July 10, 2001 - Msg 1133: Hey to Fifer....I knew all along what "Wilkum" meant, I was just seeing if your version jived with mine...I've been around, you know...I've been to Raleigh and everything, PLUS my cousin once dated a registered nurse....oh, I'm swayve all right...


July 10, 2001 - Msg 1134:
SLAM! "BARN...BARN...HEY BARN...Oh there ya are. What ya doin' Barn, takin' a nap?" "No! I just thought the back room needed tidyin' up so I'm tidyin' up." "Barn, it's OK for you to take a nap once in a while. I don't mind." "I tell ya I was sweepin' up." "Barn, your hat's fallin' off. Wait a minute, that's not your hat. BARN! What are you doin' with the slop jar on your head? Why I don't think I'd put that thing on my head." Your real funny, Andy, real funny. Why don't ypu get a red rubber nose and join the circus. Why don't you go outside and poke holes in the car tires, you're so funny." Oh Barn, I was just funnin' ya. Don't be mad at me. C'mon Barn,..." "NIP IT!"

July 10, 2001 - Msg 1135: Howdy Porch,
Juanita, that was some tornado.
Here is a nice picture of it.

July 10, 2001 - Msg 1136: Wow, that was wild looking alright. glad I wasn't down there when it went thru!

July 10, 2001 - Msg 1137: Just finished readin' the archives to catch up, wish Aunt Bee would gossip loud enough so's I can hear her & I wouldn't have to go lookin for them archives! LOL
Yep, my young 'un was a firecracker baby & I had fried chicken & fried green 'maters about 4 hours before I went inot labor! LOL
Fifer I got my porch name from all the wonderful people on the first porch, they came up with a bunch of suggestions & I went with *Mavis Neff.
Ya'll have a good 'un were getting storms here (again) & I live with a bunch of giraffes, so guess I'm on my own.
them giraffes are selfish

July 10, 2001 - Msg 1138: them carps are mean too!

July 10, 2001 - Msg 1139: That automatic sweep function is neat...even if I *did* write the script. haha.. Just remember, all the past Msg's can be found at the Archives found on the bottom of the Porch.

July 10, 2001 - Msg 1140: Well little Opie is my one and only, so I won't need them fried green maters, or the Hot Dogs and Onion Rings from the Varsity. I named my self after the Fun Girls from Raleigh that Andy and Barney once dated. I look more like Big Maude, but I thought that handle might be taken. And hey, don't all girls just wanna have fun? I think even Helen and Thel did too, they were just to prissy to act like it. Even Aunt Bee liked to play the piano and sing, "Toot,Toot,Tootsie goodbye! Toot,Toot,Tootsie don't cry!" after she had a snort of the Colonels Elixer.
Fun Girl

July 10, 2001 - Msg 1141: 1135 Thanks for the picture, the best yet I've seen.
I was able to print it out too, to keep and to show my Mama.
Awesome, I've seen a small water spout once at Topsail Island, NC and the girl who cleaned our room said sometimes there are 3 or 4 in a row out there.
Glad I got to see one, hope to never see another.
Miss Ellie

July 11, 2001 - Msg 1142: I agree the automatic sweep function is great; Floyd you are a bird in this world. I always wondered what Andy meant when he would say that to Aunt Bee. Anybody know? - Hazel

July 11, 2001 - Msg 1143: Mornin Hazel and everyone else. I've wondered that same thing. I thought it sounded so good though, I said it once to my Aunt Etty and she bout took my head off. But she's from across "the big pond" {England} so maybe it has a different meaning there.


July 11, 2001 - Msg 1144: "Hey Ange, look. There goes Viola Slatt. If she's not the biggest gossip in town it's because she lost 30 pounds. I wonder whose life she's gonna make a living heck for the next week?" "Barney! That's not a nice thing to say about her. She does go on about people a little, but ain't none of us perfect." "Perfect! She don't even live in the same state. I saw her talkin' to Laura Lee Hobbs the other day an' her lips was asmokin' they was movin so fast." "Judge not lest ye be judged, Barn." "Yeah, well..." "Where are you goin'?" "Are you kiddin'? I'm gonna find out the latest dirt."

July 11, 2001 - Msg 1145: Hello Fun Girl, Hazel, Asa, Miss Ellie, Mavis and the rest of the gang. . .I could do with some of the colonel's elixir today. I woke up and our big buck goat busted the fence between him and the does. Well, I became farm woman and fixed the fence until my husband gets home. Then it was chasing down Bubba to get him back where he belongs. What a day already! I hope everyone else's day goes better. It's a good thing we don't have any dynamite lying around!

July 11, 2001 - Msg 1146: Sorry to hear about your rough start Homemaker. To bad Barn wasn't around to play his harmonica. Did you use chicken wire on that fence? Don't want your neighbors gettin all riled up you know.


July 11, 2001 - Msg 1147: Hi Porchters! Well dang Floyd, automatic sweep? Next thing you know, you'll be going door to door sellin' them things. Great feature, though.

I'm down in Tricky Timer Territory (FL) and we're finally getting some relief from the drought. I do get nervous though about tornadoes/spouts. I saw one in S.C. as a kid riding with my parents. That's the only time I can remember my Dad speeding! *Mavis, I 'bout fell on the floor laughing this AM about 'giraffes'. They ain't near as friendly as dogs, who look out for each other. 'Specially the tremblers.

Another good porch name would be Charley Varney (Otis sometimes goes to his place to get 'gassed'). Newton Monroe is also a great pick - of course you have to spell it newton monroe (no capital letters on acount of he don't think highly of himself). I always thought Don Rickles was 'ept'. Have a Mayberry day 'yall!!!

~Mrs. Wiley now, go dance with Ramona

July 11, 2001 - Msg 1148: That automatic sweep (I guess I could call it a vacum cleaner, haha) is nice for me because it's one less thing I have to worry about remembering to do. ha ha... The mayberry.com site is kind'a BIG so it's nice to have one less thing I have to maintain manually.

I didn't mean to sound like I was toot toot tooting my own horn. I's just happy it's working. :-)

I'm EPT!!! --Floyd

July 11, 2001 - Msg 1149: Rainin' here in Florida right now. Think I'll sit here an' listen to it hit the porch roof.

July 11, 2001 - Msg 1150: Hello all! Happy Birthday to my best Buddy ~Des~! I liked you first! Thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness in my life. I hope it's the best ever! God Bless.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

July 11, 2001 - Msg 1151: I heard somewhere that it was Emmetts Birthday too, so if it is HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMETT!

Happy Birthday to Des too out in TX!!!

Just stopped by to greet the birthday folks and say Hey.



July 11, 2001 - Msg 1152: A BIG HEY to the porch. Sp00ky Benson

July 11, 2001 - Msg 1153: Hey to Sp00ky.

July 11, 2001 - Msg 1154: Happy Birthday to my friends Des and Emmett.
Hey SpOOky !
Hope everyone has a good night.
Miss Ellie

July 11, 2001 - Msg 1155: Happy Birthday to Dež and Emmett. Hey to Floyd, SpOOky, BDJ, Miss Ellie, homemaker, *Mavis, Asa, Idelle, How do you do Mrs. Wiley, and anyone else I missed.

July 11, 2001 - Msg 1156: Hootie Hoo Hootie Hoo
Chick a chee chick a chee

July 11, 2001 - Msg 1157: Nite Porch!

July 11, 2001 - Msg 1158: We knew you weren't "tooting your own horn", Floyd. You're just glad it works and want to share the news! We appreciate all you do behind the scenes in Mayberry. Why, you're right up there with Calvin Coolidge... Hazel

July 12, 2001 - Msg 1159: hi everyone, i went to the mayberry reunion and then came home to have throat surgery. so i've been out of touch for a few weeks. hope everyone is doing okay. we're smoldering in this ga heat but otherwise okay. i've got to run inside and check my pickes. later, rita campbell

July 12, 2001 - Msg 1160: Happy Birthday to Dež and Emmett. Hey to Floyd, SpOOky, BDJ, Miss Ellie, homemaker, *Mavis, Asa, Idelle,JJJ. Rita...throat surgery? Ouch! Hope all's healing fast and well! I'm wearing a heart monitor today for 24hrs. for a little flutter I've been having - looks lie a big walkman.

"my pills, I need my pills, gimmie my PILLS!!!"
~Mrs. Wiley

July 12, 2001 - Msg 1161: A beautiful coo day in Hoosier land and no escapees (goats that is). It's fair time around here and things are picking up. Caught the episode of Otis at "the Rock" last night. We have a Cincinnati station that shows an hour of TAGS nightly and a Louisville station that has an episode a nite. I love Aunt Bea as a Warden - she had spunk!
Mrs. Wiley and Rita Campbell - here are some get well wishes being tossed your way. Hope all is better.
And Asa - chicken wire is just a God-send. The best thing since sliced bread.
Everyone have a delightful day!
yes Floyd, the sweep is AWESOME! Go ahead and Toot your horn!!

July 12, 2001 - Msg 1162: that was supposed to be COOL day not a coo day - but we have baby birds out on the porch so it could be a coo day for them. :-)

July 12, 2001 - Msg 1163: Hey all! As one of the new kids on the block, can you tell be if there is a profile link that includes each of your true backgrounds that I might better visualize each of you in your Mayberry character names. If so, where would I find this profile and/or where can I give you mine?Better yet, do you want it? Always nice chattin, rockin and listenin to my friends here at the porch.

July 12, 2001 - Msg 1164: Back again, maybe that's because I hadn't left, when I realized why I asked that "profile question." How do you know everyone's birthdays today to wish them well? That reminds me, "Happy Birthday to you" to all my new small town friends.

July 12, 2001 - Msg 1165: There used to be a page that listed all the used screen names, but there wasn't any bio information. It's a good idea though! A "Mayberry directory" of sorts.

July 12, 2001 - Msg 1166: Fifer many of these "Porchsters" have been chatting for years, met each other at Mayberry Days, and become good friends.

July 12, 2001 - Msg 1167: Do any of you "Porchsters" live in Mt Airy, NC. I was there last week for two nights ( 3rd visit)-and I can't wait to go back. It's a bit of a hike for me though-a mere 400 miles from Lancaster, PA. I'd like to send a "howdy" to a few of the many friends I made there. Home for now. Check back at sunrise.

July 12, 2001 - Msg 1168: I'm planning on making the trip to Mt. Airy Friday morning (tomorrow). How is it?

July 12, 2001 - Msg 1169: oh, you'll love it, LOVE IT...
and it's not only the food, it's the atmosphere...
they really make you feel wilkum...


July 12, 2001 - Msg 1170: Jelsik yer a bird in this world!

July 12, 2001 - Msg 1171: test

July 12, 2001 - Msg 1172: We were in Mt Airy in 95 or 96 when my husband was training to work for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. We spent a month in Winston Salem and every weekend we headed to Mt. Airy. LOVED IT! Hey Homemaker, where in Indiana are you from? I am from Martinsville, how far apart are we?

I am emailing from Michigan. (my sisters house)Her boys, age 7 and 5,play fiddle and guitar. They play a mean version of "Boil them cabbages down." That'n always makes me cry.
Fun Girl

July 12, 2001 - Msg 1173: "SHAZZAM, I ant herd so much katerwallen in all my born days. You all just watch out, I'll haller FISH and I ant taken it back neather.My mouth is tasten old, I think I'll do some knocking and Tuskarora. Just love all the gang, cant pick one. Lost in Calarade.

July 13, 2001 - Msg 1174: Mornin to all you Porchsters out there. Happy Friday the 13th. Hope it's a good day. Hope yer feelin better Rita. Don't sound like much fun. And I hope all is o.k. for you Mrs. Wiley. I'm off to work, them banks don't guard themselve's ya know. Hope all has a great day.
Anyone out there got a Friday the 13th. compelsion.mmmmm?


July 13, 2001 - Msg 1175:
"Hey Ange, look yonder. There's two strangers in town. Have you ever seen them before?" "Yeah, they came over and introduced theirselves yesterday while you was in Mt. Pilot." "Well, who are they?" "Their names are Ken Beck and Jim Clark and they want to write about us." "Write what?" "About Mayberry, about the townspeople and how they live. They want to write a book about us." "It's probably one of them boondougles like the time the man recorded some of us singin' an' playin' so he could make one of them Victrola records." "Barn, that was a fine album. We all did right good from it. And I don't recall you bein' on it." "Yeah, well..." "Relax, Barn, I already checked 'em out. They're on the up an' up and we should help 'em out whenever we can. Where are you goin'?" "I'm gonna make sure they spell my name right!"

July 13, 2001 - Msg 1176: Asa I think I got one of them Friday the 13th compelshions, I didn't want to get outta the bed this morning! LOL Hey to all the porchsters, gotta run get some errands done, anybody seen the squad car?
Sigmund Frood wrote about them there compelshions

July 13, 2001 - Msg 1177: Oh my Friday the 13th, think I'll go hide under the bed.
Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in NC, but today is cloudy and raining in some places. So dark and dreary.
God bless you Rita Campbell and Mrs. Wiley with your health.
Mt. Airy is a beautiful small town nestled in the foothills of the mountains of NC.
Blue Bird Diner has wonderful hot dogs. There is talk of them changing their decor, but I really liked it as it was.
This here is a wonderful place.
Fifer, try going to www.mayberry.com and you can find out some of our birthdays.
I don't think we've got a profile page, use to, but it got lost when one site closed.
Hey Homemaker...you aint' got a loaded goat have you ?
Hey to everyone.
Fun girl, your husband works for Krispy Kreme, well we got one in Raleigh and I tell you when those doughnuts are hot, they just melt in your mouth.
For the person who posted about the water spout in SC year ago, check the most recent archives for a picture of Myrtle Beach's latest water spout that came inland. Awesome.
Miss Ellie
"It's BIG !"

July 13, 2001 - Msg 1178: Hey all...remember me? You're old pal Nate. Nate Bracey! I do a mean cha cha cha (we took lessons). So good to rediscover the Porch and catch up with old friends. I'll check in from time to time.
Sign me, Nate Bracey.

July 13, 2001 - Msg 1179: By the way, anyone heard from MERLE(It's yer shocks!)DEAN lately? Nate

July 13, 2001 - Msg 1180: Hey porch buddies,
Thanks for the Birthday page tip. Been there done that previously-it's fab-not what I was looking for though. Too bad we not have an info page for us. Maybe we could get one up and running. Hear that Floyd? How bout it?Fun girl, my son and husband would be in seventh heaven to have a Krispy Kreme doughnut oppornunity like your family has. I only wish I could eat as many of those as my son can and not gain an ounce. We must watch our Fun Girlie figures. We are only begining to get them in convenience stores in PA this summer.My friday the 13th compelsion is lessening as the goes on and still nothing major has gon wrong. I did remember to put my lucky rabbit's in pocket before I left the house. You remember, the one Mrs. Lesh gave me that belonged to her late husband Bernard. Later, The Fifer

July 13, 2001 - Msg 1181: Silly me-I must proof read better. Miss Crump will get me. I meant my rabbit's foot in my pocket. Thanks for understanding.

July 13, 2001 - Msg 1182: Hello Fun Girl. . .from a small town (no traffic light only a flasher) and I am in the burbs of this little town called Napoleon. VERY SMALL! I have been working on a loaded goat (of sorts) - the baby is sick and I won't tell you which way it is coming out. Not been to pretty and not one for the faint-hearted.
Fifer, my b-day is coming up. As I told my daddy, it is the last one I will have. I think I'll just hold at where I am. Anyway, mine is on the 22nd. My little boy told me I could have choo-choo train cake.
No Friday the 13th compelsions here - didn't even realize it was FRIDAY THE 13Th!
Have a glorious day porchsters. TTFN

July 13, 2001 - Msg 1183: Nate Bracey, Nate Bracey, Nate Bracey. Nate Bracey! Glad to see you! Well, the heart monitor came off this am, and 45 min. later I had the 'flutter' dang it! Stress tests to follow, but I don't think it my heart, rather some pinched nerves in my shoulders. So far Fri 13th is not a bother.

Jelsik you're a HOOT! I've been pondering on a weekend getaway, guess Mt Airy is the spot! do a lil fishin, eat at the diner...yep, almost as fun as a corner room at the Y.

~Mrs. Wiley
Andy, reat it to me again..the part about the breakfast."

July 13, 2001 - Msg 1184: ps: I can donate some server space if needed for the Porch pal page...how bout it Floyd?

July 13, 2001 - Msg 1185: Hey to the Porch!! I am back after six weeks of internet woes. Am wading through 2000 emails, and noticed a few from my Porch friends. So now you know why I haven't answered yet.
Thank you for all the birthday wishes, and thank you, Junior, for mentioning it. That was awful nice of ya. My day was just great!
Great to see you, Fun Girl, Nate Bracey, and all the new old faces. Not that your faces are old... uh... I just mean from the old Porch... :-)

July 13, 2001 - Msg 1186: Oh no you don't know why I haven't answered you yet because I forgot to explain! I failed to unplug during a storm back in the last part of May and blew my mother board figure. I just got it back from the shop this afternoon. So that's what happened. And that's the truth.

July 13, 2001 - Msg 1187: Asa, did you fall asleep at the bank today? I hope not, what with it being Friday the 13th. There could have been trouble. Nate Bracey, Nate Bracey! I'll do the cha cha with you. "Here, hold my gun, I feel like dancin'!" Or have you danced til your blue in the face? - Hazel

July 13, 2001 - Msg 1188: Howdy Hazel. I tried catching a few winks but ol Barn was in one of them mood swings of his. I tell ya I just hate it when a new cop and robber show comes to town. Howdy to Des. I'm new since ya all lost yer mother figure, I mean mother board.

"Now thats bulley maintenance"


July 13, 2001 - Msg 1189: Dadgum bat eggs. I meant bullet with a T.


July 13, 2001 - Msg 1190: Howdy, Asa! Nice to know ya! Hey ta Hazel and ever'one.

July 13, 2001 - Msg 1191: Hey to the porch! Hope everyone had a peachy Friday the 13th. I sure did. We were in Michigan with the nephews. Them boys sure can play up a storm on the guitar and fiddle and their daddy plays banjo. It's like their pa always says "Got time to breathe, got time for music." They are a learnin' "Never Hit Your Grandma With A Great Big Stick!" That'n always makes me cry.

Hey Fifer, We haven't worked for Krispy Kreme for a while. Good help is hard to find and Mike didn't have a day off for 31 days in a row and Kyle was really missing dad bad. He said "I hate that doughnut store." So we rearranged some things and found different work, but we surely do love those things when they are hot. Hey Homemaker, we are about 30 miles north of Bloomington. It's awful purty country down here.
What are you close to that I would recognize?

Fun Girl

July 14, 2001 - Msg 1192: Hello all! Good to see ~Des~ back amoung the living. Welcome back hon.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

Hey ta':
Miss Ellie
An' everyone!

July 14, 2001 - Msg 1193: Mornin Briscoe and anyone else on the porch this a.m. I just got back from playing a morning round of golf. Thought I would pop in and wish all a great day. I gotta go weed my garden. Anyone wanna go help?
"All in all it's a fun day".


July 14, 2001 - Msg 1194: Asa, I laughed out loud for about 10 minutes when I read your "bulley maintenance". I think the people around me thought I had some of those bat eggs. I havent even been near a cave. I better call Doc Andrews. But I know what he'll say. "We're no spring chickens anymore." But I'm not that old! Hazel

July 14, 2001 - Msg 1195: Forgot to mention that I'm weeding my garden today too. Durn weeds. It is a fun day. (Better than going off to work!) - Hazel

July 14, 2001 - Msg 1196: Good mornin' to all on the front porch! The weather is nice here in Tennessee today- the humidity is much lower. Last few days have just been so hot and humid, well...it must be the bomb!I bought an old Gertrude to take the boy out on the lake with this week, no leaks so far! Well, back to work, have a nice day.

Newton Monroe

July 14, 2001 - Msg 1197:
Hey ya'll. I've got dozens of frozen, leftover red, white, and blue meatballs from the fourth. Anybody want some?

July 14, 2001 - Msg 1198: Rainin' again in Florida. Had a lot lately. I'll sit an' watch the cars go by throwin' up a spray.

July 14, 2001 - Msg 1199: It sure is quiet on the porch today. Guess everyone is busy. Got my weedin all done Hazel. How about you? I've got to give up gardening or get some good recepies for weed soup cause thats all I can seem to grow good. I don't know about them meatballs Lillian. Do you think they might go well with "bat eggs"?


July 14, 2001 - Msg 1200: Hey porch. Like Newton Monroe there said it's purty as a peach here in good ole TN/VA today, the humiliation level is way down. Got weeds in my garden too, bet it's the Count makin rounds again!

July 14, 2001 - Msg 1201: Yes, I got my weedin done a couple hours ago. Wrestled with one of em that must have had roots that went clear to China. Phew. Had a real nice one growing in my flower bed; I thought it was a flower, and I'd been taking care of it real good. Just determined today that it was a weed.
I don't care for any meatballs either, Lillian. I had a big breakfast, must have stuffed myself something terrible. I hate to waste em when I'm so full up. Shoo fly. He's dead! - Hazel

July 14, 2001 - Msg 1202: I might go down and get some icecream for later, though. Hazel

July 14, 2001 - Msg 1203: Oh Hazel. tell us how much miracle grow did ya all put on that weed before ya yanked it out? lol. I only laugh cause I once spent an entire year nurturing what I thought was potato plants to only be real mad when they turned out to be weeds. Seems I weeded the plants and watered the weeds.
Mercy Mavis can't hardly think you got weeds in your neck of the woods. your'e right. It must be the count.
Looks like you got yourself a little incarcirated.


July 14, 2001 - Msg 1204: Hello everyone !
Lillian, good to see you but I think I'll let the red, white and blue meatballs slide by.
My neighbors have a problem with me letting the wildflowers grow a while in the spring before we mow them. They thought (last year) they would be helpful and mow them down for me and I cried. Once they are mowed down they don't come back until the next spring.
Many moons ago we had some weeds growing at the end of our lot next to the woods and my husband's uncle said they looked like wild marijuana !
We went to a place called Texas Steakhouse tonight. It was good and had some neat stuff on the walls. I really enjoyed it. We don't get out often.
Mavis, our humiliation level was way down too. Today was the prettiest day in a long time. Took Hubby into town to get Floyd to cut his hair and put some Witch Hazel on him so he'd smell good.
Everyone have a blessed Sabbath.
Miss Ellie
"Good Sabbath". "No more trading on Sunday."

July 14, 2001 - Msg 1205: Well, it's 11:13 p.m. where I am. I guess I'll let my head hit the ol' pillow. Asa, I admit I did fertilize that weed. Gosh durn thing. I thought it was gona flower any day... I know a lot about veggies, I've always had a garden. But I'm the first to tell you that I have a lot to learn about flowers! I really thought that pretty weed was a flower. Oh, well. Maybe I'll subscribe to "Learn a Month" Weekly, like Barnie. He learned a lot of odd facts known by few. Might work. - Hazel (Nite, all)

July 15, 2001 - Msg 1206: yeah, but it might not.

July 15, 2001 - Msg 1207: Hello porch. . .Hey Fun Girl, I live near Greensburg or it is about like Mount Pilot from here. We are going there today for the county fair. My boys (ages 3 and 4) have discovered the carousel and the train. My oldest keeps trying to win a goldfish by throwing ping pong balls. He is bound a determined he is going to win one.
Asa and Hazel. . .I bet my weeds are bigger than your weeds. My boys really enjoy gardening so they help me pull the weeds out of the flower bed and I won't let them near the garden. I fear for my tomatoes when they are near!
It is a pretty day here in Hoosier land! I hope you all had a delighful weekend.

July 15, 2001 - Msg 1208: Hey porch-sitters! Little Opie is over to Johnny Paul Jason's for the day, so I threw in a load of laundry and decided to sit a spell on the porch.
Yesterday we burried one of Martinsville's finest. He was shot about the middle of June and had his good and bad moments and passed away last week. He was a dedicated law man and his two sons were deputies too. A wonderful man and thought well of by the whole community.

I ain't been feeding any weeds lately, but I ain't chopped any down either. My hubby does all that yard work and stuff. I have a pot of roses on the patio and that is about as far as my green thumb goes.

Is any one else out there feeding boys that you think will eat you out of house and home? Little Opie is eleven and the boy is constantly hungry.
They tell me it will only get worse for the next couple years, but Lord, I declare I think the boy has a rubber gut and a hollow leg.

Have a great day!
Fun Girl

July 15, 2001 - Msg 1209: hey gang lets kick it......

July 15, 2001 - Msg 1210: Greetings from Folly Beach, South Carolina. Wish all you Porchers were here. It's nice to find a shade tree and meet up with some of our locals selling some great home-grown produce. How about a pitcher of sweet tea? Snappy Lunch

July 15, 2001 - Msg 1211: Has anyone heard from TOM lately ? Sure would love to see one of his beautiful posts.
Fun Girl, I am sorry to hear about the police officer being shot and dying.
It was a lovely day here in my corner of Mayberry. Went to see our Granny. At almost 90, she can still do some mighty good cooking when she is up to it.
Think I'll have a Huckleberry Smash and head for the ironing board.
Miss Ellie
"That's adventure sleeping."

July 16, 2001 - Msg 1212: Miss Ellie Why is it yer Granny can cook the best? Mine could too! AsaYep we got weeds here in my neck of the woods, lots of 'em when it comes to the garden. Wonder what causes that?
Gotta go groom some puppy feet, be back this evening! Ya'll have a good 'un.

July 16, 2001 - Msg 1213:
"There goes Effie Bartlett, Barn. Boy, she's in a hurry." "Yeah, she's probably scared she's gonna miss some of her rasslin' show." "She still watchin' that fake stuff?" "What do ya mean, Ange? Rasslin's not fake." "Barney, you're a grown man an' you don't know wrestling is fake?" "Quit sayin' that, Ange!" "Fake! Rigged! Bogus!" "Nip it! Nip it! Nip it!"

July 16, 2001 - Msg 1214: A bird in this world!Ain't that like "a horse of a different color"?Waterin weeds,have you got one of them "flower makin machines"?

July 16, 2001 - Msg 1215: Mornin porch freinds. Hope all had a good weekend. Very sorry to hear about that Fun Girl. It makes you stop and think, don't it. Hope the family is doing o.k. Hey Mavis, are you a puppy groomer? Maybe I can have you groom my feet. They get pretty hairy, and in this heat that aint good. Well I'm off to work. Later gang.
"Egg foo young, I even like to say it Egg FOOO Young"

July 16, 2001 - Msg 1216: Mornin' DEARS! I just returned home last evening from WI, where I attended the nuptuals of our very own Orville Monroe and Elinora Poltice. (she'll get back at him now) Many of us were so blessed to see their relationship blossom over the years, and to witness the actual proposal at Mayberry Days last Sept. Well it finally happened- they done got teemed up. It was a beautiful wedding. NiceRealNiceMaryGrace and Mr. Foley where the hosts, and they did an OUTSTANDING job. The Mayberry family even had a group picture made.
On my way home, driving across the interstate, I passed a vehicle with a "Procected by Fife" bumper sticker on it. As I passed they noticed my "NIP IT" plates and we honked and waved. It all happened so fast that I could not see where they were from. ( plus, they were pulling a trailer) It's so cool to see other fans wandering down life's hiways.
Have a great day, everyone.
"Heck-my mommer and daddy just shook hands on their deal"

July 16, 2001 - Msg 1217: Hey to the Porchsters! It is beginning to become humid in the Hoosier state. That humiliation could just stay away a little bit longer I wouldn't mind summer so much.
Hey Fun Girl, my four year old stays hungry all the time. We know that we are feeding his legs and his feet. He is in a size 7 jean just for height and a size 2 shoe. He looks to be about 6 or 7. When we go out to a restaurant we think we should bring his birth certificate so he can eat from the under 5 menu. We get plenty of double looks at times.
Well, school is just around the corner. I am a teacher from August until June and we got the dreaded summer letter today of when to report for the next school year.
Think I will go and check on the boys and then get to my housework!
Have a swell day friends!

July 16, 2001 - Msg 1218: By the way Mavis. . I've got a Boston Terror you can work on next! homemaker

July 16, 2001 - Msg 1219: Hey Homemaker, I am one of them there Lunch and Recess aides for our local elementary school, so I reckon that any day now I will receive a letter kinda like the one that you got. I also do before school care for the Y. We have a wonderful staff and a super principal. She attended our school when she was in elementary. We had one of our finest teachers retire this year and Lord, how we will miss her. She was teaching the children of people she had taught years ago. Quite a special lady. Seems Officer Dan's family seems to be holding together and making it through. There were alot of last respects paid to that good man, and the front page of our paper carried his picture and stories of him for at least 4 days.

I am gonna just sit myself down and have a tall, cool glass of lemonade. Later y'all.
The Fun Girl

July 16, 2001 - Msg 1220: testing...testing...testing...testing...testing...testing

July 16, 2001 - Msg 1221: Hey y'all! I was so upset this am, I tried to tape TAGS on Nick last night on my new-fangled vcr machine. Had the timer set up right and the channel, but it went and recorded the wrong show! (them timers are tricky) I was so loking forward to some fresh Andy episodes with my coffee. I could only stay awake for the first one - where Opie wanders off after plantin' Aunt Bea's spinish. What else did I miss?

I sure could have used 'Reliable Barny Fife' this weekend. Caught someone at infiltrating my computer through RoadRunner. Very scary. I think they got my recipe for Chicken Surprise.

~Mrs. Wiley
Is that how you spell chicken? I before E except after C, and E before N in Chicken.

July 16, 2001 - Msg 1222: Hey everyone! I was watching the Opie thon last night on N-at-N and it was gooooood too! Hope you all are having a good week so far. We are getting inspected at work and everyone thinks I have nothing to do but update their work/files, etc.....I tell ya I been busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest! LOL. It will all be over soon and then we will be back to regular business.

Hope you all have a nice week!

Hey to my bud RAFE, I ain't seen you around and wanted to say hey!!

A sandwich sure tastes better with milk!

July 16, 2001 - Msg 1223:
I didn't do it, I didn't!!!


July 16, 2001 - Msg 1224:

July 16, 2001 - Msg 1225: Yep Asa I'm a puppy groomer, the key word being PUPPY I don't do people! LOL I knew I liked you Homemaker I got one of them Boston Terrors too! She is 13 this year, same age as my young 'un. Just wanted to stop in & say howdy to ya'll got more beans to break so I can start cannin tomorrow. Anybody got any extry kerosene?
I don't know how I can face the future knowing there are 8 more quarts of those

July 17, 2001 - Msg 1226: I'm impressed Mavis. I never tried canning beans. Always afraid I'd give my family botchiism. (or however you spell it) I'm sure your beans will come out nice, very nice indeed. Be sure to seep them in vinegar just 2 seconds longer this year, and use younger beans so they won't be so soft, but other than that I wouldn't change em one bit! - Hazel

July 17, 2001 - Msg 1227: Mornin Porch People. It looks to be a great day here in my little corner of the world. Hope the same on the rest of ya. I don't know that i've ever had pickled beans before Hazel. Might be good. Well I reckon I'll take my hairy feet and shuffle off to work. [BIG SIGH] Later gang.

Well I'll be dogged.