February 26, 2002 - Msg 5317: Morning porch, Thank you TOM for your poem, Sure does make my morning better. Off to work again, yall have a good day. Mrs. Wiley if you see "purty" today you be sure and let us know! Where is everybody these days seems like a lot of people have quit posting. We're gonna have to send out an APB. Hope all the sickly ones are better and prayers to all that need them. Coffees on to by the way. See yall after work.--Salty Dog

February 26, 2002 - Msg 5318: Thank you Floyd I didn't mean to be so messy. -SD

"Pigs been in here too Pa?"

February 26, 2002 - Msg 5319: Gotta keep a clean porch. :)

Morning everybody!

February 26, 2002 - Msg 5320: Morning Floyd, nice to see ya.
Thanks Tom for the poem.
Hi Salty. Hows work going this wek?
Hey FunGirl, welcome home from the big sin city. Did you see the event there at Treasure Island? One of the few things you can do there for free.
Where is everyone hiding? Good question Salty Dog. Hope all is well with everyone.
Ya'll have a nice day and check in with us.



February 26, 2002 - Msg 5321: Morning, porchsters. I guess it has been kinda quiet around here. Maybe everyone has just been busy with work and family and stuff like that. As Barney would say, things have happened that have never been explained. It's always nice to relax and sit on the porch though. Nice to have you back, Fun Girl.
- Hazel

Barney: "Floyd, do you have to dust me like that? I'm not a diseased crop."

February 26, 2002 - Msg 5322: Mornin' honey!
Mornin' dear!

February 26, 2002 - Msg 5323: Mornin Porch! Weatherman says it's gonna be cold here for the next few days, or did Calvin Coolidge say that?? Ya'll have a good day & Floyd thanks for the sweep, I been tellin them not to be so messy! Maybe if you make them haul the bed outside & clean they will quit it.
Calvin Coolidge didn't say ever'thang!

February 26, 2002 - Msg 5324: Good morning ya'll! Taking a five minute break only one thing is better than a pepsi break and that is a break on the porch. My husband/kids and my job are keeping me busy, busy, busy. Spring or almost spring is a busy time in the school. . . and with all the construction - everyone has just about had it up to here! You can guess where and it isn't the knee caps either!

When is our spring training going to resume. . .and who do we play next. I also need a ASD 2K for my husband - do they work on knees? I think we are looking at some surgery for his knee. Yuck!

Oh well. . .
Happy Mayberry Day with snow and all!


February 26, 2002 - Msg 5325: Nice porch sweeping Floyd. . .do you hire out?


February 26, 2002 - Msg 5326: Hey homemaker, nope!! I don't hire out. I don't even hire *in*...just ask Jan. :-)


February 26, 2002 - Msg 5327: Afternoon porch, home from work and another beautiful NC day. Not for long though, calling for the white stuff and record cold tempuratures tonight though. Work is fine Asa, 2 more early days and I' ll have it made. Got the weekend off and it can't get it here quick enough. See yall later on--Salty Dog

February 26, 2002 - Msg 5328: hey does anyone know andy taylors phone number?

February 26, 2002 - Msg 5329: Go to www.tvguide.com/Televisnary for an answer to
a question about The Andy Griffith Show.It sounds
like Andy helped them out!Brian

February 26, 2002 - Msg 5330: Yeah, its "Sarah, get me my house." ~ Mrs. Wiley

February 26, 2002 - Msg 5331: ~~ Welcome Sweet Springtime ~~

February 26, 2002 - Msg 5332: Howdy porch
Goodness gracies, we sure got hit by that white stuff, been snowin since 4am & still going here in Southern Illinois. Sure was glad this was my day off, I fixed Lightning & I potatoe soup for lunch & fer supper we're hav'in ham/beans, corn bread, fried taters & sliced onions, tea, coffe & some more of that strawberry cake, y'alls invited to join us ifin you like. Say Mavis I just love ur web site thank you, Asa I think I'll be cookin up some greens , they sure sound good. Dose any one know who won the race Sunday? we were out of town & missed it. Asia Marie was so excited to see her Daddy, she had a ball down there. she is 8 & a handfull. She loves life to the fullest. LOL. We have 8 Grandchildren but she is the one with us the most. By the way she Loves the Andy Griffin show, Don't know why ... LOL best be gettin out of here took up enough of y'alls time, have a great evening & keep warm, hey to Hazel, Helen, Mrs Wiley, Tom, Fun Girl and will just everyone.
Lots of luck to you and yours. Ms Wezee

February 26, 2002 - Msg 5333: If you don't like Ms. Wezee menu - slide on over fer sloppy joes and salad and some swiss cake rolls and some ice cream ala mode! Looks like a two hour delay for tomorrow!
Talk to you later!


February 26, 2002 - Msg 5334: Homemaker, do you know anything about the Fast Forward program for children with Language Processing Disorder. Just heard from an old friend whose daughter is using this program. Also talked to another friend who works for the
Dyslexic Institute of Indiana and she said that it is a pretty intensive program. Just wondered if you knew of it and what your opinion is. I talked to the lady in charge of our district's hearing impaired program and Kyle's IEP is in April. I am thinking about a small private school for him next year. He is doing okay, but next year in middle school he is going to be lost. I can tell that already. I have even thought about homeschooling. My poor body is so sore. I have been working out and I am gonna go soak my body, SOAK IT ALOT! Maybe I'll have a couple of little blue pills while I am at it. Hey to you all. Prayers for those who need them.
Fun Girl

February 26, 2002 - Msg 5335: Hey to you and yours, Homemaker and Fun Girl, Rock, Salty , Asa, Helen and everybody I forgot. Well, I recuperated from my flu yesterday. Felt lousy all day but am totally ok today. 24-hr. kind I guess. Thanks for the prayers for us sickees, Salty! Tom, your poem was beautiful and I needed it. You are precious, precious, precious! Ya'll have a good evening and set an extra plate. I'll be over for supper!
Charlotte Tucker

February 26, 2002 - Msg 5336: Mavis, Good one about the weather man and Calvin Coolidge!

February 26, 2002 - Msg 5337: FG - it may also be the same as the Linda Mood Bell program. I have had students in Catholic schools and Non-denominational schools and the district still has to serve them there. In fact - we talked one parent into that because we were afraid she would be lost in our large middle school and high school. Although homeschooling can be good, for hearing impaired students, they usually need the socialization skills. Sometimes they seem backward socially when it is really their hearing playing a part because they lose part of the social conversation. Don't let them say they can't service him. .becasue they can. And the program is intensive and time consuming and expensive. Haven't heard of it used with hearing impaired kids but it could work. If you contact that audiologist in Indy - they do the program there I think.

Supper was delicious but the snow can leave at any time and I'll take the 60 degree weather!


February 26, 2002 - Msg 5338: You mean you started supper without me? Or is it dinner? Just saw where Opie's rich friend called it Dinner. Don't matter what ya call it, I'm to late I reckon. Story of my life. waaaaa waaaaa
Glad yer better Charlotte. No fun being sick fer sure.
Hey Ms. Wezee. Good to hear from ya.
Glad yer hanging in there Salty and Hazel.
Where has N.N. run off to. Hope her family ain't ailing again.
Well I'm off to watcg TAGS so talk at ya later.


February 26, 2002 - Msg 5339: "That's right-married. Spliced. Weddsville." A regular "chicken coop casanova"!

February 26, 2002 - Msg 5340: Hey Guys we need prayers in a hurry. One of our most faithful members is in need of a few prayers as we speak. I dont think they will care if I ask for help on their behalf. God knows what is is though and that is what matters most. Thanks a bunch yall! Salty Dog

February 26, 2002 - Msg 5341: I'm praying, Salty.
- Hazel

February 26, 2002 - Msg 5342: Hey porch pals, keep sending them prayers up.One of our own porch people really needs it tonight. I am off to bed. Gotta early morning again. Thanks again. Yall are the best. Nite Porch--Salty Dog

February 27, 2002 - Msg 5343: Morning porch, looks like I was the last one to bed and the first one up. It is a very cold 16 degrees out here this morning. No white stuff yet but it is very cold. Coffees on , if it aint froze yet. Off to work now, yall have a good day and keep praying-Salty Dog

February 27, 2002 - Msg 5344: Really refreshing? Love it and you all who are reading it. COme back now ya hear!

February 27, 2002 - Msg 5345: Did we change the meeting place?
- Hazel

February 27, 2002 - Msg 5346: Good morning everyone! I believe I'll take some of that coffee, Salty. Cold here too. I'll keep them prayers coming. Everybody have a great day! Charlotte Tucker

February 27, 2002 - Msg 5347: I'm Praying Salty...~ Mrs. Wiley
hey to everyone!!

February 27, 2002 - Msg 5348: since the prayers are flying, I'd like to ask for prayer for a special intention. Just want The Lord's will to be done.

~ Mrs. Wiley

February 27, 2002 - Msg 5349: Good morning ya'll. . .started the day with a two hour delay! So, by the time we got to school - it was time for 5th grade lunch but if there are no more snow days - we will be out of school before Memorial Day! A real rarity for our district.
It sure is cold here this morning. I bundled the boys up with hats, face masks and gloves. . .had the heater on high. Sure am glad that I have the Bronco now rather than the red bomb. The heater was shot in the red bomb. Maybe it was sign that the bomb needed to put down.

"The blessings come down as the prayers go up, the blessings come down as the prayers go up, the blessings come down at the prayers go up so keep your life with the Lord." (an old Sunday school song sung to the tune of the "Rich Man built his house upon the sand.")

Everyone have a most peaceful and blessed day.


February 27, 2002 - Msg 5350: Trouble check!

February 27, 2002 - Msg 5351: Please send out prayers for a friend of mine who is hopeing for a love life in her future but I'm afraid she has only empty promises in store. Shes a sweet lady and I hate to see her get hurt. That's all I will say about it. No names.

February 27, 2002 - Msg 5352: Afternoon Porch! Boy lots going on here! My prayers are up as well to the ones that need it! It's cold here, 20 degrees as I type this & supposed to be down to 5 degrees tonight!! Good thing I got 4 dogs cause it's gonna be worse than a 3 dog night tonight!

February 27, 2002 - Msg 5353: The Weaver~
My life is but a weaving
Between my Lord and me,
I cannot choose the colors
He worketh steadily.
Oftimes He weaveth sorrow
And I in foolish pride,
Forget that He seeth the upper,
And I the under side.
Not till the loom is silent
And the shuttles cease to fly,
Shall God unroll the canvas
And explain the reason why.
The dark threads are as needful
In the Weaver's skillful hand,
As the threads of gold and silver
In the pattern He has planned.

Submitted in love.

February 27, 2002 - Msg 5354: Awww. That was a Beautiful poem! Thank you to whomever submitted that! I ahve a friend who weaves - she'll really like that. ~ Mrs. Wiley

Homemaker and Mavis, y'all keep them kids and critters warm!

February 27, 2002 - Msg 5355: Loved the poem. Copied it off for myself. Ya'll take care. We're off to a sectional basketball game tonight. Wish us good luck! Charlotte Tucker

February 27, 2002 - Msg 5356: Mrs. Wiley I plan to make sure we ALL stay warm tonight, critters, better half & me! Hope everybody is having a good night!

February 27, 2002 - Msg 5357: Hey Mavis it is already 13 here on my porch!! I love the way you put the critters first. Sounds like me hee hee!! Stay warm now! --Salty Dog

February 27, 2002 - Msg 5358: Hi all,

Just dropped by. Don't get much time to visit. This is my second time posting. I am from EASTERN KY. That is about a KY as you can get. I am the most devoted watcher I know. I love the quotes. Thought I would share one.

God Bless

(Barney) . . . But they're not good ole stor bought pickles . . .

February 27, 2002 - Msg 5359: They're bad old home pickles

February 27, 2002 - Msg 5360: Msg 5358

Juanita (from the diner)

February 27, 2002 - Msg 5361: BRRR it is too cold to be rocking much out here. I'm going to bed. Yall keep warm tonight now. See yall in the morning.It's gonna be cold. I finally have a day off. Nite porch, Salty Dog

February 28, 2002 - Msg 5362: Morning porch. Salty Dog I'll put the coffee on, you take the morning off. Haven't been here in two days. Tuesday I had to meet with a surveyer frind of mine to clear up a boundry dispute on the family farm. You know something those old deeds can be real interesting to read. Thought yersterday would be relaxing. But noooo!!. The sump pump on my septic tank went down. Icalled the man and he came right over. Either the switch is bad ( I hope ) or the pump is bad ( I don't hope). He'll be back today to give me the good or bad news.

The Rock

"Septic tanks?" (Andy)
"Yeah they were hard to buy for." (Barney)

February 28, 2002 - Msg 5363: You're a fine son, Rock. Thanks for the coffee. I sure hope everyone who hasn't been posting lately is doing o.k. I've been trying to keep good thoughts for you all. Everyone have a good day.
- Hazel

Barney: Oh, it's no use, Andy! Can you tell a bird to talk? Can you tell a bird to just go Chirp, Chirp, Chirp?

February 28, 2002 - Msg 5364: Coffee sounds good. Cold here today. We lost the sectional game. No real surprise. It was surprising the boys won the regional. They are a decent team but short. One kid on the other team was 6'10"! They grow 'em big there! The T-shirts the kids wore said "The Sleeping Giant" on them. It was fun but lost 63-48 or something like that. Better get my day started. Hope everyone has a good one. Thanks for the coffee, Rock. Tasted extry good.
Charlotte Tucker

February 28, 2002 - Msg 5365: Morning all. Good to see ya'll. I must thank Salty Dog for asking for prayers on my behalf. My son was rushed into surgery Tuesday night and we was worried about him. He is doing ok now and looks like all will be well. But I sure am grateful to her for asking ya'll for your prayers and to you all for all them prayers, and the e-mails I have gotten from ya'll and everything else. You all are splendid folks and I treasure my friendship with everyone of you.
I read yer post Mrs. Wiley, and I sure am praying for your situation, whatever it may be. Hang in there dear. You also Hazel. I know yer frettin a bit but we love ya and are praying for ya.
I hope yuor ok Romeena, ain't heard from ya in a while. Check in and let us know you are ok.
Well I better go to work and do something now, so thanks again for your prayers everyone. God bless.



February 28, 2002 - Msg 5366: Hello Porch friends, how is everyone doing? I am enjoying my day off today. Asa I am so glad your son is doing better. Hey Rock, that coffee just hit the spot on a cold morning. Thank ya a bunch. Well I am off to fix some lunch. Anyone up for a tuna fish sandwich and a glass of pepsi come on over. See yall after while--Salty Dog

February 28, 2002 - Msg 5367: Morning Porch! It's a cold one here today, we had a dusting of snow on the ground this am. Asa I am glad your son is doing better. Prayers for him & for all the rest of the porchsters & family members that need them. I'm off to fix my lunch & watch the news. Our clinic is on the news today for National Spay Day!
Ya work with a fella long enough you get as goofy as he is! Barney

February 28, 2002 - Msg 5368: Any old tramps down there??

February 28, 2002 - Msg 5369: BOO!

February 28, 2002 - Msg 5370: Hey to th' porch! Asa, I'm so sorry to hear about your son! I know how things can be just too overwhelming to mention - don't you fret - we's ALL askin God for help no matter who or what. I'm glad he will be OK! I thank you all for praying for my intention - I think an answer will come...as always in His timeframe. :-)

Ladies - start thinking about practice next week! in 2 weeks we go up against the Hooterville Honeys! You know how clanish they can be.
~ Mrs. Wiley
Wasn't Ramona Wiley the girl who called Barney "Tweekie" in high school? "Barney beloved, the tears on my pillow bespeak the pain that's in my heart!" That wasn't Ramona (Romeena) was it? The one Mrs. Wiley kept asking people to dance with? "Go on, dance with Ramona."I think they was 2 different people...

February 28, 2002 - Msg 5371: Ya'll are scarin' me! Boo to you, but I ain't no tramp! Mavis is that for people or just the furry kind!? Asa sorry to hear about your son. That's enough of bein' in the hospital for you and yours. First you went, then your wife and now your son. You've had your turn now. How scary. when it comes to those young uns' it'll scare you to death. Glad all is better.
Sorry I've not posted in a while. I've had a staph infection in my eyes. Don't want that anymore, very painful. Still can't see normally so look over and typo errors. Romeena, we miss you. See ya'll, prayers for all.--Helen

February 28, 2002 - Msg 5372: Hey Mrs. Wiilley! We were posin' at the same time!--Helen

February 28, 2002 - Msg 5373: Hey to the Porch.

--Jelsik T. Bulkhead
"well, it WAS a long time ago, Mr. Fife.."

February 28, 2002 - Msg 5374: Hey Helen! Bless your eyes, that's scary! I'll pray for you, too! Hey there to Jelsik ~ Mrs. Wiley

"Why you're JUST the person I'm looking for! I'd like 2 glasses of punch bartender."

February 28, 2002 - Msg 5375: "Let's jut hope Mr. Henry Bectoris dosent have any jealous bones in his body."

February 28, 2002 - Msg 5376: Evening porch pals. Thought I'd pop in and say hey to ya'll. Thanks again for your prayers and well wishes. Ya'll are the best, ya know that?
Nite and see ya tomorrow. FRIDAY...


February 28, 2002 - Msg 5377: Hey Porch! I am in the process of writing 5 books (I'm a freelance writer) and I need your encouragement each day because my deadline is fast approaching and I am working extry slow. So keep proddin' me, ok? Thanks in advance for the encouragement, ya'll. Good night, Asa. How do you do, Mrs. Wi--ley? Don't ya love how Barney enters a room?? I cain't hear you! I cain't hear you! I cain't hear him.
Charlotte Tucker
P.S. I'll bet you didn't know I wear a different color shirtwaist to church ever Sundy! : )

February 28, 2002 - Msg 5378: Evening porch, Hope everybody has a good Friday. Back to work for me and then I have the wekend off! It is supposed to rain both days but we can really use it. Yall remember my daddy tomorrow, he is having his surgery, Thanks a bunch. I love you guys. Stay warm. Nite Porch--Salty Dog

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5379: Morning, porch. Asa, sorry about your son, I'm sure glad he's doing o.k. now. What kind of books do you write, Charlotte Tucker? We'll be glad to give you encouragement. Everybody have a good day. Don't take any wooden nickels.
- Hazel

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5380: Asa good to hear that you son is doing alright. I got two boys myself and I know what a scary thing it can be when one of them is hurt. Charlotte Tucker, slow down relax, yes friend what is your hurry. I have come to learn that work will expand or contract to fit the amout of time alotted to it. Hazel I got a wooden nickel with the buffalo facing the wrong way. Want to invest in it? Ya'll have a good day. I off to have a window put in my sons car. He got it broke into last night. Had some fancy electronic gadgets stolen from it.

The Rock

"Surprise surprise I can see it in your eyes." (Ernest T. Bass)

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5381: Hey everyone. Good Friday morning. Clear and cold here. Brrrrrrrr.
Prayers for your Daddy Salty Dog. I pray all will go well for him and for your family.
Thanks again for your thoughts for my son all. He is doing well and should be released this weekend we think. YOUNG-UNS YOUNG-UNS YOUNG-UNS YOUNG-UNS YOUNG-UNS Andy said it so well.
You all have a good friday and we'll see ya in a bit. Romeena... you ok girl?


March 01, 2002 - Msg 5382: Mornin' everybody! Cold here too. Could be expectin' 12 inches of snow. Sure hope they're wrong! Prayers for Asa's son and Salty's daddy. Thanks for your encouragement, Rock. I know you're right about work expandin' to fill the time allotted. I just did too much procrastinatin'! But I am on track if I just work a little each day. Hazel, I write educational supplemental books for young-uns. The ones I'm writing right now are on map skills. Stay warm everybody!
Charlotte Tucker

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5383: Happy Dr. Seuss' Birthday and National Pig Day!
It sure has been busy around here. . . still! Charlotte, good luck on writing and make them with lots of pictures and fun activities. I use a lot of them there educational supplemental books in my line of work! Not too many in map skills but I do map skills on a monthly basis. More in the past than I have this year. My small room limits me to using my maps. I just love geography and history. I helped the high school senior I work with on a US citizens test/worksheet of 100 questions. He was surprised because I answered at least 90 of them off the top of my head. The ones I had to look up was how many representatives there are in Congress.
The snow has almost melted and the weather is turning warmer.
Have a rockin' day!


March 01, 2002 - Msg 5384: Happy Birthdy Ron Howard.
It's blustery and snowy here in the Midwest. In like a lion and out like a lamb. (I hope)
Have a good day, Porch.. I'll be doing my rocking INside today.

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5385: Howdy porch,

I've been at a big warehouse sale up in Raleigh tryin' to get some bargains on closeout goods. I've got plenty of pencil sharpeners and pineapple skinners if anyone needs 'em. Take care, and I'll try not stay gone so long next time!

Newton Monroe

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5386: Newton, I need two pencil sharpeners and I would like three . . .no make that four pineapple skinners. . . they make dandy corn removers:)

Where in Eastern KY 5358? I know where London, Annville, Berea, Big Hill, Sand Gap, McKee, Grayson, Pikeville all are. . .so where you be?

Glad all are up and at 'em again. . .since this is a good prayer page. . .please remember the staff at our elementary school. Things are very upsetting here and many of the staff are threatening to look for other jobs and positions elsewhere. It isn't good. . .and plenty are upset. Things are happening that shouldn't be and we have contacted people for help but the support hasn't come so I think we could use some heavenly support now. I appreciate all the prayers in advance. I bet Miss Crump could straigten them out!!!

Keep a rockin'. . .


March 01, 2002 - Msg 5387: I could use a bunch of that salve....
works good on the mange ya know.

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5388: Good afternoon porch freinds. Thank you so much for your prayers for my Daddy.Praise the Lord. He came through the surgery well. And the doctors were very happy with it. Gonna be a while to recover but everythings sounding good. Thanks again, you guys are the greatest in the world. Dont know what I would do without this porch. It is just a comfort that I have friends all over that are praying for him. Yall mean the world to me. If I am having a bad day, I know I can always com here and find something to smile about.(sniff sniff) Well I got off work early and am heading to Wally world and then gonna go check on my Dad. See yall later--Salty Dog

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5389: Hey Porch - been gone 1 day and lots of catchin' up to do! Salty, you're so right dear *(sniff honk)* this place is the BEST for pickin' up the 'ol spirit. Prayers for your Daddy's complete recovery - Your Son, too Asa.

Well my prayer was answered - not the answer I was hopin' for, but I trust the Lord that it was RIGHT. Thanks again for the thoughts, prayers and well-wishes.

~ Mrs. Wiley
"...it's me, it's me, it's Earnest T."

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5390: Plenty of pictures it'll be, homemaker! That makes my work even easier! Sorry to hear you're havin' difficulties at yer school. Prayers for the school. Glad yer daddy's well, Salty. Newton, I might take a pencil sharpener since I'm busy writin' but NO FURS OR RADIOS PLEASE! Big snowfall predicted tonight. We'll see if the weatherman is correct or not!
Charlotte Tucker

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5391: Where's Tom? Haven't seen him since he wrote that pretty pome and the porch was swept! Charlotte T.

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5392: Happy Birthday to Ron Howard and to Harry Belafonte!! "Day-O!"


March 01, 2002 - Msg 5393:

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5394: Dern my hide.

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5395: Howdy porch, So it's Ron Howard's birthday? Good day to him then. He must be 46 or 47 now I reckon?
Glad yer Daddy's donig good Salty, praise God. And yer right about the porch being a great place to come for help and support.
Sorry things didn't turn out like ya wanted there Mrs. Wiley, but I pray that it will work out best for you, whatever your circumstances may be. I be praying extry hard for you and Romeena. I'm really getting worried about her. ROMEENA, if you be reading this, let us know your ok dear. PLEASE.
Hang in there Homemaker. Sounds like a tough situation yer up against there, but the Lord will pull ya'll through.
How's that writing coming Charlotte? No writers blocks I hope. I get them all the time. Just hate it when that happens.
Well hope all goes yer way this weekend everyone. Later.


March 01, 2002 - Msg 5396: hey porch.. I've been so busy this week, I'm way behind . I'm cccccooooolllllddddd also, burr, we're gonna get some more of that snow & ice here they say, late tonight. I'll be rocking in the house for awhile, LOL. Haven a late supper, come on by, we're having chicnen paparika, taters,celery,onions, rolls, coffee & hot tea with cream & honey. Have a good evening all. Ms Wezee...
Lots of luck to you and yours.

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5397: Is this thing working???

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5398: YES!

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5399: Hello porch. Hope everyone is doing well. I too am worried about Romeena and hope all is good for her. Homemaker, you sound like one of them high-IQ type people. You probably know what the Emancipation Proclamation is too. We'll have to discuss it sometime, just to see if your version jives with mine. Glad to have you back, Newton. I'll take a transister radio, if you got one. One that works this time.
- Hazel

"I didn't want 'em thinking I was some kind of snob or an egghead or something, so I buckled down and got bad marks."

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5400: Hey to everybody.
Spooky Benson

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5401: Hey guys, Well I was just bragging on ya now I gotta ask a favor of ya again. My second cousin was accidentally shot tonight. Things are not looking good for him. He has been air lifted to a major hospital in SC. Please pray that God's will would be done. He is only 22 and I dont want to loose him but I dont want him to suffer either. Haven't heard since he arived at the hospital but things were very grim when he left. I had just saw him earlier at work today. It really struck home with me . You never know when you see someone, it may be the last time. Thanks guys. I'll be back on later--Salty Dog

March 01, 2002 - Msg 5402: Gosh Salty Dog. What a terrible thing to have happen. My prayers go out to your family at this tragic time. I pray that all is well for him and you and your whole family. God bless dear.


March 01, 2002 - Msg 5403: Whoops, didn't mean to ignore you spooky Benson. Hey to Hazel and Wezee to.


March 02, 2002 - Msg 5404: Well now I've done some catchin' up.
Romeena, I, too, had that "second surgery" in '88, and after reading your testimonial I'm now more certain than ever that I did the right thing. Better safe than sorry. I'm so happy for you and thankful that you're ok!
Jelsik, yes losing Waymore was a terrible thing. Bless his heart.
Emma, great to see you again, too! And to everyone who said hey.
Salty Dog, I'm praying for your cousin. I'm so sorry for him and your family. Please keep us updated!
I like that Kid Rock fella, too. He ain't no Jim Lindsay, but he's dern good.
Happy Birthday to De's brother. He's 22. No, I mean 52. Sorry... *hee hee*


March 02, 2002 - Msg 5405: Mornin' everybody! Well, we didn't get all the snow they thought we would (yet) but I doubt we do. That's good news as it's supposed to get back up to the high 40's by Wed. Spring is still a comin'. Thanks, Asa, I have had a little writer's block each day but nothing that keeps me down for long. Hey to Des! I think I asked you this on the last porch--how in the tarnation do you make that little character there in yer name ?? I ain't exactly familiar with that one. Prayers to Salty's cousin. How'd that happen? That's just awful. Prayers for Romeena. My best to all! Off to my daughter's 3-on-3 basketball tournament today. As if you couldn't tell, my family's seriously into basketball!
Charlotte Tucker

March 02, 2002 - Msg 5406: Morning porchsters. I'm so sorry about your cousin, Salty. I'll be praying. Asa, did your son get out of hospital? I hope he's better. Nice to see you, Des. I'm happy that things turned out well for you too. Well, off to drink coffee. I think I have one of Charlotte writer's blocks. Wonder what causes that?

March 02, 2002 - Msg 5407: Morning Porch. How is everyone. Well I hope. Lots of bad things going on these days it seems. Hope all is well Salty. We still be praying for ya.
They released my son last night Hazel, thanks fer asking. Good to see him up and walking around, all be it slowly.
O.K. I am really concerned about Romeena now. Does any one know how to get hold of her by landline or something? This just isn't like her to not be posting at all. Romeena, please let us know yer o.k. dear.
And how about some of the others around here, Mavis, New Neighbor, Helen. Is yer eyes all better?
Des, jenniebone, Spooky Benson, sure wish you folks would jump in here more often like.
Sorry if I be buggin ya'll about posting, but I just like a full porch I guess.
Hope everyone has a nice saturday. Later.


March 02, 2002 - Msg 5408: Morning porch, how is it going? My cousin pulled through surgery but things are still not stable. He was shot through the aorta and the pancreas. The aorta is the mojor blood vessel going to the heart. Thanks for the prayers. Doctors said he should have been dead within an hour after hitting the aorta like that. But as we all know doctors dont know everything. Keep praying and I will keep you posted. It was a real old gun of his grandfathers and had a really light trigger on it and it went off. Thanks a bunch guys yall are the greatest. Daddy is still doing well too. And BTW I talked to Mavis yesterday and she is having troubles with her phone company again. SHe asked me if she didn't post in a while to let everyone know what is going on. The company is threatening to cut her phone off over $400 phone bill that she didn't even make. Well I have took up enough room for now see ya later--Salty Dog

March 02, 2002 - Msg 5409: Hey Porch! Salty, I'll pray for your 2nd cousin's full recovery - sounds like a miracle he's still with us! Your poor family!! Hey to SpoOky and Newton, good to see you both again. Spooky, you still doin Checkpoint Chickie patrol? Hey to Asa, Hazel, Des, Charlotte, jenniboone, homemaker and everyone else I may have missed!

Asa, we'd better call practice off until we locate Romeena. Shore hope she's OK.

I'm off to go see a big cat display a local rescue shelter is putting on. Lions, tigers (and a bear), oh my! Then going down to the Snappy Diner for lunch. Yep, that's the plan. Big cats, lunch. Yep.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Goober: "I'LL EAT IN!"

March 02, 2002 - Msg 5410: Salty, your cousin has my prayers.

March 02, 2002 - Msg 5411: Hey to the Porch, so far Ma Bell has let me keep my phone, but for how long who knows. Prayers for everyone needing them! Helen that National Spay Day was for the furry kind, but they sure do need to use it on the two legged kind too I think.
Off to clean the house :-(

March 02, 2002 - Msg 5412: Hey, Charlotte. I plumb forgot to answer ya! To make that squiggly thang, just mash your Alt button (bottom left) and then 7-8-9 on your right-hand keyboard in succession (while still holding down the Alt button). Voila! Hope your daughter's team wins!
Salty Dog, hang in there sweetie. We're praying hard for your cousin. It's a miracle he's still alive! I knew an old dude once who survived a badly ruptured aorta, and your cousin is a young man. I know it's not the same thing, but hopefully he will make a full recovery. Please keep us updated.
Hey to Asa, Hazel, Mrs. Wiley and everyone else. *Mavis, I hope you get those troubles ironed out to your satisfaction. Dang phone companies.... (grumble.. grouse....)


March 02, 2002 - Msg 5413:

March 02, 2002 - Msg 5414: Well, I'll be dogged. Feller learns somethin new every day.
- Hazel

March 02, 2002 - Msg 5415: Wonder if I would look good as Aa?

March 02, 2002 - Msg 5416: De, will you be my iter figure?
- Hazel

"Sigmund Frude wrote a lot about that"

March 02, 2002 - Msg 5417: Hi everyone! I came here to be cheered up. My daughter's team won the tournament. They played 4 games and won them all. But a couple of the parents are gettin' greedy and decided they wanted a better player than one we've got and were trying to sneak around and boot this little girl off. I really wanted my daughter to get to stay on the team since she doesn't do well in school and has few friends and little other interest besides basketball, but I didn't like the way these parents was actin' so after the tournament we just told them she wouldn't be playin' with them anymore. I feel bad but I felt bad for the other girl too. Can somebody tell me why some folks just have such a mean nature? This team's always been winners, why couldn't they just leave it alone? Oh, why, why. I learned a long time ago it never pays to ask why. Sorry for the whinin'. Hope you all can understand. Could use some encouragement today. I realize my problems are nothing compared to Salty's cousin's or Asa's son's. Prayers for them both and for Romeena. Sorry to hear about your phone troubles Mavis. I know that must be frustrating too. Des, I'm on a Mac and have no Alt. What to do?? Asa, don't you go addin' one of them funny critters to yer name too! It's snowin' and snowin' and blowin' now. We may not get out of here tomorrow. Blowing and drifting is not our friend here on the prairie!
Charlotte Tucker

Barney: And what d'ya get? Heartaches!

March 02, 2002 - Msg 5418: "She didn't say."

March 02, 2002 - Msg 5419: Hmmmmm. That's a tough one, Charlotte. Sounds like you probably made a wise decision though. I don't know why some folks have to act that way. I guess they just can't think clearly when it comes to their kids. Can your daughter play on another team? How's she taking it? I hope you have a better day tomorrow!
- Hazel

"Most of what folks need to learn in life ain't fun to learn."

March 02, 2002 - Msg 5420: Good evening porch, Wow what a day, My cuz pulled through surgery. Doctors cant explain how he made it. ( I can though) Said that he should have been dead within 5 minutes. But his swelling has gone down and has got his color back. Docs say it will be at least 8 months before they can patch him completely back together. But he's made it this far we are just praying he will recover completely. Thanks a bunch for your prayers. It sure has helped. Sounds like everyones got troubles tonight. Charlotte hope your night gets better. Folks can be mean sometimes. Yall take care and have a good night. See ya later--Salty Dog

People sure are odd.......

March 03, 2002 - Msg 5421: Jusst checking in on the porch, and it seems that everyone is still sleeping. I'll be real quiet and get breakfast started. With so many troubles in these parts, it's no wonder everybody decided to take extry sleepin' time this mornin.Except Salty- she probably was up late in the night talking!) Have a blessed Sabbath-See ya after preachin'. ~New Neighbor

March 03, 2002 - Msg 5422: Morning everybody, I still feel sad and angry about yesterday but am trying to "quit punishin' myself on the inside." Thanks Hazel and Salty for the kind words. We live in a pretty small town and most teams are already in place so I don't know if my daughter will play or not. Since lots of these parents take all this too seriously, I'd just as soon not be one of them. She may just play school ball and forget this other nonsense. I still feel bad for her. Mornin' to you, New Neighbor. No tradin' on Sunday now. And leave them horse hairs in yer suit! Good progress for your cousin, Salty, I pray for his full recovery. Thank ya'll for being here.
Charlotte Tucker

March 03, 2002 - Msg 5423: This chere is a MAC test:

March 03, 2002 - Msg 5424: Hey Porch, happy Sabbath (no tradin' today). Charlotte, I'm a MAC user too, and what you do is mash 'option' and the number 6 voala ! Now I can also say Hey De!

Charlotte - I know all those parents were motivated by GREED. One of the 7 dealdy sins. But you can't keep the anger bottled up inside - it'll eat away at your spirit. You did the right thing by setting an example (for your youngin' and them mislead parents). Now you got to forgive - a VERY HARD concept for me...but I'm still working on it.

I gave up chocolate for Lent (except on Sabbath - no fasting on Sabbath). So everyone help yourselves to Girl Scout Cookies!!! Breakfast of champions. They go gooOOD with nn's coffee!
~ Mrs. Wiley

March 03, 2002 - Msg 5425: Oh, I forgot to mention, Our Parish Bulletin has a wekly message from The Pastor. Last week he mentioned giving up coffee for Lent, and how difficult it was. This week he makes a TAGS reference - as follows: "...what is even more amazing is tea is starting to taste pretty good. I have even developed a Brittish accent and a new craving for crumpets......I wonder what causes that?"

I wonder if Fr. David watches TAGS, and knows who Malcolm Merriwether is?
~ Mrs. Wiley

March 03, 2002 - Msg 5426: Morning porch. Mrs. Wiley, it could be that Fr. David has kin in Heckmonwyke, England. You reckon? Thanks for starting breakfast, NN. Aren't you kind? Mrs. Wiley, I think I'll take a couple of Girl Scout Cookies to go, and save em for later, when I get my sinking spell.
- Hazel

March 03, 2002 - Msg 5427: Morning porch, sounds like everyones up and at em this morning. Things are sounding a little better for my cousin. They are still kind of concerned about his breathing, he is still on a respirator but hopefully as they reduce all that strong medicine that will come on its own. Charlotte, hope things get better for ya and NN, I hope you were up bright and early this morning. hee hee Yall have a great day it has finally stopped raining here and I'm gonna go out and enjoy it. See yall later--Salty Dog

You are a regular Felix the Cat you are...........

March 03, 2002 - Msg 5428: Good Sabbath porch. Just sitting here with a big old headache this morning. I'm sure this is how Otis must feel every sunday morning but I didn't even have a taste. Oh well, I got some good drugs for this.
Hang in there Salty, things are looking up. Hi n.n. good to hear from you. Don't be a stranger.
Hey Mrs. Wiley, glad your spirits are up. Real good to see you to.
I quit coaching little league football a couple of years ago Charlottee, for the very things you are talking about. Some parents and the win at all costs attitude destroy the whole intent of the game. Its to bad but I think you did the right thing to. So don't go hateing yerself.
Anyone up for a band concert tonite or is it to cold?

March 03, 2002 - Msg 5429: Hey Asa, Hazel, Salty and everybody! Just heard a big CRASH outside - a cement lightpost blew over in the wind and hit a passing car in my parking lot! Driver was unhurt - thank God! Post blocking road - missed other cars by inches.

That is all.

~ Mrs. Wiley

March 03, 2002 - Msg 5430: Band concert? I dunno... I can't play without a uniform.

March 03, 2002 - Msg 5431: How 'bout that band concert, Asa? Luther, I say Luther! Yea, sounds real good to me too Andy. Thanks everybody for your encouragement. Mrs. Wiley, you're a wise woman. I have been punishin' myself on the inside all day for what we could've done or said differently not to cause a big rift with the girls' team. But what's done is done and I do not want ill feelings with these people even if I don't agree with their methods. Figurin' out a way to 'pologize (when I really didn't do anything wrong) is difficult but I don't want anyone carrying grudges. Pray for me, ya'll. Asa, I'm glad for your message. Believe me, I know you can relate to what I'm talkin' about. My husband coaches my son's team too and he's about had it. Can someone trace back just when this sports thing got so outa hand? Kids used to just play for fun. What happened? Basically none of these kids will be in the NBA so what's the big fuss about? And De!! Mrs. Wiley, your wisdom is just stifling! I can write De's name now and Aa's too, should he decide to change it! Thank you all for puttin' up with my long rambling posts today! I couldn't wait to read all yer responses!
Much love, Charlotte Tucker

March 04, 2002 - Msg 5432: Sshhh. Morning Porch! I'll just sneak in and make breakfast real quiet-like. Eggs, MEA i mean 'meat', biscuts, gravy and coffee is simmerin'. ~ Mrs. Wiley
Y'all have a great day now, ya hear?

March 04, 2002 - Msg 5433: Hey Mrs. Wiley. Looks like it be just you and me for breakfast this a.m. Thanks a bunch to. Ya'll have a great day and act like ya got some smarts.


March 04, 2002 - Msg 5434: Three for breakfast! Mornin' Asa and Mrs. Wiley. Pour me a cup of coffee, please. It's a coooold one here today. Have a great day! Good luck to you and yers.
Charlotte Tucker

March 04, 2002 - Msg 5435: BRRRR morning porch, any coffee left? It is only 12 degrees here. Things are soundig a little better day by day for my cousin. Keep on praying he's not out of the woods yet. Charlotte, hope you have a better day girl. Mrs Wiley, you have a good one too and look out for them purty law men. Morning Asa hope all is well for you and your family. Off to work for me see yall later--Salty Dog

March 04, 2002 - Msg 5436: Good morning, friends! I think I'll slip in and have a little breakfast, too. Just a biscuit and a good ladle of gravy, please, and some hot water. I brought a tea bag. (Not a coffee fan.) Asa, I'm sorry your son had such a problem, but glad he's on the mend. Salty, what an ordeal for your cousin and family. We'll all pray for his continued recovery. Charlotte Tucker, the fact that you're even wondering about apologizing speaks volumes about your character. Only a kind and loving spirit would consider apologizing for doing the right thing, just because it might have made somebody mad. Personally, I think "if the shoe fits, wear it". Those mean-spirited folks didn't mind hurting the little girl they wanted to get rid of. How hateful can some people be!?! Tell them you're sorry if they were offended, if you wish, but don't apologize for what you did/said. You were right.
I must apologize, however, for causing all you good people concern by my absence. Didn't mean to do it, time just got away from me. My little Daddy is in the hospital now, had a spell of vertigo a few days ago, and now we can't get him stable to walk. The dizziness is gone, but he's still off-balance and his feet don't obey his brain. Also, the longer he stays in the hospital the more disoriented he gets, and is becoming a bit of a behavior problem - trying to climb out of bed, refusing tests, that sort of thing. I'm the only one who can reason with him, and it's sorta wearing me out. I just can't stay up there all the time. Prayers, please, for my strength. As for my dad, his own prayer (every day) is that the Lord will come get him and take him to be with my mother. Now, what are my options when I pray for him?? Life gets difficult at times.
This is the first time I've been on the porch in days, but I did read and catch up. Please know that I prayed for each of you and your needs as I went along. You folks are my friends, just as much as the ones I see every day. You will never know how much your concern and just the written contact has meant to me at times over the last few years. God knew what He was doing when he led me to this site.--Romeena