February 21, 2002 - Msg 5199: Oops. How do you do Mrs Wiley

The Rock

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5200: Morning everyone. I see Floyd has been up early sweeping.
Hope everyone has a great day today.
Gotta go work now.


February 21, 2002 - Msg 5201: How'dy doo Rock! ~ Mrs. Wiley

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5202: It is nice to see Floyd has been doing his chores this fine morning! Hope everyone has a good day!


February 21, 2002 - Msg 5203: Mornin' folks. Floyd sure does keep this place in apple pie order don't he? I was watching a show on Comedy Central called "Beat The Geeks" yesterday. They have a movie, music, TV and special guest geeks. Yesterday in his introduction, the TV geek said that Barney Fife was the BEST TV character ever! I knew I like that guy. Smart guy. hehehe Everyone have a great day.

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5204: Morning porch!
Getting ready to go to 31's for Bible study, yep thats what I am getting ready to do, Bible study with 31 then home again, 31 Bible study, home,Bible study at 31's then home. yep thats the plan. .... Happy Birthday and Anniversary to all having one today. God Bless ya. Ms Wezee

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5205: By the way Rock - I read the archives, we (my family) know the way to Danville well as we pass through to Somerset. The boys really enjoy seeing the horses and the cows and the goats. We usually take backroads as opposed to the interstate. We really enjoy KY alot and go there quite frequently.
Oh well, I am ramblin now. . .

By the way Asa - did you get a soul patch:) Ohno!


February 21, 2002 - Msg 5206: Mornin' all! I know about babies this week. Keeping my nieces I forgot all of the baby stuff. Getting up at 1:00a.m. and not going back to sleep because you keep a ear out listening. Chasing them around,trying to cook,tying shoes and keeping the 3yr old and 9yr old fed in a hurry because "We're hungary"! All while the baby drags out pots and pans under my feet and wants to be held after that! I also forgot about wrestling one in church. Didn't hear a lot of the service. Oh well. I've really enjoy them alot and I'll miss them when they leave. They're precious. Off to get "runny nose" medicine and then off to the park. Then it's NAP TIME. So could ya'll be extry QUIET. I'd appreciate it much.
Romeena, I hope you have a good day, and I know you'll get good news Fri. I'm still praising the Lord over the news. I'll send you some soup. Welcome Juanita, good to have you. Everybody have a blessed day. --Helen

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5207: Howdy! I have approximately three minutes to wait for a response (isn't that lousy?) But it's certainly better than nuthin'

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5208: Previous comment was from Aunt Bee-e

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5209: I need Ma Tweezers website address again. Thinkin about purchasing a beautiful picture. Aunt Bee-e
Of course, I'm not selling anything-- I just want to visit his site again. He is such a talented artist! He is also a true tags enthusiast.

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5210: Hiya. When I'm sitting around here, swinging, noticing the paint job that needs to progress here in the spring--it can be mighty lonely without all you guys.-Aunt Bee-e

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5211: Hey Aunt Bee-e! set a spell, stay a while! ~ Mrs. Wiley

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5212: Aunt Bee-e you must be talking to the phone company. Yesterday they told me my wait would be about 10 minutes. 20 minutes later I got to talk to a real live person.

The Rock

"Sarah, get me my house." (Andy)

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5213: "How do you do Miss Wiley"? Hey to Aunt Bee,Helen,Rock and all!I usually don't get to watch the TAGS on TVLD at 6:00 pm CST so I always watch the back to backs at 9:00 pm. Boy, was I disappointed last night! Nothing against African American TV pioneers but can't they preempt something else? I'll be glad when Feb is over!

Mr. Schwump

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5214: Speaking of long phone wait times - has anyone tried to call Earthlink?? I don't know how they are now, but a few months ago, when InternetAmerica dropped their alliance with Verizon and sent all their DSL customers to Earthlink, I had the unholy curse of having to call those folks on numerous occasions. The waits were never less than 30 minutes, and on one occasion, the recorder informed me that the wait would be "ap-prox-i-mate-ly one hun-dred and six-ty sev-en min-utes"! Needless to say, I hung up. Obviously, some folks were desperate enough to hang on, or the wait wouldn't have been that long, but I just didn't have the patience. I hope I never have to call them again in this lifetime. Give me good ol' Sarah anytime. I don't mind advising her to soak something now and then! She's worth it. --Romeena

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5215: Hey to the porch! I hope everybody's doing well.

"80 cents for a shampoo?! I'd hate to have him give me a BATH!" (Barney)

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5216:
Andy: Uh, is uh, your father still with the lumber plant?
Lydia: No.
Andy: What's he doing?
Lydia: Who?
Andy: Your father.
Lydia: He's working.
Andy: Oh...that's good.
Barney: Yeah, that's absolutely right...absolutely right.
Andy: What's that?
Barney: About a man working. It's good for a man to work. I believe in work. Some people are against work but I've always felt that if a man works and has pride in his work, well, there you've...gotta...man...that...ahem....

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5217: Andy: "Oh, hea, I've gotta funny story. Y'all know Al Becker. Well Barney I know you know him."
Barney: "Al Becker? Al Becker? No can't says I do. But go ahead anyway."
Andy: "Never mind, it's not as good unless you know him"

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5218: 1

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5219:

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5220: "Goober will you tell Lydia to stop hanging her head out the window like a dawg"

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5221: "your hair's dripping."

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5222: wonder what ep was playing tonight? Goober gets a girlfriend maybe? Ya'll are a mess! LOL Hope everyone is doing well tonight, I'm off to check out the e-file thing. Wish me luck.

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5223: Luck Mavis. Hi Porch. Did everyone have a good day? Gettin warmer here and I am beggining to see patches of grass. I am polishing up my clubs as we speak. Only problem is it's suppose to snow on Sunday.(waaaaaa waaaaaaa waaaaaaaaa)
Sorry about that. I tend to get emotional when I get spring fever.

February 21, 2002 - Msg 5224: Evening porch, just watched the Olympics. Thought I'd step out here for a minute before hitting the hay. Gotta work tomorrow and Saturday but I get Sunday off. So, yall have a good night and I'll see ya in the morning!--Salty Dog

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5225: Good Morning my Porch Family! Asa, it's been just lovely weather down here in TrickyTimer Territory - but the weatherman just said next week is getting down into the low 40's!! BBrrrr. Winter ain't over quite yet.

I need to impose upon all you Prayer Warriors out there. I spoke to my sweet Mamma last night. Asked her how she's feelin'. She got nervous and asked if I'd been talking to my Cousin in CA., ??? I asked her "what's up" and she said she thinks she may have had a mini-stroke, "you know, just like the last one"!! I DIN"T KNOW ABOUT NO LAST ONE! But she really doesn't want to bother the Dr over it. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!?! Oh Lord. I told her to SEE THE MAN, go Mom, GO! She said "well... I guess I might." Please pray that she is OK and at least, goes to the Dr. (I'm calling her daily to pester her into it) Thanks, y'all!

~ Mrs. Wiley
OPIE: "Tell Mrs. Edwards if she still has ants, I'll come get em and make an ant farm."

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5226: Mrs. Wiley, my prayers go up for your mama, and for you. It gets difficult, with these elderly parents. Yes, I CAN imagine! I won't burn up space telling you some of the things my dear little daddy does, but it chills my blood when I think about it. All we can do is give them as much autonomy as possible, keep our eyes and ears open, and pray. Sometimes I wish for Emma's little ten-cent pills, that could put everything right. --Romeena

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5227: Ain't it the truth Romeena. Give me my pills.
Prayers for your mama and for you Mrs. Wiley. I know your having a rough time too. It's good your there to encourage her to go see the Doc. I hope all is well for all of you.
Prayers for you to Romeena. Today you see your Dr. again, don't you? I pray that all the news is good for you.
And prayers for all my porch pals who are needing them. I know some have some health issues they be concerned about, and others have some personal issues that have them hurting. So may the Lord bless all who stands in need this day.
Now, this being Friday, and this being the first weekend I'll have off in almost a month, who wants to cook breakfast in the morning? Hmmmmmm?
Nothing fancy, maybe just a couple of eggs, three strips of bacon, two sasauges, hash browns, biscuits, homemade jam, 4 pancakes with real butter, and some oj. Any takers?
Hope everyone has a good Friday.


February 22, 2002 - Msg 5228: Mrs Wiley and Romeena, i got an 87 year old mother that lives by herself. She has a hard time walking, is legally blind and can't hear thunder. The only thing I know to do is to keep an eye on her and return the love and care that she gave to me when I was growing up.. My guess is we could take up the entire front porch telling stories of what our elderly parents do.

Don't think I can handle your grocery list Asa but your more than welcome to sit for waffles on Saturday with me, Mrs Rock and The Little Rock.
Hey to Mavis, Sallty Dog, Emma and Mr Schump.

The Rock

"All he ever says is, You know we're not spring chickens any more." (Aunt Bee)

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5229: Asa that'll lay on yer chest! Mrs. Wiley prayers for your mother, I remember having a hard time getting my mother to call the man when she was having the problem with the Bells Palsy. So it is not just the elderly parents that are 'stubborn' the 58 year old ones do it too. The Bells Palsy is much better BTW, not much sign of her ever having it. Praise the Lord. Got a snail mail from Miss Ellie yesterday & she has lots of family & friends on her prayer list, don't think she will mind me asking the Porch to add all them to the prayer list as well, I don't have all the names right here in front of me, but the Lord knows who they are. Well off to spend my paycheck on of all things...bills. Catch ya'll later,

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5230: Where is everybody this morning?? Sleeping in?

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5231: Morning porch It's Friday yeah!! Asa, I cant handle your breakfast order I have to be up at 5 in the morning unless you want a real early breakfast. I'll leave you some hot chocolate or coffee though. Guys, while we're on the subject of parents, please remember my dad. He's having surgery next Friday. They've found some cancer cells but think its in the very early stages and can remove it without radiation. Now he's already had a heart attack 2 years ago with 6 by-pass surgery and been going strong ever since. I wasn't going to mention it until next week but it just felt like the right thing to do today. Please remember him. Romeena, I wish for those little wonder pills too. Hey Rock, thanks for the coffee yesterday I was running late. Mavis, I can sympathize with ya girl, I decided to just have my boss make my check out to the bank instead of me. Now where did Ms. Wezee get off to and Rafe too?? Have a great weekend off the ones that are lucky enough to have one. See ya later--Salty Dog

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5232:
"Barney, you been paintin' in here?"
"That's just Barney's perfume."

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5233: Does anyone know of the whereabouts of "Lydia"
(Josie Lloyd) these days?

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5234: Let me put this here bucket on my head and give it
a good think.

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5235: Good afternoon porch. . .it has been an almost pleasant day here. Well sure Asa - if you are cooking I'll be at your house for breakfast. I think it is your turn to cook seeing that you have the day off. By the way, I like strawberry jam so see what you can do about that- okay:) I still want to see your soul patch! And by the way - see what you can do to solve Russian tensions. Maybe we need to bring in Barn for a summit!

Prayers to all the family members - the porch that prays together - stays together.

Ya'll have a special weekend - we are heading off to Indy to go shopping. . .at Menards! (a large hardware store!).


February 22, 2002 - Msg 5236: hello y'all

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5237: any one here right now

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5238: nobody here but us songbirds!

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5239: Hope our kids love us as much as we love our parents.

The Rock

"Pa, can I ask you a question." (Opie)

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5240: Rock, I keep reminding myself how my parents put up with me in my teenage years. God lov'em. I reckon I can put up with their shenannigans for a spell. Good thing my children don't know how bad I was... ;-)

~ Mrs. Wiley
Called Mamma this am...to pester her. I cut her a pretty generous deal. Told her I wouldn't tell my sister and brothers if she'd just SEE THE MAN! She said "you don't have to threaten me", I let her know it's not a threat - just a very worried youngest child.

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5241: and I gratefully thank you all for the prayers. I've seen miracles happen here! ~Mrs. Wiley

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5242: Hey Mrs. Wiley my young 'un DOES know how bad I was, my mama thought it only right to tell him so I could enjoy being a parent better! teehee Thanks Mom! Prayers for your daddy Salty

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5243: Gosh, our prayer list keeps on growing. Salty, I will sure pray for your Daddy. I know you must be stressing over that. Please don't worry youself sick now. I agree with Mrs. Wiley, miracles can happen here on the porch. With that in mind I have become aware of a porch member who is facing some health concerns. I didn't ask for permission to use a name so I won't, but He knows who it is, so if you could remember this person in yer prayers it would be appreciated. I will let them request for help if they choose to do so in their own way and time.
I'm glad yer Mama is gettin better Mavis. Real glad to hear that.
And still praying for you Romeena, hope it was a good day for ya dear.
Now Homemaker, you just don't get it. I was fishing for an invite for breakfast, not looking to cook myself. What's the fun in that? If you cook, I'll brang some rasberry peach jam that will cause yer toes to curl.


February 22, 2002 - Msg 5244: OK--OK, Asa put the family in the car and get over here tomorrow morning for breakfast. I've just been to the store and the barn, so all the supplies for your celebration breakfast are here.(Celebration that you survived all the out-of-town guests!) Breakfast starts at 7:00 sharp and runs 'til everyone has eaten. That's the way we do it here, yep breakfast at 7:00 sharp and then off to do Saturday chores. See ya then...~New Neighbor

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5245: Howdy gang! Been out on the links all afternoon! Now the wife's all puffed up! She better watch it I might have to call Juanita out at the Truck Stop and run a "trouble check"!

Mr. Schwump

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5246: Now now Mr Schwump you need to just take the wife out to Morelli's & make up to her. don't go callin Juanita, Frank will only answer the phone & tell you she ain't there. Asa I've fix some breakfast for ya if you brang that jam, my toes need curlin' anyways & I can trim yer ears whilst yer here. So eat at New Neighbor's tomorrow & come on over to our place on Sun, don't ferget that jam! The rest of ya'll are welcome to join us too! We'll have Tom say Grace.

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5247: ya'll ever notice how much we talk about food on this here porch?? wonder what causes that?

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5248: thought ya'll would enjoy this (hope this link works for me, my linking ain't been up to par lately) & I don't even play golf! Done good up there with that didn't I boys? Sharing

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5249: Well I shot 85 today! I know if I keep practicing I could maybe even get to 100! Keepin everybody in my prayers, night porch.

Mr. Schwump

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5250: Evening porch, Man all that food sounds good! Can somebody bring me a plate to work?? I have to be at work at 6 in the morning. I'd be much oblidged. Didn't think NN would approve of me popping in at 5 in the morning. I am off to bed now, 9 hours today has slap wore me out! Thanks for all the prayers for my Daddy. I love you guys. Yall are the best. Nite Porch--Salty Dog

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5251: Just stopped by to say Hi! I used to be a regular at the Front Porch many moons ago. Also used to visit at Sarah's.

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5252: Hey 5251 welcome home. Jump on in and hang on tight. We be happy to see ya.
Boy oh boy, a breakfast on sat. and sunday, and I git my ears trimmed to boot. Is this place great or what? Thanks N.N. and Mavis. I can hardly wait.
You'll love this jam Mavis, goooood stuff.
I'm gonna be on them links soon Mr. Schwump, so we can hook up with Rock and whoever else and curse at our shots. All in all it's a fun day.
See ya in the morning everyone.


February 22, 2002 - Msg 5253: Howdy, friends! Well, looks like we all have our troubles and concerns. As the song says "Take it to the Lord in prayer". I'm so glad I can do that, that we all can. You know what I heard my pastor say one time? Remember the scripture where Jesus says to pray "Abba, Father"? Well, my pastor said that the word "Abba" in the original language would best be translated today as "Daddy"! It was a term used by a child toward a loving father. Isn't that beautiful?
I went to the doc today, he removed the drain he had left in place. Didn't hurt a bit, and I'm a far sight more comfortable now without it. I still have my staples, they come out in another week. He said that the cancer cells that were found were so early and immature, and the margins of the tissue removed were so clean, that no further surgery or treatment is necessary. He said there was no doubt that without this surgery I would have developed full-blown cancer in three to six years, but now it's gone. God knew, impressed me to get the surgery, and amazingly, I listened. Sometimes even a blind squirrel finds an acorn.
The Plum is wondering when the ballgames will resume, she enjoys being mascot. I told her probably not until everybody gets well and those big games out in Salt Lake are finished. Is that right, Asa?
Have a great weekend, neighbors! --Romeena

February 22, 2002 - Msg 5254: Awwwww Romeena, you can't imagine the smile on my face as I read your post. I waited up late hoping you would post and tell us all is well. I thank the good Lord for his blessings upon you dear. Great news to hear. I hope everyone else who is ailing will be blessed as well. We can start them games as soon as ya'll want. We be done with them Olympic amatuar ones on Sunday. Ya'll holler when yer ready, and once again Romeena, great news dear. Bless yer heart.


February 23, 2002 - Msg 5255: Morning porch, Ro, great to hear from ya. You've inspired me already this morning. Well it's off to work for me this morning. You know the poeple that have to work might like some of that toe curling jam too! (hint hint) Have a good weekend. I'll see yall later on.--Salty Dog

February 23, 2002 - Msg 5256: Good morning Porch, Headin' over to NN's for that fine breakfast spread. Don't worry Salty, I'll run you a plate over 't work. And Prayers for your Daddy - and everyone named and unnamed who needs "great prayer". Ro, that is such awesome and wonderful news!! Thank you Jesus! Now tell the Plumster to be patient and spend some of that mascot energy on doing cute things to make "mommy" smile! Mavis, Thanks for the sharing link, that was sweet (it has music, too!). Asa, can't wait to have MY toes curled - raspberry-peach sounds eeEExtreeyy good! I think we'd best wait a week or so before resuming practice - we're supposed to have a cold snap next week, then after that it will be nice, and Ro will be all healed up. Practice at Mrs. Wiley's - bring the sun screen!

God rest my hero of animation, Chuck Jones.

~ Mrs. Wiley

February 23, 2002 - Msg 5257: Mighty fine breakfast there n.n. Thanky kindly. Boy am I ever stuffed. I got plenty of that jam for ya all. We will run some over to ya Salty, don't fret none.
Where is our Hazel been hiding these last few days? Seems like I'm always looking for someone don't it. Check in with us Hazel or we will get ya.
Well I hope everyone has a great Saturday and enjoy's themselves. I know I will, I hope.
We start practice in a week then Mrs. Wiley?


You know what, either Juanita had a deep voice or Frank had a high voice cause ol Barn got them confused a lot.

February 23, 2002 - Msg 5258: Well, shoot! Here I slept in this morning and haven't eaten yet. Prayers for your dad, Salty and to you too Mrs. Wiley for your mom. I'm very glad that my dad takes care of himself or he might not be with us right now. He's had several major surgeries on his ticker over the past few years. Now, my mom is a whole 'nother story entire. Can't get her to go to the doc. Oh well. Romeena, I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.

Hey to NN, Homemaker, Mavis, Asa, Rock, Mr. Schwump, and anybody else I haven't mentioned.

February 23, 2002 - Msg 5259: Good morning Porchsters: So glad a few of you'll could come by for breakfast. It's so good to chat and get caught up on what everybody's doing. Got the laundry out on the line now, so see, ya didn't hold me up too much! Always like havin' company. Somebody left their personal coffee mug on the porch, Who's missing their cup? (Just a hint of cider smell to it.) I'll just keep it for the next proch sittin'. ~New Neighbor

February 23, 2002 - Msg 5260: Well, Asa, I'm here now. Sorry I aint been posting much. I've been working overtime and I'm awful tired lately and couldn't think of anything to say. Did I tell you all that we have a new security policy at my work; we all have to wear an identification tag and chain. It's amazing how heavy those things are; I'm sure it adds at least 5 pounds. At least we don't have to be a certain height. Your news is wonderful, Romeena, I'm so happy for you. I've been keeping good thoughts for all of you here. Sounds like we got a bit of ailing amongst us. I remember my grandpa (who was 87 at the time) used to say "if I'd known I was gonna live this long I would have taken better care of myself". Well, I gotta go do housework.
- Hazel

February 23, 2002 - Msg 5261: Hey porch, back home from work, thanks for the plate Mrs. Wiley much oblidge! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Off to Outback Steakhouse for a family dinner thing. YUM!! Yall are more than welcome too. Hazel, good to see ya back again. You can't stay gone too long with ol' Eagle Eye Asa around. He'll find ya one way or another.NN that coffee mug didn't have the word Rock on it did it?? hee hee. Hey to Tilley and Ro, I hope you are doing better today too. See yall later if I am able to move after supper:). --Salty Dog

February 23, 2002 - Msg 5262: Hey to the Porch.

February 23, 2002 - Msg 5263: hey to the porch...
JB, you and Fred wanna sit on the porch..
drink some cider...
count cars...


February 23, 2002 - Msg 5264: hi

February 23, 2002 - Msg 5265: Hi porch, man where is everyone tonight? Supper was very good. Hey Jelsik I'll take ya up on that offer to sit on the porch. I can't wait till porch sittin weather gets here. I am off to bed now, been a very long day and I have the day off tomorrow for which I am very thankful. Looks like the only one for awhile. Yall have a good night and I expect to see everyone at preaching in the morning. Nite porch stay warm!--Salty Dog

February 24, 2002 - Msg 5266: Mornin' Porchsters: SSSHHHHH everyone must still be sleeping. I can't believe I'm the first one up! Going to preachin', coffee's on, doughnuts and pastries on the table. Help yourself. See ya later.~New Neighbor

Asa- way to breakup those rowdy people. I knew that you'd have to show your authority before this was all over!

February 24, 2002 - Msg 5267: Morning, porch.
- Hazel

February 24, 2002 - Msg 5268: Morning porch, have a good Sabbath--Salty Dog

February 24, 2002 - Msg 5269: Hey to you Jelsik! It's too cold and windy today to count cars, but it sure sounds fun! Besides that, I think my ciders gone hard.

February 24, 2002 - Msg 5270: Mornin porch. Didn't have much time to be on the puter yesterday. Oldest son is in from college this weekend. Had to play golf with him and then went to a birthday party last night. It was held in one of them big fancy dinning clubs on the 26th floor of a bank building. Many people there that I did not know. Formal wear was required. Felt just like Ernest T. Bass all night long. Had fun though, every time I was introduced to some one I would say "How do you do Mr./Mrs ________. All in all it was a fun night. Be back later tonight. Me and the college boy are going to play one more round of golf before he heads back to the "cerebrum factory".

The Rock

"I come into rooms quiet and I don't talk through my nose." (Ertnest T. Bass)

February 24, 2002 - Msg 5271: "don't you go confiscatin' on my rocks!" Good Sabbath Porch! ~ Mrs. Wiley

February 24, 2002 - Msg 5272: Afternoon Porch. Just got back from preaching. Had to stay late cause I got a lot of repenting to do cause I ain't been to church in a month of sundays. Was nice to go and get a faith lift though. Hope everyone is having a blessed Sabbath today. Watching hockey and cheering for the USA right now. Closing ceremonies tonight and life gets back to normal. But then on March 7th the para-olympics start here. Not nearly as big of course.
Well thanky for breakfast Mavis, and the ears look real good now, cept they get cold when I go outside now. I expect I'll get used to it though.
Hope all is well for all today, keep a good thought.


February 24, 2002 - Msg 5273: Yessir... Sin's one thing you can't talk too much about.
- Hazel

February 24, 2002 - Msg 5274: Good Sabbath evening porch. It's been a pretty day here but is turning windy and colder this evening. Supposed to get REALLY cold the next couple of days and snow some. I guess welcome sweet springtime is further around the corner than we thought. I hope everybody had a nice, real nice weekend. All the best to you and yours. NRNMG

February 24, 2002 - Msg 5275: Hey to Mrs. Wiley, Asa, Hazel,Salty Dog and Nice Real Nice Mary Grace. Hey to Jennie Boone, the birthday party I went to last night was for Eddie Brown. He played deffensive back for the old Los Angeles Rams. He played for hem when they were in the Super Bowl. They lost but what the heck, they got there.

The Rock

"Johnny Unitus holds it with the fingers in the back." (Opie)

February 24, 2002 - Msg 5276: Evening Porch! Hope everbody enjoyed that breakfast this morning! I know I sure liked that jam!! Curled my toes right up, just like Asa said. But boy it was good! I eat so much gravy couldn't eat anymore today, but I think I'm about ready to go root thru the kitchen & see what I can find to eat. Glad you liked the ear trim there Asa just get you one of them hats to wear til you get used to it. Hey to the rest of the porch!

February 24, 2002 - Msg 5277: Good evening Porch!! How I have looked and looked for you folks to talk to! I had bookmarked the other sight and kept checking it to find nothing there except that the name was reserved. I haven't posted on this sight. I do see a few familiar names from the old sight: Mrs. Wiley, jennieboone, and Tom and the Rock I believe. My name is Charlotte Tucker (not the Buffalo Tuckers). I used to post often on the other porch and tell about the funny TAGS quotes my young ones would come up with. Does anyone here know if the archives to the old porch are located anywhere? Has anyone heard from Horatio or Pinkcloud? Horatio used to always post in them purty letters. Happy Sabbath to ya'll on the porch! No tradin' on Sunday.
Charlotte Tucker

February 24, 2002 - Msg 5278: Howdy Charlotte glad you finally found us. there is a link right below the 'post your comments' button down there to the archives for this porch & for Ollie's porch, you might find what you want there.

February 24, 2002 - Msg 5279: Good evening porch, hope everyone had a great Sunday. I enjoyed my day off but won't get another one until Saturday. Hey to Charlotte Tucker, welcome back. Off to bed now, getting up at 5 in the morning just wears me out. Anyone cooking in the morning? I'll leave the coffee on. If theres any left hee hee. Yall have a great night and a good week too. Nite Porch--Salty Dog

February 24, 2002 - Msg 5280: hey to you and yours

February 24, 2002 - Msg 5281: hey to you and yours

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5282: Well where has everyone been? Morning,it is a cold 25 degrees out here. THought I'd stop by on my way to work but everyones still asleep looks like. Coffees on already ya'll help yourself. See ya later!--Salty Dog

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5283: Mornin' Salty, thanks for the coffee - and Welcome back Charlotte!

~ Mrs. Wiley

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5284: Morning everybody! Thanks for the greetings Mavis, Salty Dog, and Mrs. Wiley! We enjoyed 71 yesterday, Salty, but like yer 25, I hear there's cooler temps and snow headed our way! Bundle up and have a good day! Charlotte Tucker

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5285: Well, Charlotte Tucker! Welcome back, darlin'. Glad you found us! Asa, you're just sweeter'n sourwood honey! Thanks for the kind words, from you and everyone else. Salty, Mavis, Mrs. Wiley, Tilley, New Neighbor, Hazel, jennieboone, Jelsik, Rock, and all you fine folk! Thanks for your prayers and your concern. Makes me feel loved! (sniff!) I'm feeling pretty good now. Still very sore, but much better. Starting to feel good enough to enjoy my time off! Doc says 3-4 more weeks off work. Hooray!
BTW, Mrs. Wiley, I, too, will miss Chuck Jones. The man was a cartooning genius. I do love cartoons, the old ones I mean. The new stuff leaves me cold, but RoadRunner, Tom & Jerry, Bugs, Tweety, Daffy Duck, and others like them are a national treasure, in my opinion. When you find yourself laughing out loud at a cartoon, you know there has to be a tremendous talent behind the scenes somewhere. RIP, Chuck.
I've got this big old craving for some turnip greens cooked with a little thick bacon and a dash of vinegar, and some cornbread on the side. If'n I can find some good tender, clean greens I'll cook up a batch tonight. Anyone who wants to join us, just come on by. I always cook a tub full of things like that. Never did learn how to cook little bitty bits of things. Anyway, come and be welcome!--Romeena

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5286: Morning porch. I believe I will have a cup of coffee, Salty. Hey to Mrs. Wiley. Nice to meet you, Charlotte Tucker.
- Hazel

Floyd: "Bobby Gribble hates Emma Larch". And now they're announcing their comming nuptials. Aint life funny?

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5287: We was posting at the same time, Romeena. Morning! Glad you are feeling better!
- Hazel

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5288: Bobby Gribble used to dip Emma's pig tails in the inkwell- boy she'll get even with him now..."~Floyd

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5289: YAWN...Good morning porch. Took the day off to recharge my batteries after them games got done.
How is everyone this fine morning?
Nice to hear from ya Romeena, and glad yer improving. You just kick back and enjoy that time off work, you deserve a break.
Welcome to Charlotte Tucker. Or should I say welcome back? Glad yer with us.
A big howdy to everyone else this morning. Hope you have a great day and make me proud.


February 25, 2002 - Msg 5290: Romeena, most days them turnip greens would smell mighty good but today I believe I'm coming down with the flu the rest of my family had over the weekend. Nasty stuff! I did about 6 loads and blankets and sheets just to kill the germs around here. Guess I didn't quite git em all. Thanks ya'll for the welcomes! Charlotte Tucker

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5291: Hey to the porch.


"and now they're announcing their coming nuptials...
ain't life funny?"

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5292: There's no need to make a big moulage out it.
I'm goin' adventure sleepin'.

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5293: Good morning folks. . .some sad news in Indiana for WFMS country music. . .one of our favorite dj's passed away suddenly on Saturday. . .RIP duckman. . .

A busy weekend for the homemaker and family . . .bought a new sink for our bathroom. . .getting ready for a total rehall of the place. Chopped wood on Sunday and getting ready for the snow tomorrow. 57 today and drops tomorrow to 11 for a low. . .some crazy weather we have.

I enjoyed the closing of the games Asa, I liked Scott Hamilton and Dorothy Hamill. . .memories. . .am I getting old or what.

Have a good porch sitting day!


February 25, 2002 - Msg 5294: Hey Homemaker, good to see ya. I know what you mean about that Dorothy Hamill. She still looks purty to me. So does Peggy Flemming.
I think you should call the man on that overhaul.


February 25, 2002 - Msg 5295: Yo! That's what they say in the Guard, Yo!

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5296: Saw skater Scott Hamilton wearing a T-shirt once that said, "The older I get, the better I was."

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5297: Mornin' (almost afternoon here in Dixie) porchsters'! Romeena so glad to hear the news. I knew it would be good! Kick back and relax. Welcome Charlotte Tucker, I'm with you about washing tons of laundry to keep from getting what my nieces' had. We still got the pinkeye around here and sick on top of that. Not as bad as the flu though. They went home on Friday. Mavis those pictures you sent me did me in. We have a new addition in our household. Another dachshund to go with our 3 yr. old dachshund. He's going through that jealousy thing now. Hopefully he'll come around. Any name suggestions anybody? He's a red smooth with a lot of black in him. His 'brother is Rusty'. Asa you must have done a great job at the Olympics. No major security problems, that I know about. We sure did enjoy the games. Ro, I'll come help with those greens. Don't over do now o.k.? I know sometimes you may think you're up to it, be really aren't. Take care. See ya'll---Helen

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5298: Afternoon porch, home from work and enjoying a beautiful 69 degrees on my porch. Aint gonna stay that way long though, supposed one of the coldest weeks this year. Caling for the white stuff again. All this warm weather and I gotta do house work. Oh well, see yall later. Hey to everybody!--Salty Dog

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5299: Hey to the porch! The weatherman is saying we are supposed to get some of that white stuff too Salty but I hope not. Helen since the new puppy is a red-head, how about "Opie" off to feed the baby bird his afternoon meal.

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5300: Boy. looks like everybody took a day off today. Charlottte Tucker good to see you back. Romeena glad that your feeling better. Salty Dog the coffee just hit the spot this morning. Hazel. jennieboone, Jelsik, homemaker, Helen, Mavis and Asa Ya'll have a great day.

Romeena , don't care much for the greens but if you'll put on some soup beans flavored with fat back to go with that cornbread I'll be right over.

The Rock

"Get down there with them spiders." (Barney)

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5301: you don't like greens Rock are ya ailin'??? Greens is good for ya!
if I catch a certain little boy handcuffin another little boy, he'll not only be EATIN' spinach, he'll be doin it standin up!

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5302: MERLE DEAN says "Hey"

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5303: Ro, I'll take you up on those Greens! Just don't tire yourself. Helen's right, it might look easy and you mght remember it being easy, but I'll bet one pot o' greens will wear you out! I'll bring some hot picled okra to go along with it.

Speaking of 'tire', I got me a flat tire at lunch today. Luckily there was a police boy right behind me. I have to call him a boy 'cause he was so much younger than me. More like a Police Tyke! He was some purdy, though! Kinda made me glad I had a flat (sometimes I LIKE to see a flat!)He "called the (AAA) man" for me. He wasn't too hard to look on either.

...turning blow=outs into blessings,
~ Mrs. Wiley

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5304: Mrs. Wiley, your a mess girl. Why is it you always make me giggle. Hope things are going well for ya hon.
About them greens, I like em, especially them ones ya put on. And them aetin kind ain't so awful either. Got me my handsome body that I enjoy today. Well... shoot maybe handsome ain't the correct terminoligy.
Hey Merle Dean... Hey Salty... Hey everyone else.



February 25, 2002 - Msg 5305: SHEESH... Them greens don't help ya spell no good though.


February 25, 2002 - Msg 5306: Hey to the porch! Let's see...you can't climb apple trees with a grown woman...because grown women wear high heels and it's hard for them to climb apple trees in high heels. I love that because Andy makes it sound like grown women DO climb apple trees in high heels...it's hard to do..but they do it. Mrs. Wiley, that sounds like a pretty good day to have been such a bad one! "Call the man!"

"Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled okra"

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5307: Evening porch! I gotta agree with Ro on the greens, I love them too. Now you really wanna see MY toes curl?? Just hand me a jar of pickled beans and a fork and we're in buisness.And we can't forget the pinto beans and cornbread. Good good food! Asa, I knew that milk does a body good but greens?? Mrs. Wiley, you need to start carrying a camera with ya girl that way we can all enjoy the purdy man hee hee. Rock, glad you enjoyed the coffee, there'll be more in the morning. See ya later--Salty Dog

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5308: Aww gee Paw, she'll feed me grits and prunes!!--SD

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5309: Hey to the porch .. We just got back from Ga. Had to make a quick trip down there and back, My oldest son came up there to be with us all we had a great week end. We took our Granddaughter Anastasia to see her daddy. He is in the service. She was so happy to spend time with him.God gave us a good week end to enjoy and we did. Hope everyone here had a good weekend. Good night to ya'll. God Bless... Ms Wezee

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5310: Asa, I ben sitting here 10 minutes trying to figger out what kina greens you "put on". I'm thinking...Mr. Green Jeans? Then it hit me about yer spelling! You make me smile a pile too!

Salty, I wish I had a digital camera, then I would be a mess!~ Mrs. Wiley

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5311: What are pickled beans like? Never heard of 'em. Salty D you make them sound good. Ms Wezee glad you had a safe trip. I had never heard of the name Anastasia,except in history books, until recently a friend named their baby Anastasia. It has a nice ring to it.
As far as the name thing Mavis, I told my son that you suggested Opie and he liked it. When I suggested it for the first one he didn't. Go figure. FYI Asa, Asa is also being considered. Any others would be appreciated.
Hey to Mrs. Wiley, Ms Wezee, SD, Emma, Rock, Mavis,Asa and MERLE DEAN and everybody else.-- Helen

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5312: Helen just let us know what ya'll decide, looks of my critters have TAGS names, but not all of them, the new baby bird is named Kiwi cause of his color & all. Salty I'll have some of those pickled beans, but not alot, I can only take a few of them, they lay on my chest. Mrs. Wiley how come you got all the purty men in your neck of Kelsey's woods? Lucky you! Hey to Emma, Asa, Ms Wezee & all the non-signing porch sitters!
Awww Paw can't I even look at a purty man?

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5313: And YOU (slaps Andy's chest) STOP tantalizin!

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5314: Evening porch, Oh Mrs. Wiley just see what you got started. Get our minds on a purty man and look what happens. You know we aint got a security guard for the team,( No offense Asa) He cant be coach and security guard too. Think your purty man would do it?? Helen , you aint lived til you have pickled beans. Just green beans with a little corn (the vegetable). MMMM good eating. Well got to hit the hay now, see yall in the morning. Nite Porch--Salty Dog

Gosh, you're purty as a pink rose

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5315: Well the party animals are back from Slots Vegas. Boy howdy, did we have a good time. It was like a second honeymoon. I knew I kept that man around for a good reason. We broke even on the slots, but ate lots of good food and saw the sights. But I must say that I am glad to be home. A couple of Mayberry references even in "sparkle city." I was talking to the cab driver on the way to the airport and told him I lived in a little town that reminded me of Mayberry. He asked if we needed a good deputy. Seems he was a police officer for 28 years. Also on the plane home a woman behind me told a man across the aisle that he needed to get rid of his Opie hair cut. Was that a slam against Floyd or Opie. I can't figure which. So glad to be back home on the porch.
Fun Girl

February 25, 2002 - Msg 5316: Hi All will it look like all the cold has stop everyone mind. it time to think of all the hot days of summer that will be here.
will the kid who that the nicef on the schoolbus that school is about three streets away fromwair i live.
Life is too short
to dwell on my sorrows, to harbour my grudges
in bitter tomorrows.
life is too short
to dwell on my pain,
to play and re-play some vengeful refrain.
life is too sweet
to waste precious minutes
in nursing resentment,
self-righteousness in it.
then, let me not dwell
on life's sorrow and sadness,
O Lord, let me think
of life's blessings, with gladness!

The days of my life
are spent living for Jesus,
and loving each day that i live,
the best of my life
is in giving the most i can give.
in observing the words
that are taught in the scriptures
each day, that on earth i may live,
i find that my cup
runneth over with blessings
and i get back far more than i give!