December 05, 2001 - Msg 3625: Hey, folks... Just a note to let you know that the lovely man, T.J. (my sister-in-law Kathy's dad), for whom you guys were praying a few months ago, went home to the Lord on Saturday night. He felt the many prayers and good thoughts and enjoyed several more months. We shall meet, but we shall miss him. Love y'all.

December 05, 2001 - Msg 3626: Whoa... el sweepo! One minute the page was full, then I posted and whammo!

December 05, 2001 - Msg 3627: Asa- SnowBlower,not sweeper!

December 06, 2001 - Msg 3628: God Bless him Des and your family. ~ Mrs. Wiley

Asa, I can always use a handyman (although a hitman would be more appropo), but I was raised to believe that there is some good in everybody. C'mon down, it's in the 80's!

December 06, 2001 - Msg 3629: Indeed Des, my prayers go for you and your family.
That warm weather is very inviting Mrs. Wiley. You poor dear, as Mavis would say, how you must be suffering. I'm on my way.
Where is everyone been hiding lately? No Hazel, No Helen, No Tom, very little Homemaker, Mavis, New Neighbor, Salty Dog, Angefan, Ollie, Fun Girl, Romeena, Old Asa is feeling kinda lonely out here on the porch these days. Rule # 1. Obey all rules. Rule #2. Check in daily here at the porch so Asa don't spend all day worrying about you. And Floyd, I know your busy, but we would love to have you drop by every now and again. My hair grows to fast to see you so seldom.
Love you guys.. Later


December 06, 2001 - Msg 3630: ~Dež~, I'm sorry to hear about loss. God be with you, your sister-in-law and the family and their friends.

December 06, 2001 - Msg 3631: I'm right c'here, Asa. I try to read along even when I'm not jumping in.

I've been working on my online Christmas card for 2001. Just as a warning, when you go there...there is music. Don't want anybody jumping out of their skin when the music starts. Also, it was done in "Flash" animation so some folks (webtv) may not be able to see it.

That said Merry Christmas From the Newsome Family!!
--Allan "Floyd" Newsome

December 06, 2001 - Msg 3632: That's wonderful, Floyd! Very nice, very nice indeed. Almost made myself late for work looking at it! You really got talent. Merry Christmas to you and your family too.
- Hazel

December 06, 2001 - Msg 3633: That is really nice Floyd, and you managed to get my favorite Floyd line in there. ( I've got the magazines to swing it.) thanks for the card. I wish I was that talented. And thanks for checking in. You to Hazel.


December 06, 2001 - Msg 3634: Glad y'all like it. I'm not sure how many folks will pick up on the "Two chairs, no waiting...and I've got the magazines to swing it" type quote I used. Most Mayberry fans will get it but my friends that aren't fans won't have a clue.

Oh, I'd like to hear how it works with a "dial-up" internet connection? I have cable and I'm wanting to be sure it's okay for regular connections.

December 06, 2001 - Msg 3635: Good morning porch, Asa, what time do you get up in the morning? You sure do worry bout us. But it's nice to be worried about sometimes. Des, I am sorry for your loss too. You're in my prayers. Floyd, the card was great, that is one of my favorite "Floyd" episodes. Your card is great too and it does work really well with dial up connection too. Or at least it did with mine! Have a great day! I am off to work for awhile. Asa, you'll have to handle things at the office without me for today sorry. --Salty Dog

ANDY: Look out now a two chair shop!!

December 06, 2001 - Msg 3636: Floyd, that card is awesome! I know we're not supposed to covet, but I wish I had your talent and you had a better one! It's about all I can do to compose a coherent email.
Dež, I'm sorry to hear about your sis-in-law's dad. You've always said such nice things about him, the loss is bound to be difficult. Prayers for you and your family.
Just in case anyone's wondering, we've got some pretty decent weather here in our corner of Mayberry, don't we, Rafe? Warm and humid - I've got the a/c back on. Used the furnace for a few days, now back to a/c. That's Texas weather for you. I think Calvin Coolidge said that.
Peace, friends.--Romeena

December 06, 2001 - Msg 3637: WOW Floyd that card was something else, you sure do have a high roof to your mouth. Uncle Ollie "Calvin Coolidge didn't say everything Floyd."

December 06, 2001 - Msg 3638: Ollie!!! Man it's good to see you!!

December 06, 2001 - Msg 3639: There's nothing as good as this site. Thanks. Miss Poultice

December 06, 2001 - Msg 3640: Oh, Floyd! SAAaayy... That was something! Your education was worth every penny! ~ Mrs. Wiley

December 06, 2001 - Msg 3641: Prayers for my pa. Went into the hospital with a bleeding ulcer on Tuesday. He is home and resting comfortable tonight. I just want to say a big thanks to all those capable medical personal that took care of him. Sure appreciate them at a time like this.

Got my blood work back and they reckon my thyroid is low and so now I have one more pill to take in the morning. But it seems to have done me a world of good so far. Lots more energy and I think I may have even dropped a few pounds, which is hard for me to do this time of year. (You know I love those Christmas Cookies.)

" My Pills! My pills, I need my pills. Gotta have my pills."

Fun Girl

December 06, 2001 - Msg 3642: Hi, Fun Girl. I'm glad you checked in. Sorry about your pa. Hope he gets better soon. And I hope you keep on feeling good too. Don't forget to take yer pills.
- Hazel

December 06, 2001 - Msg 3643: Floyd, "that was a picture no artist could paint", cute and thank you and Happy Holiday to you and yours and a Happy Birthday to you Floyd, on Monday.
Des, I am sorry for the loss in your family. God bless you all.
Mavis, may God touch your Mom.
Fun Girl, my Daddy had bleeding ulcers and they've come a long way in the treatment of them in the past 30 years. One of my butchers was in the hospital a few days with one, went back to work a few days later and he is in his 70's.
Also, good luck with your thyroid.
Hello to everyone.
Thanks to all those who were there on Dec. 7th, Pearl Harbor and blessings to those who lost people there.
People say Sept llth is comparable to that.
Miss Ellie

December 06, 2001 - Msg 3644: Wow, miss a day & look at all the reading I get to do. Mom got the report back from the Doc & he says that it should go away in about 6-8 weeks, hopefully she won't have any permanent effects from it. Thank all of you guys for the prayers & really appreciate it! Ya'll are the best! Floyd that there card of yours was a dandy & I didn't have any trouble with it on AOL either. Ya done good. Everyone else, glad to see ya & Des my thoughts are with your family as well. Romeena has SugarPlum decided to stay out of the fireplace? Maybe she is looking for Santy Claus, he does leave presents for dogs too, at least mine get presents!
Night Porch, tomorrow is another work day.

December 06, 2001 - Msg 3645: Thanks for the birthday wish Miss Ellie. I'm glad you and the other folks are enjoying the card.

Fun Girl, I'm sorry to hear about your Pa's ulcer and good luck the the thyroid problem.

December 07, 2001 - Msg 3646: Morning porch. Well, that's all I wanted to say.
- Hazel

Funny, I don't remember being absent minded...

December 07, 2001 - Msg 3647: Morning Hazel, kinda quiet today aren't you? I hope you and everyone on the porch has a wondeful Friday.
And I hope we all take a moment today to remember the events at Pearl Harbor. This year maybe for the first time ever, us younger Americans can better relate to that tragic event.
Prayers to you Fun Girl, and your Father.
And nice to hear from you Miss Ellie. Pop in more often you two.


December 07, 2001 - Msg 3648: Good morning porchters, How is everyone doing? Sorry about your dad Fun Girl hope he will get better. Mavis, Glad to hear thing aren't so bad with your Mom. I have a day off for a change :) The first day since last Wednesday! And I plan to enjoy it too! Got to go Christmas shopping tonight though and I dread them stores, cant stand pushy people. Yall have a good day. It's beautiful here on my porch. Lots of sun. Later--Salty Dog

P.S.- Mavis, Santy leaves stuff in stockings and presents for my dogs too. Course he don't eat the milkbones they leave out for him though.

December 07, 2001 - Msg 3649: OK I admit it, I have been watching the color episodes on TVLand, still aint as good as the B/W but it is still better than anything else on TV and Floyd I just rediscovered the Front Porch a couple of weeks ago but I got it book marked again now. :-). Uncle Ollie "And quit hollerin' at yourself in that lookin' glass."

December 07, 2001 - Msg 3650: hello everyone, this is howard, mother and i would like to say hello again, and ask you nice folks if we are welcome to visit with you on the porch.we also think we know the correct location of myers lake but, we dont have verifiable scientific proof that this franklin canyon lake is in fact the lake in question. can anyone inform us if it is, howard

December 07, 2001 - Msg 3651: Welcome Howard and Mother- Pull up a chair and make yurself at home. Hold on to the armrest when Asa and Salty Dog get to going! they keep things in an uproar...~New Neighbor

December 07, 2001 - Msg 3652: Franklin Canyon IS Myers Lake. Check out these pictures Number 1 (this is at the level where the camera was when Andy and Opie were walking) and Number 2 (from the location that a still photo was taken of the crew filming the opening scene of the show).

Uncle Ollie, I hope you like the way the Front Porch is looking. I made it as close to the original Porch's format as I could and I have the "archives" from your Trivialities site on the Archives section of the Porch so your work is still in an honored position (at least that is my intent, to honor your hard work). Good to have you home!!

December 07, 2001 - Msg 3653: Howdy, friends! Floyd, you're so ept! Makes me envious. Mavis, I'm glad the prognosis is so good for your mom. Bell's palsy is tough, but do-able, and usually resolves. As for Sugarplum, she'd be in that fireplace frequently, but she has been foiled. The remodeler who was working on my bathrooms very kindly installed some mortar screws on each side, and the fireplace curtain/screen is now wired to those screws, and the center opening is fastened with a twist-tie, so she can't get in. It really ticks her off, but I don't care. No more gray legs for her, ha ha.
Fun Girl, I'm sorry your pa is ailing, but Miss Ellie is right. Giant strides have been made recently in the treatment of ulcers. No more bland, milky diets that didn't work anyway. Antibiotics and antacids are the treatment, and they work. I'll bet your dad gets fixed right up, no problem.
Howard, it's good to have you here. Do us a favor, though. Give your mother some Tylenol before you leave home, so she won't be calling you complaining about her headache. I know she gets them real bad. Back yonder when she was Darrin Stevens mother on "Bewitched", she got them then,too. "Frank, I have a sick headache!" Remember?
Well, back to that miserable Christmas tree. Eighteen strings of lights on it, and five of them gave me trouble last year, so am pulling them off and replacing them. What a job! Anybody want to come help? I'll make you some cookies and sweet tea - hmmmmm?? Aw, c'mon! Please??--Romeena

December 07, 2001 - Msg 3654: Alright Romeena, I'll be glad to come give you a hand. It's my specialty you know. First off lets invest in a large garbage container for them unworkable lights. You try fixin em and you'll get a headache as bad as Howards mama. With that being said, welcome to Howard and his mama. This is a fun place to hang out.
And Oliie, I sure hope you found that blame spanner wrench after all the grief you've taken over it over the years.
Good to see ya Floyd. Hope you had a better day today.


December 07, 2001 - Msg 3655: was a great day!! Thanks!!

December 07, 2001 - Msg 3656: Can somebody help me about a quote Andy made regarding charity? I believe it was the episode where Opie only gave a penny at school while saving up for a coat..... it goes something like this "Million for charity, but not one red cent. for......? Can anyone finish that for me and give me Andy's reference about it?

December 07, 2001 - Msg 3657: Evening Porch! Thanks for all the thoughts for my Mama! Ya'll are the best! Uncle Ollie are you really the Ollie from West Va.? Howard you & yer Mama are welcome here anytime, but you do have to watch out for Asa & Salty dog one hint, don't sit between them! LOL hazel joins in once in a while too, so you have been forewarned.
Off to print some recipes out for holiday baking, Romeena better keep an eye on Sugarplum, she might be plotting something at night when you ain't lookin since you took her dirt pile away from her.

December 07, 2001 - Msg 3658: Millions for charity but not one cent for tribute. (Calvin Cooledge said that) ~ Mrs. Wiley

December 07, 2001 - Msg 3659: Thank you Mrs Wiley

December 07, 2001 - Msg 3660: Good evening porch, I hope everyone is doing fine tonight. I got my shopping almost finished! I may have to give the AD2K's as Christmas gifts that is if Asa lets me have a discount on them!! Welcome to Howard and Mom. Now don't believe everything that Mavis and NN have been telling you. Me and Asa aren't that bad at all. We just have a good time out here! Enjoy your stay on the porch. We're nuts but we're friendly nuts!! Have a good night I gotta work in the morning but I got a Christmas party in the big city tomorrow night. Place is almost as nice as Marrellis cept it don't have any moody gypsies hopefully! Good night porch see you in the morning with my cup of coffee.--Salty Dog

December 07, 2001 - Msg 3661: Hey Salty don't forget to leave a tip, I think the going rate is a quarter!

December 07, 2001 - Msg 3662: Asa, you're a sweetie! I can use the help. You're sure right about those lights. Anything that doesn't work gets tossed. I'm tired of trying to fix 'em, especially when you can get them on sale for about $2. So come on over, Asa. I've got some cookies in the oven, and got cold soda pop, hot coffee, or tea - take your choice. Anybody else want to join us? --Romeena

December 08, 2001 - Msg 3663: Morning Porch! FG, prayers for your Pa. I know what a stomach ulcer feels like - I can't even imagine how a bleeding one feels! How did the tree trimming go Romeena & Asa? Sometimes it's the plug on those lights that's the problem. Now me, I know all about electricity. You hafta tighten those wires reeal tight and... (wires snap). Well, uh. Just tryin to help th' boy.

Headin out to shop for my young'uns this am. Wish me luck - gotta find a Breyers Horse model that they don't already have! 2 girls, 1000 Barbies, no waiting.

~ Mrs. Wiley

December 08, 2001 - Msg 3664: Hey to the porch.
Floyd and Mavis, that feller up there in Msg. 3637 is our old friend UNCLE Ollie. He used to post on the old porch and works out there at the Bottle Rocket Factory close to you, Floyd. The Ollie that is from WV and was living in CA when he stared posting and who did the Trivialities thing is a whole different Ollie all together.
Milton P. Oliver
"Hang it on the wall"

December 08, 2001 - Msg 3665: Mrs. Wiley, Calvin Coolidge didn't say that about charity. I think it was Mark Twain. Good luck on that shopping. Boy, that sure brings back memories of when my daughter was into Barbies. Now they're all in a box in the attic. sigh. How'd the lights look Romeena? I'd sure like to help, but I... er... you know my back... it can go out at any minute.
- Hazel

December 08, 2001 - Msg 3666: Afternoon Porchsters-Hello to all the porch family. It's A real rainy day here in our part of Mayberry. Cold too. Just can't get inthe decorating mood with the rain and not snow. Asa- can we exchange lights in a string? I have a bunch that won't light, and you could probably get them to work... Ain't ya a professional? Salty Dog, ya haven't posted too much lately. Busy with the holiday get'up? Mrs. Wiley, Have a good day,too.~New Neighbor Supper is ready at 5:30, baked chicken, and all the fixins'!

December 08, 2001 - Msg 3667: Hey MPO I was thinking that was Uncle Ollie from the old Porch, that's why I asked, I was just wanting to make sure. You ought to know better than to try to straighten this bunch out, that is an all day job! teehee Off to go shopping, I know I will regret that later, but...

December 08, 2001 - Msg 3668: So what your saying is that Uncle Ollie is not new but old? I'm so confused. Someone please hep me.
Hi Romeena, We'll get them lights a workin one way tor other or my name aint Asa. I taught Barney how to fix his you know. And don't give me no balderdash about yer back goin out Hazel. You get over here and give us a hand or I'll hide yer prunes. Then you'll have something to gripe about. (hee hee hee)
And Mrs. Wiley huh? I sure hope you get over the grip. (ha ha ha)
I'll be over for dinner N.N. Is that 5:30 your time or my time? I've got Salty Dog working double shifts, we got Christmas orders out the gazoo. Hope I don't kill her.


December 08, 2001 - Msg 3669: kinda hate to go that far....

December 08, 2001 - Msg 3670: WHEW!!, I am tired. I think I must have put together 100 AD2K'S today. Asa was over at Romeenas all day drinking cider and counting cars. They weren't putting up no lights I seen em on her front porch. Even little Sugarplum was eating a cookie. And now Asa is going to NN's for supper. Man, give a guy a buisness and a big name and what do you get? Heartache!! I'm sorry NN I have been neglecting the porch for a while. I worked 45 hours last week and 42 this week. Everyone else is sick. But I get next weekend
off. Mavis I'll be sure and give that guy a quarter tonight. Thanks for the tip. I hope yall have a good evening. I gotta go get gussied up for tonight. Maybe I'll even wear earrings too if they're not too much. Asa, you and Romeena get off that porch and get them lights up it looks like it might rain. And don't be drinking too much cider or theres no telling what her lights will look like! Later-- Salty Dog

We owe it all to our master electrician ol' Barney Parney Poo!

December 08, 2001 - Msg 3671: hello floyd, and thanku so kindly for showing us the pictures, and new neighbor, thankyou, as well. ive given mother a shot of thorazine, with a chaser of prozac, in her milkshake, she should rest well this evening, while i go to santa monica to chant the name of god and play my bongos. its a lovely day in hollywood, but i know where my rainbow is. best to you all, howard

December 08, 2001 - Msg 3672: Asa, aint you feelin guilty? You sitting around drinking hard cider and countin cars and poor Salty working her fingers to the bone? You beat everything, you know that? Have a good time tonight Salty Dog, and I don't think earrings are too much. If the others don't wear them just duck behind the bushes and take them off.
- Hazel

December 08, 2001 - Msg 3673: Thanks MPO for helping me figure out the Uncle Ollie situation. :-)


December 08, 2001 - Msg 3674: Good Evening Porch - I think all the Christmas lights that Asa put up look just beautiful don't you? And the coyotes singing "Silent Night" in the background - well don't that beat all. . .sorry i haven't been on in a while - I am not depressed just busy, busy, busy. My car died this week (or so we thought) and we have been out car shopping but I am a little stingy with my money and we found out tonite that the Red Bomb might actually be resurrected for a few more months. I have annointed her with oil and laid a few hands on her - so I am hoping that will help.
Fun Girl - hope things are perking up for you - I hope you can feel our prayers. Mavis - remember to listen for Yee Haw this December 24th.
I need to get my little ones in bed. . .good nite and God bless!


December 08, 2001 - Msg 3675: Good evening porch, I had a wonderful time tonight! I did wear my earrings and they weren't too much after all I figure if our waiter can wear them so can I. Well I am off to bed. After working 8 hours a my regular job PLUS working at the AD2K factory and the party tonight, I am pooped! My head may not hit the pillow before midnight. It's just been go, go, go. Have a good night and an even better Sabbath. Whered Mavis get off to? I hope she didn't get into Romeena and Asas cider! Lord help those poor dogs she has to groom. I noticed Asa hasn't posted yet either since his "decorating" today. Nite Porch--Salty Dog

December 08, 2001 - Msg 3676: Hey Salty I'm still here, been working on my Cookies in a Jar gifts today & trying to get some stuff done around here. It's rained all day & I don't feel real good so that ain't helped none either. Maybe I do need some of that cider! Asa now listen close here so I don't have to chew my cabbage twice...Uncle Ollie is new here, but he posted once in a while on the old porch so that makes him new & old at the same time. Understand? Put that cider down & listen will ya??

December 08, 2001 - Msg 3677: Romeena will you take that cider from Asa? He'll be ridin a cow home if ya don't!

December 08, 2001 - Msg 3678: It's to late. YEEEEEHAWWWWW.Ride em cowboyyy. hiccup scuse me. That Romeenaaa ish a a a vewy hiccup a vewy handsomme wa... hiccup wady.

Asa... hiccup

December 08, 2001 - Msg 3679: I told ya! Didn't I tell ya!

December 09, 2001 - Msg 3680: Morning porch. Asa, before you go to preachin today we're going to have to give you a sobriety test. Could somebody bring a jumprope? I can't find mine.
- Hazel

December 09, 2001 - Msg 3681: I have one but it's bein' used to tie up the Christmas lights on the roof. Just don't ask,Ya hear? Just don't ask! Off to preachin' and then to caroling...that's the plan yep, that's the plan. ~New Neighbor Asa-- be careful that's boarderin' on naughty! (And ya know what that means?)

December 09, 2001 - Msg 3682: Man oh man do I ever got a headache. Can somone make me one of those concoctions with the o.j. and tobasco sauce and the egg and whatever else was in there. I don't know how Otis does it. But I'm reformed I tell ya. Never again will I partake of cider thats turned hard. I just hope Romeena is ok. She was swinging from the chandaleer whem I left. I didn't get her lights up either. Mercy, I'm a naughty naughty Asa.
No jump rope for me Hazel. I have this bum knee you know.
I must say though, no matter my condition, have I ever used a jump rope to install christmas lights. I wonder if Romeena and I are the only ones to have a sip of cider while decorating, Hmmm?
Well you all have a good Sabbath, I got some repenting to go do.


December 09, 2001 - Msg 3683: Boy, what a red letter day on the porch. The whole Romeena-aid-light committee got crocked.
- Hazel

"Wished I could, but it's a matter of ethics. Us town drunks got a code we live by."

December 09, 2001 - Msg 3684: Good morning ya'll - it sounds like Asa and Salty Dog need to get to church more regularly if they are going to take up the drink - for shame, for shame, for shame!

Mavis - are you gonna send my some jar cookies!? I got a new book the other day with wonderful recipes for holiday gifts. One is a hot cocoa mix that sounds awesome and the other is for cappucino mix. I think I am putting homemade fudge in my gift baskets too. I will be busy crafting like crazy starting next week. I started the cookie job today - and the kids are already fired up about leaving Santa cookies and milk.
Oh well - ya'll have a wonderful Sunday! I love ya'll like my own kin!


December 09, 2001 - Msg 3685: Good afternoon porch, just got back in from preachin' and thought I would stop by and see if Asa and Romeena had made it out here yet. But what I really wonder is how is poor little Sugarplum in all this? Oh well, yall have a good un and I'll be back later. Asa, this is just not like you. We're gonna have to get you straightened up!--Salty Dog

December 09, 2001 - Msg 3686: Asa didn't you notice that horse gave milk? Haha You guys are hilarious. Mavis I love the cookie jar idea. I usually make cookies for Christmas, but Mr. Tilley tends to eat them faster than I can bake 'em. I started making peanut butter balls a few years back (they are reese cups in ball form) and people went nuts. Now if I don't make them, I get fussed at all year. My mother in law like for me to make her bourbon balls at Christmas too. hehe They are mostly chocolate with a zing of the hard stuff. Romeena let us know what those lights look like tonight. You may have a psychedelic Christmas. Homemaker I have Heloise's recipe for hot cocoa mix. I wonder if your's is the same. Her recipe is pretty good, but I like to add some half and half when I fix it. Salty Dog slow down gal. Your gonna plum wear yourself out. What's your hurry? Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sabbath.
Otis: I got a hobby. Drinkin'!

December 09, 2001 - Msg 3687: Afternoon Porch, I'm feeling much better this afternoon. In fact I think I will head over to Romeena's and see if I can't get them lights hung for her. I promise, no sipping cider. Well I might just have a small taste to be friendly, but thats all.
Tilley, would you be interested in buying a cow? Low miles, and seldom been milked.
Salty Dog, we got a busy week ahead of us. That Christmas rush is staring us right in the face. You up to it? Hazel and Homemaker are willing to help. I'll get some soft cider so we can refresh ourselves when needed.
Hope all had a great Sabbath. Talk at ya later.


December 09, 2001 - Msg 3688: Evenin' Porchsters: Hope ya had a wonderful Sabbath. Asa- Did ya get Romeena's lights working? What was that glow I saw? Somehow it reminds me of the "Christmas Vacation" movie! Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow...especially our birthday buddy twins (they know who they are!) Happy Birthday to you , Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Mayberry Friends, Happy birthday to you!! Come by tomorrow for your piece of birthday cake. Make sure to blow out the candles, Asa may think they are Christmas lights! ~ New Neighbor

December 09, 2001 - Msg 3689: Tilley don't let Asa get hold of none of them bourbon balls you fix, we'll never get him to help Salty Dog with them Christmas orders! homemaker be sure to check your email & the rest of ya, have a good 'un. We did get our lights up & there was no cider sippin' going on (Asa...) see ya can do it without the cider!

December 09, 2001 - Msg 3690: Almost forgot, Tilley email me & we'll talk about them recipes, I LOVE recipes! *Mavis

December 09, 2001 - Msg 3691: Oh boy, TvLand is showing the black & white eps tonight, good ones too!
wonder what causes that?

December 09, 2001 - Msg 3692: Hello porch friends, it's a little bit cool out here tonight. Too cool for counting cars I'll tell ya that! But I guess it was warm on Romeenas front porch yesterday. Asa, I'm all ready for the upcoming week. This cold weather has got me in the Christmas spirit (no,not SPIRITS) So lets get to it. Thank you NN for the birthday cake it sounds good. I got some Smokey Mtn. Fudge flavored ice cream tonight. I'll bring it tomorrow if theres any left:) Talk to yall later! I'm off to bed. Sounds like Asas gonna put me to work this week. He expects us to fill 250 orders a day! Nite--Salty Dog

December 09, 2001 - Msg 3693: This is a wonderful website. I cannot believe that there is something so wholsome on the internet. Here is a little true yet nostalgic story.

When I was a young boy, growing up in the San Fernando Valley, there was this older man that lived on our street. His house was two doors up from ours.

During the summer, he would sit in his garage with the door up and sit passing the hours drinking beer. As I would watch TV and enjoy the Andy Griffith Show, my mother would point out that the gentleman that lives two doors up the street street was xxxxx xxxxx.

Can you guess who that gentleman was? I'll check back and tell you who answered right.

Thank you and "Best of luck to you and yours!"

Terry Earl Richards

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3694: Morning, porch. Well, Terry Earl Richards, I haven't the first notion who it might have been. Can't you give us a little hint?
- Hazel

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3695: What the heck, I'll take a guess. Burt Mustin. The actor who played Judd.
- Hazel

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3696: Oh, fergot to say: Happy Birthday to Floyd and Salty Dog!
- Hazel

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3697: Good morning porch, thanks Hazel. Looks like it's gonna be a rainy day on my porch. So, looks like it's TAGS videos and a big fluffy blanket today! OK Terry Earl I'll guess it's Charles P Thompson the guy that played Asa(Breeney and Bascomb) No offense of course to OUR Asa. He just has little trouble with the cider sometimes. Have a good un!--Salty Dog


December 10, 2001 - Msg 3698: Thank you Hazel and Salty Dog for the birthday wishes. I'm just looking forward to my cake when I get home! I saw that Jan had the fixin's sitting on the cabnet last night! OH BOY!!

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3699: HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLOYD, AND SALTY DOG. Talk about a red letter day here on the porch, two birthdays for two great people. Where's the cider, we need to celebrate. Hope you have great birthdays and many more and may God bless you and yours. Salty Dog, you get the day off, with pay.


December 10, 2001 - Msg 3700: A lot of people drink cider at dinner,
what of it??


December 10, 2001 - Msg 3701: Ya know, if I didn't know Asa better, I'd say he got a little "tiddily".

Happy birthday(s) SaltyDog and Floyd! C> C> a Baskin Robins Ice Cream for you both!

~ Mrs. Wiley
Asa, I'll fill in for Salty today! Now, where's my thimble?

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3702: Well thank you Mrs. Wiley. I have a thimble waiting for you. Would you like some cider?


December 10, 2001 - Msg 3703: MERLE DEAN says "Hey"
Don't know if any old posters are still here from years ago but if'en ya'll 'member me !

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3704: "Don't do that MERLE!" (Andy)


P.S. missed all of ya !!

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3705: MERLE DEAN! BLess your ever lovin' heart! Where have you been keepin yourself? Just wonderful to see you, just wonderful. Just how are you? How are your boys? Welcome HOME!

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3706: Thanks Asa, I'll have a thimble full (or two). ~ Mrs. Wiley

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3707: It's YER SHOCKS Merle Dean, it's yer shocks!

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3708:
"His DADDY? "

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3709: Great to be home...I've missed ya one and all...I don't think I've posted in about 3 years ?
The boys are wonderful.
You may or may not remember but me and the Miss split back about 3 years ago....we'll we decided the grass wasn't greener on the other side and we are back together now just in time fer the Holidays...Boys couldn't be happier...neither could I.
I'll be stoppin' in regular all the old timers please say "Hey"
Des, Asa, Nate, Ollie, and all the rest to numerous to mention but always in my hear...."All the best to you and yours!"

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3710: Who posted 3708 ??? Thanks for remembering me and THANK YOU for the favorite quote !
some other that I haven't posted in years that make me smile..
"Crazy, guess I just wasn't thinkin'"(Gomer)
"Spider Bite!"(Gomer)
"Speed, Speed, Speed...that's all he knows"(Goober)
"Ahhhhhh, nutsy here starts screaming , Citizens arrest, Citizens Arrest!"(Barney)
"Man spends good money getting his suit spotted and pressed, two hours polishing his hat and fer what....HEARTACHES"(Barney)

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3711: Best congrats Mearl Dean on the patch-up! Ain't love GREAT at the holidays?

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3712: MERLE DEAN!! Welcome home friend! You have been missed! It's me *Mavis this place is the best! Terry Earl you gonna have to give us a hint or something! I'm off to work on the rest of my Christmas cards & some more gifts!
btw-Merle I put up a website for all of us it's Cutlass I need to work on it some more, but check it out.

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3713: *Mavis...thanks you so much for the good folks don't know how nice it feels to come back and find you good people here.
I was almost misty eyed when I stumbled on the site this morning and started reading the posts.
It felt like I was driving down a big old highway and all of a sudden stumbled on a road I fondly traveled long ago....I made a turn and started driving and found that nothing had changed.The smiles were there, the friendly wave from the mail man, the old Stop sign that always hung crooked no matter how many times the highway department came out to fix it...the smell of pine at X-mas and that first cold blast of air and a warm fire at x-mas.
"I'm home"
"Lets let her keep the other quarter"(Barney)
"You're all heart , you know that Barney?"(Andy)

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3714: I don't think I told Salty Dog happy birthday today. Sorry about that...but you ARE hoggin' in on MY birthday and all.... I guess I can share with ya'. :-)

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3715: Hey Merle Dean, sounds like you used to be a regular here. Welcome back, always glad to have new old folks back. Not saying your old but rather that.... oh you know what I mean.
We have two rules here at the Porch.
1. Obey all rules.
2. Post daily so we know your o.k. I worry like an old hen when my friends don't post for a few days.
That being said lets all pile in to Barn's car and head off to Floyd's for dinner, and then to Salty Dog's for dessert.
Now I'll drive so I'll sit in the front...

Asa... You smell gas?

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3716: Well MERLE DEAN! Welcome home! It's so good to see you - we've thought of you often and wondered how and where you were. And what good news, that your little family is reunited. That's a Christmas gift that money couldn't buy.
Asa, I'll thank you to stop spreading rumors about me! Swinging from chandeliers, indeed. I don't even drink hard cider, but I surely can't say the same about you. Not that I don't appreciate all your help with the lights, but you were waaay past "tiddly", and got a bit carried away. I had to call the man to come install another circuit to carry the electrical load, and last night an airplane tried to land on my driveway.
Sugarplum is fine, friends - thanks for thinking of her. She went to Petsmart yesterday and had her picture made with Santa Claus.
Have a lovely evening, folks, and try to stay out of those malls! About 10am is a good time to go there, and leave before noon.--Romeena

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3717: I think that I'm into it up to my ankles and I went in head first. I put a post on the bullentin board about getting the Andy Griffith triva game last Christmas. We played it every night for about two weeks until school started again. That next week end we could not find it. This year as we were decorating for Christmas we discovered that we had packed it in with the Christmas orinmanets. I closed with "Happy Days are here again or should I say Mayberry days are here again. Went back to the Bulletin Board today and it seems that I said the wrong thing, what ever it was. Also just checking back in to the porch haven't been here for a while. Hey to all

The Rock

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3718: Hey Rock, how's everything. Glad you popped in. Stick around a while.
Sorry Romeena fer saying evil about ya. I'm sure WE didn't know that cider had turned, did WE?
Hey Mavis, I just got done watching your character on tv land. Where did you get that blonde hair from? Hmmmm? BTW, How's your Mom doing? Better I hope.
Well I gots me a feetball game to view. See ya'll later.


December 10, 2001 - Msg 3719: Good evenin' to the Porch. It's nice to see MERLE DEAN back, and ever'body else havin' a good ol' time here. MERLE, that's great about you and the missus patchin' things up. Hey to The Rock. Good to see you again too, bud. I'm just passin' thru, and thought I'd stick my head in and say hey.

Well, I'll see ya.

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3720: Good evening. Thanks everyone for thinking about me today. (sniff, sniff) I had a wonderful birthday. My hubbie took me out to Outback tonight(YUM!!) And now I'm too full for cake and ice cream. Sounds like we've got some new old porch friends. Did that sound right? Oh well, good to see ya out tonight anyway. Whatever happened to Terry Earl? Did he ever tell us who the man was? Or did I miss it? Well yall have a good evening and I'll see ya in the morning gonna listen to it rain for awhile.Floyd I hope ya had a good day too. Thank you Asa for the nice e-mail. That one made me cry;) Sniff, Sniff. Nite--Salty Dog

December 10, 2001 - Msg 3721: good evening to all---new to posting here---is this the best place to meet fellow AGS fans? I plan to be buried ( hopefully a long time from now) with my AGS video tapes, so I'll have something to do while I'm waitin' for judgment day...jublejublejuble

December 11, 2001 - Msg 3722: Good morning porch and welcome jubaljubaljubal! I think this place is "the cats"! Hope you do, too! Hey to Rafe and The Rock and Salty and...well you know. Everyone!!

~ Mrs. Wiley
That was my Daddy's rock.

December 11, 2001 - Msg 3723: Morning Mrs. Wiley. And welcome to Jublejublejuble. Nice to meet you, Merle Dean. I'm glad about you and the Mrs. and I hope you and the family have a wonderful holiday. Boy, seems like we have a lot of both new and old TAGS fans on the porch lately. We'll have to start a choir or something. 'Course, a choir without it's tenor is like a star without it's glimmer. My old voice teacher used to say that. The teacher I had when I studied voice.
- Hazel

December 11, 2001 - Msg 3724: Now Hazel, please don't get started on that singing thing. We love ya and all but, well you remember what happened the last time you sang. You cracked the porch screens. (tee hee)
Welcome to Jubaljubaljubal. This is a great place to visit and meet new people. Move yer foot. I'm rocking forward. Enjoy yer stay here.
Glad you had a good birthday S.D. Back to work though. Mrs. Wiley helped out yesterday and did a good job (bless her heart) but I need you back here. Them orders are backing up quicker than a septic system in the rainy season.
Well, you all have a good day folks, talk at ya later.


December 11, 2001 - Msg 3725: Asa, I would take that as an insult, but I know you don't mean it. You know the last time I did a solo it was one of those electric moments in the theater. Most of the folks were so overcome with emotion that they had to leave the room.
- Hazel

December 11, 2001 - Msg 3726: Good morning all, Welcome to Jubaljubaljubal just jump in where you can and hang on! Asa, I'll be back to work as soon as I wake up. I aint even had my coffee fix yet. But I'll be on over.Ya'll have a good day. I'm off to work again. Wheres Mavis been? I hope she didn't run into any of Asa and Romeenas cider. she was talking about putting her lights up wasn't she? Later--Salty Dog

December 11, 2001 - Msg 3727: MERLE DEAN says "Hey"
I've said it before and I'll say it again....the more things change the more they stay the same. It's great reading the posts....some new faces for me but the same warmth in all the messages.
"To parapahrase, 'It does my heart good to see a big world meet'"
For the new folks I've not met I posted on the old Front Porch starting about 5 years ago...then *sniff*-*sniff* it went aways. I would check back from time to time and see if it came back but alas it didn't. Then I remembered Alan's(Floyds) website and low and everyone is.
Anyways....gotta go look into that squeak on my vehicle.
"Can't, she married the taxedermist what sowed up her head!"(Ernest T.)

December 11, 2001 - Msg 3728: love the whole mayberry web sight mr david estep cleveland ohio ps cleveland says hey and lots of luck to you and yours

December 11, 2001 - Msg 3729: would love more information on the andy griffith show news letter whoever reads this can write to 3857 west 20th cleveland ohio 44109 thanks mr david estep ps dont have home computer found sight at libary

December 11, 2001 - Msg 3730: well, who was it sittin in the garage out in the valley? id like to know, mother would also like to know, shes buggin me about wearin my winter coat, now that its so cold out here, mavis, perhaps we should take a nice drive out by the lake one evening soon, i could point out the constellations toi you, if u like, ....howard

December 11, 2001 - Msg 3731: Good evening porch, I hope everybody had a good day. It's getting colder out here tonight. Everybody is being quiet tonight. I guess they're still recovering from putting up those lights.Have a good night. I'll be back later. Are we evr gonna find out who the guy was in the garage?? --Salty Dog