February 05, 2002 - Msg 4891: Howdy to everyone! Read that the porch was up and runnin' again, thanks to Floyd. You're a prince! Thought I'd swing by and say hey.

Buzz Fluhart

February 05, 2002 - Msg 4892: Hey to Buzz off to read the archives again, somebody been sweepin in here.

February 05, 2002 - Msg 4893: Hey to everyone. Old and new alike. Sometimes we forget about the "oldies" because you don't seem to post every day; just seem to pop up every now and again. You guys ought to post every day, so us "newies" can get to know you better. Mrs. Wiley, are you sure you don't have a fracture of the Petula Abundalla? It sure sounds like that to me.
- Hazel

"I'm a student of humanity. I guess that's the difference between a sharply honed lawman and a jerk wearin' a badge."

February 05, 2002 - Msg 4894: Good to have you with us, Buzz!! Just a reminder to all the "new" folks here at the Porch. Go to the "Archives" (the links at the bottom of the page) to see the messages that you might have missed from the last "sweeping."


February 05, 2002 - Msg 4895: Thanks for the reminder, Floyd. I check em everytime there's a sweep. Although I have noticed that it sweeps more often, did you change the setting or something?
- Hazel

A wink is as good as a nod to a blind mule.

February 05, 2002 - Msg 4896: Hey porch friends, and welcome back to the "old" new porch friends. It is a cold night out on my porch 28 degrees. Weatherman keeps talking about some white stuff heading our way. It looks like we're gonna get it. There goes my fishin' for tomorrow. Asa, do we cancel practice because of snow? Hope everyone is having a good night. Yall take care of those fingers, backs, legs, knees, hips, and any other ailments I might have missed. We gotta get in good shape for our next game. If Hazel and Rock get a snoot full like last time I don't know how we'll be able to win. Well I'm off to bed for the night. Yall be warm tonight. See yall in the morning. Anyone for snow cream?? Nite--Salty Dog

February 05, 2002 - Msg 4897: Hey to everybody, especially the "new" oldies. Hope everybody is better and stayin' warm. I knew we would lose our lovely spring-like days. It's winter again and COOOLD! BRRR and raining to boot. We're sending it your way Salty. Seems as if these systems get by us and head your way.
Romeena and Rock, ya'll are right about how we should treat the enemy. I heard a radio preacher say the other day that it is the individuals that have to forgive and the governments job to prosecute the enemy. Made sense to me. Did ya'll see how we fattened up the John Walker guy? Looked like he had more than enough. Like Aunt Bea cooked for him or something. I'll get off my soap-box. Prayers for your grand-son Romeena and all of the other military personnel. Snow cream sounds good SD!Maybe you could go ice-fishin'!
Asa, I'm lookin' for you on T.V.!
Oh yeah Ro, I was telling my family about Sugarplum piddling in the restrooms. We had a good laugh! :) --Helen

February 06, 2002 - Msg 4898: Mornin porch. Hey to Buzz. Hazel I believe that our reputation has been shot. You keep one crock handy and it's all over town. I think I'm going to start keeping mine in a brown bag like they do down town. That way nobody knows what's in the bag. Yeah, right.
Well I'm off to do my Honey Dew (do) list my wife leaves me every morning. Wonder why when you retire everybody thinks you did it so you will have more time to do things for them.

The Rock

"Tomorrow, the best time to start anything is tomorrow." (Mr. Dave)

February 06, 2002 - Msg 4899: Morning porch. Rock, I agree with you. Just because of one or two incidents everyone thinks we're gassed at every game. It just aint so. I guess I'll have to keep mine in a brown bag too. Is there a game this week? It may be cancelled because of the Olympics. Everyone have a good day.
- Hazel

"I'm dead sober, Andy, but I expect I'll get over it."

February 06, 2002 - Msg 4900: MERLE DEAN says "Hey"
Nice cold 34 degree rain here in B'ham !
Nice to see some of the "old" friends return home*smile*
meetings today...ugh..."but there BIG...really Big"
"Bigs not the word!"
"We'll stay on a #2 amber alert"(Barney)
"Amber alert ?"
"One of us awake at all times!"(Barney)

February 06, 2002 - Msg 4901: Hey Hazel, to answer your question...no, I haven't changed anything about how often the sweep happens. You folks have just been gabbing a lot more lately. I may have to up the size limit so it won't sweep quite so often.

February 06, 2002 - Msg 4902: Howdy porchters, This here is Asa talking to you from the site of the 2002 winter olympics-over-
Security is very tight here-over-
They all talk official like on them there radio's-over-
Got me doing the same-over-
Be glad when this is all over-over
So I can talk normal again-over-
Thanks fer yer prayers and concerns-over-
This here is Asa signing off
Over and under... over and roger... roger and under... BYE.

February 06, 2002 - Msg 4903: 10-4

February 06, 2002 - Msg 4904: Asa! Glad you reported in, we was wondering about you. Now you keep your eyes OPEN and hep them poor 'ol G-Men, ya hear? You don't want to be left guarding some old empty barn now, do ya? Don't swallow your gum!

~ Mrs. Wiley


Andy: "what?"

Barney:"This is Depity Fife reporting in with last known whereabouts of suspect!"

Andy: "oh, you mean Otis."

February 06, 2002 - Msg 4905: Hey to the porch...hey to all the old "newbies" and all the new "oldies". That could almost be a tongue twister (like she sells seashells by the seashore or rubber baby buggy bumpers) You know what just frosts me? When TV Land cuts out entire scenes like at the dinner table when they're talking about Robin Hood and Andy says what he says about the "fat, stupid sheriff who had this real stupid deputy" and gets Barney going (he's so high strung anyway..bless his heart) and the way Barney carries on with "I bet you thought it was just the materialistic things in life that make you rich, didn't you? Well, it's not...love and frienship..they can make you rich, too!" I think they cut WAY too much out sometimes. Of course, I'm glad to see the epilogues but it just kills me to anticipate a classic scene and it ain't even there. Okay, I'll hush now.
"I already 10-4'd ya."

February 06, 2002 - Msg 4906: It frosts me to, Emma. 'Specially when they cut the REALLY BIG scenes, like the entire septic tank conversation between Andy and Barney in Barney's First Car and the "Boy, giraffes are selfish" part of Barney's speech from Dogs, Dogs, Dogs. I could name a lot more, but I won't. And you are right, it's good to see some epilogues that we haven't seen in awhile, but oh, the cost! (I'll hush now, too). :-)

Hey to the Porch! My, but you all have been a buncha busy beavers the last couple of days! Are all y'all named Tilley or something? (You know, Tilley "The Beaver" from Barney's Sidecar?) Where is OUR Tilley (NOT "The Beaver"), by the way? I ain't seen her in these parts in awhile now, not since she answered one'a my trivia questions right. It was Mr. Martinelli's Meat Market that Bunny Caldwell parked in front of, all right. I believe Andy said that Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2:00 and 4:00 is when the no parking zone is in effect, that's so he can sweep out his store. Nobody got the really tough question I asked though: Who was the boy to give the 2nd-smallest amount to the Underpriveleged Children's Fund? That would be Roy Pruitt, who gave 5 cents.

Welcome to our new friend Hilda May, and or old friends Elinora and Buzz! A BIG "Hey" to ever'body else, too, includin' *Mavis, Hazel, Floyd (a prince of a fella), Helen, Salty Dog (glad to see you back, bud), MERLE DEAN, Asa "Mr. Olympia", and Mrs. Wiley. You all have a good evenin'.

I'll see ya.
*Rafe Hollister
"A lot of mothers ain't proud of their sons. That's 'cause they're rotten."

February 06, 2002 - Msg 4907: Wow, it is quiet out here tonight. Has this snow got everybody inside? All our snow turned into sleet/rain and just enough to make it very nasty outside. Hope everyone was safe in their travels today. Be sure to carry yer mashed penny. Be careful going out tomorrow. I have the day off and I aint going nowhere. Have a good night. Se ya'll later--Salty Dog

February 06, 2002 - Msg 4908: Well, Rafe and Emma, since you brought up that subject, that chaps me too (what TV Land does). There ought to be a law agin it. In "The Loaded Goat" they leave out the part where Otis is walking up some stairs, and Andy says "have you see a goat?" and Otis says "No, but I will... I will". And in "Aunt Bee the Warden" they omit the part where Otis is climbing out the window on the ladder, with Aunt Bee waiting down below. But I agree, it's great to see those epilogues. Asa, thanks for checking in. Be careful!
- Hazel

Opie: First they tell me to speak up, then they tell me to hush up.

February 06, 2002 - Msg 4909: Hey to Elinora! Read the archives & there you were! Glad you found yer way home friend! *Rafe yer a treashuh! Salty Dog sure is nice to have you back, it's hard work trying to keep these guys in line by yerself! At least we know that Asa has had alot of practice with us that he can use at the Olympiks!
Well, we got snow here now it's sleeting & I'm heading to bed.
yer education was worth every penny!

February 06, 2002 - Msg 4910: Nite porch Stay warm tonight. Asa hurry back now, we sure miss ya. Take care now--Salty Dog

"We shall meet but we shall miss him......."

February 06, 2002 - Msg 4911: Ummm... Salty? Ol' Asa checked in right up yonder. You must be missin' him so much, you plumb missed his post earlier today. You know, I used to take it kinda personal when you wouldn't return a "hey" that I sent you, but now I understand. You ain't here to say "hey" to me! Makes me feel better, now that I know why.

I'll see ya.
*Rafe Hollister

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4912: GOOD MORNIN' TO THE PORCH!!! (hehehehe... Did I wake anybody up?)

Hazel, that ladder scene in Aunt Bee the Warden is one'a my favorites in that episode, too. Especially with the accompanying music, when he thinks he's about to make it... then he gets to the bottom and Aunt Bee is helpin' to hold the ladder. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Dog-GONE TVLand for cuttin' up our TAGS!

*Mavis, be careful on that snow and sleet and stuff on the way to work this mornin'. I mean, doin' Poopsie's toenails and trimmin' her bangs is important stuff, but it ain't worth breakin' your neck over. So don't go doin' that with your neck there. :-)

Hope ever'body has a GREAT day! Hey to The Rock, who I flat MISSED sayin' hey to earlier! I wonder what causes that?

I'll see ya.
*Rafe Hollister
"Did you fill the wood box?"
*whimper* "No..."
*snap* (POINT) "GET TO IT!"

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4913: Rafe, you woke me up with yer shoutin, now I'll be all grouchy. I didn't git my full 5 hours, and I git grouchy, you know. Mrs. Wiley, I saw you on TV last night. That Mr. Schwump sure is a nice feller. Always smiling and nodding. Hmmmmm, what do you put in that punch at yer parties? Well, off to work. Do I have to go today?
- Hazel

May I ask how many of you lay-people have touched this rock?

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4914: Mornin Porch. No problem Rafe. I got a wife, two kids and a cat. I'm used to being ignored. Asa you be careful. I heard on the news this morning that them terrorist still aint through. You never know when another wild animal will come out of the woods.

Ya'll are right. I sit there watching TAGS getting all keyed up for my favorite part and them boom, it's not there. I still laugh because I know what was supose to be there. Salty Dog you have a great day off.

The Rock

"I'm a prisoner here and I expected to be treated like one" (Otis)

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4915: Mornin Hazel. We must have posted and the same time and I missed you.

The Rock

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4916: Morning Porch! Hey Rock, Rafe (i'll say hey to ya!), Salty, Hazel and Mavis! Did they play my episode? HOTDAWG! That Mrs. Wiley is a NUT! Hazel, I don't put anything fun in the punch, just ginger ale and lime sherbet - that's why my parties are so dull. Or maybe it's the records I play. But you gotta admit when the guests start dipping the napkins into the punch bowl, then throw them up at the ceiling...well, THAT'S a pary!

~ Mrs. Wiley
"well... I been comin' into rooms nice. Ain't been shakin' ladies hands, though."

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4917: Good morning, everybody! Mercy, what a talkative bunch! Took me ten minutes to catch up. Been working, now I'm off for four nights, hallelujah.
I've got a prayer concern - my daughter-in-law's 38 yr old sister is extremely ill. In ICU, almost completely paralyzed and no one knows why. Possibly a very strange variant of a bacterial meningitis, but not sure. Anyway, everyone's pretty scared. The question of contagion arises, and we've all been with her, including my one-year old grandson. Prayers, please.
Well, just got home from work, heading for sleepy-land. Have a great day, friends.--Romeena

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4918: Good morning, everybody! Mercy, what a talkative bunch! Took me ten minutes to catch up. Been working, now I'm off for four nights, hallelujah.
I've got a prayer concern - my daughter-in-law's 38 yr old sister is extremely ill. In ICU, almost completely paralyzed and no one knows why. Possibly a very strange variant of a bacterial meningitis, but not sure. Anyway, everyone's pretty scared. The question of contagion arises, and we've all been with her, including my one-year old grandson. Prayers, please.
Well, just got home from work, heading for sleepy-land. Have a great day, friends.--Romeena

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4919: Good morning, everybody! Mercy, what a talkative bunch! Took me ten minutes to catch up. Been working, now I'm off for four nights, hallelujah.
I've got a prayer concern - my daughter-in-law's 38 yr old sister is extremely ill. In ICU, almost completely paralyzed and no one knows why. Possibly a very strange variant of a bacterial meningitis, but not sure. Anyway, everyone's pretty scared. The question of contagion arises, and we've all been with her, including my one-year old grandson. Prayers, please.
Well, just got home from work, heading for sleepy-land. Have a great day, friends.--Romeena

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4920: Good morning, everybody! Mercy, what a talkative bunch! Took me ten minutes to catch up. Been working, now I'm off for four nights, hallelujah.
I've got a prayer concern - my daughter-in-law's 38 yr old sister is extremely ill. In ICU, almost completely paralyzed and no one knows why. Possibly a very strange variant of a bacterial meningitis, but not sure. Anyway, everyone's pretty scared. The question of contagion arises, and we've all been with her, including my one-year old grandson. Prayers, please.
Well, just got home from work, heading for sleepy-land. Have a great day, friends.--Romeena

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4921: Good grief! Honest, I didn't do that! Well, I guess I did, inadvertently. My DSL had dropped out, and I mashed the "post" button two or three times, each time thinking I had the DSL back on. Finally, it did come back on, and this is what happens! I'm so sorry. You pay your DSL bill on time, you dust your computer every day, you keep the trees trimmed out of the lines, and what do you get? Heartaches! Repeated postings and heartaches!--Romeena

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4922: Could someone please post the url for Mavis's outstandin' Cutlass?

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4923: Good morning porch, and a great big hello to my buddy Rafe. Hey ol buddy buddy. How ya doing? I'm sorry I didn't realize I hadn't been telling you hey. I don't mean to be rude but somebodys got to look after Asa and make sure he don't fall asleep or nothing. Well I had the day off today and it is raining again. But better than snow and ice. Ro, I'll remember your request. Enjoy your nights off. Everybody and especially RAFE have a great day today and a great weekend too. See yall later--Salty Dog

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4924: Hey to the porch -
(hope that works)

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4925: Hey to everyone. (This way I don't miss saying hey to anyone. :=0) Romeena that is really scary about your daughter-in-laws' sister. My prayers are with your family.

Thanks Rafe for asking after me. I do love Aunt Bee The Warden and it frosts me too when TVLand leaves out classic lines. Y'all just do what I do. I go ahead and insert the lines myself. Now that kinda frosts Mr. Tilley, but I 'spect he'll get over it. He's a TAGS fan. He gives me a mornin' honey most every day. I'd rather be called skunk face than honey like that. hehe

I want to thank Floyd and everyone who posts here. I've been kinda down here lately and it's nice to have a place to go that brings a smile to your face. We had a stray cat show up here. She had kittens in November and I watched them being born. I just had to give them away. Thanks goodness I had more calls for kittens than I had kittens to give away! I cried after every one of them left me tho. I felt like Opie when he had to turn loose of Winken, Blinken and Nod.

I reckon I'd better shut up now. Shut up Bernie, just shut up.

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4926: Afternoon porch. Good to see everyone. Well almost everyone. Where the heck is N.N. been hiding?
Prayers for your daughter in law Romeena. I'm real sorry to hear about her situation. May God bless her and your family.
This is a great place to come when yer feelin poorly, huh Tilley?
Thanks everyone for your prayers and concern on my and my families behalf. It is complete mayhem here, utter chaos. This is even bigger than a summit meeting. What a mess I made of my life.
I hope to be on here later tonight. Its the calm before the storm, and its gonna storm tomorrow.
Love you guys a ton, look fer me on tv.:)


February 07, 2002 - Msg 4927: Boy looks like I missed all of it while I was working today, ya'll had a regular ol party! Asa I will be looking for you on tv, you are wearing your Mayberry Shirt, right? *Rafe you would be surprised at the people that get bent out of shape with me cause I won't drive in that nasty mess to groom. I love dogs, but I love me more, & it ain't worth taking a chance just to give a dog a bath! I tell ya, they beat ever'thang!
Off to read mail, hey to everyone!

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4928: Hey to everyone on the porch! Tilley, glad to see you posting dear, how's your Daddy doing? Romeena, prayers for your family - that's really scary. Asa, we are rooting for you! What times should we be watching (what events?) so's we can see your smiling face?
~ Mrs. Wiley
Floyd: Oh Andy, you should have seen it..
Andy: what?
Barney: oh, nothing.
Floyd: the traffic jam! Ohhh, it was big!

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4929: Sure wish I could have sat on The Porch.I was'nt a bad ol guy,just makin a little Moon.


February 07, 2002 - Msg 4930: Mr. Frisbee, you might bribe someone with a mustache cup. Or a rooster, maybe? Spike the crock and Rock might just save ya a seat!

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4931: Hey porch pals. Good to see everyone. Good to be seen. You might as well park it on this here porch Mr. Frisbee, cause I don't think you got one no more. Jump in and join the fun.
How is yer knee holding up Mrs. Wiley? Sorry I missed yer episode cause I like it a lot.
Sunday and Monday are the downhill events in my backyard, but I don't know if NBC is carrying them live or on tape delay. Just look for any of the Alpine events at Snowbasin ski resort and I'll be the one with the Mayberry Forever shirt on.
Hello to everyone out there. Don't wanna git no one mad at me. These 12 and 14 hour days are the pits, thats what they are, the pits. Huh Hazel.


February 07, 2002 - Msg 4932: Night Porch!

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4933: Howdy to the porch. I hope every one is keeping cozy and warm. I would love to be sitting here with a big old Fudge Brownie and an ice cold coke, but I have promised myself I will try to take better care of my body. I just get so sick and tired of doctors harping about my weight. My
blood work should be back this week telling me if I am indeed going through "the change." Yippee!
Think of you all often. Take care of each other,
and stay warm.
Fun Girl
"Aw Pa, caint I just look at the purty man?"
(Charlene Darling)
"NO, NOW GET BACK IN THE TRUCK." (Briscoe Darling)

February 07, 2002 - Msg 4934: Hey All.Boy it was wined monday I was plus down the street from it.
I see wair some school was closed because of the bag that is going arould because of the chang in the weather we are having.
as my friend
THE bough of gnarled old trees.
I know he hears my anxious voice
when comes a stormy day;
in thunder's boom, in roaring gusts,
in lightning's sharp display.
i know he hears my praise to him
when come his rainbow hues
and in the early morning when
i welcome crystal dews.
he hears my whisper on a breeze,
my voice upon the wind;
he shares his rainbow's bright array-
then listens...as my friend.

February 08, 2002 - Msg 4935: Thanks Tom. It were purty.
Hi porch, gotta run, be good.


February 08, 2002 - Msg 4936: Good morning to ALL my porch freinds. It is a cold morning out here. Is everybody ready for the big weekend? If ya don't hear from me for a couple days, we are leaving tomorrow for a few days on a mini vacation and should be back on Monday. I didn't want to offend anyone if I didn't post. Are we still gonna have a game tonight? Well Have a good Friday EVERYONE and I'll see ya after work--Salty Dog

February 08, 2002 - Msg 4937: I've been kinda lost since they ran the highway thru my property, "we will not sing" felt pretty bad after Bo got into my "old New England Sapp Bucket" and got "the blind staggers".I just discovered this site and feel like kid in a candy store or having a shake at Walkers.

February 08, 2002 - Msg 4938: Well come on in and stay a while #4937 have yourself a good ol time. Pick out a Mayberry name, jump in where you can and hang on!!--Salty Dog

February 08, 2002 - Msg 4939: He's got a name, salty! That there's Mr. Frisbee! (ain't it?)
~ Mrs. Wiley

February 08, 2002 - Msg 4940: yeah,thats me! I'm brand spankin new to this sight but not to tags.

February 08, 2002 - Msg 4941: Sure is nice to be able to come to The Porch and chat,I never got to say much back in the day.I did try to pinch a guy once though.

p.s. I always knew that was Earnest T.

February 08, 2002 - Msg 4942: HAHAHAHA That line always cracks me up when Mrs Wiley tells Andy that Mr. Shwump tried pinching Ernest T.

February 08, 2002 - Msg 4943: Afternoon Asa, Salty Dog,Mr Frisbee, Mrs Wiley, and Mr Shwump. Things seem to be fairly quite today. I left out early this mornin to check on my mamma. Been having trouble with her house alarm system. I called the man and he came right over and checked it out. Didn't find no dead mouse or smell gas comming out from the alarm but he got it working again. Then had to go down town to get tickets for me and my son for the MONSTER TRUCKS. Had to yell, them things make a powerful lot of noise.(Yes we do have ear plugs)

The Rock

"Come on Op you can be my a$$istant." (Gomer)

February 08, 2002 - Msg 4944: I had bad week myself. Some creep tried to break into my house Monday night and the kids(2 girls 14 months and 4) been sick.I guess I needed Andy and Barney,maybe deputize Otis and them!Glad it's Friday.

February 08, 2002 - Msg 4945: Hey to Mr. Schwump! (I always did think you were some looker!) ~ Mrs. Wiley

February 08, 2002 - Msg 4946: Hey to The Rock! You sure are a fine son. ~ Mrs. Wiley
Barney:"well, they're so hard to buy for."

February 08, 2002 - Msg 4947: Thanks for the welcome-backs! It's good to be back home. Nice to see new faces and 'seasoned' faces (I balk at the word "old" the more seasoned I get)!

February 08, 2002 - Msg 4948: Afternoon my porch sittin friends. Well its the calm before the storm here. The opening ceremony is tonight and we are off and running. There was actually a ski jump event scheduled for this morning, and guess what? It got postponed due to bad weather. Had a little storm blow through here and them old winds kicked up a tad and they don't want them ski jumpers catching to much wind and flying away. I'll be looking fer you all on Sunday and Monday night at snowbasin. I'll give you my best Mr. Shwump impression when the camera is on me.
I know what you mean about that teminoligy stuff Elinora. We get right sensitive when we become youth challenged huh?
Ya'll be good now and act like ya got some smarts. Salty, have fun with yer festivising there and remember who you are and what you stand fer.


February 08, 2002 - Msg 4949: Hey there,
I think this site is the cats. I have watched the Andy Griffith Show for so many years I cant count em. Its so good to find a wholesome site now days. Please continue to spred the decent morals that TAGS was all about. ALL THE BEST TO YOU AND YOURS ! (dabo)

February 08, 2002 - Msg 4950: Evenin' Porchsters: Can't believe it's FINALLY Friday. 5 out of 6 in this house have had the flu ALL week. I go to work for peace and quiet! It can be quite trying to a mom!! Hope all have a good week and a restful weekend. Coach Asa didn't say when the next game will be, I guess he has bigger fish to fry this month. Hey Salty- I put the *YOU KNOW WHAT--YOU KNOW WHERE* Be sure coach doesn't find it!Who's cooking tomorrow? I have waited on enough people this week, I would like a little pampering myself... Just kidding! See ya on the porch ~New Neighbor

February 08, 2002 - Msg 4951: Good evening porch, the weekends almost here! NN sounds fine I dont think coach will find it he is too busy to worry about it anyway. Have a good evening everybody, stay warm. --Salty Dog

February 09, 2002 - Msg 4952: Hey to the Porch!
Hugs & Prayers to them that need them!
And, to them that don't, big hugs to you too!
It is nice to see the Old timers, and New Timers here, 'those timers are tricky'.
I have alot of catching up to do here. Floyd, thanks for the Archive, and check your email from last week (am i getting the Big Freeze?).
We had some nice snow here in late January, and I saved a whole bunch of snowballs in the Basement Freezer, so we can have our annual snowball fight on the 4th of July, but they all melted when our power went out due to last weeks ice storms. Oh well, I tried.
(may I use Otis again? Or is the nick spoken for?)

February 09, 2002 - Msg 4953: Mornin porch, as usual it is a cold morning out here. Getting ready to leave for a couple days vacation would like it to be more but thats what happens when you have to work for a living. Well you guys take care and have a wonderful weekend. And I'll see yall about Tuesday or so. --Salty Dog

February 09, 2002 - Msg 4954: Mornin porch. Fixed blueberry muffins for breakfast, the wife and kids are eating so I think I'll sit a bit. Rickyb long time no see. Mornin Salty Dog.

Asa what an opening ceremony. My son and I got back from the MONSTER TRUCKS about 10:30 last night. The wife stayed home to watch the opening. Boy was I impressed by what I saw. What a group of people that carried in the Olympic flag. And the hockey team lighting the tourch. I'll tell you that was a picture that no artist could paint. Asa , Utah and Salt Lake City did America Proud.

The Rock


February 09, 2002 - Msg 4955: I just registered over at Miss Crumps Blackboard. Since "The Rock" had already been taken I registered as "Here at the Rock".

The Rock

"That was my daddy's rock." (Barney)

February 09, 2002 - Msg 4956: Mornin all! headed to a Mardis Gras Parade today! Have a good one!"Don't wear my hat Ange"!


February 09, 2002 - Msg 4957: Good Morning, porch. Rock, I agree, those opening ceremonies were wonderful. No doubt about it, it's BIG. Aw, BIG aint the word for it.
- Hazel

February 09, 2002 - Msg 4958: Hey to the Rock...Did you use to strike kitchen matches on that rock and light your daddy's pipe? I hear that's a big deal to a little feller.
Fun Girl

February 09, 2002 - Msg 4959: Godd Evening: It's awful lonely here on the porch tonight. Not many postings today. Hey to everyone! Glad to report that the gang is feelin' better today. Could it be because there is no school today? Wonder what causes that? Have a good evenin'. See ya at preachin' tomorrow. ~New Neighbor

February 09, 2002 - Msg 4960: Asa- I'll take notes for you!!~New Neighbor

February 09, 2002 - Msg 4961: Just saw the epilogue of the Miracle Sauve episode for the 1st time in years! Too good!
"How do you fight a fire"?

February 09, 2002 - Msg 4962: fjfjfjfff

February 10, 2002 - Msg 4963: Mornin, me and the family headed out to Sunday meetin.Aunt Bee made me start goin after I embarressed her so bad.


February 10, 2002 - Msg 4964: Morning Porchsters, Ya'll being to quiet around here. Where is everyone?
Them were some nice ceremonies huh? Wish I could take some credit fer it but everytime I showed up fer tryouts they had moved them somewhere's else. Wonder what causes that?
Well today and tomorrow is the big downhill events at snowbasin. I be headin up there in jest a few, so ya'll be looking fer me. NBC is tape delaying it for tonight on prime time, (I guess cause of me hee hee). So ya'll tune in and see what my neck of the woods looks like. They was doing practice runs on this grizzley course yesterday, and I tell ya, they was flat out flying. Close to 90 miles an hour. Thats fast on ski's. I got the chance to meet our own Picabo Street yesterday. What a sweet gal she is. She had some real good times on her runs. She had a real bad crash a couple of years ago and tore her knee up real bad. But she wanted to do these games cause she lives here in Utah now. Keep yer toes crossed fer her. Mens race today and Womens are tomorrow. I think they air at 6:00 pm both nights. See ya;ll there.


February 10, 2002 - Msg 4965: Asa are you ever going to wash the hand that shook the hand? haha How exciting! I'll be keeping an eye out for you, but I think I'd wear more than my Mayberry shirt out there. I bet it's cold. Paw, isn't "Picabo" something you do with babies?

Mrs. Wiley thanks for asking about my daddy. He's doing fine, just fine.

Hope everyone is having a beeeutiful Sabbath.

February 10, 2002 - Msg 4966: Hazel you aint a newbie you been here for years!

February 10, 2002 - Msg 4967: Good Sabbath Friends! ~ Mrs. Wiley

February 10, 2002 - Msg 4968: Tilly what a great play on words. Made me start thinking about Andy reading the letter and made me laugh. Asa If you see Picabo again tell her The Rock says hey. Mornin Mr. Frisbee, I'll take two dozen eggs and a gallon of moon.

The Rock

"They had these waitresses wearing peek-a-boo blouses." (Barney's letter)

February 10, 2002 - Msg 4969: I think Asa is name droppin again!


February 10, 2002 - Msg 4970: Good meetin today some fella from New York City talking bout "Whats your hurry"? "Thats one topic you can't say too much about,sin".


February 10, 2002 - Msg 4971: Hi All. Will it that time of year wind the flu bag come.
It a mad houes here because mon is fighting to git her graetgrandson to go to for school.
mavis how is thing going for you what the cat.

February 11, 2002 - Msg 4972: Hey to the Porch.


February 11, 2002 - Msg 4973: Hey to Jelsik. (And anyone else out there)
- Hazel

February 11, 2002 - Msg 4974: Hey, Porch friends! Just stoppin' in to say Hey and ask a favor.
Could you guys help me out and send up some powerful prayers for my friends in Oklahoma, Steve and his son, Lauren, whose little pomeranian was stolen (could have wandered away, but the gate had been opened and a little pom couldn't do that) last night? They've had a very rough year, and now this. Thank you, friends.
Picabo, huh? Well, don't that beat all!? Tell her Hey from the Porch next time you see her. :-)
Love to all.

February 11, 2002 - Msg 4975: Mornin porch. Can't sit long, the wife has a week off from work and has me hopping. Seems like the way I clean the house just don't suit her. She uses some stuff called polish on the furniture. Well got to go move some more furniture so she can sweep and then move it back again.

The Rock

"Wally called it my kitchenette." (Gomer)

February 11, 2002 - Msg 4976: this is a great site for school reasearch- keep it up

February 11, 2002 - Msg 4977: oh oh depends on what you're studying

February 11, 2002 - Msg 4978: MERLE DEAN with a quick "Hey"



February 11, 2002 - Msg 4980: MIKE....glad ya could stop by.
I think you're confusing the "Gold Truck" episode and the "Motorcycle" episode. It happens to all of us eventually. Don't worry yer head none...it's called "Getting older".I'm fast approaching it myself.
The gold truck episode has Barney inside the truck at the end trying to stop the "bad guys"- "T-men". The motorcycle epsiode has a scene where he is chasing down speeding truckers in the middle of it (remember the big bush on the front of the cycle?).
The end of that episode shows Barn giving up the cycle for the Milo boys and all the other veterans of the "Great War".
Hope this helps
"You me and Laura Lee Hobbs will be here to meet it"(Andy)

February 11, 2002 - Msg 4981: Hey to all my porch sittin pals. Where on earth is everyone hiding at? Looks like ya'll went inside and locked the door. Sorry I ain't been here to much, but ya'll know why, I think. Just got down off the mountin side. Was expecting to see them females do there downhill stuff but the winds kicked up a tad and so they postponed them till tomorrow. Drats. Better be safe than sorry though.
Now if I come back here later and ain't seen our regulars posting I think I might just cry or something. You don't want to see me cry, do you? Either that or I'll sing. Yea, thats what I'll do. I'll sing real loud. You always like that. THIS IS A WARNING... POST NOW OR ELSE!!!


February 11, 2002 - Msg 4982: Hey Asa! How have you been? Alright here. Just thought I'd pop in and say hey before you started huntin' me down! :-) Have a great day!

Charlene D. Hollister

February 11, 2002 - Msg 4983: Hey Charlene D. Hollister. Good to hear from ya. How is Rafe doing now a days? Ya'll be good down there in Texas now, ya hear.
And hey Merle Dean, hows yer brakes? squeek squeek squeek.


February 11, 2002 - Msg 4984: Good afternoon porch, just got back in a few minutes ago and figured I'd better post before Asa has a spell.I'd hate to make him cry. Had a great weekend, it wasn't long enough. Got to watch some of the olympics though, Asa, if that is your back yard, then you are definitely in Gods country. And you got to meet Picabo Street too wow. Sorry I missed the breakfast rock, can you fix it again? It sure sounded good. Des, prayers for your friends, I dont know about anyone else but my animals are a part of my family and if they were missing I would be nuts until I found them again. Good luck. Well I just got back in and got a pile of laundry waiting on me. See yall in a bit. Good to be back, I missed yall. Oh and I bought myself a TAGS mouse pad with Andy, Barney, Gomer and Opie on it!! --Salty Dog

February 11, 2002 - Msg 4985: Hey Asa. Rafe and I are doing just fine. He'll probably find a few minutes to post tonight ifin' he ain't swamped at work. Have a good'un!

February 11, 2002 - Msg 4986: Hey to the porch -
Mike, the epilogue to the 'Sidecar' episode shows Andy getting a phone call about a tank out on highway 6. He thinks Barney has done bought a tank to replace the cycle he gave up and HE (Andy) takes off to highway 6 in the squad car, pulls the tank over and commences hollerin' and carryin' on and the tank opens up and a real U.S. of A. Army officer pops out, identifys himself and says he is on his way to some maneuvers.

Milton P. Oliver
Welcome to Check-Point Chickie~

February 11, 2002 - Msg 4987: Hey to the porch - welcome back salty, sounds like a fine mousepad! Asa, I'll be a watchin for ya on the slope, you got a cowbell? If you see Pekabo, tell her Mayberry's rootin' for her! Prayers for all who needs em', people and critters alike.

~ Mrs. Wiley
"Hey Barn, do the tears on your pillow bespeak the pain that's in your heart?"

February 11, 2002 - Msg 4988: Hey Salty, welcome back. How was the trip? Did you take any pictures? Glad yer back with us.
I done fergot to respond to yer prayer request ~Des~ and I'm powerfully sorry fer that. I do hope and pray that things work out o.k. with yer friends there in Oklahoma.
Hey M.P.O, I ain't ever seen that ending before. You ain't funnin us are ya?
Mavis, N.N., Hazel, Romeena, Mrs. Wiley, Helen, Tilley, AngeFan, Rock, Mr. Frisbee, Floyd, Emma, and I know I'm missing some. BE AWARE...I AM WARMING UP MY LARNYX..,YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS WHEN I WARM UP MY LARNYX.


February 11, 2002 - Msg 4989: I posted first thing this morning, Asa. Brush that snow outta yer eyes. How's the games going? I bet it's a proper Bobby Dazzler. I been lookin for you, but I aint seen you yet. Welcome back, Salty.
- Hazel

February 11, 2002 - Msg 4990: Hey Porchsters: It's about time that everyone wakes up and starts posting! Without Asa, no one wanted to post. That makes me feel REAL IMPORTANT!! Prayers for everyone and special hello to that All Time Celebrity--ASA. We need to get together after the Olympics and hear the news. Everyone here is doing better. Hallelujah!! ~New Neighbor


February 11, 2002 - Msg 4992: Opie: "Here you can have it. It's a penny run over by a train. It'll protect you in your travels."(Wasn't he just such a precious boy?)

Off To Las Vegas next week. Got my penny run over by a train to protect me, but I am sure that all your prayers wouldn't hurt. I shore hate to fly.
Fun Girl

February 12, 2002 - Msg 4993: Mornin' dears, mornin' honeys. Pore ol' Pikabo Street will have to wait another day to do her thang. But I'll bet she'll do good when she DOES do her thang! I'm up late (3 a.m.) because I've been mopping the basement. You don't really want to know the sordid details, but it has *something* to do with a washing machine. :^(

February 12, 2002 - Msg 4994: Good morning porch! Elinora, did you have to CALL THE MAN? Travelin' mercies be with you FG, have fun in Sin-Town :-) (also known as Sign Heaven) are you there for work or vacation? Don't forget your earrings. Hey to MIKE, NN, Hazel, MPO and anyone else I may have missed up there.

~ Mrs. Wiley
cookin up a mess of trout, eggs, cornbread and coffee. mmmMM! Come 'n get it!

February 12, 2002 - Msg 4995: Uh-oh, forgot to say 'hey' to Asa - Lawwww dirty me I'm disgusted with myself.

February 12, 2002 - Msg 4996: Mornin porch. Salty Dog you welcome to breakfast anytime. I usually fix the big ones on Saturday mornings. This Sat. it will be waffles sprinkled with cinnimon (sp) sugar sprinkled on them. Fun Girl you be careful out there in Lost Wages, Nev., I saw a slot machine really take hold of a man on the Twilight Zone the other day. Elinora sorry about your water problems. I had a flooded basement a while back but mine had something to do with our septic tank. Messy, messy, messy. Prayers to Des. Asa be sure you stop at the hardware store and get some screws for the handle on your pistol on your way to the mountain. Hey to Mike, Mrs Wiley, New Neighbor, Hazel, Merle Dean and Milton P. Oliver.

The Rock

"Yeah but don't the trees seem nice and full." (Andy)

February 12, 2002 - Msg 4997: Morning, porch. New Neighbor, I think there's lots of reasons that it's been quiet on the porch lately, besides Asa bein' gone. Hey to Mike; for the love of MIKE, just DO IT. Go home, take a nap, just DO IT. Mrs. Wiley, I'm on my way over for breakfast. No trout fer me though. Hey to Rock; did you get that crock cleaned yet? Sorry about yer washing machine, Elinora. Keep a good thought.
- Hazel

February 12, 2002 - Msg 4998: MERLE DEAN says "Hey"
MIKE, glad we could help...that's what friends are fer.
Milton P.- yer knowledge is a sight ta behold.
Hope everyone has a Mayberry kinda day.
"She puts them in the oven and they VULCANIZE!"(Barney)
What's Barney referring too ?

February 12, 2002 - Msg 4999: Good morning porch! Back to work for me again. Rock, breakfast sounds great. Hey Merle Dean! I think the woman who fixes the meatballs is the one Barn was talking about. Is her name Lillian? I aint too good with names. Now where did Mavis get off to have I just missed her? I hope I didn't offend Rafe too bad last week, I aint seen him post in a while either. I didn't mean to not answer him. FG good luck in yer travels. Hey to Mrs. Wiley, I believe I'll let the trout slide on by. Cornbread sounds good though. Hazel, maybe you just better go ahead and clean that crock. Elinora, good luck with that washing machine. Asa, hurry back we need you here. NN, is it still hidden? Off to work se yall later!--Salty Dog

February 12, 2002 - Msg 5000: MPO I love that epilogue in Barney's Motorcycle. Andy is about to have a heart attack thinking Barn bought a tank! LOL Elinora bless your heart. CALL THE MAN! I love that line, but I imagine you have things under control. Good luck. Mrs. Wiley I first read your post and thought you had gotten fancy on us and was serving trout eggs. Are they anything like caviar? hehe Don't know what I was thinking. Where is that Rafe? I forgot to get on him. He did use the B word the other day. The Beaver. Hey to Hazel, Asa, NN, FG, Merle Deane, SD, CD and Mike too. Hope I didn't leave out anyone. If I did leave out saying "hey" to anyone, just write if off to the trout egg syndrome.