October 29, 2001 - Msg 2944: Well believe it or not i just bought some 70's retro furniture this summer at an auction. See, these youngin's of mine just wrecked our couch and I decided that I was doing the cheapest replacement possible so I got a couch and two chairs for 14 dollars. I knew the people who had them so that made a difference. I am a believer in recycling and there was still a lot of use in the couch and chair. I figured that in a couple of years or until this furniture breaks down from the boys - then I'll look to something a little more up to date. The last one was a Lane or some good brand name and it didn't last three years. No more of that.

I saw the episode of Matlock too this morning. I love that show almost as much as I love TAGS. I saw Andy in a movie called "Gramps" or something like. He was evil - pure evil. Didn't like that movie! John Ritter played his son.

Well - it is time for a shower and little relaxing before I go to bed.
Talk to you in the morning over brunch!


Can you believe the BENGALS won again! DUH!!!

October 29, 2001 - Msg 2945: Good Evening porchers How is everyone? I hope everyone had a good day today.I had to work for nine hours today. But part of that I got to watch TAGS. Hazel, I thought of you, it was the episode where Aunt Bee goes to help cousin Edgar's wife Maude because she slept with the window open and caught the bursitis in her neck. Oh, I enjoyed all of them, I saw the one where Andy forecloses and where otis is the decendant of Nathan Tibbs, and the one where Earnest T joins the army. I just love all of them. I record them on the marathons and have about 10 or 15 6 hour videos. So, I am well stocked.Looks like someone swept up while I was gone too. Have a good evening, it's spaghetti for us tonight!! Wheres Andy? You know the secret to the sauce is oregano. Take care now, especially the sickly ones and I'll be back later.-- Salty Dog
Andy: "Oh the bursitis, she suffers with it so..."

October 29, 2001 - Msg 2946: Night porchsters:
Just got back from the local parade where my Fair Princess was riding in a red firebird with a "special" friend of hers. AHHH those were the days when we were 17! Parade was right down the main street of Mayberry. Tied up traffic sumpin awful. Barnie was in a snit, See ya in the morning all. ~New Neighbor

October 29, 2001 - Msg 2947: My goodness, I think that's the quickest the porch ever swept. It only took us 3 days to fill it up! Someone, I won't say who, has obviously been blabbing too much. Salty Dog, I thought of me when I saw that episode too. I think Aunt Bee said "Maude slept with her neck in a crane , the window was open and now she's got the bursitus." Wonder what it means to sleep with your neck in a crane...
- Hazel

October 29, 2001 - Msg 2948: Hey Romeena you want in on this 'project' of mine? Let me know, & Floyd I'm as$uming you want added. And nope I weren't talking ugly about my team,(this time) but I sure have felt like it!

October 29, 2001 - Msg 2949: Hazel reckon she meant 'crick' instead of 'crane'?

October 29, 2001 - Msg 2950: Ok, ya'll, I have the first 2 pages finished on the site, hope to get the rest tomorrow, but for those of you that can't wait...The Cutlass remember, don't expect it to be as good as Floyd's stuff but it will do the job. Besides, I'm having fun.
I'm off to bed.

October 29, 2001 - Msg 2951: Thats good of you Hazel. Carry the gun on one side and your lunch on the other, seeif that helps. Is that what they call a balanced diet?


October 29, 2001 - Msg 2952: Yea, Salty Dog.
I wish I could tape TAGS too but my VCR isn't working. But I do have thirteen episodes on tapes. I just recieved 10 of them as a gift and the other 3...well...It's been so long I can't remeber. But I'm not forgetting. No sir eee. I just can't remeber that detail. Well, I guess I'll hit the sack.


October 29, 2001 - Msg 2953: Looking good Mavis. You da bomb.


October 29, 2001 - Msg 2954: *Mavis, check your email, honey. I sent you my info on Friday. At least my "sent" box says I did. Now if this was snail mail, I'd be looking in the flowerbeds, as that's where my mailman usually stashes my mail. In this case, I don't know where it went. When the Mailer Demon grabs it, he usually returns it eventually. If'n you don't find it, let me know and I'll re-do it. --Romeena

October 29, 2001 - Msg 2955: Asa, I guess I just don't root for anybody's team anymore. I've totally lost interest in football. My beloved husband passed away five years ago, my sons are out on their own, and Sugarplum and I watch Animal Planet or the science stations most of the time, unless TAGS is on somewhere.
Helen, I'm bettin' your mom's house is gonna be a pretty place! When we girls finally get the bit in our teeth on a house re-do, it's hard to stop until you get it just right. The outside is finished now, and the inside needs just a few more days and about mbX$tf&hrls (hand swiped across mouth) more dollars! It'll be worth it, though.
Have a great Tuesday, friends. -- Romeena

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2956: Good mornin', Porch friends. Been feelin' a little icky lately. I don't think I got that there anthrax or nuthin', just a plain ol' head-cold. So I guess it could be worse. But I sure don't like bein' sick like this. I wish I could stay home and rest and have some of Aunt Bee's chickin-doodle soup, but I gotta be here. *sigh* Oh well. You all have a nice day. *Mavis, your Porch page up there looks real nice. Keep up the good work.

I'll see ya.
*Rafe Hollister
"Sick as a dog, but havin' the time of my life."

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2957: Great job *Mavis!! I look forward to seein the Union High Cutlass Directory grow. It's great! Thanks for adding me as well....sorry I didn't send you the info so you'd be sure I wanted to be listed.

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2958: Mornin Porch, Mavis - you done a good thing! The music gets me feelin happy all over. Hope you get to feelin better soon Rafe, that flu thing just drags on and on and on... Hazel, hope the neck is doin a little better, maybe if you didn't have a snoot full you wouldn't walk crooked! (jest kiddin) Guess I'm gonna get sent out to plant spinish after that comment!

Well todays the big day. takin the day off work, gonna run down and see the Judge - hope I don't offend the dignity of his robes, I caint afford the fine for robe dignity offendin'. Then down to see Howard at the Co. Clerks office... rush, rush, rush. Then off for a dinner with some friends. Hope everyone's day is easy and peaceful.

~ Mrs. Wiley
maybe havin a head in a crane is something like when barney tried to hang himself in the closet - one of my fav. episodes!

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2959: Good luck today, Mrs. Wiley. I'll be thinking of you. If you're not on the porch tonight, we'll know you got throwed in the lock-up. Won't be too bad, I think Aunt Bee fixes chicken & dumplins on Tuesday nights. I sure hope you get to feeling better, Rafe. Mavis, good job on the site. Thanks for all the hard work. I'll try that lunch trick, Asa. I hope my lunch don't make me lean the other way. 3 sandwiches, a mr. cookie bar... cooler of mulberry squeezins.
- Hazel

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2960: Mornin'. Great job on the Cutlass *Mavis. It's goin' to be wonderful. Mrs. Wiley, know today that you're prayed for especially. Enjoy your dinner tonight, you deserve it. Rafe I'll send you some chicken noodle soup right over. Maybe even a poltice too. Boy, the porch has been busy this morning. Ya'll have a good day. Off shopping with Mom this morning.--Helen

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2961: Good morning porch friends, Mavis, your site rocks!! It is awesome! I love the music. But I do have one question and I guess if Asa can ask questiions so can I. The opening page backgrround with Bee and Gomer and everybody, What episode was that or was it just a promo? I have a print of it as well as a magnent but I don't remember seeiing it on the show. I missed the episode of Matlock yesterday but thanks for thinking of me. Have a good day today. I'm off so it's house cleaning for me!!--Salty Dog

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2962: Mornin' fellow porchers:
Mavis- that is a great job on the Cutlass. It is great to finally put an address to fine folk like yo'uns. Mrs. Wiley we will be prayin' for your court appearance. If Barn shines that flashlight in your eyes, just sit real still,(It drives him crazy). Hope everyone had a restful night and no more cricks or cranes or sprains or strains. Lets pray everyone gets back in shape for the up comin' holidays. Not too much longer now. I made up a big batch of chicken gravey and dumplins'. Think I'll do some mashed tators too, Who's hungry for lunch? Homemade rolls will be finished about 1:00. Come on over... Got to go first to the Dr. for a RANDOM drug & Alcohol test for my bus license. WHY ME???-- ~New Neighbor

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2963: Shazaamm. That sounds like a right tasty lunch N.N. I'll be over. What can I bring? I know , I'll bring my appettite. And I'll bring my hanging device for Hazel, in case she feels like hanging around. (bad) Hope you git feelin better Rafe. You caught it off Charlene huh?
Good luck Mrs. Wiley, things will turn out fine I bet.


October 30, 2001 - Msg 2964: Good afternoon porchers, I had to take a break from cleaning. Your lunch sounds great NN fix me a plate and I'll be right over. Asa, if you bring Hazel your hanging device I'll bring her a milkshake too. Just in case she needs to practice puckeriing!! Here's and idea, seems like we're ALWAYS talking about food, so, could we have a site on the cutlass for recipes?? What do you think Mavis? Just a thought! Have a good un--Salty Dog

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2965: Salty Dog. . .You need to check out Aunt Bea's recipe book located on TAGSRWC main page.

The site Mavis is just wonderful! Three Cheers for you!

This is short and sweet - talk to ya'll later.


October 30, 2001 - Msg 2966: Thanks ever'body, ya'll sure do a body good *sniff-sniff* *Rafe where you been hiding? You want listed in the Cutlass as well? Romeena I bet that mailer-demon got it, so far I haven't gotten anything in the mailbox. I have your email, I just need your b.day & the like. All that food sure sounds good, I'll be over when I work on the site awile, it makes me hungry. (working that is) teehee

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2967: Hey ya'll! Well now homemaker, Little Opie is doing pretty well in school. He just got back to school after a bout with strep throat. It seems like it takes so long to make up for lost time when you are in the fifth grade. Tomorrow we go to the whisper center here in town and they think they may have a better as$istive listening device for him. I have only had to nag about it for months and months and now they are finally talking about the one that fits in his ear. The appointment is on Wednesday at lunch and I will let you know something when we return.

I am kinda feeling poorly too. Just plum worn out and not up to snuff. Guess I need to take my vitamins and get some good sleep. It's nothing that I can put my finger, just general tired and run down.

Anybody got any warm from the oven peach cobbler? That and a big glass of milk might be just what the doctor ordered. YUM!

Fun Girl

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2968: Hey Fun Girl when you find out who's got that cobbler, holler & let me know will ya? I can just taste it now. MMMMMMM

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2969: Warm Peach Cobbler? Count me in! Mmmm. Thanks for all the prayers for court, I know they helped a heap! I got there early and got to watch what REAL trouble is like. Made my pittiful situation look like a picnic! Once again, my Porch Family is there with a kind word and a hearty meal. FG, I'll bet your havin' to nag to get lil Opie the best is what's got you all porley, too bad them teachers don't pay attention. Good job!! Peach cobbler is just the thing to prop you back up!

~ Mrs. Wiley
"eatin speaks louder than words!"

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2970: Well, I'm glad you made it out of court safely, Mrs. Wiley. Hope everything turned out ok. Sorry I missed the lunch today over to New Neighbors. I couldn't get away from work. Could I hang myself later? I just couldn't squeeze it into my busy day today.
- Hazel

"Off duty? When is a lawman really off duty?"

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2971: Did anyone else have any trouble on the new Cutlass site? Or is it my computer? I just checked it out, and had no problem with the addresses of everybody, but could'nt get into the Sunday Drive or the birthdays.
- Hazel

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2972: That peach cobbler sounds goooood! Maybe with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Sounds to good. We shopped 'til we dropped today. Found a book that I have been looking for!! Yea!! Hazel, I'm having the same trouble. I think *Mavis is giving us a preview and it's not completely through. It's looking good, isn't it? I'm sure she'll have it ready before her b'day though! :) Just kidding *Mavis we 'preciate the time and work. Still praying Mrs Wiley. Hazel, you better talk to Asa about the poor conditions guardin'. Not even letting you eat. Shame. Night All--Helen Psalm 27

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2973: Oh yer funny Helen bet you like going to the old folks home & loosening the bolts on the wheelchairs too! hehe Kiddin, I can take a joke, I am still working on the site Hazel adding to it each night. so it ain't yer 'puter, I haven't got those pages done yet, kinda peaks yer interest tho don't it?
Night Porch
you & Floyd ought to team up & call yerselves frick & frack! (did I get that right?)

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2974: Almost forgot, Romeena that mailer-demon musta snatched that email can ya send me yer info again? And if any of ya'll have a picture of Barney lookin at that steering column coming up in his face in his new car holler & let me know will ya? I'd appreciate it.

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2975: Hey Mavis, Where you been all night? Thought we was gonna have to come find you!! --Salty Dog

October 30, 2001 - Msg 2976: Hazel, hope you're better we'll hang ya tomorrow. If ya aint too busy! We will see what Asa's schedule is!-SD
Andy to Opie: I'm too blamed busy to die

October 31, 2001 - Msg 2977: Mornin' porchsters:
I can't believe I'm the first one up and postin' this mornin'. could it be that there was too much peach cobbler last night? I need a good breakfast to get going this mornin'. Want to finish my fall house cleanin . Probably won't have too many more nice days to get stuff put away. Hey Fun Girl-- No one knows your child like you do, so FIGHT FOR HIM>>>that's what we're here for. We'll keep praying just like we did for the court picnic! So glad it all turned out well. ~New Neighbor

October 31, 2001 - Msg 2978: Morning Porch. How be all today? It's raining here at last. First rain in a long long time. Trick or treaters are gonna get wet. How you feeling Hazel? Me and Salty Dog are coming over to fix that neck of yours. Wish us luck.


October 31, 2001 - Msg 2979: Hey N.N. We posted at the same time. Thanks for lunch yesterday. You make a mean chickIn and dumpling. And them homemade rolls was superb, good stuff. Have fun house cleanin. (yeh right)


October 31, 2001 - Msg 2980: Thanks Asa:
Are you able to left things? I have some things to put in storage until the new house is finished. Ifn' there is someone to help , it makes the job go much faster. Just don't want to think of movin' the youn' uns agin. Hope we'll wait until after the holidays now. Did ya retir the golf sticks for the winter? Best get movin. ~New Neighbor

October 31, 2001 - Msg 2981: Good morning friends! Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! Hazel, get ready Asa's already picked up that contraption and we're fixing to head on over. We'll bring you a milkshake though. I hope you got a closet we can use! The only thing we ask in return is have us some mulberry squeezins ready when we get there. Hope everyone is doing well today. Asa, you can send me some of that rain anytime! We sure could use it. Have a good un--Salty Dog

October 31, 2001 - Msg 2982: Trick or treat!! Chocolate would be nice. *Mavis, as long as you get the 'Cutlass' ready before my b'day! You still have a while!;) Hazel I think I would RUN or a least don't let anybody in. Asa and SD are liable to dress in a strange way today and you won't know who they are. They might stretch your neck so you might be 10' foot tall! New neighbor I'll come give you a hand cleaning. Watch out today for all of the creachtures!(sp)--Helen

October 31, 2001 - Msg 2983: Afternoon Porch! boy it has sure been one of those mornings here in the Neff house, one thing after another today, wonder if that is cause it is Halloween AND a full moon?! First time that has happened since 1955! (imagine the theme to Twilight Zone playing as you read that) I had a great time talkin to Salty Dog on her new Yahoo messenger thingy last night, I knew we had TAGS in common, but we could almost be like sisters with all the other stuff we got in common! I'll look for you tonight on there SD better go get some other stuff took care of so I can work on that Cutlass for a while.
Happy Halloweenie Ya'll (my dachshunds said that)
any old tramps down there?Barney in the Rimshaw house.

October 31, 2001 - Msg 2984: boy I sure did run off at the mouth that time! hehe, I'll hush for a while now & let somebody else talk.

October 31, 2001 - Msg 2985: Good Afternoon Porch - Well my youngin's are looking forward to "Halloweening" tonight. They are both red Lego blocks. I know that they will be just toooo cute!

Things are pretty fun around here today. Can you believe my potty patrol boy actually climbed up on the toilet seat and said he had to do a #1 that way. That took some guts to do that in the bathroom that I patrol. He is some kid! I wonder what Miss Crump would have done?

Asa - did you say that you were going to dress as a "gopher" today and SD, one can only imagine your costume? Beware of white powder in your candy.

Everyone have a safe and happy Halloween.


October 31, 2001 - Msg 2986: Hey Mavis, Happy halloweenie to you to. I forgot you had weiner dogs. We have one to. Aren't they great? Just got done watching Matlok. I think I'm getting hooked on that show. It's intresting to hear some of the TAGS sayings used on this show. Today for example he said that someone was cooler than the center seed of a cucumber. He said that about Barney 40 years ago. My wife is gonna be sooo happy when I can go back to work. I'm about to drive her nuts with all my tv watching.

October 31, 2001 - Msg 2987: So I finally turned off the tv. Now I am listening to Mannheim Seamroller's Christmas songs. Does anyone else like this group. Chip Davis' rendition of Oh Holy Night is just about the most beautiful one I have ever heard.
I know. You all think them bats done laid eggs in my hair. I just happen to love Christmas.


October 31, 2001 - Msg 2988: Just don't turn off the computer Asa. It's the only way we can stay in touch. It's beautiful today. I sure have gotten alot done today. All the lawnchairs put away, but not the Porch chairs. Come on over, we'll go in the sun room ifn' it gets too cold. Look for the porch light, we'll open the door,,Trick or treat. ~New Neighbor

October 31, 2001 - Msg 2989: Ahh Thanks N.N. Arntchakind. Kinda sad puting all the summer stuff away isn't it? I guess winter is ok but I'm ready for spring right after Christmas. Trouble is spring is still 2 months away after Christmas. Them are two long months for me, January and Feburary.


October 31, 2001 - Msg 2990: Asa, I love Mannheim Steamroller! Chrismas trees are up in the store so must not be to early. They get earlier and earlier every year. We also have a dachshund. A red mini. He is a great little dog.
He's rotten though. He even calls us to bed when he is ready! What kind do ya'll have Mavis and Asa. Good for you, on your accomplishments today, New Neighbor. Homemaker we thought about my son going as lego. That seems so cute. He chose a movie theatre floor, (gross) instead. It turned out cute. Was that a BOYS bathroom with a BOYS kind of potty that he tried that way on?! Mrs. Crump would've gave him a diploma for trying.--Helen

October 31, 2001 - Msg 2991: Happy Trick or Treat to the Porch. We had our appointment at the audiologist today and she says Little Opie does have some hearing in the right ear and we just need to amplify it some. We are going with the type of hearing aide that is hooked behind the ear, unless these smooth talking doctors can come up with a reason why they didn't do this years ago. I am a little steamed. We go to Riley Hospital for Children and it is supposed to be this big fancy hospital and a university hospital where they train all these doctors, and yet we don't get anywhere. I don't know whether to fault the doctor or the hearing impaired teacher or who. The HI teacher keeps saying, that we could try the hooking over the ear thing, but that at his age and rate of growth, he would probably have to be remolded soon. Well excuse me, maybe I have it wrong, but I was under the impression that these schools received funds for the "special services" students. Isn't that what they are for. I don't care if you have to fit him every year, I want something that works and something that is practical and that he can wear without hurting him!!! 'Nuf said on that topic. Homemaker, if I am wrong about the school receiving the funding to pay for the equipment he needs, please let me know before I blow my stack and make a fool of myself cause as you can tell, it won't take much of a straw to break this camel's back.
I think I will go and listen to my Charlotte Church Christmas CD. And drink a large cold glass of egg nog. The unleaded brand for me, thank you.
(Gotta go do lunchroom duty tomorrow and don't want any parts of me hanging over.) CHEERS
Fun Girl

October 31, 2001 - Msg 2992: Hey to the Porch. Asa, I saw something on TV that might help....put that "Potty Putter" on your Christmas list...that'll get you through Jan/Feb.

--Jelsik T. Bulkhead

October 31, 2001 - Msg 2993: Oh Jelsik... As much as I love golf that potty putter commercial drives me nuts. But thanks for thinking of me. Sounds like you have a lot to deal with Fun Girl. Hang in there.
Did you make those lego costumes Homemaker? Bet there cute.
Glad to see I aint alone in liking Mannheim Steamroller Helen. They are in concert here at the end of the month, but I think they sold out already, drats.
How are you feeling Hazel? Your being awfully quiet. Me an Salty Dog did'nt hurt ya none did we?
I go see the Doctor tomorrow for another check-up so wish me well.
Hope everyone has a great night and a better tomorrow.


October 31, 2001 - Msg 2994: Thanks Asa and Salty Dog for coming over today and trying to fix my neck. Sorry I didn't have any mulberry squeezins left; I figured I better double up my dose before you got here or instead of fixin my pinched nerve you'd be getting ON my nerves. Well here it is, halloween. All you guys with younguns are getting em dressed up in cute outfits. My 18 year old daughter just walked by dressed as a hooker. Oh, for the good ol days......... Guess I better go see where in the world she's going.
- Hazel

October 31, 2001 - Msg 2995: Hazel that was a good one! I know it weren't meant to be funny, but couldn't help it. Helen my demon Dachs. are mini smooths, one of them is dapple, the other is chocolate. I love them even if they are demons! hehe Anybody gone out to look at that lovely moon? You really should if ya ain't already!
Off to the Cutlass.

October 31, 2001 - Msg 2996: Anybody see the TVLand ep. tonight? I love that one, one of my favorites! Gomer? Gomer? Gome??

October 31, 2001 - Msg 2997: Hey. Yall/ I'm sorry I'm late in posting tonight after I left Hazels and dropped Asa off at the music shop to get some decent christmas music, I still had to work!! Anyway we had trick or treaters at my work tonight and they bout wore me out!! Mav, I must have missed ya tonight, but I'll catch ya. I bought Asa some bluegrass christmas music to broaden his musical horizon!! Have a good night. I'm fixin turkey and all the fixins' tomorrow for early Thanksgiving. Everyones invited. It will be ready about 5:30. --Salty Dog

October 31, 2001 - Msg 2998: Oh, I almost forgot, Happy Halloween everyone!! It's so cold here my brain cells are frozen and by the way, homemaker, I went as a redneck gal tonight complete with braided pigtails, no front teeth and a straw hat w/ a hole in it! How did the tidy bowl man thing go? I bet you made a real splash didn't ya? (bad) SD

October 31, 2001 - Msg 2999: The latest edition of the TAGSRWC newsletter, The eBullet, came out last night. It looks like there might be a problem with some folks not getting their copy. If you missed it, drop by the eBullet Archives and check out the October 30, 2001 archive. -- Allan

October 31, 2001 - Msg 3000: Count me in for that dinner Salty Dog and I'm with ya on the bluegrass Christmas, God's music I say! The Church Social page is done on the Cutlass if ya'll want to see that one.
I'm off to bed Porchsters!
Well alright! If yer gonna be so scaredy cat about it I'll go with ya! (Barney talking to Gomer)

October 31, 2001 - Msg 3001: Hi All. Will this way a good night a full moon out , but not to min kids out for halloween and for the one who was out not min treat this year like last year.
mavis the cutlass look good.
Portrayal of a Summer Day.
The besuty of a summer day
can never fully be portrayed
on canvas or by poets' words,
for it is something too superb
to limit to the hand of man
or to a poet's own mind span;
for it is GOD'S infinity
and this so shall it ever be,
he creates every lovely scene...
now, future, and those that have been.
true beauty of a Summer day
can only be by God portrayed.

November 01, 2001 - Msg 3002: Morning, porch. Mavis the cutlass is looking good! You really got talent, you know that?
- Hazel

Barney: I wrote a column in the school paper. It just ran that once. Pickups and Splashes from Floor and Pool. It was controversial. It was way ahead of its time.

November 01, 2001 - Msg 3003: Mornin' porchsters:
Super job Mavis- Could you organize my Chirstmas Card list? Hope everyone survived the tricks and treats last night. We didn't have any- bein' new in the house (old renters moved out) and our youn' uns have never been. Good news--- we got word yesterday our house is scheduled for building in the next 2 weeks!! Finally, we have waited since September 4. The foundation was completed then and then we wait...HURRAY!! Well must get the youn' uns off the the school house, their last day this week (end of the marking period). ~New Neighbor

November 01, 2001 - Msg 3004: Mornin Porch & thanks for all the kind words, I'm glad ya'll like the site! Tom You're a treashuh! You know that? Off to work for a while, dad burn it! Mrs. Wiley when yer done helping Asa at the bank, could ya fill in for me next week? I don't think I have any Poodles scheduled to be done.
Gomer~I'm going to the butcher shop to put in for a job.
Andy~You know anything about cutting meat?
Gomer~Reckon they will ask me that?
(that was Gomer right? I think that full moon done something to my brain~!)

November 01, 2001 - Msg 3005: Wow - Asa you must be bored or you need to just talk and talk and talk. . .yes, I made the Lego outfits (large boxes, 20 oz. plastic cups hot-glued on and lots of red spray paint.) The boys were cute and the candy just kept coming and coming and coming. We only go to a few houses (grandparents, close neighbors, and aunts and uncles) - that way we don't have to check candy - we know it is safe. And yes Asa - I am another Manheim Steamroller fan. Great stuff. . .I just love about all Christmas music and it is time to start playing it. About the only song I really can't stand is Elvis singing Blue Christmas - makes me just cringe!

FG - yes school's recieve monies for special equipment. My students that wear trainers and depending on what kind of hearing aid he is fitted with they have a new trainer called a microlinks that is just an attachable boot that fits to his hearing aid and that's the trainer. The teacher still wears a microphone but it is less annoying on both teacher and student with this microlinks gadget. The only thing about the new trainer is the cost (around $2500 per student) but it is worth the money!! Less breakdown than with the old model. Any questions - email me - my address is in the Cutlass! I can also tell you who some great audiologists are in Indy that I deal with besides Riley.

Congrats on your new house NN - that will be fun! SD - I bet you were a great REDNECK and I'll be there for turkey.

Have a great day everyone!


November 01, 2001 - Msg 3006: Mornin porch, sounds like everyone had a good halloween last night! Homemaker, your outfits sound cute. I didn't do that much work with mine. I pretty mmuch have the redneck wardrobe anyway.I only have 1 complaint though, How can anyone NOT like Blue Christmas???? That is a classic. It just wouldn't be Christmas without it!! That and the Chipmunks Christmas too! But my favorite is an old hymn called Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.Well, I'm cooking tonight so,I better bet cracking!! Later--Salty Dog

Merry Christmas...Barney Parney Poo!!

November 01, 2001 - Msg 3007: Sorry - I just don't like that Elvis song. It is all those "ooooooos" the back up singers do. Now Beautiful STar of Bethlehem is awesome and I do the like Alvin and the hoola hoop..

Good luck cooking - I'll be there with the boys. They love sweet taters!


November 01, 2001 - Msg 3008: Hey to the porch-

My favorite Christmas song now is Kathy Mattea's version of "Mary, Did You Know?". As my sister-in-law was making the trick-or-treat rounds with our nephew last night, they saw a man putting up his Christmas lights and they could see that his tree was already up inside. sheeeesh. I LOVE the Christmas season but it is a tradition in our house that we play NO Christmas music until the morning after Thanksgiving and we put up NO decorations until after December 1. It's a compelshun ....

Milton P. Oliver
("Hey" to 10110

November 01, 2001 - Msg 3009: I left off a ) but I think I turned off the fonts~

November 01, 2001 - Msg 3010: O.K. the turkey and dressin is ready I just have to mash the taters and bake the rolls!! Oh and open that cranberry flavored stuff thats shaped like a can!It smells good in my house too. Makes me want to put my tree up now!! Suppers on at 5:30 ya'll come on over to my porch. I do need a salad though. Haven't got that far yet.--Salty Dog

November 01, 2001 - Msg 3011: How about some cole slaw- Salty Dog? I have that and pretzel salad.(jello with strawberries in it.) Either one of those do? I'll have one of the kids bring it over a little early,so's I won't have to forget it! Can I bring the shoo fly pie just out of the oven? ~New Neighbor

November 01, 2001 - Msg 3012: A lot of new news. Ya'll sure are puttin' me in the Chrismas spirit already. I'm with you Milton P.O. no Christmas decos until after Thanksgiving.It sounds as if we all have a lot in common, besides TAGS. I love Beautiful Star and Mary Did You Know. They are my 2 favorites. My son almost went as lego too, homemaker. He went as a movie theater floor (gross) instead. He won first prize, for that 20 minute throw together costume, at the Fall Festival. Homemaker, you never told me what you taught on Monday nites. Hazel you are a brave soul for the neck fixin' business of Asa and SD. Hope it's better. Anybody need any candy?---Helen

November 01, 2001 - Msg 3013: Oh yeah, count me in Salty Dog. I'll bring tea, and a pototo salad. See ya soon. Helen

November 01, 2001 - Msg 3014: Well Helen, I teach a sign language class at a local commmunity college (it's over for this semester). It is a non-credit class that folks can take to see if they want to pay the big bucks for a degree.

I like Kenny Rogers' version of Mary. Did you know that it was written by a Christian comedian and he sings with the Gaither Vocal Band (I know his name but it escapes me now). The Gaither's are from Indiana you know. I just love their music and their Homecoming series of the old gospel music.

Talk to you later.


November 01, 2001 - Msg 3015: Hey homemaker the guy that wrote Mary did you know is Mark Lowery. He is so funny. I love the vocal band too aspecially that song Alpha and Omega! Have you seen the videos?--Salty Dog

November 01, 2001 - Msg 3016: I am so stuffed! Thanks Salty Dog for the wonderful meal. NN the pie and slaw were very good too. Homemaker, it is Mark Lowry. We love the Gaither videos too. If you have the Atlanta one, my son is getting his picture made with Mark Lowry. Mark leans over the table to make faces with him. He is in the red and blue shirt getting autographs signed. I wish I lived close enough to take your class. I've always wanted to learn that. It is so beautiful. When I was 4&5 years old, we lived in Ft. Wayne Indiana. My dad didn't like the cold weather though, and we came "home".I can still remember how pretty it was in that part of the country. I have a funny story I'll share with you sometime about a family up there.---Helen

November 01, 2001 - Msg 3017: Thanks - I knew it was Mark Lowery but I couldn't remember his last name. He once made a comment to be nice to your children because they would pick out your nursing home someday! :)

Talk to you all tomorrow. We are winding down for the evening.
Nighty nite- don't let the bed bugs bite!


November 01, 2001 - Msg 3018: Hey ya'll, have you heard the Judd's version of Star of Bethlehem? That one rocks, the Judds are awesome anyway! I do have to agree with SD Christmas around here ain't Christmas without Elvis singing that song at least once! The main Christmas music around here is bluegrass!
Nite Porch!

November 01, 2001 - Msg 3019: Good evening ya'll. Man am I stuffed. We sure packed er away tonight didn't we? I like the Judds version too. Another fav song of mine is Oh Holy Night. I just haven't ever heard a bluegrass version of it! Anybody else got a favorite Christmas song? This has put me in the spirit of things just talkng about music! Plus the cold weather we've been having! Have a good night and lots of luck to you and yours!--Salty Dog

November 01, 2001 - Msg 3020: Hey to Salty Dog. I personally am a fan of Mr. Travis Tritt and I think that his version of O Little Town of Bethlehem is about as pretty a Christmas song as I wanna hear. I love all Christmas music though. In a few weeks it will be time for my sister to put jingle bells on her shoes. I have often considered learning sign language. Our church youth group has a club like boy scouts and you can earn honors. There is a sign language honor and I am going to learn and teach it. I am a counselor for Little Opie's group. Well sweet dreams to all. Have a wonderful Friday and a GREAT weekend.
Fun Girl

Hey did you know that if you run the first two letters of girl to the first word of my name you get fungi. Just a bit of trivia for those with a quirky sense of humor.

November 01, 2001 - Msg 3021: Hey fungi, did you know that when you're riding down the road and you put your tounge to the roof of your mouth, it's impossible to pronounce a word that begins with the letter "S"?

November 02, 2001 - Msg 3022: You don't ride down the highway like that, do you!?!?

November 02, 2001 - Msg 3023: Good morning my porch friends - happy Friday! Been away awhile, lots of reading to do. Looks like I missed out on a good meal up there. The kids outfits sound so cute homemaker! I didn't get 1 kid thiis year. What am I gonna do with all this candy? (she says as she stashes it away) Mavis, glad to fill in for ya any time - I love critters! And what's a little more work? helpin Asa down to th bank, critter groomin... got yelled at at work yesterday for not telling the owner that his partner is an idiot. Go figger.

I love Christmas too! I have the Charlie Brown Christmas CD, it's jazzy and nice. Have to say though, I can't stand Elvis. "...the boy sounds like someone's beatin a dawg." Well, off to work to maybe get fired, y'all say a lil prayer for me will ya? Hey to everybody I missed up there!

~ Mrs. Wiley
(Barney doing a little dance step) "Shoobie-do-BA BopBop"

November 02, 2001 - Msg 3024: Hey Mrs. Wiley did he not already know his partner was an idiot? Looks to me like that is something a body ought to know without having to be told. I got the critters done yesterday, had a good lunch with my aunt, got home just in time to get the tub (& all the hot water) FIRST for once, & got to see one of my favorite eps on TvLand. (they are all my favs.) The one where everyone is hitting everyone in the nose over Floyd & Mr. Foley.
Off to act like somebody for a while.

November 02, 2001 - Msg 3025: Good morning everyone - I am taking the day off with my hubby and kids. It's a holiday around here - my hubby's b-day. I have to break out the Christmas records. Especially my Bing Crosby! Man I love him (he wasn't a great father but boy can the man croon!). Hey FG - do you go to an AOG church? I know they have groups like the boy scouts and girl scouts. My oldest goes to the school at the one in our town. We are members of the Church of Christ though.

Glad to hear from you Mrs. Wiley! Have a good day ya'll. We are off to Bass Pro (outdoor heaven!).


November 02, 2001 - Msg 3026: Mornin' all. Anybody heard from Asa? Hope the gobblin's didn't get him the other night. Happy b'day to your husband homemaker. Ya'll have a good day. Catch a big one. Catch enough for a fish fry maybe? (hint hint)--Helen

November 02, 2001 - Msg 3027: Mornin' porch--
The kids have the day off from school, so I'm a thinkin we need to do somethin' adventuresome. Any suggestions? They kids are groaning "-Oh no, not another adventure!" LIVE WITH IT!! Having a steer roast this afternoon,(4-H purchase) so why don't ya'll come on down? There's plenty. Filling, Baked corn, rolls, gourmet potatoes, milk ( provided by the local dairymen) and doughnuts for dessert. Hoot owl pie for those who are not fond of beef. my kids favorite is the smoked pig in the house. ~New Neighbor

November 02, 2001 - Msg 3028: mornin' Porch. It's a beautiful fall day here in the midwest. The bleackhearted buzzard and I are getting ready for the grand opening of the Four Corners Country Store tomorrow. It's gunna be BIG!
We're servng cookies, Pilot Mountain coffee, and giving away doorprizes. Aunt Bee's Attic is coming along, and I hope it's ready to open by Christmas.
Next week, NRNMG and Mr. Foley and uses are meeting up at the Amana Colonies for the weekend. I can't wait! Then two weeks after that, we get to see Orville Monroe and Eleanora Poltice at a halfway point for the weekend. Seeing Mayberry friends sure makes the beginning of a long winter easier to take.
I better get back to some naggin' and needlin'
your fishfriend,

November 02, 2001 - Msg 3029: Jennie, put that cup down. Put it down NOW!! Best wishes to you and Fred on the Grand Opening and be sure to say "Hey" to the Foleys for us. One of these days we're gonna hop on a pullman and come out there to see y'all's store and B&B, on my word as a gentleman. In the meantime, we need to keep an eye open for an event we can use as an excuse for a Spring get-together. I checked the map and do you know what's halfway between Killen and Plainview? Beaman, Missouri. I don't much about the place but I'm afraid ever'body there has an overbite. I'll bet they ain't even blacktopped around their gas works yet.
OH! There's a Mount Airy, MO close by.....

Milton P. Oliver
(In honor of our friends, the Boones)

November 02, 2001 - Msg 3030: Font check. Okay?

November 02, 2001 - Msg 3031: whew.......

November 02, 2001 - Msg 3032: Milton, you're so ept with them fonts and all...you really got talent...We've got football here in Illinois too...just not so's you'd notice...


November 02, 2001 - Msg 3033: Hey Jelsik, you still got your unyform?

November 02, 2001 - Msg 3034: MPO, Jelsik, and any of our Mayberry family..What about the Feb. play in Mt. Airy?..why don't ya'lls come to that! It would be a great time for everyone to do a 'tween MD get-together. I haven't see too many folks there with an over bite, and I'm pretty sure they have paved around their gas works. I just think that Beaman MO. probably is just slow in gettin' federal aid. But you know, Fred and I would be thrilled to have you come here for a visit anytime.
and MPO, thanks for the "GO HUSKERS!"

November 02, 2001 - Msg 3035: Where is the Four Corners Country Store...we are planning on heading to MO because we heard they have some bodacious goat farms out there! We'd love to check it out!
The steer roast sounds awesome NN - we got 4-H here too 'cept my kids are too young yet. But watch out when they do start - Diamond B Goats will shine! (think positive, think positive)

ASA - where are you, and where is Salty Dog and any of those others who need to check in!


November 02, 2001 - Msg 3036: homemaker, the "Four Corners Country Store" is in Plainview, Nebraska. I only made the MO comment because that would halfway between their home in Nebraska and our home in Alabama.
Haha, Jelsik, "Not so's you'd notice." We've got it here too and it's noticable. Hard not to notice a team that leads going into the 4th seeminly every week and always manages to find a way to lose in the 4th.
We've thought about the Feb. thing, mizboone, but not real sure about the timing on it. Should be a good weekend to be in Mayberry though. I'll put my bucket on.

"An IQ can be a mixed blessing"

November 02, 2001 - Msg 3037: Good afternoon porch I am late but here!! I haven't seen Asa since we were at Hazels the other day! We may have to get Mavis to add a search page to her site so we can find him!! Good luck to all the 4-H'ers out there too. Have a good un. I'm cheating tonight and getting a pizza pie with mozzarela!--Salty Dog

November 02, 2001 - Msg 3038: I'm rightcheer. Sorry I aint checked in for a day or two. Twernt feelin so good yesterday so I stayed in bed most the day. Had to go to the docs for a follow-up. He says everything is doing fine. I just aint got enough patients or however you spell it. Sorry abouy whinning. I'm on my way over for that there cow thing N.N. Hope I aint to late. Sorry I missed the turkey dinner Salty Dog. How is everyone else doing? Where is Hazel? Hope her neck aint broke. Me and salty had her looking like a girraffe whem we left her. Cept she aint selfish.
Have a good weekend and post often.