:47 pm Msg #1437
Hey to everyone today, Great Wheels DES!!! I love it your healthy girl - Flora

January 9, 2001, 7:49 pm Msg #1438
could someone post how to make new paragraphs? I've forgotten or did I even know how in the first place. your healthy girl - Flora

January 9, 2001, 8:35 pm Msg #1439
Funny, my Caddy rolled off the line at the beginning TAGS's fourth year, fall of 1964. Do I have that right? By the way, she has been christened "Lucy", after another famous redhead. ~Dež~

January 9, 2001, 8:35 pm Msg #1440
Forgot to say thank you, Flora. ~Dež~

January 9, 2001, 10:03 pm Msg #1441
Des, that car is a sight to behold!! Snazzy! You are one lucky gal!

Hey to Flora, ollie, and -elinora.


January 10, 2001, 12:30 am Msg #1442
Flora, you make paragraphs by putting a less than sign (<), then immediately type a 'p' but don't put the ' in there, then foller it by a greather than sign (>). Here...like this...

...and with my luck that won't show up but it'll be a new paragraph, haha...what I DON'T want it to do!

Hey to Lillian!

car quote: Speed, speed, speed!


January 10, 2001, 12:31 am Msg #1443
HAHA, yup...I got me a new paragraph. How do you show someone what to type and then not have it do it FOR ya? Anyway, a less-than sign, a p, then a greater-than sign.


January 10, 2001, 11:39 am Msg #1444


January 10, 2001, 11:40 am Msg #1445

e   e e e   e  e e     thooisdgoinsdg 

         d      d


January 10, 2001, 11:57 am Msg #1446
a little testy, are we? hehe

January 10, 2001, 12:10 pm Msg #1447
LOL!!! Testy!!! LOL!!! (in my best Homer Simpson voice.)

January 10, 2001, 1:10 pm Msg #1448
Des: Did you go down and see Howard at the clerk's office to register that there fancy car? Don't forget the title transfer fee, license fee, collectible automibile fee, and the outdated emmission system fee. Mayor Pike

January 10, 2001, 3:24 pm Msg #1449
Don't forget the luxery tax and excise tax!

January 10, 2001, 4:37 pm Msg #1450
...and Gomer can give it a good wash too! ;-}

January 10, 2001, 5:04 pm Msg #1451
Yep, took care of all them thangs! I do wanna run it by and let Wally take a look at her. Or maybe Goober's cousin if it's a Sunday. ~Dež~

January 10, 2001, 6:22 pm Msg #1452
Ollie is a PHP master! -

January 10, 2001, 8:17 pm Msg #1453
thanks 1452! but i'm far from being a php master :-)


January 10, 2001, 8:46 pm Msg #1454
What's a php?

Party Hardy Person?? Physicians health plan? Plaunt, Hendricks, (and) Pyle?

January 10, 2001, 8:48 pm Msg #1455
asking "what's a php"? is kinda like asking "what's a grecian urn"? hahaha

going over to sara's. anyone want to join me? (just for a bit)


January 10, 2001, 8:59 pm Msg #1456
Well Hello! This is Charlene Darling from North Carolina - I haven't been on here in forever! Like to never found you guys! I emailed our good friend Floyd and asked him bout the porch... he said it went down bout six months ago.... he directed me to this place.. looks good so far.. Hey to my friend Ollie - how's that boy doing these days - Miss Ellie is another good friend - she probably don't know is but she sure helped me through a rough time bout a year ago - just listening to my woes... I've spoke to Spooky a time or two - he's another good urn.. Used to talk to Andelina a whole lot - especially planning baby showers from long distance.. hehehe. any who just thought I would say a long overdue howdy- You folks keep a good thought and maybe I'll stop back in ifn I get time. Awfully busy these days... I know.... I know... What's yer hurry? I'm always getting my britches caught on my own pitchfork... After all, the quality of mercy isn't strained.. it falleth like the gentle rain from heaven ( you ain't talking to a jerk you know) CDfromNC

January 10, 2001, 9:24 pm Msg #1457
ollie? whare's are ya? come on to sara's!

January 10, 2001, 10:21 pm Msg #1458
Hey Y'all...It's me...Goober...remember me?? Gobber?? I thought I'd never find this place...got on over at Sarahs and somebody gave me the new address...kinda hurts a fella's feelings to have the family move on him and forget to tell him where they's moving too!! :-) It's been forever since I've been here..how's everbody? Des? Flora? My darlin Lydia??? Goober... YO!

January 10, 2001, 10:24 pm Msg #1459
Hey Y'all...It's me...Goober...remember me?? Gobber?? I thought I'd never find this place...got on over at Sarahs and somebody gave me the new address...kinda hurts a fella's feelings to have the family move on him and forget to tell him where they's moving too!! :-) It's been forever since I've been here..how's everbody? Des? Flora? My darlin Lydia??? Goober... YO!

January 10, 2001, 10:24 pm Msg #1460
oops...sorry... Goob

January 11, 2001, 6:45 am Msg #1461
Hello Goob & CDfromNC, everyone who's just now findin' Ande's place, and all of those who've been here for a while.

Whew, did I miss anyone? Hope not. Hope everyone is havin' a great new year, and are busy makin' plans for Mayberry events in 2001. I know I am. Hope to see everyone soon.

Mr. Schwump

January 11, 2001, 7:15 am Msg #1462
Mr. Schwump? This is ollie's place. Ande has never posted here. Sure wish she would. Hope all's well with her and hers.

January 11, 2001, 8:05 am Msg #1463
Hey "gobber"? (hehe) You still have your garage?

January 11, 2001, 9:08 am Msg #1464
Hey Charlene Darling from N.C. My computer has been down and I can no longer access Sarah's to chat, not java enabled. I'm glad I could be of help last year. I hope you and yours are fine. Romeena, so good to see you too. Hey Goober the "Gobber". Des, I was unable to view your new car. Still having computer problems. What a pain, but at least I can come here and quickdot and email is strange. I can send from Netscape and receive from a website online both with the same address. Almost every site I go to eventually throws me off the internet. You folks take care and have a good day. Miss Ellie "Barney, will you stay outta this !" "You just can't stand a man with his own opinion."

January 11, 2001, 10:40 am Msg #1465
Hey to all...Yes...I've still got "Gobbers" Garage...haven't updated it in forever...hope ya'll are doing good...Does Frank still do the sweepin around here? Goober... YO!

January 11, 2001, 12:17 pm Msg #1466
yo to everybody!

yo to goob. no, i sweep up the the place from time to time. you can email me or use this anon...anonna.....you'd think as much as i drink i'd know how to spell annonymus....dang. link to get ahold of me if something needs to be done around here.

and yeah, i'd like to see ande posting here too.......


i hope everyone is doing good. oh, miss ellie , the reason you couldn't see ~Dež~'s car is because you probably have disabled javascript in your browser (very different from java, but the words look simmilar eh?) so here you go with a regular link to the pic.

i was using a javascript to pop open a little bitty window. which reminds me, if anyone wants to do so in the future, i already put a function in the html called spawnWindow. so if you want to use a popup window (for pics and such) use:

href=javascript:spawnWindow(url, name, attributes);

where the things between the parenthases are variables. attributes means width height scrollbars etc etc. anyhoo enough nerd talk :-)


January 11, 2001, 12:25 pm Msg #1467
another quick little thing: if you dont want to use that little javascript to control the attributs of a popup window but want all the comfort and luxury of a new window (what the heck am i talking about....) anyway in your href after the url, typ target=_blank and it will use a new browser window. like so. but i had better test it because i'm getting rusty with the old html routine

January 11, 2001, 12:28 pm Msg #1468
oops. oh yeah, it has to be it's own thing: target="_blank"

hopefully like such and so...lets see if that's rite. boy i really am rusty with the old html

January 11, 2001, 12:31 pm Msg #1469
ok. there you go. man. if you don't use it, you lose it :-)

i've just been doing mostly flash programming for the last 6 months or so. i've even lost some photoshop/ fireworks chops. it's amazing how fast these things can leave a person's head.

ok i gotta run


January 11, 2001, 12:56 pm Msg #1470
Just thought I'd drop by and say hey to everybody. So...hey! Thanks for all that good information, ollie. Dež, congrats on the new ride. I sure hope you've checked the transmission and differential for sawdust. That makes worn out gears run smooth as silk...for a while. Just kidding; great looking car. Looks like there might be a few "rag top days" in your future. Hi also to my neighbor, Mr. Schwump.

-O'Malley The Monroe Doctrine is one of the most important doctrines in American history, and the only way to discuss it is intelligently. That's got to be brung out.

January 11, 2001, 2:09 pm Msg #1471
hey o'malley!


January 11, 2001, 3:51 pm Msg #1472
hey to my old pal CDfromNC!!


January 11, 2001, 3:53 pm Msg #1473
Dež...WOW, I still remember!!!! That is ONE SWEET RIDE ...I don't think hubcaps Lesch could ever find one that nice! Goober... YO!

January 11, 2001, 5:21 pm Msg #1474
Goober!! How great to see you again! Hey to everyone! ~Dež~

January 11, 2001, 6:03 pm Msg #1475
Des? You still hear from Lydia? Tell her that her darling Goobah has been asking after her!

January 11, 2001, 9:19 pm Msg #1476
Yep Dežžmodena....tell her Goober says hey! How are you...runnin off to find Jimmy B with that cool ride>>!>!>!> Goober.... Yo!!

January 11, 2001, 9:37 pm Msg #1477
WOW DEž!! That is one COOL car! I am impressed! You gotta drive that one to Mayberry Days and come see all of us next year! I bet they'd even let you ride in the parade! NRNMG

January 11, 2001, 10:03 pm Msg #1478
Dež, I gottcha a little doodad for your new red ride, 2 big fuzzy meatballs to hang from your mirror there.


January 11, 2001, 10:37 pm Msg #1479
Hi All. Will this way a day we hit 40 today. Will how is everyone doing today me I ben out running doing thing. Will the kids what back to school on Monday and now this Monday school will closed for m l k brithday o boy you think the two weeks off for the holidasy me us crazy will having thin that will do it to haha. TOM

January 12, 2001, 2:01 am Msg #1480
Oh Lillian, you shouldn't have. No, really... you shouldn't have... :-) But thank you so much. Yes, Goober, I talk to her all the time! I'll tell her you was askin' after her. I miss y'all's poetry. That was some kinda good! Glad you like my ride, NRNMG! Love to all! ~Dež~

January 12, 2001, 9:27 am Msg #1481
I NEED HELP!!! I am a regular poster on Miss Crumps Blackboard and for some reason I can not access it this morning. Does anyone here post and are you having any problems? Frankie Flint

January 12, 2001, 9:56 am Msg #1482
Frankie, Netscape gets me to Miss Crump's just fine. Sorry you're havin trubles, darlin.

January 12, 2001, 1:41 pm Msg #1483
Des, cool car. Pretty background of picture. I'm at the mall using a free computer they have set up as mine isn't working again. So those of you who email me, please refrain until I post here again that my machine is back up. God Bless you all. Miss Ellie

January 12, 2001, 2:37 pm Msg #1484
Hey to Frankie Flint, I'm Opie Taylor over at Miss Crump's and here at Trivialities too. You're not the only one having trouble getting on to Miss Crump's today. I've been having trouble getting on also. It took forever to load, and when I finally did get on it wouldn't let me post anything. I think everyone else is having the same problems because there wasn't any new replies.

To Msg # 1482: More power to ya!

Hey to everyone at Trivialities and Miss Crump's. You all take care and I'm sure that Mr. Newsome will have Miss Crump's in working order real soon.

Opie Taylor

"During our lifetime we travel many roads..."--Barney

January 12, 2001, 2:39 pm Msg #1485
What happened? Let's see if that fixed the problem.

January 12, 2001, 2:41 pm Msg #1486
Well, I guess it did! Everything looks okay in Mayberry!

January 12, 2001, 10:02 pm Msg #1487
Prayers for Ronald Reagan...

January 12, 2001, 11:38 pm Msg #1488
Howdy, friends! Wow, Dež, that car is outta sight! What a beautiful preservation or restoration job. It's a dreamboat. And it's RED! I'm a bit partial to cars of the Cadillac persuasion myself. I drive a '95, and it, too, is red. However, if I ever ran across a '57 Ford Fairlane convertible, blue and white, I'd have a seriour problem. That was my first car - got it new at age 17 - then married my sweetheart at age 18 and we paid for it together! We sold it when the kids started coming along. Babies and convertibles aren't a real good combination - at least they weren't back then in the pre-carseat days. Pre-seatbelt, for that matter! The kiddies could crawl out.

Miss Ellie, we hope you get your 'puter problems solved soon. We miss your sweet self when you're not around.--Romeena

January 12, 2001, 11:40 pm Msg #1489
??Seriour?? Make that "serious". Drat! And I proofread it, too!

January 13, 2001, 11:42 am Msg #1490
yo to everybody!


January 13, 2001, 6:44 pm Msg #1491
This is very trivial, but I think I know the only episode of the Andy Griffith show that contains a real cuss-word: Goober Takes a car apart: Goober is walking down the street, Gilly Walker pulls up in his car and stops to talk to Goober. He complains about a noise it's makin, " Pa ding Pa ding" He said. Goober scratches his head. " So what"s that" Gilly aked. Goober said: " ..el if I know."

January 13, 2001, 7:11 pm Msg #1492
Rafe cusses in the save the Scobey "garage sale" episode.

January 13, 2001, 11:11 pm Msg #1493
Hey everybody. Miss another day of school on Friday. Woke up with it snowing. Receive 3 to 4 inches of snow. They called school off. It warmed up and by afternoon the snow had melted off. At this rate we'll be going to school all summer. Sp00ky Benson

January 14, 2001, 12:42 pm Msg #1494
When I was a little girl, I said "Darn" and my grandmother said that was a cuss word. My Mama didn't let me cuss, even though my Daddy did. But I had never thought "darn" was a cuss word. How about y'all? My monitor has a problem with the color red so when I did get to pull up the picture of Des' s ride on Netscape, it was dark blue, but still purty. Last night my Hubby and I went to Opie's (the one from way, way back) and he cooked supper for us. He was a gracious host and we had a great time watching videos of TAGS. I have to share one of the funniest moments (to me that is). Opie had on a Carolina sweatshirt and it had the face of Bugs Bunny on it. Well, I never refer to Bugs Bunny except to say "BUGS". There we are sitting at his fancy eating table (I kept looking for the pot passers - I know wrong show) and I glimpsed the face of Bugs Bunny on his shirt and excited pointed (not polite I know) and said "BUGS" and Opie looks over toward the corner and looks back at me and I died laughing saying, "No, I mean Bugs Bunny on your shirt." We all had a big laugh. Didn't see any creepy crawly bugs in the immaculate house. We got to visit with his cat Opie too. Very beautiful cat and really took a shine to Hubby. My computer worked this morning after Hubby beat on it. Email is still a joke on this thing. I don't know what is wrong but I did get my sound and real player back. Maybe eventually I'll figure everything else out. Happy Sunday. Miss Ellie "PIPE DOWN, this ain't a ball park!"

January 14, 2001, 12:51 pm Msg #1495
Miss Ellie! You are a treasurah!!!

January 14, 2001, 5:57 pm Msg #1496
yo to everybody

my mom, granny, and brother are out in the asphalt jungle from west virginia visiting me verleen and robert. it otta be pretty fun.


January 14, 2001, 9:49 pm Msg #1497
Ollie, I'm sorry about my comment earlier. Someone had told me that this was Ande's place. My fault.
Also wanted to say hello to my good friend O'Malley. Hey Chuck.

Mr. Schwump http://www.schwumpster.com

January 15, 2001, 12:07 am Msg #1498
Hi All. Will it look like we are going back to have aii the snow this week and cold too. haha Ollie what part of West Virginia are thim from, I have some fmaily there A Child's Prayer May the Lord's light shine where'er you roam And its brilliance guid you safely home. May it steer you on seas forever calm And always keep you safe from harm. May it radiate the brightest of beams To always keep and fulfill your dreams. May it never flicker when trouble brews And lead to safe haebors for you to use. May it shine eternal from high above And always fill your life with love. TOM

January 15, 2001, 8:36 am Msg #1499
Hey to everyone! Just checking in. Mr. Cookie Bar

January 15, 2001, 5:57 pm Msg #1500
Hello from North Carolina - We had an absolutely beautiful day here today - Warm and blue skies - just a delight - I am watching The Andy Griffith Show as I write this....It's a color one - although I am a purist (Only like black and white episodes) It's not to bad... any Andy is better than no Andy.. Just wanted to check in - trying to do better..Lots of luck to you and Yours! CDfromNC

January 15, 2001, 6:59 pm Msg #1501
My favorite color episode...the three spaghetti dinners. Love it ! I agree CD/NC that black and white ones are better.

Pray for Granny..she has a bad cold and has some lung problems as well as along with a lot of other problems. She had MRI today to see if she has had another light stroke. Thanks. Charlene Darling in NC, I again agree with you...an absolutely gorgeous warm day. Tom, that is a lovely prayer. Hello everyone ! Miss Ellie "Goober, I'm fixing to go eat my 3rd supper, and when I get back, I'm gonna kill you."

January 16, 2001, 12:16 pm Msg #1502
no problemo schwumpster.

been ill with the flu that little robert got. first robert, then verleen, then me. i'ts a mean one too.


January 16, 2001, 1:13 pm Msg #1503
ollie? did ya get innarculated for that flu?

January 16, 2001, 1:25 pm Msg #1504
no i got incarcerated. lol


January 16, 2001, 2:12 pm Msg #1505
Hey Mr. Cookie Bar!

January 16, 2001, 2:24 pm Msg #1506
I, too, was taught that "darn" was just a watered down version of "d*mn", and was therefore a cussword. Didn't keep me from saying either, though... *S* ollie, hope you're over that horrible flu. I had it a coupla years ago and thought I was gonna die! Prayers for Granny, Miss Ellie. Glad you like my new ride! My younguns are old enough now to keep their heinies in the seats with seatbelts on, but just a very few years ago I wouldn't have even considered it! Love to my Porch fambly! ~Dež~