April 22, 2002 - Msg 6445: Evening Porch. Still working on this new ISP I am trying to get used to it & my brain is having a hard time with it. Reckon it is all the dog hair I have breathed in over the 20-something years I have been a doggie-hairdresser??? Well, hate to say hey & run, but I gotta get to bed, another long day tomorrow, got 9 dogs scheduled to groom. :( hope to see ya'll tomorrow.

April 22, 2002 - Msg 6446: Hello everyone. Wezee, thanks for the connection to the internet church prayer site. I saw your posting. I pray for Asia Marie.
TOM, we just love you here. Your posts are uplifting. Everyone has family problems.
Christmas my husband's sister and brother got in to a verbal fight over the silliest thing (the sister's fault). It is like that almost every year. I just hate going. Being an only child, I have no one to argue with unless it is Mama or Hubby so I try not to with either.

Sorry about the hearing impaired children having problems in several posts.

ANT BEE please post. Just don't let a few people ruin the whole barrel of nice people who post here.

Mavis, what kind of ISP you got ?

I just switched to Alltel, much better than AT&T.

Well, goodnight to all.
Hey to all, I know I didn't mention everyone but my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Miss Ellie

"They tell you to speak up and then they won't let you talk." Opie

April 23, 2002 - Msg 6447: mornin porch. Coffee and tea are on and ready. Also got some apple turnovers in the oven on warm. Help yourselves. I/ve got a cat question for all you animal workers. My cat, who was always and outdoor cat until she got into some poison. During her rehab we kept her inside the house. Now she acts just like a dog. She will not use the litter box, but when she needs to go to the bathroom she will come find us meow a few times then head for the sliding glass door. Just like a dog. My question is, is this unusual or is it normal for a cat to do this? Got to run now. Got banking to do for my son, a new DVD player to hook up, and my yard and my mother's yard to mow. (((((to all))))).

The Rock

"I won't need it Barn, me and Fluffy have always been friends." (Andy)

April 23, 2002 - Msg 6448: Good morning porch! Hello everyone, hi Miss Ellie, I see your posting on the pray chain. I hold those dear lil girls in my heart & pray for them. I love to pray & there is so many hurting people out there, there is something in every family. Tom I hope you don't mind but, I put ur poem in our last weeks church bulletin, everyone enjoyed it. Thanks Rock for the tea. God Bless you all.Ms Wezee
Lots o luck to you and yers.

April 23, 2002 - Msg 6449: The porch looks mighty fine this morning! The apple turnovers sound just deleesh. . .I'll take mine with a spot of tea. HAlf of my class is on a field trip today - and my assistants too. . .so small class. . .less pressure. . .hope the zoo doesn't decide to keep them:)

My yard needs mowed too and Asa hasn't showed up with his fancy weedwhackers yet. Do you spread peat moss too. . .I have some of that and some mulching to do. . .when can I count on you to be over Rock? I'll pencil you in.

Have a good day!


April 23, 2002 - Msg 6450: Hey to all! Chilly and dreary here in Illinois today. Mayberry Fan, I'll say a prayer for your grandsons. My daughter was diagnosed with autism when she was 2 1/2 but has progressed nicely ever since. She went to special preschool for 2 years and then into regular kindergarten. The diagnosis was changed at some point to pervasive developmental disorder but she is really fine. She gets Bs and Cs and an occasional A in school. She plays some sports. But she has trouble with socialization. She is hooked on the old Get Smart show and loves to play like she's Agent 99. But she's a delight and so much better than we ever dreamed she'd be. I just longed for the day she'd say Mama. And now she talks up a storm! Hang in there. Those two grandchildren are special no matter what their abilities end up being. No one ever answered my question about archives of the old porch. Are there any?
Charlotte Tucker

April 23, 2002 - Msg 6451: Mornin', porch. Charlotte Tucker, I wish I could answer your question, but I really don't know. I'll bet Allan does, though. Try emailing him with your question. Glad to hear that your granddaughter has made such good progress. That gives hope to everyone.
Children with disabilities can be such a challenge. We all want "the best" for our kids (whatever THAT is!) and sometimes it's hard to realize that our "best" and their "best" might be two different things. I think of a former co-worker who had a son with Down syndrome. He was 23 when I knew him, and he was an absolute delight. Not "smart", but bright, sensitive, funny, kind, loving, generous, and very wise in many ways. I don't think his mother would have changed him if she could. She had learned to focus on his abilities, not his disabilities, and he grew up with sublime self-confidence. I'm still feeling sorry for the child whose parents didn't want him to wear his hearing aids, because they made him "look deaf". Unbelievable.
Well, 'nuff of my soapboxing. Worked last night, work again tonight, got to sleep in between, I suppose. Have a great day, friends. Sugarplum says hey!--Romeena

April 23, 2002 - Msg 6452: By the way Mayberry Fan. . .I think it is at UCLA they have a wonderful autism clinic. I went to a workshop here in Indiana by the lady who runs it. I will try to look through my stuff and give you her name. She called it a social/language disorder instead of using the term autism. She had some neat ideas. She said there was at least a 6 month wait to get tested at her clinic. They can do marvelous things now with all the research there is available! Have a goo day -


April 23, 2002 - Msg 6453: Make that a goo-goo cluster day! hm

April 23, 2002 - Msg 6454: Good Morning Porch! It's a great day especially here in sunny Central California. It's ten a.m. and around 68`. Hope it is as nice for everyone too. Those apple turnovers sound like just the thing for a midmorning snack... think I'll just go ahead and have one with a cup of *sweet tea and spicy talk*. Thanks... this is a really great 'porch'... the friendliest group I've ever met!
Rock, I have always had cats... can't help it, even though I swear I don't *grease my shoes, they all follow me home!* From my experience, your cat (what's her name by the way?) is a smart one. Sounds like she is figuring that if she won't use the cat box, you'll get the idea that you have to let her out, like it or not! I started keeping mine inside when the street got too busy. Well, even after four years, they still make their get-a-way plans and I could just swear I hear, *you and me's busting out tonight lefty* just before they *go bust out and play*! Cats just love trees, grass, and lazing in the sunshine (sounds kinda nice to me too!) so, I bought one of those tall climbing posts with little platforms they can sit on and put it in front of an open sunny window. They really like it. Lots of toys and playtime with them helps, too. They manage to adjust.
Charlotte Tucker, thanks for the great story about your daughter. I am so glad things have worked out so well. How old is she now? She sounds a lot like my 6 year old grandson who is going to regular kindergarten. His biggest problem is in communication and some social skills and they do seem to effect one another. Kids think he is weird sometimes because of his lack of appropriate wording for a particular situation. But, like you, my daughter is wonderful with him and if not for her and her super husband, I don't think he would have come so far. The four year old is of more concern as he also has bipolar and some kind of neurological hearing problem (it's not that he can't hear volumne, it's that he can't seem to distinguish sounds so that he can make out words and then repeat them clearly) and so we are afraid this will keep him back when otherwise he could be doing as well as his brother. He is sharp as a tack if it doesn't involve language AND if he isn't stubborn about cooperating (part of his moodiness). Autism is such a strange condition. I pray for them all the time that God's will be done for them.
Oh yes, Romeena, they are the most precious children... they aren't 'favorites' (I have three others), but these two just have special places in my heart just they way they are.
Homemaker, I appreciate your interest in providing a little info. The lady's ideas sounds interesting.
Well, I gotta get back to the office. You all have a great and blessed day. Thank you all for your kindness regarding my grandsons. ~ Mayberry Fan (I'm still working on a name!)

April 23, 2002 - Msg 6455: Dear Mayberry Fan. . .you'ff ind we come from all walks of life on this porch (I am a special ed. teacher so special ed. children just touch me a little differently - I am paid to come up with solutions or strategies). Most likely your youngest grandson has a processing problem and sometimes they recommend auditory trainers to help them tune into the sounds they need. I know that your children must have wonderful doctors and therapists to work with. We have several children in the district that I work in who use auditory trainers for processing - not for volume only. Oh well - I'll stop being on a podium here on the porch.

The sun is shining and the grass is green. . .


April 23, 2002 - Msg 6456: Thanks for the suggestion, Homemaker. I'll be sure to mention it to my daughter just in case she hasn't heard about it. Well, my lunch break is over so I must get back to the office. See ya all later! Have a nice afternoon. ~Mayberry Fan (for now)

April 23, 2002 - Msg 6457: Hey Yall, Wow what a beautiful spring day here in NC. Didn't mean to be so late today but I had the day off and between cleaning and washing and cooking etc.... I aint had the time. Got a roast in the oven since about 9 this morning and the mashed taters are cooking now. The yeast rolls will be ready in about 15 minutes and the caesar salad is already in the fridge. Yall come on over and enjoy it with us. Oh and I got a gallon of sweet tea too. I think it is just so neat how we are all spread out around the country but it's just like the neighborhood around here when someone needs something. Just look at how many poeple here have experience with special needs children whether helping or having one in their family. Isn't amazing how we can help each other out even if we are hundreds of miles apart. What would we do without the porch?? Well I Am through with that. Yall come on over to supper. Maybe we will get some ice cream for dessert. I'll talk to ya later. Salty Dog

April 23, 2002 - Msg 6458: Bye porch, I just got home from work, my son is here I'm on my way to Fl. See ya in a few days. Ms Wezee

Lots o luck to you & yers

April 23, 2002 - Msg 6459: Holy smokes, yer gone fer a few days and everyone posts up a storm. Good to see everyone posting. I missed you fine folks, and the trip was fun but man its nice to be home. I got a lot of post reading to catch up on.
Hey Salty, save some of that roast fer me. We have ate at some fine resteraunts over the past week, but taint nothing compares to a good ole homecooked dinner. I'm on my way over. Hello to everyone, and God bless.


April 23, 2002 - Msg 6460: YEAH!!! Asa's back I hope you had a good time! You didn't go to any of them eating places where they wear peek a boo blouses did ya? hee hee hope yall enjoyed supper.Here's another southern food for ya... Yall ever had fried tate patties from the leftover mashed taters?? Goood eating! Later--Salty Dog

Is that like Ha Ha?

April 23, 2002 - Msg 6461: Hay to the porch, Mayberrians. Just got done a watchin TAGS I was. It's the one where Barney escorts the pretty newcomer to the Post office and she kinda sweap ole Barney off his feet, while Thelma Lou's a lookin on. Well Barney and Thelma Lou had a fallen out, but Ange gets em back together and at the end Barneys at Thelma Lou's an Andy comes in Thelma Lou hurries out of the room an there's Barney sittin on the couch holdin an empty coffee cup. His hair is all mest up lip stick all over his face, shirt all wrickled and twisted. That one scence just cracked me up. It is one of Barneys humor classics! Laughter worketh good, like a medicine duden it? Ms Wezee prayers for little Asia Marie. Having you for a grandmother is most wonderful-my grandmother loved me that way too. She was the grandest lady I ever Knew. I have a 5 yr old gr-daughter who has a touch of Asthma. Dr says she mite grown out of it. Belaated B-day to Sabrina Lynn. Hay Mavis, that used to be butter? COME CLEAN SAM, WHERE YU GET'N IT?? Romeena, yu the one that ask about Old Franks porch? I may be late with the answer, but I read somewhere on this site It's gone. NOt sure where but I think Alan or Jim has more detail. Mayberry Fan I feel yo pain with that forevery barkin ca-nine. I got one too. Every Sat mornin about 5:30 he starts. I just wanna go over there and take out his barker. The recorder idea got me to thinkin. I recored him barkin hook it up to my surround sound, kick it up about 200desibles....just kiddin Ro, good thing we don't do what we're thinkin at the time uh? I got a runnin prayer list for all ya'll kids n gr-kids. My daughter just gave my wife and I a gr-son. We've just about worn the little feller out a passin him around huggin n kissin on em. He is cutern a speckled pup under a red wagon. I don't know ya'lls children but I'm prayin for em cause although we live in a great country, there is much evil and the devil wants our kids. If the rest of the kids in Amerian had loving parents and gr-parent like ya'll we could put steeples on our jails!

April 23, 2002 - Msg 6462: Welcome back ASA! we missedcha. when ya get all calt up on yer readin, tell us what che did, wer'dja go, whaja see. Got cha cher all dusted off so were rocking n waitin.

...and take that gun out of yer mouth.

April 23, 2002 - Msg 6463: Dooley, you're a bird in this world. Yeah, Asa, tell us about it. Did you get a chance to see the place where the begining of the TAGS episodes was filmed? Welcome back. Good luck on your travels, Ms. Weezee.
- Hazel

"Well, if ya get so smart-allecky about it, maybe I'm not even gonna tell ya!"

April 23, 2002 - Msg 6464: Nite porch gotta get up at 5 in the morning. I will leave the coffee on. --Salty Dog

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6465: Morning porch, Well looks like I am the last one to bed and the first one up. Got the coffee a brewing. Off to work now. Yall have a good day. If anyone wants a leftover roast beef sandwich for lunch just let me know and I will bring some with me. See ya later-- Salty Dog

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6466: Hey Salty, your'e always on the go girl. Did you remember the hot choclate? Hope so.
Has Mrs. Wiley gone in for her surgery yet? She ain't posted for a while. I worry about her so.
And where is Helen? She be hiding from me? And Hazel, and N.N. Is she still moving?
Have a safe trip Ms. Wezee. Stop in and say hey to Mrs. Wiley.
Hi Dooley. Thanks for keeping my chair warm and dusted.
Welcome to our newest porch sitter, from California. This is a great place to be.
I have some fresh picked oranges from my Uncle's tree in Ventura and I will share. They is goood.
Lets go golfing Rock. I ain't swung a club in two weeks now. Bad bad Asa.
Hope everyone has a great day today and prayers for all them who need them. Later gang. I have to return to work today. (sigh) I'm grateful to have a job though.


April 24, 2002 - Msg 6467: Hey Rock, Hazel, homemaker, Mavis, Ro, Dooley, Salty Dog, and welcome home, Asa! We missed you. Ro, just so you don't keep the wrong idea in yer head--it is my daughter who has autistic tendencies. I don't have a granddaughter yet. It's Mayberry Fan with the two grandsons. Confusin', ain't it? The books are almost finished. Maybe when they're done we can go golfing, Rock. I'm ready for a play day! But better get to work now.
Charlotte Tucker

"She buttered him up and he egged her on."

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6468: Morning Porch, and Welcome Home Asa!! We shure did miss ya - how was California? Find any gold? My day of "hookey" turned into the stomach flu - was out 2 days. 5-6 folks in the office have it too, no fun. Asa you are such a dear to worry over all of us! That Mrs. Asa is one lucky person! Insurance went thru and surgery is sched. for 5/8. Boy howdy am I getting nervous, but I have to keep reminding myself how much happier I will be when it's all said and done.

Travelin' mercies be upon you Ms. Weezee and prayers for all those who needs 'em, especially the little ones. Stop on by if you come past Tampa! SD, that dinner sounded wonderful! Sorry I couldn't make it (wasn't holding much of anything down).

~ Mrs. Wiley

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6469: Mrs. Wiley - God speed with your surgery. Hope all goes well.

Welcome back Asa - you're a sight for sore eyes.

Things are getting back to normal - field trips are over for right now.

Talk to ya'll later.


April 24, 2002 - Msg 6470: Good morning! Charlotte Tucker, my apologies for promoting you to grandmother status prematurely. Guess I was too sleepy after working all night to read straight. That happens to me a lot! Anyway, the sentiment still goes. Progress in a child is to be applauded, be they grandchild or whatever.
Friends, pray for this nation. Where I work, I see a slice of life as it is today. Last night, out of 11 new moms, one was 15, two were 16, two were 18, and none of those were married. For that matter, out of the 11, only three were married, regardless of their age. I don't intend to stand in judgment here, but when you see children having children, and fathers just barely involved, if at all, it's not a good situation. Many of these girls will be helped by their parents or grandparents, but when the generation grows up, will those girls be able to fill that role for their own offspring? I doubt it. One 22yr old blames her mother for her situation, and I quote, "She should have made sure I took my pills. She knows I'm not a responsible person." Now, what do you do with that?
OK, enough. Sorry for the soapbox, but it was a long night. It's a relief to come home to the innocent little Plum, and forget it all.--Romeena

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6471: This quote is from The new Dr. in town episode. Barney suspects somethings goin on between new doc. and Miss ellie, so he goes in for a check up. "Now what were you say'n about sheriff Taylor and Miss Walker?....FORGET ABOUT THEM, AM I GONNA PULL THROUGH?!!

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6472: Good Morning Porch and Happy Day today! It's cooled off bit in California.... yesterday went up into the eighties! Too hot for spring for me! So, today it's back to spring like weather... yay!
Ms Wezee, God bless you with a safe and enjoyable trip.
Mrs. Wiley, let me know when your surgery is scheduled and I will say some special prayers for a successful recovery. I just had surgery last fall and I was nervous too. Finally, I just said to myself, why am I worrying so? The Lord will be right there with me!
Salty Dog, I just love fried mashed potato patties! I like to put applesauce or sour cream (or both!) on top... mmm, what a treat! Let me know when you cook some and I'll be right over! And thanks for leaving the coffee on... went just right with the bacon and eggs I had this morning. I know the doctors don't like us having this kind of breakfast, but the smell of coffee brewing (the old-fashioned perked-on-the-ole-gas-stove kind) and bacon frying just makes my day start out right.
Dooley and everyone, thanks for the prayers for my precious grandsons. I know it helps. And Dooley, you go right ahead and enjoy that precious grandson of yours... grandkids are our rewards for having lived through the children! Why, don't you know? Having grandchildren makes getting old feel good!
Thanks, Asa for the welcome. So you were out my way? I've been to the Ventura area many a time... one of the most beautiful places in California along the coast. The weather is always so nice it spoils you.
Romeena, I know how you feel. It's sad to see how indifferent this young generation is towards marriage... even when there are little babies involved. I don't know how many times I've heard, "I'm not going to get married just because I'm pregnant because I'm not ready." But, they think they're ready to do what it takes to make babies???!!! I guess they think so... if someone makes sure they take their pills!!! Hogwash, I say! If they're ready for that kind of relationship then they had darn better be ready for marriage because the two go together... period! And I put my money where my mouth is. Some years ago, two of my daughters made the same mistake. We told them each that what they did was a mistake but, the baby was a gift from God no matter how he got here and now they had to do the right thing for that baby God placed in their care. The first thing He wants them to do is provide a real family of a MARRIED mother and father. Whatever they needed to do that, He would provide them with.. not luxuries, and college would have to wait, but they would never be sorry for doing the right thing if they truly loved their child, each other, and God. Sadly even with what we have taught them, we have one other daughter (26) who is living with a boyfriend now for 2 years. She hasn't gotten pregnant so we assume she is 'doing something' about it. THAT DOESN'T MAKE HER RESPONSIBLE.. Contrary to popular belief, 'preventing pregnancy' is not an exercise in 'responsibility'... it's just a way to have your cake and eat it too. Getting married and having, caring for, and loving those babies is responsible. She is doing wrong and we told her so. Still, she is on her own, so no more can be said, but she is paying the price by having an intimate but, non-committed relationship. Well, that's the affect this crazy 'liberated' modern socity has had on us. Well, as you can tell this subject is dear to my heart, but I'll stop now and take a sip of that good coffee. I'll just end by saying as for that 22 year old, I guess I'd tell her, "If you're not a responsible person, pills aren't going to do the trick. But, if you choose to love your baby and start living your life the way God asks you to, you will grow up and be responsible.. and honey, wake up and smell the coffee, 22 is TOO OLD to be a child anymore blaming others for your decisions... period."
Okay, I'm off my soapbox (glad there was room on it for two, Romeena, although I think I took up most of the room!). You all have a great Mayberry day! ~ Mayberry Fan

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6473: Well said Romeena and Mayberry Fan. We need more folks like you.
Thanks for the nice words Mrs. Wiley. I don't know if Mrs. Asa thinks she's so lucky though. She could set you straight real quick. Don't you fret none about your sugery. You'll be fine. I'll worry for both of us. Just take care of yourself and get better soon.
Hi Homemaker. If you got sore eyes you shouldn't be looking at me, I'll make em sorer.
Charlotte is still slaving away at her work I see. Good on her.
Whats for dinner Salty? That roast was fine eating. You sure can cook.
Well back to work for me. Later.


April 24, 2002 - Msg 6474: WHOOPS. I meant surgery.

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6475: Hey Asa! Glad to have you back rockin' in your chair! I'm not hindin' just awfully busy. Hope your trip was a good un'. I anxious to hear all about it.
Romeena, I've been readin' James Dobson's book, Bringing Up Boys. It has a lot of statistics about all of the fatherless children. It'll blow your mind. Then he tells of how important the fathers are and what an influence they have on children. A great number has no idea of who their father is. What does that tell you of our kids future? We need good Daddys not just Fathers! Anyway it's a good read. I'll get off my soapbox now too. Glad there's room for 3, Ro and Mayberry Fan!
Prayers for all of the kids. They are all so precious. We can learn from each and everyone. We have a Down's child (2) at our Church. She is so full of life and a real joy. She makes you laugh all of the time with her antics. She was suspected of having a serious disease, the Drs. were so sure that she had this, but all test came back neg. God answers prayers!
Well got to go, my Mom called and said that I need to cook supper for my family! (teeheehee)
See ya'll--Helen

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6476: Asa, I'd much rather have sugery than surgery. I always did have a sweet tooth! Helen, I can attest to the difference b'tween Fathers and Daddys. My Dad is a "father". Good provider, never beat us, but NOT Daddy material. And look at the mess I'm in now. I made dern sure that my girls had a Daddy. It would have been so easy to deprive them of him (nasty ol divorce- he found the girls a NEW mamma), but knowing the difference b'tween a Father and a Daddy, I knew that they would need a loving, friendly daddy to raise them right emotionally, and they would need BOTH a Daddy and a (step)Mom. They are so well adjusted and thriving... hope that soap box is big enough for 3 of us! Hey to Ro, MayberryFan, CT, SD and homemaker!

~ Mrs. Wiley

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6477: Hi, all! Asa, it's good to have you home. We missed you. Things just aren't the same without you.
Sounds like we need to build a bigger soapbox. I figured most, if not all, of the Mayberry folks would feel pretty much the same as I do. The breakdown of the American family is the biggest problem we have today. Fix that, and most everything will come back in line. And yes, there's a huge difference in a father and a dad. Like I told a former son-in-law - a tomcat can be a father. It takes maturity, responsibility, love and commitment to be a dad. All he ever got right was the tomcat part, unfortunately.
Incidentally, those statistics I quoted in #6470 would lead you to believe I work in a tough, inner city hospital. I don't. I work in a lovely hospital in a suburb. I can't imagine what it would be like at the county hospital, if it's like this out here!
Well, enough of that. I'm going back to work, finish my three-night stretch, and then have four days off to recuperate. I'm taking my dad down to Fredericksburg with me to visit my daughters and three of my grandsons, and it's going to be lovely. I'll sit on my daughter's real porch, in her real porch swing, and watch some real cows grazing in the pasture across the road, and hear the real bullfrogs sound off from around the pond in the evening. Peace, friends.--Romeena

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6478: A big howdy to everyone on the Porch. I hate to run in and out so quick again today, but I've had a lot on my mind lately and little time to catch up. I hope everyone is doing well. I stopped by to ask for your prayers. You guys are the best and I know I can count on you. My mother-in-law has been diagnosed with colon cancer. The docs think they've caught it very early and I pray this is true. I really need you fine folks to keep Millie in your prayers. My husband is staying very optimistic, but he's scared. Thank you.

Cousin Tilley

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6479: Good evening. . .it is beginning to storm in the Midwest. Barney is a jinx!

Asa - I put some cool cucumbers on my eyes, they feel much better now. Wow - the soapbox was full today - good thing I didn't get on mine. Glad to say I have a good daddy and my boys have a good daddy and my brothers are good daddies (unfortunately for my sister, her ex-husband was daddy material for everyone except his own) Luckily - they have some good examples around. "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."

Please be in prayer for a teacher at my son's school - she is probably early 40's and had a possible stroke. She has been sick all year. And on top of this she is a very bad diabetic.

Well - tis time for the boys to meet Mr. BathTub.

ttfn, homemaker

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6480: Sorry gang, I can't join you on the saopbox.
- Hazel

Barney: "Andy Taylor don't run things so much by the book as by the heart."

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6481: Ooops. That's soapbox, not saopbox. I can't spell either.

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6482: Hey there, Porch folk! Glad to see everyone so chipper and sassy today.
I'm wondering if I might be a giraffe for a minute and use the Porch to page Jelsik? Jelsik, I tried to email you from my HurricaneDes address at Hotmail, but got the message returned. I have a concert review I wanna send to you. Holler at me when you can, won'tcha?
I'm hoping everyone is doing well. I'm so woefully behind I haven't caught up on this week's posts, but I will!
Love to you all.

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6483: Font Check Amber Alert - Off.

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6484: Hahahaha!! I guess I meant "if I MAY be giraffe for a minute." My brain ain't workin' so well tonight. I MIGHT be a giraffe, though. You never know. I can be awfully selfish.

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6485: Now I done wasted a perfectly good Font Check.

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6486: That was me, ~Dež~, btw.
Ok, ok!! I'M LEAVING. lol!

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6487: I've just reread my post up there, seems as if I was 'fumble fingers'. Instead of tongue tied, I think I was finger tied!
Millie will be in my prayers, Cousin Tilley, as well as your son's teacher, homemaker. Early is a good sign Cousin Tilley, be encouraged about that. Keep us updated.
We have new neighbors, kind of behind and beside of us, does that make sense? Anyway they have two dobermans, and now a GOAT. The goat bleats, (is that what goats do?) and the dogs bark a lot of the time. They are all caged, with nobody to pet them hardly ever. Why have them? Seems cruel to me. Oh well, one soapbox a day should be enough, huh. Maybe I'll be in a better mood tomorrow. ;)
I'll fix breakfast in the mornin'. Who knows what it'll be, but ya'll come. Night all-- Helen

"He'll go cabooie" (sp?)-Barney

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6488: I brought up the animals to say that ya'll have given me some good "Make the dogs be quiet" ideas. I just forgot to say that part! LOL I proofread this time, just not before posted! :)

April 24, 2002 - Msg 6489: Hi All . will just think about all the little one that no one want and the way out is by having amissc on it .
you no that this is someone who would love to be a mother or a father but can not have one, so for the one who do not want thair kid fine someone who would to have thim.
I know of two friend who lost chid becaues of doing wrog thing and had no one to true to for help with thim.
We think we no the ane, but no one did so we asked for the help from God win we give it all to thim in prayer.
So win you are down and out asker him for some help and he will show you the way.
The time was well past midnight,
and my thoughts began to soar.
i was wide awake and stars were bright,
as i looked outside the door.
in the very stillness of the night ,
i spoke to God in prayer.
with nothing to distract me,
i found peace-my Lord was there.

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6490: Nite porch off to bed. Tom what a wonderful poem to read before going to bed. Thank you so much. Your words are very true. See yall in the morning. (((porch family))). Nite all. I would name everyone but it would sound like the closing scenes in the Waltons. Gonna be stormy here tonight. Sleep tight--Salty Dog

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6491: Morning Porch, very nice poem Tom. Keep inspiring us, will you?
Breakfast sounds good Helen, unless you end up making goat stew or something like that:)
Prayers for your mother in-law Tilley, and for your Teacher friend Homemaker.
Good to hear from you Des. Check in more often, ok?
Howdy to everyone else and prayers for all that need them. I'm really dragging this week. I wore myself out driving and playing and just not with it. So ya'll be patient with me till I get my wind back. Durn Mavis ain't said boo to me since I got back either. (sniff) How soon they forget. (snort).
Thanks for your friendship everyone. Later.


April 25, 2002 - Msg 6492: Morning, porch.
- Hazel

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6493: Didn't see you there, Asa. We was posting at the same time. Don't cry.
- Hazel

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6494: Wow! Just read yesterday's posts. Soap---boxes! Make room for me. A girl at our church just had the same problem ya'll was speakin' of. I don't know her age but couldn't be more than 15 or 16. Generally nice girl and nice family. It just makes me feel so bad when kids get into this kind of trouble. She went through an adoption agency. My, that would be a difficult thing too. But better than the alternatives I guess. Just a bad situation for her and her family to be in. I worry so that my daughter will do something foolish like that when she's a little older. She doesn't always understand things or have a lot of sense. Worries me. Tryin' to bring her up right but it's not easy. Many prayers needed for these young uns and for the nation's family situation. Also prayers for Mrs. Wiley's surgery, homemaker's boy's teacher, Cousin Tilley's mother-in-law and many others. Tom, you are precious. I loved the poem. Now I ain't pickin' on you, but do you notice that you hardly ever have any typos in your poems? I reckon it's because they are words from the Lord. Bless you! Have a great day today. I only have 8 pages left to write but hubby may be draggin' me off to shop today and get a new liner for the water garden. Missed ya, Asa.
Charlotte Tucker

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6495: Fine Citizens of Mayberry:

Well, your distinguished Mayor has jury duty this week. I was kind of looking forward to it. A week out of the office - maybe hear a simple civil case or two about maybe someone who has minor neck pain due to a minor traffic accident. Within my first hour of duty I was assigned a case. Much to my distress, first degree sexual assault, rape, of a nine year old girl, a precious little second grader. To make things worse, the defendent was the father of the victim. I was overcome with the sin and evil that grips this world. But then I remembered the verse at the end of the third chapter of Phillipians that states we are no longer citizens of this world, but citizens of heaven. So thankful that through Christ we don't have to be trapped in the hopelessness of this world, but rather are freed from the sin/evil because of his gift.

Well, there is your sermon today from your Mayor. Maybe today I will get that simple case I was looking forward to.

Mayor Pike

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6496: Morning porch, how is everyone? I think we may have to move the rockers out of the way and just put soapboxes out here. The store where I work at accepts the EBT cards or food stamps that the county provides on approved people. It is good for food only no grocery items. Well this girl came in yesterday and couldn't have been over 21 or so had a couple of kids and a husband in the car. She bought a drink and a candy bar. On her reciept it had the balance of her allotted money for the month. Those cards are automatically updated every month. Well her balance was 697.00. Now I dont know about all of you but I could eat very well for 700 bucks a month. Now why these people dont or cant work is beyond me. But they always have money to buy their cigarettes when they come in. Now on the other side...My granny is 93 years old. She is legally blind, she has alzheimers and my 50 something year old uncle who is autistic lives with her. And it is all my momma and her sisters and brothers can do to get her some help. She has nurses who stay with her in the day time. But they cant get them of a night. So why is it that these young people who are more than able to get a job can have 700 bucks a month for food but my little granny has so many problems getting any kind of a$$istance? It just really bothers me sometimes. Well I am gong to shut up and cimb down off my box and go to work. Didn't mean to get so high and mighty all of a sudden. Yall have a good day and Mayor dont let things get ya down just remember that we ahve a heavenly Father watching over all of us. And you are right we dont have to stay down here much longer. Yall have a good one--Salty Dog

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6497: Wow - the soapboxes continue. . you never know when we are going to speak our minds. . .
We teachers get on our soapboxes about some children who do not need to be in the homes they have (when they aren't fed, kept clean, left to see whatever and whenever on the TV, etc.) but there is little we can do except tell the counselors who alert children's services.
Oh well.. that's another story.
SD - my momma made fried mashed potatoes - smothered in ketchup at our house - we fought over them. I can't seem to get the right consistency when I make them. Got any suggestions. I am also open for suggestions as to what to cook for supper tonite - anybody want anything special? Now's your chance to speak up! Don't conmplain if you don't voice your opinion. By the way, a word about goats (boer goats that is - the kind we raise!) There was an auction in Tennessee this past weekend - the buck brought $45,000! Check out www.boergoats.com and look under Benz Farm Auction cover story. WOW!
Needless to say - we didn't go and we didn't buy any goats.

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6498: Homemaker, I'll give you one! You need to come get it in the cover of night though. ;)If you don't want it,(I don't think it's worth 2 cents much less $45,000.)that's o.k.. Asa gave me a good idea.
Goat stew? Hummmm, that's a thought. Might have a bar-b-que and invite the neighbors! Reminds me of the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, only they cooked the neighbor! YUCK! I Wouldn't go that far, just the goat. :)
Still have biscuits and gravy left over. Ya'll are welcome.
Salty Dog, how sad, You're granny has probably out worked all of us in her life, she deserves everything she can get. Some of these people think the deserve everything just for being here.Like we owe them or something. Sheesh.
Mrs. Wiley, you are so wise and so strong, about your girls Daddy. I know a Mom that puts her kids Dad and his new wife down every chance she gets, in front of her kids and everybody. Sad to say they are as well adjusted as yours seems to be. You're doing a fine job, it sounds like. They'll love you more for that, when they get grown and understand it all.
Homemaker, I can't seem to get those potatoes right either. I'll take any suggestions too.
For supper? Chicken with crust sounds good. Just a suggestion.
Mayor Pike, you're right, we're just a passin' through this ole' world!
Ya'll have a good day.--Helen

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6499: Hay, everybody, just lost two postings censored twice lost both. Mispelled word. keep ma char warm gotta take my tower to shop. got problems with motem. Can't get on line. 10-15 tries. I'll see ya'll. The postins been real good!
Dooley, an whatta get, heartaches!
Some days ya just cant seem ta get it rite. ya knwo watta meam?
yeah, huh?, yeah, huh? yeal, huh?

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6500: We'll keep the char warm for ya, Dooley. Another ooops for me. The kids are NOT as well adjusted as your Ms.Wiley.--Helen

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6501: Afternoon Porch pals. How is everyone's day? Hope everyone is doing well. Nice day here.
Them taters sound good but I never heard of them before. Maybe Salty should get her a cooking show in Mt Pilot and she could teach us how to cook all kinds of stuff.



April 25, 2002 - Msg 6502: Howdy, all. Well, looks like I stirred up some dust, but we seem to be pretty much of one accord. It's not my intention to stand in judgment of anyone, but defining "judgment" is a tough call. I have eyes and ears, I can see and hear what's happening around me, and I can read the Bible. I can distinguish right from wrong. Therefore, when I see actions that I know are wrong, I can't help but notice. I've about decided that the admonition not to judge means not to judge the worth or value of a person, especially as they're seen through God's eyes. If we weren't to "judge" behavior, then there would be no laws, because no one would have the right to "judge" anyone else, in that sense of the word. Does this make sense?
When a 22yr old girl comes in to deliver her 4th child (two of the first three are in the custody of her mother and her sister has the third one) and the child is born positive for amphetamines, I know that's wrong. When she tells me she was going to adopt this one out, but "I couldn't, I just love him too much", I can't help but have a silent opinion regarding her definition of "love". When she has no carseat and pretends not to know she'd need one, then is shocked that we don't provide one, I have trouble keeping quiet. She claims to have no resources to buy one, but could afford the drugs she took while pregnant, and can afford a two-pack a day cigarette habit. She can also afford designer jeans, and has gold rings and studs stuck through every possible protuberance on her body. THAT she could afford! So, is it just me, or is there something wrong with this picture? I wish I could tell you she's an isolated case, but she's not. This happens all the time.
We keep calling on God to bless America, but He just may be waiting for us to straighten up and act like somebody.
OK, I've done it again, but I'm not sorry. I will, however, try not to do it again.--Romeena

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6503: Romeena... Your a treasure. You go girl.:)

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6504: Whoops. That was from me Romeena.


April 25, 2002 - Msg 6505: Sorry, but I have to add this. The girl kept talking about how precious her little boy is because "he's so tiny and cute". Tiny? He's STUNTED! He's seriously underweight, generally too small over. He's not healthy, he's nicotine and amphetamine-addicted, and she thinks he's "cute", like a little "miniature baby". Isn't that pitiful?--Romeena

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6506: Thanks, Asa. I mouth off too much sometimes, but this has been a stressful week, and my heart is breaking for that poor, precious little baby. Incidentally, no "dad" in the picture for him. Dad is in the penitentiary.--Romeena

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6507: Afternoon porch man what a day I had. Thank goodness I get tomorrow off.Very interesting to say the least. Lot of soapboxin goin on today. Oh well at least we can come here and vent our opinions. Homemaker I really dont know what to tell you about my tater patties. I just take the left over mashed taters and add a onion chopped very fine, and scoop out a spoon full and pat it out fairly thin and roll in AP flour. Then drop it in hot oil in the electric skillet. Wait a few minutes and then flip them and let them get very brown on both sides. I like mine a little crispy. Oh I put a little more salt and pepper and Lawrys salt too. Good eating!! Of course if you are lucky enough to have ramps they make it even better!!! See yall later I am doing the pizza thing tonight--Salty Dog

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6508: Oh Salty, don't start the ramps thing again! Ha, just kiddin'! Your tater patties sound wonderful! I fry 'em up like you do but no onions. But onions sound great--I'll add some next time I fry some up. My hubby loves tater patties! Soap boxes, soap boxes. I can jump on just as easy as the next fella. But I'll spare ya'll this time. I just want ya'll to know I agree. Romeena, that girl with the new babyŚhow sad! What are people thinkin'? Like you, I feel sorry for the baby, but really, what about the girl? She obviously has had folks with no scruples or she wouldn't be the mess she is. What's this world comin' to? And don't get me started on the piercing thing! I know some folks like it and I'm a hypocrite cuz I got pierced ears but tongues and eyebrows and who knows what else baffles me. Enough of my jawin'. Better get supper on. Good evenin' porch. (Sorry, I told ya'll I'd spare you but I didn't!)
Charlotte Tucker

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6509: Well here is just a little note that I hope will perk you up Romeena. I have family in Ventura, one of them being a cousin. Her and her husband were having a problem concieving, so they (1)adopted and(2) tried fertility drugs. Well the drugs certainly worked. One year ago she gave birth to not one, not two, not three, not four, but to five healthy babies. Quintuplets. Plus the adopted one who was one year old when she gave birth. These young parents are totallt committed to each other, their children and the Lord. We visited with them last week and what a wonderous couple they are. They got way more than they bargined for but they realize they have been richly blessed and are 100% committed to it all. Warms my heart to see it. And I know there are other young parents out there who do care. So I hope you don't get to down, cause there is still some good in the world. But I know you know that. I just thought this might perk you up some.


April 25, 2002 - Msg 6510: You "mouth off" all you want, Romeena. It is nauseating how kids today think absolutely nothing of casually having baby after baby. I'm not talking about a person who makes an error in judgment and accepts responsibility; I'm talking about the ones like the one in your hospital. And guess who foots the bill... BLAH!!! Too much to comprehend.

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6511: You're right, Asa. There are still those few who make good choices, accept responsibility and behave themselves. They're all that keeps me sane sometimes. Fortunately, I had one of those couples next door to the airhead, and I found myself retreating into their room just to recharge my batteries a little! Congratulations to your cousin and her family. That's a marvelous story.
Dež, you're right, too. Anyone can get a surprise - hey, it happened to me! I guess I just wonder where "rights" end and "right" begins. It's not fair for these girls to go through a pregnancy with zero pre-natal care - won't even go to the clinic at the county hospital - and then conveniently go into labor in front of a private, suburban hospital, and walk in high or drunk, and fully expecting a perfect, healthy baby. We can't turn them away and they know it. We have actually been told that "I came here so I'd get a private room, I didn't want to go to Parkland and have to share a room." Then they also expect all the free services that Parkland would have provided, such as a carseat. Those same girls typically play a tune on their callbell, wanting everything they can think of, and nearly run the staff ragged. I think it's the one time in their life when they can order someone else around!
I'm sorry, folks. I'm tired, frustrated, and maybe a little burned out. I'll be back to normal after this weekend. Am taking my dad and going down to Fredericksburg to see some of my grandkids. Clean, loved, wanted and well-cared for grandkids! Sorry for all of this, I'll change the bobbin now.--Romeena

April 25, 2002 - Msg 6512: Howdy Porch! Prayers for Millie, Tilley and homaker's son's teacher - you can count on our prayers here! Mayor Pike - your courage inspires the hubmlest of Mayberrians. We love our little fat mayor. SD, there should be some type of assistance for Grandma - that just tares it. Helen, thanks for the kind words. Believeyoume, I have to bite my toungue and swallow my pride many times. Sometimes I find that life is one, big, giant exercise in humility. If it's good for the girls - it's worth it! Romeena what can I say- YOU GO GIRL! Tell it like it is. Salty, we used to have taterpatties on "leftover Monday". Try them with a little creamed corn on top - yummy! Asa, your cousin is so brave! What a wonderful story, p r a y e r s on them (they're gonna neeed it)!!

~ Mrs. Wiley

ps: my cousin from California sent me a book on preparation for surgery. On the first page they tell you "The faith our culture used to place in God the Devinehas, to great degree, been replaced by our collective faith in the powers of modern medicine to save and rescue us. ...why not take maximum advantage of this by conciously bringing your own innate healing ability into the operating room?".

If y'all don't mind, I'll stick with God the Devine.