October 19, 2001 - Msg 2721: howdy do to you and you! and you aint heard the last of ernest t. bass!

October 19, 2001 - Msg 2722: howdy do to you and you! and you aint heard the last of ernest t. bass!

October 19, 2001 - Msg 2723: Stop that boy, you want yor face to freeze thata way?!

October 19, 2001 - Msg 2724: we thought about killin him, kinda hated to go that far!

October 19, 2001 - Msg 2725: Why Dud Wash, you're the prettyest thing what ever growed!

October 19, 2001 - Msg 2726: Good eveningb Porch. Stay Warm! ~ Mrs. Wiley

October 19, 2001 - Msg 2727: Perfectly good hoot owl just plumb ruined....
Good night to all my friends have a good weekend and to Asa and Mrs. Wiley hope you all feel better --Salty Dog

October 19, 2001 - Msg 2728: Welcome Back, Asa!
It's me, AngeFan.
I'm sorry you haven't felt well. :-(
You'll be back in the SWING of things before long.
*Crack, Break, Crack* Oh, Ernest T. Bass just broke a window.
Better go tell Andy and Barney. Barney will track down that nut.


(From the episode were Gomer was a temporary Mayberry Deputy.)

Gomer: I think we otta call the cops.
Barney: We are cops.

October 19, 2001 - Msg 2729: barney's cool

October 19, 2001 - Msg 2730: andy's cool

October 20, 2001 - Msg 2731: All God's Chillun are cool! LOL (that's laugh out loud) Morning Porch, gotta go to my sissy's house for the day so I thought I'd check in before I left. Ya'll have a good one & remember act like somebody!

October 20, 2001 - Msg 2732: Good day porch people. A good explanation there Miss Ellie and Hazel, well done. Thanks Salty Dog and AngaFan for thinking of me. I feel pretty good this morning, thanks to the good lord smiling upon me , and thanks to all your prayers. I hope everyone has a safe and pleasant day. The weather here is fantastic. Sure wish I could go out there and swing a club. But can't do that for a few weeks. Probably have snow on the ground by then so it may be spring before I golf again. So with that in mind, who wants to golf for me today? Just go out and have a good time? I'll even pay for it, but I want a full report when you're done. Any takers?


October 20, 2001 - Msg 2733: Hey Asa, are you watching the TV land marathon this weekend? I watched a couple of shows - it's the Beverly Hillbillies. There was one on earlier where Mr. Drysdale was going to take Uncle Jed and Jethro out to shoot golf. It was hilarious. I thought of you during the whole show. Jed & Jethro thought golf was something you shot, so they cleaned up their hunting rifles. They knew they were going to "the greens" so Granny ask em to pick her some so she could cook it later. They thought there must be tons of golf flying around, because Mr. Drysdale said he shot 57 last week. It was pretty funny, even though I'm not a huge Beverly Hillbillies fan. Well, they say Laughter is the Best Medicine. Know who said that? Calvin Coolidge!
- Hazel

October 20, 2001 - Msg 2734: Are you sure Calvin Coolidge said that? I thought it was Marcus Welby who said that. Don't ask me though. I'm high on drugs right now. You ought to see the pretty pink elephants dancing on my bedroom ceiling at night. Noisy though.

October 20, 2001 - Msg 2735: Hmmmm.... wasn't it you Asa that said you once saw "Sarah"? Maybe that was a drug-induced sighting too.
- Hazel

October 20, 2001 - Msg 2736: Asa it is so good to keep hearing from you again and again and again. Tell those elephants to wear slippers at least they will stay quiet then!
Well I have a temp modem for my home computer so I can keep a little better track of what's for breakfast... and who's cooking. We spent today (no not at a goat show!) but splitting wood. It sure will keep us warm this winter!

Just wanted to say hey!


October 20, 2001 - Msg 2737: Good evening everyone sorry I'm late. I must have stepped in a closet or something. Asa, do you want me to get rid of the pink elephant for you? If you see Otis' uncle Nat let me know. Take care and have a good Sunday. Nite now, --Salty Dog

October 20, 2001 - Msg 2738: You're not Uncle Nat...you're a goat!!

October 20, 2001 - Msg 2739: Calvin Coolidge didn't say ever'thang!

October 21, 2001 - Msg 2740: Good Sabbath everyone.

October 21, 2001 - Msg 2741: Good Sunday ya'll. It's a beautiful day in Indiana!


October 21, 2001 - Msg 2742: howdy all from michigan

October 21, 2001 - Msg 2743: Good Sabbath homemaker, jennieboonefishwife, Salty, Asa and anyone else I may have missed!

Please, I could use a prayer. I'm not sick anymore - and I thank all of y'all for your kind words and well wishes! I'm just stressed out. Have a court date coming up on the 30th, money worries, harrassment, fretting over my kids, the war, I guess it all hit me at once. Then nightmares last night! I woke up with my eyes all swolen from squinting real hard in my sleep. Wonder what causes that?

~ Mrs. Wiley
"You're real funny, you should be in the funny papers. Give you a hat and a dress and you'd be a regular Emmie Schmaltz."

October 21, 2001 - Msg 2744: Howdy Michigan! ~ Mrs. Wiley

October 21, 2001 - Msg 2745: Oh Mrs. Wiley, I feel for you. I'll pray for you. I can relate to the money worries, the kids and the war. I think you been working too hard, plus just getting over being sick. You know you've got frends here. Here is my prescription: watch a couple of Andy tapes, eat some comfort food like popcorn and pepsi and don't think about the worrisome things. Court will be ok (remember I work in divorce court); worrying about money doesn't make it magically appear, so why get an ulcer over it. As for the war, we just have to trust God, and pray for our president. Let's see, what else... oh - put a slice of cucumber over each eye to make the swelling go down. And call me in the morning.
- Hazel

October 21, 2001 - Msg 2746: Hi Porchers:
Sorry I missed yesterday. I had to work cooking for a group in at camp. Now hubbie wants to take me out for puttin' up with his cutie ways for 23 years. What a sweetie!! It don't seem that long,, (sometimes seems longer)! They even let me off work early to come home and be with him, How thoughtful... A beautiful day in PA. Going now to sit on the porch while he goes and does the milking.. young uns raking leaves jumping in them,first one to cry goes and takes a nap!!! ~ New Neighbor

October 21, 2001 - Msg 2747: Howdy porch. I'm late geetin on here today. Them elephants was having a party last night. Sorry to hear about all your woes there Mrs. Wiley. You are in my prayers for sure. Sounds like doc Hazel has some good help for ya. Hang in there.
Howdy to Homemaker, Fun Girl, New Neighbor, Salty Dog, AngeFan jennieboon and Hazel. Good to see so many out there. Good Sabbath to everyone. I'm off work all week recupa..recuper...gettin better so Hazel will be guarding the bank, New Neighbor will be guarding Weavers, Homemaker will be over to the Hotel working, and I'll be sleeping. Yep, thats the plan.


October 21, 2001 - Msg 2748: Hellooo Dolll,
Anybody wanna play jail?
Fun Girl

October 21, 2001 - Msg 2749: Just droppin by to say hey.
Emmett & Martha

October 21, 2001 - Msg 2750: Hello Asa, Salty Dog, Emmet, Martha, Hazel & Mavis. (I know I'm forgetting someone, oh
yea,Fun Girl. Hope everyone's having a good Sunday.

Leaning, Leaning. Safe and secure from all
alarms. Leaning, Leaning. Leaning on the
everlasting arms.


Clara: You are forgetting
just a little, Bea.

October 21, 2001 - Msg 2751: hey to Emmett and Martha...can I sing with you,
AngeFan?? I don't know the words, but I can move my lips....

--Jelsik T. Bulkhead

"She wants to stay HERE...she wants to stay here with me and my BOYS!!" --Floyd Lawson Enterprises

October 21, 2001 - Msg 2752: Good evening, neighbors! Goodness, checking out the recent conversation makes me feel so blessed. My prayers are for all of you, each with his or her own set of problems. Makes me feel a mite guilty. I've had a lovely weekend. My son and his precious wife came in from Florida, both daughters and all three little wild, healthy, rowdy grandsons came up from south Texas, and my local son and his sweet wife dedicated their little 9mo old treasure to the Lord this morning at church. That's what brought all the others here for the weekend. Such fun to just sit and listen to the four of them reminisce about their growing-up years, and see the love and affection that flows between them. Oh, a couple of them have some troubles in their lives right now, but they're handling them, and will be okay. My precious little daddy just sat and tried to follow the rapid conversation, often not getting it all, but enjoying every minute. God was good to us.
I missed my own dear husband, of course, because he would have been just basking in the sunshine of the moments, but he's with the Lord. I can't help but believe that he sees it all, though. From a different perspective, certainly, and with much greater understanding, but I just have to think that he's still a part of things, and someday we'll all understand how it works.
It's been a beautiful weekend, those gold-and-green days that are so lovely this time of year. Even my Sugarplum had fun, because my daughter brought her Snickers, who is Sugarplum's "best buddy" and they played as exuberantly as the children did. Such fun, and I'm grateful.--Romeena

October 21, 2001 - Msg 2753: Nite Porch!
*Mavis checking in from Checkpoint Chickey

October 21, 2001 - Msg 2754: Good evening porch, I hope everyone has had a good sabbath. Asa, you keep on doing better and we'll hold down the fort while you're gone. Mrs. Wiley, I hope you have a better week this week than last. Tea bags work real well for swollen eyes too after they've been soaked. As for everything else?..... Take two Andy Griffith Show videos combined with one pair of comfy sweats and add as much hot popcorn as you like with your favorite drink. ( I use Pepsi). Throw in one big soft blanket and as many pillows as you can fit on the couch. Stay in this position for as long as you like. Repeat this at least twice a day until symptoms subside. Many people have found that substituting ice cream for the popcorn is beneficial as well. I hope it works for you and try not to worry too much about things beyond your control one way or another, things always have a way of working themselves out!! Good Night all -- Salty Dog

October 21, 2001 - Msg 2755: Salty Dog, that's good advice, indeed. You should be a doctor! I would add one thing, though. In the event ice cream is substituted for the popcorn, I've found it's much more beneficial when covered in chocolate syrup.--Romeena

October 21, 2001 - Msg 2756: Hi All Mrs. Wiley asked God to help what all your worry and he will help.
Praye for everyone to night.
His Love.
His love is like the sunshine,releassing rays of light,
to guide us through this temporal world,
he's with us day and night.
so never fear the storms of life,
that each of us must face,
his love will rend the darkest cloud,
and see us through with grace.

October 21, 2001 - Msg 2757:


October 22, 2001 - Msg 2759: Morning Porch! Romeena! Where you been? Know what I done? I went & lost your email address last time I had a putre crash! I miss hearing about Sugarplum's adventures! Tom You're a treashah!! Thanks for those great poems! Everyone else, Act like somebody now! I'm off to work, dadgumit!!

October 22, 2001 - Msg 2760: Mornin Porch, thanks for all the prayers and remedies - doc Hazel, "I'll do it!". Tom you ARE a blessing! As is everyone here on the Porch.

runnin off to work, ~ Mrs. Wiley
...add 1 bubblebath per day

October 22, 2001 - Msg 2761: Mornin' porch! How is everyone? Well Romeena, I sort of am a doctor, I am an emergency medical technician, so I guess thats close. But I am good at knowing whats good when you're down in the dumps and need a Andy fix!! Hope all are doing fine today. I owe, I owe, so off to work I go! --Salty Dog

October 22, 2001 - Msg 2762: Good morning Lord,
What a wonderful day this is.
Good morning Lord,
Thank you for your promises.
That I could have eternal life,
Free from all cares, pain and strife.
One day I'll make it. Then I'll say
Good morning Lord

October 22, 2001 - Msg 2763: Are you a paramedic, Salty Dog?

October 22, 2001 - Msg 2764: Well it sounds like whatever is ailing anyone - this group has the fix from doc Hazel to Salty Dog to Romeena. I have found that if chocolate syrup isn't available and pepsi is that a Pepsi Float works wonders along with a Sara Lee Chocolate Cake - when your feeling sickly, calories don't count!
Asa - how did you know that I always wanted to work at the hotel. Just don't make me clean the rooms and I don't do windows either!
It was a crisp morning here in southeastern Indiana and the weatherman is calling for possible snow showers on Friday. Brrrrrr - not ready for those.
Well I need to get ready for potty patrol- I am going to be the Tidy Bowl Man for halloween.


October 22, 2001 - Msg 2765: No, I am not a paramedic, but I am an EMT-D.
Hey homemaker,are you gonna wear pullups for your costume?? Salty Dog

October 22, 2001 - Msg 2766: Salty Dog - I am just a little too big for pullups but remember - You can always DEPENDS on me!

October 22, 2001 - Msg 2767: hahaha - homemaker, you are the funny one, ain't ya? Gonna hang a toilet seat around your neck? Hold a bowl scrubber for a scepter? Hazel, thanks for the reassurance, too about court. If it's the right thing to do, it's usually the hard thing to do.

~ Mrs. Wiley

October 22, 2001 - Msg 2768: Hey Homemaker if the pullups are too little for ya, You can always take the tank skirt off the toilet and wear it, I have a burgundy one if you want it!! You can even wear the cover for a hat!! Hey to everyone else Hope you all are fine this afternoon, and that the sickly ones are better.-- Salty Dog

October 22, 2001 - Msg 2769: Now don't you all remember the Tidy Bowl man. He was classy in his little sail boat floating around the toilet tank with a captain's hat on? I can be classy too. Besides - tell me how school teacher's have to re-teach how to go to the bathroom because the parents only birthed them and didn't teach them much else?

Hope things go well for you Mrs. Wiley. I've not been to court for anything but I know the mental stress and the physical stress can be painful in itself.
"For His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me."


October 22, 2001 - Msg 2770: Salty Dog - we was posting at the same time! Where is Asa - we are having so much fun he is likely to pull his stitches out that is if them elephants haven't tapped danced on him yet:)


October 22, 2001 - Msg 2771: I declare, you people are a caution! I love just sittin' here in my rocker and listenin' to the funny comments flying' around. It's a little like listening to my own kids when they all get together. I tell you, I wouldn't take a dollar and a quarter for this porch!--Romeena

October 22, 2001 - Msg 2772: I'm sorry I don't remember the tidy bowl man. Is he related to Mr.Bubble or Mr.Clean?? Now those I remember. Have you seen that comercial where the toilet is talking about morning breath? You could do that too. As far as the parents go, be careful or they could issue a parenting "ARRAY-UST". Wheres Asa been? He needs to jump in here too!! -Salty Dog

October 22, 2001 - Msg 2773: Anybody out there??

October 22, 2001 - Msg 2774: Well Salty Dog - maybe I contact the fine people at TV Land and them run some of his fine commercials. Why they were genuine works of art. Any man who could get a sailboat (or rowboat) into the toilet tank -why he is a magician in his own mind. I seem to remember on an episode of Rosanne they found something more than the tidy bowl man in their toilet tank:) But I'm sure they didn't inhale.

ASA - ASA . . .we are a yellin' for you!


October 22, 2001 - Msg 2775: Hello friends. Hey Tom, as usual your poems are lovely and uplifting. I'm a little behind reading and will catch up soon, but wanted to offer this. My friends lost their elderly cat. They did everything they could for her, but she died peacefully at home. Pets are like family. Pray for them please.
Miss Ellie

October 22, 2001 - Msg 2776: Sounds like you're a little better, Mrs. Wiley. It's not like you to be down for long! Lots of interesting conversations going on here today. Asa, can I switch with Homemaker for the rest of the week? I'm tired of guarding the bank. Mrs. McGruder is very sarcastic. She's a beast! She just mops all around me when I'm trying to sleep, muttering to herself; and she slops the water all over my shoes. Mr. Meldrim called me Rip Van Winkle. I tried to tell a joke to Harriet and she reported me to Mr. Meldrim. Something about a "respectful workplace". I don't know how you do it.
- Hazel

October 22, 2001 - Msg 2777: Hello porch sitters, was just walking by and thought I'd say hi. Hope you're feeling better Asa!


October 22, 2001 - Msg 2778: I may be wrong but if I found ANYTHING in my tank I shore aint gonna inhale it!! and if that little man can't find a better place to row his boat then I think he's a nut!! But then again I may be wrong. Homemaker, I hope you never quit your day job! Have a good night. I guess you are already gone on potty patrol. -- Salty Dog

October 22, 2001 - Msg 2779: Okay Hazel, I'l trade places with you if you want but that doesn't mean that I don't really enjoy the hotel. I guess guarding the bank could be a might more considerable position than guarding the potty. I don't know if Harriet would appreciate my "potty mouth" anymore than your jokes. Speaking of respectful workplaces, my doctor was terminated out of the family practice that she worked in because basically she had a good bedside manner and got along with her patients. She opened up her own practice and at last count around 300 patients had transferred over to her. She is a treasure - that's for sure!
And Salty Dog - do an internet search for the Tidy Bowl Man and you'll find some interesting things! He really did exist!!
My husband had potty patrol with our three year old while I taught a nite class. Let's just say - it was quite an experience for him to clean him up. He is potty trained correctly but sometimes - things just happen;-)

Well I hope Asa hasn't taken a turn for the worse - I sure worry about him.


October 22, 2001 - Msg 2780: Good nite, sleep tight, and pleasant dreams to you.
Here's a wish and a prayer that all your dreams may come true
And now until we meet again
Adios, Au revoiur, our feet are stained, GOOD NITE!

(don't spell well in German but it sounds like our feet are stained!)

Good Nite!

October 22, 2001 - Msg 2781: Ok, does remembering the Tidy Bowl Man mean we are showing our age??? If it does, guess I'm showing cause I remember him! If Asa is out there, I just KNOW his stitches are bustin from all this goings on here on the porch, I know I have laughed pretty hard tonight. Ya'll are all a caution!

October 22, 2001 - Msg 2782: Hey Porchsters, I've got an idea I've been thinking on for a few days now & wondered what ya'll thought. I am thinking of putting up a site with everyone's emails, birthdays, ICQ & messenger names, etc. We had one a long time ago, but I thought of doing one for the new Front Porch. Let me know what you think & if ya'll would be interested in something like that & I will post the email to send the info to me so I can get it up. If its something everybody would be interested in doing that is.

October 22, 2001 - Msg 2783: Hey Mavis, How about them skins. I'm so happy for ya I can't see straight. Maybe its the medicine...I like your idea though, sounds good. Thanks for your concerns Homemaker and Barney. I'm doing o.k.. I go back to the doctors on thursday for a follow-up. Sorry I ain't been posting much, but I'm sorta stuck to as much bed rest as I can. Nice to hear from Romeena, I've been worried about you. Are you doing o.k.? Sounds like Mrs. Wiley is doing better. Glad to see it. Sorry to hear about your problems at the bank Hazel. They are a pesky bunch over there, are'nt they? I just hope Barney don't come over and pest ya.
Everyone have a good one, and watch out for them potties.


October 22, 2001 - Msg 2784: Howdy, friends. Asa, I'm just fine, thanks. Missing my kids after the gathering this past weekend, but glad they were here for a while. I'll be glad when you're all healed up and back to 100%. *Mavis, do you remember Opie's Neighborhood, where we all had our little house and our very own little page? Wonder where it went? If it could be revived and remodeled, it would be exactly what you were describing! I'm not sure who the caretaker was (my memory isn't too good), but I think maybe Ollie, or Otis (Ricky)???
Well, guess it's bedtime. On these nights off, it's hard for me to sleep - I'm used to being up all night at work. Have a wonderful Mayberry day, friends.--Romeena

October 23, 2001 - Msg 2785: Morning folks. Just wanted to let folks know the the Emmetts' WAVs web site it back up and running. Got it all up this morning.

Hey Romeena, Opie's Neighborhood was on RickyB's web site.

October 23, 2001 - Msg 2786: Morning, Floyd. Nice to see you. And good morning to everyone else too.
- Hazel

October 23, 2001 - Msg 2787: Good to be seen. I wish I could "visit" more. I seem to stay busy a lot doing the web pages, WBMUTBB Digest, and playing with my little boy Adam. Plus, fitting in my job is good. ha ha.

October 23, 2001 - Msg 2788: Mornin' porch:
tought you'd like to see this little ditty I just found,,, it's called the "Seniors Prayer"

God, grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway; the good fortune to run into the ones I do, and the eyesight to tell the difference. ~~ New Neighbor

October 23, 2001 - Msg 2789: Good morning FLoyd, Howdy ASA!!, Hi NN, and greetings Hazel. Hope everyone is fine today. All is well on Potty Patrol! Everyone seems regular;-)


October 23, 2001 - Msg 2790: Good afternoon porchers It's me it's me it's Salty D-- O.K. Homemaker I looked on the net and Jeeves couldn't find the tidy bowl man!! I found the bryl cream person whatever that was. By the way if you're going as the tidy bowl man, whats your husband gonna be the pinesol lady?? Good to see Asa back on the porch today too!! --Salty Dog

October 23, 2001 - Msg 2791: Hey Salty Dog, good to see you too. Howdy Momemaker, and N.N. and everyone else. Hope all is well with everyone. I aint used to this lollygagging. I am really getting bored. It's amazing, I can access almost 200 tv stations on my tv and still can't find nothing good to watch. We need a AGS network. Sorry, don't mean to whine so loud. I'll hush now and be happy.


October 23, 2001 - Msg 2792: Holy cow, I didn't mean momemaker, I meant HOMEMAKER (blush)

October 23, 2001 - Msg 2793: Geez Asa - now your hands are agoing - what will be next. Salty Dog - you have to type in "Tidy Bowl Man" because when I looked without the quotations I found nothing.
Asa what does AGS mean? (All Golf Station!)

Did you hear about the little old lady who got stopped at airport security for having knitting needles. She was going to knit an Afghan! Okay - bad joke but kind of funny. ;-}

Well potty patrol is over for today. We had another successful day of not pooping in our pants!
Happiness can come in such strange ways!


October 23, 2001 - Msg 2794: Hello to the porch. On Sunday evening I returned from youth camp for church. Little Opie went forward to take Bible Studies and be baptized. I am needless to say, proud of him. Sometimes I think of all the things I do wrong. Just glad that the good Lord can touch his heard inspite of his mother.

Homemaker, I know exactly what you are talking about that Roseanne and Dan found in the tank and didn't inhale. hee hee! I must say that it was one of the funniest episodes of Roseanne I ever saw. My dear old pa used to indulge in that life style a bit and so it was like watching him again. (mid-life crisis)

Prayers for all that need them.

Barney jumping rope: "My mother, your mother, lived across the way. Every night they had a fight and this is what they'd say." Don't remember the rest. Can any one finish it for me?

Did you know that in real life, Mark Twain said "Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it." I THOUGHT IT WAS GROVER CLEVELAND!

October 23, 2001 - Msg 2795: Good evening all-- Hope everyone is dong well. The weather today was just spectacular. Only a few more days of warm and then the weather man is calling for COLD!! I best be finding the long johns for everyone. Homemaker, your brood sounds too much like mine- always on the MOVE and something new all the time. Asa, so glad you're getting bored, that means you're on the mend. Rest and enjoy the time off.. Salty Dog, just love your comments, hey to everyone else... Who is cooking tomorrow morning??? ~New Neighbor

October 23, 2001 - Msg 2796: Hey ya'll how is everybody!! I finally found a cartoon w/ the tidy bowl man and Mr. Clean too. They were in a fight about who had the tougher job!! Sorry, homemaker, it still didn't ring a bell maybe tv land will start running those commercials. Wheres Mrs. Wiley?? Have I just missed her post or has she forgot her way to the porch??Maybe she's planning another "social" at her place. At least Mr.Schwump will be there!! Have a good evening I'm grillin' hamburgers since it's so pretty. Everyones welcome!!! You too Asa you can even bring your golf clubs and we'll flip the burgers with them!-- Salty Dog

October 23, 2001 - Msg 2797: Oh, that You would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and thet You would keep me from evil.

I Chronicles 4:10

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2798: Morning Porch! Breakfast is on! Eggs, MEAT, grits, coffee and little powdered doughnuts.

I'm gettin' ready for a short road trip this weekend - I'm expected at a social and it will be scandal if I don't attend (actually I'd ruther just stay home). It's a Halloween ball, I'm going as a statue of Mary. Just don't feel like being scary this year - too much REAL scaryness in the world. Had to have a nail pulled from a tire this morning, and later today going to Goobers for an oil change.

~ Mrs. Wiley
busy as a "Bea"!

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2799: Gee... where'd everybody go? ~ Mrs. Wiley

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2800: Good morning - everyone. . .just checking in. See Salty Dog - there was a Tidy Bowl Man!


October 24, 2001 - Msg 2801: I remember the Tidy Bowl man, and the Brill Cream man! But remember: The wet-head is dead! ~ Mrs. Wiley

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2802: Hey Ya'll how is everyone? Another beautiful day here in the south. I've got the day off tomorrow and its supposed to be cold. Good to see Mrs. Wilet back again. But where is Asa? Homemaker I believe you now!! but I want to see the commercial. Who's cooking tonight? I'm too tired. I worked from 5 this a.m. till 3 this afternoon!! Somebody better go check on Asa, he's left us again!!-- Salty Dog

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2803: Asa must be 'dream-golfing' with his pink elephant buddies. ~ Mrs. Wiley
"SHOO, SHOO! I told you not ON the bed!"

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2804: font check = YO! thanks for the welcome back SaltyD, you're a treashah!

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2805: Evenin, nice evenin ain't it? Just thought I'd stop by on my way to my other website to work on it. Thought I'd say hey to the porch~Hey to the Porch!Still working on finding a site & some ideas about how to do that Porchster page. How's about some help with a name??

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2806: Okay - who has used Dippity Do! Did you use pink or green?
Staying late at school tonite for parent teacher conferences (no the mother of the potty patrol didn't show up!). I have only had one conference. Suppose to come tomorrow but I used one of my personal days so I could be home with my boys. They are only young once. My oldest turns 5 on Monday. Where did all that time go to - I remember him coming home and a sack of potatoes weighed more now he eats the sack of potatoes! (He came home at 4 pounds and 2 3/4 ounces - see the potatoes really did weigh more! :-) I do love my boys!

Mrs. Wiley you're the treashah! Oh doll face!

Hey Mavis - now that puter at home is working I'll visit your site and see what's happening with you! Maybe I'll get time to drop in tomorrow! Mavis - since we refer to ourselves as the porchsters - why don't we keep that or TAGSRWC Porchsters?

Greetings Asa - best wishes with your Dr.s appointment. Hope the elephants have quieted down or you bought them slippers.

Hazel - are you out there? Romeena? Yoo Hoo! Calling Fun Girl and New Neighbor - you haven't checked in either. Do we need set up Check Point "Chickee?"


October 24, 2001 - Msg 2807: Hey!! I used green Dippity Do now, Mrs. Remember Everything Homemaker, do you remember a perfume called Blue Jean? It was in a yellow glass bottle and had a blue "denim" looking top. And it smelled sooo good!! So now, who remembers that?? Hey everybody!! Mavis, You could call it Mayberry After Midnight, or we could call it the " Where in the world is Asa Breeney" website!!-- Salty Dog

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2808: Howdy porch setters! Tonight on the menu is Chicken and Rice, green beans, sliced peaches and Ritter's Frozen Custard for desert. My favorite flavor is Praline Pecan or Buttered Almond, YUM YUM!

All is going well at school. Just have to share a bit of humor from one of our mildly impaired students that I thought was a hoot. It's kind of visual humor so I'll just throw it out there and hope it flies.

Jack is a second grader and has a slight lisp. We were talking about chocolate the other day and got on the subject of our favorite candy bars. He looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and said, "Miss Penny, Do you like Babies "R" Uth candy bars." I tell you I nearly busted a gut. I bet homemaker got that one right off. You just have to spend a lot of time with kids and your mind just works that way.
Fun Girl

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2809: Evening fellow porchsters:
It is an absolute beautiful night in the Pa state. It is so warm, but I'm afraid that it is the last this year. Hopefully the wind will blow away the leaves (keeps me from having to rake them). But oh, we need rain. Any body got any extry? It is so good to come to the proch and get caught up on everyones day. Just like a good home visit. Where is Asa again? Fun Girl we'll be right over for dinna' didn't feel much like cooking, just a tad tired after being up all night with a sick young 'un. She's feeling a little better, kept most food down all day. what a night!! Hopefully this one will be better, but the rest of the young 'uns best not get it! I can't take much more! I think potty patrol would be better in this care. Trade ya homemaker... See ya in the morning, I got to get some sleep...~New Neighbor

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2810: Salty Dog I beleive there is already a place called "Mayberry After Midnight" I do like the Porchster idea tho. Wonder if Asa, missing his golfing so much is taking swipes at those pink elephants & it's keeping him too busy to post? hehe Off to do some surfing, check back in a bit.

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2811: Hey Porch!
It seems as if I know ya'll already. I've been a readin' your posts for a while now and thought I say "Howdy". I'm a homeschooling mom of one son who is one of the biggest fans of TAGS I know. I am also the wife of my wonderful husband, who by the way has a wonderful wife! ;) (Ha ha) We also have a runt dachshund who thinks of me as mom. Our son has got us 'hooked' on TAGS. Fun Girl, I think I will come over for dessert. YUM!

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2812: Oh by the way, you can call me Helen. (Is that name taken?)

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2813: Welcome, Helen. I don't think that name is taken.
I hope evoryone had a good day.

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2814: Mavis, how 'bout "Bulbsnatcher's Anonymous"

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2815: Hey Mavis, how about something with 411 Elm St. in it since that is Barney's address.Has homemaker got back yet? I'll bet she's trying to figure out something that the rest of us can't remember so she can rub it in!!! Welcome to Helen. I think you'll enjoy it here on the porch. You never know what the topic of conversation will be around here!!--Salty Dog

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2816: 411 elm st could also mean information. welcome helen.

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2817: New Neighbor, Can you come get your leaves? I think they blown all the way down south, to my yard. Or better yet bring your young uns',(hope they're feeling better)lets make a big pile and let them play and we'll visit a while. I'll make the apple cider. Salty Dog, what part of the south are you from? *Mavis, how about something like Sarah's since she knew everybodys business. Just another suggestion. --Helen

October 24, 2001 - Msg 2818: Boy oh boy all these great suggestions! I'll sleep on it tonight & let ya'll know in the morning over coffee what I decided on! Off to bed for me, no ironing boards for me tonight, don't want to do no adventure sleeping tonight. Welcome Helen & good night Porch!
Snoop!! Snoop!!

October 25, 2001 - Msg 2819: How about Tags Team Directory?

October 25, 2001 - Msg 2820: Good morning Porch. I hope everyone had a good night.Helen, I am from the western part of NC. How about you? Thank you Mavis for your work on the directory page.Has annybody heard from Asa? I hope he isn't in the hospital again. Maybe his foot fell asleep. What causes that??--Salty Dog

October 25, 2001 - Msg 2821: Morning porch:
Well it's off to school for all the young 'uns. They are all feeling fine this mornin'. Mavis, I'm so excited to hear about the new site. Everyone's got great ideas. Welcome Helen. What part of the nation ya'll from? Asa- too much typing and over doin' it? We're still praying for ya. Have a good day. ~New Neighbor

October 25, 2001 - Msg 2822: Well, I probably should have slept on the ironing board last night, cause when my head hit that pillow, I went to sleep! Didn't get to do no thinkin' at 'tall, maybe I'll hunt Gomer's bucket & try to take a think under there today! hehe

October 25, 2001 - Msg 2823: Oh, here's the address to mail me your info. *Mavis I'll need email addresses, screennames for AOL instant messenger, ICQ numbers, any other instant message service screennames, & birthdays. Don't need the year, just the month & day. Thanks ya'll
We ain't no spring chickens anymore!

October 25, 2001 - Msg 2824: Morning porch. It's beautiful, but getting cooler, in this part of the country today. I'm from central Alabama by the way. Thanks for all of the kind welcomes. Salty Dog, maybe Asa's legs fell asleep from all of the elephants standing on them and it slowed the circulation in his legs! (Get well soon Asa!) New neighbor, your leaves are still blowing! We raked and blew leaves yesterday and now you can't tell that we did a thing. Well, time for school. It's the Wild West today in History, how airplanes fly, fractions, and reading about Colonial boys and girls in today. --Helen

October 25, 2001 - Msg 2825: Afternoon my porch sittin pals. How is everyone? Looks like we have a new porch buddy. Welcome to Helen. A big howdy to everyone else. Just got back from the Doc's and he said everything is looking good. I am so grateful to the good Lord and to all of you for your prayers and kind words. Thank you one and all. I can't go back to work for at least another week, so looks like Hazel will be stuck at the bank for a while. Can't wait to see your new web site Mavis. If I can be any help holler. I aint to computer smart though. You all have a good one now.

October 25, 2001 - Msg 2826: Yes Salty Dog I remember Blue Jean and do you remember . . .mmm, I'll think of something you need to stretch your mind a bit on. Heard there was a new Broadway show featuring the songs of ABBA. Sometimes I wished I lived closer to a major metropolis but then I'm thankful for life on the farm and talking to ya'll. No potty patrol today just some fun with the youngin's at home. Got a fire built and getting ready for supper. Talk to you later!


October 25, 2001 - Msg 2827: Mavis, will you let us know when youe site is finished?

October 25, 2001 - Msg 2828: O.K. Homemaker, do you remember this bubble bath? I used it all the time as a kid. It was in the shape of a doll and even had a dolls head for the lid and the bottle was molded like a dress. I don't remember the name of it though. I will find something you don't remember. I'll get you, I'll get all of you, I'm gonna get you and you and I'm gonna get your stick too--Salty Dog

October 25, 2001 - Msg 2829: Salty Dog . . .calm down would you? Take a little blue pill - it does wonders for remembering. No I don't remember that bubble bath - but let me think on it awhile.
By the way, welcome to Helen! And hey Mavis - how's the website going? I'll email my stuff soon.
Glad for your good report Asa - we feel for you, honest we do. Hey to Mrs. Wiley and Miss Ellie and Hazel too. Howdy NN - hope your youngin's on the mend. Take care and ya'll have a good evening.


October 25, 2001 - Msg 2830: Hey Salty Dog, You need some of my medicine? It will help calm you down. Only problem with it is sometimes you repeat yourself. Let me know.

October 25, 2001 - Msg 2831: Hey Salty Dog, You need some of my medicine? It will help calm you down. Only problem with it is sometimes you repeat yourself. Let me know.

October 25, 2001 - Msg 2832: Hey Salty Dog, You need some of my medicine? It will help calm you down. Only problem with it is sometimes you repeat yourself. Let me know.

October 25, 2001 - Msg 2833: Oh Asa, I was just funnin with Barn...I mean Homemaker. She's a lot of fun to get riled. Sounds like you're getting back to your old self again. I appreciate it though. If I ever need calming down, I'll let you know. The people I work with might take you up on it tomorrow! Have a nice night ya'll.- Salty Dog

October 25, 2001 - Msg 2834: I do not get riled, that is too often! Salty Dog. . .I am glad to see Asa repeating himself, why he is almost back to his old self (repeating that is). I bet you are a hoot towork with Salty Dog - where is that you are from?

Ya'll have a good nite - toodles!


October 25, 2001 - Msg 2835: I'll let ya'll know when the site is done, but unless I get more info it is gonna be the littlest town directory in history, even for Mayberry! I already have some people's info from the other porch, but I don't want to post them unless they want me to, so let me know ya'll. I thought about something real 'catchy' for a name, like Porchsters Directory real original huh? I'm still thinking on that too tho.
Night Porch!

October 25, 2001 - Msg 2836: Good evening porch, I hope everyone has a good day tomorrow. It is already getting colder here and the weatherman is calling for snow flurries on Saturday. It has been really windy here the past two days. Homemaker, I am from western NC.
Mavis, don't work too hard on this site.I think it will be pretty neat.Did Mrs. Wiley get lost again? We will have to make more room for her. Asa, keep on doing better and taking those pills. They worked for Emma!!Nite Everyone--Salty Dog

October 26, 2001 - Msg 2837: Good morning Porch! Asa, glad you got a good report from the Dr., must be behavin' yourself! Welcome to Helen - you'll love it here, just love it!

Watching CNN this am, there was a report on a postal worker..the story was about how the people on his route liked him so much. he told the reporter, "You know, we're porch family. you know what that is? all the people here set out on their porch and say hey to me, and each other. that makes us all porch family." Ain't that just the sweetest thing? watch CNN today and look for that spot.

~ Mrs. Wiley

October 26, 2001 - Msg 2838: Morning friends. Whats going on this Friday? Is eveyone happy its Friday? Where on earth is Hazel been? She better check in. The bank needs protecting. Hope eveyone has a great day. Whats eveyones plans for the weekend? Mavis, does them skins have a chance against the G men? There on a roll now you know.
Mornin Mrs. Wiley. Are things looking up for you some? Sure hope so.

October 26, 2001 - Msg 2839: Hi Asa, the situation is tense, but I'm handling it better. Just had a case of the "feel-sorry-for-myself's". So I'm headed up to the big city for a party with all my old friends. That should cheer me up! How the heck are you feeling? Itchin' to get back to the bank, I'll bet. You probably have had a hard time napping, not being in your chair at the bank.

~ Mrs. Wiley
"well sure it makes a difference, it's not a whim any more if you change your undrwear!"