November 08, 2001 - Msg 3154: Hey Floyd I think Asa was wantin you to clean up after that infomercial since ya do such a good job at it here, sounds like they plan on makin a big mess don't it.
Off to work for me!
Pigs get loose in here too, Paw?

November 08, 2001 - Msg 3155: well looky there, see I told ya you did a good job at that sweepin! A might dusty now tho, feel a sneeze comin on!

November 08, 2001 - Msg 3156: Mornin' porchsters-
I was wondering if I would get to the porch today, but made it right in time. Now Floyd can come to my house and help me clean up!! Good job. Hey to everyone. Blessings to ya'll.!New Neighbor

November 08, 2001 - Msg 3157: Hey New Neighbor and *Mavis....I'll bring my leaf blower and dust the inside of your house for you. Just be sure to tape/nail down any small items.

November 08, 2001 - Msg 3158: Hey Floyd, Maybe you could use that leaf blower on me when you cut my hair. You always leave them tiny little hairs go down my back, and Opie ain't always there to git em out. No problems for me with the sweeping, I knew it was on auto-sweep, I just figured it was getting close. By the way, hows your feet? Lots of bad feet in this country.

Has anyone heard from Helen lately.

November 08, 2001 - Msg 3159: Good mornin everyone! Looks like someone cleaned up around here.It sure will be nice to be a messer upper again for awhile! Asa, are you ready to be on TV? I hope we made enough Asalty Dog 2K's. Do you like my name for our show, Asalty Dog 2000 and Beyond? I thought it was kind of catchy! Well it is actually warm today for a change so I'm gona go wash my car. Later--Salty Dog

November 08, 2001 - Msg 3160: Greetings ya'll - I don't know about your name for the infomercial - I think beyond is kind of a "stretch!" How about Asalty Dog 2000 - To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before (nor does he want to :) !)

I like the porch sweep Floyd, this infomercial thing has kind of gotten people to talking - you know what I mean! Too Much free advertisement - are the profits going to be shared by members of the Cutlass or has some secret Swiss bank account been set up. You need to watch for forgeries - you know Aunt Bea worked for some of them people. You have to watch those people who make stationary.

SD - I know it will surely rain here today if you wash your car. Thanks !

Talk to ya'll later - my chicken salad sandwich awaits!


November 08, 2001 - Msg 3161: Asa:
On the mend? Feeling like "suspending" something? I woke up this morning with a migraine and it starts in my --Neck!( Maybe I shouldnt have said that.)I have taken my meds for it, it just hasn't relieved it. Must have given too much blood last night at the bloodmobile! Wonder what causes that? Better go lay down for a while. Call me if'n ya get a cancellation and can "fit me in". ~ New Neighbor

November 08, 2001 - Msg 3162: Hey porch! Where's David did we "skeer" him off? Hope not. Sorry NN you're feeling poorly. Had the headache yesterday. I think I want a contraption after that.Put me down for one SD. Hazel, sorry about your incident. Maybe they'll catch the rascals. You could hang them up with the AD2K. That would be a big market SD and ASA. Hang all of the criminals 'out to dry'. Haven't been around much lately. My son is in the local (I say local, 40mi. one way)
children's theatre. He'll be practicing or performing every day (or about) for a month and a half. He loves it though. Busy, busy, busy. Think I'll use the leaf blower in my house too. I could dust furniture, dry hair, fluff pillows, get cob webs down....all sorts of ideas. :)
Have a good day. --Helen

November 08, 2001 - Msg 3163: Hmmm, a leaf blower to clean house.... What a good idea! I'd have to lock up Sugarplum, though, or she'd get blown right out with the trash! To say nothing of having a barking conniption.
Saw the doc today - wants to do more tests, but it appears I've got some leaky heart valves. Reckon Goober could fix 'em up? He was running a special on valve jobs last week. I think I'll call him. Sarah, can you get me Goober at the fillin' station? --Romeena

November 08, 2001 - Msg 3164: Hi Romeena. Hope your tests go ok. I think you ought to see Goober, he could probably help, or at least give you some advise. Seriously, if it's "mitral valve prolapse", I've got that! We could have the same condition. Kinda like blood sisters. New neighbor, I hope yer headache gets better. Mavis gets those migraines too. Maybe you ought to see her doctor...
- Hazel

November 08, 2001 - Msg 3165: Yep Hazel I get them hateful migraines & I don't know what I'd do without my Imitrex I tell ya! Leaf blower? In the house? That ain't like opening an umbrella in the house is it? Homemaker I'm glad I finally got all the info straightened out for you on the Cutlass so ya'll be sure to check it & change your info, I was reading the letters backwards. Sorry bout that guys, but it's fixed now.

November 08, 2001 - Msg 3166: Hey Hazel,
Did they make a moulage when they come to investigate about the broken winder at the bike store? Or did Barney not want to run around making a big moulage out of it. Now remember if they make a moulage, you don't want to make it to runny. Barney don't like runny moulages.

Well Little Opie went to the audiologists again today. He was fitted with ear molds and they are going to try a cross hearing aide. Does that make sense homemaker? I don't know about the audiologist at Riley. She just don't seem to be sure of much of anything. Help me out homemaker, give me some names. I am in distress. I want something done and I have run out of resources.

Lovely weather today in south central Indiana. Have a good Friday. How about breakfast in the a.m. I'll have blueberry "cupcakes" (the m word that rhymes with puffin wouldn't go through)
good and hot from the oven. Maybe a little fresh orange juice and some yummy hazel nut coffee. (Not insinuating any thing about your mental health Hazel.)

Fun Girl

November 08, 2001 - Msg 3167: Fun Girl - email me and I'll give you the name of a group of audiologists that I have worked with for 15 years. They are extremely nice people and you can tell them I sent you, and they'll still like you! Did you get my email that I sent through the Cutlass. Mavis corrected my hotmail address. Let me know if you didn't and I'll try to catch you again. I know what cross hearing aids are and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Depends on the person.

Have a good Friday!


November 08, 2001 - Msg 3168: Fun Girl, I think you're onto something. That's why they can't find out who done it: they didn't make a moulage! I didn't even think of that. Who knows, it might have shown that it was a 3-man job. Able, Baker and Charlie.
- Hazelnut

November 08, 2001 - Msg 3169: Night Porch! See ya in the morning!

November 08, 2001 - Msg 3170: Good evening porch, Hope ya'll had a good day. Asa, did I wear ya out today buddy? I think our AD2K will do fine! Sorry I'm late tonight but I'm cooking breakfast in the morning or I may just get some of fun girls cakes. Nite--Salty Dog

November 08, 2001 - Msg 3171: HO HO HO I feel like Santy Claus sneaking in here in the middle of the night when everyone is tucked away in there beds, sound asleep. I'm posting quiet like so I don't wake anyone. Have a good friday gang. See you later. I'll be over for breakfast.


November 09, 2001 - Msg 3172: Hey Santy Clause would you leave me a AD2K under my tree and some candy in my stocking? --SD

November 09, 2001 - Msg 3173: Mornin Porch, Happy Friday!"bless our hearts" ~ Mrs. Wiley

November 09, 2001 - Msg 3174: Happy Friday to you, as well, Mrs. Wiley!

November 09, 2001 - Msg 3175: YEAH it's Friday at last!! And it's gonna be a pretty one at that. Good day for "hanging" out on the porch!Better get your AD2K. Get em while they're hot! The boys at the lab are working night and day on them things so grab one now before the Christmas rush sets in. Sorry are sales pitches allowed on the porch? Oh well have a good weekend ya'll.--Salty Dog

November 09, 2001 - Msg 3176: Mornin' porch. Everybody seems to be in a hurry this mornin'.Yea, it's Friday! Got to go.--Helen

November 09, 2001 - Msg 3177: Salty, are you sure you're a AD2K salesman? I always thought you looked better in your uniform! ~ Mrs. Wiley

November 09, 2001 - Msg 3178: Morning Porch! My we have alot of early birds on the porch this morning!
Don't the porch seem nice & full??

November 09, 2001 - Msg 3179: Mornring all. Good friday morning to all. Nice job there Salty Dog. Have you filled up your book yet? We are looking for salepeople. You to can win a pony. Just become one of our distributors. Details are forth coming.


November 09, 2001 - Msg 3180: Haven't been by these parts lately, but wanted to stop in and say "hi"!


November 09, 2001 - Msg 3181: Good evening all. . .been a pretty busy day. Just got another new student in my program. Lots of paperwork.

Hope all is going well. Asa and Salty Dog, is there a ASD 2K Jr. I was thinking of putting two little boys and their attitudes in one. Probably wouldn't be strong enough though unless it is made out of industrial strength material. And then it might be a stretch.

have a good evening. . .


November 09, 2001 - Msg 3182: Prayers for multitalented George Harrison.

"Give me love,
Give me love,
Give me peace on earth,
Give me light,
Give me life,
Keep me free from birth,
Give me hope,
Help me cope, with this heavy load,
Trying to, touch and reach you with,
heart and soul,

OH, M M M My Lord . . ."

November 09, 2001 - Msg 3183: I get it Homemaker, lots of paperwork.LOL We ain't made a junior device yet but will work on it.
I just wanted to take a moment to thank all my porch pals for your kindness these past few weeks. It ain't easy being laid up and all of you with your concerns for my well being has made it much easier. And thanks to Floyd for providing this forum to allow us to come together and meet one another. You are truley a great guy Floyd. I am doing well and hope to be back to work in another week. I know all your prayers and thoughts have been helpful in my recovery. May the good Lord pour out his blessings upon each and every one of you. Thank you.
Now that I got that off my chest anyone want to buy an Asalty Dog 2000?


November 09, 2001 - Msg 3184: "Might be a stretch"?? homemaker, you are too funny! Honestly, all you porchsters are so quick. Listening to conversation around here is like a visit to a comedy store. I love it! Good, gentle, hometown fun. Hazel, I'm sorry you've got valve problems, too! Maybe we both need to see Goober about a valve job. I don't know if mine is the mitral valve, or if it's prolapsed or something else, but the doc mentioned two leaky valves. Will have a thallium stress test next Friday to clarify things. Then if I get his clearance, will be having a big old surgery after the first of the year. Actually three things in one. I'd rather get it all over and done with at once.
*Mavis, the new Cutla$s site is great. Your edjycashun was worth every penny! Have a great weekend, friends. --Romeena

November 09, 2001 - Msg 3185: Romeena and Hazel - I hope all your valves and cylinders will work properly soon. You know they say a squeaky wheel gets the grease, what does a leaky vavle get? Any ideas?

Asa, we are all so glad you are feeling better, and I am truly glad to be a part of the front porch. Sometimes it is so nice to talk to ya'll (even the silly things). Thanks Floyd for maintaining a wonderful and wholesome site! Floyd, you are a treashuh!

Looks like it will be a nice day in Indiana tomorrow and that means woodcutting 101 will start again. We need to fall some trees in the fence row. Soon we will be fencing! How exciting! Ya'll take care and may God watch between me and you while we are absent from one another.


November 09, 2001 - Msg 3186: I meant valve - (geez homemaker, can't you spell!) :)

November 09, 2001 - Msg 3187: Agreed, homemaker and Asa - I'm very grateful to Floyd and all of Y'all here. The porch has kept me from being lonely in a strange town - everywhere you are is Mayberry! My love and prayers to each and every one of you! ~ Mrs. wiley

November 09, 2001 - Msg 3188: Hazel will fix a flat ("stops all leaks") do for your heart problem? We just can't do without you on the porch. Hey Homemaker- yesterday when the youn'uns got home from school, the 125 lb. pet goat broke loose and ate 2 pair of my daughters' underwear off the clothes line! One pair was rescued when she pulled it out of his mouth and throat. "Nothing worse than goat saliva on your underware!" He was almost a loaded goat! Wonder what causes that?~ New Neighbor

November 09, 2001 - Msg 3189: Now Asa's gone and got us all sentimental like. I appreciate you all too and think of you as my friends. sniff.
- Hazel

November 09, 2001 - Msg 3190: Ya'll remember how Barney was when someone cries, looks like all of us 'resemble' that trait! New Neighbor that is so funny! I bet your daughter was one mad little girl! Romeena, Hazel "It's yer shocks! Yer shocks!" Started working on the site tonight & got interested in a movie on Animal Planet, so I'll have to get to it tomorrow. Sorry guys. I'm off to bed!
Come on now, ya'll know what yer cryin over? A bed with a lid on it!

November 09, 2001 - Msg 3191: Honestly, Ya'll are gonna make me cry! I'm just too choked up to talk. But I do appreciate yall too. This is the first site I go to when I get on line. Even before I check my mail! I will be gone next week so I will really miss it then. Asa, I am glad you're up to par ( tee hee) now so we can work on the AD2K. Well is everybody sentimental enough to order An AD2K now? Operators are standing by to take your call! Nite-- Salty Dog

November 09, 2001 - Msg 3192: Hey Salty Dog when ya'll heading out?

November 10, 2001 - Msg 3193: pssst! It's 4:17 a.m. and I'm the first one up! I'll start breakfast real quiet like.
- Hazel

November 10, 2001 - Msg 3194: Thanks Hazel:Have to get the youn'uns off the basketball practice (AHHH Motherhood) and that early breakfast sure smelled good. Think I'll try some more clothes out on the line. I"ll hide the unmentionables in amungst the towels!! Maybe the loaded goat won't find them! Have a sunshiney day..~New Neighbor

November 10, 2001 - Msg 3195: Nothin like wakin up to someone ELSE makin breakfast! Thanks ye Hazel!!


1.._..AD2K.._..size Universal.._..color Natural

COST - $19.95
SHIPPING - Barn will bring it over in the squad car.

NOTE: Please have correct change (although a good delivery boy always has change).

Thank you for your Business - Asalty 2000, Inc.

Ship To: ~ Mrs. Wiley's Place

November 10, 2001 - Msg 3196: Morning Porch!

November 10, 2001 - Msg 3197: Good Saturday mornin'. Hazel, 4:17 A.M!? That's mighty early for a Saturday morning. Breakfast sounds good. Got to go blow leaves. Talk to ya'll soon.--Helen

November 10, 2001 - Msg 3198: Good Saturday mornin'. Hazel, 4:17 A.M!? That's mighty early for a Saturday morning. Breakfast sounds good. Got to go blow leaves. Talk to ya'll soon.--Helen

November 10, 2001 - Msg 3199: Sorry for the repeat, reapeat!

November 10, 2001 - Msg 3200: Mrs. Wiley, Barney will be delivering your order in the sidecar. Andy had to go up to Siler City so he's got the squad car. It should be delivered sometime this morning. Asa & Salty Dog said they'd order a couple more 'cycles with sidecars if business goes good.
- Hazel

November 10, 2001 - Msg 3201: We was posting at the same time, Helen! Morning. And hey to Mavis.
- Hazel

November 10, 2001 - Msg 3202: Boy we got some early risers this morning. Did you keep my breakfast warm Hazel? Sounds like we have our first sale S.D, I can hardly wait to get rolling.
Sounds like everyone has a busy day on tap. I'm going to hang Christmas lights on the house today while the weather is still good. Ain't turning them on yet, but might as well get em up. Anyone want to come over and help? Maybe Ben Weaver will.


November 10, 2001 - Msg 3203: Asa, you be careful hangin lights off the house what with just gettin over your ailin'!! Don't want you over doing it! ~ Mrs. Wyley
Here comes the 'cicle! BRRUUMM!!

November 10, 2001 - Msg 3204: uh-oh, that's Wiley. Don't want y'all thinkin I'm an imposter!

November 10, 2001 - Msg 3205: Hmmmm... that does seem fishy, Mrs. Wiley, or whatever your name is; that you don't even know how to spell your name. Well, we got ways of making you talk. See this pitcher of water? Looks good, don't it. Bet you're thirsty. Well, if you talk you can have a glass. Oh, you aint thirsty? O.K. well... maybe you'll talk if I... shine this light in your eye!
- Hazel

November 10, 2001 - Msg 3206: Oh Hazel you make me laugh hard. I can just see Barney doing that. I think Mrs. Wiley has been nippin at that elixir to long. Guess she's getting ready for Veterans day on Monday. Did ya'll have a good Saturday? Hope so.
See ya later gang.

Trivia.. According to Barney there are only two kinds of cops. What are they?

November 10, 2001 - Msg 3207: the quick and the dead

November 10, 2001 - Msg 3208: Did you get your lights up Asa? We'll be over right after Thanksgiving to see them. My boys just love Christmas lights!
Congrats on your first sale - I am waiting on the jr. version. Boy, the way my two have been acting you would think it was a full moon every night. I think they learned how to have a temper tantrum from Opie. It's been a day!

Spent most of the afternoon in the woods looking at deer tracks. Shotgun season starts on the 17th here Mavis - you know where hubby will be!

Take care you all!


November 10, 2001 - Msg 3209: You got it 3207. Where do I send your prize?
Hey Homemaker, Got most of the lights up but still have a few more to do. Thanksgiving night is the big unveiling. Hot choclate and pumpkin pie. Everyone's invited.
S.D. will get you them jr. contraptions as soon as they is made.
Ya'll have a good Sabbath.


November 11, 2001 - Msg 3210: Good morning porchters, I hope everyone has a good sabbath today. Asa I'll get right to it on those AD2K 1/2 I thought that would be a good name for the jr model! What do you think? Hope all the ailin ones are better. Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I had to work all day. Asa is just hard on me! Off to work again! Have a good un--Salty Dog

P.S. Mavis that would be on Thursday

November 11, 2001 - Msg 3211: Hello Porchsters:
A prayer request-- there is a mountain fire burning close to where we live and no rain for 3 months that amounts to anything. The winds today are 15-20 mile and hour. They are taking in bulldozers and trying to set up a fire line. Pray for protection and wisdom for the firefighters. I don't feel we're in too much danger as we have a large creek and green winter barley around us. HIS PROTECTION IS ALL AROUND US!! ~New Neighbor

November 11, 2001 - Msg 3212: I'm with you all the way, NN.
- Hazel

November 11, 2001 - Msg 3213: Hey Asa, it's been so long since I talked to you that I wanted to just come over here and say hey! Have a good day everyone. BARNEY2001

November 11, 2001 - Msg 3214: Good afyernoon porch! Itis a beautiful day out here on my porch. NN our thoughts cetainly are with you today. We need to pray for rain. Being a firefighter myself I know what they are going through. Thankfully we haven't had any brush fires around here YET. Asa, can I have today off? I'm awfully tired after putting those jr. AD2K's together. I'll make it up tomorrow. Have a good un.-Salty Dog

November 11, 2001 - Msg 3215: Why certainly Salty Dog. I don't mean to push you so hard but we have so many people needing our product, that I felt impressed to get it out there. Speaking of needs my prayers go out to you N.N. Sure hope they get it under control. Hope Opie ain't been up there with his club pals again.
Hey Barney 2001. It has been a while has'nt it.LOL
Everyone be happy, or I will turn sappy.


November 11, 2001 - Msg 3216: Prayers for safety NN! And a good Sabath to you all. Hazel - you are A HOOT! (I thought Barney fixed that light with a washer. He's a regular handyman!)

The REAL ~ Mrs. Wiley

November 11, 2001 - Msg 3217: Glad to have you back Mrs. Wiley. Boy, what a time we had yesterday. You see, there was this imposter hangin around. I think she was trying to get the secret to the AD2K. I spoted her as a phony right off. I do think we should be more careful with what we say about the "invention". We don't want a bunch of AD2K look-a-likes coming out just before Christmas.
- Hazel

Barney: "I'll give it to you straight from the buttonhole. This porch is a crackerbox and a pushover. I cannot see one counter-measure in the even of a 10-12."

November 11, 2001 - Msg 3218: Okay SD, we know you have been working hard watching TAGS videos at your job and then being creative with AD2K 1/2 prototypes. Glad to see the real Mrs. Wiley back - for a minute we were going have to do To Tell The Truth with her. Would the real Mrs. Wiley stand up (or should I say 'Sign in".

Our prayers are with you NN. We don't have much danger for that kind of thing here in Indiana and our rains have come at the right intervals.

Been trying to do some major rearranging in my small cabin today. For only having four people in the house - we sure do have a lot of stuff! I think stuff begats stuff!

We also have had our horses out - the cousin's husband left the gate open (duh!).

You know who we haven't heard from in a while is A Cappella? I wonder if he got mad at us? And David hasn't come back either? Are we that bad? to hang out with!

Oh well - have a good Sabbath evening!


November 11, 2001 - Msg 3219: Homemaker, I been wondering what became of A Cappella too. I was thinking about that just the other day. Seems like the last time he/she (?) posted was to tell us about the hot air balloon thing going on in Albuquerque. Anybody know of an e-mail address?
- Hazel

November 11, 2001 - Msg 3220: Evenin' Porch! Just hurryin by to say hey to ya'll & get my daily Mayberry fix!

November 11, 2001 - Msg 3221: Asa, thanks so much for my day off! Much oblige! I promise I'll work extry hard tomorrow.Everybody have a good evening. Hope the fires are out or at least under control. Later-Salty Dog

November 11, 2001 - Msg 3222: Mavis, you beat me again! You beat everything you know that???-SD

November 11, 2001 - Msg 3223: I try SD I try, good at it too, ain't I?? hehe I got the birthday page finished (BEFORE the upcoming birthdays) still got a few more to add to it, but it's ready for ya'll to check out. Cutlass I'll try to do more tomorrow, better 1/2 is going hunting, the season opens here in the morning so I got the house to myself.
Night Porch!

November 11, 2001 - Msg 3224: Hi All will it ben nices here fot the passv week , but it cold at night?
Mavis the Cutlass is looking good.
S D and ASA good luck on your new thing hope you all make your money back from all the safe.
NN i will keep praying for the rain you can used to stop the fire from giting to your home and everyone too.
Sowing Blessings
If you want to make a difference
in other people's lives,
be thoughtful ab\nd considerate,
be slow to criticize,
be helpful when you'er needed,
let other know you care,
be patient and forgiving
when hurts are hard to bear.
do always unto others
as you'd have done to you,
for when you sow God's blessings,
youu'll reap His harvest, too.


November 12, 2001 - Msg 3225: Hey to the porch. Had a nasty bout with the stomach flu over the weekend. I am feeling much better now. I even spent today cooking, which is something that I NEVER do. Just that I don't enjoy it much, but had a good time today. Craving some good home cooking will do that to you ever onct in while. Haven't heard whether my darling boys will be here for Thanksgiving yet. I have done bought their Christmas. And no it weren't no musical instruments. It was a rescue hero toy of some sort, and I got my darlin Charlene (whose real name is Raegen by the way) a Dancerella. Does anyone out there remember a Dancerella doll. It says that she was made in 1972. My sister had one of them when we were coming up. Any how she has a crown on her head and you pull it and push on it and she does different ballerina steps and she is just as cute as a speckeled pup. Just can't wait for Christmas morning.
Gonna head for dreamland now ya'll.

Sweet Dreams
Fun Girl

November 12, 2001 - Msg 3226: Mornin Porchters, I remember Dancerella FG! I think the Barbie "Head" came out right around the same time. Sorry you had to get the stomach flu - Me 'n Asa had that already - hope we wasn't spreading germs over the internet! TOM, that was a wonderful poem - made my heart feel good! Keep an extra blanket on the bed - I always liked a nice hot water bottle, too. Cutlass is sharpening up rite nice there Mavis!

~ Mrs. Wiley
"Andy, either you did that good of a job or Mrs. Wiley's a NUT!"

November 12, 2001 - Msg 3227: font check = YO!

November 12, 2001 - Msg 3228: WE already knowed Mrs. Wiley was a nut, but was waiting to see if SHE knowed it! teehee. Thanks for all the nice thangs ya'll said up there about the Cutlass, I'm gonna go somewhere's & get that bug outta my eye that is making me look like I'm crying!
Be back later,

November 12, 2001 - Msg 3229: Morning porch. As we honor our Veterans today may the good Lord bless and keep those who serve during there perilous times, and bless there families and loved ones also. Thank you.
You gotta bug in your eye Mavis? You been rirding around with Barn. in that motor-cycle haven't ya. He only has the one pair of goggles.
Nice to hear from ya fun girl. Sorry you feelin poorly. Git better soon like.
How are you Mrs. Wiiiiley? Glad to see you got over your identity crisis. There aren't to many ways you can spell Wiley, now Fife,thats another story.
Good to hear from Tom. Your poems are much appreciated Tom.
Up and at em Salty Dog. Lots to do today. We gotta be ready for the Christmas push.
Hey N.N. Did they get them fires out? Hope so.
Hope everyone has a good day, God bless.


November 12, 2001 - Msg 3230: See Prayer DOES WORK!! In the night , the temperatures dipped into the 30's, the winds stopped and they were able bring the mountain fire under control...Just smokey enough to hang out a ham and it will be ready for Thanksgiving. Ya'll come on over. TEEHEE Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. ~New Neighbor

November 12, 2001 - Msg 3231: To all the Veterans out there---SALUTE---~New Neighbor

November 12, 2001 - Msg 3232: Hey Salty Dog!! I was over at the Cutlass site and saw that my Birthday is the same date as yours!!! Wow...

November 12, 2001 - Msg 3233: Happy Veterans Day everybody. Thanks veterans. I'm glad all is well NN. We'll continue praying for the fire situation, and for our country. Tom, I enjoyed your poem. Something to think about. Asa, been havin' lots of foot problems, will AD2K help that? What if I hung upside down? Just wonderin'. Salty D and Floyd ya'll have the same b'day as my dog and Mom! Or should that be my Mom and dog? Mavis, the site is great! You've done us all a good service. Thanks! --Helen

November 12, 2001 - Msg 3234: Thanks to all our Veterans on Veteran's Day.
Fun Girl, I had migraines for a while. Haven't had one in 3 years. My doctor put me on Fiorinal to prevent them. Sure did help. I have headaches, just not really bad ones.
Hazel and Romeena, sorry to hear you have leaky heart valves.
Hello to everyone.
It is sad about the airplane crash today in New York. God bless the families of the passengers and crew and those hurt on the ground and those who lost their homes.
NN, we also have a need for rain.
Everyone have a good night.
Miss Ellie

November 12, 2001 - Msg 3235: Hey Yall I hope everybodys doing fine tonight. Floyd, My neighbor and I were born on that samr day about 30 minutes apart. Our Moms had rooms next to each other. Plus a really good friend of mine I met at work has the same one too!Hey does this mean we get to have two cakes on the porch?? I think it should! Thoughts and prayers to NY. -- Salty Dog

November 12, 2001 - Msg 3236: Good evening, porchsters! NN, I'm glad those fires are under control. What a terrifying thing. I'm not afraid of much, but when it comes to fire, it's a different story. When my kids were little, I used to wake up at least twice every night, and go around the house sniffing for smoke. Not quite phobic about it, but close.
Tom, every time I read one of your sweet messages, I thank the good Lord for sending you our way. You are very special, and we're proud that you're "one of ours".
Prayers for those involved in the newest airborne tragedy in NY. How much more can that city take?
Have a great week, friends.--Romeena

November 12, 2001 - Msg 3237: Hey to the Porch. Romeena, how are you? Good to see you. Hope all is well for ya, and I sure do pray for you.
Hey Salty Dog, I got us a half hour infomercial lined up for 3:00 Sunday morning on that new T.C.N. network. Hope you are up for it cause you is starring in it. I'll have Miss Ellie git you some of that female war paint and do you up real fine. We need you there for a testimonial Hazel.
I don't know if that will help your feet problem Helen. I'll have the boys at the lab check it out and get back to you.

Tivia: What was the most important crop in Mayberry?

November 12, 2001 - Msg 3238: Good evening porchters, Asa, I'll be ready. The only prob is that I am going on vacation from Thurs till Sunday so I might be a little late. But I'll do my best! What do you think of earrings...think they're too much??--Salty Dog

November 12, 2001 - Msg 3239: Nothing wrong with earrings S.D. I like em. Maybe we could get tiny little AD2K's made into earrings for you to wear?


November 12, 2001 - Msg 3240: Hey that will work!! We should do a whole clothing line too!! Picture it shirts, sweatshirts maybe even jackets? Dare I sugest golf tees?? Why we could be starting our own enterprise or something! Let me know what you think! Later--Salty Dog

November 12, 2001 - Msg 3241: What will Asa and Salty Dog think of next? Well I just been in a baking mood to beat the band.(Bobby Fleet and His Band With the Beat that is.)
I take spells when I just want to never set foot in the kitchen again and then once in a great while I will cook for days.

I do appreciate Mavis and all her hard work on the Cutlass. Wish I had the know how and motivation to take on a project that large. Right now, I am just trying to cook up a party for a couple of economically challanged famalies at our school. We want to have a BIG Christmas party and let them be the guests of honor. I think it would be a great thing for our youth to tackle and would show them how lucky they are in the process. Particularly Little Opie, who thinks that if he sees it on T.V. and he likes it his pa and I should run out and buy it immediately.

Fun Girl

November 13, 2001 - Msg 3242: Salty, I think they wear Earrings in New York. Go for it! We'd best pray for NY too. God Bless all those involved.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Breakfast Ya'll: MEAT, hash brown TATERS, BREAD, eggs and Krispy Kremes! (who loves ya?)

November 13, 2001 - Msg 3243: Asa that answer up there would be POTATOES, what is my prize a free contraption?? I am just about done with the Cutalss, but still got more to go, everytime I get going real good, the phone rings, or someone comes over, or the better half wants dinner! Wonder what causes that!
Off to work, got lots of doggies today.Miss Ellie check yer ATT mail. The rest of ya's Have a good un!
(Font check=???)

November 13, 2001 - Msg 3244: yep, it's off! teehee

November 13, 2001 - Msg 3245: how do you do mrs.wiley??????? This aint ernest ..this is old Dud Walsh a speaking....I just love this porch and every thing it stands for! ya'll keep up the good work.

November 13, 2001 - Msg 3246: I guess old Dud is knew to the front porch..but I shore do hope that ya'll include me in on future comments and remarks.thanks for a havin' me in here!

November 13, 2001 - Msg 3247: a cooreection on the last spellin......that is neew ..not knew..just wantid to let yall no

November 13, 2001 - Msg 3248: Welcome Dude Dud. Glad to have you here.
You is right about the trvia Mavis. You ain't just another puty face, you got smarts to.
I'm on my way over fer some of them vittles Mrs. Wiley. I extry hungry today so I hope you made up a heap of em.
Well I gotta run so I hope ya'll have a great day, Now go out and be somebody.


November 13, 2001 - Msg 3249: Hey Porchsters:
What a day, what a day! It's pertier than the spots on a hound dog! Breakfast sounds so good Mrs. Wiley. Got the youn' uns off to school, so now it's time to get busy. Asa, you are somebody! Welcome to the porch Dud. Pull up a chair, we'll all scoot over a bit and let ya kick your shoes off. Still warm enough for that! Just chime right in there...~New Neighbor

November 13, 2001 - Msg 3250: YUM breakfast sounds wonderful Mrs. Wiley! We'll be right over. Awfully windy here this mornin'. Beautiful though. Welcome Dud. I'll make you an apple pie just for you. You'll like it here. These folks will sure make you LOL! Ya'll have a good day. ---Helen

November 13, 2001 - Msg 3251: Good morning porch! That breakfast was good! It sure beat my instant breakfast by a mile. Well howdy Dud!! Welcome to the porch maybe you can show us some of them moves you used on Earnest T. Asa, I'll work really hard today although it is awfully pretty out here! Have a good un!--Salty Dog

November 13, 2001 - Msg 3252: So this is where the Front Porch is now, I was a wonderin' where it went and Asa I dobelieve the most important crop was potatos. Uncle Ollie "Fire bug".

November 13, 2001 - Msg 3253: Has anybody seen my betrothed charlene?I hope ernest aint took off with her again.I learnt some moves in the army but i cant show ya cause my face might freeze that a to ya'll later the fish muddle is about done.

November 13, 2001 - Msg 3254: that last message was from DUD

November 13, 2001 - Msg 3255: hey to Dud and the Porch. Dud, are you the tousle-haired Dud that wanted to fight Andy, or the droopy eyed, slack-jawed Dud what buys cheap trinkets and other attractive items in Spokan Washington?


November 13, 2001 - Msg 3256: My look at all the new faces today! Welcome Dud hope ya enjoy this bunch a nuts as much as I do. Uncle Ollie where you been hidin? Glad you found us again!
Off here for a bit,

November 13, 2001 - Msg 3257: Good evening porch! It is getting cooler out here but I had to stop by anyway. I hope ya'll had a good day. I'm heading for the ironong board tween to chairs. 5:00 is gonna come early in the morning! Have a good un. If anyone is cooking tomorrow let me know and keep it hot! Nite--Salty Dog

November 13, 2001 - Msg 3258: By the way that is supposed to be ironing board!! Mavis, Can you do a page on the cutlass to help our spelling maybe call it the spelling bee?? I think some of us can use it!! -SD

November 13, 2001 - Msg 3259: Not me, I spail reel goud.


November 13, 2001 - Msg 3260: Asa, you can be the spailin' teecher. That is if'n your not to beesy. If'n you are I bet Dud can hep ya. New Neighbor your leaves are still a' blowin'. We still have leaves if anybody wants any. Ya'll have a good 'un.--Helen Proverbs 3:6

November 14, 2001 - Msg 3261: HOOKT ON FONIKS WURKT FUR ME


November 14, 2001 - Msg 3262: Boy oh Boy, ain't we all full of ourselves today! Ya'll are funny!! I could try for a spellin page, but sounds like some of us (Asa) wouldn't turn our homework in anyway!) Off to the doggie beauty shop again for me. Ya'll have a good 'un.
I wanta say my sen-tance!!

November 14, 2001 - Msg 3263: Morning, porch. Listen, you guys, an IQ can be a mixed blessing; some people want it and can't get it. I got it and had to get rid of it.
- Hazel

November 14, 2001 - Msg 3264: What a mornin' Ev'rybody on their toes this mornin'..must be the frost on the pumpkin. Who's turn for breakfast? I thought about waffles and sausage, but that thought quickly turned to the golden arches! Have a good day everyone. ~New Neighbor

November 14, 2001 - Msg 3265: Mornin Porch. We can be wiley when called upon, can't we? And she ain't even commented on speeling yet. I'm going over to Hazel's and try and find where she hid that IQ of hers.
You was right as rain on yer response Uncle Ollie.
Sure do hope everyone has a good day.


November 14, 2001 - Msg 3266: Hey to the Porch, boy here in North Alabama it sure is a Mayberry kind of day and Asa did you ever get down to the hardware store and get them screws for your gun. Uncle Ollie "Awwww big aint the word for it."

November 14, 2001 - Msg 3267: hey Porch! ~ Mrs. Wiley
"Opie... Bible knowledge is a fine thing, but one ought not to flaunt it."

November 14, 2001 - Msg 3268: Well Ollie, I realize the hardware store is just down the street, but I've got the misery in my back, and I've been working on my roll of tin foil at home, and now Salty Dog and me is working day and night on this invention of ours, well I just ain'y had time.
Hey Mrs. Wiley.


November 14, 2001 - Msg 3269: G'morning, all! Mavis, I wish I could bring you my little Sugarplum. She's gonna have to get a bath today. Yesterday I walked into the den just in time to see her little fluffy white rear end, with its waving white plume, sticking out from between the end of the fireplace curtain and the fireplace wall! She was trying to investigate the birds she heard in the chimney. When I hollered at her, she disappeared into the fireplace entirely, walked around in three inches of ashes, then hopped back out and tracked across my carpet! Didn't even have the grace to look ashamed when I scolded her, the little brat. Now her legs are all gray and grimy, and I'm too tired to bathe her, but I must.
I wonder, do you think I could modify the AD2K to block my fireplace entrance so she can't get in there anymore? Or maybe I could use it to stretch her out enough so she won't fit anymore? Long as it didn't hurt her, of course.
Welcome, DUD! Always room for one more here on this porch, and if it gets too crowded, we'll just hook up one of those AD2Ks and stretch it out some! Handy gadget, that thing!
Everybody have a great Mayberry day. We're prayin' for some rain here in our corner of town. -- Romeena

November 14, 2001 - Msg 3270: Good afternoon porch. Is everyone having a good day? Romeena your little Sugarplum sounds like my little one except he went running through the cow pasture one day and you could imagine what he came home smelling like!! Asa I hate to do this to ya but I'm leaving tomorrow for a few days on vacation. I hope I aint putting you on the spot none. But I'll be back on Sunday evening. So, I hope you can handle everything at AD2K enterprises inc. while I'm gone. Keep the porch hopping for me while I'm gone!! Later--Salty Dog

November 14, 2001 - Msg 3271: Romeena I would be glad to groom the little darlin, hope yer carpet ain't light colored. Salty Dog You got yer sack of sammiches? Your penny that's been runover by a train to protect you in yer travels? You need that stuff whilst yer on the road ya know!

November 14, 2001 - Msg 3272: Salty, pack an extra suit and your good shoes - just in case. Asa, I'll fill in for Salty whilst she's gone! Let's see now... the thread goes thru the hole in the need... hey wait a minute, where's my glasses? Just know that I can't do nothing about mildew.

~ Mrs. Wiley

November 14, 2001 - Msg 3273: Hey Salty Dog, you been working real hard and deserve some time off so go and have fun. I'll try to hold down the fort while your gone. Do I ever have a story to tell you about Mannheim Steamroller, you won't beleive it.
Hey Romeena, Hey Mavis.

Trivia: Who did Barney refer to as a chicken coop casanova?

November 14, 2001 - Msg 3274: Mrs. Wiley, we posted at the same time. Thanks for the help. I can use it.


November 14, 2001 - Msg 3275: Asa, would that be Big Jeff Pruit? ~ Mrs. Wiley