March 22, 2002 - Msg 5808: Goodmorning fine folks on the Porch, WOW, do ya'll move fast or what?! Thank Romeena, Charlotte, Asa, Hazel, The Rock, and Helen for the warm welcome! (Geez, hope I didn't leave anyone out). Usually I get on this computer daily but have been extra busy lately. I am in Myrtle Beach and the tourist season has already started! Will be moving to Wilmington, NC this year, back HOME! Hey, are there any smokers out there who are looking for a good place to quit? The 27th of this month will be three months of a quit after 25 years of smoking for me! I found a great web site that I couldn't have quit without! Post to me about it if anyone is interested and I will give the site address.
Ya'll have a great day and I'll try to check back sooner to read and get to know ya'll on the Porch better!
Your new friend,

March 22, 2002 - Msg 5809: Hmmmmm.......???

March 22, 2002 - Msg 5810: Bless your heart, Rock! Coffee AND cocoa AND sweet treats besides. LAAA---AAAWW! You's best forget mentionin' us by name though--seems we be jumpin' ya every morning for forgettin' one of us (today you can thank Asa). Sorry Rock. We really do appreciate ya! Mornin' Happy! Praise the Lord you quit that nasty smokin' habit. Pains my heart when I see Andy smokin' in them ol' eps! But, back then, everybody smoked. Why, my own straight-laced dad even smoked Winstons in the 60s. Now, I ain't judgin' those who smoke but it is bad for your health you know. I have asthma and I just can't handle bein' around it for more than an hour. My throat just closes shut! I have a friend who quit after 20+ years and she is the worst at complainin' about smoke now! Ya'll have a great day. Prayers for those in need. I'll check in later.
Charlotte Tucker

March 22, 2002 - Msg 5811: Sorry Asa. Guess I just wasn't thinking. I going over to my bed, sit down and put a bucket on ,my head. Imagine that forgetting and ole golfing buddy. Yep thats the plan go to the bed ,sit down, put a bucket on my head.

The Rock

March 22, 2002 - Msg 5812: Morning porch, Its Friday at last!!! And it is a COLD Friday. I am ready for spring. Thanks for the food this morning Rock even if you did leave out ol Asa. He'd just pick on ya anyway. (hee hee)Well yall have a good weekend. See ya after work.--Salty Dog

March 22, 2002 - Msg 5813: Good afternoon Charlotte. Just saw your message. I registered my nickname so am the only Leon. I posted 5796 & 97 but not '95. Everyone have a great weekend if I don't get back to this today. Hope your front porch is warmer then mine.

March 22, 2002 - Msg 5814: Hey porchters, just popping in at lunch to see what be going on. Thanks for oking me Rock. Don't go punishing yerself inside or nothing like that. Have ya one of Salty's yaco's. That'll learn ya.
No Hazel this morning? Hmmmmmm wonder where she done went?
I knows what you mean about them smokes Charlotte. Glad you was able to kick the habit happy, before it kicked you.
Howdy to Leon. You have a great weekend to.



March 22, 2002 - Msg 5815: Asa is a good fellow and I love him dearly and he knows it. Any friends of TAGS is a friend is a friend of mine.

The Rock

March 22, 2002 - Msg 5816: Hasn't rained in a couple of days in kentucky. Hope it stays that way for a spell. I want to be a friend to anyone who loves AGS also, ROCK. You all have a great weekend.
Sam Scott.

March 22, 2002 - Msg 5817: Sam feel lucky it ain't rained there, it has been a mess in my neck of the woods here with all the rain! Just heard on the news a 75 year old woman that has been missing since the flooding started was found this morning, apparantly she was swept away in the river & drowned trying to keep neighbors from getting too close to the water. Bless her heart! So sad.

March 22, 2002 - Msg 5818: Hello out there! Help me on this one, please:
I keep thinking of that catchy tune the Darlings
sang one afternoon when visiting with Andy and
Barney--it went something like--"Ol man (fill
in the name) was a..."--does anyone know the
tune I'm talking about? Thanks.

March 22, 2002 - Msg 5819: All that sticks in my mind is "Dooley Walker" or something like that...remember a line,something,something, make a man of you someday. Leon

March 22, 2002 - Msg 5820: "Now Dooley was a good ol Man he lived on a lonely hill. Dooley had 2 daughters and a 40 gallon still. One gal watched the boiler the other watched the spout and Momma corked the bottle when ol Dooley fetched them out." Does that help?? ---Salty Dog

March 22, 2002 - Msg 5821: now the chorus~~ Dooley slippin up the holler, Dooley, tryin to make a dollar Dooley give me a swaller & I'll pay ya back some day!!

March 22, 2002 - Msg 5822: 2nd verse~~ Well the revenuers came for him slippin thru the woods, Dooley stayed behind them all & never lost his goods. Dooley was a trader when in to town he come, sugar by the bushel & molasses by the ton (then ya sing the chorus again)

March 22, 2002 - Msg 5823: Alright, foot tapping music on the porch. Now its stuck in my head though.


March 22, 2002 - Msg 5824: Hey Mavis, you wanna do Ebo Walker now??--Salty Dog

March 22, 2002 - Msg 5825: Mavis that was sad about the old woman dying in the flood, trying to help others. Lord bless those that got flooded.
Hope everyone is well. Just stopping by. Been so busy at the drugstore, people buying Emma's miracle pills because of that flu going around,
and magazines to keep them busy while being bound to the house 'cause they got the flu.
Mavis that was some good singing.
Everyone have a good weekend now.
Miss Ellie
"Come Christmas,don't expect me to buy my cotton
balls from you." (or something like that) Emma

March 22, 2002 - Msg 5826: yes Miss Ellie it is a sad thing. Evidently she was loved by the entire neighborhood, they are doing interviews with alot of them & most of them are crying. Very sad. Salty you start off & I'll just jump in where I can & hang on. My thumb will be hanging loose tho.

March 22, 2002 - Msg 5827: Hey to the porch. Nice to see you, Miss Ellie. I imagine things have been busy over at the drug store. Salty and Mavis, you two beat everything, you know that. Knowing all the words to that song. I was playing the jug whilst you two were singing. Did you hear me? Rock, did you have a good think under yer bucket? See you all later.
- Hazel

"I just come in for some foot powder."

March 22, 2002 - Msg 5828: Great stuff on the porch today! Loved the singin'! Also liked the mental picture I got of Rock thainkin' under his bucket. Miss Ellie, take good care of Emma's pills! Hey to Asa, Salty, Mavis, Hazel, Salty, Sam Scott, and Leon. Oh, by the way, Leon, what did you mean you registered your name? Where do you do that? Night all.
Charlotte Tucker

March 23, 2002 - Msg 5829: Morning porch. off to work in this COLD 20 degree weather. It is like Asas weather here this morning. Asa, you can have it back too. Coffee is on and hot chocolate too;) I enjoyed the sing along last night too. Well looks like everybodys still seeping in this morning and you know that I cant resist it. See yal later-- Salty Dog

Ask thy soul if we should part.
Lean thou on my heart

March 23, 2002 - Msg 5830: Mornin' Salty, just you and me out here in the cold. I exercise in my hot tub on my enclosed (but not heated) front porch every morning. Was a little nippy out there today. My husband's birthday today--fixin' turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Also a fine new chocolate dessert with coffee ice cream and oreo & peanut crust. Sounds sinful, doesn't it? Much to do. Hope you all have a fine day on the cold porch!
Charlotte Tucker

March 23, 2002 - Msg 5831: Mornin' Salty, just you and me out here in the cold. I exercise in my hot tub on my enclosed (but not heated) front porch every morning. Was a little nippy out there today. My husband's birthday today--fixin' turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Also a fine new chocolate dessert with coffee ice cream and oreo & peanut crust. Sounds sinful, doesn't it? Much to do. Hope you all have a fine day on the cold porch!
Charlotte Tucker

March 23, 2002 - Msg 5832: That was dandy singin' this mornin' Salty Dog! Almost as good as Hazel's jug playin' yesterday!

March 23, 2002 - Msg 5833: Double post!! I hate it when that happens! The computer is mighty slow this morning. Sorry everybody.Forgive me for spillin' my breakfast on the porch. Will cause someone to have to sweep sooner!

March 23, 2002 - Msg 5834: Morning Porch! Glad ya'll like the singing last night, I got lots more where that came from! We are getting a band together here so I know a bunch of the words. It is also race week-end here in Bristol, so I'm staying at the house! Too many people out there for me~looks like Raliegh out there! Ya'll have a good one.

March 23, 2002 - Msg 5835: Mercy, lots of noise out here this morning. I thought somone was beating his dog.(snicker) Just kidding Salty. Miss Poultice has done wonders for you.
Happy birthday to Mr. Tucker. Sounds like quite a meal your doing up Charlotte. You gonna need any help consuming it? I'm good at consuming, and at inviting myself places.
Hey to Mavis, stay out of them peoples way at them races. SPEED SPEED SPEED Thats all they know.
Hope it warms up for ya'll. Been nice here the last few days. Might rain later today. We need the moisture though.
Ya'll take care and be careful.
Your beloved Asa

March 23, 2002 - Msg 5836: Yes! It was "Ebo Walker" I'm the one who was
asking about that song yesterday, and it was
"Ebo Walker" Thanx 2 whoever came up with this,
and I look forward to the next episode when
they it!
Another catchy tune that comes to mind, this
one I remember: "Ellie Walker, councilman,
Ellie Walker, council man---she was just
a filly, runnin' for council, is just plain
silly! LOL

March 23, 2002 - Msg 5837: Naughty deputy!

March 23, 2002 - Msg 5838: Morning. Charlotte, we know you didn't mean to chew your cabbage twice up there. It happens to everyone now and again. Thanks for the compliment on my jug playing, # 5832. It 'twerent nothin. You know, I can get banjo sounds out of it too. You're wise to avoid going to the big city, Mavis. The Asphalt Jungle. Oh, guess what I found in the top of a closet I was cleaning out. My daughters old Mr. Potato Head set. Anybody wanna play with it? It can be a very constructive hobby.
- Hazel

I am so sorry I broke your heart, mother.

March 23, 2002 - Msg 5839: "I'll take the Mr. Potato Set." ~ Mrs. Wiley

March 23, 2002 - Msg 5840: Afternoon, friends! My word, such singin' and carryin' on! It does a person good just to sit by and listen - just lifts your spirits right up.
It's a beautiful day here in the Texas corner of Mayberry. Sun shining, wind a bit gusty and nippy, but very pleasant otherwise. Trees are budding out, my hyacinths have already bloomed, and my mountain laurel will soon be loaded with those gorgeous purple clusters that give off the scent of grape candy! Delicious! My plumeria, so lovely and fragrant last year, is gone, though. One of these days I'm going to catch that thieving little squirrel, and when I do, I'll, why I'll, well, I guess I'll feed him a pecan. He's just so cute. He eats the bulbs I plant, but he's cute. I planted $40 worth of tulip bulbs one year, and not one came up. He ate them all! So why do I put out nuts and old bread and stuff for him?? I must be crazy.
Besides being a little bulbsnatcher, he's a big tease. He drives Sugarplum crazy. She can see him through the storm door when the wooden door is open, and he knows she can't get out. So, he sits out there and taunts her, flicking his tail, sometimes coming right up on the porch. Meanwhile, the Plum is trying to get the door off its hinges. I wonder what would happen if I opened the door. I never would, of course, but it would probably be hilarious. Sugarplum is very brave when she knows she's safe.
Well, 'nuff of my ramblings. Have a great weekend, friends, and a lovely Sunday. Hope we sing "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" tomorrow. -- Romeena

March 23, 2002 - Msg 5841: WHERE IS CHAPLAIN TOM???--Romeena

March 23, 2002 - Msg 5842: You all have a good Mayberry Weekend! FRANKIE FLINT

March 24, 2002 - Msg 5843: Night Porch, see yall at preaching--Salty Dog

March 24, 2002 - Msg 5844: Morning Porch! Romeena is that little squirrel a SNOOP! too? I always loved that ep! I will try to come up with another song for ya'll while I'm driving to get my young 'un today.
Ya'll have a good one & tune into FOX to see the races here in my neck of the woods.

March 24, 2002 - Msg 5845: Oh, that would be on at 1:00 pm EST to watch the race. For those of you that don't know alot about them, this is the best track around, 1/2 mile & lots of banging & bumping, one of the hardest tickets to get in NASCAR.

March 24, 2002 - Msg 5846: Mornin porch. You are right Mavis. The Bristol race is one of the most fun races in the world to watch. I had a roommate in college from Bristol. I remember the days when the tickets weren't so hard to get. That was the days when it was the "Valleydale 500" and also the" Volunteer 500" Would go watch Richard Petty, Bobby Issac( my favorite in the 22 K & K Dodge), David Pearson, and the Alllison Brothers. Will be sitting by the old TV for sure. My roommate lived over on Randolph Street on the VA side. Maybe you know were it is. ((((((to all)))))).

The Rock

"Goober, maybe we could leave it for a couple more days. You know to drive the point home." (Andy)

March 24, 2002 - Msg 5847: Hey Salty, ya sure was quiet yesterday. Everything ok? Hope so.
Am I the first one up this morning? Do you know what that means?
Hope everyone has a good Sabbath.


March 24, 2002 - Msg 5848: Holy cow. Rock and Mavis, you guys weren't there before I posted, and then show up after I post. How'd ya'll pull that off? I think the Count is paying us a visit.
Be careful in yer journey's Mavis. I got a penny you can have.
Lets head out for a round Rock. I'll drive though. You look to be crock bound.


March 24, 2002 - Msg 5849: Morning Porch, Good Sabbath to everyone! Asa, dont go fretting about me none. I was just with some friends of ours last night. Trying to get these race cars ready for April.Didn't get home till 2 this morning. Our friends are into dirt track racing. And this April my husband is going to try it for the first time too. Mavis, we'll be glued to the TV too I can promise ya. Hey Rock did you ever get that crock cleaned out? Ya know you cant watch a race with a dirty crock. See yall later. I'm going to church then home for the race then to Wal-mart. Yep thats the plan!! See yall later--Salty Dog

March 24, 2002 - Msg 5850: Trouble check

March 24, 2002 - Msg 5851: .

March 24, 2002 - Msg 5852: Evening Porch! Rock I know just where Randolph St. is, I take that as a short cut to work when the race is in town & the Volunteer Pkwy is so crowded! Small world huh?? I made it home safe & sound, got my young 'un who is now taller than I am & weighs more than me *sniff sniff* we had a good trip, took the Boxer, Buster along for the ride this morning, & we are all worn out, I'm off to bed, between the race & the driving, I'm worn out!!

March 24, 2002 - Msg 5853: ,

March 24, 2002 - Msg 5854: Hey porch off to bed now, gotta get back up at 5 in the morning. I wil try to leave some coffee for ya though. Have a good night. See ya in the morning. --Salty Dog

March 24, 2002 - Msg 5855: SALTY DOG, where are you that it it 5 in the morning now? I am on the east coast and it is just 11:30pm here.
From Happy

March 25, 2002 - Msg 5856: Morning porch, Well Happy, it is 5 in the morning NOW and I live in Western NC. It was about 11 or so when I posted last night. Off to work coffee is on too. Yall have a great day looks like everyone is asleep. See yall after work.--Salty Dog

March 25, 2002 - Msg 5857: Morning gang. Hey Salty, slow down, whats yer hurry, take it easy. Hope you have a great day at work everyone. Mondays come way to early.
Glad yer home safe Mavis. Watched the race with my brother in law who is from Alabama. He was driving through yer neck of the woods a couple of weeks ago. He said that is some beautiful country. He told me about the wild flowers that grow alongside the freeway there. We have native grasses that grow along our freeways, otherwise known as weeds. Don't ya just love the fancy names they give things?
A lot of regulars ain't been posting to regular like. Got old Asa here in a sad mode. Ya'll check in and let us know yer ok.


March 25, 2002 - Msg 5858: Morning porch. Sorry I'm late, I'd have been here sooner but I fell in with some evil companions.
- Hazel

March 25, 2002 - Msg 5859: Hello Frankie Flint and everyone else!

March 25, 2002 - Msg 5860: Hey yall. Hows it goin?? I am perty good. Its Monday but I got the day off. Its such a beautiful day outside. Dont have much time to talk. I got to many things to do. First, I got to run over to Wally's and have Goober or Gomer fill me up. I am running on empty. Then I got to run by Floyd's for a haircut. Then I got to go by the Sheriff's office to see Barney and Andy as I always do everyday. Barney said he might make me an honorary deputy one of these days. Then this afternoon me, Andy, Barney, and Floyd are going fishing down at Myers Lake. Hope yall have a good day.

March 25, 2002 - Msg 5861: Leon checking in. Good weather around here if you're a duck. Another work day upon me. Under a month now til opening day of turkey season in IN. Am getting excited. Am a better shot then Barney. A great day to you & yours.

March 25, 2002 - Msg 5862: Congratulations to Ron Howard for the LONG deserved Oscars he won last night. Our little Opie has done Mayberry "proud, proud, proud!"

March 25, 2002 - Msg 5863: I've said it before, and I'll say it again. WHERE IS CHAPLAIN TOM? I tell ya, I'm worried about that boy! Asa, do you think we should organize a posse, or a search party, or send out an APB, or maybe just throw a net around the area? --Romeena

March 25, 2002 - Msg 5864: I was watching an ep of "The Beverly Hillbillies" last night, and they were in a place called "Griffith Park", that looked very much like Myers Lake, especially in the openers, where Andy and Opie are walking down to the lake, and Opie stops to throw that rock. The lake was there and everything. Is there really a Griffith Park in Beverly Hills, or was this really the same area where the TAGS opener was filmed, and maybe the sign "Griffith Park" was an inside joke? Sure makes you thank, bucket or no bucket.--Romeena

March 25, 2002 - Msg 5865: Hey yall back home from work and wow what a beautiful day the Lord has blessed us with. It is a very warm 76 degrees on my front porch with a cool breeze blowing. Sure does make a body long for summer. Made a gallon of ice tea and I'm gonna go outside and enjoy it. Anyone wanna join me? I promise MY crock is clean. hee hee See yall later--Salty Dog

March 25, 2002 - Msg 5866: Hey Romeena, we may have to break out the Mayberry minutemen and hunt him down. Hopefully it is nothing more than computer problems that has him so quiet. How are you doing dear? It's so nice to see you posting more. Hope yer healing well, and I hope yer Dad is doing ok.
Poor Hazel, fell in with them evil companions. They get ya every time Hazel.
We got wet here to Leon, but we need it so I ain't complaining none.
Well, back to work for me, cause I ain't no good.


March 25, 2002 - Msg 5867: Salty Dog, you done scared me popping in like that. To heck with work, I'm going with you.


March 25, 2002 - Msg 5868: I almost forgot, You were on last night Mavis. Tell me, do rootbeer floats really do that to you?


March 25, 2002 - Msg 5869: Well it's March 25, only nine calendar months until Christmas. Maybey we all better get to Weaver's department store and do some early shopping before it slips up on us. SAM SCOTT

March 25, 2002 - Msg 5870: Hey folks! Chilly here down in Texas today. Brrr.... It was 81░ yesterday and now this. Hmph. Could be worse, though. A friend in Cleveland was just telling me they're getting lots of snow.
I haven't gotten really caught up (will do that later), but I'm with you, Romeena... where's Tom? I miss not seeing his poems. Was just crackin' up at your Plum/squirrel story. "Bulbsnatcher".. LOL!
Congrats to Ron Howard!!! Whatta night at the Oscars, huh? We missed the first part, though. We watched E.T. with the kids and I made me a big ol' Coke float. Haven't had one of those in many a year. It was great! The kids had seen E.T. years ago, but I guess they were so young they didn't remember it, so it was like seeing it all over again.
Well, pizza's getting done (into health food this week, or can you tell? :-)
Love to all! Will come sit a spell later.


March 25, 2002 - Msg 5871: Hey to the Porch! Glad to see everyone having such a good day! Since I am so close to NC, I have pretty much the same weather as Salty is having & let me tell you I LOVE it! Supposed to rain tomorrow tho, dad burn it! Gotta run get something started for supper. Any ideas???

March 25, 2002 - Msg 5872: Hmmmm Mavis, some opossum baked with fatback would be good for starters! Git ya some corn on the cob and beans, loaf of bread and a big glass of 2% milk should do it!

March 25, 2002 - Msg 5873: Mavis, are you ignoring me? I asked you about them rootbeer floats and you just blew me off. That cuts me, cuts me deep.
We got them political get togethers tonight so I won't be here, but I will be there.


March 25, 2002 - Msg 5874: Hey porchsters! Took me some time to read all the posts and get caught up! That birthday dinner Saturday bout did me in. It was delicious if I do say so myself (and I pack a mean spoon too). The best part was this oreo/peanut crust dessert filled with coffee icecream, topped with hot fudge and Heath bar! I enjoyed it more than anyone. My husband wanted pumpkin pie for his birthday "cake" so that's what he got. He loves my pies!
Hey to Hazel. I still got my Mr. Potato set in the attic! I also have Miss Cucumber and Mr. Pepperhead! My hubby's been wantin' on this computer for an hour so I better post later. Hey to Asa, Rock, Mavis, Salty, Happy, Dež, Leon, Sam Scott , Romeena, and anyone else I forgot. Where's homemaker? I'm worried about Tom too. I been lookin' for him for the last 3 weeks. Where's he off to? Have a great evenin'!
Charlotte Tucker

March 25, 2002 - Msg 5875: Hey to Mayberry,
from your long lost service station attendant,
Sp00ky Benson

March 25, 2002 - Msg 5876: I am so happy to see that our little Opie finally won his Oscar last night! And well deserved too! NRNMG

March 25, 2002 - Msg 5877: Hey porch, been to the big city with some friends and now I am back and ready for the ironing board between two chairs. Hey Asa, is Mavis' rootbeer floats like my yacos?? Supposed to rain here tomorrow too Mav, all 70 percent of it. See yall later been up since 5 and I am ready to crash. Nite porch--Salty Dog

March 26, 2002 - Msg 5878: Mornin porch. Didn't get to check in yestersay. The Wife has the week off and we used yesterday to go out to breakfast, then go to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg to do that tourist thing. Got chores to do today so I'm up bright and early. The coffee is on. Ya'll have a great day. If I get all the "Honey Do" list done I will be able to enjoy a round of golf with my brother-in-law when he and his wife come to town on Thursday.

The Rock

"Just a bed and a Bible." (Briscoe Darling)

March 26, 2002 - Msg 5879: Morning Porch. Howdy Rock. Sounds like a fun day you got planned. I'm gonna go play a round on friday, so there.
I don't know if a yaco and a rootbeer float would go together or not Salty, might work. Mavis Neff told Andy that rootbeer floats made her bubbly wubbly ALL OVER. Just trying to verify that with our Mavis, but she refuses to answer, Hmmmmm maybe a lack of response is her answer. J.K. Mavis, you don't need to say.
Hope them evil companions ain't got hold of Hazel again. Poor dear, we know how she struugles with them and all.
Ya'll have a great day and keep yer chin up. Hey to everyone on the porch, old and new.


March 26, 2002 - Msg 5880: Gud Morn'in Porch! A beautiful day in sunny Myrtle Beach! Did ya'll ever find Mavis? Hope she is well and wondering if she ate any of that opossumm? If they aren't ate right after ya kill em it will make you kinda sick. What part of the world are you folks in?

March 26, 2002 - Msg 5881: Morning porch, got a late work day today so I got to sleep in some. Well we got our 70% worth of rain too. Rock, we go over to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge every chance we get. I think I enjoy it a little more than my hubbie does but he goes with me anyway. We go about 4 or 5 times a year.It is only about one hour and 45 minutes from here. Well yall have a good day, I got to get ready to go to work again. See ya later--Salty Dog

March 26, 2002 - Msg 5882: Thanks for the coffee, Rock. Mornin' Asa and Salty Dog. Golf? Sounds great, Rock. Not here! We got 2-3 inches of snow Sunday night and the kids were out of school yesterday! I am ready for spring! Msg 5880: I hail from Illinois. Where you from? All you Pigeon Forgers--explain this to me: How in the world do you get around in that place? You visit in the winter? We went 2 years ago in the summer and it was all we could do to drive through in bumper to bumper traffic. Hubby wasn't pleased so we didn't even stop. Went on to our little secluded rental vacation spot in the mountains near Robbinsville. It was lovely there. Anybody familiar with that area? We mistakenly took US 129 to get there! What a ride that was! Nothing but hairpin turns and motorcycles! (Near Fontana) Well, got my rush project done yesterday...on to another project today--a book on the 1970s (what a negative time period that was--Watergate, Protests, Environmental concerns, Oil shortage, hostages in Iran). The #1 show on TV was Archie Bunker! What's that tell you?! Not that I have anything against Archie, but he ain't no Andy Griffith. He didn't even have a front porch!
Enough of my rambling! Have a super Mayberry Day!
Charlotte Tucker

March 26, 2002 - Msg 5883: Oops, msg 5880 was from me, Happy, and I am in Myrtle Beach SC, hate it here and going back to Wilmington, NC. Have anyone here met Andy? I LOVE the show, but honestly, he is not the same person in real life. He lives in my home town and has a rep of being "stand~offish" to put it politely. I worked on severly Mattlocks and he didn't even want folks even 10 feet near his trailor when he was on the set. Maybe he just gets tired of folks, I don't know......I was just really hopeing he would be like the person he plays on TV.;o( I did get to meet Martin Sheen when he was filming "Firestarter" and he is a doll! What a nice funny person, and only about 5'4"! Nick Nolte, GROSS! He might be nice, but looked like he needed a bath the whole time he was in town. (He had a rep of "pooting" a lot on set, LOL, no kidding")!
This is Happy, signing off.........

March 26, 2002 - Msg 5884: Charlotte, Archie Bunker had a front porch. You saw it real well when he and Edith hugged Meathead and Gloria and baby Joey good bye when they moved to California.

March 26, 2002 - Msg 5885: Yep, Archie had a front porch, all right, but they never used it as such. I think it was just a place to get out of the rain while they unlocked the door! Some towns are porch-y, and some aren't. When I was very young, before we moved to the country, our house had a very tiny porch, too small for chairs, so we sat on the driveway in the evening, with the house providing shade from the setting sun! Neighbors would come over, or we'd go to their shady spot, and everyone would just sit around and talk. We kids mostly listened, but I enjoyed it. Sometimes some young Hispanic men from an adjoining neighborhood would stroll by, playing guitars and singing. Very pretty. Sometimes they even did that late at night, when it was too hot to sleep anyway. I'd lie there with my pillow in the windowsill, hoping for a breeze, and I could hear their soft voices and pretty music. Very nice.
I've come to the conclusion that a true "porch", like this one, is a state of mind.--Romeena

March 26, 2002 - Msg 5886: Hey porch back home from work. Charlotte we always try to go to Pigeon Forge during winter or early fall before the leaves turn and the crowd is down. Also go during the week if you can it is hard for us with these pesky old jobs but it is better. Happy, Fontana isn't too far from where I am. Probably 45 minutes I guess maybe not that far. But it is very curvy. Well I am fixing subs for supper been working all day and I am taking the easy way out this evening. See yall later--Salty Dog

March 26, 2002 - Msg 5887: Evening Porch! Raining here again today. Getting used to watching the ducks swim around in my yard! (teehee) Asa I weren't ignoring yer question, thems the kind of things a woman just don't tell ever'body ya know! ;) But rootbeer floats do 'twang my buds' Charlotte we go to Pigeon Forge alot too, the secret is knowing what is going on that weekend, the car shows are really bad about bringing in traffic, but boy what some beautiful cars they have there! Happy we had oppossum fer Sunday supper so I didn't want to make it again, I just called Pizza Hut, they took care of the whole meal. Aren't they kind? Well, better get off here the band will be over in a bit for practice & I need to get the place ready. We sound good if I do say so myself, hope to be playing out in the next few weeks. Hey to Sp00ky don't stay gone so long next time! And Emma one of the first places we are playing is Hansonville, I expect to see you there! Bring Flora too.
Later Porch

March 26, 2002 - Msg 5888: Where is *Rafe?

March 26, 2002 - Msg 5889: Hello. Don't the porch seem nice and full today.
- Hazel


March 26, 2002 - Msg 5890: Announcement: Inside TV Land is about TAGS tonight..
Go back to what you were doing,..what were you doing?
jennie boone

March 26, 2002 - Msg 5891: Hello Porch
It's been awhile since I've been here. I've been very ill, but doing great now. I'm back to work and sailing along just fine. I see you've all been ok, glad to know this. Hey Happy, congrads on no smoking, my husband quit 2 months ago. he smoked for about 30 years. Praise God he was able to quit. Guess I'll saw good night all. Ms. Wezee

March 26, 2002 - Msg 5892: You're all right of course, Archie did have a front porch. He and his family just didn't sit out there peelin' apples or talkin' about why Aunt Bea shouldn't marry somebody she don't love or discussin' band concerts and such. Sorry, my mistake. Hope ya'll had a good evenin'. Thanks for the tips on when to visit Pigeon Forge. I'd like to try it again sometime.
Charlotte Tucker

March 26, 2002 - Msg 5893: Nite Porch, See yall in the morning.--Salty Dog

March 27, 2002 - Msg 5894: Mornnin porch. The only way I know to get through Pigeon Forge is just like any other tourist trap, "be a local and learn all the back roads." Watched the episode with the dog Blue in it last night. Been a while since I had seen it, slmost forgot how funny it was. Crock is full right beside the coffee, I mean the coffee pot is full right beside the crock. I always get them two confused.

The Rock

"What are you going to do show him the picture." (Andy)

March 27, 2002 - Msg 5895: Morning porch. Rock, you always get them 2 confused, huh? Well, that explains quite a bit. I may have gotten em mixed up myself. But just that once.
- Hazel

"I don't believe that dog could find his own food dish."

March 27, 2002 - Msg 5896: Morning Porch, hey Hazel, Rock, jb, Charlotte, Salty Yog. Good to see you Mrs. Wezee. Sorry you been ailing. Glad yer better and back with us.
I should have known better than to confront you in public Mavis. Hope I didn't emberass you making you confess to yer rootbeer float weakness.
Thanks for the reminder about the tv land special last night jennie bone. I plumb would have fergot it.
Well off to work for me. Ya'll be good now.

March 27, 2002 - Msg 5897: Dang, I must be tired. That was from me.


March 27, 2002 - Msg 5898: Morn'in Porch! Another beautiful day in the neighborhood! Ms. Wezee, tell your husband a big congrats and glad you are feeling better. Today is my 3 month anny for the quit smoking after 25 years and each month it does get easier. Does the husband have a support group for his quit? I have been at since November 01 and those folks are great! Hey Asa where in the world do you bee?

March 27, 2002 - Msg 5899: Hey to Rock , Hazel, Asa, and Happy, and anyone else who stop by this mornin'. Hey way to go there on that 3-month anniversary, Happy! Stick with it! Seems like it could become a nice day here in Illinois today. Hope ya'll have one too. Good luck to you and yours.
Charlotte Tucker

March 27, 2002 - Msg 5900: Morning porch, the rain finally quit and the sun is beautiful this morning. Rock, it's a wonder you dont get your own name confused with that crock.(hee hee) Hey Mrs. Wezee glad you are back and doin better. Morning Hazel, Happy and Charlotte. Hey Yasa, glad you are back too. Yall have a good one I am off to work.--Salty Dog

March 27, 2002 - Msg 5901: Good morning, all! Ms. Wezee, glad you're feeling better, welcome back. To all of you who've kicked the miserable smoking habit, a big congratulations and a ((((((hug))))))! Hang in there!
Still no word from Chaplain Tom? Does anyone have his email address? I'm hoping it's just his 'puter that's ailing.
Gotta return to work next Monday night, after my six-week surgery leave, and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that I'm gonna LOVE retirement, just LOVE it!! Can't come too soon. Now, if I could just afford to do it....
Well, have a beautiful Mayberry day, friends. Sugarplum says hey!--Romeena

March 27, 2002 - Msg 5902: Hey to Romeena and the Plumbster. Hi Happy, Charlotte, Salty and everyone else.
Where oh where is Mrs. Wiley? She was suppose to get some news this week about her job. Hope she is ok. And where has our beloved N.N., Homemaker and FunGirl gone? I tell ya, you all try my patience.
Ya'll have a great day.


March 27, 2002 - Msg 5903: Well Asa, I read more than I post. This week is spring break and we had a spell of cold and sleet and we are grieving cause yesterday Little Opie's best friend at school was killed in a car accident due to bad road conditions. So please remember Little Opie and Jacob's father in your prayers. The Lord took the mother and Jacob and little Tia all together. (The mom and dad were divorced.) This is going to be so devastating for all the kids at school. Tia was is 2nd grade and those poor kiddos just aren't gonna be able to understand this. They were such good kids. I am pretty much a wreck. I can't eat and have trouble sleeping. Little Opie has good moments and bad moments. Right now he is in denial about what good friends they were. He keeps saying, "I hate to say this, but Jacob and I weren't that good friends, I just hung around him to cheer him up."
I work there friends and let me tell you, he can say what he wants, I KNOW BETTER! Prayers for us all please.
Not such a Fun Girl today.


March 27, 2002 - Msg 5905: Fun girl, will keep your family in my prayers. May God be with you. Leon.

March 27, 2002 - Msg 5906: Fun Girl you are in my prayers too. That is so hard to understand even for an adult let alone children. Bless your heart and little Opies too.-Salty Dog

March 27, 2002 - Msg 5907: Oh Salty, my sentiments exactly. Ya'll might as well learn this about Charlotte. I take these kinds of things so hard. I DON'T understand them. Poor little Opie and the poor father who's left. I am a bleeding heart for any kind of tragedy. I'm so sorry to hear that, Fun Girl. Try to keep your chin up but cry if it helps. I will pray for you all.
Charlotte Tucker

March 27, 2002 - Msg 5908: Rest in Peace Milton Berle...God Bless you Uncle Miltie! ~ Mrs. Wiley

March 27, 2002 - Msg 5909: Hey Mrs. Wiley. Did Uncle Milty pass away?
Wow Fungirl, so sorry to hear about that sad event. Prayers for all you fine folks. Sure hope all will heal from the emotional scars things like that will inflict. God bless.


March 27, 2002 - Msg 5910: I'm so sorry to hear that bad news FunGirl, that's just terrible. I'm prayin' for you, lil Opie and the family and friends. Ms Weeze, glad you're feeling better - have your eyes been making you so sick? Prayin for you too. And Lawww, Asa, I do not mean to try your patience! It's just that when I think it can't get any worse it does. I didn't want to say anything until it's settled w/insurance, but I may be in for some surgery soon. Then y'all will be STUCK with me here on the porch allll Daaaayyyy Long! hee hee. No good news about work...just getting more and more pitiful. I hear another round of layoffs is coming soon. Hope it ain't me or the surgery will be off and that will be a bummer. Don't yall go frettin, it ain't life-threatening, but it is major surgery. Guess I'll need a stand in on the softball team, Coach Asa.

Hey to everyone too numerous to mention by name!
~ Mrs. Wiley

March 27, 2002 - Msg 5911: yes he did Asa, just heard it an hour ago. ~ Mrs. Wiley

March 27, 2002 - Msg 5912: Oh Mrs. Wiley, now I got me something new to fret over. You poor dear, won't it ever stop? You got my prayers going in your behalf. I sure hope things work out. I would love to see you on the porch all day though, that would be good. God bless you to dear.


March 27, 2002 - Msg 5913: Aww, thank ye kindly Asa, thank ye kindly! ~ Mrs. Wiley

March 27, 2002 - Msg 5914: I'm so sorry about the tragedy, Fun Girl. My thoughts are with you.
- Hazel

March 27, 2002 - Msg 5915: Fun Girl give your Little Opie a hug for me & hug yourself while yer at it. My prayers go out to Jacob's dad, you & your family & all the kids at the school. The Good Lord will help them thru it. Just be there for them when they want to talk or cry or whatever.

March 27, 2002 - Msg 5916: Nite porch, prayers for all that need them tonight. Why cant we go back to Mayberry days? You know Andy never gave Barney any trouble over his job. You never heard of any layoffs around the town. And you sure never heard anyone complaining about their bosses being jerks either. You know that poem was right, life was easier in Black and white. Sorry didn't mean to get up on my soap box again but it has been one of those days. Nothing compared to Fun Girls troubles though. Yall have a good nite. I'm going to take a hot bath and go to bed. Got a day off tomorrow for the first time in 2 weeks and I am gonna enjoy it. Nite Porch--Salty Dog

March 27, 2002 - Msg 5917: RIP - Milton Berle and Dudley Moore

Fun Girl, so sorry to hear about little Opie's friend and his sister and mother. It is tragic.
Prayers for everyone.

I think Chaplain Tom is snowed in. Bless his heart. I pray he didn't lose power.

Miss Ellie

"Barney's a creampuff so they say, Barney's a creampuff so they say....(and I can't remember the the tune of Miss Ellie running for council being just plain silly).

March 28, 2002 - Msg 5918: Mercy on us, Lord! Fun Girl, what a terrible thing to happen! Your little Opie is handling it in his own way, trying to convince himself that he hasn't lost a good friend. If that helps him right now, I'd say let him do it. Just be sure he knows that it's okay for big boys to cry sometimes.
Mrs. Wiley, just tie a knot in that rope and hang on, dearie. Things just have to get better soon. Salty, you need to get some good, solid rest. One day off in two weeks just isn't enough. You're gonna burn your little candle out if you're not careful!
Asa, it's so sweet the way you worry about all of us. Is anyone looking after you? If you'll drop by here, I'll make you some nice tea - hot or iced, depending on the weather. It changes here every day, you know!
Goodnight, all. Sugarplum says hey!--Romeena

March 28, 2002 - Msg 5919: Good morning Porch! Romeena, you are right as rain - Asa is a dear sweet man and havin him here to worry over us makes one feel downright loved. *snif* By the way, how are you feeling Ro? gettin all healed up? Asa, did that cold finally leave you? Have a little lemon and honey in that hot tea. Salty, hope you enjoy your day of and get lots of rest!

Hey to the Plumster,
~ Mrs. Wiley

March 28, 2002 - Msg 5920: Morning Romeena, Mrs. Wiley and everyone. I agree, Asa is a treasure. I do hope he doesn't sing this morning though. Salty Dog is trying to sleep in. You know, now that I think about it, we have a lot of treasures on this porch. Lots of fine people with good hearts. That's my thought for the day, I guess.
- Hazel

March 28, 2002 - Msg 5921: Awwwwww you guy's are all swell. I think the world of you all and everything. It brightens my day to come to the porch and read yer posts. Breaks my heart when yer suffering or ailing, and makes my day when all is right in yer world. I reckon I'm just an old softie but thats what the good Lord made me and thats what I'll be.
My colds all better Mrs. Wiley, thanks for asking.
I'll slip over later for some tea Romeena. Sounds like fun. Hopefully it will be a warm day so we can have ice in it. Thats good stuff.
Don't know where Tom run off to. Hope he joins us soon.
I can hear Salty snoring still so I won't sing Hazel, that would earn me a rude, don't want a rude.
Ya'll have a blessed day and act like ya got some smarts.


March 28, 2002 - Msg 5922: Very old board, but looks unused.

March 28, 2002 - Msg 5923: Morning Porch, (yawn, stretch) How is everyone? My day is much better so far. Heard that my cousin is in his own room now and able to sit in a chair now. So that is a little bit of good news today.Ya'll are gonna give Asa the big head now braggin on him like that. But I reckon I'll brag on him too. He's a sweetie, even though he tries to be a stern coach. I always enjoy talking to him. He is all the way across the country from me but he always knows if something is wrong on my end. How he does it I don't know. But I wouldn't take a dollar and a quarter for him! Or anyone else on this porch for that matter. Yall have a good day. Fun Girl, you take care now. See yall later-Salty Dog

March 28, 2002 - Msg 5924: Mornin' to all! Hey to Romeena and the Plumster. Asa, you ARE a dear. I guess we can't tell you that enough. You just seem to watch out for everybody! Does a body good to know that there are people out there with good hearts. Happy Day Off, Salty Dog. You just rest up and do things you enjoy! Hope you had a nice relaxin' hot bath before you slept last night. Hope too that you slept well. Mornin' Mrs. Wiley and Hazel. Where's Rock? He usually has the coffee on by now. Hey to Miss Ellie too. Where's homemaker gone to? And I'm just awful worried about Tom--where oh where has our little Tom gone? Have a Mayberry Day everybody! Rainy here today.
Charlotte Tucker