June 30, 2001 - Msg 1007: Dear Porch, me and th' boyz been takin turns uh cookin but theys about the wurst cooks they is. So if yu r abel, send us up sum uh Ant Bea's "TATERS, BREAD & MEAT" Thanks jist a hole bunch, Briscoe

June 30, 2001 - Msg 1008: Test

June 30, 2001 - Msg 1009: I don't understand. What are you talking about?

June 30, 2001 - Msg 1010: Well Briscoe, I'd be rite proud if un's I could sher sum wif yu. See un's how yu don't hav no wif n' all. Will see un's wat we kan du.

June 30, 2001 - Msg 1011: Hey Briscoe, du yu lik yur kornbred wif suger or wifout suger? Fergot to ask un's yu that.

June 30, 2001 - Msg 1012: I like mine with soup beans! The cornbread that is.

June 30, 2001 - Msg 1013: where can I get a permit to peddle here in mayberry? I have a fur for sale. But if it's not good quality don't accuse me of being a thief! My mother might hear it!

newton monroe

July 01, 2001 - Msg 1014: Newton, I don't know where you can get a permit. But would you like to come and paint my house? I know you're ept.
Mrs. Von Roeder

July 01, 2001 - Msg 1015: It's gonna be a hot one today, heck it already is an' it's only 9:51 in the mornin'. It's nice up here in the shade though.

July 01, 2001 - Msg 1016: Newton, you go by the courthouse and see Andy or Barn for a permit to peddle. Hey, they might even set you up with a stand just to irritate Ben Weaver.
Hello everyone.
RIP - Chet Atkins, age 77. Now providing beautiful music in Paradise.
Miss Ellie
"You know, when Ben goes, he ain't gonna go like everybody else. He's just gonna nasty away."

July 01, 2001 - Msg 1017: Test.

July 01, 2001 - Msg 1018: Good Sabbath, all~~
hey, when yer done testin' is Miss Crump gonna give ya a Certificate of Learning so's ya kin up an' marry yore sweet Romeena? kin ya name th' bound'ries? kin ya add 25 an' 25?
I really gotta come by here more often, friends... no matter what craziness I git mixed up in, everything is a-okay in Mayberry!
gonna go brush up mah Blue Suede Shoes now.
~~love, Leon

July 01, 2001 - Msg 1019: "Goober! Get under there with them spiders."

July 01, 2001 - Msg 1020: I mean Gomer

July 01, 2001 - Msg 1021: I mean Gomer

July 01, 2001 - Msg 1022: Oh brother. - Hazel

"No, it don't have to be. It could be a cousin, like me."

July 01, 2001 - Msg 1023: If I was a spider that's where I'd go.

July 01, 2001 - Msg 1024: Does Mr. Monroe have bicycles? My boy is leaning to ride without
training wheels and we sure could use a good deal on one!

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday!


July 01, 2001 - Msg 1025: The skeeters are getting bad - time to go in.

July 01, 2001 - Msg 1026: it's the fallout, it's affectin' the milk!

July 01, 2001 - Msg 1027: Is there anyone on a number 2 amber alert? awake at all times, just in case earnest t sneaks onto the porch! And I do have a great deal on a bicycle, but you'll have to check with me later. I've got to go clean the furnace in the courthouse basement. Flue??? What flue?

July 01, 2001 - Msg 1028: Woops, that was me - Newton Monroe!

July 02, 2001 - Msg 1029: Newton I wasn't as$igned the number 2 amber alert, but I sure could have handled it, I didn't sleep a wink last night. It MUST be the fallout!

July 02, 2001 - Msg 1030: that censor thang sure does work good, wouldn't let me write that there word up there the way it's supposed to be spelled. Good job there Mr. Goss Now can ya get that thang to work on dog hair?

July 02, 2001 - Msg 1031: Good morning porch - it seems that all are in good spirits this morning. It will be a grand week with the fourth of July on Wednesday. I hope Andy and the boys have been practicing to play in the parade. Everyone will be decked out in red, white and blue. Let's celebrate 225 years grandly!

July 02, 2001 - Msg 1032: I just love sitting on this porch with ya'll ! ! !

July 02, 2001 - Msg 1033: Hello Homemaker and everyone! Maybe after the parade we could all have a nice town picnic up by Meyers Lake. Maybe we could pitch horseshoes or just swap stories while the youngens take a dip in the lake. Then finish the day up by listening to a band concert while the stars come out. Sure would be a nice way to spend the 4th.
Mrs. Von Roeder

July 02, 2001 - Msg 1034: Sounds like a nice day you've planned Mrs. Von Roeder, and Homemaker. But please don't let the Mayors wife or daughter sing. And stay away from them old mines. If them bats lay eggs in your hair you go crazy.

July 02, 2001 - Msg 1035: Sounds like a nice day you've planned Mrs. Von Roeder, and Homemaker. But please don't let the Mayors wife or daughter sing. And stay away from them old mines. If them bats lay eggs in your hair you go crazy.

July 02, 2001 - Msg 1036: Sounds like a nice day you've planned Mrs. Von Roeder, and Homemaker. And stay away from them old mines. If them bats lay eggs in your hair you go crazy.

July 02, 2001 - Msg 1037: Asa's getting to where he repeats himself now and again..... ha ha....

July 02, 2001 - Msg 1038: I don't know... Every once in a while I like to see a bat! Hazel

July 02, 2001 - Msg 1039: Barney Andy, Otis was standing naked before me.
OtisI was not!

July 02, 2001 - Msg 1040: Sorry about that gang. I had to bump my computer. You think I got bats in my hair don't you?


July 02, 2001 - Msg 1041: Happy Fourth of July everyone!

July 02, 2001 - Msg 1042: Aunt Bee-e says, Hi, and Happy Fourth of July, to my Mayberry family!

July 02, 2001 - Msg 1043: Don't worry Asa. We'll get us a party together to get the bat eggs out of your hair. :-)

Barney: "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of his neighbors."

Have a good night all!
Mrs. Von Roeder

July 02, 2001 - Msg 1044: Asa, do you think men will ever land on the moon? Man... you already there! (joke joke) I just hope those bats didn't lay their eggs in there. We might have to get you some miracle salve to get em out. - Hazel

July 03, 2001 - Msg 1045: Mornin' Porch, I seen me a bat last night in my back yard while I was breakin' beans & almost died laughin' thinkin' of Asa with bat eggs in his hair! LOL
My 'baby' will be 13 tomorrow! *sniff sniff* yep he's a firecracker baby.
gotta go to work (yuck) Wonder what causes that? bet it's bills!

July 03, 2001 - Msg 1046:
"How is Jesse Pearson doin' these days, Barn?"
"He's put on some weight an' is gonna go on a diet. How'd you know I saw Jess?"
"Oh, I got eyes. I was drivin' by when you were comin' out. Cashew fudge?"
"Yeah. There was a Bogart-Bacall movie on the TV last night."
"Uh-Oh. Did you get some sugar from Thelma Lou last night, Barn? Huh, Barn? Did you?"
"I'm not talkin' about me an' Thelma Lou, Ange."
"Oh, Barn, I'm just pickin'. So did you get some kissy on the jaw? What about on the lips?"
Nip it, Ange."
"Aw, Barn got some sugar on the lips. Was it sweet, Barn?"
"Nip it! Nip it! Nip it!"

July 03, 2001 - Msg 1047: hi

July 03, 2001 - Msg 1048: Are there bats on the moon? If not, I'm moving there. I'm tired of wearing my hat all the time. And Barney wont let me wear his.


July 03, 2001 - Msg 1049: Barney: "Don't wear my hat, Ange. I don't like people wearing my hat. My mother's the same way."
Andy: "Yeah, I remember that about your mother."

July 03, 2001 - Msg 1050: I can picture you and your Mother sitting around with your hats pulled down over your ears.


July 03, 2001 - Msg 1051: Next time I go tiger huntin, I'm gonna take my tweezers.

July 03, 2001 - Msg 1052: "It;s not a whim anymore if you put on clean underwear."

July 03, 2001 - Msg 1053: Happy 4th to my new neighbors here on the porch. Please keep hats and bats to yourselves :-) and don't forget the potato salad when we go to the lake tomorrow. We might need it for bait!
Happy birthday to your son Mavis - he is now a teenager!

July 03, 2001 - Msg 1054: Hello all! The Junior family will be cooking burgers and hotdogs on the 4th. I like sugar on my cornbread.

Happy 4th all!
Briscoe Darling Jr.
Hey ta':
Miss Ellie
An' everyone!

July 03, 2001 - Msg 1055: I'm Posting this again for ~Des~. Incase someone didn't get a chance to read it before it got swept.

"Hi, guys! I've missed you. About a month ago I didn't unplug during a storm
and blew my mother board figure. My computer has been in the shop for a month
of Sundays. (Literally!) I borrowed my kids' old AST (which is my old
computer - the one I used when I first came to the Porch in Sept. of '96 -
soooo long ago....) and installed AOL temporarily until I can get my *real*
computer back! I've tried for weeks to post here, but this old Web-O-Matic
(lol) won't let me for some reason, so I'm asking Junior to please pass this
on for me. If anyone has mailed me at my satx.rr.com address, rest easy
I'll get it eventually, but can't access it right now.
Anyway, I've missed y'all and hope to be back online FOR REAL (lol) soon. I
was reading the messages and saw some names from the old Porch, which made me
very happy! Can't wait to be able to yak at y'all again.
RIP, Carroll O'Connor. We loved you so much. My mom is still in mourning; he
was like a family member. Thank you again Miss Ellie for directing me to his
website eons ago. I used to love to read the messages. Was always too scared
to post, though. He can (oops, COULD - can't quite grasp that just yet) be
RIP, Jack Lemmon. You were one of the best ever.
Love to everyone, and I miss you guys SO MUCH!! ~Dež~"

Have a Mayberry Day friends.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

July 03, 2001 - Msg 1056: Homemaker, I sure will bring the potato salad. I have the Aunt Bee Cookbook and it has a delicious recipe for potato salad in it. For those of you that don't have the cookbook,I think you would like it. It has all kinds of good recipes, pictures of TAGS characters and TAGS trivia in it.
Mrs. Von Roeder

July 03, 2001 - Msg 1057: Hey folks! Hope everyone has a great holiday tomorrow. I caught Nick at Nights "Unreality" marathon and there were 8 eps of TAGS. I don't get TV Land so I miss out on a lot of TAGS so I was extry glad to see this going on!


July 03, 2001 - Msg 1058: If you see a turtle crossing the road, don't hit him he is trying to get to the Shell Sta

July 03, 2001 - Msg 1059: Thanks homemaker on the birthday wishes for my boy, yep a teenager, I'll probably WISH I had bats in my hair before it's over!
btw, I'll brang the baked beans, & I'll try to make enough so Brisco can eat 4 bowls.
Eatin' speaks louder than words

July 03, 2001 - Msg 1060: Happy 4th everyone and isn't it going to be nice sitting on the porch and drinking lemonade and hearing the red, white & blue flapping in the breeze. God Bless America!

July 03, 2001 - Msg 1061: Thank you to all the men and women who served to make our country free.
Happy July 4th everyone !

Briscoe, tell Des, Hey for me.

I liked the turtle saying, 1058.

Can I bring the "cool chips"?

Miss Ellie

July 04, 2001 - Msg 1062: Good morning all. Happy 4th to all and happy birtday America. Still the greatest nation in the world. Happy birthday to your son Mavis. And good luck to you. My corn aint ready to pick yet so I guess I'll bring my roll of tin foil.

July 04, 2001 - Msg 1063: 225 years old today.....wow....look what this country has done in 225 years.

July 04, 2001 - Msg 1064: No kidding - we have had a few steps back
but really we are babies compared to most countries and are so far ahead in technology

July 04, 2001 - Msg 1065: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!! Morning Porch Hope everyone is doing well & will keep safe this holiday. Gonna go visit the sisters & tell em it's a holiday, see what comes out of that flower-making machine!

July 04, 2001 - Msg 1066: Hey to Mavis, Floyd and everyone on the porch! Mavis, hope your son has a wonderful birthday. We are so fortunate to be living in the USA. God has truly blessed our country. Hope everyone has a good 4th of July.
Mrs. Von Roeder

July 04, 2001 - Msg 1067: Hope everyone has a great day today! I might have just one little nip latter in the day... after all, it is 4th of July! - Hazel

"We make our exlixor for special occasions. No occasion, no nippin."

July 04, 2001 - Msg 1068: Good afternoon Floyd, Briscoe, Mavis, Asa, Miss Ellie, Mrs. Von Roeder, Hazel and to my other porch sitting friends. We attended the county fourth of July parade. Our local VFW has become some old that they were unable to be the honor guard. Our greatest generation is slowly disappearing. As usual I cried through the parade - there is just something about a parade and old Glory that makes me cry. We'll be watching the fireworks tonight! I hope everyone has a wonderful FOURTH. God Bless America - truly she is a unique nation! Time to go work on the food for the picnic. TTFN (ta ta for now!)

July 04, 2001 - Msg 1069: Anybody going to see some fireworks?? Not sure if I will...have a good time whatever you do!!



July 05, 2001 - Msg 1070:
"Well Barn, did you enjoy the fireworks last night?"
"Yep. Me an' Thelma Lou was down by the duck pond watchin' 'em. I don't think they was as good as last years, was they?"
"Barn, they went all out this year 'cause we've had rain the last couple years, remember?"
"Well, maybe they didn't have the right amount of TNT in 'em."
"What do you know about fireworks?"
"I know ya gotta have the right amount of TNT in 'em so they explode right. If they don't then it's just 'Pffft' an' you got yourself a dud."
"What exactly is TNT, Barn?"
"It neans Tri-Nitrogen-Tolerate, an' you mix it with clay to make them fireworks explode. Maybe they put in too much clay."
"Barn, there was nothin' wrong with 'em. Howard Sprague says the town spent more this year than ever before on fireworks."
"How much?"
"Forty-seven dollars an' fifty-two cents."
"Well, they had too much clay in 'em. Pffft."

July 05, 2001 - Msg 1071: hi?

July 05, 2001 - Msg 1072: Good morning porch. . .my little ones sure enjoyed the fireworks last nite! It was quite a show. Unfortunately we needed Barn and Ang to help us out with traffic directing. That was a nightmare!
It looks like it might be a pretty day here in Indiana. Time to go be a mom. (School starts again in six weeks-then I'll have to be a real grown up again and go back to work). TTFN

July 05, 2001 - Msg 1073: Hope everyone had a nice holiday. It was purty good here, 'cept the rain.

July 05, 2001 - Msg 1074: Unfortunately the fire works in my corner of Mayberry were those provided by Mother Nature. One county near us received flood damage on roads and at a small airport. But we had a good day. We washed off the back porch of our home, that we had the freedom to buy because many gave their arms, legs, lives so that we have that freedom. I thank them.
Mavis, Happy Birthday to your son !
Hope everyone is happy and well.
Miss Ellie

July 05, 2001 - Msg 1075: good evenin' to the Porch! ((((HUGS))))

July 06, 2001 - Msg 1076:
"Is Otis awake yet?" "Naw. He kept me up 'till two this mornin' talkin' about the firework last night. You should'a seen him! He was a mess." "Fireworks last night! They were two night ago. What's he been doin' since then?" "Oh, he said somethin' about shootin' off his own fireworks. He did have sparkler wires stuck all over hisself." "Well Barn, last night won't be the last time Otis is lit up."

July 06, 2001 - Msg 1077: Hey all,
I'm new here. Love this website! Just got back from Nashville and enjoyed the Mayberry cast reunion.
Awesome. Made lots of new friends there and in Mayberry, (Mt Airy, NC)
Stayed two nights at Mayberry Motor Inn . Hey Alma,Hey Luther, Hey Russell (Floyd) Haitt , my buddy.More later,
Kathy, Lancaster, PA

July 06, 2001 - Msg 1078: Hey to the Porch. I hope all is well with all of you. Welcome Kathy (I was in Nashville too) and welcome to all the other newcomers.
jennie boone

July 06, 2001 - Msg 1079: Jennie Boone FISH FRIEND!!! How are you!?! Nice to see you posting today. Hey to all the porchters.


July 06, 2001 - Msg 1080: Boy, it's been kinda quiet here on the porch lately. Has everyone gone fishin? Welcome to Kathy! We're real friendly here, you'll like it. - Hazel
(Just don't dip your hat in the horse trough)

July 06, 2001 - Msg 1081: hey porch! I'm off to the ironing board!
That's adventure sleepin'!

July 07, 2001 - Msg 1082: Good morning porch. . .it looks to be a drizzly day here in Indiana. Welcome to the porch Jennie and Kathy. . .you'll find us pretty friendly. At least I got a warm reception when I walked on here. Tonite will be a family "rebellion" of my brothers and sister and most of the nieces and nephews. Hope you got your ironing done Mavis. It sounds like an adventure!
Have a great day. . .hope the sun is shining where you are!
RIP Johnny Russell (another country music legend)

July 07, 2001 - Msg 1083: Good Morning porch and hello to a "Hoosier" from another "Hoosier". We had a lot of rain in our area last night and mother natures fireworks. Watching RFD off and on and can't quite warm up to it.

July 07, 2001 - Msg 1084: Hey there,
Just putt'en the morning dishes away and thought I'd come out and take in this beautiful day and say hey!

July 07, 2001 - Msg 1085: I think I'll go out to meyers lake and see if I can spot ole Sam. Maybe Howard won't be there with all his sophisticated fihin' gear!

July 07, 2001 - Msg 1086: newton monroe

July 07, 2001 - Msg 1087: Hi there all. I'm another newcomer to the porch and to this web site. Sounds like a friendly place. It's sunny and warm here in Plymouth, Massachusetts.


July 07, 2001 - Msg 1088: has anyone seen andy around........ he owes me $10 and i want it

July 07, 2001 - Msg 1089: some West Indian locorice mocha delight would be good right now. But I don't have 40 cents. Anybody got any change?

Newton Monroe

July 07, 2001 - Msg 1090: Newton. .is that something you eat or drink. I haven't heard of anything other than a cool bottle of grape Nehi! I bet Barney would know what it was - he so much more sophisticated than I am and he even sings "Alcupulco" - not sure of the spelling but it is some big fancy word for me! :-)
by the way I don't have 40 cents either

July 08, 2001 - Msg 1091: Good Morning Porch. West Indian licorice mocha delight is Thelma Lou's favorite ice cream! - Hazel

July 08, 2001 - Msg 1092:
"Good afternoon Mr. Darling. What brings you and the rest of the clan into town?" "Howdy, Sheriff. We just got finished seein' Dud off to Raleigh for two-weeks of servicin' his country and we thought we'd stop by fer a visit." "Well, it's good to see y'all. Come on up on the porch an' set a spell. Howdy boys, Charlene." "Is Miss Bee around, Sher...CHARLENE! You get off the Sheriff's lap an' sit over there. Sheriff, don't start tantalizin' her now Dud's gone." "Now Mr. Darlin', I was not tantalizin' her." "Well see that ya don't. As I was sayin', is Miss Bee around? I haven't laid eyes on her in a while." "No. She's downtown shoppin'. She won't be back for a couple hours." "Sorry to hear that. Say, Sheriff, you got yer guitar in the house? Maybe we can play a few songs." "Yeah boy. Let me go get it." "CHARLENE! Let go of his leg. Sheriff, I'm warnin' ya." "Oh for goodness sakes, Mr. Darlin, I'm not..."

July 08, 2001 - Msg 1093: hey to the Porch.

--T. Jelsik Osgood

July 08, 2001 - Msg 1094: Sorry Hazel. . .I didn't know that. I am not up on Thelma Lou as everyone else. I guess I showed my ignorance. It probably won't be the first time nor the last time.

July 08, 2001 - Msg 1095: shazamm !!

July 08, 2001 - Msg 1096: Gomer says "Hey."

July 08, 2001 - Msg 1097: Hey to all of you here. Hope you are all having a great summer.
Stranger in town

July 08, 2001 - Msg 1098: I too live in the Hoosier state and we had all the kin folks from here and yonder here for the holiday weekend.

My youngun (looks alot like Opie) was askin' me 'bout marriage the other day. I told him, "When someone marries you, the polite thing to do is to marry em right back!"

As a matter of fact, Kyle was on the cover of North Carolina Business magazine in 1995 in an issue about Mt. Airy. Good ole Floyd was cutting his hair and a young photographer came in and said, "This is just what my editor is looking for." When I get my scanner up and running where would be a place that I could post it? Anyone know?

July 08, 2001 - Msg 1099: OOPS I wanted to give myself a name. I guess I'll just call myself FUN GIRL if that handle isn't already taken.

July 08, 2001 - Msg 1100: nite porch!

July 08, 2001 - Msg 1101: Hello newcomers. I want to add that Jennie has been around here a long time. Jennie, how's all your cats ?
I want to ask prayer for two more cats while I'm at it. My friend's cat Bootsie is elderly and not eating. Been to the vet and he helped her lots, but she still won't eat..been l0 days now. They keep calling the doctor and he makes suggestions.
My cat Baby has a runny eye. I think she got cat litter in it. Usually it clears up quick but has been going on all day ..better, but not well.
Hope all are doing fine. I'm going to hit the sack now.
Miss Ellie

July 08, 2001 - Msg 1102: I should also add, Jennie ain't old...I mean she's been a part of Frank's Porch, Ollie's Porch and now Allan's Porch.
She's actually a spring chicken.
Miss Ellie

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1103: I need to go fix my son a late afternoon "pick me up." You know those thin wirey types need that late afternoon "pick me up." He must be related to the Fifes as he is thin and wirey and that runs in the family. All those Fifes were thin and wirey. Me, I'm built more like Big Maude! Have a great day Fun Girl

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1104: Hello Fun Girl, Miss Ellie, Hazel, and the rest of the porch. Maybe I won't put my foot in my mouth today. We had a horrible storm go through our section of the hoosier state last nite (actually yesterday afternoon and then again at night). The electricity was off for about 4 hours.
Glad to here someone else is built like Big Maude - maybe that should have bben my name but I do love to cook so I think my name is suitable.
It's going to be hot, hot, hot, - best get the lemonade and sweet tea ready for today. TTFN

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1105: You know, Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does any thing about it. You know who said that?


July 09, 2001 - Msg 1106: Hello all! I've been rockin' on the Porch since May 1997.

Hey ta':
Miss Ellie
An' everyone!

Briscoe Darling Jr.

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1107:
"Good morning Andy" "G'mornin' Auny Bee. Did ya sleep well?" "Very well, Andy. I saw you out here and thought I would join you for a few minutes." "Sit down an' take a load off. It's a fine mornin'. The air is cool and crisp, just right for porch-sittin'" "Andy, have you noticed Opie acting distracted lately?" "Well, Aunt Bee, he is eight years old." "I think something is bothering him. You should talk to him." "All right, I will, tonight." "Oh Andy, why don't you..." "Aunt Bee! Is that smoke I see comin' out of the window?" " OH NO! MY BISCUITS!..."

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1108: Just find ye a spot and hold on!

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1109: Hey to you Briscoe, Homemaker, Miss Ellie and all else on the porch. Prayers for your cats Miss Ellie. Briscoe I saw Charlene on R.F.D. last night. She's working over at the Diner using an alias, and hitting on Howard. Just thought ya ought to know.


July 09, 2001 - Msg 1110: Howdy, yall! remember me? ~Mrs. Wiley So glad to find the front porch again!!
Asa, didn't herbert hoover say that? or was it Calvin Coolidge?

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1111: *Mavis, you got a firecracker baby too? My daughter turned 12 on the 4th. Amazing. Jest don't seem possible. We saw fireworks on the 3rd, then went to the Varsity for greezy onion rings and hot dogs. Went into labor 3 hrs later.

I was flipin channels last night and was pleasantly surprized with TAGS on Nick. Gotta fire up the VCR for next Sunday. Briscoe, Miss Ellie, so glad to see yall again!!

~Mrs. Wiley

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1112: How do you dooooooo Mrs. Wiiiiileeeeey? Earnest T. Bass ain't been a heevin no rocks at yer winders lately has he? If'n he does just give Andy a call. He'll give Barn a holler and you know ole Barn. He'll have him locked up in "the rock" in no time.

Hey Mavis, I wish I had known about the Varsity and them there hot dogs and onion rings back in May of 1990. That there Opie look-alike was 3 (count em 3) weeks overdue. He was a powerful purty baby though. I reckon he was worth the wait. It is hot and muggy here in the southern part of the Hoosier state. Hey Homemaker, what say we go up town and get a bottle of pop?

I was mistaken about Lil Opie being on the cover of the magazine, he was in two pictures in the inside.

Can anybody out there tell me the name of the song or songs that always make Charlene Darlin Wash cry? I am stumped. Thank ya kindly.

Fun Girl

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1113: Hey all,
Thanks for the big "Wilkum" ( I live in Pa Dutch country-Lancaster),to the porch.
This has to be the only sittin I get to do. Not too much time on my hands today, but when I checked in to see any responses, I was overwhelmed with goodness. I'm gonna like it here. Now the fun part will be thinking of a handle that I like. Till I do, I'm still,
More later!

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1114: How about "Tearin' up yer Old Clothes for Rags"?
Naw, Pa, that'n makes me cry!
Well then hang on! A-one anna two anna....

~Mrs Wiley

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1115: Hey Kathy, How about Karen Burgess? Opie's wanna be girlfriend. Hey back to ya' ~Mrs Wiley. Hey Asa, you still have the misery down in yer back? I got sum mallberry sqezzins that may hep.....Then again, it aint gonna hurt none either. Ha-Ha!

Briscoe Darling Jr.

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1116: Hey all! Welcome Kathy. Miss Ellie, I'll be praying for the kitty cats. I have a couple of cats myself so know how precious they are to the heart.
Mrs. Von Roeder

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1117: Hey, Fun Girl! Charlene cried at "Slimy River Bottom", "Never hit your Grandma with a Great Big Stick", "Keep your Money in your Shoes and it won't get wet, and "Boil Them Cabbage Down". I had to look it up in my Andy Griffith Show Book. - Hazel

My education was worth every penny of it.

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1118: Thank ya kindly Mrs. Wiley. "Tearin Up Your Old Clothes for Rags" always makes me cry too. I got a hankerin for a grape Nehi. Reckon Wally's got any over to the fillin station?

Fun Girl

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1119: Hey to Kathy and the Porch.

Wilkum?!? Is she arguin' with me?? Just so's I know where I stand....

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1120: Hello everyone!~ Juanita here.
As you may remember I live on the NC/SC coast. The tornados of Friday were about 10 miles from me.
I found pics on the web at NOAA (choose eastern time zone, and Wilmington NC (the closest station))
Amazing pics!
Love to all!

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1121: anybody hoooome?

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1122: Jeopardy today had a whole category called *The Andy Griffith Show*. I was down right pickled tink to see that.

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1123: .

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1124: darned ol ford broke down right outside of mayberry,had to wait till some guy named goober picked it up and towed it in..funny thing thow..while i was awaitin i went to the restroom and i heard some yellin like "youd bettr not you nut " next thing i know my windshield is busted...go figer !

July 09, 2001 - Msg 1125: Barney's parents had their anniversary today. He gave them a septic tank for a gift. Two tons of solid concrete all steel reinforced! He said they're hard to buy for. Ain't he a good son?

Newton Monroe

July 10, 2001 - Msg 1126: Mornin' DEARS! It's great to see all the TAGS posts along with the non-TAGS ones.
The cat's are doing ok Ellie. Sadly, we lost one of our kittins (Burt), but Squirt is doing well. The grown-ups are "tolerating" him. Bless his little heart. I'll keep a good thought for your kitty.
Have a Mayberry kind of day, everyone,
jennie boone

July 10, 2001 - Msg 1127: Looks like another hot and muggy one for us "hoooosierss"
I'll meet you Fun Girl at Wally's but my I'll have to pull my boys along in
in the wagon. If that's okay.

I think Barney is downright good son - a septic tank was a wonderful gift. My daddy once gave my mommasome carpeting for the living room and he liked it so good he ran it all the way out to the bathroom. That was high livin'!
Have a wonderful day Porch - - -

July 10, 2001 - Msg 1128: Looks like another hot and muggy one for us "hoooosierss"
I'll meet you Fun Girl at Wally's but my I'll have to pull my boys along in
in the wagon. If that's okay.

I think Barney is downright good son - a septic tank was a wonderful gift. My daddy once gave my mommasome carpeting for the living room and he liked it so good he ran it all the way out to the bathroom. That was high livin'!
Have a wonderful day Porch - - -

July 10, 2001 - Msg 1129: oops seemed I accidently repeated myself - sorry
must be my old timers disease

July 10, 2001 - Msg 1130: Don't fret none Homemaker. I've been known to repeat my self every now and again. Just stay away from them bats and you'll be o.k. Just stay away from them bats and you'll be o.k.:) I'm still waiting on that elixier Briscoe. Well I best get back to work. Hope all is well with eveyone. over and under uh roger and out uh 4-10 uh.....BYE.

July 10, 2001 - Msg 1131: Whoops That was me.


July 10, 2001 - Msg 1132: Hey all!
For the Mayberry Record, "Wilkum" is PA Dutch for welcome.Good news! I've found my Front Porch name. Kathy from Lancaster, PA will now be known as Fifer. I'd like to explain how I arrived at this. My 9 year old son's favorite TAGS character is Barney. I personally think Don Knotts as Barney Fife is an institution. And ... are you ready for this? My next love, after TAGS is Civil War hisory and I play the fife! Cool? I think so. Happy to share this with you. I'd love to hear how others have come up with their "Porch" names.Do tell.