August 10, 2001 - Msg 1627: they were supposed to turn out blue (the pills) guess I forgot how to color font.
Miss Ellie

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1628: I see Floyd's been around here with his broom. It always amazes me how he can sweep this porch as clean as a whistle, but he always leaves them tiny little hairs on my neck and back when he cuts my hair.
Hey to Miss Ellie. How are you this fine day?
That reminds me Mavis, How are things with your friends Daughter? Looking up I hope.
Well I best get back to wo.... wo.... wor..... work. Boy thats hard to get out.


August 10, 2001 - Msg 1629: Hey to the porch! It's been awhile since I've been on here. Not much longer till Mayberry Days! I'm already keyed up. Did anybody watch the biography shows on A&E last night? Good shows. Don and friends. That just clutches me. Good to see all the nice folks on the porch again. -Emma

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1630: Emma, how's that darlin' grandbabyboy?

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1631: Asa, if you'd sit still in the chair maybe you wouldn't get them hairs down your back. Next time, I'll get that apron a little tighter around your neck and maybe it'll stop them hairs. Oh...and Asa, try and stop dropping that pistol on the floor while I'm cutting your hair....that handle springing apart always hits me on the leg. --Floyd

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1632: Hey Emma!!! Good to see you up and about. Miss Ellie been giving you your pills, has she?

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1633: hi Emma!

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1634: How's everybody on the porch been? It's hot here, Floyd...92! "Everybody complains about the weather but nobody ever does anything about it. Know who said that?" I tried that line on Mary the other day and she said "Let me guess..BARNEY said it." (Cause I'm always quoting Barney around her.) I said "No, Mary...Barney didn't say EVERYTHING." That little grandbaby is a sweetie pie. Thanks for asking. I'll have him quoting Barney just as soon as he learns how to talk. -Emma

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1635: Calvin Coolidge said that.....oh...but it's HOT!!! 92....

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1636: Hey Emma! Are you SURE Barney didn't say everything?

Well, the office move is complete. I'm only walking a little crooked. Asa, Clearwater is way closer to them pretty white beaches than Tampa. But my part of Clearwater is more like Stumpwater - it's an industrial area next to the trash incinerator. Our roof leaks, and the power goes out every time someone in the warehouse runs the copier.

Mayberry Daze! Can anyone point me to the details, dates and directions? Sounds like a nice, real nice time! Emma, the A&E show gave me the warm fuzzies, too. I just love those boys!

~Mrs. Wiley

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1637: Tell ya what Floyd. I'll git my pistol fixed if you will for once in your barbering career . If ya got to, put a notch in your comb. I think I deserve a notch.


August 10, 2001 - Msg 1638: Boy did I mess that up. Suppose to read IF FOR ONCE IN YOUR BARBERING CAREER GIT MY SIDEBURNS EVEN.


August 10, 2001 - Msg 1639: Ha ha...well....I'll get 'em even when you fix those lobes of yours. One hangs LOWER than the other. I'm not responsible if one LOBE is longer than the other.

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1640: And I think you oughta get ME back in there as the manicurist, Floyd. Remember all the business I brought in that time you hired me? -Emma

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1641: Asa, give Floyd a dollar next time and maybe he'll go out and buy himself a book on sideburns.

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1642: if everybody is looking for a job I got one for them. The requirements are not much, you have to groom Cujo when Cujo don't want you too, then when yer done getting the hair off you have to give Cujo a bath, any one interested?
I'm going down to the butcher shop to see about getting a job. You know anything about cutting meat? You reckon they'll ask me that?

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1643: Howdy Emma long time no hear. we need to get Flora & go back to Perkin's one day soon, that was fun!

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1644: Hey back to Mavis! We do need to get together again soon. We need to holler at Mr. Schwump, too. Mrs. Wiley, there's all kinds of information about Mayberry Days on the Surry Arts website. I don't know how to link but the address is (I'm pretty sure)...maybe Floyd or one who's more ept than I, could link here for you. Asa, you think you deserve a notch in Floyd's comb, huh? That's a good one -Emma

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1645: Hi Emma Don't know that we've chatted before. I've been a loyal customer of Floyd's as long back as I can remember. You would think once, just once, he could get them sideburns even. And I know I am not the first to complain about this. Then to top it off, last time I was in there he had just finished having lunch. And you know what he had. ONIONS... Not just one ,mind you, but many...


August 10, 2001 - Msg 1646: No Asa, I don't think we've chatted before. Nice to meet you though. I was in Mt. Airy last Friday and had such a nice time. Got to see the "other" Floyd and eat at Snappy Lunch and everything. David Browning (Barney) is supposed to be there tomorrow...handing out citations no doubt. I bet he'll be out there three-eightin' and four-twoin' all over the place. Or he MIGHT be Glenn Fordin' it all over town. He's a NUT. -Emma (I'm making up for lost time here this evening.)

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1647: That sounds like fun. I wish I was closer to that neck of the woods to go see that kind stuff. Maybe some day I'll take a trip and see all them neat places.


August 10, 2001 - Msg 1648: Emma, nice to see you back:) Did I read correctly in Msg 1634, that you have a Grandson named Mary?

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1649: never mind, I figured it out. sorry

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1650: Hey rickyb! I didn't mean to have so many run-on sentences up there and confuse anybody. (I want to say my run-on-sentence.) It's good to see you again! Flora and I were talking at work today about your website..remember when you first started Sarah's? You had a great website, you know that? Asa, you ought to come to Mayberry Days sometime. You'd love it...LOVE it. -Emma

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1651: My goodness, I just got home from work and it looks like you all been sitting on the porch and talking all day! It's been swept and look how full it is already! Hey to Emma, good to see ya. (I aint never met you before but I'll pretend). Asa, our weed eaters broke, could you come over before you go golfing and wack down some of our grass around the edges of the yard? - Hazel

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1652: Why sure Hazel. And I'll bet I get them weeds more even than Floyd got my sideburns:)


August 10, 2001 - Msg 1653:
Have you heard the news? It's BIG!! There's no other word for it! BIG!!
Former PFC Gomer Pyle has at long last been promoted to Lance Corporal. Read all about it here:

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1654: SHAKEDOWN!
I don't know why, I just had the urge to say that. - Hazel

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1655: Hello Porch friends. I hope everyone is well. It's finally cooler here. Almost feels like fall and I should be packing for Mayberry Days! It won't be long!!

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1656: Wow, looks like old home week on the porch. Two of our favorite Mayberry folks from the original porch posting on the same day! Hey to jennie and Emma!

Milton P. Oliver
I alMOST said 'old folks week' but thought better of it, and I HOPE I turned off the fonts....

August 10, 2001 - Msg 1657: Hey folks, I am not in Michigan yet. We are leaving tomorrow morning. I have had terrible nights lately and finally got me some nerve tonic.
(No it wasn't made by Colonel Harvey, or Jack Daniels for that matter.) The man at the health food store said it sounded like I had a magneseum deficiency. I am hoping that tomorrow I am rested and refreshed.

Oh, by the way, the last time we "called the man" he charged us $185 to put in a new timer, so I figured at that rate we might as well get a new one. My husband in wonderful, but he's no Emmit. If we had to live by his handy man talents, we'd be going hungry.

Just wanted to say a fond farewell to you all. I will be back Sunday or Monday and will fill you all in on the wonderful music that I hear by my darling boys.

Fun Girl

August 11, 2001 - Msg 1658: Have a good time Fun Girl. Hope your tonic is just what the Doc ordered. I am on my way out the door to play some golf. So you sleepy heads go right on snoozing. By the way Hazel I love that SHAKEDOWN scene. It makes me giggle evey time.
Hey to Milton P. Oliver. I like that name. You need to squeeze a Tibbs in there somewhere though. See if you can "deduce" a way of doing that. I am so witty for 5:30 in the a.m. even if I do say so myself.
Well i'm off. Have a good one.

August 11, 2001 - Msg 1659: Yeah, Fun Girl, those timers are tricky. Have a good trip. They'll be pickled tink to see you. Have fun golfing, Asa. I slept in til 6:30 now I gotta clean house, weed the garden, make food for a barbeque later tonight and go grocery shopping. All in all, it's a fun day all the way around. By the way, my back is better! - Hazel

August 11, 2001 - Msg 1660: Hey to MPO and Jennie! Boy, it DOES like old home week here. Hazel, sounds like you've got a busy day ahead of you. My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. (haha) -Emma

August 11, 2001 - Msg 1661: hey to the Porch.

"sweep the room with a glance" that's a humdinger, Emma. You're funny for a Fed.

August 11, 2001 - Msg 1662: Hey to everyone. I'll join the crowd getting all keyed up about href="" target="_new">Mayberry Days. It's going to be big with Betty Lynn there. The Silent Auction is going to be another good one. Andelina is in creative mode again and she'll have a fresh batch of items - new prints, magnets, more Myers Lake water (the real stuff), aprons, and she's pondering other Mayberry items - napkin rings, "Miss Luncheon" Tray, wreath, and straw hat. Plus, Harvey Bullock has donated some autographed photos, and an "Opie The Birdman" script. TAGSRWC has donated a Squad Car Cookie Jar autographed by Don Knotts (it will be there as long as MPO comes - you aren't feeling sickly, are you? hahaha) There are also a few holdovers from last year - calendars, JL-327 License plate, and more. We've got lots of room for more, so send me an href="">email if you've got an idea or can help out.

Opie "It's for you, Thelma Lou."

August 11, 2001 - Msg 1663: Boy, I messed up the hypertext on that one! I'm spoiled by software doing it all for me. At least all the info is there if you need it and I didn't leave anything turned on.

Opie "I'm no good! I'm no good!"

August 11, 2001 - Msg 1664: Mayberry Days. There you go Opie.


August 11, 2001 - Msg 1665: Just thought I'd stop by and remind anybody who's interested in the night sky (the moon, the stars, and what-not) about the Perseid meteor shower that is supposed to be at its peak tonight and tomorrow night. They say the best times to watch are from midnight till dawn but I don't think they run on any set schedule. :)


August 11, 2001 - Msg 1666: WOW - you miss a couple of days on the porch and the whole world comes to visitate! Hey to ya'll. I'm glad all is well with everyone. Glad the back is better Hazel and Asa, when you are done with weeds come to my house. . .I can keep you busy weedeating! (or in your case golfing!)


August 11, 2001 - Msg 1667: Where have you been Homemaker? Certainly I'll come over and lay some pitching wedges down on your weeds. I did Hazels this a.m. I think she will tell you she was happy with the results. By the way Hazel, sorry about the window. I didn't think a weed root was that hard.


August 11, 2001 - Msg 1668: Hey ya'll its me, Fun Girl from the lovely state ofMichigan. I have spent the morning with my darling boys and they went bicycling this afternoon with their pa and Little Opie, so I have spent a lovely afternoon with my darling Charlene. She is a pip I must say.

Sounds like Hazel has put in her days work today.
Hello to all and I will post again on Monday to pass on all the news that is news in Berrien County, MI.

With hugs to you all.
Fun Girl

August 11, 2001 - Msg 1669: Sounds like fun Girl. [ I crack me up ] How be the weather up there? it's sure hot here. Dang hot. They got any of them breakfast specials there? Be careful. It is a rough world outside of Mayberry.


August 12, 2001 - Msg 1670: Well I was the last to talk last night, and the first to speak this a.m. Maybe I talk to much.
Good Sabbath to all. It's going to be a great day.


August 12, 2001 - Msg 1671: Good Sabbath ASA. Getting ready to take the boys to Sunday School. Hopefully the cool air will get here soon.

Have a Mayberry kind of day!


August 12, 2001 - Msg 1672: Good Sabbath all! Thanks for the link Floyd, well I'll be JUST PLAIN DOGGED! Mrs. Wiley's tea party, oh, I'd just LOVE to be a wall, there. Just LOVE TO BE A WALL! I'll be checking my work schedule and cash flow this week to see if I can swing it.

Have a lovely vacation Fun Girl! We're sure tickled that you can still set on the porch while your gone. That Fun Girl is just GO, GO, GO! Miss Emma, I love to watch the night sky - thanks for the heads-up [ wha-oh, I made a funny ]!

~Mrs. Wiley
"go on... talk to Ramona!"

August 12, 2001 - Msg 1673: Asa, about that window... I'm gona talk to your wife about that. I don't think you should get any allowance until that windows paid for. Oh, and that weed root hit me right on the head. Had to go to the taxidermist to sew me up. (Took 7 stitches) - Hazel

August 12, 2001 - Msg 1674: Hey to the porch again! I missed the meteor shower on account of too many clouds here last night. I'll try it again tonight might work. Mrs. Wiley, you would love Mayberry Days if you can come. -Emma

August 12, 2001 - Msg 1675: But it might not..Emma. It was overcast here last night too. I'll try again tonight.
Good Sabbath to everyone rocking today. I have enjoyed reading the posts of everyone..the newtimers and the old timers..MPO I'm old and I know it!! hahaha How's that Myra these days?
jennie boone

August 12, 2001 - Msg 1676: It was clear as could be last night here where I live. However, I just plum fergot to look at the sky. I'm gona remember tonight though. - Hazel
(Asa, were you sleepin' during the sermon? He didn't talk about sin!)

August 12, 2001 - Msg 1677: I coulda swore he said somethin about sin. Sorry to hear about the stitches. Ya gotta remember to duck when I yell FORE. Even if your in the house.

August 12, 2001 - Msg 1678: Whoops...... I forgot to sign my name. I'm gonna sign it backwards this time and see if you all can figure out who I am.


August 12, 2001 - Msg 1679: Asa, Asa, Asa - you are the funny one! I got tired of waiting on you so I went and pulled my weeds. Now the flower beds are clean it is on to the garden. That will be a job and a half.
Besides Asa - I don't trust you now that you injured Hazel. I think I'll take my chances with my own golf clubs first. Not that I play but I have to swing better than you. Besides - what are you doing on the computer - you should be practicing that golf swing! :-}


August 12, 2001 - Msg 1680: "Good Sabbath"

- A Cappella

August 12, 2001 - Msg 1681: A caPELa, la la la-la la-la.

August 12, 2001 - Msg 1682: (sung to the tune of La Cucaracha)

August 12, 2001 - Msg 1683: Evenin Porch! Thought I better check in so ya'll didn't think Cujo went home & got his daddy to help him! LOL Ya'll are sure lively this week-end, must be the fallout! Hey to ever'body!!
They all keyed up

August 12, 2001 - Msg 1684: Hello to my Mayberry pals. I am home again from the Shady Grove Fiddle Festival, and allow me to say that a grand time was had by all. And I must say that one of the crowd favorites were my darling boys. They played together and separate. Konner (7) in the guitar category and Emory(5) in the fiddle category and they also did a set of songs together for the band catagory. Konner played "Jacob's Ladder" and Emory played "Lightly Row," But you all know that "Boil them Cabbages Down" is the one that always brings tears to my eyes. They both played and sang on that one and on "Clementine." They even had little miner hats on. I tell ya if I'da had buttons on my shirt I woulda busted 'em.

Asa, as far as the food in Berrien goes, well I hear there is a little cafe they call the Daybreak and that is where Mohammed Ali eats his pancakes. Yes sir, he lives in Berrien Springs and so I guess if the CHAMP likes the pancakes there they must be purty good. The weather was beautiful today. I'd say in the low 80's and just as pleasant as could be in the shade.

Mrs. Wiley, as of Wednesday there will be no more GO GO GO for this Fun Girl. It will be back to the real world. But that's what is so great about working for the school system, there is always summer vacation next year.

It's real good to be back and tomorrow I think I will set a spell and rock and prepare myself for reading and writing and 'rithmetic, or at least blowing my whistle at recess and hollering real loud in the cafeteria.
Fun Girl

August 12, 2001 - Msg 1685: Hi All.
Boy it looklike everyone is everything fun?
I whisk i can do that but you have time and money for that!
all, i do is stay around the home and that no fun.
Homemaker wound you like a postcard from cleveland?
Lord keep me sweet-
keepme true keep me loving,
not just to you-
but to other folk
that i will meet
as i walk along life's busy street.
WITH THOSE out there
who might never know,
nor try to find,
your love that gives this peace of mind.

August 13, 2001 - Msg 1686: Morning Porch! Did I beat Hazel & homemaker if I did, does that mean I have to fix breakfast? Somebody go gather the eggs & I'll see what I can do.
off to work, wish me luck.
I just fell awake

August 13, 2001 - Msg 1687:
dang it I ought not be fonting this early in the morning, Turned off?

August 13, 2001 - Msg 1688: I got the eggs gathered. Only broke a couple. I'll set the table. - Hazel

August 13, 2001 - Msg 1689: Fun Girl! I'm so glad you had a good trip. I wish I'd have seen those boys, they sound like they are really something. You're lucky that you get to blow a whistle at your work, boy I'd like to have one of those at my work. tweeeet! Everybody step aside; Hazel's coming thru!
fonts is off

August 13, 2001 - Msg 1690: I'll take mine over easy Mavis. You have to forgive Hazel for sleeping in. She aint been quite the same since I nailed her with that root ball. I noticed that she's grinning all the time now though.
Sounds like Fun Girl has a talented lot on her hands. Maybe they can strike a chord or two one day out here on the porch. Does the school district supply you with a new pea for your whistle each year Fun Girl?
And thanks Tom, for the uplifting poem.Very nice.
Well I gotta get to work. I got 7 stitches to pay for that I wasn't anticipating. Wonder what causes that.


August 13, 2001 - Msg 1691: By the way Homemaker, I can't beleive you've lost faith in me over one little accident. That cuts me, cuts me deeeep.
Boy, you try and help someone weed their garden and whata ya get? HEARTACHE, NOTHING BUT HEARTACHE...


August 13, 2001 - Msg 1692: Well I am so glad breakfast was ready this morning. Scrambled eggs - my favorite. Any more strawberry preserves for my biscuit??
I am sorry Asa, but you keep practicing and Maybe - just Maybe I'll let you help with the weeds. I said Maybe so don't get your hopes up!
Glad you like living in Cleveland Tom - I am Colts fan so I guess there will be no discussion of football this fall!
And Fun Girl - maybe you'll get a gold plated whistle for recess duty.
Have a good day Hazel and Mavis and the rest of the porch sitters.


August 13, 2001 - Msg 1693: P.S. A gold plated whistle with a gold plated pea!

August 13, 2001 - Msg 1694: homemaker - is that like the pea Barney had replaced in his whistle? The one he didn't ask to be returned when he turned in his uniform?

A Cappella

August 13, 2001 - Msg 1695: homemaker now why don't you just take the dag-gone fun out of everything, not letting us discuss football! Boy some teachers! LOL
evening to everyone!
couldn't resist! hehehe

August 13, 2001 - Msg 1696: So far no gold plated whistle, but they do give me a key to the school to hang on my lanyard with my whistle. (I guess that means something.) Had a staff meeting today. Where did the summer go?

Fun Girl

August 13, 2001 - Msg 1697: Hey If Mavis gets to cheer on the Deadskins (giggle and snort) then I should get to root for DA.RAIDERS...


August 13, 2001 - Msg 1698: Phew. Sorry I got here late, I fell in with some evil companions. Gin? Don't mind if I do! - Hazel
(I haven't been the same since my "accident")

August 13, 2001 - Msg 1699: Oh no. I've turned Hazel to the spirits. We may have to call her Hotis from now on. Maybe I should give up golf.......
Naw. Thats a little to harsh. You'll be o.k. Hazel. As long as you don't start seeing double.


August 13, 2001 - Msg 1700: Asa Asa I'll make a deal with ya, you can root for yer old 'fraiders, & I can root for my old Redskins & we'll both drive the rest of them on the porch crazy! LOL You know *Rafe is gonna come in here wanting to brag on his old Cowboys don't ya? Just thought I'd warn ya! LOL
Go get em Tiger

August 13, 2001 - Msg 1701: Just don't tell Viola Slatt about my "problem"; she'll have it all over town that I "hit the sauce". But since you guys are all my good friends, I'm gona crawl right over to the phone and call you for help whenever I get the urge to drink. - Hazel

Barney: "You're suppose to call BEFORE you start drinking!"
Otis: "You didn't make that clear."

August 14, 2001 - Msg 1702: Well Homemaker and I are up here in COLTS country, so that's who I'll be rooting for. At least until bastketball season. (They dont call it Hoosier Hysteria for nothing ya know.) Then I am hooping and hollering for my Pacers. Little Opie even named his hamster Reggie Miller.
While I was at that there fiddle festival I purchased me some music on one of them there CDs.
It is powerful purty to listen to. It has kind of a Celtic sound to it. (No Asa, I don't mean Larry Bird is a singin' on it. tee hee!) And a speaking of Ole' Larry, that's one young fella that we are mighty proud of here in this part of the country. He even owns a car dealership here in town and it inside it has a hardwood basketball floor. Neat huh? Well it is late and I could rattle on all night filling you all in on all the useless trivia stored in this old brain of mine, so for now I will say, "Best of nights to you and yours."
Fun Girl

August 14, 2001 - Msg 1703: Hey Fun Girl - Now you are talking about some good stuff - I love my Larry Bird! Even my husband knows I love Larry Bird. I even bought the boys a picture for their bedroom wall so they know who a real basketball player is.
It's just like *Mavis and Asa to stir up controversy over football. I told you football would not be a good topic but does anyone listen to me - nooooooooooo!
Now Hazel - are we going to have to do one of them "inventions" on you to get you off the sauce. It was supposed to be for a slug problem and then it went to back problem and now I do believe you'll be making flowers before it is all through!

By the way - GOOD MORNING! Looks like I'm the first one up. The griddle is on! Chocolate chip pancakes anyone. . .


August 14, 2001 - Msg 1704: Hey Fun Girl and others. . .for some good music - get the soundtrack to "Oh Brother Where Art Thou." If you rent the movie - it is good to. George Clooney is just dandy and he does a fine job of lip syncing to "I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow." Our favorite is "Big Rock Candy Mountain."


August 14, 2001 - Msg 1705: Morning, porch. - Hazel

August 14, 2001 - Msg 1706: Mornin Hazel. You ain't saying much this a.m. You gotta headache for some reason, hmmmmm?
Mavis, is Rafe really a cowboy's fan? Looks like we got us a common enemy.hee hee hee. Kidding Rafe. I'm sure they are going to be great with Tony where the ball go Banks leading them. lolx3
Well I think I better go to work for Rafe comes lookin for me.


August 14, 2001 - Msg 1707: Mornin Porch! ~Mrs. Wiley
"When the postman comes, and delivers the mail, I'll open the OFFICIAL VERIFICATION, and post it on the bulletin board, and ONLY THEN will the wanted poster be placed on the bulletin board."

August 14, 2001 - Msg 1708: Hey Folks,

I'm just dropping in to say "hey." I'm in a Windows2000 training class all week and we're on break. Learning the System Admin stuff for Win 2000...and it's a fun day.... :-)

August 14, 2001 - Msg 1709: Thanks for breaking with us Floyd. . .can I get you something to eat or drink while you are on break? Maybe a piece of pie or a nice cool glass of lemonade?


August 14, 2001 - Msg 1710: Hey Floyd. Good to hear from ya. Maybe they can teach ya how to cut sideburns even in that class:)


August 14, 2001 - Msg 1711: OOPS. Didn't see you there Mrs. Wiley and Homemaker. A nice tall cool glass of lemonade would go bown real good. Just hope Mr. Wheeler don't show up and take it.
And by all means Mrs. Wiley, wait for the official verification before hanging up them posters.

August 14, 2001 - Msg 1712: Hey homemaker, I'm just drinking Diet Mt. Dew...helps me stay awake in class. ha ha.... Asa, you need to get a surgen to fix them lobes of yours...THEN I could get them sideburns even on you.

August 14, 2001 - Msg 1713: Boy ain't we all rowdy this mornin! Homemaker me & Asa ain't trying to start no moulage or nothin, just discussin football! Are we discussin too loud?? LOL Quit hollerin Asa I told ya she was a school teacher! LOL
Yep our buddy Rafe is a Cowboy fan least he used to be, he gave me a hard enough time about my Redskins one season! I just figure he don't know no better & we just have to let it slide! (kiddin Rafe)
Have fun in class Floyd don't be chewing no gum now, them teachers don't like that!
Have a good day Porchsters!
I like my moulages a little runny (as in Running Back! hehe

August 14, 2001 - Msg 1714: I like my moulage with a little egg white in 'em.

August 14, 2001 - Msg 1715: Speaking of moulages ... can someone show me how a gate works?

A Cappella

August 14, 2001 - Msg 1716: "Walk on the left after dark; you'll wind up playing the harp"

A Cappella

August 14, 2001 - Msg 1717: When my Mom takes an art class or goes to the studio to paint, my Dad always says "She's at 'art learnin'". Guess Floyd is at Winders learnin'. ~Mrs. Wiley
"You know I like to wait for the Official Verification."

August 14, 2001 - Msg 1718: A Capella...."We all KNOW how a gate works."

August 14, 2001 - Msg 1719: Evenin...nice evenin ain't it? I hope everybody is having a good week so far. I watched a good OLD movie this past weekend ("Marty" - Ernest Borgnine, 1955) It had a couple of lines I recognized from TAGS. Marty's muther was trying to get him to go to the StarDust nightclub to meet some girls and he said "So, I go put on my blue suit and go to the StarDust Lounge and what do I get for it? HEARTACHES! A nightful of HEARTACHES!" And later his buddy was coming out of the club and somebody asked him about the girls inside and he said "DAWGS! Nuthin' but DAWGS!" I laughed right out loud at those lines. I think that movie might have won Best Picture in 1955. (but it might not)


August 14, 2001 - Msg 1720: Folks..I'm just wondering....does the Porch load okay for you if you're using a "dial-up" connection? Does it take too long...loads pleanty fast...etc? I'm asking because the "automatic archive is set for 45K and that's started happening every 5 days. That's fine but I don't want it to get too much quicker at archiving so I may up the size of the page to 55K or something sometime in the future *IF* that wouldn't make the site load too slow for dial-up folks. Y'all speak up and let me know.

August 14, 2001 - Msg 1721: Hey Floy... er I mean Allen. It's working real well for me. No complaints here. OTHER THAN MY DAGBLUM CROOKED SIDEBURNS. TAINT MY EARLOBES EITHER:)


August 14, 2001 - Msg 1722: Howdy porchsters! Just got back from the doctor up in Mt. Pilot. I got something called Iliotibial Band Syndrome and no it ain't got nothing to do with liking good music. Some durn fool thing about a band between my hip and knee and it hurts like fire. Guess that magneseum didn't do the trick, but then again, I reckon it didn't hurt none either. Maybe it would help get Hazel off the sauce. (Just funnin' you Hazel!)

Now about my man Larry Bird. Homemaker, I knew the first time I read from you that you was good people. You just can't explain to Little Opie what a basketball legend Larry Bird is. He just does not understand it. I think I finally got it through his noggin' when we watched a video from the library 'bout him and Ope said, "Hey, he was good like Reggie." Son there is no comparison. Ol'Larry was in his senior year at Indiana State when I was a sophomore in high school. I can still remember the hoop hysteria that year.

Younguns-what are ya gonna do with em?
Fun Girl

August 14, 2001 - Msg 1723: Good evening - Allen the site is fine for me but I don't know what the heck your talking about.
Asa I do believe it is your earlobes . . .you seem to be about a bubble and a half off plum to me! :-}
Try some elixir fun girl and call me in the morning if that don't do the trick.

The kids are screaming so I best see if they killed each other yet!


August 14, 2001 - Msg 1724: Floyd/Allan, I'm glad you asked that there question. Because I have trouble about every week or so getting on to the porch. Nobody else complains about it, so I figured it was just my computer. (It's kindof an old one - it may have gotten shaken up when it was coming over on the Mayflower). It takes a long time to load, and then sometimes I don't have but half the screen (no comments area). What do you think? - Hazel

August 14, 2001 - Msg 1725: Hey to ya Fun Girl. That there ailment ya got is no fun. Did they offer some physical threapy for ya? There are some stretches you can do that will really help with that. It is a common problem with distance runners. Be you one of them?


August 14, 2001 - Msg 1726: Oh, and I don't want to hear no comments from the sidelines about how Hazel never seemed to have any trouble getting loaded! (They seem to think I'm gassed all the time, Floyd). And FunGirl, I'm sorry to hear about your syndrome. Leave it to you to have some fancy-sounding ailment. Hope it gets better. - Hazel

August 14, 2001 - Msg 1727: Allan loads fine for me & I am on a dial up connection!

August 14, 2001 - Msg 1728: By the way Floyd - does Diet Dew tickle your innards like the "hard" stuff (as in Regular Dew?).
Also - the children are still alive. Still screaming just to be screaming. . .but alive!

Do you start school tomorrow Fun Girl - if you do, best wishes on entering the "Instruction Zone." It can be similar to the Twilight Zone on some occasions! Hope you'll be able to function with your leg. Your job isn't easy. I know
Have a great evening everyone - talk to you in the morning.

Who will be up first??


August 14, 2001 - Msg 1729: *Mavis I have messed up my emailing capabilities. I can receive and forward, just not send. I can be a no-brainer sometimes. I'll try to get it fixed soon!