July 21, 2001 - Msg 1328: Hey all,
Long time, no see. I didn't realize it was my birthday. I've been away and I must have lost track of time. Let's not hash out ancient history.
And I'm not going to stand around here and talk about trivial trivialities.
Have a great day all.
P.S.- I like the front porch green, but I can't find my green paint.

July 21, 2001 - Msg 1329: Hey all,
Long time, no see. I didn't realize it was my birthday. I've been away and I must have lost track of time. Let's not hash out ancient history.
And I'm not going to stand around here and talk about trivial trivialities.
Have a great day all.
P.S.- I like the front porch green, but I can't find my green paint.

July 21, 2001 - Msg 1330: Oh, no. somebody done it again. - Hazel
(Welcome back Fifer).

July 21, 2001 - Msg 1331: I wonder what causes that...

July 21, 2001 - Msg 1332: The breakdown of the ozone layer probably. Isn't that what causes everything nowadays?!

July 21, 2001 - Msg 1333: howdy fifer i got some bullets fer u and i hope that gun of yers aint too rusy fer a game of rusky rullete nate bracy

July 21, 2001 - Msg 1334: Well porch, it has been a hot, hot, day here in hoosier land.
We attended an auction this morning and just about melted before anything got bought.And tonite was the fireman's picnic. The highlight for the boys was riding in an antique firetruck around the town. And of course the ever popular duck pond and "fishing in a dump truck." We saw a lot of neighbors. A good time was had by all.
These are our simple country joys - our pardise.

Happy B-Day Fifer. Mine is tomorrow. My cake will definitely catch on fire.

July 21, 2001 - Msg 1335: Does anybody know which book it is that has an aerial photo of the Mayberry town outdoor location? I've been working on a Mayberry street map for years, and that picture would really help. Thanks, and best to your and yours!

July 21, 2001 - Msg 1336: ain't country living the best homemaker ain't nothin like a county fair & the auctions at the firehall! Gotta hit the old ironing board & see how much adventure sleepin' I can do. LOL
nite all, btw- nice automatic sweep Floyd

July 21, 2001 - Msg 1337: Asa had to go back & read the archives & saw where you wanted up to brang the git-tar to the gatherin at the Hollister pool, we can do that, we love to pick & sing! We both got high roofs to our mouths!
Got time to breathe, got time fer music!

July 21, 2001 - Msg 1338: Did anybody tell Rafe & Charlene we was all comin over? or are we just gonna surprise 'em?

July 22, 2001 - Msg 1339: hi everyone, hope everyone is doing okay,and staying cool in this hot weather. we're baking here in ga. thought i would come out on the front porch and cool off tonight. i heard some singing and it turned out to be the great music of the darlings. so i think i will sit here and listen to the great music. i'm doing much better after throat surgery. did anyone go to the mayberry reunion? it was super. i was happy to get don knott's autograph. hope you all have a good weekend. rita campbell

July 22, 2001 - Msg 1340: Starlings? At this time of year? Rita, that is so great you got Don Knott's autograph! What a treasure. Yeah, we all went to a gathering at Rafe and Charlene's yesterday. Hope I had the right place. I went down route 44, turned right on 3rd... I think I had the right place. Sat around the pool with some real nice folks. One of em kindof looked like Elly May Clampett. Had a bunch of critters with her too.... Hmmmmm... I think I was at the wrong place. - Hazel

July 22, 2001 - Msg 1341: Speaking of fireman, I want to issue a big thank you for the Alamance County Fire and Rescue Squad for the fine job they did at my husband's aunt's house. They saved her life (and hours later, dadburnit, she was smoking again), but they can't help that. Thanks to those fine men who risk their lives to save her life and the house (only her room was a slight mess).
I know they will never hear it from her.
Hope all are having a good day. I have to say I'm still angry about her smoking hours after she came l0 minutes away from dying. Help me pray to get over this anger and pray if she sets the house on fire again, that again, her family will be lucky enough to be gone.
Miss Ellie
"I'll smoke it, I mean eat it later."
Ya reckon if we made Hubby's aunt EAT a pack of cigarrettes, she get tired of them ? I feel like cramming a whole pack down her throat.

July 22, 2001 - Msg 1342: Hey to the porch.
hey to Miss Ellie...you know the back of your neck is all red?


July 22, 2001 - Msg 1343: Hey porch! Prayers for ya Miss Ellie - sounds like Auntie got lucky. Now ya know since those firemen saved her life, she needs to repay them. Maybe chop some firewood, catch a mess of fish, heck she needs to be with 'em every step of every day! Hee hee. Happy birthday to homemaker!!
~Mrs. Wiley

July 22, 2001 - Msg 1344: hey, y'all~~
I really gotta git by this here ol' Porch more often... I do so miss alla ya's.
jes' startin' ta settle in back ta home wif mah beloveded Miss Charlotte... some-a ya older folks might 'member thet I left L.A. fer ta be wif mah childhood sweetheart, an' then leavin' her ta be with another when thangs went nutsy. well, whether for better or worse, we're back together, havin' another crack at the "happy family scene" thang agin.
Leon an' Charlotte,
sittin' in a tree--
first comes love,
then comes marriage,
then comes Krysta in a baby carriage!
~~love, Leon

July 22, 2001 - Msg 1345: Just heard of this porch here, it looks mighty friendly, and if you all did not mind I would like to drop in from time to time to sit and talk a bit

July 22, 2001 - Msg 1346: Miss Ellie, your jaw muscles are working. Well, Leon, you and Charlotte back together? Wonderful! Good to see ya and with such happy news. Hey to everyone and welcome to Mike. Drop on by anytime. You'll like it here.


July 22, 2001 - Msg 1347: thet Mike feller up there in #1345 is a Navy feller alla way over in Japan! iff'n nobody's usin' th' name, mebbe "Mike" or "sure, Mike, sure!" would be a good'n fer him..

July 22, 2001 - Msg 1348: Hi All Will it like we will not git rain for sometime and all the hot weather is not to good for the old one.
Yes Hazel that was me in msg 1284.
Miss Ellie sound like thank god for saving your husband aunt too beside the firemen.pray for thim
HAPPY the people who know
You, Lord, who walk in the
radiance of Your face.

July 23, 2001 - Msg 1349: Yawn. Morning porch. - Hazel

July 23, 2001 - Msg 1350: Thank you Mrs. Wiley - it was a right nice birthday. My husband and boys bought me a German Chocolate Cake. He didn't think it was right for me to make my own cake. I wouldn't have minded. . .too bad.

Welcome to Mike over in Japan. Mayberry has no boundaries as far as I am concerned.

Fun Girl and *Mavis - we got one goat washed and I got washed a little bit too. She'll be at the county fair this week. We have a few more to trim (kinda like shearing sheep - you take off all the winter hair).

Another hot and steamy day in Hoosier land. We'll keep cool with some sweet tea and a spray hose. Nothing like spraying water and letting the boys run through it!


July 23, 2001 - Msg 1351: Good morning to the porch! How was everyone's weekend? Great here! Rafe and I did just as I said we would. And ummmmBOY! That pool sure was relaxin'!

Well, I just wanted to let Mayberry know that today is
Rafe and I's 10 month anniversary! Boy, I sure do love him!

Have a great day! Talk at ya later!

Charlene D. Hollister

July 23, 2001 - Msg 1352: Happy anniversary to ya Charlene and Rafe. Hope ya have many many more.
Wake up Hazel. Yer yawnin's gettin me to do the same. Wonder what causes that.
Happy belated Birthday Homemaker. I hear tell it was a little hotter than usual in Indiana yesterday. Wasn't cause of all them birtday candles was it?
Well I'm off to play a little golf, so see ya'll later.


July 23, 2001 - Msg 1353: Welcome Mike! (or should I say "how do you dooo?)~Mrs. Wiley

July 23, 2001 - Msg 1354: Well if this don't beat all, I miss a day & look at all the thangs going on! Welcome to ya Mike from Japan is that just outside of Kelsie's ocean?? ~~LL!!! what a sight for sore eyes you be!!! You better quit runnin off for so long at a time! We miss them stickyhugs when yer gone! Glad to hear you & your missus is givin it a shot again. Homemaker just in case you ask, I don't shave goats either, no goats, no people only kitties & puppies! LOL
Have a good one & hey to all the porch sitters this fine day!
is he arguin with me??

July 23, 2001 - Msg 1355: Is anyone there?

July 23, 2001 - Msg 1356: Good evening everyone. . .Asa, yes I did have a small blaze on my cake and I am sure that I raised the temp and humility in this area of Indiana.
By the way *Mavis - heard another good word "percolate" as in you and me "percolate" real well together when we chit-chat. One of my friends in Texas through that at me and I just loved it.
(You did what to whose cat for how much ! ! ? ? ?)

Have a good evening porch, I am going because the skeeters are a bitin'


July 23, 2001 - Msg 1357: Happy anniversary to Rafe & Charlene! I wish you many more months/years! - Hazel
"How 'bout that anniversary waltz?"

July 23, 2001 - Msg 1358: Happy birthday Homemaker !
Miss Ellie
"The vein is sticking out in yer (my) neck."

July 23, 2001 - Msg 1359: Night Porch! Don't let the bedbugs bite.

July 24, 2001 - Msg 1360: Mornin, porch! Say, Mavis - I think next month sometime they'll be an insecticide convention here in Mayberry. Let's save up those bed bugs so they'll have something to work with. - Hazel

July 24, 2001 - Msg 1361: Morning Hazel...Looks like you were the early bird this morning. Is Leonard Blush singing at that insecticide convention? --Floyd

July 24, 2001 - Msg 1362: Morning Porch! Thank you all kindly for the birthday greetings some more. It will be my last b-day or so I hope. Next year I just plan to celebrate the anniversary of my 39th again and again and again.
Looks like another day to let the boys run under the hose. We don't have a cement pond so the hose will have to do.
Keep cool ya'll.


July 24, 2001 - Msg 1363: Hey to the porch! It's been a few days since I had the chance to say howdy. I been in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Didn't make no kerosene cucumbers though. I gotta taken inventory on what little Opie needs for school. He is so bored that he is looking forward to getting back. We will be off next week to Missouri for a week of tubing down the Current River. The whole dang family goes. Everyone from Great-grandpa who is 86 and still floating, to little Reagen Gail who has been on the annual float trip every year of her life. It promises to be a big time. I imagine that my darling boys and their dad will bring their "strang" instruments and we will hear all the songs that make me cry, like, "Tearing Up Your Old Clothes For Rags." or "Put Your Money In Your Shoe and It Won't Get Wet." or maybe my personal favorite "Never Hit Your Grandma with A Great Big Stick." I'll need the old hankie for sure. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. Bye for now. Best of luck to you and yours.

Fun Girl

July 24, 2001 - Msg 1364: Oh, happy birthday to you and yours Mavis and Homemaker! F.G.

July 24, 2001 - Msg 1365: Hey to the porch,
Just passing thru and thought I would say hey.
Sp00ky Benson
P.S. School starts in 20 days. :(

July 24, 2001 - Msg 1366: just stoppin by to say hey to the porch, got one of the worst migraines I've had in a looooong time today so I'll holler when I feel better.
sick as a dog & AIN'T havin' the time of my life

July 24, 2001 - Msg 1367: Oh Mavis, that don't sound good a taaal. You go on up to yer room and I'll get Doc Andrews over to see ya. Hope ya get feelin better soon.


July 24, 2001 - Msg 1368: Floyd, I believe Leonard Blush will be singing at that convention next month. It's gona be BIG! Mavis, I feel sorry for you - my husband gets them migraines and they are bad. I'm thinking of you... shhh lets whisper so Mavis can get some rest

July 24, 2001 - Msg 1369: Wow...the "Masked Singer" himself. You'll want to see that. Yesssss..you'll want to see that.

July 24, 2001 - Msg 1370: Prayers for ya *Mavis, I get those too and they're doozies! I have a perscription (I need my pills!) that helps alot.
~Mrs. Wiley

July 24, 2001 - Msg 1371: Mavis you take care of yourself now..

July 24, 2001 - Msg 1372: Just realized I forgot to sign my name to my message earlier (msg 1368). You all probably knew it was me by my handwriting. I sure hope Mavis is feeling better by now. - Hazel

July 25, 2001 - Msg 1373: Guess I'm the first one up again today. "The breakfast special is unbelievable. It's served only between 5 and 6, but I can't sleep anyway." How you feeling today, Mavis? Have a good day, all. - Hazel

July 25, 2001 - Msg 1374: Mornin Hazel. Your'e up with the roosters this mornin. I don't blame ya though with a breakfast special like that. Hope Mavis is feelin better today. Them puppys are countin on her.
"Did you leave a tip. So did I. I'll go back over there and put my hat on one of those quarters".


July 25, 2001 - Msg 1375: Mavis, hope you are feeling much better. I've had those migraines in the past and they are bad.
Sounds like everyone is having fun here. Fun Girl, you and yours have a safe and great vacation.
Everyone have a Mayberry kind of day.
Miss Ellie
"Aunt Bee, you go to way yonder to much trouble for us."
"Put the meat back in the freezer, CALL THE MAN."
"The only thing that's ever been stored in that freezer is a mouse and he climbed in there to get warm."

July 25, 2001 - Msg 1376: "Hey Andy, read it to me again. You know, the part about the breakfast."Hey porch pals! ~Mrs. Wiley

July 25, 2001 - Msg 1377: Hello Porch pals. . .sorry about your migraine *Mavis. They are no fun to have.
I'm glad that someone is an early riser Hazel - I would like the breakfast special in the morning please. If you'll be up you might as well do something.
Have fun Fun Girl on them rapids. Sounds like a hoot.
Have a Mayberry kind of day ya'll!


July 25, 2001 - Msg 1378: Must be the bomb . . .

July 25, 2001 - Msg 1379: AWWWWWW Bless ya'll's hearts!! You guys are such kind people! thanks for all the get wells, I feel MUCH better today, thought that one had me I tell ya, it was a doozie. I got my pills for it, Doc gave em to me & they work. Gotta give that doc some of my beans I canned! LOL
Anyways, rest as$ured the old *Mavis is back, (I don't mean that in age either!)

July 25, 2001 - Msg 1380: Hey Mavis. Glad yer back amongst the living. Them noggin bangers aint fun ataaaal are they? Keep smilin

"To heck wth them, Am I gonna pull through?"

July 25, 2001 - Msg 1381: no Asa they ain't! It's one of the things in life I could do without. The puppies are glad to have me back! LOL
Nite Porch
I don't want to be a dead hero, I wanta be a live ME!

July 25, 2001 - Msg 1382: no Asa they ain't! It's one of the things in life I could do without. The puppies are glad to have me back! LOL
Nite Porch
I don't want to be a dead hero, I wanta be a live ME!

July 25, 2001 - Msg 1383: Must have hit the send button one too many times sorry,

July 25, 2001 - Msg 1384: Glad you're feeling better, Mavis. We didn't like it when you were having a sick headache. (Didn't Howards mother get those?) We're glad the old Mavis is back. I don't mean that in age. Yes, Homemaker, I'm an early riser all right. I'll put out an extra plate for you. How do you like your eggs? - Hazel

July 25, 2001 - Msg 1385: "Aw Paw cain't I even look at the purty man?"

Fun Girl

July 26, 2001 - Msg 1386: Hazel - did I beat you up this morning? I like my eggs scrambled and dry. No wet eggs for me!
Glad you are feeling better *Mavis.

Guess what is happenng at the fair today?? Goat Show! You know I wouldn't miss it for the world! :-)
The relatives are showing today. Hope them youngins' do right well.

Talk to you all later in the day.


P.S. Hazel - I was up at 4:30 Indiana slow time this morning. Maybe I should fix you breakfast.

July 26, 2001 - Msg 1387: Hazel I like my eggs fried, thank you & are you having bisquits & gravy to go with it. (Can ya tell the sick headache is gone? LOL)
Off to work as soon as I eat my breakfast.
what's for dinner?

July 26, 2001 - Msg 1388: Boy, I must have slept in today. Didn't get up til 4:30 (mountain time). Homemaker, I'll keep the breakfast on the warmer and you stop by if you get a break from the fair. Mavis, get over here now, yours is getting all cold. Don't say you have to get to work. Flibbertigibbet. - Hazel

July 26, 2001 - Msg 1389: Boy you've got to get up PRETTY EARLY IN THE MORNING to get breakfast around here. You know I have to pull myself outta bed to go to work during the week, but on weekends when I'm going golfing I jump outta bed wide awake. Wonder what causes that?
Good luck at the fair Homemaker.


July 26, 2001 - Msg 1390: What's for lunch ? I'm not an early riser.
Miss Ellie

July 26, 2001 - Msg 1391: We are happy to report that our little doe (Velvet) won her class. She was the Division Champion of her breed but did not get overall champion. She is young yet so she has many more fairs to attend. This is a start.

Asa, it must be those "greens" you are dieting on that give you that get up and go on the weekends. Once school starts up - 4:30/5:00 will be my usual time. In the summer I sleep in as long the boys will let me.
Thanks for keeping my breakfast warm - I just hate cold eggs Hazel.


July 26, 2001 - Msg 1392: Congrats homemaker now what kind of goat did you say that was again, not one that eats dynamite, right? Hazel you gonna have breakfast ready in the mornin? I'll be there, we'll have to do brunch on the week-ends so Miss Ellie & Asa can join us.
Catch ya'll afterwhile,
eatin' speaks louder than words

July 26, 2001 - Msg 1393: That's a good idea! But on Saturdays I have to weed, so if ya'll don't mind could you come over around 9:30, help me weed, then I'll feed ya brunch, then Asa can go golf... yes sir, that's the plan. - Hazel

Napkins will go on the laps.
I spill on my shirt, I don't spill on my pants.
Well, nice people don't spill at all.

July 26, 2001 - Msg 1394: Homemaker---Congratulations to you and yours for the prize from the fair. Fun Girl

July 26, 2001 - Msg 1395: Can I use my pitching wedge to weed with? It beats the heck out of any weed wacker i've seen.


July 26, 2001 - Msg 1396: Hey to the Porch. Nice to see ever'body. Did you all know that the Dingo dog is indiginous to Australia? I didn't know that.

I'll see ya.
*Rafe Hollister
"80 cents just to wash your head? I'd hate for him to give me a bath."

July 26, 2001 - Msg 1397: Yes, Asa, I'll take all the help I can get. There's just one thing you should know: It's MY garden, so I'M in charge. You heard what Andy said, I'm in charge... Now I don't want to hear no more about spider bites! Oh, and whoever can't sleep either, breakfast tomorrow at 5:00 sharp! - Hazel

July 26, 2001 - Msg 1398: HI ALL Will it look like all the hot are gonge for now.
breakfast sound good,but nun for my because I git up 830.
Rafe kust think feetball season is just about here. ah ah.
TTFN win school start here , I have to git up and walk the kid to and do not like gitting up.
A Lamp for All
Let lova be the lamp to guide your way
when all seems dark as night ;
let love be the key to every door
of peace and joy and light.
no gulf is too wide for love to span,
no wound too deep to heal
no tear too wet to wipe away,
no heart too cold to feel.
let love shine through so all may see,
let love shine clear and bright!
true love is such a magic thing,
it gives us...second sight.


July 27, 2001 - Msg 1399: Morning Porch. Breakfast is ready. - Hazel
Sure am glad it's Friday. Have a great day, all.

July 27, 2001 - Msg 1400: Boy, Give some people a garden hoe and it goes right to their head. LOL. I'm a little late fer breakfast so Tom, and Miss Ellie, and I will be over fer lunch.

July 27, 2001 - Msg 1401: Been a while since I have checked in. Hope to get back more often now that I have retired. Two things I miss about having a job is (1) I can't call in sick. The wife doesn't believe me and (2) Worl was the only place that I could tell people that I'm nor going to do that. I told my wife that and she hit the roof.
Will check back later.
The Rock

July 27, 2001 - Msg 1402: Hey Rock how ya been?! Glad yer back home. *Rafe I knowed that about Dingo dogs,but since I'm in the dog bidness, guess I SHOULD know that huh? Sorry I missed Breakfast Hazel I'll just join the sleepyheads at MIss Ellie's today.
Hello to Tom you always say the purtiest thangs! Thanks for brightenin my day!

July 27, 2001 - Msg 1403: For lunch we will be having baked chicken with creamed potatoes and buttered corn (off the cob) with biscuits and for dessert we will have homemade ice cream.
How does that sound ?
Miss Ellie
"I can take some manners, and I can take some cleaning up, but I ain't about to be beat ta death with no spoon."

July 27, 2001 - Msg 1404: Miss Ellie, that's a lunch fit for a KING. Sounds good - now what where the directions again??? :-)
Asa, you can use whatever you want to weed with just as long those dang-burned weeds are gone!
Mavis - we raise boer meat goats (a broad meaty floppy eared goat with a nice attitude - at least the does have nice attitudes).
Once again Tom - a very nice poem.
Good Morning to the rest - Hazel, Fun Girl, Rafe, Floyd, Rock, and the rest of the Mayberry Porch Gang


July 27, 2001 - Msg 1405: By the way - a beautiful day in Indiana!

July 27, 2001 - Msg 1406: Well, I noticed nobody showed up fer lunch. And I had grits and prunes too. Looky here, I don't claim to be the best cook in the world, you know. - Hazel

July 27, 2001 - Msg 1407: Yer gonna go pull weeds after eating prunes? You live close to the edge girl. LOL


July 27, 2001 - Msg 1408: won't catch me eatin no prunes then going to pull weeds, no siree, I don't live THAT dangerously! Miss Ellie that was a good lunch there, can I come back tomorrow instead of the diner?
Nite Porch

July 27, 2001 - Msg 1409: Hey to the porchsters! I am off to Missouri tomorrow and ready to do some floating down the Current River. Little Opie is so excited that it's like he has ants in his pants. Hope you all have a great week. Hazel Hazel Hazel, didn't your mama learn you no better than to eat prunes and then go and pull weeds. That's more dangerous than having a loaded goat around. Hey that's an idea Homemaker, feed your prize winner some of Hazel's prunes and then you'll have a loaded goat, or unloaded whichever the case may be. I will miss everyone while I am gone. I reckon hearing all those purty songs from my darling boys will only make me pine for you all more. I reckon "the tears on my pillow will bespeak the pain that will be in my heart."

Hubby just went out to WalMart and picked up the Best of Barney for only $9.89! (for eight classic Barney episodes or, as the DVD calls him, "the James Bond of Mayberry.) Yep that's old Barn, a legend in his own mind. I knew I kept my hubby around for something. Now you tell me, wasn't that a romantic gift?

You and yours have a good week and stay away from the prunes.
Fun Girl

July 27, 2001 - Msg 1410: Be careful & have a good time Fun Girl

July 27, 2001 - Msg 1411: Wow. FunGirl you got your hubby trained real good. Best of Barnie. I'm so jealous. Alright, alright, alright, so I eat prunes for lunch. I guess I laugh in the face of danger. Can't hep myself. "You all are so funny, you ought to get a job on one of them excursion boats." - Hazel

July 27, 2001 - Msg 1412: Hey to the Porch!

July 28, 2001 - Msg 1413: Hey to the porch. Just checking in. Haven't gotten around for awhile. I see some new folks and some familiar ones as well. Hope all is well and will try to be around more often.
Mr. Cookie Bar

July 28, 2001 - Msg 1414: Morning ya'll - homemaker

July 28, 2001 - Msg 1415: Hey Mr. Cookie Bar! It's good to see you here. Pull up a rocker and sit a spell. A good Mayberry morning to all of you.

July 28, 2001 - Msg 1416: hey to Jennie and the porch. Jennie, you getin' ready for football season out there in Cornhusker land? Course, we also have football teams here in the flatland...there's U.of Illinois, Illinois State...and...uh...Idon'twanttotalkaboutit....


July 28, 2001 - Msg 1417: Hello all. Nice day. - Hazel

July 28, 2001 - Msg 1418: Howdy porch. Howdy Hazel. Get all yer weeding done? Was it, uh shall we say, uneventfull? Got some of mine done but then it just got to dang hot. I'll try to do more later. [yeh right]


July 28, 2001 - Msg 1419: Well, Asa, I weeded a little, but thought I better play it safe and not do too much. Very, uh, uneventful. Got my first red tomatoe today! Everything else has been doing great, but the tomatoes were sure slow. Should have quite a few by next weekend if the weather stays hot. Never can tell what the weather is gona do. (Didn't Calvin Coolidge say that?) - Hazel

July 28, 2001 - Msg 1420: No Hazel Calvin Coolidge didn't say eveything. Is there anything better than a fresh tomatoe still warm from the sun. I picked a whole slug of them today. But thats no great accomplishment. In these parts they dang near grow wild. Now corn, thats another story. My corn is sooooo close to pickin I can almost feel the butter runnin down my arms. Let me tell ya it takes an accomplished gardner to grow corn. Well, o.k. I got lucky, but hey don't tell no one.


July 28, 2001 - Msg 1421: Well Asa and Hazel. . .it really sounds like you have had a most inspirational day with the weeds. I figured the only kind of chopping you did Asa was with a golf club - especially on the weekend!
My mom shared tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions from her garden. The family corn patch is ready here so I'll be freezing corn this next week. That will be eventful for me - about like weeding. I waiting on the tomatoes to make salsa. That is an easy Christmas gift I make now and save for, you guessed it, Christmas.
The skeeters and lightening bugs are out and it is time to go in from the porch. Nite-nite and sweet dreams.


July 28, 2001 - Msg 1422: I give salsa for Christmas gifts too, homemaker. That's really what my garden is based around. Tomatoes, onions, cilantro, peppers. Aint it great? With a few squash, cucumbers, carrots beans too. Nite nite. (I'm not going to bed just yet - it's only 7:30 p.m. where I am, and I have big plans for tonight.) My husbands off doing something else, so I'm puttin in an Andy tape and doing some serious tv watching. - Hazel

July 29, 2001 - Msg 1423: First one up again, I see. Mornin porch - Hazel

"I need to get out more."

July 29, 2001 - Msg 1424: Mornin Hazel Mornin Porch. If you all get the sunday funnies in yer newspaper, take a look at the Born Loser. There you will see your beloved Asa playing golf. Or weeding Hazel's garden.


July 29, 2001 - Msg 1425: Howdy neighbors! Well Asa and Hazel, is that all you have to do on a Sunday morning is sit on the porch?! :-) I do declare, that must be some life you are a livin' - yes siree!

Me and the boys have been off to Sunday School this morning and Vacation Bible School starts tonite. They are excited! When you are 4 and 3, it doesn't take much to excite!
The sun is trying to break throught the haze here - another hot one I do think. Ya'll have a good one now - you here!


July 29, 2001 - Msg 1426: Or that should be "you hear!" Oh well - - -

July 29, 2001 - Msg 1427: Hey Homemaker. I would like to get on yer Christmas list. you can never have enough salsa. Did ya plant any melons this year. I got a melon patch that is looking pretty good if I do say so. Not braggin, just complimenting myself


July 29, 2001 - Msg 1428: Hey Asa, when them there melons get all ripe and ready to eat, send one to old Barn in West Virginia, sounds like good eatin!


July 29, 2001 - Msg 1429: Your pharmacy gal speaking here. Prunes are good for you.
Hope all is well with everyone. Anyone growing any spinach ?
"Not only will you be planting spinach, you'll be eatin' it a standing up."
I'll have baked bbq'd pork chops with some fresh snap beans and red potatoes,
with pears on the side. Some fried cornbread and some sweet iced tea.
Come on over. oh...and for directions...I'm setting up tables at the drugstore,
so I can seat everyone...and have the ice cream right ready (or a sundae) for dessert.
Miss Ellie
"Aunt Bee says planting spinish is educational."

July 29, 2001 - Msg 1430: I told you guys prunes was good for ya. See now, the pharmacy gal backed me up on that one. Count me in on that dinner, Miss Ellie. Could I have a root beer float instead of the sundae? - Hazel
(Haven't gotten a paper yet today, Asa, but I'll look at yer picture later on)

July 29, 2001 - Msg 1431: Good Sunday Morning to ya Porch! (ok I know it's Sunday afternoon, but I ain't been outta bed long so it's till mornin in my mind) Count me on on that dinner Miss Ellie as for them maters & the melons & gardens. We are FINALLY getting maters turnin too, took forever, no melons in my garden & the dadburned coons have eaten just about ALL the corn, so would ya send me some of yours Asa I got my own butter! Anybody got a good coon dog I could borry?

July 29, 2001 - Msg 1432: Lets see, Melons for Barney, Corn for Mavis, Spinach for Miss Ellie, Prunes for Hazel. Who wants to bring the pickles?


July 29, 2001 - Msg 1433: Let's get store bought pickles. I'll bring em. - Hazel. Looked at your picture, Asa. Real nice snapshot of you.

July 29, 2001 - Msg 1434: Thanks Hazel. You still want me to help weeding your garden?


July 29, 2001 - Msg 1435: I think I've got the weeds on the run now, Asa. But thanks, that's very kind. I was pretty impressed with your swing in that picture, though. I'm sure I could use you someplace... - Hazel

July 29, 2001 - Msg 1436: Asa you got a coon dog to send with that corn?

July 29, 2001 - Msg 1437: Hi All.
One thing missind from the porch is all the song that was here at one time.
Will this sunday start out bad, because one start shotting at 5:30 this morning and all the light from the cops car wake me up.
Mavis how is thing going what the cats.
Haze where are you from?
Skip a stone across the water,
and its ripples will journey far,
sunbeams will dance upon them-
it might reflect them to a star.
smile sweetly to someone passing,
and it makes their morning glad.
it may dreet you in the evening
when your own soul may be sad.
do a simple deed of kindness;
yet, it may flow like rippling water,
down the long road to eternity.