January 01, 2002 - Msg 4103: Sweep

January 01, 2002 - Msg 4104: Happy New Year!

January 01, 2002 - Msg 4105: i didn't know the front porch was swept off at new years..ahhh...well anywho...

happy 2002 to everyone...

(mrs fletcher)

January 01, 2002 - Msg 4106: Happy 2002 to ya'll in Mayberry.


January 01, 2002 - Msg 4107: Happy New Year porch friends! --Salty Dog

January 01, 2002 - Msg 4108: Happy New Year one and all! ~ Mrs. Wiley

January 01, 2002 - Msg 4109: Yo Ro!(Hey Romeena, couldn't resist that one) Happy New Year friends! Everybody come on over for fried chicken and blackeyed peas! May even make a chocolate cake. --Helen

January 01, 2002 - Msg 4110: Sorry, but I forgot to tell Mavis, Allrecipes.com is one of my favorite sites. Tried a couple of new recipes from there the last couple of days. I may serve the leftovers with the other grub. Ya'll come!--Helen

January 01, 2002 - Msg 4111: HAPPY NEW YEAR MAYBERRIANS!
Sp00ky Benson

January 01, 2002 - Msg 4112: looks like a great site I will come again . Thanks. Tell Goober I said hey.

January 01, 2002 - Msg 4113: HAPPY NEW YEAR FELLOW MAYBERRIANS!

January 01, 2002 - Msg 4114: Happy New Year Porchsters

January 01, 2002 - Msg 4115: Happy New Year Porchsters~New Neighbor

January 01, 2002 - Msg 4116: Me and Otis had too much shine last night. I need some of Aunt Bee's chicken. -Rawley Rascal

January 01, 2002 - Msg 4117: Hello porch... It's a brand new year and I am excited. What resolutions have you all commited to? It's 3:00 in the afternoon here. How many resolutions have you already broken? I decided to put off my diet till tomorrow. Course we have a party we are throwing this Saturday, so maybe I'll put it off till Monday. But the play-offs are in full swing and I hate to diet when they is in progress so maybe I'll wait till they is finished...But that brings us almost to valentines day and me and the Mrs. always go out for valentines day...
But my other resolution will be easy to keep. Procrastination!!! I will not procrastinate at all this year...


January 01, 2002 - Msg 4118: Asa, you're such a nut!

January 01, 2002 - Msg 4119: Same Auld Lang Syne right back atcha Jennie...


January 01, 2002 - Msg 4120: Good evening porch friends. Has everyone had a good first day? Asa I hope you keep your resolutions. Just don't be forgettin our training now. We cant be a procrastinating at that! So, you gonna have any cider at this party?? And are you gonna invite your team members? We love a good party. Have a great night. I gotta hit the sack. 5 o colck comes awfuly early in the morning. But I have the weekend off. Yee Haw! Nite porch--Salty Dog

January 01, 2002 - Msg 4121: Evening Porch! Asa you are a caution! You have been such a warm addition to this here porch! I didn't make any resolutions, I always break them anyway, so this way I don't break one. LOL

January 01, 2002 - Msg 4122: Happy New Year...Day One!

January 01, 2002 - Msg 4123: I had to force a sweep so I could update the Archives area for the new year. Happy New Year to everybody!

January 01, 2002 - Msg 4124: Same to you Floyd. Sorry you had to come sweep up the porch after us on new years day like that.
Your all welcome to the party at my house on Saturday. We can make it our Pre-season warm up ice breaker boogaloo. No cider though. (at least not so's you'd notice) and plenty of team goal setting. I think I'll have Romeena come and give us a motivational speech, cause that e-mail she sent me was mighty powerful and thought provoking. And when you can make me think, thats saying something. Mrs. Wiley will be there to make any last minute alterations to your costum... err I mean uniforms. So ya'll show up.


January 01, 2002 - Msg 4125: Good evenin', and happy new year to the Porch. Well, I'll see ya.

*Rafe Hollister
"I know what century it is, Andy."

January 02, 2002 - Msg 4126: MERLE DEAN says "Happy New Year !"
Hope everyone made it through the new year safe and happy.
Back at work....ugh....all these pennies to count. Another year...another audit

January 02, 2002 - Msg 4127: Hello ya'll. . .back to a full day of school today!
Asa - you are a scream. . .you forgot to mention the Olympics. . you'll have all the victory celebrations to go to because you are such a celebrity and a coach too. Can I have your "Auto-graph" for my book?
Merle Dean, be happy that you don't have to convert those pennies into the Europenny - that would be a sight to behold. But you are so smart you could do the ciphering right there in your head.

Oh well. . .on to the youngins!


January 02, 2002 - Msg 4128: It's Monday on Wednesday! ~ Mrs. Wiley
back at work - ugh!

January 02, 2002 - Msg 4129: I guess that's better than Monday on Saturday! ;-)

January 02, 2002 - Msg 4130: Good Afternoon Porch!

- Dopie

January 02, 2002 - Msg 4131: I wish every week had Monday on Wednesday, Mrs. Wiley. It would sure be nice to just work 3 days a week.

January 02, 2002 - Msg 4132: Saay...that's funny! HAha...3 days a week, yes. (is he on the stage?)
~ Mrs. Wiley (doing a poor impression of Floyd)

January 02, 2002 - Msg 4133: Good evening porch, it is actually snowing a little bit here:) We are only supposed to get about 4 inches but thats fine I can handle that. Is Asa partying again? What ARE we gonna do with with him.. What are we gonna do? I'm for this 3 day work week too. Can we vote on it? Yall have a good evening I've got homemade soup and cornbread for supper everyones welcome! Later--Salty Dog

January 02, 2002 - Msg 4134: I'm on my way over Salty Dog. Homemade soup on a bitter cold day like we've had today sounds real good. And hot fresh cornbread smothered in butter. Oh wow, I drooling all over my keyboard.
That Mrs. Wiley takes off on Floyd good, don't she?
Ya really want my autograph Homemaker. Gosh, yer the first one to ask me for that, cep't that cop that pulled me over that one time. And I had to pay him. SHEESH


January 02, 2002 - Msg 4135: Miss Ellie please check in so's we know you ain't covered up with snow & that ya'll are ok down there. I saw on tv that the snow is in yer neck of the woods. The rest of ya'll, behave, & act like somebody! Salty Dog that soup sure sounds good, I'm on the way right now!

January 02, 2002 - Msg 4136: Hey folks! After a long weekend with some vacation time, back to work I went today. But hey, that's life, through and through.


January 02, 2002 - Msg 4137: Wonder what causes that?

January 02, 2002 - Msg 4138: Hey ya'll! Has anybody written the date wrong yet? I went back to the 90's today! Wonder what causes that? Soup and cornbread sounds so good SD. I'm on my way with the stuff to make snow ice cream afterwards. Has anybody seen Romeena? Hope she's not tangled in Christmas lights. Asa maybe you better go see if she needs help, since you helped her get them up. I'm ready for practice. When we gonna start? I'm ready to get my uniform. Merle Dean I used to count money for a bank (NBC in Bessemer)before my son came along. I know all about audits, and the sleeping guards Asa!--Helen

January 02, 2002 - Msg 4139: Hello porch friends, We have about 2 1/2 inches and it is still falling. Calling for several by morning. Had fun chatting with Asa tonight! Bless his heart. Any one for snow cream and hot chocolate? I promise, no spiking it this time. Have a great night. Hopefully the phones won't go out, lotta ice and snow out there!--Salty Dog

January 03, 2002 - Msg 4140: Morning Porch! I'm off to work again, dadburn it! I need some time off! Salty Dog we didn't get any of your snow, but they are calling for it this week-end, as long as it lets me get back to the house before it starts I'll be fine.

January 03, 2002 - Msg 4141: Mavis, all you need is a team of them Doxies to drive you back home. hee hee.
I wonder if Salty Dog needs some help cleaning the driveway? Don't hurt yerself just before we are to commence spring training. I know you like that back cracker but we need you ready to play.
First practice will be this monday at Mrs. Wiley's. There will be a team party thia saturday at my house where you will be issued uniforms. Please bring your official verification with you to the party, and no writing on the walls, as writing on the walls is very difficult to clean off. Bring comfortable shoes cause we will be running a lot. Or YOU will be running a lot. A good time will be had by all. :)


January 03, 2002 - Msg 4142: MERLE DEAN says "Hey"
Helen--NBC...I have a couple of sales reps that use to be with NBC...smal world. In fact one of them lives in Bessemer.
We had some ice this morning here in Bama...slip slided my way to work...only 5 minutes late.
Hope everyone has a bright and shiny day.
Should I make a sign for the party this weekend.
"Listen to music under the Stars"(Barney)
"Forget the sign?"(Barney)
"I would" (Andy)

January 03, 2002 - Msg 4143: Sorry for all you people that have to go to work. I retired last June after 30 years of teaching school. We are expecting snow here on Sunday but that don't get me near as excited as it used to. Got a good fire in the fire place, coffee in the pot, and the Vols won the Cirtus Bowl. All is right with the world.

The Rock

January 03, 2002 - Msg 4144: Hey everyone! We have about 6 inches and calling for more this afternoon and Saturday. Mavis, you can come over here and play in the snow here if ya want to. Asa is this party gonna be a plain clothes operation? I gotta brown suits thats pretty plain. Are we really gonna get our new uniforms? Cause I can't play without a uniform. Well I'm goin back outside. Later-Salty Dog

January 03, 2002 - Msg 4145: "You shore can't play WITH one!"

January 03, 2002 - Msg 4146: Good Afternoon Porch!

- Dopie

January 03, 2002 - Msg 4147: Hi Dopie, wanna go fishin'?

January 03, 2002 - Msg 4148: Afternoon Porch! You people are a mess you know that? I can't play without a uniform neither & I hope it ain't got no mildew on it! You can't do nothin about mildew ya know! Just ask Clara.

January 03, 2002 - Msg 4149: Hey ya'll! Let's take it easy at first. How's about we all break out the old salt and pepper for our first practice so we make sure we don't break a sweat. Oh my Asa, I am terrible afeared that I will be nothing but a trial and a heartache to you as I am not fond of breaking a sweat. That's why I just wanta be way out in the field. (With my Little Debbie's of course) I can get you quite a deal. My favorite it fudge brownies. Anyone else have a favorite?
Fun Girl

January 03, 2002 - Msg 4150: "Dang Goinit, this is turn out to be a sin town"(Barney)"Gee Pa, can't I just try it once?"

January 03, 2002 - Msg 4151: Hey Merle Dean, it's your shocks. I aint seen you in a coons age. Uncle Ollie

January 03, 2002 - Msg 4152: Now I'm kinda partial to them marshmellow chocolate pies fun girl. If you get me some of them I'll put you way way out in right field.
Mavis, Mrs Wiley insists there is no mildew on them uniforms. So don't you fret none.
And Salty Dog you can wear your civies to the party. But you must wear the uniform to practice on monday. I hear yer a little hard looking in yer civies. hee hee.


January 03, 2002 - Msg 4153: Asa, you're a hoot dear! Tell us, will you be bringing the official starting gun to practice for running laps? Cause when you raise the official starting gun, you will fire the gun and then we will hear a shot. Then we may run.

~ Mrs. Wiley

January 03, 2002 - Msg 4154: I would hate to use my gun Mrs. Wiley. I still ain't made it over to the hardware store to get them screws, and the idea of holding that above my head and pulling the trigger sends shivers down my spine. Thats how I get the misery in my back, when my spine commences to shivering, so I try and not do that so much. Maybe Uncle Ollie will come and brang his gun. I hear he's an expert.


January 03, 2002 - Msg 4155: Congratluations to The Rock for 30 years of successful teaching. I am on year 15 (I have lost count because the years tend to blend together).

We were hoping that the next storm system might bring a little snow our way - just enough for a two hour delay or maybe one snow day. I know that sounds awful but facing a shivering school (remember my school is tore apart from construction and it is cold there) - so a snow day doesn't sound too bad!

And Fun Girl make sure you have plenty of swiss cake rolls and peanut butter bars - ooo, I love swisscake rolls enough to yodel for them. yodelalilo!

Asa, sould you just a get a new pea for your whistle instead of using the starting gun?


January 03, 2002 - Msg 4156: long day Asa - I hit the cider tonite. .COULD you get a new pea for your whistle?

January 03, 2002 - Msg 4157: Good evening porch friends, It is a cold night in my corner of the porch. Fun girl, bring some PB and J cakes and some of those with the carmel cookie stuff in the middle.The PBJ ones are hard to find around here. I cant decide between the two. OK Asa I'll wear my uniform on Monday. Are you gonna wear your guard uniform to the party? Do we need to bring any food? I make a mean mozzarella pizza pie. See yall later--Salty Dog

January 03, 2002 - Msg 4158: Are you girls gonna wear earrings to Asa's party? I can't decide.
- Hazel

January 03, 2002 - Msg 4159: Hazel, I am, if Asa thinks we're all "girly" and everything maybe he'll take it easy on us. Have we come up with a name? How 'bout the Bullets. I know that name is used for the Newsletter, but I wasn't creative enough to come up with anything else.Just throwin' one out there. HEY ROMEENA, NEW NEIGHBOR,WHERE ARE YA'LL!--Helen

January 03, 2002 - Msg 4160: Well I'll tell ya what, If Asa aint wearing any earrings then we'll sneak behind the bushes and take them off!! Hee Hee. How about Breeneys Beauties? Or we could just be the Mayberry Mustangs. Later SD

January 03, 2002 - Msg 4161: My favorite Little Debbie is the Raisen Creme Pies, & the banana twins. Those are my favs cause nobody else in the house likes them so I know they will always be in the cabinet when I get a craving. teehee I don't think I'm gonna wear earrings girls, they get all hung up in my cap & make me walk funny. I like Asa's Ace's for the team name. Miss Ellie please check in & let us know you are ok, I see ya'll got lots of snow down yer way & I'm getting worried.
I'm off to bed porch, ya'll try to keep it down & BEHAVE!

January 04, 2002 - Msg 4162: Wake up folks!! Have a wonderful Mayberry Morning!

January 04, 2002 - Msg 4163: Morning porch. I hope Asa has the ball caps he's gonna issue us numbered; I don't want to accidently get someone elses. I can't stand to wear a hat that's been on someone elses head. My mother was the same way.
Keep a good thought.
- Hazel

January 04, 2002 - Msg 4164: Didn't see ya up there, Floyd. We was posting at the same time. I'm up, I'm up! All you gotta do is snap your fingers and boy, I'm up.
- Hazel

January 04, 2002 - Msg 4165: That Hazel Fife sure has a lot of quirks about her, don't she. I wonder if she has a clock in her stomach?
Good to see ya Floyd. How is Floyd Lawson Enterprises doing in this economy?
BTW The party Saturday is potluck so everyone bring a dish (besides youself tee hee) that we will all enjoy. Sounds like S.D. has the pizza covered, and F.G. is bringing sweets.
I forgot to mention we will be having the team picture taken so you may wish to wear them earrings. And John Masters will be teaching us how to sing the National Anthem. He don't want us making Mayberry look bad when we sing. (I think he's a nut.)
Well, I think thats everything, so you all have a nice Friday and we will see you here at my place tomorrow evening.


January 04, 2002 - Msg 4166: Howdy, friends! I'm not lost, just been working waaaay more than I wanted to. Seems like everybody this side of Old Man Kelsey's Ocean decided to have a baby in the last three days. I declare, if one more comes waddling in, we're gonna have to put in bunk beds!
Can I bring chocolate covered cranberries to the party Saturday? Mmmm, are they good! Don't knock 'em till you've tried 'em! They're kinda little, though - what else can I bring? Oh, and is Sugarplum supposed to attend? I know she's of the canine persuasion, but she is the official mascot, and she behaves better than a lot of people's kids.
Well, just got home from work, gotta go get my dad and take him to Sam's to buy candy. He buys about $150 worth a month, and keeps himself busy passing it out to the other residents in his retirement residence. They call him the Candy Man, of course.
BTW, do we have a scorekeeper for the games? If not, I'd like to nominate Tom. I know he'd do a good job, and it would be a treat to have him around.
Have a great day, friends, and I'll see you at Asa's tomorrow night.--Romeena

January 04, 2002 - Msg 4167: MERLE DEAN says "Hey"
Uncle Ollie....you are a sight for sore eyes !
Good to hear from ya...hope you had a Mayberry kinda Holiday and New Year.
With all this food talk...making me hungry.
I'll bring the pickles if ya need any.
Should I wear my hat for the picture ?
"Does my heart good to see a thin man eat."
"Don't do that MERLE!"(Andy)

January 04, 2002 - Msg 4168: Well Merle Dean if you bring the pickles I'll bring the heavy soup, I hope Mrs Foster don't bring any of her chicken-a-la-king, it awful, it taste like wall paper paste. Uncle Ollie "She's a blond alright, a blond right out of a bottle."

January 04, 2002 - Msg 4169: Mornin porch. Homemaker you hang in there, you'll be surprised how fast those next 15 years go. Was watchin Hogan's Heros last night and noticed that it was directed by Howard Morris. Is there nothing that man can't do. Asa sounds like a dang good party. If were are going to make team pictures make sure that picture taker person has a wide angle lens, I take up a lot of picture space. Maybe some of that thar panaramic film would be good.

The Rock

"If honesty is the best policy, how come I'm out a cap pistol" (Opie)

January 04, 2002 - Msg 4170: Good afternoon porch friends, it is finally startint to warm up a little here. Ro, those cranberries sound good. I think we need sugarplum there if Asa is gonna take our picture. We'll even see that she has some treats at the games. She's gonna have to keep up her strength too! Well Asa are you sure you're up to all of us coming over? I hope Mrs. Asa dosen't mind a bunch of women coming over to see you. hee hee. Have a great day--Salty Dog

January 04, 2002 - Msg 4171: Hey you know what my old coach used to say? A team without a score keeper is like a star without its glimmer. Thats what my old coach used to say. The coach I had when I studied softball.

January 04, 2002 - Msg 4172: Hey Merle Dean, none of them kerosene cucumbers though. Bring some good store bought kind. Don't forget your goose down piller Ollie, in case you has to stay overnight. I know how you love that goose down piller.


January 04, 2002 - Msg 4173: Naw--I keep the good pickles in a suitcase in case I have to go visit my cousin in Raleigh...the one y'all don't know.
Sounds like we got a plan...look forward to it.
"OOOOO, and maybe some pizza...with mazarella...love that pizza with mazarella!"
or Chili ?
"You want something to eat Andj?"(Barney)
"I've got some chili on the hot plate."(Barney)
"You want some?"(Barney)
"Go on try some."
"Here"(Barney shoving spoonful towards Andy)
"NO THANKS!"(Andy)

January 04, 2002 - Msg 4174: Oh Romeena, of course Sugarplum should be here. Bring her, and Tom, and them cranberry things. They sound good to me. Saly Dog, my wife's a good sport. She won't mind, at least I don't think she will... Maybe I best send her shopping just to be safe, you reckon?


January 04, 2002 - Msg 4175: Asa, with that misery in your back and shivering in your spine, maybe the purty doctor had better have a look at you. Went in this morning and I am feeling better already.

As for the Little Debbies, my favorite used to be apple spice cakes, but I haven't seen them for quite a while. I may have to rent a U-Haul to get everybodys orders there, but I can do it. Now I'll have to charge you all for the snack cakes. I don't make no charge for water and air, but I gotta charge for snack cakes. How long do you think I'd stay in business if I didn't make a charge for snack cakes, water and air though, they're free.

Fun Girl

January 04, 2002 - Msg 4176: Hey Asa, you asked how Floyd Lawson Enterprises was doing....fair to midlin'. ;)

January 04, 2002 - Msg 4177: Happy Birthday to Jelsick!

January 04, 2002 - Msg 4178: That's one thing I love about this place, you folks sure do love to eat, & you know, eatin speaks louder than words! Romeena maybe that baby boom you got going on is cause of the full moon we just had, I know the dogs have been little brats this week, got bit 3 times in one week! Happens on the full moon & the new moon. Reckon the Darlins got an incant for that? Asa you got a hat for SugarPlum?
I am soooo glad the b & w eps are back on TVLand!

January 04, 2002 - Msg 4179: Howdy all! Has everyone had a good Friday? Our snow is almost gone but they're calling for more tomorrow night. I think Sugarplum needs a little sweater too. She'd be cute. It's about time the b&w eps get back on but are they not gonna do a tags marathon now? My videos are about played to death. I need some more. I only have about 15 or 20 or so.:) Well I gotta work tomorrow(sigh) so I'll see yall in the morning. Nite--Salty Dog

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4180: Good Morning!! Am I the first one out here this morning? Come on up and at em....We got training to do. Rise and shine "SNAP!" Get to it! I've already done my morning routine and now I'm havng my routine coffee out here.I better hear somone else out here! Later--Salty Dog


January 05, 2002 - Msg 4181: Mornin Salty! I sure wish I had TV Land. I can only get eps when they come on Nickelodeon. I have about 60 eps or so, but I know theres ones I'm missing. Maybe when I move back to the big city, I'll get tvland. I'm headin out to the beauty parlor to get myself in shape for Asa's party. Need to find some earrings. It's coolish here in Fla, got down to the upper 30's last night, but I still haven't had to use the heat yet. So bring shorts AND sweaters when y'all come down for spring training.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Aunt Bea: "(snap fingers) GET TO IT!"

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4182: Just watched that epp yesterday, I love it when Aun't Bea does that too Salty!

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4183: You mean I am the first to post this morning?? Where is everybody? HHAAALLLLOOOO

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4184: Well wonder what caused that? I hit the refresh button & it didn't change a thing! Morning there Mrs. Wiley

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4185: Morning Porch, Mrs. Wiley, Mavis, Salty Dog. I had to sleep in so's I'd be fresh fer the festivities tonite. But ol S.D. and Mavis is purty noisy. I wish you guys would be a little more like me when I'm the first one up. Very light on my feet. And ever so quiet. So Mrs. Wiley, yer getting yerself all adorned fer the party, aren't ya kind.
Well I best go get Mrs. Asa up so she can clean the house fer ya. After that I need to see to it that she cooks up some vittles fer the party. I tell ya I'm always on the go, I never get to rest.


January 05, 2002 - Msg 4186: I'll tell you what Asa. As soon as you can get a break from getting Mrs Asa to clean house, cook the vittles, and set the table maybe me and you need to go out for a game of golf so you can relax and unwind before the big party tonight. Mornin Salty Dog, Mrs Wiley and Mavis.

The Rock

"Yes Sir, nothing I like better than a day out on the links" (Barney)

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4187: Morning Mrs. Wiley, Mavis, Salty, Asa. Aren't ya kind, Asa, getting yer wife up so she can clean the house and do the cooking. Very considerate. Oh, I'm gonna bring meatballs to the potluck. They'll be good; not like Lillians. I got the receipe out of my Aunt Bee cookbook. They are guaranteed to make you strong as an ox and almost as bright. You guys better eat them, I will be checking the bushes later so don't spit em there. Well, best go get myself adorned too.
- Hazel

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4188: Oops, didn't see ya there Rock. Morning. See ya tonight.
- Hazel

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4189: Good afternoon porch, Mavis I'm glad you finally got this crew up and going this morning. I tried but maybe I was just too quiet:) Are we gona have this much trouble out of them when we have away games?. Hello to Hazel Rock, and Mrs.Wiley.(no coffee tea or punch Thank You) Asa I gotta work a little while tonight but I'll be there. Can I swang by and pick up the Darlins on the way? They all keyed up about the party. See ya'll later I got my earings on already!--Salty Dog

You might want to get an early start....
The Robert E Lee natural bridge gets purty rough after daylight.

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4190: Mavis, thanks for asking after us. We got about 12 inches of snow. Things are fine. No one lost electricity, but my computer sits in a cold corner of the house and I've had a bad cold so I haven't been at it much. I'm starting to get chilly now, especially my feet, so I'm fixing to log off.
Happy New Year ! Hey to everyone !
Miss Ellie
"Everyone complains about the weather but no one does anything about it." Calvin Coolidge (nope Mark Twain)

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4191: Hey to the Porch!
Guess who?
Juanita! (the old one!)
Yep. Since we've chatted....I've gotten married (to a wonderful human being)
in April....
We are gonna have a little lump of sugar!
It's great to see some of the old timers still here! If you want to email me its
Long Time

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4192: Congratulations Juanita!! Girls sounds like a baby shower is in order before long, girls. Boy, this porch is a buzzin' today. Everybody excited about "the event" tonight. I got all cracked up (chiropractor again)this mornin' so I'm feeling good for tonight. Asa tell your wife to sit down, sounds like we'll have plenty with everybody bringin' something. I can bring the cake (shaped like a bat) and some potato salad and I know they're will be a lot of Little Debbies there. So take it easy. See you uns' tonight!--Helen

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4193: LOOKING FOR QUALITY DVDS
Does anyone know where to find TAGS on DVD(good quality)? Why has no [definitive] DVD collection emerged? I would be happy to buy all the B&W episodes in a heart beat....thanks Reader

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4194: Welcome Home Juanita don't stay gone so long next time! Helen since yer bringing a cake shaped like a bat, I'll bring deviled 'bat' eggs. Get it? teehee I kill me!

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4195: You know moths can get in your hair, lay moth eggs and yoy'll go crazy too. Excuse me I think I've already been in the card hider. Boy I can't wait until the party starts.

The Rock

"Poor Miss Bendle Might" ( Barney)

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4196: Boy oh boy, Sounds like Rock is got hisself all primed fer the party. I can't tell but that Mavis is not far behind. Deviled bat eggs? We gonna have some fun. Ya'll warm up yer larnx's cause John Masters is here already to start practicing the national anthem. (I still think he's a nut)
Hurry up Salty Dog. Hazel is eyeing up my lampshade as we speak... whats that?.. os sorry John.... alright alright.. calm down


January 05, 2002 - Msg 4197: Hi Asa, John Masters and Rock(ette), I brought my famous "parmesan fritters"! Parmesan, black pepper, red pepper slivered almonds and a bit of corn meal. Bake till they make little flat pancakes...mmmMM! Great with hard cider! "Thank you, don't mind if I do!".

I was just gettin out of the shower to come over here and see on the news that a plane crashed into an office building in Tampa (about 9 miles from my front door). Hope you don't mind if I keep one eye on the tv.

~ Mrs. Wiley
(Gearing up for that lampshade!)

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4198: I'm back.The party can start now!! Save me a lampshade too. I dont take to them buckets too well, might have to use my brain. Sounds like a lot of food. Well I'm on my way gotta git the Darlins they was insistin on bringing some fish muddle. See yall in a bit! Mrs. Wiley you be careful--Salty Dog

Whats the name of the game??
Thank you don't mind if I do!

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4199: Wow, the party's in full swing now. From the chandeliers that is. Say, who brought the leg of lamb? Asa's favorite dish? And I'm not sure who invited Goober, but here he comes, dragging that albatross with him. Oh well, the more the merrier.
- Hazel

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4200: Looks like it was a teenager that stole the plane. no other injuries. "Everything is OK in Mayberry!" Now, lets sing good 'ol 14-A! ~ Mrs. Wiley

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4201: Hey Goober, take off on Edward G. Robinson!

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4202: Hey yall, gald you're OK Mrs. Wiley. Did Asa ever come down off the roof? What was he doin up there anyway? He said something about light bulbs but I dont know he's been up there a long time! OK, who took my lampshade? I left it right here when I went to get Briscoe out of the hot tub. If anyone finds it let me know. Later--Salty Dog

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4203: Boy oh Boy! Asa you sure do know how to throw a shindig! Are we all meeting back at your place next Sat? I'll bring the Mulberry Squeezins getting kinda tired of card hider I mean hard cider, body needs a change now & then ya know!

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4204: Salty, I saw Mr. Schwump with yer lampshade.
- Hazel

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4205: Oh yeah, & who ever that is singin No Count Mule & garglin, make sure you are done by time we go to bed, I need all the rest I can get, climbin to that roof & talkin Asa down was hard work, & do you know he had TWO lampshades up there with him, caught him giving a little bitty one to SugarPlum!

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4206: You guys are a treasure fer sure. What a great party. That Hazel is a hoot. And Mavis, girl you can sing. Salty Dog, full of life and good jokes, and man that Mrs. Wiley can dance up a storm. Then there's Romeena and Sugarplum all gussied up. This has been a riot. But my cow is missing. Anyone wanna fess up? Hmmmmm?


January 05, 2002 - Msg 4207: Was Suagrplum on the roof too?? Oh man, Asa is being a bad influence on her too! I bet he was getting the pink elephant off the roof for Hazel she was fighting with it earlier. Well I'm gonna go on to bed now. Had enough excitement for one night. Wheres Mrs. Bendlemright? Wasn't she going to stop by? Nite porch--Salty Dog

Oh the dipsy doodle is a thing to beware
The dipsy doodle won't get in your hair....
That the way the dipsy doodle works!

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4208: Hey Asa, me and Mavis rode the cow down to the pool. We was gonna see if it could swim but the pool was frozen and we couldn't get any ice skates on it! So ,it may still be down there!--SD

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4209: Nite S.D. Watch out fer them pink elephants on yer ceiling.


January 05, 2002 - Msg 4210: Asa you sure know how to throw a party! Hey, did anybody lose any earrings? I found a lot in the flower pots. Skatin' cows and pink elephants. Did you let the elephants out again Asa? See ya'll in church tomorrow. Nite!--Helen

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4211: Sounds like we need to be in church!

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4212: So long as nobody brings the cow!

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4213: Asa I told you I had a high roof to my mouth! Now ya wanta hear me sing Eatin' Goober Peas?
Nite all goin to bed & hope the snow comes.

January 05, 2002 - Msg 4214: Alright! Who put that lampshade on my little Sugarplum? Poor little thing, looked like my little Yorkie did after he had eye surgery. It had its advantage for Sugarplum, though. It kept her from getting into the cider! Don't know what that puppy would do if she got into the cider! She's never had any, you know, being from a teetotaling home. All those rumors about me and cider - well, you know how the menfolk here in Mayberry like to gossip.
Great party, Asa. We all had a wonderful time. Hope Mrs. Asa wasn't too upset about all her lampshades getting bent and dented. Most of 'em are salvageable, but I don't know about the one the cow wore down to the pool. She left it there, and the weather probably ruined it. Personally, I'd make the cow pay for it.
Well, see you in church. I may be a bit late, gotta drop the Plum off at home. She's not allowed in church, you see. Discrimination, that's what it is.--Romeena

January 06, 2002 - Msg 4215: Good morning porch. Is everyone awake yet? No snow here or not much anyways mostly sleet.Asa, you sure can throw a bash man. Is Mrs Asa terrible upset with us? We'll be better next time I promise. Mavis probably has a sore throat from all that singing last night. Well have a great day. I'm off to work for a little while.Later--Salty Dog

January 06, 2002 - Msg 4216: What a fun party Asa! I agree with you, that John Masters is a NUT! Helen, I may have a pair of earrings in that flowerpot, I'll swing by and get them on the way to Church.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Opie:"Hey Johnny Paul...don't be surprised if someone gets killed!"

January 06, 2002 - Msg 4217: Hey Salty Dog, and Romeena. Looks like everyone else is sleeping it off this morning. That was a great party wasn't it? If you girls play ball like you party, we is gonna whip Mt. Pilot real good this year. Mrs. Asa had a good time so don't go frettin none about her. We keep finding these little brown things hidden all over the place. At first I was blaming SugarPlum, but then we realized it was Hazel's meatballs. They is all over the place Hazel. I think folks was saving them fer later Hazel and plum forgot about them, so don't go beating yerself up inside or nothing like that.
I sure hope you don't have to work to hard S.D. You gotta have a massive headache this morning. And Romeena has got to be... well lets just say she was... that is she... uh... well she...didn't really drink per say... uhhh... someone spiked the punch. yea.. thats what happened, someone spiked the punch. And she happened to be very thirsty, poor dear.
Well we will see ya at preachin later. Wonder what the sermon will be on? Have a good day all.


January 06, 2002 - Msg 4218: Hey Mrs. Wiley, you sneaked up on me. You gotta be stiff from all that dancing you was doing. Where did you learn to do the twist like that? If I fing yer earrings I'll run em over to you dear. Later.


January 06, 2002 - Msg 4219: Fing??? I meant find. I'm a little blurry eyed still I reckon. Oh don't say still... What a mess I've made of my life...


January 06, 2002 - Msg 4220: Thanks Asa, yep I'm havin to soak my feet in epsom salts. That's what happens when you were a child in the 60's, a teen in the 70's and a young adult in the 80's. (once a party girl, always a party girl)

~ Mrs. Wiley

January 06, 2002 - Msg 4221: "git them girls outta here!"

January 06, 2002 - Msg 4222: help. Salty could you come over here? I was drinking one of Andy's fixer-uppers and I think I'm choking on a raw egg. hurry. Plewey! Thanks Salty. Asa, could we get retakes of them team pictures last night. I'm almost positive I had my lampshade on instead of my ballcap. Sorry. Maybe we could all do it when we get together over to your place next week. You asked if we play ball like we party; you bet we do. Mt. Pilot won't even see us coming. Does rehearsal still start tomorrow? I'm mean practice?
- Hazel

January 06, 2002 - Msg 4223: Morning Porch! Thanks for keeping it down, don't know if my head could have took all that noise that usually goes on here in the mornings. Yep my throat is a little on the hoarse side this morning, but it was worth every minute of it. Can't wait til next week.

January 06, 2002 - Msg 4224: Little brown things?? Sugarplum? Wonder what Asa meant by that? Hmmm? Awww, no, surely he wasn't thinking that! Sugarplum? Not her, she's a little lady. (Most of the time.)
Seriously, friends, for just a moment... My sweet grandson leaves this evening for Guantanamo in Cuba. He'll be there for at least six months, guarding Afghan POWs as they're brought in. I'm not too thrilled about it, but am very grateful he's not going to the Middle East. He should be pretty safe in Cuba. Personally, I'll be glad when they locate that miserable bin Laden and his henchmen and bring them to justice.
Where is Tom? I've missed him the last few days. Tom, are you okay? Everyone agrees we need you to be scorekeeper at the games, so rest up and take care of yourself, but do make a trip by the porch frequently, so's we'll know you're okay.
Have a great Sabbath afternoon, friends. --Romeena

January 06, 2002 - Msg 4225: Could everyone keep a good thought for my husband and his family? His sister died late last night and he's got an awful lot to deal with right now. Thanks gang.
- Hazel

January 06, 2002 - Msg 4226: Prayers for your Mr. and your family, Hazel. I'm so sorry. ~ Mrs. Wiley

January 06, 2002 - Msg 4227: Prayers for your grandson Romeena & prayers for your husband & his family Hazel coming from this end of the porch.

January 06, 2002 - Msg 4228: Prayers for your grandson Romeena, you must be nervous but plenty proud also. Thank goodness for young men like him.
And you know I'm praying for you and your family Hazel. Just so you guys know, Mr. Hazel was on his way up to his sisters house to see her, but she passed away before he could get there. I pray things will be ok for all you folks Hazel.


January 06, 2002 - Msg 4229: Good evening porch, is everyone recovered from last night? Sorry I'm late today. After work I had some errands to run. Then I had to go to the grocery store. I was totaly out of coffee and shower gel. Wonder what caused that?? Oh plus I was out of asprin too. Now Asa I cant imagine why you would blame the little brown things on the plum...our one and only mascot? I saw New Neighbor and Fun Girl using them for batting practice last night. And they were using MY pizza crust for bats too. Hazel I am sorry about your husbands sister. You are in my prayers as well. God bless you all. Now where is Tom, are we gonna have to go find him? Yall have a good nite--Salty Dog

January 06, 2002 - Msg 4230: Bless your heart Miss Ellie. A bad cold huh? I wish I could be your next door neighbor- I'd bring you some soup. Please take care of yourself.
Prayers for all those who need them.

January 06, 2002 - Msg 4231: Greetings and Happey New Year Mayberrians! Glad to be a member of TAGSRWC. This is a great site; lots to do and a great place to escape the everyday humdrum of the world as we know it.

January 07, 2002 - Msg 4232: MERLE DEAN says "Hey"
CONGRATS Juanita ! That's somethin' real special.
Miss Ellie....soak it. Hope ya feel better :-)
I know I disucssed this years ago but it never ceases to amaze me how many hidden TAGS fans there are in this world. I was in a meeting the other day talking about writing reviews. How we'd have to come in and pull files and reports in the morning and write summaries and etc...and then I said at the end..."And it's a fun day" like Andy said to Opie about shopping with women. The other person in the meeting said..."Well, lotsa luck to you and yours". We just laughed.
Makes ya feel good to know their are NO atheists in foxholes and there's a TAGS fan in every meeting *smile*
"Shawnee, I lived among'em....They're DEVILS!"(Col. Harvey)

January 07, 2002 - Msg 4233: I think I'll break out my broom here for Floyd and see if I can't clean this place up a little. I hate it when it gets all dusty around here.
I've never had that kinda luck Merle. When I come off with a quote like that everyone looks at me like I'm a nut, which I am. I just wished they wouldn't look at me like I am one. Oh well, suach is life.
Practice at 4:30 at Mrs. Wiley's girls. Be prepared to swear and work hard and be champion's cause thats what you are, CHAMPIONS...


January 07, 2002 - Msg 4234: Whoop,s Be prepared to sweat, not swear. I swear my bad typing is gonna be the end of me some day. I guess I should proof read it BEFORE I post, what a novel idea.


January 07, 2002 - Msg 4235: Isn't that a great feeling Merle Dean? I don't get responses like that unless I'm back home with family. We're the only "nuts" we know. Y'all bring a sweater to practice, we got a cold drizzle happening. And if you MUST swear, do it in the outfield where's nobody can hear. Asa, you got your official pea for the official starting whistle?

~ Mrs. Wiley
practicing on her vintage 1964 "pitch-back".

January 07, 2002 - Msg 4236: "BOING....whap.BOING....whap.BOING....whap."

January 07, 2002 - Msg 4237: Afternoon porch. Sorry to hear the bad news Hazel, prayers to you and yours. Asa, sounds like you got a compelsion. You know like washing your hands all the time. That a hand washing compelsion. I think you got a "don't proof read" compelsion. Sigmund Frude wrote about that a long time ago. Maybe is we win a trophy this season we can put it in that "Smith Brothers Institution" in Washington D.C..

The Rock

"You ought to get a job on one of them excursion boats" (Barney)