September 27, 2001 - Msg 2349: Sp00ky Benson says HEY!

September 27, 2001 - Msg 2350: Hey to Spooky

September 27, 2001 - Msg 2351: Hey SpOOky !
I agree teachers are wonderful and now a days they have a hard job because they can't discipline. My friend who is a teacher just put her hand on a boy's shoulder, didn't hurt him, just placed her hand there and she got in trouble. I remember paddling, being sent to the principal's office and standing in the corner, staying after school to clean the blackboard, all sorts of stuff. We weren't allowed to have anything to drink but plain milk. Now they can have soft drinks...I don't think that is fair. They need the calcium. We couldn't even have chocolate milk. Would you believe I walked uphill 6 miles barefoot in 3 feet of, that one isn't true,but the rest is.
Wonder how everyone is doing in Mt. Airy. Can't wait to see the folks Saturday. It's gonna be a chilly one.
I don't like breakfast until lunch time. Guess that is why I never did good in school. Lunch was my favorite subject, still is.
Miss Ellie
"Can I finish my sentence ?"

September 27, 2001 - Msg 2352: Who done cleaned this place up? Whoever it was will you come clean out my garage? Preciate it.


September 27, 2001 - Msg 2353: Hey to you SpOOky! You all have a good day.
Frankie Flint

September 28, 2001 - Msg 2354: that's funny,'re funny for a golfer...


September 28, 2001 - Msg 2355: I think Gomer may have vacuumed the porch for us. I saw him working on the vacuum cleaner last night. Sweet guy, that Gome.

September 28, 2001 - Msg 2356: He best not vacum my garage at 2 am. I dont mind but the folks next door might. Especially if he's singing no account mule. If you think I'm funny Jelsik, you should see me golf. It's a hoot.
Just cause it's Friday don't mean no breakfast around here do it? Is it my turn? I ain't much of a cook so be forewarned. My hard boiled eggs resemble golf balls, dimples and all, and travel just about as far. Nice thing about them, 1 egg will stay with ya all day long. I learned how to cook them from Opie, 10 minutes. So come on over, I'll start them rat now.


September 28, 2001 - Msg 2357: Thank you Asa. I would like a cup of coffee , make it black. Think I'll eat at the diner today. I hear they have good porkchops. MMMMMMM they's good. Andy recommended them. Have a good day everyone. Looks like a perty one. Sun's up bright. ~ New Neighbor.

September 28, 2001 - Msg 2358: Good Morning Asa! I didn't realize you played golf too. . .I just thought you practiced swinging that club for weed-eating purposes.

I think we need a good brunch today. Let's see maybe ham, turkey, sausage, egg casserole, hashbrown casserole, maybe a nice fruit tray with cream cheese fruit dip, homemade biscuits, and toast for those who care for it, some homemade applebutter. . .ooh who wants to come over?

Everyone have fun at Mayberry Days. I'll be with you in SPIRIT. Another goat auction for us and then my husband's company picnic at an antique amusement park. It kind of reminds you of Mayberry. You actually see the instruments that make the music for the merry-go-round! The rides I think date back to the late 50's-early 60's. For the boys it means all the popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, pop, and ice cream they can eat for the day! Opie would have loved it!

I'll try to check in later with you all if I get the chance. Found out that I have a bad modem on my home PC and the computer is so old that finding new external modems with the right plug is difficult!

September 28, 2001 - Msg 2359: oops that was from me - the homemaker

September 28, 2001 - Msg 2360: We knowed it was you homemaker nobody else here shows goats! hehe, you ain't takin one of them up-town with ya, are ya? If ya do, keep him away from the dynamite will ya?

September 28, 2001 - Msg 2361: Oh my Homemaker, I'm on my way over. Even I did'nt dare eat my egg's this morning. So I is plenty hungry. And if you saw me golf you would still think weed eatin is all I'm good for.
Hey Mavis, I see they dumped George. You think that will help? It might work, then it might not.


September 28, 2001 - Msg 2362: Thanks homemaker for the brunch. I passed on the diner today too. Thought I'd get some of this housework done for a change. Today's Friday and the school Fall Festival and Auction are tomorrow. Can't do any work then! Have a great time at the Mt. Airy gathering. ~New Neighbor.

September 28, 2001 - Msg 2363: Hope to see ya'll at Mayberry's Day. Will be heading up the mtn. from Winston-Salem tomorrow morning. deborah

September 28, 2001 - Msg 2364: Well. . .you all have a great week-end. I am so glad that many of you attended my brunch. Delicious - if I do say so myself!

Remember - whereever you go, there you are!


September 28, 2001 - Msg 2365: Good Afternoon Porch - I've been back from vacation for a few days but have been TOO busy to stop by to say hello. I guess it's true, I'm a "Man In A Hurry". Anyway, instead of my regular room at the "Y"; I took a driving/hiking trip to Idaho. I had a GREAT time, but wanted to warn EVERYONE: As you enter the town of Oakley, Idaho there is a posted sign informing visitors "Green River Ordinance Enforced". So ... you best nit be selling vacuums there or anything else without the proper clearance. I took a picture of the sign and will TRY to post it somewhere on this site. I have NEVER posted a picture on-line before, but I'll try my best.

A Cappella

September 28, 2001 - Msg 2366: Asa they musta heard me hollerin' into the tv screen the other night & decided they would listen to me & get rid of him. Just wish they would find somebody good. Sure would like to see old Doug Williams back, but we all know Darrell Green wants to be the oldest in the NFL. LOL
Ever'body going to Mayberry Days be careful driving, & here's your sack of sammiches for the drive.

September 28, 2001 - Msg 2367: Sorry A Cappella meant to tell you welcome home. Just give me a rude today.
I got a rude, bet you ain't never got a rude!

September 28, 2001 - Msg 2368: Welcome back A Cappella. I was wondering when you'd get back. You know I live in Idaho, don't you? You were visiting MY state. Did you have a good time? We try to be friendly to folks. I hope you get that picture posted, I'd like to see it. I'm glad you didn't get thrown in the lock-up for selling anything.

September 28, 2001 - Msg 2369: Hazel - NO! I did NOT know that you live in Idaho!! I had a GREAT trip!! I flew into Boise and drove to Twin Falls via the "Thousand Springs Scenic Byway". Next I drove to Idaho Falls, including a sidetrip to the "City of Rocks". Next was a BIG loop from Idaho Falls & back via US Route 26, Idaho Routes 31, 33, 32, 47, & US Route 20. Then...I drove to Ketchum/Sun Valley including a stop at the Craters of the Moon National Monument. I spent 2 nights in Ketchum then drove back to Boise via Idaho Routes 75 & 21.
I spent a couple of nights in Boise and then came home.

So...How close was I to you? Was I pretty much in your backyard?

A Cappella

September 28, 2001 - Msg 2370: A Cappella, I live in Boise! Wish I knew you were in town, I'd have fixed you another sack of sandwiches and brought em to you. What state are you from? Asa lives near Salt Lake City, Utah, so you were pretty close to him, too. My goodness, we could have had a reunion. Were you here on Sunday, and did you get to watch any football on TV for your fantasy football?
- Hazel

September 28, 2001 - Msg 2371:
Flopped Ear Mule

Use to have an ole banjo, all strung up in twine.
And the only song you could hear me sing was I wish that gal was mine.

Whoa, mule ya' kickn' mule. Whoa, mule I say.
Ain't got time to kiss you now. My mule has run away.

Took my wife to the barn yard and sat her down to supper. She got choked on a turkey leg and
stuck her nose in the butter.


Your face is like a coffee pot. Your nose is like a spout. Your mouth is like a fireplace, with all the ashes out.

The End

Thought that would bring back some grand ole' Mayberry memories.

"Won't to here me sing Eating Goober Peas?"

Did you bring any 'taters back, A Capella?

I have noticed on some of the posts that there
has been both a Bold and Itallic font.
How do you do that?


September 28, 2001 - Msg 2372: Hazel - I live in Albuquerque, NM. I flew into Boise on Saturday the 15th, but was there ONLY long enough to pick up a rental car. I returned Thursday around 4:00 & checked into the Quality Suites near the airport. After that I went downtown and took a couple of "walking tours" -- one of the Capitol & other "govenment" buildings and one of "Old Fort Boise". Friday, I attempted to drive to McCall but there was TOO much work being done on Idaho Route 55 AFTER the town of Banks. So ... I returned to Boise and went to the World Center For Birds Of Prey, the Idaho Botanical Garden, & the Old Idaho Penitentiary.

September 28, 2001 - Msg 2373: A Cappella, I work at the Courthouse, right by the Capitol building. I don't know if you saw that one or not. Great big building. Not quite as spiffy looking as our capitol. Yeah, the road to McCall has had road construction for about 10 years (seems like that). It takes a long time to get up there sometimes. I've never been to the Birds of Prey, but the Botanical Garden is beautiful and the Old Penitentiary is great. A lot of history there. Glad you enjoyed yourself.
Hey, AngeFan, thanks for the memories! I still have that old record of Andy singin that song; my parents gave it to me for Christmas one year. Ask Mavis to E-mail you about the itallics and the bold fonts - she's the one what showed me.
- Hazel

September 28, 2001 - Msg 2374: Anybody heard from *Rafe?

September 28, 2001 - Msg 2375: Good evening all. I do think Rafe is at Mayberry Days this weekend.
Sounds like you had a nice trip A Cappella. To bad you didn't know Hazel lived up there. She can cook up a storm ya know.
Thanks for the song Angefan. I got it stuck in my head now.
Good luck on yer Redskin's Mavis. It's a homecoming for Schotenheimer, so maybe that will work. Course maybe it won't. Who's starting at q.b. now?
Well I reckon I best get off to lala land. Tomorrows Saturday, and you know what that means.

September 28, 2001 - Msg 2376: Hazel - If you're referring to the Ada County Courthouse ... YES!! I saw that. I received a few "Walking Tour" guides from the Boise Convention & Visitors Bureau. The Capitol, the Courthouse and eleven other buildings were included in the "A 'Capitol' City" tour.

Sorry I missed you. I'd like to go back some year in the Spring when Shoshone Falls is running at full force then make my way up to Northern Idaho.

A Cappella

September 29, 2001 - Msg 2377: Good morning Porch Pals! Sorry, can't make breakfast today - have to run off to the big city (ATL) for a meeting sunday morning. 8 hrs up - 8 hrs back...and back to work on Monday. Ugh. I've got to figure out how to make Mass on Sunday from the road. If I don't run into Checkpoint Chickie - I'll get home in time, but if not...well, my Mom would say, "Shame, shame, double shame. Everybody knows your name!"

Wish I could make it all the way up to Mayberry Days - My heart is with all those who could make it. Maybe next year...*snif*.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Gomer: Hey Barney.
Barney: WELL!??
Gomer: Oh, is it my turn to talk?

September 29, 2001 - Msg 2378: Have a good trip Mrs. Wiley. Maybe you'll run into one of them travelin' religions, and you could do Mass with them. Asa, have fun golfing. I've got my helmet on, so I should be ok. Oh, and I have that song stuck in my head too. A Cappella, the Ada County Courthouse is what I was referring to. You saw where I work Monday thru Friday. Small world, huh? Let me know next time you come thru.

She got choked on a turkey leg and stuck her nose in the butter.

September 29, 2001 - Msg 2379: Morning Porch! Sure wish I was posting this from Mayberry Days, but... Asa thanks for the kind words, Tony Banks is starting as q.b. don't know much about him, they also signed Kent Graham so maybe he will play a little too. I just realized that the game & the NASCAR race is on at the same time, good thing we have 2 tv's else they would be a fight here. Mr. Neff don't like football & I'd rather watch football than racing, wonder what causes that?

September 29, 2001 - Msg 2380: Hello Mavis: Hope to be rooting for them Redskins. Hopefully they on the mend now for winning. We'll see. Not been much for a while. Use ta watch them without fail cuple years ago. Even enjoyed going to the games. Now, too much $$$ for a little bit of entertainment. How's it going down there in Mayberry at the gathering? Lots of good food and music? Did the weather hold out? Sure wish we could have made it. Good night Porch and friends. Asa, was that your golf ball in the yard my mower hit today? I sent it back to you!!! ~~ New Neighbor

September 29, 2001 - Msg 2381: Hello Fellow Mayberrians - Just got back from Mayberry Days in Mt. Airy, NC. Was an absolutely beautiful day - a little windy and cool-but pleasant and nice overall. Went to Weaver's Dept Store - (You know who got a deal in Weaver's?) Went to the Mayberry Jail (Got incarcerated for making a U-turn) went to Floyd's Barber Shop(can't cut hair for 30 years and not know something about love) and let's see went by The Snappy Lunch - lines way too long for a pork chop sandwich - Saw Ernest T., Thelma Lou, Charlene Darlin (my porch name by the way) and Floyd(course it was Allan- had my picture made with him) and visited Andy's home place... After that we rode up to Pilot Mountain (Mt. Pilot) and the view was awesome. Later we went to Old Salem in Winston Salem for some Moravian Ginger Cookies and then home again to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. It was my first trip to Mayberry Days- I loved it. I hope it won't be my last. Wish I had known who some of you sweet folks were - would love to have said hello -Well - lots of luck to you and yours.... CDfromNC

September 29, 2001 - Msg 2382: Hey New Neighbor you live up there around them 'Skins? I used to live in Fairfax & loved going to the games! Course I'm a little further south now & can only watch them on tv. I'll be doing just that tomorrow.
Night Porch!

September 29, 2001 - Msg 2383: Hey Porch you all have a wonderful weekend.
Frankie Flint

September 30, 2001 - Msg 2384: Mavis" Yes I am from that territory. Used to live in Mt. Airy, only in Maryland. Now have moved to the southern part of PA. Viewed many of them games from the stands. Hey Charlene- Did Gomer try to make a "Citizens Arrest- Citizens Arrest"- He's such a BOOB. "Hey Andy, she called me a Boob." Andy- " I know it get in the car." Have a restful night porchsters. ~New Neighbor

September 30, 2001 - Msg 2385: Just wanted to stop by the Front Porch and say HEY to all you fine folks, have a wonderfull day!


September 30, 2001 - Msg 2386: Good Morning, everyone. Have a nice day.
- Hazel

September 30, 2001 - Msg 2387: Good Sabbath porch sitters. Another beautiful fall day on my front porch. What say we have a town picnic later today after preachin. Anyone game?


September 30, 2001 - Msg 2388: Thanks Asa:
Where are we meeting for the picnic? The kids are so excited to get there. I'll try to bring the potato salad and how about a big pan of Fried Chicken? See ya there..ASA were they your golf balls? ~ New Neighbor

September 30, 2001 - Msg 2389: Good idea, Asa. Maybe a group of us could explore the old mine cave. But you know what you find in caves... Bats! Don't let em get tangled up in your hair.
- Hazel

September 30, 2001 - Msg 2390: Good advice, Hazel! They'll lay their eggs in your hair and you'll go crazy. Moths will do the same thing!--Romeena

September 30, 2001 - Msg 2391: Has anyone heard from Rafe? I forwarded an email that I thought he'd appreciate, and the Mailer Demon didn't send it back, so I guess Rafe got it.--Romeena

September 30, 2001 - Msg 2392: Yes, I know it's Mailer Daemon - you're not talkin' to a jerk, you know!--Romeena

September 30, 2001 - Msg 2393: What's that smell

September 30, 2001 - Msg 2394: Fried ChickIn and tater salad. Sounds gooood. It was either my golf ball os one of my hard bioled eggs New Neighbor. Hard to tell the difference.
I'll bring the stuff for some homemade ice cream.
And then we can go cave exploring. All in all its a fun day.
I think Rafe went to Mayberry day's Romenna. He should be back today though.


September 30, 2001 - Msg 2395: So Asa , I can't make them golfballs into red beet eggs(?) Well we'll try it, YOU get the first bite. Hey, I'm afeared of bats in the bellfry. It's cold and dark in the cave and Andy & Helen know the back way out. But then Barn will bring the rescue squad to get us out. Good ole Barn. ~ New Neighbor

September 30, 2001 - Msg 2396: Dadgum Redskins!! >(
you know who this is! not signing.

September 30, 2001 - Msg 2397: Hey Porch, I was looking at ebay last night and they had eight pages of Andy Griffth items. Lots of cool items.
Frankie Flint

September 30, 2001 - Msg 2398: So sorry Mavis. Could be a long year.


September 30, 2001 - Msg 2399: Sorry I missed ya there Frankie. I didn't recognize ya with all that female war paint on ya. How ya be?


September 30, 2001 - Msg 2400: Mavis:
So sorry to hear about the "passing away" of the Redskins. I think it's now time to "bury the hatchet" and move on to better days. Just remember, one day they gotta win... maybe the lottery. ~New Neighbor

September 30, 2001 - Msg 2401: It's so late, I think I'll go and hermitize myself.

Just stopped by to say hey. Tell Goober hey.

Mark AG

September 30, 2001 - Msg 2402: Went yesterday at Mayberry Days for the day.
Spent most of my time at The Andy Griffith Playhouse talking with some of the folks who post here occasionally, Emma, Nice Real Nice Mary Grace, Emmett and Martha, Jelsik, Jennie and Fred Boone and Opie and some who don't post here. I looked for my friend Pinkcloud but didn't find her. The Neil Brower lecture was interesting, but I don't like too much insight to TAGS as when they say how the scenes were set up, it seems less real to me and I'm one who likes to live in make believe. I want to live in a small town again. It was a cool day, brisk winds at times and just lovely, the air so clear, no haze. I didn't take as many pictures of the scenery as I wish I had. We had a good time. I wish everyone who loves TAGS could go just once. Really, though, to see everything at the Mt.Airy Visitor's Center, you should go when there isn't an event. We did see some pictures taken in l999 at Andy's home in Manteo. Not fancy like I thought. Old looking, judging by the inside doors. He looked a little feeble to me. I hate to think of him as feeble. Allan Newsome (Floyd) and David Browning (Barney) did great jobs as usual. Opie headed up the Silent Auction. "He's a good son" (figure). I tell him, since I have no children, he is my son-figure. Phil Lee (the guy who does the Ernest T. Bass impression couldn't be there).
Everyone have a goodnight. the moon is pretty.
Miss Ellie

September 30, 2001 - Msg 2403: Asa you think like I do, it is gonna be a long year! New Neighbor can you play 'taps' for me, I'll stand at attention & bury my Redskins sweatshirt in the back of the closet till next year. Miss Ellie Hope you told ever'body hey from the porch for us, wish I coulda been there, but I'm glad it was purty for you while you were.
(gonna go do a war-dance & see if I can help them skins)

September 30, 2001 - Msg 2404: Hey Miss Ellie sounds like you had a good time. I would love to go to a Mayberry Day. For right now I just need to get some more lipstick at the drug store. A big Hey to Asa! You all have a good day now.

September 30, 2001 - Msg 2405: msg. 2404 from Frankie Flint

October 01, 2001 - Msg 2406: Mornin Porch. Did everyone but Mavis survive the wekend? Sounds like you had a good time Miss Ellie. Thanks for the report. We all had us a picnic yesterday. New Neighbor brought fried chickIn and tater salad, (watch out for her hard boiled eggs though.) Hazel brought some prunes. We discovered you should never eat prunes then go cave exploring aftrwards. It could be dangerous. All in all it was a fun day.


October 01, 2001 - Msg 2407: Mornin porchsters:
What a busy, wonderful morning. How was everyone's weekend? I know Mavis, your's could have been better, but that aside, hope it was a good one. Asa, what a good time yesterday. The kids were tired and fell right asleep last night. Opie stayed over. They just couldn't stop talking about those bats!! Whose cooking breakfast? Gotta get the clothes on the line to dry, stop on over... ~ New Neighbor

October 01, 2001 - Msg 2408: Well, Mavis, looks like both the Colts and the Bengals both lost too. So Sad :(
It sounds like everyone had a good time at Mayberry days. We went goat shopping and found us a new boer percentage goat (she is real pretty - black and white). She is a real jumper though. She found footing and climbed into our haystack. It was some trick getting her down and into a pen that we could keep her in. If any one watches PBS Kids - she reminds us of the Zoboo from Zaboomafoo. She leaps, leaps, leaps. We are still thinking of a name for her. I have been naming all the girls after song names so I'm trying to figure one out for her.
Went to my husbands company picnic yesterday. Talking about walking out of the 50's. It was great!! The kids absolutely loved the place. The best part it was free!
Well - time to kiss the mule and be a salty dog!


October 01, 2001 - Msg 2409: We have entered a new month. The sky is blue, leaves a' fallin', birds a' singin', goats a' jumpin'...HUH!!! I know you had a wonderful time at Mayberry days, Miss Ellie. I would like to hear the reports of all of you who went.


October 01, 2001 - Msg 2410: I would like to get a haircut. I wonder if Floyd will be on the job today?


October 01, 2001 - Msg 2411: If Floyd cuts your hair Asa, I don't want to hear any complaining about uneven sideburns!

October 01, 2001 - Msg 2412: Well... O.K. No complaints. I just hope he didn't eat any onions for lunch.


October 01, 2001 - Msg 2413: Asa, you have onions on your breath you may end up lookin' like a bald cat! ~ Mrs. Wiley
"Mayberry had the baldest cats in the county!"

October 01, 2001 - Msg 2414: Hey to the porch! Just returned yesterday from my 5th Mayberry Days! It just gets better every year. Speaking of a haircut at Floyd's, my little grandson got his first ever haircut by the real "Floyd" (Russell Hiatt) this past Thursday. It was definitely one of the highlights of my Mayberry Days experience this year. Spending the weekend with friends is the REAL highlight though. -Emma

October 01, 2001 - Msg 2415: Josephine Pike In Concert !

Don't miss it!

Click here or go to

October 01, 2001 - Msg 2416: Good Evening Porch!
Frankie Flint

October 02, 2001 - Msg 2417: Good Morning Porch - Breakfast is a-ready! Hot, freshly made cinnamon buns with pecans from GA, and that never-ending cup o' joe. I'm so glad to hear the stories from Mayberry Days - What a thrill Emma!

Ya'll have a great day - It's off to work for me. ~ Mrs. Wiley
"it's a jungle out there, Ang"

October 02, 2001 - Msg 2418: font check - YO!

October 02, 2001 - Msg 2419: Mornin porch. I'm on my way over Mrs. Wiley. Where is everyone? Hazel, Mavis, New Neighbor, Homemaker, Fun Girl, Romenna. It's gettin kinda lonely around here. I can't even get a haircut.


October 02, 2001 - Msg 2420: "It's a situation, that's what it is!"

October 02, 2001 - Msg 2421: AngeFan, Hubby and I only went for the day. Most stayed from Wednesday through Sunday. Emma, Emmett and Martha, Jennie and Fred, Nice Real Nice Mary Grace and Mr. Foley were there, as well as Jelsik, Opie, Therapetic, Mr Cookie Bar and his wife, Mr. Schwump and his wife.
For most of us, this was year number "5". Anyway, there could have been more there. The only event we attended was Neil Brower's lecture. The rest of the time we spent at the Playhouse talking with our friends and did stroll down to the Visitor's Center and stop at one store to buy souveniers.
We stayed from about llam to 4:45pm.
It was a good day, just not long enough.
Hope all have a good day here. It is a pretty day here, warming up again. chilly right now. 56 degrees.
Miss Ellie
PS. of course, Allan Newsome, our host here was there as "Floyd", a prince, a real prince of a fellow and David Browning as "Barney Fife,MD". Both do a great job.
The stars there, The Dillards, The VW Boys, Betty Lynn, Howard Morris, Maggie Peterson and that is all I know. I didn't get to meet the stars, was a line 3 blocks long when we got there.

October 02, 2001 - Msg 2422: Asa could you explain the Emancipation Proclamation? My soon to be 5 year old is pretty good with the scissors now that he is in kindergarten - would you like for him to cut your hair? It would be really cheap - he would only charge you "seben bucks!"
Oh Mrs. Wiley - count me in for some of those cinnamon buns. Especially with the GA pecans. . .delicious! I would like a nice cup of hot tea please with that. Not to fond of coffee.

Our morning story will revolve around all of our nanny goats getting out! They found a hole in the fence during the night. Needless to say - we were goat herding a 5:30 this morning. The jumping goat has made a couple of friends so she is getting used to Indiana life. She is from Tennessee so she isn't acquainted with our ways yet.

Well time to go get them children off the bus. They probably call me "ol lady homemaker." (similiar to Miss Crump you know!)


October 02, 2001 - Msg 2423: Hey to the porch,
My son's (Jason, alias Nate Pike) tennis team won thier Sectional in the state tournament. It's on to the Regional. Nectrine Crushes on me.
Sp00ky Benson

October 02, 2001 - Msg 2424: Hey Porchsters:
It was a busy day down on the farm. I didn't even have time to turn on the computer and check in with all my friends. Hope this has been an especially good un. The weather was warm and just purty. Think I'll sit a spell on the porch until the young 'uns get home from school and it's time to head to the barn to milk them cows. Rest a while!! ~ New Neighbor

October 02, 2001 - Msg 2425: A nasty situation? In Mayberry? Better see if you got your bullet, Asa.
- Hazel

October 02, 2001 - Msg 2426: HAZEL... Just where have you been? I been worried sick. I have a belt full of bullets by the way. And they aint green. I polished them last week.
Congrats to your son SpOOky. You must be proud.
Howdy New Neighbor. Slow down Whats your hurry?


October 02, 2001 - Msg 2427: Well, I'm right 'chere now, Asa. You did a good job on those bullets. I feel safe with you on duty.
- Hazel

October 02, 2001 - Msg 2428: 5

October 02, 2001 - Msg 2429: Congrats SPOOKY give that boy a hug from Aunt Mavis! Tell him he done good! I'm over my mad with my team, it's down to just plain disgusted now! LOL What time is breakfast inna morning, I don't have to work & thought about trying to get up & come eat with ya'll. Hey to Emma! Where's Flora?
I heard about your bullet, Barney

October 02, 2001 - Msg 2430: Way to go Spooky Son!!(or is it Son of Spooky?) Maybe Asa would do better with tennis than golf. The balls are larger for seeing and not all pitted. Barree a couple of them and see how you do Asa. They're a mite hairy, won't put out any of my winders either! HAHAHAHA ~New Neighbor

October 02, 2001 - Msg 2431: you're right, Emma...MD's was great, just great....this Porch was well represented at the Trivia contest by Rafe, Milton, and Mr. Schwump, just to name a few.....Schwumpmeister should consider wearing red next might work.

I just bought some apple cider...anybody want to count cars?? I got dibs on all the Ramblers...


October 02, 2001 - Msg 2432: O.K. I'll do breakfast in the morning. I think it's my turn. How about scrambled eggs with grated cheeze, and fresh salsa? (That's my favorite breakfast) With whole wheat toast. No meat. We could also have fresh squeezed prune juice. I would need everyone to RSVP however. (I need to know how many prunes to start squeezin').
- Hazel

October 02, 2001 - Msg 2433: Good Evening Porch.
Frankie Flint

October 02, 2001 - Msg 2434: Hey Josephine Pike, your sounding real good in concert.
Frankie Flint

October 02, 2001 - Msg 2435: Hey Porch, How is everyone tonight. Watch Andy on Tv Land. 9:30-10:30. Anyone buy the book Mayberry Memories?

October 02, 2001 - Msg 2436: No prune juice for me Hazel just coffee to drink with my meal please. I'll let Asa have my glass! hehe
Nite Porch!

October 02, 2001 - Msg 2437: Almost forgot, I finally got an Andy fan back working with me, I've worked with her for a long time & she finally came back to the clinic. Now my quotes won't be lost on anyone! She knows all of them too! *grin*

October 02, 2001 - Msg 2438: I should have taken my Father's advice, and married a buck-toothed woman!

October 03, 2001 - Msg 2439: Good Morning Porch, So great to see the buzz of activity here! Congrats to your boy there, SpOoKy Good on him!

Happy birthday to my Mom!! I surprised her Saturday at Church - just made it in time (didn't need to find a travilin' religion, Asa). I snuck up on her, held her hand and asked if I could sit next to her - she liked to jumped out of her skin! I did this for her b'day last year, too. I'll bet she starts looking over her shoulder now!

~ Mrs. Wiley
"you're a good son, Barn."

October 03, 2001 - Msg 2440: Mornin Porch:
Got to get an early start the littlest 'un has a field trip today and I have to drive the bus! Sounds like a 3 tylenol morning! I could use a good breakfast this morning and a hot cup of coffee. See ya when we get back this aftanoon. Hope it's a perty day. Got to ride on a canal boat down the C&O canal. ( A little too close to Washington D.C. for my thinkin') Pray for us!! New Neighbor

October 03, 2001 - Msg 2441: Good Morning Mrs. Wiley and New Neighbor and everyone. O.K. no prune juice, just scrambled eggs, toast and coffee. And tea for Homemaker if she shows up.

October 03, 2001 - Msg 2442: Good Morning all. Breakfast in Boise, sounds like the name of a movie, don't it? I'll be right over Hazel.
Be careful New Neighbor.
How are you Mrs. Wileyyy? Happy bday to your mama.


October 03, 2001 - Msg 2443: Fair to middlin' Asa, fair to middlin'. ~ Mrs. Wiley

October 03, 2001 - Msg 2444: on my way for breakfast, got up a little late, so will ya keep it warm for me?

October 03, 2001 - Msg 2445: Happy Birthday, MISS ELLIE!

October 03, 2001 - Msg 2446: font check~off :)

October 03, 2001 - Msg 2447: Well howdy ya'll! Thank you for thinking of me Hazel and making the tea. No salsa for my eggs though. I like the fresh grated cheeze though. I would like a little grape jelly for my toast please.

Saw Jimmy the goat episode last night. The goat was a sanaan (I think) with waddles (I don't like waddles) and he was wethered. He couldn't produce babies if he tried. About all he was good for was being a pet or eating dynamite. Oh by the way. . .the new goat's name is Boogie Woogie (or boogie for short). Don't ask at how we arrived at that name but it has to do with watching wrestling.

New Neighbor - are you sure 3 tylenol will be enough? I have been on a few field trips - it takes more than tylenol for me to get through them! ;-)

Well, tis time to stop chattin.

Have a good morning Asa and Mavis, Mrs. Wiley and a special yoo hoo to MISS ELLIE! Hey Fun Girl!


October 03, 2001 - Msg 2448: Happy Birthday to the precious Miss Ellie! Go out on the town and Celebrate~! Splurge, go ahead and get the snails and a sazerac.
"You're a treasurah"

October 03, 2001 - Msg 2449: While you are at it Miss Ellie, have a snort of the sisters elixir, just as long as you don't get wild and do all that adventure sleepin' like Hazel was a doin' a while back. Or was that Mavis?
Will write more later. Gotta go pick up Little Opie at school.
Fun Girl

October 03, 2001 - Msg 2450: HOWDY!! I made it back in town, a little frazzled, but in one piece. I want to tell you that EVERY bridge and overpass in the D.C. area had banners, flags, and rememberances on them! I almost couldn't drive for the flood of emotions. I felt we were in a sacred place, it really makes one stop and think of the ones that lost someone. All in all a very good day. Just one to remember. SALUTE!!! ~New Neighbor

October 03, 2001 - Msg 2451: Happy Birthday Miss Ellie! I hope it was one of the best you've ever had and I hope you have many more that are even better. -Emma

October 03, 2001 - Msg 2452: Hey Miss Ellie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It was good to see you and Hubby last Saturday, hope you've had a grrreat day.
Milton P. Oliver
~If you get a baseball cap for your birthday, I'll swap you some canning jars for it~

October 03, 2001 - Msg 2453: Happy Birthday Miss Ellie! It was great getting to see you and your hubby at Mayberry Days.--Emmett & Martha

October 03, 2001 - Msg 2454: How on earth does everyone but me know its Miss Ellies birthday? Ya'll meetin behind closed doors or what? Happy birthday Miss Ellie. Hope you have many more.
Glad you made it back o.k. New Neighbor. Sounds like bus travel is gettin a might dangerous any more. Hopefully not with schol kids though. Good to see you Fun Girl and Homemaker.
I just watched the episode with Mr. Frisbee. I can relate to it. The state wants to put a highway right through my land. And I aint happy about it. Just built the house on it a year ago, now they want to kick me off. I aint goin without a fight though. And I aint got no still her either, at least not that you'd knows.


October 03, 2001 - Msg 2455: Glad you got back safe and sound, New Neighbor. I can just imagine what all those flags looked like. Happy Birthday, Miss Ellie. I wish you many more.
- Hazel

We will not sing!

October 03, 2001 - Msg 2456: I was posting at the same time as you again, Asa. I didn't know it was Miss Ellies birthday either.
- Hazel

October 03, 2001 - Msg 2457: Happy Birthday Miss Ellie!! Have you a big ol' piece of cake and a slab of apple pie! ~ Mrs. Wiley

October 03, 2001 - Msg 2458: Happy Birthday Miss Ellie.


October 03, 2001 - Msg 2459: Who's turn for breakfast in the morning. Hazel cooked up a storm this a.m. Bless her heart. I will do it if no one else wants to but be forewarned, I cook about like Barney sings. Not to good but loud.


October 03, 2001 - Msg 2460: Happy Birthday, Miss Ellie!


October 03, 2001 - Msg 2461: Hey Porch, Sure is a nice night. Watch Andy on Tv Land at 9:30-10:30pm. Have a good day.

October 04, 2001 - Msg 2462: Good Morning, porchsters. Happy birthday to anyone who happens to be having a birthday on this day. (I think we're covered there, Asa). Anyone for hot cereal? Stop on by. And plenty of coffee.
- Hazel

October 04, 2001 - Msg 2463: Good Morning Hazel and porchsters-
Ya up bright and early this mornin'? Sur looks like a good one. Just a bit hazy though. Got home yesterday and they wanted to paint my porch while I was away. Can I put my chairs on your porch until they's done? Where aM I going to hang my clothes? Boy, sur puts a crimp in my plans today!! If you hap'n to drop over watch for the wet paint...~ New Neighbor

October 04, 2001 - Msg 2464: Thanks Hazel, sounds good. Morning N.N. Can I call you that? I'm feelin a little tired this a.m.
Hazel, can you give me a hair cut today. Floyd must still be resting up from m.d. My hairs touching my ears and I hate that.


October 04, 2001 - Msg 2465: Sure, I'll give you a haircut, Asa. What's your head size? I need to see if I got bowl the right size to put on your head. Did you want a manicure too? I charge extry for that.
- Hazel

October 04, 2001 - Msg 2466: Good morning Porch sitters! Just wanted to stop in and say...10-4!
~ Mrs. Wiley

October 04, 2001 - Msg 2467: LOL Hazel. It's 6 3//8 I think. I've never had a manicure, so sure why not. Will you do my toe nails while your at it. I asked Mavis some time back if she would but she refused. I'll even wash my feet first if I have to.
Het Mrs. Wiley.


October 04, 2001 - Msg 2468: Asa anyone who would give you a "pet"icure on those feet have got to be crazier than Ernest T. Bass. I heard you had a "club" foot anyways! (sometimes I just crack myself up!)

Well-it was an early morning for me. We have been so busy that I just got up early to catch up on some laundry. And I watched the Patriot with Mel Gibson too. I love my husband but I really enjoyed spending some time with Mel this morning. That was such a good movie. It was the first time I had seen it almost all the way through. It will make your heart thump, thump, thump with love of country.

Will someone please take a nap for me this afternoon?


October 04, 2001 - Msg 2469: by the way - my husband rejected the name Boogie Woogie for the goat so it was then decided to call her Sally. How we arrived at that - I have no idea but it is a long way from Boogie Woogie!


October 04, 2001 - Msg 2470: Mornin' porch,
How is your goat(s), Homemaker?
Barney handled the "Loded Goat" well by playing his Harmonica. Where Barney played it, the goat would be there to. I bet you could get a great harmonica in MT. Pilot.


Floyd: This proves one thing. If you want a good coat you have to go to MT. Pilot.


October 04, 2001 - Msg 2471: Howdy Asa, homemaker, and AngFan. Must have been a busy day today, just 'ussuns' here. hope y'all ahd a good 10-4. Homemaker, do you ever make goat cheese? Yummm. ~ Mrs. Wiley

October 04, 2001 - Msg 2472: Evening, all. It does seem kinda quiet around here today. Must be at choir practice. 10-4 back to you, Mrs. Wiley.
- Hazel

I'm sorry, I already 10-4'd ya.
(Feels kinda good gettin' it in first for a change)

October 04, 2001 - Msg 2473: Evenin' Porch! My miss one day around here & takes you 10 minutes to read all the posts! It was me doing that adventure sleepin' a while back, but can't do alot of it right now, back's hurtin a big! Anybody been watching that new show, The Ponderosa? I still love Bonanza, but I like this one too. Pretty good, the spin they got on it. Off to surf the web for a while, hope they ain't no sharks hidin' in there!
It's a penny, been run over by a train, it'll protect ya in yer travels

October 04, 2001 - Msg 2474: Happy Birthday MISS ELLIE!
Frankie Flint

October 05, 2001 - Msg 2475: Good mornin' to the Porch. Happy (belated) birthday, Miss Ellie. Tell me... How come we ALWAYS miss each other at Mayberry Days? We come close to seein' each other (you saw me, but I didn't see you) in '98, but since then we keep clean missin' each other! I wonder what causes that?

*Mavis, I'll make you a deal. I won't make fun of your Redskins if you don't make fun of my Cowboys. Deal?

Breakfast sounded real good the past couple'a days, but we need more MEAT. How 'bout some country sausage and biscuits and gravy? A half of a cantaloupe with blackberries in the middle, topped off by a cup'a hot coffee. Any takers?

I'll see ya.
*Rafe Hollister
"*snicker* *snicker* Y'hear that, Thel? Andy thought Lydia was from ancient Greece. *snicker*"