October 05, 2001 - Msg 2476: Mornin Rafe, I'm a taker on that power breakfast you're makin'! Got lots to do this weekend - goin' down to Goobers to get new struts, goin' to the drug store for some pretty smelling soaps, down to Mr. Goss's for my dry cleaning (I hate it when he drops ashes on my clean clothes).

Everybody have a fine Friday! ~ Mrs. Wiley
Well...he's coming right along there. For a minute, I thought it was the Count of Monte Cristo."

October 05, 2001 - Msg 2477: It's a deal *Rafe wanta shake on it? Neither team is doin worth a squat is it. Bisquits & gravy sounds wonderful, count me in! I'll need it, gotta groom alot of puppy feet today, better take me a Mr. Cookie Bar too!
don't give him my Mr. Cookie Bar

October 05, 2001 - Msg 2478: Mornin Rafe, Could I have mine a bit early? I got me another field trip today, this time to Waterford, Virginia. Old town only opens up the first weekend of October. And you think Mayberry is a slow town!!!Lots of festivals, tours, crafts, food, but 2 hours away with high schoolers! Oh boy, another 3 tylenol morning. Next time I'll buy me a bigger bottle. ( Ain't sayin what's in it!!) Have a great day.
~New Neighbor

October 05, 2001 - Msg 2479: Thanks for the offer, Rafe, I believe I will stop by for breakfast. Sounds like were all hungry this morning. Just gluttons, gluttons, glut-tons!
- Hazel
Yeah, I'll have a little more java.

October 05, 2001 - Msg 2480: Mornin all T.G.I.F.


October 05, 2001 - Msg 2481: Rafe, count me in for breakfast except I will pass on the cantelope but the biscuits and gravy sound just superb!

Oh my new neighbor. . .you are one brave bus driver. High school students! You need to have one of Andy's cassettes on the speakers to keep them calm or a vcr so they can watch a wholesome episode or two while traveling down the road. I think what you need is a flower making machine at your house!

It is a fine Friday here and it's payday too. Think I'll join Miss Wiley and go shopping with her this weekend. I would really like to go with new neighbor on that field trip minus the high schoolers.

We are suppose to go to another goat auction this weekend but after buying a goat last weekend and 150 bales of hay this week. . .I don't think my budget can take another goat. So, looks like to the woods to cut and split wood. Winter is a'comin'.

Have a good day!


October 05, 2001 - Msg 2482: Homemaker, after all that Goatin' and Totin' you'll need some soaps! ~ Mrs. Wiley

October 05, 2001 - Msg 2483: Goodmorning everyone ! I appreciate all the warm birthday greetings. I spent most of the day just sitting on my back porch soaking in the sunshine and beauty. Mama cooked supper for us.
Rafe, I don't know how we keep missing each other. I'm a usually hanging out with Emma, Martha and Emmett, Jelsik, NRN Mary Grace and Mr. Foley and Jennie and Fred on a blanket in front of where they sell sodas at the Playhouse. Now I did think once, I seen ya from afar, but didn't want to yell over the crowd and was in the middle of a conversation and then when I looked agin you was gone. But I ain't sure it was you,'cause you didn't have on yer overalls and hat. Sorry to have missed you and your beloved wife. Maybe next year.
I so enjoyed seeing those I got to see and spending time with one another. It has warm memories for me.
Got to spend a few minutes with Opie too and we may go get donuts this weekend. I got to email him.
You folks have a nice day. I'm gonna do a bunch of porch sitting again, cause we got rain and a cold spell coming in and there won't be much time left for porch sitting soon.
Miss Ellie
"It does my heart good to see a thin person eat."

October 05, 2001 - Msg 2484: Good Afternoon Porch. I hope EVERYONE enjoys their weekend. It's the start of the "International Balloon Fiesta" here in Albuquerque this weekend. In the past there have been OVER 1,000 hot-air balloons in town. That number is down this year, but the number is still expected to be over 800!!

A Cappella

October 05, 2001 - Msg 2485: Take some pictures for us A Cappella. We would all love to see them. My pictures for you would be of the summer leaves beginning their fall descent into color.

Have a beautiful week-end everyone.
Remember to tell someone you love them.


October 05, 2001 - Msg 2486: Hey *Rafe can I have homemaker's mush melon?? No I ain't no pig, just like mush melon! As for the feild trip & the big bottle of aspirins, sounds to me like you need some of Miss Ellie's little blue pills!
Back later, gonna go get some coffee & sit a while.
alot of people lie at lunch, what of it!!

October 05, 2001 - Msg 2487: RIP, Blaise Alexander, professional car racing has lost yet another young driver. Prayers to his family.

October 05, 2001 - Msg 2488: Hey there, Porch folk. Been a while. I spent last weekend in Biloxi, Mississippi seein' a good Leon Russell show. That boy shore can play.
Frankie Flint, did the drugstore get any new warpaint in? Thinkin' about going over there myownself.
Mavis, how'd them dog paws turn out? Soon's I get offa here I gotta go warsh my little dirty doggie. He came in the other day with a swollen nose. Something stung or bit him in the back yard I guess... no harm done, but he was walkin' crooked for a day or two.
Love ya, Miss Ellie! Hope you had a great birthday.
Homemaker, what's up with that Cracker Barrel hash brown casserole?!?! That sounds GOOD!
Love to everyone, and y'all take care and stay warm and dry. Lots of us are getting us some weather tonight. Tell you the truth, I'm looking forward to some cool weather for a change!


October 05, 2001 - Msg 2489: Was writin' when you posted about Blaise Alexander, *Mavis. Just heard it on the news. Prayers for his family and loved ones.

October 05, 2001 - Msg 2490: Well, I'm back , but not without an adventure!! Going down the road this morning, a truck with (Get this) Navy Missils overturned and blocked the road for miles. They evacuated the 1 mile radius just in case. ( Just in case of what??) and so we were 4 hours getting home tonight... I'm whipped. They kids all wanted to sit next to the windows and hang out. I've got to get to bed, I'm exhausted...~ New Neighbor

October 05, 2001 - Msg 2491: Anybody heard from Ollie lately?

October 05, 2001 - Msg 2492: Oh, New Neighbor, you poor thing. You mean to tell me you were trapped in a bus for over 4 hours with a bunch of teenagers? You are very brave. I think since this is a holiday weekend, that qualifies you to have some of the Morrison sisters elixer. I'll bring you some right over.
- Hazel

October 05, 2001 - Msg 2493: How was everyone's Friday? Good I hope. I bet New Neighbor feels like she has bat eggs in her hair. Course 4 hours with teenagers, she just might at that.


October 05, 2001 - Msg 2494: Hey to the porch. There are some pictures from Mayberry Days 2001 posted at Mr. Schwump's place and at theMayberry Giants: "Hit One for the Ol' Goober" page.

October 05, 2001 - Msg 2495: This is operator Hazel, reporting in with contact report on suspect.
Just spotted Asa at the county line buying a bottle of the ol' red eye.
In my opinion, subject is getting himself gassed.

tee hee (Just got thru watchin Hot Rod Otis)

October 05, 2001 - Msg 2496: Hey to the Porch! 2494 Those are great pictures.
Frankie Flint

October 05, 2001 - Msg 2497: Howdy, friends! Happy belated birthday, Miss Ellie! Sorry I missed the day.
Mrs. Wiley, I knew you were down-home folks! Goat cheese? YUUMMMM! I love it. Sam's Club sells it in an 11-oz tube, for about the same price as the stores want for the little 3oz tubes. And it's gooooood!
Wish I could go to Mayberry Days someday, but just can't ever seem to make it happen. Well, who knows? Maybe next year.
Saw Rafe over at the Scobie fund-raiser today, buying that gizmo thing. Wish I'd seen it first, 'cause I've been looking for one of those, but he made his deal fair and square, so I kept quiet.
Have a great weekend, friends. My little Sugarplum (whose feet could use a good grooming) says hey! -- Romeena

October 06, 2001 - Msg 2498: Hey Romeena, where ya been? How is your health doing. O.K. I hope. Keep in touch.
Mornrin Hazel. I wish you would keep that old red eye thing hush hush. I'd hate for people to get the wrong idea. I was purchasing it for a friend.
Never touch the stuff myself. (hiccup) Excuse me. Had a late dinner last night. Who's doing breakfast this morning. I happen to have this clock in my stomach you know.


October 06, 2001 - Msg 2499: Rafe you never did say what you won for getting 3rd place in the trivia contest? (Or did I miss that?) Anyways you did good, boy! Miss Ellie, a happy belated birthday to you. Is that you in those pictures? You sure been beautiful preserved. And congratulations to Opie! Great pictures, MPO and Swumpster! You boys could have a second career going.

October 06, 2001 - Msg 2500: Asa, I don't feel like cooking. Let's just go to the diner. The specials good.
- Hazel

Will you leave it to Mr. Fix-it?

October 06, 2001 - Msg 2501: Hi, folks. Asa, I'm doin' just fine - thanks for asking. Still got a bunch more tests to do, but so far, so good. Few little problems, getting them fixed, and life goes on. Compared to what some folks are dealing with these days, my little problems are nothing at all. Grandson is still stateside for now, and I'm grateful. Don't know how long he'll be here, but he's willing to go whenever his unit is called.
His sister is living with me right now and going to college. Just a pleasure to have around, house isn't so empty. She's a good kid, making good grade, etc. I'm grateful I could help her a little, and Sugarplum and I enjoy the company. At least with this big old house, no one has to sleep on the ironing board!--Romeena

October 06, 2001 - Msg 2502: Make that "grades", plural. My stars, dumb old lady!--Romeena

October 06, 2001 - Msg 2503: Romeena, your education was worth every penny of it.

October 07, 2001 - Msg 2504: I'm the first posting on Sunday mornng. Happy Sabbath !
Miss Ellie

October 07, 2001 - Msg 2505: Happy Sabbath Miss Ellie and all the porch! I sure did enjoy those pictures from MD2001, I REALLY want to go next year! Jelsik, you are a bulkhead, aren't you?! ;-)

New Neighbor, what a scary thing! Trapped in a buss full of kids for 4 hours and live bombs scattered on the highway!! Lawd, I'd choose the bombs! (just kidding)

Breakfast is on folks, pancakes, eggs your way, MEAT, toast and fresh squozed orange juice. Live it up a little!

~ Mrs. Wiley
"I'll do it!"

October 07, 2001 - Msg 2506: Good Sabbath Miss Ellie. Woo-Woooo Mrs. Wiley crank up that cooker, cause I's hungry and coming over rat now. My clock is about to go off. Will there be any TATERS served also? Them pictures are indeed a sight. Thanks fer sharing them.
Mavis, It's another sunday, keep your head up. They only got one way to go, right?
I hope evryone has a great day. We got us a preacher from New York talking at us today. I don't understand all the commotion though,I take to Revrend Tucker. He's goog enough fer me.


October 07, 2001 - Msg 2507: Duh! I meant good. Sorry Revrend. You aint dry as dust either.


October 07, 2001 - Msg 2508: Good Sabbath Porch! No breakfast for me thanks, I ate already. Asa I got my fingers & toes crossed, not sure if it will help but it might work, course, it might not.
Aunt Bea~are you wearing earrings?
Andy~me & Opie ain't

October 07, 2001 - Msg 2509: Asa, they're both on the same team! ~ Mrs. Wiley. Glad y'all ate hearty!

October 07, 2001 - Msg 2510: does my heart good.

October 07, 2001 - Msg 2511: Thanks Mrs. Wiley, That were (burp) gooood. Probably don't do my heart so good to eat so much.
Sorry about your boy's Mavis. My Raiders beat Rafe's Cowboy's at least.


October 07, 2001 - Msg 2512: I think we oughta just play taps for my boys & be done with it Asa I found this great, patriotic flag for your desktop & thought I would share it with my porch friends, Desk Flag I love it!

October 07, 2001 - Msg 2513: Prayers to our men in the Armed Forces that are over there doing thier job protecting out country as we all sit here on the porch. Keep them safe & guide them thru this.

October 07, 2001 - Msg 2514: May God be with the men who went out for battle to protect THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE!!!


October 08, 2001 - Msg 2515: Morning Porch!

October 08, 2001 - Msg 2516: Amen to those Prayers for those brave men and women serving our nation. May God keep and protect them. And may God protect our nation safe from future attacks. All my porch friends, be careful out there today.


October 08, 2001 - Msg 2517: Hey to the Porch. I hope my Rams can handle Dee-troit tonight...HA! I kill me...
Is Mrs. Wiley arguin' with me?? Just so I know where I stand...

October 08, 2001 - Msg 2518: Better watch it Jelsik. I hear O'Mally is quite the Deetroit fan.


October 08, 2001 - Msg 2519: ooops...see this foot?? how can I get this gret big foot...ALL of it...in my mouth??


October 08, 2001 - Msg 2520: goodmorning Porchsters.
Mavis, thanks for that great Desk Flag. A way we can remember while we are on the internet. I've sent it to many friends.
Mavis, you're the cats.
My prayers for all the Armed Forces and for the US because of the risk of retaliation. "It's a dark day in Mayberry."
Please know I'm not against our retaliation against the Taliban for the Sept llth tragedies, just feel for everyone. Some innocent people there will be killed just like here. I just pray they will get the leaders and their equipment.
Everyone pray and have a good day. It's chilly here and clear.
I'm having breakfast for supper.
Miss Ellie

October 08, 2001 - Msg 2521: Good day everyone, So how was your weekend? My grandfather died. Have a good day.

October 08, 2001 - Msg 2522: I'm sorry 2521 thoughts are with you while you cope with your loss.

October 08, 2001 - Msg 2523: my sympathy in the death of your grandfather 2521.

October 08, 2001 - Msg 2524: Sorry about your loss 2521, Prayers for you.
Been kinda quiet here today. Where you all be?
Mavis, is that you who e-mailed me the gut buster. Thanks if it was, I enjoyed much.
Mrs. Wiley, you be careful down there in gatorland. Thats kinda spooky.
Hazel, where you be at? You doing the breakfast thing in the a.m. If so keep my breakfast warm and the coffee simmering.

October 08, 2001 - Msg 2525: I'm sorry about your grandfather 2521. I will say a prayer for you and your family.

May God be with each and everyone of you,


October 08, 2001 - Msg 2526: Hey Asa, I noticed you posted a message aprox. the same time I did. How did your golf game go Sat.?
I played golf one time in the winter, and I shot an eagle, a birdie and three penguins!!! :-)


October 08, 2001 - Msg 2527: Hey to you AngeFan. Sounds like quite the round of golf. Maybe you can give me some lessons. The only thing I ever shot was Hazel, and she aint been the same since.


October 09, 2001 - Msg 2528: Oh Asa, you're a treasure! Good Morning Mayberry. Y'all are up late - I'm already at work so can't make breakfast - help yerselves a bowl of cerial. It is scary here with the scare of "cooties". Don't want the state to go from Gatorland to Cootieville. Just keep an eye on the news and a-hang on! and a one and a two...

~ Mrs. Wiley

October 09, 2001 - Msg 2529: font check "YO".

October 09, 2001 - Msg 2530: Good morning ya'll. It sounds like you have been very busy while I was away.
Not very cheerful this morning - I think I need some little blue pills myself.
No breakfast for me - just some crackers and sprite. That is about all this ol' gal can handle today.

Sympathies to 2521. I wish I would have known my grandpa better. I was only 3 when he passed on. My other grandpa passed on when my mom was 16. Hope your family is doing alright.

Our prayers to President Bush and all the boys overseas and on the seas.


Has anyone ever heard the Ray Steven's song the "DoRight Family?" They are a soul singing gospel group from Nashville, TN. It's a great song! and an old song!

October 09, 2001 - Msg 2531: Morning all. It is another beautiful but chilly day here in my corner of Mayberry.
Homemaker here's some pills. They've turned black, but are still good. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
That should do the trick. Take them as needed.
I think I've heard the "DoRightFamily". That's going back a while, ain't it ?
Miss Ellie
"Wasn't Aunt Bee 29 last year ? "

October 09, 2001 - Msg 2532: Well Miss Ellie,
I took some of your pills. What kind of pills were those anyway? HEY SOMEBODY BRING SOME SOUP TO MY BED. If I ever get out of my death bed I'll leave a dime on the counter.


Emma Brand: I want my pills!

October 09, 2001 - Msg 2533: Hey to the Porch. For whoever was askin', my prize for winnin' third place in the Mayberry Days 2001 trivia contest was a purple tie with gold "sheriff" badges on it and a picture of Barney at the bottom, and a license plate that says "This vehicle protected by Fife". Pretty neat stuff!

It's nice to see folks here. Makes my world feel a little safer, knowin' there are caring Mayberrians out there, no matter what else is goin' on. God bless America, and God bless Mayberry!

I'll see ya.
*Rafe Hollister
"You know, it ain't only the materialistic things in life that makes a person rich. There's love and friendship. THAT can make a person rich."

October 09, 2001 - Msg 2534: I have a mouse pad that has a picture of Barney and it says "This computer protected by Fife".


October 09, 2001 - Msg 2535: Hi everyone. I think its my turn for breakfast in the a.m. Should I see if Gomer would catch us a mess of fish?
- Hazel

October 09, 2001 - Msg 2536: I need a week off, and where the heck are those waitresses with the peek-a-boo shirts at?

October 09, 2001 - Msg 2537: Silence is my game. Mums my name. Tick a lock!
- Hazel

October 09, 2001 - Msg 2538: nite porch!

October 09, 2001 - Msg 2539: Yes, Asa that were me sent you that joke, purty good huh? Sounds like some neat prizes you got *Rafe and AngeFan I love that mousepad! Better get to bed, gotta go to work in the morning. (wonder what causes that?)

October 10, 2001 - Msg 2540: Mornin' porch.
- Hazel

October 10, 2001 - Msg 2541: Morning Hazel where we meeting for breakfast? Lets do the diner today.

October 10, 2001 - Msg 2542: Mornin Hazel, Mavis, and all. I'm up for breakfast. I think Hazel was cooking today. I just hope it aint Gomer's fish she's cooking. I like fish but not for breakfast. Hope eveyone has a great day.

October 10, 2001 - Msg 2543: 2536, I'd a never thought it of ya!

October 10, 2001 - Msg 2544: Evening porch friends:
It has been some kind of Week already and it's only Wednesday!! Hope everyone is having a good one. Asa, I gathered your golf balls up and put them in a bucket on the back porch. If you come by, just pick them up. HEHE Just one more field trip this week and that's to a one room school to go back in time to 1880. The kids always look forward to that. We even dress in period costumes, including me. Pack an 1880 lunch (butcher paper- no baggies then,) and play 1880 games. The kids really enjoy seeing and feeling the times. Slate boards and slate pencils , Mcguffy readers, Oh my I'm making myself nostalgic. ~ New Neighbor

October 10, 2001 - Msg 2545: Het New Neighbor, where you been. Thanks for shagging the golf balls for me. Just what I need, more ammunition, hee hee. That sounds like a fun field trip ya got planned. Can I go to?


October 10, 2001 - Msg 2546: Sure Asa:
Just remember we can use a hickry switch!! Hope it's not too cold, we hafta use the outhouse too! ~New Neighbor

October 10, 2001 - Msg 2547: Evening, porch. Nice fall day here. Your field trip does sound fun, New Neighbor. Make Asa sit in the bus seat and not try to hang out the window. You really have to watch him.
- Hazel

October 10, 2001 - Msg 2548: Hey to the porch. This here weekend is my 20 year high school reunion. Boy do I feel old. (My education was worth every penny.)

We had a parent teacher conference last night and one of little Opie's teachers was born in 1978. That was three years after Little Opie's pa graduated from high school. Boy are we feeling like antiques.

This weekend is the fall follage festival here in town. Rides and games and food and fun. We are going to the all you can eat pancake day sponsered by the Kiwanas tomorrow. (YUM!)
I imagine little Opie will want to try to win another fish this year. We are planning on naming this one Otis. And speaking of our little underwater Mayberry, Helen is pregnant. Now, I always thought better of Andy than that, but I guess that after all he is only human, and obviously a little hot blooded to boot. Oh the scandal.

Anybody want to hear Rocky Top on the fiddle? I am still a novice, but it's shaping up pretty good.

Hey to Mavis, Hazel, Asa, homemaker and all the rest on the porch. I will make breakfast on Friday morning. I was thinking Belgiun waffles
and Milk, and of course we have to have fruit for toppings and lots of whipped creme.
Little Opie wants everyone to know that he has a loose tooth.

Fun Girl

October 10, 2001 - Msg 2549: Hey Porch friends,
The blackhearted buzzard and I had a wonderful time at Mayberry Days. We got to see many of our Mayberry family, but sadly missed some that could not be there with us.
It sure feels like fall's in the air in the Midwest. It won't be long till the snow is flyin' we won't be able to sit on the porch and count cars anymore.
Keep a good thought,

October 11, 2001 - Msg 2550: Morning, porchsters. Good to hear from you Fun Girl. I'd like to hear you play the fiddle. You really got talent. Jennieboone, sounds like you had a good time at Mayberry Days. I wish I could go sometime. Everybody have a great day, and keep a good thought. Be careful out there.
- Hazel

Jennieboone: "Mornin' Dear."
Blackhearted buzzard: "Mornin' Honey."

October 11, 2001 - Msg 2551: Morning Porch


October 11, 2001 - Msg 2552: Mornin' Porch:
A beutiful mornin. The sun is up bright, the painters are scraping the porch, and the birds are singing. What more can ya ask for? Asa , Johnnie Paul came over last night and the kids gathered black walnuts and put them in a bucket for you to use instead of golf balls. (They are free) They keep falling off and hitting the Suburban! Hafta park on the other side of the barn. Boy,,,Want some black walnut cake? Think I'll bake one today. Aunt Bea gave me her Kerosine Pickle recipe yesterday, guess I'll pass on that one. Have a glorious day everyone. ~ New Neighbor

October 11, 2001 - Msg 2553: Well, fun girl you gave your age away and that makes me a year older than you. My 20th was last year but I was a party pooper and didn't go. I figured there would be way too much of that alcohol there for my taste and I really don't want my children exposed to alcohol. I want to keep them naive as long as I can.

I am feeling some better. At least I am making it to work. As pappy would say I am fair to midland.

Sounds like everyone is having a pretty good week. Take care and hug someone you love.


October 11, 2001 - Msg 2554: Evening Porch! Fun Girl you gonna tie a string to Little Opie's tooth & then to the doorknob? Sounds like all my Mayberry family is doing well, but please don't give Asa them black walnuts, if he hits Hazel again she'll not only have a big pop-knot on her head, it will have a big black stain on it too!
wanta her me 'thing' a 'thong' (in honor of little Opie's loose tooth)

October 11, 2001 - Msg 2555: Hi all, t'was a hard working day in cootieville today - started off with the power going out for an hour. hey NN, your field trip sounds like fun! Wish we did fun things like that when we were younguns. I guess I was a naive youngun homemaker, didn't know the fun I was missin' dressing up in historical clothes, learning about history...

Good luck on the tooth little Opie, are you going to let the tooth fairy have it when it comes out? Wonder what a tooth goes for these days?

Y'all stay safe now!
~ Mrs. Wiley
"I laughed! I laughed, Pa!

October 11, 2001 - Msg 2556: "Then I lit into him like a windmill in a hurricane!"

October 11, 2001 - Msg 2557: Hey to New Neighbor, Mavis, Homemaker, Mrs. Wiley, and everyone else. Kinda quiet around here today. I'm just sitting here listening to President Bush give his address to the nation. Oh, these times we live in. Asa, are you out there? You were pretty quiet this morning. You better cheer up and check in.
- Hazel

Ok you guys, all right you guys, beat it you guys.

October 11, 2001 - Msg 2558: AngeFan, sorry the pills didn't help. They are what I give Emma, just these were black, ran out of blue coloring.
Wow, what a field trip NN. I tell you, I'm not one to live back in the l880's...I appreciate indoor plumbing and computers, telephone, and tv, although most programs made now aren't worth watching.
So therefore I ask my fellow Mayberrians to write to CBS, NBC, etc and voice that we want clean programming like back in the l950's.
I already have. Only one reply, from ABC, and it was the same reply they send to everyone...told me that...that all emails are read and considered.
Thanks to those who help the cause of cleaner tv.
Next, got lots of family and friends who need prayers for sickness.
One month ago today, Mayberry changed, the whole world changed, forever. God Bless America, God bless the whole world and everyone.
Miss Ellie

October 11, 2001 - Msg 2559: Hey there! Just got back from checking out all the MD pics, and they were great!! I wound up going to MPO's place and looking at tons of old ones, too. Have we heard from Mary Grace, Flora, Elinora, Jennie or Bobby the Beast lately? I'm sure I left out a lot who haven't been around lately and included a few who have posted recently. If so, I'm sorry.
Hope everyone is doing well. Oh, before I forget, I saw a few photos of Joy Ellison. I hate to sound like a dummy, but who is she? That name rings a bell, but I just can't remember. Thanks for any info.
Btw, FINALLY saw the epilogue to the "A Deal is a Deal" and it was good!

"How do you fight fire?"
"With a hose?"
"See, I told ya, Barn!"

October 11, 2001 - Msg 2560: Hmm... test.

October 11, 2001 - Msg 2561: Ok. (whew!)

October 11, 2001 - Msg 2562: Hey Des~ (I never did know how to make those squiggly things) Hey to everyone else too. I come and sit on the Porch and read most everyday, but don't post much. I'm not too ept at it. I just like to listen. It would be great to hear from more of the "oldtimers" more offen. If they read, please let us know how ya'll are!

October 11, 2001 - Msg 2563: Well Little Opie pulled his tooth this evening. Says he wants a dollar for it, but he was playing with it and lost it. I told him I'd give him a dollar for the tooth, but just a quarter if he can only show me the place where it used to be.

Well now homemaker, I went to a private church school and so at our reunions we have church and then eat dinner together. It is just wonderful to be able to take your kids with you and not have to worry about that kind of thing. Kind of a Mayberry day I'd say. It is really neat to see my kids playing with the kids of the people that I really cared about when I was in school. We only had 52 people in our graduating class and I think at our 10 year reunion we had at least 40 who came back.

Well I need to run for now. I gotta go and practice my fiddle lesson before tomorrow. "Got time for the net, got time for music." Oh by the way, my darling boys are here for a week. Maybe if we sit down and put our minds to it we could have "Don't Hit Your Grandma With A Great Big Stick" down. We could try "Tearing Up Your Old Clothes For Rags", but that un makes me cry.
Fun Girl

October 12, 2001 - Msg 2564: Good evening, friends! Fun Girl, I see you went to a big school, with 52 in your graduating class. We were smaller, only had 51! (heehee) Wasn't it fun, going to a small school? We only had ten classrooms, five on a side down one hall, with offices and the cafeteria/gym on one end. I remember the day Donald Potter rode a donkey through the door at the far end, down the hall and past the offices and gym. He actually made it out the other end before any staff got over the shock enough to chase him. By then, he had freed and swatted the donkey, who ran off, and Donald stood there saying "Who, me? You must have been seeing things!" He was a caution, that boy - a lot like Ernest T. Bass. He broke a few windows in his time, too, just like Ernest T.
Prayers for all our forces away from home. My grandson hasn't shipped out yet, but could happen any day.
From the tone of some of the email I've been getting, and conversations I've heard, I think we folks here at home are gonna have to be very careful that we don't get a big old scary moulage going. Caution is one thing, and is commendable, but it can cross over into panic easily, and that's dangerous. I think of all the times Andy had to calm Barney down - hope he doesn't have to come after us for the same reason. Peace, friends.--Romeena

October 12, 2001 - Msg 2565: Morning Romeena, Porch. That Donald Potter is one heck of a human being, I'll bet. What a sense of humor! The nuttiest thing we did was in high school. 3 of us brought a checkered table cloth to lunch, spread it out and had a picnic. One girl brought ice in a bucket, another brought candles. We were a hoot! FunGirl, can you learn to play "Dooley"? That'n really gets my toes a-tappin'.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Otis: "Hey Barney, will you get that bicycle out of the way?"
Barney (hiding behind bush, pops out with camoflauge hat): "Sure Otis."
Mayberry don't need to moulage with Fife on patrol!

October 12, 2001 - Msg 2566: Mornin porch! Fun Girl and Romeena I got ya'll beat with the littlest graduating class, we had (ya ready for this?...) 10 yep I said ten. I went to a small Christian school as well, & I tell ya. my education was worth every penny of it! Just think all that schoolin & I became a dog groomer! hehe Wonder what causes that? I bet it's cause I love animals so much, ya reckon? Off to work for me, see ya'll this evening.

October 12, 2001 - Msg 2567: Hey Floyd just tried to send you an email & aol is hollering something about you not being a known member?? You get black balled?
They blackballed Howard Sprague! *Mavis

October 12, 2001 - Msg 2568: font check~~Off

October 12, 2001 - Msg 2569: Sure is busy out here this morning. Good to see so many posting. Hope everyone has a good day and a good weekend. Think of me in your prayers please. Thanks. Where is Hazel at today. I think she slept in.


October 12, 2001 - Msg 2570: Always Prayin' for ya Asa!(and all the Porch) ~ Mrs. Wiley

October 12, 2001 - Msg 2571: Thank you Mrs. Wiley. You be careful down there you hear. I worry about you so.


October 12, 2001 - Msg 2572: We're HOME!!! Hey folks, Jan and I got home late Wednesday evening from our trip out to California and it's good to be home! We got to go out to Franklin Canyon (Myers Lake), we visited with Betty Lynn (Thelma Lou) and Harvey Bullock (TAGS writer). We saw Don Knotts, Howard Morris (Ernest T), Bernard Fox (Malcolm) and Jackie Joseph (Romeena). We were also able to visit the home of Kit McNear (Howard "Floyd" McNear's son) which is the same home that he grew up in so it's Floyd's home! We did lots of other stuff and I'm gonna try and write it all up and put it on the web site before I forget everything. It's good to be home but Jan and I enjoyed our trip.
--Allan "Floyd" Newsome

October 12, 2001 - Msg 2573: Well Floyd, aren't you just something getting to see all those fine folk on your vacation. We are glad you are back safely and that airport security didn't take away any of your TAGS memories.

Well Fun Girl, my high school class was only 89 kids but they were a party bunch. And if I had known my husband back then, he would have been right in the mist of them. Me I ended up at two Christian colleges (with three BS between them) and got my Masters from one too. I am really glad that I am sending my son, for right now, to a Christian school. He enjoys it and says that he isn't going to that public school next year.
We'll see. . .

Well, tis time to start doing something constructive


October 12, 2001 - Msg 2574: Hey Homemaker,

I really wasn't too special. Most of the folks we saw were at the Hollywood Collectors Show (an autograph show) so anybody could have seen them if they went to the autograph show. Only Harvey and Kit weren't there so it was very special to me to be able to visit with them. The airport security wasn't a problem...just had to get there a little early and not be in a hurry.


October 12, 2001 - Msg 2575: Floyd, I can't wait to hear about your adventures.

October 12, 2001 - Msg 2576: Dež, Joy Ellison played Effie Muggins (Christmas episode), Mary Wiggins (the Beauty Contest), Mary Scobey (Andy Forecloses), Betsy (a classmate of Opie's in 'Opie's Most Unforgettable Character'), and Iris (Mary Alice's friend in 'Opie's First Love').

October 12, 2001 - Msg 2577: Nice to have you back, Floyd. Can't wait to hear of all your memories. Asa, sorry I wasn't on this morning. I didn't sleep in, I was having a bad hair day and I didn't have time. I'm praying for you too.
- Hazel

October 12, 2001 - Msg 2578: Hey fine folks,
Our one room school day was terrific. The weather was fantastic and the kids were amazed at all the fun they had today. Spelling bees, math quizzing, geography lessons, etc. even a field trip to the first stone bridge built on the National Highway in 1819. A bottle of pop from the country store next door and penny candy made me think of all my porch friends and wish we could share a swig... Took us back to the good ole days. ~ New Neighbor

October 12, 2001 - Msg 2579: Hey everybody, stopping in to say hey!

October 12, 2001 - Msg 2580: Hello everyone. Hope all is well in your corner of Mayberry.
My 90 year old aunt is sick. Say a prayer for her please, almost pneumonia
Romeena, hopefully your grandson won't have to go. Some won't have to. Somebody's gotta stay here in Mayberry, ya know.
Everyone have a good weekend. Sounds like some folks had good times on field trips and class reunions. Next year will be my 30th class reunion. Won't go, they cost too much. Not my type of affair.. I'm plain and simple.
Miss Ellie

October 12, 2001 - Msg 2581: Prayers for your aunt Miss Ellie. Hope all is well for her. Ditto's on Romeena's grandson.
Thanks for your prayers everyone. Nothing serious, just ailin some. May have to go see a surgeon if I don't heal up real soon like. YUK.
Everyone have a nice weekend. Who's cooking breakfast in the a.m.?


October 12, 2001 - Msg 2582: I think we'll sleep a little late tomorrow. Have had a long week!! My 16 year old Dairy Princess had some promotions tomorrow , so I hope to get a little rest. Pray for My friend who just lost her mom last night after a 10 month battle with cancer. Thanks,,~New Neighbor

October 12, 2001 - Msg 2583: Happy Friday!
Glad your home, Floyd.
Sounds like a good trip. I'm sure you read on the
"Mayberry Gazzette" site, about two men who took a trip to Hollywood. They visited Myers Lake, had lunch with Rance Howard and Hoke Howell and then visited
Richard O. Linke (Whoever he is).

Does anybody know where A Cappela is?
Is her leg still hurting?

Are you going golfing tomorrow, Asa? If you are
"Hit one for the ole' Goober!" Try not to shoot
Hazel again. FORE!!
Who's cooking tomorrow? I would, but I don't know how. Maybe cereal or a pop-tart or something.


"Just scrape the black part off."

October 13, 2001 - Msg 2584: O.K. it's pop-tarts over at AngeFan's place. Sounds real good. Idelle, where have you been, I been wondering about you. Also, now that you mention it, we haven't seen A Cappella around either. We better do a trouble check. Asa, I'm still praying for you; I do hope/pray that you heal up real soon. God bless you all.
- Hazel

Opie: We could chew tar. Johnny Paul says tar's real good for the teeth.

October 13, 2001 - Msg 2585: Thanks Hazel, you're a doll. Hey, if you ever get the hankerin to make some of Malcom's cornish pastries, invite me over. They sound kinda good, don't they? I reckon I better go get Blue out to hunt down some of our missing members. But I know where Mavis is. She is at home praying, "please, if we only win one game this year, let it be monday night." Of course Rafe is praying a different tune.
Allen, whoops I mean Floyd, now that you are back can I get a haircut please, before you sweep the porch? My browser button is gettin teeny weeny.

October 13, 2001 - Msg 2586: Forgot to sign my name up there.

October 13, 2001 - Msg 2587: Good afternon to everyone on the porch!! This is the first time for me on the porch I hope someone goes to the store for a bottle of pop. And by the way. can you hear the "starlings this time of year?? And no, I'm not full of beans, but I would like to talk to someone, so holler back at me sometiime!!Lots of luck to you and yours-- Salty Dog

October 13, 2001 - Msg 2588: Yeah, Asa, I might try them cornish things one of these days. I looked up the recipe in my Aunt Bee cookbook. I think tonight I'll make Howard Sprague's chili. Gotta clean the house first though. I wish Miss Clara would come over and clean it for me. Did you feel up to golfing today? I hate to see you miss that.
- Hazel

October 13, 2001 - Msg 2589: Welcome, Salty Dog! Glad to have you. What kinda pop you want? The nectarine spash is real good.
- Hazel

October 13, 2001 - Msg 2590: Welcome Home Salty Dog! You'll like it here. Asa you didn't need to sign your name, I knew it was you right off, & yer right, as long as we beat Dallas, I will be (semi)happy. Best of luck to everyone on the porch, & it was great chatting with Miss Ellie last night!
you sure been beautiful preserved!

October 13, 2001 - Msg 2591: Hello Salty Dog!
It's nice to meet new friends.
I've been a citizen of Mayberry (the front porch)
for aprox. 2 months. I love it here!!!

It's been a year already that I met Howard Morris (Ernest T. Bass), Elinor Donahue (Ellie), The
Dilards(the Darlins), Bill Hartman(Emmet's grandson) and many more at a Mayberry reunion in Alabama. Allan "Floyd" Newsome and David "Barney Fife-MD" Browning were also there.

Again, welcome to The Front Porch !


October 13, 2001 - Msg 2592: Sorry I took up all that blank room.
Heck, I'm taking up more now.


October 13, 2001 - Msg 2593: AngeFan, are you trying to make the porch sweep?
- Hazel

October 13, 2001 - Msg 2594: You beat everything, you know that?
- Hazel again

October 13, 2001 - Msg 2595: Hey porch!!
A beautiful day here with the trees starting to turn gorgious colors. Just out at the apple festival, warm and comfy, but it's still nice to come back to the porch and share a grin... Hi Asa , HEHE. That netting around the yard stops those golf balls!! I do have some last of the season weeds that need wacking! ~ New Neighbor

October 13, 2001 - Msg 2596: Howdy Porch! Prayers for ya Asa and all those who needed them...seems like a good many do. Watching the news has got me
tense, (see the vein stickin out on my forhead? And my jaw's workin'.) so I'm cooking some comfort food: Trout, lil red TATERS, brussel
sprouts and cornbread. Setved with pickled okra - the hot kind. Yummm!

Ya'll come - nuf for all!
~ Mrs. Wiley