December 18, 2001 - Msg 3840: hahahaha!! Merle Dean, you're a HOOT!

December 18, 2001 - Msg 3841: I can't remember now that the porch has been swept if #5 had been taken. I just loved Johnny Bench and his number was 5.

My hubby and I are getting ready for Friday nite Power Shopping. The rascals are staying all nite with gram and gramps (away from momma and daddy for the first time). After the power shopping is the power wrapping and then the power hiding! I may run out of power!! I'll need a few cans of slimfast followed by about a case of pepsi! I hope we will get to eat out at cracker barrel. MY fav!

The fudge went over really well so I guess I'll be making another batch. And the honey glazed snack went over well too. Another batch of that as well.

Oh I am rambling! By the way, on one of the stations in Cincinnati they have a couple skits a week featuring Barney. One day he was advertising his website and today he was going to go to people's houses and perform "it's a wonderful life" as a one man show. They are pretty good skits!

Talk to ya'll later!


Praise God the rain stopped!

December 18, 2001 - Msg 3842: MERLE DEAN says "Hey"
~De(squigly'S')~ "Never could remember what keys ta push fer that" HAPPY to see you. I didn't know you were posting here. I musta missed ya. Shame on me. Yes, I'm now a V.P. of the bank. I look like Mr. Meldrum running around here. :-)
Hope life is treating you in a Mayberry kinda way.
It's good to see the spirit is still here.
"Barney, could you repeat what you just said to me?" (Mr. Meldrum)
"I said that after a thorough review this bank is lacking all the safety measures required to prevent a bank robbery"(Barney)
*PAUSE* as Mr. Meldrum looks at the teller...
"GLENN FORD!"(Mr. Meldrum)

December 18, 2001 - Msg 3843: I just saw that Hazel wanted #5 - that's okay, I'll take 33 (in honor of Larry Bird - because I like him and I know that he isn't a baseball kind of guy - I still want his number!) And because Hazel has #5! What Hazel wants - Hazel gets.

check your emails Mavis!


December 18, 2001 - Msg 3844: Good afternoon porch just stopped by on my way to work (yuck) to see how everyone is doing. Mrs. Wiley, I guess great minds must think alike right? Homemaker, good luck with your shopping hope you get it all done. And if you do get to go to cracker barrell, eat some of those sourdough croutons for me. They are yummy! And by the way if you need some more power, get some of Asa and Romeenas cider. It'll have you wrapping everything in sight! Have a good day everyone!--Salty Dog

December 18, 2001 - Msg 3845: Good mornin', friends! Salty, my Sugarplum would be honored to be the team mascot. She has a little visor hat which she wears when we ride my son's seadoo - would that be appropriate? She has a life jacket, too. That could protect her little ribs from any stray baseballs. Her jacket is red, and her hat is blue, but since she's white, she'd just look patriotic. Would that be okay, considering we'll all probably be wearing orange and blue? She could shag balls for us, too, but we'd have to leave some loose strings on them to give her something to hold onto. Her mouth won't fit around a baseball.
MERLE DEAN, I just have to say again how great it is to see you again, and we're all so happy for you and your family. What a great turn of events! Dež, it's good to see you, too. How are the kids? Growing like weeds, I'm sure.
Well, off I go. One more foray into the jungles of Christmas shopping, and I'm done. Just need three more things. I thought I was finished last night, then had an email from my daughter, informing me that my grandson wasn't going to get a PlayStation after all, he's getting a bike instead. Well, so much for the games I had bought! Back they go, and guess I'll get my bucket out and see if I can think up anything else.
Have a great day, friends, and remember, there is a Reason for this season!--Romeena

December 18, 2001 - Msg 3846: Just got back from the vet with Volunteer, you know the cat that likes to eat rat poison. Happy to report that "all is well in Mayberry", the vet gave her a clean bill of health. I don't know if all states have it, but the American Lung Foundation has a golfing card here in Tennessee. For $25 you can play all kinds of different courses and all you have to pay is the cart fee. It is a great deal, benifits a great cause, and I got one for me and my son for Christmas. Cheap but with a lot of taste.
The Rock

"Nothing I like better than ole game out on the links" ( Barney)

December 18, 2001 - Msg 3847: So good to see that the softball team is coming together. Can I have #7? I don't know if I'm up to exercising right after Christmas goodies. Gonna need it though! Asa- can I skip a few days of training for a few days on the golf course? Got all the shopping done, Hey-that should count for something...fighting all the crowds, long lines, carrying heavy packages...(hope somebody got me that lovey bedjacket). Off to the JV Basketball games for the evening.~New Neighbor

December 18, 2001 - Msg 3848: OK team, the roster so far:

Mrs. Wiley - 8
Hazel - 5
Romeena - 13
Mavis - 3
Salty - 2
Tilley - 14
Rockette - 1/2
homemaker - 33
New Neighbor - 7
Sugarplum - .128 (or 1/8 scale)

~ Mrs. Wiley
someody better check on the availability of that bed jacket, or we're gonna be in a world of trouble!

December 18, 2001 - Msg 3849: You got time to breath, you got time to golf.


December 18, 2001 - Msg 3850: Vice President, MERLE DEAN??? Now you can get them shocks!! Congrats, buddy. Great to see you. And everyone else, too!

December 18, 2001 - Msg 3851: That TAGS Episode with Jack Nicholson is on
on TvLand right now.Tune in quick.

December 18, 2001 - Msg 3852: Good evening porch friends, I had a busy day at work so it is good to be home and put my feet up for awhile. Sounds like the team is all ready to go. Did we ever get a name? Or did I miss it? I think it woulod be good to hit Asa up to sponsor us with the AD2k logo. Talk to yall later--Salty Dog

December 18, 2001 - Msg 3853: Hey it's me and I reckon that I will take the #90 for the year that Little Opie was born. I am running out of time and I have so much to do. Now Coach Asa aint gonna make this one of these training camps where they check your luggage for snack food and take them away is he? cause a high spirited person like me needs a "sugar calm-me down" in the evening before bedtime and I get cranky if I don't have a Mr. Cookie bar, or at least a Little Debbie.
Fun Girl

December 18, 2001 - Msg 3854: Well Fun Girl, Coach is kinda partial to them Little Debbie things so maybe we can work out some kind of deal, like you supply me with them and I will make you team nutritionist. Does that sound like a deal?


December 18, 2001 - Msg 3855: Hey everybody! Missed talkin' to you all. Welcome new friends. Happy belated birthday SD and Floyd!
Is it to late to get on the team? I played 1st and center in high school, but I can play anywhere that I'm needed. I like #88. (There is a story behind that one.) Rock/ette, you will be a sight! Good to be back! Helen

December 18, 2001 - Msg 3856: Nite Porch!

December 18, 2001 - Msg 3857: Hi All. I no that you all miss me. But I do not like this time of the year?
Why is people like to mak fun of people that if funlooking.
Will it ben faining here for the last two day and is calling for some snow on thurday night.
Be not dismayed, for god is near
when life's problems come your way.
he'll change your skies to azure blue
and chase the storm clouds all away.
he'll take the dark that fills your soul
and turn it it into balmy clouds of light,
soothing breezes and sun-kissed skies
will soon repace the dark of night,
you see, he's just a prayer away;
look upward, place your trust above-
the darkness round you will soon life;
he'll drape you with a shawl of love!

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3858: Good Morning Porch! TOM, so glad you came by, been missing ya! It's true that the "world" is sometimes a very unkind place to be, but you and I and many others know that this is not our home and we are on a journey to our true home. It's a very hard road to where we're going. But it's worth the trip. And the more we are hit by rocks and arrows, the greater the glory for us at the end of the road. I think you're a beautiful person, and I am sure you will have a very LARGE crown and a robe with MANY jewels when we all reach "home". Keep those wonderful prayers coming - it's the reason for the season!

~ Mrs. Wiley

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3859: What's this porch about? I can't tell...


December 19, 2001 - Msg 3860: Morning, porch. It's true, Tom, we have been missing you. I agree it is easy to be discouraged by this world we live in. It does seem so unfair at times. But it's not what we look like, it's what we're like inside that counts. That poem you posted is words to live by. Please cheer up, and remember that we all love you here on the porch! Helen, glad to have you back! We missed you too. I think we still need right field, I'll have to check the archives.
- Hazel

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3861: Good morning porch, Tom, your poem was just what I needed first thing this morning. There are so many people around here that are living in darkness as your poem says. But this old world we live in is not permanent. It's only a temporary thing. I have never understood what peoples problem with beining different is. God didn't make all alike for that very reason. Thank you very much for the sweet poem. YOu made my day, and don't stay away so long next time. We have been missing you. Have a good day everyone--Salty Dog

This world is not my home I'm only passing by,
My treasures and my hopes are all up in the sky.
My friends and loved ones wait who trod this way before,
And I can't feel at home in this world any more.

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3862: P.S.- Helen, good to have you back too. Hope everything is well with you. Thanks for the b-day wish.--SD

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3863: Good Morning friends, Very nice to have Tom and Helen back with us. I've been worried about both of them. Hang in there Tom. You are amongst friends here.
Ted, the front porch is a place for fans of The Angy Griffith Show to come and gather and converse with one another. It's a "time out" from the real world if you will. And it is got some of the nicest and neatest people on it you will ever meet. If thats your "cup o tea" pull up a chair and stick around.
Helen, we still need a rover. Can you play in that slot?
Salty Dog, are you working today? It's that final push before Christmas you know. Next year we'll be better organized. yeech, now I'm starting to sound like my boss, I hate that.
Hows them uniforms coming Mrs. Wiley? Need any help?
Well everyone be good today, and remember who you are and what you stand for.


December 19, 2001 - Msg 3864: I ain't got a clue who Angy Griffith is, now AnDy Griffith, I know him.


December 19, 2001 - Msg 3865: Asa, what time do you get up in the morning? I have to work today but not until this afternoon. So, I'll have time to work at the factory this morning. If you'll give me a chance to get some coffee in me first. See ya'll later. Maybe you can get Angy Griffith to fill in for me this afternoon! Hee Hee--SD

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3866: Doin just fine on them uniforms Asa, got Miss Edwards to come over and help. Good thing these will be new uniforms, cause you know how Clara feels about mildew!

~ Mrs. Wiley
maybe Andy had a girl-cousin called Angy?

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3867: MERLE DEAN says "Hey"
I hope everyone is doing fine this morning...actual nip in the air here in Alabama...I think it got below 50 last night *smile*.
I know I haven't had an official tryout or nuthin' but I'd love to be on the team.
Can I have #11 ...that's my sons # on all his sports teams so I thought we'd keep it in the family ? Thank you Mrs. Wiley !
p.s.if you need someone to keep the books I am a banker...and we have a back door cut into the vault in case ya need to get out quick.
"Careful, that doors still hot!"(Gomer)

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3868: Mornin' porchsters! Merle Dean, watch out this Bama weather is a changin' James Spann (know him? He's our favorite meterologist in this neck of the woods) says we could have the coldest Jan. in 25 years. This coming after the warm Dec. My impatians are still blooming! You know what they say, if you don't like the weather in Bama, stick around a while it'll change! Asa, I'll be glad to be a rover. I'll help Romeena in the snack stand or cheerleader, or any position. I don't know about catcher though. People may think that I'm Rock/ette in drag! Thanks for the poem Tom. I'm glad we're only passing through this world. Better things yet to come!--Helen

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3869: Hazel, Happy belated B'day to you too! I was just checking out the Cutlass and realized you too, had a big day.--Helen

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3870: Hi Helen...James Spann....hmmmmmm...I think we heard of him....ha ha...he was at my youngest son's school(South Shades Crest Elementary) last year to teach them all about this crazy Alabama weather.
You must be close by...Howdy Neighbor !
SINCERELY,MERLE DEAN two episodes where it was raining in Mayberry ???
"Y'all know Al Becker?"(Andy)
"Al becker.....Al Becker....nope."(Barney)

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3871: RickyB says HEY!
and Happy Holidays!

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3872: Hey RickyB, Happy Birthday Hazel and welcome back Helen!

2 episodes where it's raining...lets see, Dogs, Dogs, Dogs...the one where Giraffes are identified as Selfish, and ...hmmm. Can't think of the other one!

~ Mrs. Wiley

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3873: ~Mrs. got one of them......congrats...anyone else ?
I'll give you a hint...."Regis....Regis....has anyone seen Regis ?"(Gomer)

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3874: The gold truck episode. Also when quiet Sam's wife is giving birth.


December 19, 2001 - Msg 3875: Hey Porch family: It's a beautiful day in our neck of Mayberry. The suns shinin' and I'ma hangin' clothes out to beat all...The temp. if 60 for Dec. in Pa. Wonder what causes that? Done my shopping, and getting together baskets for the elder folks in the neighborhood. Hang in there Tom, we love ya just the way ya are!! Hey Salty Dog, I shipped those 400 boxes for ya. Is that the last of the orders? Give a yell if ya need anything else.~New Neighbor

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3876: ASA ! ASA !
My Man...that was awesome !
You get the white bible with gold lettering for getting that one right ! congrats.
"You me and Laura Lee Hobbs will be here to greet it!"(Andy)

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3877: Hey Merle Dean I remember one time that some Gypsies came through town selling junk. Andy made them get out of town. They made it quit raining and then they made it rain again. Asa don't you dare get organized. I heard the other day that the only reason people get organized is that they are just too dang lazy to hunt for things.
The Rock

"You put me in charge of the bullentin board and when I get the offical notification I'll take it down." (Barney)

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3878: The are correct....and I apologize for not mentioning it but I don't recognize the color me crazy but I can't stand them.
Everytime I see Barney come for a visit I want to scream..."Stay, move back to town....don't go"
Makes me sad to see him in that Salt and Pepper suit.
Who can tell me what voice Burt-"the door to door salesman" did on cartoons (Easy)
"If ya think ya really need it"(Burt)
"I need it...I love it" (Woman at the stand)

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3879: Ifn you wanto see the youngest looking
almost 60 year old man inthe world look at
the pictures of Don Grady of My Three Songs at and
he's loking GOOD!

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3880: He's also looking GOOD

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3881: Bert did Winnie the Pooh! ~Mrs. Wiley (do I get a prize for that one?)

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3882: Yeah-boy that Don is looking GOOD.

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3883: ~Mrs. Wiley you are too good...You get the prize.
4 free haircuts at Floyds...he's only done a woman's hair once but he had such delicate hands.
"I'm going to Nashville!"(Floyd)

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3884: Good afternoon, friends! TOM! It's good to see you. We were worried about you. A day without your poetry is like - is like - well, it's just not a good day! We love you, Tom. "For man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart." I Samuel 16:7. When the Lord looks upon your sweet heart, Tom, he's looking at a beautiful thing.
Mrs. Wiley, Sugarplum will be delighted to wear Number .128 - sounds just her size. She's excited about her new responsibility as team mascot.
MERLE DEAN, what about the episode where Opie returned early from a camping trip because it was raining? True, we didn't see the rain, but Opie always tells the truth, so we know it rained. (I think my poor old memory is serving me correctly!)
Well, gotta run. Shopping is all done but one gift, now it's all piled on the kitchen table, waiting to be wrapped! Sugarplum wants to help, but I think not. Help like hers, I can do without.--Romeena

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3885: (Dale)
How r u all?

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3886: Boy oh boy, seems like a lot went on here at the porch today while I was slavin away at work. Merle Dean did a trivia contest; Mrs. Wiley got the uniforms done; and Asa's wonderin about who Angy Griffith is. Asa, you mean to tell me you don't know? He was that feller that came thru for that insecticide convention awhile back.
- Hazel

Andy: Well, things happen in cycles. Remember last week it was head colds?

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3887: Boy, I stepped in a closet or something. Isn't today the 19th? What happened to all the postings of the 18th and 19th? Oh, no. I'm in the Twilight Zone!
- Hazel

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3888: Oh, no. You guys are gonna think I'm nuts. I went to check the porch, and somehow I got caught up in the archives, and nothing from today or yesterday was on. That explains my last post. I have no idea what caused that.
- anonymous

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3889: It's amazing what you miss on the porch after working a few hours. Here we've had a trivia game and everything and I missed it. But I did see a few snow flakes coming home tonight! Now I feel like Christmas. Yall have a good one. See ya in the morning. I have two days off. So Asa, I guess I'm all yours. Just don't be so energetic in the morning. I'm no good to anyone without my coffee or at least a Pepsi. Nite--Salty Dog

Did it ever snow in mayberry?

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3890: No snow in Mayberry Salty Dog, heck it barely rained. The sun almost always was a shining in Mayberry. You sleep good cause its work work work these next few days. I suppose you'll want all day off on Christmas. Poor excuse for pickin a mans wallet on the 25th of every December. Vert well, if you must, just be here all the earlier the next day. (name that movie)

Love Asa

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3891: Scrooge! In all its incarnations.--Romeena

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3892: Well, to be more accurate - "A Christmas Carol". Though it was named "Scrooge" in one presentation.--Romeena

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3893: Work work work thats all Asa ever says. Just wait till next year and he's wanting off to go play golf I'll remember him making me work so hard. OK heres a trivia question for yall, who were the golf players at the Esquire club? Bonus: What were their scores?? Anyone with the correct answer gets to work with Asa on Saturday. No I'm kidding I'll give you an AD2K at a 10% discount. Wheres Mavis been? I miss that girl hop them doggies aint got the better of her! Nite--Salty Dog

December 19, 2001 - Msg 3894: Uh...that should be hope.

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3895: Morning Porch! sorry I been gone for a few days, no, Salty Dog it ain't them doggies that are getting the better of me it's the doggies' mommies & daddies that are about to do me in! Tom thank you so much for your poem, I needed that! As for being a dog groomer at this time of year, I know what you are saying Romeena I know everyone wants them to look pretty for company & such, but is it my fault they didn't make an appointment last month when I asked them to, & now they can't get an appointment cause I'm plumb full up?? Huh? Is that MY fault? I think not, but you try tell them that! Well I'm off to do the whole thing over again, & hope I get in before dark tonight, but I doubt that. Where's my pajammers? It's gonna be a long one!
Yer tired ol' dog groomer,

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3896: and Imeant to my fingers to the bone, get pee'd on (amongst other things) & for what? HEARTACHES!
I'm done fussing now, for a while anyway.

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3897: Mornin Porchsters: Hey to everyone. Not to bring up panic situation, Christmas in on 5- count em - 5 days... ARE YOU READY? Salty Dog- Asa has given me strick orders I'm to help you today...and no lunch break! What a boss, all this work, and is he around? (Let's sneak out to eat lunch.)See ya in a few minutes. ~New Neighbor

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3898: Merry Christmas to all the folks here on the Porch.

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3899: MERLE DEAN says "Hey"
We're having our snack day here at the Bank.Pigs in a blanket, sauasage bisuits, meatballs, chips and dip,'s all good.
Nobody brought any pickles ?
I'm glad everyone had fun with the trivia yesterday. I love giving prizes.
I'm sure this has been done but could everyone that posts today let me know what state their in ?
Just curios...I'm in Birmingham, Al.
Trivia---1st correct answer gets a penny that's been run over by a train.
Name three reocurring characters on the show that were played by different actors at different times in the life of the show (B/W-black and white episodes)
"Go on take a think under thar!"(Gomer)

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3900: Well - it seems that everyone has been busy chatting. . .chatterboxes, that's what ya'll are! Good to see you Tom and Helen, isn't it nice that in this Mayberry, we see the good in everyone and we all have a common bond.

One more day until POWER SHOPPING! Ooh I need a Pepsi!

Good to see that Asa is keeping everyone in check about this place. . .and that he even knows that Ange guy! :)

Talk to you all later. . .oh by the way, Fun Girl, I would like to see some Hostess Cupcakes and Twinkies in there too besides little Debbies and maybe some Godiva chocolates. . .mmmmmmm


December 20, 2001 - Msg 3901: New Neighbor and Salty Dog, don't you all worry none about lunch. I'll bring you something. What would you like? It'll have to be fast food, because I've got a zillion errands to run, but I'll pick up whatever you want.
MERLE DEAN, One of those characters you asked about was Ben Weaver. Unless, of course, the younger Ben was really Ben, Jr., but nobody ever mentioned it if that was the case. Another one was Floyd. There was a different Floyd right at first - the one that told Barney his head would fit in a pencil sharpener. Right now, I can't think of the third one, but I can think of a few where the same actor played more than one part, most notably Allan Melvin.--Romeena

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3902: Romeena, you'll kick yourself when the answer for the third person comes up !

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3903: Good morning to the Porch. MERLE DEAN (Don't do that, MERLE!), I b'lieve I can think of all three of them characters in the B&W episodes who were played by different actors. First one is Dud Wash, the feller that Charlene Darling married. Second one is Ben Weaver, and the third one is Wally at the fillin' station. Right? Go ahead and keep my mashed penny on account. I'd like to go double-or-nothin' with the next question (I am a gambler, you know). :-)

It's nice to see ever'body gettin' the softball team in shape for our first practice. I'm warmin' up on callin' balls and strikes, so I'll be ready for the first game against the Mount Pilot Comets. I hear they have some sluggers in the middle of their lineup. But I think we can take 'em. Not that I'm gonna be partial in any WAY, you understand... Bein' from Mayberry and all don't mean I'm gonna be partial to Mayberry winnin' the game. I just say, may the best team win. Get out there and kill 'em!

I won't be back here until after Christmas, so I want to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a merry Christmas. May your holiday celebrations be touched by the Spirit of Christ Himself, and His blessings be bestowed upon all your houses. I love you all. Take care now.

I'll see ya.
*Rafe Hollister
ANDY: "Say somethin' like Santy Claus."
BARN: (flatly) "Ho, ho, ho, merry Christmas."
ANDY: "Try puttin' a 'pooh' on the end of it."

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3904: Sorry, I didn't see Romeena's post before I posted my own answers. Romeena's right, Floyd WAS played by two different actors. So that makes four. Any more you can think of, MERLE DEAN?

"Oh, he's comin' right along. For a minute there I thought he was the Count of Monte Cristo."

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3905: Mornin everybody! Hey Merle Dean, we are neighbors! I live in Woodstock, AL. You must be in the Hoover area. That's 25 min. away! Hey Romeena, I got all of my things wrapped and ready last night, I'll come "hep" ya. Mavis, it's hard to get people appointments too! Everybody wants to look good for Santa, I guess. Glad I have a short haired dog. I just have to worry about myself. Being the only girl in the house. I knew the trivia MERLE DEAN. Does that count?--Helen

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3906: Good afternoon porch, NN meet me around back and we'll go check out that new Chinese place. Aint Asa sweet trying to bring us lunch. But you know he just wants us to work whilst we eat. We'll get him to go get us some capuccino this afternoon for our sinking spell.Homemaker, you sound like you have the same Pepsi addiction that I do. Hey Merle Dean! Sounds like they all beat me to the trivia game today. The bank president was played by 2 different people does that count? Also Allen Melvin played 8 different parts ,he should get some credit too! Yall have a good day, maybe we should all go help Mavis today but after hearing some of the stuff she puts up with, working for Asa aint bad atall! :) See yall later--Salty Dog

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3907: folks are good....coming up with a couple of folks I even forgot about...Dud Wash was one I even forgot.
Rafe I'll put you down for a "Push" with that penny on the next question.
Helen....sorry but first come first served.
How about this Trivia question...
what did Gomer find under the Taylor's freezer on the back porch ?
One of my favorite quotes that I use was from that episode. When Aunt Bee asks why he bought the new one.
"'Cause lifes too short." (Andy)
"We just about had that thing fixed."(Gomer)

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3908: MERLE DEAN, you're right! I really should have thought of Dud Wash, and Wally, too. Just not thinkin', I guess. Where's my bucket? As for Mr. Melvern, his part was brief, so I can forgive myself for forgetting him. BTW, I live in Texas, in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.
Mavis, you poor thing. People shouldn't expect to get their little darlings an appointment on short notice at any time, and especially at Christmas. Personally, I'm going to beautify my Sugarplum myself tonight. A nice warm, scented bath, lots of conditioner, then wrap her in big old warm towels and we'll have a long cuddle in front of the TV. When she's just damp-dry, I'll get the blowdryer and comb and work on her 8-10" long hair. She'll be beautiful. I do wish you could spruce up her face for me, though. That's the part I have trouble with, but she's pretty anyway. She really doesn't mind her baths, because I try to make it a "cuddle time" for us, which she loves.
Homemaker and Salty Dog, you all make me thirsty. I was a terrible Pepsi addict - love the stuff, just love it! However, I managed to gain 20 pounds over about three years, so switched to unsweetened tea. Good thing I did, because now, a few years later, I'm a diabetic. I'm glad I was already off the Pepsi. If I was having to try to kick that four-can-a-day habit now, along with other changes I've had to make, I'd be feeling stepped-on something awful. As it is, I can handle it.
Helen, I'd appreciate some "hep". I've got tons of wrapping stuff, just bring your nimble fingers! I'll heat up some of that cider and we can wrap everything in the house!--Romeena

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3909: I'm with you Romeena just unsweet tea for me. I already lost some just by giving up the Coke's and sweet tea. I'll try not to wrap Sugarplum!--Helen

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3910: Romeena, Salty Dog and I will be over to help ya. Can we sing some carols whilest we work? Asa thinks we're not concentrating if we talk or sing... or EAT! That Asa, He's gonna be a pip for softball.I might just hafta bean him with the ball a few times to get it all straightened out (or get him straightened out!). Can I have a galss of cider,please? make that a double. ~ New Neighbor

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3911: That's some weight not my mind. I lost that a long time ago!--Helen

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3912: Hi friends and neighbors! I'm in St. Petersburg, FL. Merle. Say, Gomer didn't find a SPIDER in the freezer did he? I thought he found a dead mouse - and he crawled in there just to keep warm!

~ Mrs. Wiley
unsweet tea rules!

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3913: No spider...but your close on the mouse.

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3914: Hey yall I like unsweet tea too and I really like green tea with a little bit of honey. OK I hope nobody beats me to this but Gomer found a rat trap and a golf ball in the freezer right? I wonder if Asa keeps his golf balls in his freezer? Later-- Salty Dog

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3915: Maybe I should have said "mouse" trap. Here in the south we don't have little mice, They're big ol rats!!--SD

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3916: Salty, and you other tea drinkers - check out It's a website for a tea blender company, and they sell some delicious teas. There's a green tea with citrus and gingko that's terrific. Also, their peach tea and vanilla tea (yes, vanilla tea) are wonderful! Been drinking their teas for about two years now, and love 'em, just love 'em!
I'll appreciate all the wrapping help you folks want to offer, and we'll drink green tea, and sweet cider (I promise), and have a cookie or two. Come on over around dark. Gotta run now, got a doctor appointment and a wee bit of shopping to do.--Romeena

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3917: Helen, if you could get Sugarplum to stand still long enough to wrap her, I'd like to see it. Quick as lightning, that puppy.--Romeena

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3918: Salty Dog gets this rounds present....a 15 point inspection on your car by Gomer...he'll charge ya for the gas but the air and water are free.
"She's an 8 cylinder....she'll take 8 !"(Gomer)

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3919: Well after I get my car inspected I'll be on over Romeena, I hope you've already got Sugarplums present. I got my "kids" presents last Saturday. Now if I can just keep them out of their presents. Later--Salty Dog
P.S. Whats the next question Merle Dean?

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3920: Hmmmmm...
Who can tell me what kind of car Jim Lindsey drove into town when he came for his visit after making it BIG ?
I'm a car nut so I love that scene !
"Ooohhhhhh, that's it kid....that's found it ...the key of 'G'"(Bobby Fleet)
Jim was an amazing player to be able to get that electric gutiar sound out of an acoustic...he he

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3921: Hey Merle Dean, don't know about the car,but it was a a two seater convertible. When Gomer got into the freezer he found a service ticket from the last person that had worked on it. "Imagine that Opie, _____ years ago ______ worked on this same freezer. Makes a person wonder, don't it." I'm from Seymour, Tennessee.
The Rock

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3922: The Rock....I lived in Franklin,Tn for two name it and I've either lived there or driven through it in my life !
You're right on track but I'm looking for make and model...he he..."Iritatin' ain't it!"(Ernest T.)
"Jim, Bobby digs you make sure and dig him back"(Andy)

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3923: Hey, Salty! Yep, I've got the Plum's present. Got her one that I didn't even wrap, she was so taken with it in Petsmart that I just let her keep it. She's played with it steadily for days now. Little old rubber hotdog. She'll have little presents from her aunts and uncles, so she won't be hurting at Christmas. Nothing spoiled about that puppy!--Romeena

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3924: Hey to Merle Dean. I got a high school friend that lives in Birmingham, name's Billy McCallaum. if you see him tell him that Rock says hey Mau, he'll know what you mean. A good friend of mine that coached at the Alabama School for the Deaf, in Talladege, was in the hospital in Birmingham. He fell out of a tree that he was pruning and is now paralysed(sp) from the waist down. He was in the, I think Lakeshore Hospital for rehab. Maybe you read about him in the newspaper. It happened during the summer.
The Rock

"Thought about killing him, but kind of hated to go that far." (Briscoe Darling) My all time favorite quote

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3925: Been over to Miss Crumps Bullentin Board, "The Rock" over there is not me. I guess that is what happens when you don't keep up with the times. Who'ad thunk.
The(I thought only) Rock

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3926: Hey to the Porch.

" was about Africa..."

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3927: Happy Belated Birthday to Adam Newsome !
TOM, good to see you here. This time of year is difficult for a lot of people. I've had a down in the dumps day myself. Sick grandmother 3000 miles away, two uncles been sick this year. I don't know why people make fun of people. It ain't right, that's for sure. But God sees your heart and that is all that counts and what any one else thinks (unless it is good) don't amount to a hill of beans. All the beautiful poems you have here just brighten our days. You are a precious soul.
I think SugarPlum will make a cute mascot.
Santa is bringing my cats a few treats this year. But they'd rather play with the wrapping paper and bows.
it is cold here in my corner of Mayberry. Down to 28 degrees tonight and we had a cold stiff wind today. After such warm weather, we really feel the cold. Make me want to hermatize myself.
Miss Ellie
"And don't think I'll buy my cotton balls from you this year" (or something to that effect.) Emma Brand Watson

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3928: Shewwww! One more day, one more day. I finally got to the end of the week, & I am worn out! Romeena for you & little SugarPlum, I would make an exception, you could get an appt. any time! I bet she is darling! I thought of her today I had a little Maltese to groom & she was the cutest little thing! Merle Dean you keep postin those trivia questions whilst I am at work & even tho I know the answers, I can't get to answer them. Can I get a prize anyway? BTW I am in Bristol, VA, right on the state line, I work in Bristol, TN. Rafe thank you for the wonderful Christmas wishes, may the Spirit of Christmas be with you & yours as well. I'm off to bed, gotta go to work in the mornin & when I get done I got the next 5 days off!! YEAAAAA

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3929: Hey Miss Ellie and everybody! It's getting cold down south too. About time, it feels more like Christmas. Rock, is your friend still in Lakeshore? We have a friend there that we go see sometimes. Thought we could tell your friend hi. Could somebody come help New Neighbor, Salty Dog and me? We were helping Romeena do her wrapping and now we can't find her. We hear her but can't find her. I think we must have wrapped her up, I don't know. Sugar Plum keeps barking up the chimney, but I don't think it's Romeena. HELP.--Helen

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3930: The last time I saw Romeena, she was heading into the kitchen for some more cider (hic) but I aint seen her since. Sugarplum has already finished her bowl of cider. Maybe she is in the chimney trying to find out what Sugarplum finds so fascinating in that fireplace! Mavis, enjoy your long weekend girl, you shore deserve it. Whered Asa get off to tonight? He didn't stop by Romeenas maybe he's trying to find Santy Clause somewhere. I'm off to bed, gotta wrap all my presents tomorrow or finish them anyway. If anyone aint busy come on by! Nite porch--Salty Dog

December 20, 2001 - Msg 3931: Hey, Helen, Salty Dog and New Neighbor! Here I am. I just went outside for a breath of fresh air, and while I was out there I noticed some roof lights that weren't working, so went up there to fix 'em! Meantime my ladder fell over and I couldn't get back down. I was hollerin' down the chimney, but nobody answered except Sugarplum. I finally got up enough nerve to grab a tree branch and swing down - wasn't much of a drop after all. Anyhow, thanks for all your help. Looks like you finished the wrapping while I was on the roof. Oh, by the way, I saw Fluffy up there. Hope we don't have to go up and get her!--Romeena

December 21, 2001 - Msg 3932: Sounds like a party was had and I wasn't invited. (sniff honk). Thats ok. I know when I ain't wanted. (sob, sniff). Ya'll drink your cider without me. I will be ok. At least I don't have a headache this morning. OHHHHHH... NO ACCOUNT MULE SITTIN ON A MOUNTAIN ALL DAY LONG... WRRRRRRR WHEN SHE'S IN THE ON POSITION, SHE'S GONNA RUN ON YA... IT'S TER SHOCKS MERLE.. ITS YER SHOCKS...
Hee hee hee. Next time you'll invite me.
Everyone please have a good friday, and a good weekend, and a wonderful Christmas in case I don't see ya before then.


December 21, 2001 - Msg 3933: Oh Asa, you ARE a caution! You give me such a good laugh first thing in the AM. I'm an early riser, too so.."OHHH, NO ACCOUNT MULE, EATIN ON A HAYSTACK ALLL DAYY LONG!" Maybe you'd like a little (Irish) cream in your coffee this am - just right at the holidays. Rock, that is my favorite Briscoe quote also. Been using it alot lately. Another fav is "She's half-mad with thirst."

Y'all have a wonderful Friday!
~ Mrs. Wiley

December 21, 2001 - Msg 3934: Helen I appreciate your offer be he is home and seems to be doing fine. We are off on our yearly Christmas odyssey. Four Christmas celebrations,four cities,800 miles in three days.
Check back in on Christmas day.
The Rock
"Ok Aunt Bea you sit in the back, Gomer you sit in the back,Opie you sit in the back with Gomer and Aunt Bea. Now I'll drive so I'll sit in the front."

December 21, 2001 - Msg 3935: MERLE DEAN says "Hey"
Last day 'fore the holidays !
It's gonna be slow here at the it's trivia day.I'm sorry I missed the knot tying meeting last night or was it the tying one on meeting...I get those nights mixed up !
I hope these keep ya entertained. Meanwhile, I want to work on a letter for my Missus that tells her how much this X-mas means to me...being a family again and all that...any ideas would be mucho apprecio ! Answer to last nights-It was a Mercedes 300 SL convertible
Trivia: Where was the gold truck driving from ?what City ?
"Barn.....BARN.....their doing it....their doing....attaboy Andy...!"(Goober)

December 21, 2001 - Msg 3936: DRive safely Rock - travelin' mercies be upon ya! ~ Mrs. Wiley

December 21, 2001 - Msg 3937: Merle, was it Denver?


December 21, 2001 - Msg 3938: Glad we fount ya Romeena, give a girl a fright! Sugar Plum knew where her Momma was after all. Roof lights weren't working? Could that be Asa's doing? After that night Asa we weren't sure we could trust you around the cider! :-) Hope you have a good Christmas too! Be careful Rock, sounds like a long way to go and a short time to get there.Glad your friend is home and doing better. Salty Dog, I'll be right over to "hep" you too. I have a lot of extra tape from Romeena's. Asa want to come hep SD? (We trust ya!) See ya'll---Helen

December 21, 2001 - Msg 3939: Asa....once again yer right !
Could never figure out why they drove allllll the way to N.C. to get to Fort Knox from Denver ? I've heard of trying to throw them off the scent and it was a right good idea to put sand in them boxes but driving past Kentucky to N.C. just never made much sense ?
Trivia:What World's fair did Franks sppon come from in his box of memories ?
"I'll be cashing my bond now"(Frank)

December 21, 2001 - Msg 3940: Good afternoon porch, Asa, we would be more than happy to have you come help wrap my Christmas presents today. As long as you hold it down a little.You are ALWAYS wanted around here.Merle Dean I'm gonna guess Knoxville but that is strictly a guess until I can dig out the right video! Yall have a good one! Later--Salty Dog

P.S. Asa, check your e-mail this one might make more sense!

December 21, 2001 - Msg 3941: Merle Dean, congrats on getting back with the family. I hear there is a lot of that going on since 9/ll. That letter sounds lovely.
Happy Holidays to all. I know some of ya, is taking off for a few days. We will be around home. Most all the family is around here, except Granny, 3000 miles away. Shoot, she shoulda just went to the moon as be 3000 miles away. But if she drinks some of that cider yall been drinking she might think she is one the moon.
My cat Baby had an upset stomach today. She seems to feel better now. With their fur coats on, they still sit on the heat vents, making it mightly chilly for their Mom and Dad.
Hope Santa don't have no problems with all this air traffic control.
Miss Ellie
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night."