January 23, 2002 - Msg 4569: MERLE DEAN says "Hey"
*Mavis...my prayers for you and yours !
Tom ....we should call your "Preacher"...no not creature...."Preacher!" *smile*
Asa in honor of your big meeting.
"Anything you have say to the Sheriff you can say to me"(Barney)
"We'll wait." (T-man/ Rance Howard)
I love Barney's reaction to that.
"You me and Laura Lee Hobbs will be here to greet it!"(Andy)

January 23, 2002 - Msg 4570: Tom and Romeena, That is a beautiful thought, about going with the Lord instead of taking him with you. Makes you think. Ro, I'm sorry about the d' word post. Try to shelter them and that's what happens.
Salty Dog, what kind of furkid do you have? I don't think I've ever heard you say.
Hazel, I'll try to make the apple pies, Mavis may even send me the extra calories and fat. That should make them extry good. I've never made any either so ya'll can be my testers. ;)
Asa, I'm glad you have good eyes now, to watch out for any bad guys. I know everythings in good hands there at the village. ;)
MERLE DEAN, I like the preacher "idee" too. That Tom is a blessing. Starts the day off right doesn't he? Ya'll have a good 'un!--Helen

January 23, 2002 - Msg 4571: G'morning, friends! Thanks for the kind words, everyone, but the Plum didn't see that string of name-callin'. I scrolled past it before she came back in the room, so no harm done. I'm glad, her little heart is so sweet and innocent, wouldn't want her to be exposed to the rougher side of life.
Salty and Hazel, I used to have a recipe for fried apricot pies that were so good you'd near 'bout have a spell! My aunt used to make them. If you wrapped them in a paper towel you could just walk around munchin' on 'em. If you ate 'em at the table, she'd sprinkle 'em with powdered sugar and give you a good-sized dollop of sour cream to dip into, or spread on, or whatever. Gooooo-oood! I've made 'em a few times, years ago. Not quite as good as hers, but still dee-lish. (Sorry, Helen. I know how that word irritates you.) I reckon you could substitute apples or peaches if you wanted to. As for fat and calories, they won't need any added. Got enough of their own. 'Course, it helps if you eat them standing up. Everyone knows calories consumed in that position just sort of lose their potency.
Hmmm - "Preacher Tom. I like that. Has a real nice ring to it. I'd vote for it. What do you think, Tom? --Romeena

January 23, 2002 - Msg 4572: Hello porch friends, I'm back from work now so I can relax for a spell. Asa good luck with the FBI thing. Now do a good job and act like somebody. hee hee. Helen, my fur kid is a miniture German shepherd. He thinks he is big and bad but he's really just a big ol softie.If he was as big as he thinks he is he'd be dangerous. But I'd love him no matter how big he is.I'm for the preacher Tom thing how about we make him our team chaplain? See ya later--Salty D**

January 23, 2002 - Msg 4573: Salty! What a terrific idea. Team chaplain! That's perfect. How about it, Tom?--Romeena

January 23, 2002 - Msg 4574: Olive just called over to the jail.....seems like someone came in and put his hat down over a 25 cent tip and made off with it! She was pretty steamed! Andy took the report....but he kinda thinks he knows what happened to Olive's quarter!
I reckon Barney will use it buy another copy of "Learn-A-Month" magazine! Parnell Rigsby

January 23, 2002 - Msg 4575: You remember the episode where ANdy didn't file for sherrif...and Barney was gonna run? Well....Andy tells Barney...prior to his exit...that he's gotta go somewhere...because ....the_____ _______ permit has come in. What's he talkin' about? P. Rigsby

January 23, 2002 - Msg 4576: I'll be dogged If I can answer ya Parnell. Someone else will know fer sure.
Tom as team Chaplin? I like that, cause you girls need all the hep we can muster up, no offense of coarse.
Prayers for your co-worker there homemaker. Them car accidents are not fun. My wife is still feeling fuzzy after hers from 2 months ago.
Boy oh boy what a day I had. Got to meet up with them feds and man is they sharp. Got my picture took with one of them F.B.I. fellars. LOL. Learned the secret handshake, and they even said old J. Edgar hisself was proud of us.
We expecting some protesters like that feller holding the sign (what was his name?) in the gold truck. Guess some things never change, huh?
Well, off to watch some Andy fer me. Mrs. Wiley, you need to git you a dish so's you can git tv land dear.


January 23, 2002 - Msg 4577: Good evening. . .just got back from my son's school supper - your choice of potato soup or beef stew with salad and a biscuit and of course, cheesecake for dessert. Yum Yum
They say we are their best customers because we always have grandma and grandpa go with us. How you can resist your sweet grandson with big blue eyes looking up at you and saying please come? Just pitiful!

I think Preacher Tom is a right fine name and we do need all the prayers we can get. . .so team chaplain too! All those in favor say AYE! Motion carried. . .

Asa, I think our team could take on any protestors you throw at us - do you know how many red heads are on the team (one here!) We could take them on fer a practice session. . .couldn't you see us at the Olympic Stadium . . .we would do Mayberry proud.
We could have a sign that says Mayberry and we could where our official uniforms. . .wow I can just see it now. . .

Off to buy another dream. . .lottery tickets!


January 23, 2002 - Msg 4578: Hey guys...just passin through town and decided to stop a spell. Done and sold out of everything I had over in front of Weaver's department store, so I can rest a while now. You know them doorbells.

Hey to all the old'uns and the new'uns as well! abeseeinya

hope I wasnt too pushy!


January 23, 2002 - Msg 4579: BURT! where the heck you been? I think it's pushy when a person don't show up & post once in a while! We got rain coming out our ears here, anybody want any? Preacher Tom I like that too, thank you for the prayer up there, I copied it & sent it to the family! You're the cats! Alls the rest of ya, have a good one, I'm off here to watch some tube. See ya'll tomorrow!

January 23, 2002 - Msg 4580: His name was Regis, Asa. Nice to meet you, Burt. No, you aint too pushy.
- Hazel

January 23, 2002 - Msg 4581: Mavis...you know...first here then there. Been all over for the past longest. where is the old crowd? They all get run off?

I gotta sit and stay a spell...It's mah corns. and the bursitis in mah elbow.

Hey to Hazel!

Hope I wansnt too pushy!


January 23, 2002 - Msg 4582: Hey Coach Asa, I need a note for my doctor to tell her that I can't go on a diet. Tell her how I am one of your heavy hitters and I need to eat to keep up my strength.
BIG SIGH.... went to the doctor today and she said that she thinks I may be going through the change. Of all things, I am only 38 years old. Has anyone else had any experience with early menopause. All in all it's been a really bad day today.

Fun Girl

January 23, 2002 - Msg 4583: Mayberry after midnight:

I dont know for sure, but a little bird told me that Fun Girl is havin some kind of "change".

January 23, 2002 - Msg 4584: Mayberry after midnight:

I dont know for sure, but a little bird told me that Fun Girl is havin some kind of "change".

January 23, 2002 - Msg 4585: ooops..chewed my cabbage twice there

January 23, 2002 - Msg 4586: Burt some of them still post now & then, this bunch here are a great bunch of people too, we all love Mayberry, that's what makes them that way. FunGirl Doc ain't told me that, but the old man does everytime I fuss at him for something!

January 23, 2002 - Msg 4587: Is it true Andy Griffth was married 3 times?
Does he have any children?Son or daughter or both?
Just figured someone here might know!

January 24, 2002 - Msg 4588: Good Morning Porch, Prayers for all who've asked for them (seems a good many). FG, you and me sister. Email me any time. Started getting them there hot flashes at 38... don't let it get you down (dont worry, I won't say "don't go changin'").

Preachter Tom - what would we do without him. Guess now we DO have a prayer in the world, team! Hey to Bert, Parnell, Mavis, homemaker, Salty, newton, Hazel, Helen and anyone else I ain't said "hey" to lately. Asa, my budget is so tight - if I were to get the cable upgrade to get TVLand, I'd have to give up my roadrunner service, or eat less. But I expect the situation will take care of itself - I don't expect my job to be there much longer. It's bad when they start replacing the old timers with temps.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Don't forget today is Pray for World Peace Day!

January 24, 2002 - Msg 4589: Rain, rain, and more rain. Got a bunch of it yesterday and are expecting more today. Mrs Wiley it looks like we are the only ones up this morning. I'll put on the coffee and we'll sit, rock and have coffee together.

The Rock

"Are you going with me to get them dogs or not." (Barney)

January 24, 2002 - Msg 4590: Hey, what about me? I'm here.
Good morning everyone. How are you? Good to be here. No golf for Rock today. Too bad buddy.
Sorry to hear about your job situation Mrs. Wiley. I wish and pray good things upon you dear.
I need to let folks know that if I'm chatting with you on IM and suddenly go off line, its because my computer keeps shutting down on me for no reason. I just thought I better say that so no one thought I was hanging up on them.
I got more to say, but no time to say it right now cause I'm late fer work as it is, so I'll see ya'll later.


January 24, 2002 - Msg 4591: Thanks for the cup 'o joe Rock, get out your floaties and hang on! Asa, whatchyerhurry? It's just work. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. Everyone have a beautiful day today! ~ Mrs. Wiley

January 24, 2002 - Msg 4592: MERLE DEAN says "Hey"
Hope everyone is doing fine today.we got us a regular little village here...homemakers, police, bankers, coaches....we're our own little Mayberry.
Burt---good ta see ya !
"Hey Bernie."
"It's Barney"

January 24, 2002 - Msg 4593: Morning, Mrs. Wiley, Rock, Asa, Merle Dean and all the porchsters. Asa, I thought the reason you suddenly went off line was because I was telling you the story about my feet falling asleep again. # 4587, I don't know the answer to your question. I know Andy Griffith was married at least twice. Once to Barbara Griffith, who appeared on a couple of episodes. Keep a good thought, Fun Girl! You'll be o.k.
- Hazel

January 24, 2002 - Msg 4594: Hey Merle Dean, how are ya?
Hey to Burt, sounds like a new oldie.
Hazel, do your feet fall asleep to? Wonder what causes that?


January 24, 2002 - Msg 4595: Asa, I'm doin' mighty fine...might fine. Thank you fer asking.
Those feet fallin' asleep....one of my top 5 favorite episodes.
"Men are orbiting the other...international television has been invented and these two ladies are discussing what makes your feet fall asleep."(Malcolm Tucker)
"She's an 8 cylinder....she'll take eight"(Gomer)
"Do it...do it....go boy....go"(Malcolm Tucker)

January 24, 2002 - Msg 4596: Hey y'all, had to tell you this before I forget. My dad always did a funny thing that we always joked about - but I never realized it was TAGS Inspired until I saw the Cousin Virgil episode last weekend. Remember at the very end, Ang and Barn have just sent Virgil off on the bus, and Barney is telling Andy how much more refined he is than his cousin. Then Barn steps out in the street and almost gets run over!

Dad would never curse, but he'd always say what Barney said, especially in traffic: "WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU? - YOU DUMB NUT!"

I saw that and almost fell out of my chair! ~Mrs. Wiley

January 24, 2002 - Msg 4597: Rain,rain,rain here today on my porch as well. Mrs. Wiley you make me LOL!! That reminds me of when I was a kid riding with my Mom and there was a "slow-poke" two or three cars ahead. My Mom said, "Who's that idiot up there?" It ended up being her dear sweet Mother! We still laugh about that. I'll pray for your job situation. Remember God never closes a door, that he doesn't open a window. It may mean a better opportunity. I've seen it happen with before.

Hey Burt, glad you come back to the porch. We have a good time. These are the "salt-of-earth" kind of folks. They're the best. Welcome back.

Romeena, the pies sound wonderful, even dee-lish! ;) YUM. There's a saying around here, if somethings is really good: It's so good, make you want to slap your Grandma. :) If it's better that Grandma's you know it's good.

Shhh everybody Hazel's feet are asleep! Hazel, can you keep them awake during our games?

Hey to everybody else. --Helen

January 24, 2002 - Msg 4598: Fun Girl, I'm sorry about your day. Things will look up. Hope you feel better soon. Stay cool.;)--Helen

January 24, 2002 - Msg 4599: Hey to the porch -
Parnell Rigsby, I can't find my tape of that episode right now, and I can't remember who's place Andy says he is going to but I'm pretty sure he says he is going there because the feller's gun permit has come in.
I'll keep lookng for the official verifcation.

Milton P. Oliver
"Hit and Run?!? Where?"

January 24, 2002 - Msg 4600: "Out to the baseball field!" :-)

*Rafe Hollister

January 24, 2002 - Msg 4601: You're right about the gun permit, MPO. I believe Andy's full line is: "I'm going out to the Lucas place, Ben's gun permit came in, I'll see ya." Is that what you were gropin' for, Mr. Rigsby?

"Fiberglass, eh? Reckon bamboo must be kinda hard to find these days."

January 24, 2002 - Msg 4602: Hey Merle you forgot about the critter groomer (note, I did NOT use the 'd' word) that once in a while will trim the hairs off the coach's ears. *Rafe you coachin 1st or 3rd base in the next game? And to the rest of the porchsters that are here, *Mavis says hey! my brain is flooded from all this rain & I can't remember ever'body's name up there, so that was a collective HEY.

January 24, 2002 - Msg 4603: Howdy porch, It is very rainy on my porch tonight.And calling for more tomorrow. I hope we can still play this weekend. Anyone for baked ham, biscuits, mac and cheese, baked beans and a salad?? Come on over Oh and pepsi to drink with it! See yall later--Salty Dog

January 24, 2002 - Msg 4604: Rafe, yer a regular Einsteen when it comes to Mayberry trivia. Hey to Mavis, MPO, Helen, Salty Dog. Hope everyones doing good.
- Hazel

Barney: Cool it. Let Andy make the scene. Alright, gas it up, chickee.

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4605: Hey to all my porch pals! Now for once I ain't gonna get on here and talk about Little Debbie's the whole blame time. I'VEHEARDJUSTABOUTENOUGHABOUTTHEMLITTLEDEBBIE'S.
At least that is what my doctor says. I never did trust them big city doctors. That is what I get for going to Raleigh. I surely do than you for all your support. You are good friends and true.
Hey Homemaker, how are the little guys tonsils. Have they decided if they are gonna yank 'em or not yet. This baseball season is keeping me so busy my head is a spinning.
Lots of Luck to you and yours!!
Fun Girl

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4606: Good Morning Porch Sitters, Morning FG! Hazel - you just made my morning with that quote. You're the CATS! ~ Mrs. Wiley

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4607: Morning Fun Girl, Mrs. Wiley. Fun Girl, you know you can always talk to us about your Little Debbie's, we'll always listen. As Barney says, it's very therapetic to talk. Mrs. W, I liked your story about your dad. He sounds like a real treasure.
- Hazel

"It's funny. Cousin Virgil's clumsy and awkward. Look at me, I'm completely coordinated, keen, sharp and alert."

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4608: Morning all. Fun Girl, I sure hope you get feelin better soon. Tain't no fun feelin poorly. You can sure skip as much practice as you need to.
Mrs. Wiley, you always make me smile with yer posts. You hang in there gal'
Hazel, Yer so durn witty I don't know what to do with you. Are you hitting the ball any better now that yer holding it right?
Where's Homemaker and N.N. and S.D. at? I feel a conspiracy is going on with them 3. And why is Helen in that blonde wig again? Hmmmmm.....
We play Elm City tonite at 7:00. Brang yer game faces, and brang the Plumbster Romeena. You brang the pepsi Mavis, or I guess Mountain Dew fer you.
See ya there. Don't work to hard today. Save energy fer the game.


January 25, 2002 - Msg 4609: Morning everyone TGIF!!! Have a great weekend! The rain finally stopped here and it is good to see blue sky again. Elm City tonite at 7 ok I'll be there.Girls, yall ready? lets do it again this week. NN have we got our "strategies" ready yet? See yall tonight!! --Salty Dog

All right team lets go!!! Come on lets show em whose boss!!!

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4610: MERLE DEAN says "HEY"
Gotta run....smiles to everyone.
"er...uh...what Gomer was trying to say was....uh...what's your hurry ?"(Andy)

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4611: 'Mornin, folks! Asa, Sugarplum and I will be there, will try to be a bit early. She's in training right now, hopping up and down the one step we have in the house. Wants to be in shape to run refreshments up to folks in the bleachers, too! We figured we might sell a few goodies to the crowd, and make enough to finance what we send out to the players. What'cha think?--Romeena

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4612: Romeena, who could resist that Plumy? We could make lots of money that way. I'll be on to the field as soon as i can squeeze this hair under my baseball cap? GO TEAM. Hey everybody.--Helen

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4613: hey to Merle Dean.

--Jelsik the Bulkhead

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4614: "Hey" ta Jelsik
"Don't do that Merle!"(Andy)

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4615: Afternoon Porch! I think I'll bring my hip-waders for playing ball tonight, it's still a big mess here!

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4616: Sounds like a plan Romeena. Hope we don't have to call on all her talents fer this game but feed her good just in case.
Hey Merle Dean, and Jelsik.


January 25, 2002 - Msg 4617: Will do, Coach Asa! --Romeena

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4618: I ain't no conspirator! Thank you for asking FG - we went to the big city doc and the tonsils do not have to be yanked (PTL - and not the club either). If you don't want to talk Lil Debs - that's fine. . .we'll talk about whatever is on your mind!

Hey Mavis - I need you to trim my Boston's feet. . .they are a site and I figured since youdid so well with Asa and his ears, then you could do Bandit's feet. He's a good boy until he sees those nail clippers - goes plum wild!
Now when is the next scrimmage - I just can't keep my calendar straight with all the ladies socials and baseball practice and the picnics and fishing at the lake. . .and then there is my social life! Did I mention I need to practice piano too.

Ya'll have a great weekend - it's good to see everyone on the porch . That is also a collective hey cause I don't want anyone to think I'm not friendly:)


January 25, 2002 - Msg 4619: By the way - the big city doc had an English accent but didn't look at all like Malcolm Merriwether! The appt was today - swoosh - driving in the big city was enough for this farm girl:)

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4620: Hey Homemaker. I am a cad, thats what I am, a cad fer not asking about yer young-uns tonsils.


January 25, 2002 - Msg 4621: Hello all! Just thought I'd come by and say hello to all my friends.
Briscoe Darling Jr.

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4622: Well, Briscoe Darling Jr.! It's been too long. Where have you been keeping yourself? You didn't go off to the big city, too, did you? Maybe lookin' for brides for the boys again? You better stick to hill gals or country gals for those boys. You know how keyed up they get! They'd scare a city girl away in a heartbeat.--Romeena

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4623: Don't be so hard on yerself Asa - there's a lot of doings on the porch here. . .things slip by now and then, no hard feelings!
Howdy Briscoe! And Romeena! We might need yer jug Briscoe for eh ballgames . . .I think it would make a dandy refreshment for the team!


January 25, 2002 - Msg 4624: Well Romeena I was gettin' my truck fixed. It took forever and a day. Then, I hit a chuck hole and sent th' boys a flyin'. Kinna like that thar owl. Th' boys an' a me a like country girls. They twang our buds. homemaker, you a got it. I'll make up a batch of mallberry sqeezins.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4625: Hey BDjr...you still juggin' tunes for a sideline?
How about: "Never hit your Grandma with a gret big stick?"
wait a minute...that one makes me cry..

--Jelsik T. Bulkhead

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4626: Hey Jelsik, I do'em unplugged now.
Briscoe Darling Jr.

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4627: When's the game?

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4628: Elm City tonight at 7

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4629: Hey Salty Dog- Did that Ump hand you a bottle of pepsi when you came slidin' into the homeplate? You rascal,that was supposed to be my bottle!! hey Porchsters- hope you have a good evening rockin' and chattin' and singin' a little. So glad that Briscoe Jr. and the boys can join us for a good ole porch sittin'. ~New Neighbor

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4630: Brisco! you finally come down out of those hills for a while? Glad to see ya! Can you still get Banjo sounds out of that jug? homemaker I'll be glad to trim Bandit's nails, do I need to bring my little Blarney to distract him, she is a knock out ya know, even if she is 14 years old! Asa you got the Gatorade barrel full of Pepsi? You know we gotta pour it on ya don't ya, better make sure it's good & cold now.
Off to watch Oh Brother Where Art Thou! GREAT movie!

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4631: Came home from work, made a little supper, got on my uniform and went to Elm City. Yep work, supper, uniform, Elm City. Did we win? Right at the end I dropped my Little Debbie Fudge Brownie and missed the last play. Hey I think the idea about The Plum selling Little Debbie's in the stands was a grand one. homemaker I am so glad to hear about your boys tonsils. Oh add to your calender: going parking down by the duck pond.
Briscoe Darling Jr.-- Stick to the hill women. Those city women don't like going over the Robert E. Lee natural bridge after dark. Kinda treacherous you know.
How bout at the next ball game you and the boys play CINDY. That "Never Hit Your Grandma With a Great Big Stick," that'un makes me cry ever' time.
Have a great weekend all.
Fun Girl

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4632: do the dog help you all win

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4633: Dear God,
we pray to you
for people in all the world,
for other nations,
for other races,
for people who think differently
and live diifferently.
help us to respect, understand,
and love each other.
let there be no hate among nations.
forgive all injustice.
let wars end.
let your message be
proclaimed everywhere.
give us peace.

love to you all,

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4634: Amen and amen. --Romeena

January 25, 2002 - Msg 4635: There's that "d" word again. It's OK, though. I covered the Plum's eyes.--Romeena

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4636: Morning porch! Just stopped on my way to work. I left the coffee on for yall though. There was a write up in the paper this morning. Something about a local bank security guard and Elm City's umpire. Yall might want to read it. Mav, you'd pour out good cold pepsi?? I dont know what Im gonna do with you. Tom that was a great poem. Well off to work for me have a good day and I'll see yall later!--Salty Dog

P.S. to Asa, Not yet!!

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4637: Amen TOM! Good morning Porch - sure am stiff after that game. That little Plumster did rite good fetchin me my ding-dong. I see what you mean about chewed though, the ends had slobber all over them! The middle was just fine.

Now about batting: I'll be batting 3rd, so Mavis will be on deck. She will stand in the circle, and I will bat. Helen will be next in the dugout, while Mavis is on deck. I will bat the ball. Then and only then will mavis be able to bat. I will run, then Mavis will go to the plate to bat, and Helen will be on deck - after I have batted the ball. Now this is my official bat...

~ Mrs. Wiley
Glad to hear that the youngin's tonsils are safe for now homemaker! Hey to BDJ, Mearle Dean, Hazel, Coach Asa (what did happen with you and the Elm City Ump?

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4638: And Hey to Salty too! ~ Mrs. Wiley

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4639: And anyone else I missed ;-)

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4640: Happy Birthday to New Neighbor! Sure am glad you decided to stay in Mayberry!
- Hazel

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4641: Seems to me you left me out of yer official line-up Mrs. Wiley. Now if it's because I struck out 3 times, WELL, I don't think that's fair. You know I been takin cold medicine and I keep seeing things floating around in my vision. I was having a hard time seeing that ball. I never did hear, did we win? We must have, since Fun Girl celebrated at the duck pond after the game. Lotta pretty ducks up there this time of year.
Briscoe Darling, Jr. are you selling any of yer CD's? I'll put your BDJ, Unplugged right beside my Eric Clapton, Unplugged. Can't wait to hear it.
- Hazel

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4642: Thank you Tom, for a grear start to the day. Bless you my friend.
Am I the first one up today? You know what that means.... METHEY... METHEY... MEEEEETHEYYYYYYY...
Nice victory last night girls. It was FunGirls dropped fudgie that did the trick fer us. She dropped it between 3rd and home. And Elm city heard what happened last week, and well they just figgered that... well you know. Hey, a wins a win right?
Nice to see you Briscoe, where in tarnation you been?
And where is Hazel? She flew the coop and not tell us?
Welcome back Floyd. How was the trip? Hope you had fun.
Off I go to do something now. You all have a good day.

BTW. Wasn't that bank guard on last nights episode a handsome devil?

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4643: When I posted this morning, Toms was the last post that showed up. After I posted all those who posted after him appeared. So sorry if I didn't acknowledge you all in my first one. Its never done that to me before.

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4644: Asa, It's Saturday mornin' after a big game. SHHHHHHHH!!! Well never mind I guess I'm awake now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEWNEIGHBOR, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! What another big win. Those Little Debbies came in handy! Aren't you glad you said we could have them Asa?
I'm glad your son's tonsils are o.k. homemaker.
Put my name on the list for Briscoe's Unplugged.
Plumy stayed mighty busy last night Romeena, I bet she's "furkid" (not the d' word) today. She was runnin' all over the place. Up and down the stands out to the field. You must have tought her well. I saw her hanging around home plate alot. Seems as if the LD's work just as well. Take some pressure off of little Sugarplum! Have a good 'un ya'll!--Helen

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4645: Now listen,

Y'all don't have to acknowledge everybody when you post!! I feel like I started this hole thing with the post I made about not being acknowledeged and I'm sorry. I was just having a bad day. I was arrested fer peddlin' what they called junk and was just having a bad day! (me...arrested, like a common criminal) So I'm sorry for what I said, this is a friendly place and posts are not always noticed, forgive me. I like this place, I'm the biggest Mayberry fan ever! And actually, I've been in law enforcement for the past 10 years, currently with the Tenn. State Hwy Patrol, communications. We refer to Andy videos as "Training Films!" HA HA

Newton Monroe

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4646: Sorry ya'll Asa woke me too early. I bet Sugarplum is furkid TIRED today. That should be:
Aren't YOU glad you said we could have them Asa.

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4647: OK,

trivia time!

How much was andy's fine for fishing without a license?

what three impersonations did Goober do?

Have a great day all.

Newton Monroe

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4648: Newton, Newton, Newton. What a nice thing you said up there. Actually, you did us all a favor. A little lesson about payin attention to our fellow posters probably helped us all, I know it did me. And you aint the biggest Mayberry fan - I am. Thanks for the prayer, Tom. That's my prayer today too. Everyone have a great day, don't take any wooden nickels.
- Hazel

Barney: We're just plain, simple men fighting organized crime with raw courage - strong, determined, rugged, fearless.

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4649: Ok, Newton. $5.00. Cary Grant, Edward G. Robinson, and Chester.
- Hazel again

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4650: walkin like chester, sewin his fangers together, and judyjudyjudy.

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4651: Hazel,
I knew you couldn't pass up some good trivia! Ya know, it spoils my day when people ask me a mayberry trivia question and I don't know it (rarely). By the way, do you remember what Goober bought when he went with Barney to the auction?


January 26, 2002 - Msg 4652: I just looked in my Mayberry book, and I was wrong about the fine amount! I won't say the answer, in case someone else wants to guess. I think Goober bought some electrical tape or something like that at the auction. Newton, it's too early for me to think!
- Hazel

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4653: Happy Birthday! New Neighbor! Hope you have a good one!

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4654:
dadburn it not only forgot to sign, forgot to turn my font off!

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4655: I think Goober bought a roll of copper tubing. Another guess - I believe he paid a dollar for it and Andy told him he could have bought it anywhere for about 35 cents. Not sure I'm exactly right, but I think I'm close. --Romeena

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4656: You're right, Helen. Knowing that the fudgies work just as well does take a lot of pressure off the Plum. She can, and does, piddle on command on a little disposable paper pad when we travel, but the other, well.... that's different. You should see the looks we get in the ladies room in airports. I put the pad down, sit her on it, and say "Piddle". She performs immediately, I toss the pad in the trash, and leave several open-mouthed women staring as we go out the door. Hilarious! Handy, too.--Romeena

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4657: Hello Porchsters: Thanks for all the birthday wishes. They warmed my heart. It is so nice to get greeting from all over Mayberry. And what a surprise when Gomer popped out from behind that door and yelled surprise, surprise, surprise this morning...liked to drop my cup of hot chocolate!
Come on by for cake and ice cream...after supper at the diner for everyone! ~New Neighbor

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4658: Sounds good N.N. Hope its a good one.
I think that fine was 25 bucks newton.
Oh Romeena, yer Plumb story is the best one yet. Sounds like just out of Mr. Herriots books.
See ya'll over to N.N. later on.



January 26, 2002 - Msg 4659: eveing porch! How is everyone this evening! Just stopping in to say hey, I'm wore out from that ballgame last night.

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4660: "Andy, this town is a piece of cake." See ya all over at NN's.
- Hazel

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4661: Happy Birthday NN! ~ Mrsss. Wiley

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4662: Good evening porch, NN I am so sorry I didn't wish you a happy birthday this morning. I just barely had one eye open when I posted. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway! I'll brang ya some pepsi! Hope everyone has a good weekend! See ya later--Salty Dog

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4663: Nite porch, see ya at preachimg tomorrow!

January 26, 2002 - Msg 4664: It's time to de-lurk.

Friends, I know this is Mayberry, but Beware of new strangers. I have been personally attacked, tracked, traced, etc... It has gotten to the point where I am concerned about my family and friends. That is why I am posting here.

I have a domain, that I was going to wait until late 2002, possibly 2003 to do anything with it. I was just playing around, and trying to get back into a little programming, etc... Anyway, the domain is hootowlpie.com, and this person that has been bothering me has posted all over the newsgroups that I am this big time hacker, and that I am involved in devious activities. He has posted Google search strings, which start with my domain name, and end up here at the front porch.

So, just be aware, keep your eyes open, and lock your doors.

I am sorry I haven't posted more, and I felt this was necessary to warn you about.



January 26, 2002 - Msg 4665: By the way, I'm not a hacker, bigtime, or otherwise. This person believes that I'm part of a bigtime hacking organization called WaxWarez, and supposedley got some info off of my site about a screencap that I had posted for a tech support person, or he sniffed into a directory for waxxman that I had there.
By the way, Leon is ok, we talk alot. He got Married, and is living the good life.(Sorry Leon for letting the cat out of the bag, if he hadn't already told the oldtimers). I'm trying to think of tags line, relating to all of this. Let's see if my education was worth every penny.

Goober: Andy, Andy, there's a stranger fella in town! He knows more than he ort to about..

January 27, 2002 - Msg 4666: Hello from KC

January 27, 2002 - Msg 4667: Laaaawww! You don't reckon they're after our recipe for fried chicken, do you??

January 27, 2002 - Msg 4668: Oh dear... well, RickyB, rest a$$ured that I am not the culprit. I can barely turn this thing on, let alone figure out how to get into someones domain. I believe you when you say yer not a hacker, you seem to be a peace lovin man. But I will take yer warning to heart and keep an eye out... there's no telling when another beast might come out of the forest. Thanks.
- Hazel

January 27, 2002 - Msg 4669: It's our opposing teams, trying to get at our strategies on the softball diamond...well IT WON'T WORK!!! We have secret plays, tactics, food that will get us to a Victory! We'll beat them at their own game. Right Coach? Coach- oh Coach- guess he's still between the sheets this morning.He really knows how to enjoy SOMEONE else getting older. ~New Neighbor

January 27, 2002 - Msg 4670: Good Sabbath Morning Porch! RickyB Thanks so much for the neighborly warning. I have suspected that some odd and strange visitors weren't on the up and up, but I figured it was my recent "x" trying to nose into what I'm doing (big freeze. I already caught him having placed a keystroke recording program on my machine - and he was retreiving the text file it made via my printer port (thru RoadRunner) All very devious and also illegal. So I suppose these interloapers DO have the coveted Fried Chicken recipe (I loved that one 4467). Be sure you report this to your ISP, etc.

NN, I'll bet you're right - let's work up some hand signals. Maybe Asa can learn to make smoke signals with his hand and a cigar, just like the indians.
~ Mrs. Wiley

January 27, 2002 - Msg 4671: There ain't much secret about our plays. They involve the Plumbster and mother nature. It may be the fried chicken there after, Thanks fer the heads up Ricky B. Nice to hear from ya again. Don't be a stranger now.
I hope ya'll have a blessed Sabbath out there.


January 27, 2002 - Msg 4672: Top of the morning porch. Ricky B. I read what you said but don't understand a thing. I can turn on the computer and turn it off. Don't know what a domain is. But thanks for the warning and I'll have my son be on the look out. He's got eyes in his feet, And while he is on the roof he can put away the Christmas lights. Hey Newton Monroe what part of Tennessee is your beat.

The Rock

I don't think he's from around here. You know where I think he's from? Some where else. (Barney)

The Rock

January 27, 2002 - Msg 4673: Morning porch sitters, good day to ya!


January 27, 2002 - Msg 4674: I hope for his sake that the inteloper don't come around here...besides the Big Freeze, he might get hurt if I have to use my bare hands on him....it takes a little doin', but you can bring out the bear in me...


January 27, 2002 - Msg 4675: OK Jelsik, you and me, the big freeze.
Hey Barney 2002. Pull up a rocker, we'll turn on the game and watch it on the porch.
Where ya been hiding Rock? Under a rock? hee hee
Hey Floyd. You back yet? We wanna see movies of yer vacation. I'll brang the popcorn.



January 27, 2002 - Msg 4676: Jelsik, I feel so much better with you around. I know you can get riled up. With you and Asa givin him the big freeze that should take care of it. Hey Rock, I don't know what a domain is either. I think it's something like Ernest T's cave.
- Hazel

"Has Ed Crumpacker worked with you shoulder to shoulder for a lifetime fighting orgainzed crime?"

January 27, 2002 - Msg 4677: I like a little eggwhite in my moulages. Makes 'em more moist and fluffy. Now, as for this interloper, "big freezes" don't always work. Sometimes you have to take action. Therefore, Sugarplum has volunteered her services. She will growl at him, bark a LOT, (she never learned how to bite) and if all else fails she'll drop a tiny little bomb in his path. When he slips and falls down, then the Mayberry Knot-tying' Society can jump him and tie him up, using the same knot they used the night that ex-con came to visit Andy. That was a nice one, Andy even said so himself, remember?--Romeena

January 27, 2002 - Msg 4678: Asa, aint been hiding under no rock. That's where them opossums hide. You get a sharpe stick and poke at um you can git them out from under that rock. Been down at my mother's house doing some chores for her. My mother is 87 years old and still lives by her self. My daddy died in 1986 and mama still is self supporting and lives by herself. She hates the thought of having somebody take care of her. Hey Hazel , the only domain I know of is where I keep the crock from the jail. SWIG.

The Rock

"BREAD,MEAT, SWIG." (The Rock)

January 27, 2002 - Msg 4679: Hey to the porch -
Happy Birthday to one of the Porch's all-time greats, ANDELINA!
Also, Happy Birthday to Mr. Schwump's 'darling person', Annabelle!

January 27, 2002 - Msg 4680: Nite Porch!

January 27, 2002 - Msg 4681: good sabbath, all~~
thought I'd slip thet in quick-like, while it's still sunday.
jes' don't get out much enny more, between bein' Mister Customer Service over ta F5 an' stalkin' prey what comes down from the mountains.. it's good ta stop by here an' see this ol' Porch still standin'.
bruther Ricky ain't jes' blowin' smoke, friends.. away from this here page and a few other Mayberries around, thet innernet is a wild and wooley place. what few truly evil charaters thet're out there, they make up for in meanness so they do the damage of an army.
keep a good thought, an' play nice, an' watch each other's backs.
love, Leon

January 28, 2002 - Msg 4682: Good evening porch, just wanted to let yall know if ya dont hear from me for a while I'm gonna have to send my puter in to the puter doctor. It's gonna be about 10 days all together. Something about the hard drive. Anyway, I didn't want anyone to think I was mad at them. I will try to get to my friends from time to time to check up on my email and of course the porch. But she lives about 20 miles from me. You guys take care and keep things hopping around here for me while I'm gone. I'll miss each and everyone of yall. See ya when I can --Salty Dog

January 28, 2002 - Msg 4683: Mornin DEARS! Salty, we'll miss your smiling face - best of luck with the repair, git back here soon! Rock, Your Mother sounds like a real powerhouse, bless her heart! You're a fine son. Happy Birthday(s) Annabelle and Andelina!

Coffee is simmering for whoever gets up next, fresh donuts, too!
~ Mrs. Wiley
little powdered donuts - breakfast of champions

January 28, 2002 - Msg 4684: I wondered what drug me out of bed so early. It was them donuts Mrs.Wiley. Thanky for starting off a Monday so nice.
Ya'll hurry back Salty, we are gonna miss ya while yer gone. I told ya them pepsi's was gonna getcha.
Hey to Leon. Sounds like bad things are a lurking out there in the real world. Thats why I like it here so much.
Well it's snowing like mad here this morning, so you all enjoy your spring like weather back east. I'll send some your way.
Hope everyone has a safe and pleasent day.






January 28, 2002 - Msg 4686: Okay Newton. . .next time I'm flying through TN. . .just remember my car says prottected by Fife.. . will that get moe out of a ticket!


January 28, 2002 - Msg 4687: Hey to the porch -
Hey Newton, are you in Lawrence County? Wayne? Giles? I'm just across the line in NW Alabama myownself.

Milton P. Oliver
"I'm going to Nashville"

January 28, 2002 - Msg 4688: Mornin' ya'll. Salty we'll miss ya around here. Maybe it won't be as long as 10 days. You take care now.We'll see you when you get back.Just let us know when, so we can clean up the place! Everybody have a good Monday. --Helen

Aunt Bea: I'll be coming back this afternoon. On the afternoon bus.

Opie: The pigs been in here too, Pa?