May 02, 2002 - Msg 6629: test

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6630: Great way to start the 1st Andyversary...


May 02, 2002 - Msg 6631: The server move is getting to me. :0)

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6632: Hey! I come for a party and no one's here! What happened? Don't tell me I'm in the Twilight Zone??? Am I in or am I out? (I tried going to the 5/02 archives, but couldn't get there).. Oh well, I'll just go home and do my very much needed housework. I'll come back later.
Tell Sara to give me a jingle when she hears that the party has started. ~Clara Johnson~

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6633: Floyd, Are you there? Are we lost? Anyone else shown up? ~Clara

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6634: Fine Citizens of Mayberry:

It is with great happiness that we gather together today to celebrate the first anniversary of the "re-born" Front Porch. Yes, my friends, although mountains, valleys, fields, septic systems, towns, highways, dumps, and bodies of water may separate us physically , our hearts come together here as we share our joys, pains, and hopes with our Mayberry neighbors.

Let me take the opportunity to thank the man who made this all possible. Come on up here Floyd! (my arm is now embracing Floyd) - my fellow citizens, this man made it all possible and for that we present him the key to the city of Mayberry. (loud applause and cheers erupt) Yes, friends, as mayor of Mayberry, I declare this "Front Porch Day" with Allen (aka Floyd) as our special honored citizen.

Enjoy the marching band, the chinese lanterns, the many pies (my thanks to the ladies auxiliary), and the many festivities of the day. (The cannon will NOT be fired)

Mayor Pike

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6635: Fellow Citizens of Mayberry:

Yes, yes, I know many had hoped that my lovely and gifted daughter would favor us with a song on this occassion, but unfortunately her lovely voice was temporarily compromised due to her unfortunate "head stuck in a sewer grate" incident.

Mayor Pike

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6636: Hay to the porch, Mayberrians. HAPPY 1ST ANDYVERSARY TO THE PORCH! Lot goin on in Mayberry today, it being the Porch's 1st Andyversary an all. Snappy Lunch's got porchchops on. Diner's runnin' specials. Porchroast with new portaters an a biscuit. Southern style porch 'n beans with squeeler. Burgoo with cornbread. Hot coffee made in one of them new porchalators. Just talkin 'bout all this food's makin me hungry. See ya'll later gotta keep ma strenght up. Happy Andyversary to you n yers. Porch to ya'll later.
Dooley, I gotta uvula..

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6637: Hooray!!! Great speech Mayor.. loved every word! You'll certainly get my vote at the next election.
Okay, I have my prize winning pickles in hand and I'm ready for the celebration. Who all is in the parade? Ladies, just between you, me and the lamppost, I did decide to get gussied up a bit more than usual. But, I think the occasion calls for it, don't you? After the parade, let's all meet back at the Porch for a splendid potluck! (if any vulcanized meatballs show up just put them in the potted plants and your mackinaw pockets!)
I think I can hear the Band coming now... sure glad we had the time to repair those uniforms and get out all that mildew in time for this band concert!

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6638: Okay - I will try this one more time and see if I can post. . .I had this beautiful post and then *nothing*,
Happy Andyversary - it's big, I told you it was big!


May 02, 2002 - Msg 6639: Floyd, I must say I agree wholeheartedly with the Mayor. You are to be commended for your contribution to this community. We all are very grateful indeed, for your service and hard diligent work (especially today with this server going haywire!) You are truly an outstanding member of this community. I have a special jar of my prize winning pickles just for you! I hope you like them!
~Clara Johnson~

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6640: You didn't get your pickle recipe from Aunt Bee, did you Clara? If so, Floyd, you might want to take some pepto-bismal before you eat them.
-Sterling Holobyte

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6641: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PORCH!

Yeay! Great speach Mr. Mayor, and on behalf of the Mayberry Historical Society, we all want to thank Floyd Lawson, our beloved barber and Allan Newsome of Allan Newsome Enterprises (Enterprises?) for all the hard work that goes into keeping us citizens in line - and online!

Clara, I dressed up Hollywood-style too, complete with earrings. And my your pickles are just a flavorsome as can be! I'll bet Asa is in the marching band today - he's been practicing his symbols.

My cherished memories of the porch will follow later after the Pot Luck dinner.

~ Mrs. Wiley
pickled tink to be 'chere!

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6642: Anybody lookin' for a car, Goobers' got a 55 Ford convertabel for sale; $295.00. If ya know of anybody,this would be the very one for em. It's a crackerjack, seats broke in, motor purrs like a kitten. New spark plugs, new rings, new disbributor points...there's just one crankcase. and don't ask about the mileage-what the previous person did's none ov owr business.

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6643: Hay Mr. Mayor, enjoyed that speech, fine speech it was. yea boy! Sorry bout yer daughter Josephine not being able to sing for us cause of her head gettin caught in the sewer grate an all. I hope all that long aploudin made her fell better. Aw yea, if you buy 3 of Clara Edwards pickles, she'll show you her pickle scrapbook with all the prizes and blue ribbons a pasted in, every year for 11 years. She likes to show it off, helps when shes discouraged.
Alan, some of us got together and made a copy of her scrapbook, kinda an andyversary porch gift. Now if that server move gets discouraging you just do what Clara does! Oh yea we also tried to get you a copy of her receipe; must bee a family secret, so we gotcha Aunt Bees insted.

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6644: Well Happy Anniversary porch! I couldn't get to the archives either. Got the ice cream in the maker. Plus I got my horseshoe set and the volleyball set all ready too. I love you guys yall are the greatest people in the world. See ya at the party!! Oh, is the Plum gonna wear her party hat?? --Salty Dog

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6645: I was settin her a thinkin about Mayberry and all the porch family who post here. And thanks for Alan (Floyd) Newsome who's dedication and perseverance in providing this sleepy Mayberry site. 30 minutes in that sleepy little Mayberry town was good therapy during those turbulent years of the 60's. I believe TAGS to be the best program ever to be aired on TV. The classic one liners; classic scenes, Mayberry music, and the ethical and moral standards, set the tone for a tone for quality programing.
I loved em all but some of my favorites are:
"Barney's 1st car"

"What's your hurry"

Andys porch singing, Andy and Peggy singing "Down in the Valley"; Mayberry Choir in good ole 14A; The Darlings; Charlotte sings "Dooley". Andy and Barney hymn sings. Andy sings "The little Brown Church in the Vail. I'm gettin carried away.
Dooley, I really 'preciate it!

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6646: Hey folks, I know what the problem with the archive for 2002_05_02 and it will be fixed soon. I'll let you know when it's ready. There should only be one post that might have been lost. That would be the post of who ever it was that triggered the "sweep" of the porch. All the rest will still be there.

Thank you, Mayor (and the rest of you that agreed with him) for your kind words about me. I'm humbled.

I do have to say though that while it may be true that I keep the porch running "techy wise", it's you folks that are the actual heart of the porch. Friends sharing laughs, prayers, and good times with one another.


May 02, 2002 - Msg 6647: Floyd, you sweet sweet, sweet man...

I declare, I think I'm 'bout to cry...


May 02, 2002 - Msg 6648: The Archive 2002_05_02 has been restored

Sorry again for the problems. Happy Andyversary!!

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6649: In the words of Floyd, "Everythings Mayberry."

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6650: Happy Birthday porch! Thank you so much Floyd for keeping us up and running. We've made a lot of new friends on the porch, thanks to you. I'm with the Mayor, we should make you citizen of the year.
All the rest of you porchsters are the greatest! You've made me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time!My dream would be to have a porch reunion somewhere and get to meet everybody in person. It seems that we have so much in common besides TAGS. Has anybody else noticed that?
My son started coming to the porch first. A couple of you know who that is, but I was sworn to secrecy! I started posting in Sept. of last year. I look forward to catching up everyday and visiting with you.
Most of you know my personal history, but here goes. (Didn't somebody request that)
I'm a 36 year old homeschooling mom of 1 son.
I'm married to the best man on Earth. (I honestly belive that)
We have 1 cat, 2 dachshunds and 2 fish.
We're from Central Alabama.
Last but certainly not least, I love the Lord, and he's blessed me so so much. There's no greater joy than serving him!
Hey maybe after the potluck supper, we can listen to the band under the stars!--Helen

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6651: Hi all! I'm new to this group but I've been watching TAGS since I was born. That theme song plays in my head constantly and I don't know life without it. :) I found this place thru a mutual friend of ours, Clara. :) We attend church together. I'm so glad to know there is a site like this. At my young age (22), it's hard to find others that enjoy this show. I'm trying to find a character that fits my personality the best as my friend has told me she is Clara on here. It's actually a toss up between Daphne the Fun Girl or Charlene Darling-Walsh. I will decide later but for now, hello to you all and Happy Anniversary also! *grin*


May 02, 2002 - Msg 6652: I'm glad Floyd fixed the archives! Asa and Rock and I all made a speech before the sweep - you wouldn't want to miss that. (Although sometimes Asa can be dry as dust). Great speech, Mayor. (clap clap clap) I'm so sorry your daughter got her head stuck in that sewer grate. Well, maybe next year... Jelsik, now don't you start cryin. If you start, I'm a goner.
- Hazel

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6653: Good evening. . .Asa, you looked so good tonite on TV Land! Wow - you really do look good in a uniform:) Bet your wife thinks so too!
I am glad that I found the porch last summer. It's nice to share love of family, love of God, love of country and love of Mayberry all at the same spot. My friends at school always know that for my five minute break - I head to Mayberry.
Great Speech Mayor and Congrats Floyd - no one else deserves the key like you do! We expect to see it in the shop every now and then. Could you do something about Asa's sideburns by the way - they are as lopsided as I have ever seen them.
Ok - everyone group picture time - get ready, one two three, Rock - get your head out of the crock, Briscoe, ease up on the jug now, Mavis - where are you - now you get up there with Romeena and sugarplum, Fun Girl - stop that smooching on Barney and fix your lipstick! - Now - everyone say CHEEEEEESE!
Great job, wait I think some closed their eyes, one more time on three - 1, 2, 3 - Great!


(((((Happy Andyversary everyone))))

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6654: homemaker...I can't fix Asa's lobe is longer than the other. How am I suppose to fix his sideburns with one lobe hanging lower than the other?

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6655: I can't tell you all how much you mean to me. To have a place where I can make obscure Barney comments, and get 5 correct responses back, well... *snif* it's just like being at home *honk*. When my family moved to Atlanta from up north in 1963, my older brothers all thought they were moving to Mayberry. We grew up watching TAGS so we all know the little Andy-isms that make us smile. But you can't hardly find anyone in the general public that can relate. That's why finding the porch (about a year ago, then again just after the new porch started up) was such a blessing. I've had some rough times, still some to come...but everyone here has offered laughs, friendship, support and prayers. I can't thank you ALL enough!

Asa, you did look stunning tonite - the way you wear your holster around your waist all sideways like that - guess it's easier to sleep in your chair with it like that.

~ Mrs. Wiley (St. Pete, FL)
Y'all enjoy the smorgasboard: Turkey, Rye Bread, potato salad, coffee, punch and lots of baloons!

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6656: Happy Anniversary, Porch. So sorry I missed out on so much of the last year. I posted on the old porch and then one day it was gone. I didn't find this porch until earlier this year. So thankful I found ya'll! I am still curious about what happened to some of the other posters from the old porch (pinkcloud, brian, and Horatio to be exact). Sorry Josephine couldn't sing, I was so looking forward to her rendition of Flow Gently Sweet Afton. Clara, you mentioned the parade and I wanted to ask if we should wear our earrings but I see someone beat me to it. That's one thing about this's tough to get in a good one before somebody else thinks of it. Cuz we all think alike I guess. Did I miss the parade? Did the band play Stars and Stripes Forever? Did Barney crash the cymbals? Excited Fan, when I read your post and you signed it with a Grin, I thought for sure you should be Charlene but then I read Hazel's post that there already is a Charlene. Is that so? Well, I bent yer ears enough. Happy andyversary everybody!
Charlotte Tucker
P.S. I need to run help my husband up. I believe he just fell down.

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6657: Hey there Charlotte, that parade was a dandy! Asa was on the cymbals, Barney was driving the squad car with lights and sireens blazing...right behind the big banner that said "Happy AndyVersary Porch!" ~ Mrs. Wiley

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6658: Evening porch, Happy Andyversary everyone!! Thank you Floyd for this porch.Dont know what I'd do without it. I have met some wonderful friends here. I found it last October. And I have been here ever since. My what wonderful memories. I had forgotten about the wild party. We did purty good with our AD-2K's huh Asa? And our softball team too. Plus the Christmas light hanging with the sweet cider.I think back to the night my cousin was shot. It was all I could do to see the screen through the tears. But I knew that I had people praying for him all over this country. And now he has been home for a month now and has the doctors amazed. Then when my Daddy fond out about his cancer, my Granny got so bad plus my friend who fought his battle with depression. This porch has been there through my lowest moments and the highest ones too. It is so wonderful that we all have the same faith in the same God that he will bring us through anything we face. And we have this place that we can come to vent our frustrations and our opinions about anything. I think of yall as my family and I love each and everyone of ya. Well I have ranted on enough so I'll hush for now. Glad I got the day off tomorrow if this is like our normal parties, I'll need it. (((PORCH FAMILY))) Salty Dog

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6659: Happy AndyVersary Porchsters: What a blessing and joy it has been to come to the porch to rock for a spell and talk to famly... I have always found this to be the friendliest place to be. Someone is here to talk, or listen, or pray, or just have some fun..huh Asa? You fine folks will never know how much you have encouraged me. There have been days that I have been down, or not having a very good one, but it made no difference, ya'll became cheerleaders. Thanks for that. Thanks also to Floyd for the fine job of maintaining a clean "shop" for family visitations. I never have to worry what the kids will see when they visit the porch. Can't wait for another chat with family. What a party this has been. By the way, where's Asa? ~New Neighbor

May 02, 2002 - Msg 6660: Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday God bless you. Happy birthday to you.

Boy, I haven't posted in a while. (Dirty me, dirty me I'm disgusted with my self.)

My porch history.

I came to the porch around August of last year.
I posted for a while but then left for a few months. But I plan to stay for a while now.
So I have been on the porch for about half the time it's been around total. Thanks to Floyd for keeping this wonderful place running.


May 02, 2002 - Msg 6661: What a fun day this has been! Hey AngeFan, good to see you back. ;) Nite all (((porchsters)))--Helen

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6662: Evenin' to the porch, an everybody. Welcome Excited Fan, good to have ya. I know what you mean, me too, the Fishing Hole theme just won't go away. I am fairly new to the porch. I read for awhile then posted (I think)in March of this year. Alan, thanks for the kind words about us posters. I have really enjoyed reading the postings, and I sence behind the scenes or in between the lines, real sincere, and kind folks. Ya'll are just plain nice people. I would like to know each one of you. Sincere people with any depth of character is rare today. Like Mayberrians, they go out of their way to avoid hurting someones feelings. Why? just because it is the right thing to do. The Bible says "A soft answer turneth away wrath". A kind word in season is a good thing. Encouragement is as valuable as turning the other cheek. Thanks to you all for sharring the porch with an old farm boy from the Blue Grass of Kentucky. I now live in Maryland with my wife whom I love dearly (31 years married) 3 grown children, 2 grandchildren.
I love my family they are my life. We all love the Lord and are looking forward to that glorious mansion that is being prepared for those who love him.
HAPPY ANDYVERSARY to all you wonderful Mayberrians!
Yur porch friend, Dooley

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6663: Well, would any party be complete without hearing from the one and only FUN GIRL? Tell me truthfully now. I just want to say that even though I haven't been as regular as I should have been posting on the porch, everyone always asks about me when I have been gone for a while. I thank ya kindly for your concern. And I must send Asa a big hug and kiss for letting me keep eating my Little Debbie's and Coke last year during softball season, even though I did keep dropping the ball. I am 39 and a mother of one and I have been married for twelve years. Hubbie, Little Opie and I live in south central Indiana. What we consider the heart of God's country. I am blessed to have so many good and true friends here on the porch. And aren't we so blessed to have a show like TAGS that we can sit down and watch with our parents or our children without having to be embarrassed about what might come on. God Bless you all and the wonderful people who gave TAGS to us in the first place.
And I am also thankful Briscoe got over that there Robt. E. Lee Natural Bridge. Good going sir.

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6664: Morning porch! Great turnout yesterday for the party! Although some of our regulars (and irregulars) still haven't shown up. I hope everybodys ok.
Have a good day, all.
- Hazel

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6665: Morning Porch, that was a good turnout yesterday, wasn't it. Great to see and hear so many folks opening up and speaking whats in their hearts. What a grand place this is. One person I neglected to thank also was Mavis, and the work she did in creating the cutlass. If you have not registered on there, you really should, it's great.
Well Friday is here and that makes me smile. Hope you all have a great day. Thanks for all your kind words about me in your posts. Don't know what I'd do without you all. Take care and God bless.


May 03, 2002 - Msg 6666: Happy Anniversary all an' hello! Mr. Mayor, You's right as rain. Floyd,Thank ya' fer this wonderful place to sit and enjoy life with Gods people. I have been truly blessed that you fine folks have opened up your hearts and let me be a very small part, of the very best people I have ever known. It's only right then, that I jug, "Fishin' Hole". Oh that makes me cry. I'll fight it...I'll fight it. Here we go and God Bless.

Briscoe Darling Jr.
Hey ta':
Mayor Pike
Fun Girl
An' everyone!
Welcome ta' all th' newcomers!

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6667: Happy Anniversary on the Porch, Floyd. Been a time since I've frequented the porch. I used to check in but didn't say much. Does "Emma" from the old days still post here? I tried email but had it returned to me. I'll check back.

Never got myself a name - Just a Mayberry Friend

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6668: Good Morning, Porch! Well, that was a wonderful celebration indeed.... and with so many wonderful and good people. I'm tickled to see my young friend from church, Excited Fan, decided to check out the Porch. I've been telling her what a great bunch you all are and since I know how she loves TAGS, I thought she'd really enjoy the Porch. Isn't it wonderful how generation after generation just keeps watching TAGS? Maybe if they do, we won't have to think --- This here late generation just plain ain't got no respect for it's elders. Well, have a great Mayberry day. I'll be home cleaning and canning a few more jars of pickles.... ran out yesterday giving them to all my good friends at the potluck! BTW, Sterling, you know I never use kerosene (not with people I like anyway!).. an extra pinch of allspice is what I advise... the rest is a secret!
~Clara Johnson~

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6669: Good Morning. . .boy, the parade and pictures and the big dinner on the grounds - that just about wore me out.
Mavis - where are you. . .you were one of my first porch friends. . .we missed you not checking in and can you link me again to the Cutlass. It was nice to see Barney and Andy and the class of 45 getting together last nite on our Andyversary. . .do you think TV land planned it that way:)
The big news at our house is POISON IVY on the four year old Opie. What a mess - we won't mention all the places he has it - dare I say it is a "private" matter plus on his face. Do you know how hard it is to tell a four year old "Don't Scratch." I called the doc and she ordered him a prescripshun to dry it up quick. I just have a feeling it will be a Poison Ivy summer -
Well - it is time for bullet cleaning lessons - wouldn't want green or anything - you never can tell when you need a bullet!

Have a swinging day. . .


May 03, 2002 - Msg 6670: Well, howdy do, friends! Goodness, what a week it's been. Worked the first three nights, wild and woolly shifts! Then my 'puter was ailing for a day or so, and what with the inaccessible archives (I think it was the Count's doings) I lost touch. It was all I could do to get Sugarplum dressed and into town in time for the parade. Don't you all think she did a beautiful job as drum majorette? Mayor Pike, I hope the bump on your head has gone down. She's sorry about missing the baton that one time. She says it's pretty hard to catch it when you don't have thumbs!
On the subject of porch history, I was a regular on the old porch, and was devastated when it went away. Can't remember just when I found this one, but will be eternally grateful to our Floyd for reviving and maintaining it. You're a prince, a real prince!
My prayers go up for all of you and your various requests. I'm a strong believer in the power of prayer. It's been proven too many times in my own life.
I'd like to request prayers now for my eldest son. A few days ago, while docking a boat, he tore his right bicep muscle loose, tendon attachment and all. He said the muscle "rolled up like a window shade", and just sat in a big lump in the middle of his upper arm. He's in surgery right now to repair and re-anchor it. Will have an incision about ten inches long, involving both upper and lower arm, and trans-secting his inner elbow area. Will be casted for a month, and in rehab for at least four months. As he said, "Well, there goes my summer!" He's very active, always doing something around home or for someone else, so this will be frustrating for him. Please pray not only for his healing, but for patience as well. He's one of the good guys, believe me.
Have a wonderful Mayberry day, friends.--Romeena

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6671: Sorry - Clara Johnson and homemaker - I didn't mean to interrupt you. Clara, those pickles are delish, just delish! homemaker, having raised four young'uns myself, I'll bet I can speculate on the origins of the poison ivy in Opie's "nether regions". Would it involve a bit of unprotected squatting, by any chance? Kids' timing is always so awful in that respect. For the scratching, try putting socks on his hands and arms, or a too-large shirt with the long cuffs pinned closed below his hands. This works at night, but not when he's awake, of course. Poor little guy! Tell him Sugarplum will be glad to come over and keep him company, but she won't help him scratch!--Romeena

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6672: Sometimes I LIKE the taste of kerosene!
No, you don't!

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6673: My prayers for your fine son, Romeena. The whole things sounds so painful!
Yes, wasn't Sugarplum wonderful? She could use just a bit more practice though for next time! I hear the Mayor is still home 'resting'.... but, just between you and me, I heard that someone might have spiked the spring water yesterday at the potluck! Now who would do a thing like that?!!! Do you suppose that's why so few Porchsters have shown up this morning... a little too much 'spring water'?
~Clara Johnson~ **A little sweet tea and spicy talk**

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6674: Oh, and a little prayer for your young Opie, homemaker... my little ones had poison oak when we went camping years ago. Out here in California, we have poison oak, not ivy, but it itches all the same. Romeena's suggestions sound great. I'd give them a try along with an oatmeal bath. Well, I really need to go and do some housecleaning... don't want folks to think *the pigs been here*! ~Clara~

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6675: Homemaker, I also recommend that aveeno or Oatmeal bath for Poison ivy - my older brother suffered with it mightily. Poor Opie!! You give him our best! Romeena, that sounds so painful for your Son - our prayers go our to him! Glad his Mamma is a fine Nurse! (I do remember you saying you were a nurse, right?) That little Plumster was so cute in her Majorette getup. Did you make it yourself? Loved the sequins!

~ Mrs. Wiley
"double dollups for afters, that's my favoite part"

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6676: Yes, Mrs. Wiley, your remembery is working fine. I've been a nurse for 23 years. Unfortunately, I'm in Texas and my son is in Florida! His wife is a gem, though, and will take good care of him, if he'll allow her. He's as independent as a hog on ice.
Yes, I did make Sugarplum's outfit. The hardest part was making the little buttonhole for her tail to stick out, but I managed. I'm glad you liked the sequins. I thought they were a nice touch. Took hours to sew them on, and she complained that they were itchy, but at least she didn't try to chew on them. I've got to wrap some rubber or something around the middle of that baton, to make it easier for her to catch. I hear the mayor still has a big knot on his head, poor dear.
Well, gotta go take my dad to his doctor appointment. See you all later. Sugarplum says hey!--Romeena

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6677: Hello Porch
Sorry I'm late with Happy Anniversary, but I couldn't get this thing to post the other day. I thought I was doing something wrong. Glad we're all back here again. Thanks Floyd. Ms Wezee

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6678: Happy Andyversary Porch! I know I'm late, but we been having bad storms here in our area & the puter has been turned off so's it don't get zapped. I was with everyone in spirit tho! I love this place, I look forward to coming & reading all the goings on in Mayberry & like Asa I do think of all of you often during the day. Ya'll are like family & such a great bunch of people! Someone up there asked about Emma she still comes around, just not as often as she used to. For those that don't know, I am a 4-0 (dadburn it I hate typing that!) year old mother of one, who is 14, live in Bristol, Va (right on the Tn line) & have been coming to the Porch since March of 1999, so guess I am one of the real oldies. This is a great place to chat, cry on a shoulder or just plain rock & enjoy the conversation. As for the Cutlass I am trying to find the time to get in there & finish it up, but for those that need the address here ya go,, can't get my brain wrapped around how to make the link work right now, so would someone do it for me? I have been so tired lately, my brain ain't working right. (no it AIN'T that number 4-0 doing it either) so no wise-cracks Asa & Salty I'm off to fix supper.

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6679: Cutlass hope that worked fingers are crossed anyways

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6680: Alright!!! My brain woke up!

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6681: Thanks Mavis. . .the doctors medicine is working real fine ex
cept I think I got it just in time because the ivy has started towards his eyes. . .oh me oh my!
My assistant recommeded the oatmeal bath and the aveeno too.

Yes Sugarplum would cheer up Opie - except I think Bandit the wonder dog would have sugar plum for lunch - but I bet sugarplum could give him a run for his money. Bandit is a Boston Terror:)

Have a good evening!


May 03, 2002 - Msg 6682: Oh, Mavis! What a wonderful job you've done with the Cutlass. I just went to see it. I think you could enter it in the County Fair and get a blue ribbon for your ingenuity. So many talented people on this porch! I've got just a bit more work to finish up, then I'll cook supper for my family... how does pork chops, fried apple rings, baked potatoes with sour cream and butter, peas and carrots, sound? If you like, I'll add some to the pot for you, too. It's no problem at all... *Why, I'll enjoy it more than they will* I'll come by to sit for a spell when I'm done with the supper dishes. Hope to see a few of you still up... maybe singing a few songs while Andy plays his guitar? Maybe Dooley will sing us a tune if he drops by. You all have a great evening... I'll leave the pitcher of sweet iced tea I brought for all of you to enjoy. See you all later then. ~Clara Johnson~

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6683: homemaker, I got poison ivy last august, on my foot. Ichy. Lesson learned, don't walk through the woods bare footed. Oh I meant to give the porch some graffiti for the celebration. Well, here it is, a little late.

/ /
| \/|
| |
/\- /\
There. I'm almost out of Tums, Miss Ellie. *Burp*
I need them pretty often. Could you lend me some
little blue pills? Now, don't ya'll let this get out of hand like it did when Barney scratched his finger. See ya'


May 03, 2002 - Msg 6684: Oh dear, Romeena. Do you realize you are going to make Mr. Goss very mad when you bring in the Plums little outfit to get cleaned? He hates sequins! Oh, and Homemaker, if the other remedies don't work for the poison ivy, I have some Miracle Salve leftover from when I was using it for my crows feet. I'll drop it by. Nice to have you back, Ms. Weezee. I was wondering where you were. Clara, how's your daughter? Mavis, we missed you yesterday, I figured it must have been a pretty good reason for you not to show up! I forgot to thank you for all your work on the cutlass too. Yer a treasure!

- Hazel

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6685: Ya'll are certainly welcome for the Cutlass, but it was just an idea to keep us all in touch, I had another idea too, ya'll could send me pictures & I could post them there at the Post Office Bulletin board, that way we would know what we all look like, but since I hardly have time to eat I don't know when I could get it done. Just a thought. Ya'll have a good one, I'm heading off to bed early, been hit with some kind of insomnia the past 2 weeks & I am plumb wore out!! BTW-homemaker I have one of them Boston Terrors too, but she is 14 now so she only terrorizes the couch with all her sleeping!

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6686: Nite porch got to work tomorrow. No partying for me tonight. See yall in the morning. --Salty Dog

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6687: GGRRRRR! I suggest we take up a collection and try to buy a bottle of smarts to send to the TV Land editors. Would you believe they cut the funniest line in the whole "Dogs" episode? Yep, they did it. There I sat, tea glass poised so my sipping wouldn't interfere, waiting for Barney to say "Boy, giraffes are selfish!" and he didn't say it!! The scene was there, Barney even allowed as how if those dogs were giraffes, then they'd all be in trouble, but then it went to the big thunder crash and Barney asked Andy if he was just gonna sit there or what, and they all ran out to get the dogs. My favorite line! Gone! Boy, you fluff up your pillows, you get your Sugarplum on your lap, you remember not to be sipping your tea at the wrong time, and what do you get?? Not a word about selfish giraffes! Not one! Oh, I just can't believe it. The Plum was so disappointed she just hopped down and retired to the bedroom, with a little "humph". Earlier in the evening, even the announcer said something about selfish giraffes, but it wasn't in the show. Can you believe that? Boy, how dumb can they be? And on, and on, and on.....--Romeena

May 03, 2002 - Msg 6688: You are so right Romeena. That really ticked me off to. Why oh why cut the best durn line out? I wish they would make me the editor. First thing I'd do is throw away the sizzors. I'd learm em good.


May 03, 2002 - Msg 6689: Durm, I mean learn em good.


May 03, 2002 - Msg 6690: Holy cow. Double durn. It's late, what can I say?


May 04, 2002 - Msg 6691: Homemaker, when Little Opie had chicken pox someone reccommended the oatmeal bath. I hadn't gotten to the store for oatmeal so he took a packet of Quaker peaches and cream and dumped it into the bath. Then he proceeded to pick out the peaches and eat them as he bathed. Younguns--What ya gonna do with em?
Fun Girl

May 04, 2002 - Msg 6692: Asa, that "durm" was so funny, I thought you meant to do it, then you went and spoiled it! LOL -- Romeena

May 04, 2002 - Msg 6693: Yuck! Fun Girl! He ate the peaches out of his bath water?? You said it - Younguns, what ya gonna do with em? Only a kid would have used the peaches and cream in the first place, and definitely only a kid would pick the peaches out of his chicken-poxie and whatever else bathwater and eat 'em!! Don't you love it?--Romeena

May 04, 2002 - Msg 6694: My husband used to say that whenever he found himself taking himself too seriously, he'd watch some nutty kid doing something weird, and remember that he was once a kid himself and was just as nutty. Kinda brings you back to earth.--Romeena

May 04, 2002 - Msg 6695: Hazel, nice to see you. My daughter is doing fine. I really believe she can do anything she sets her mind to IF she keeps to the straight and narrow... and that means putting her trust in God, of course. But, I raised her that way, so I think sooner or later it's going to kick in. I hate to admit it, but I was similar.. thinking I knew myself better than the Lord Himself knows me... I just pray she learns to trust Him alot faster than I did. Thanks for asking.
Nite all. ~Clara Johnson~

May 04, 2002 - Msg 6696: Morning porch! Gonna be another rainy day in Carolina today. It rained all night and calling for it again today. Gonna be hard to race tonight. I loved the peach story how cute. Yall havve a good day and keep Asa in line. Looks like he might have been having troubles last night. See yall later--Salty Dog
PS where'd Rock get off to??

May 04, 2002 - Msg 6697: Morning Porch. Terrible night last night for us. Romeena, give that SugarPlumb an extry big hug. Our puppy is getting on in years and has been having some problems the last few years associated with his age. Last night he jumped down off the bed and started yelping and crying real bad. Looks like he has hurt his back again bad. We spent all night loving on him as he whimpers a little. This morning it is off to the vets, and sadly I think it may be time to make that hard choice. Not hard in a sense, cause we don't want him to suffer, but hard for us cause we hate to say goodbye to a loyal wonderful friend. Keep him and us in your prayers if you could. Thank you friends. Love ya all.


May 04, 2002 - Msg 6698: Asa, sorry to hear about your puppy. That's so hard. I'll be thinking of you. Salty, you asked about Rock. Hmmmmm. Last time he checked in was the morning of the anniversary party. He was cleaning up the crock real good. I reckon he's still working on that project. Bless his heart. Romeena, that irritated me too about the part they left out in Dogs Dogs Dogs. Although I knew it was coming. Because last time they showed it they left that out too, so I was prepared. They don't know the first thing about which parts they should cut.
- Hazel

May 04, 2002 - Msg 6699: Oh, I forgot to say this about Dogs Dogs Dogs. I know they left out the best part (Barneys speech about selfish giraffes), but you've got to admit that the epiloge is great to see. Barney gets that sick look on his face when they realize they are going to have to go back out and get all those dogs back. And the guy that played Clint Biggers, the owner of the pack of dogs, is perfect.
- Hazel

Don't just stand there. Go get the rope.

May 04, 2002 - Msg 6700: I declare, I have a shocking memory sometimes. I also wanted to ask Charlotte Tucker if her husband is ok. I'm been worried about him.
Hazel again

May 04, 2002 - Msg 6701: Belated congradulations to the porch for celebrating the first anniversary. As barney would say "Ancy, this is big".

May 04, 2002 - Msg 6702: m

May 04, 2002 - Msg 6703: Asa, I'm so sorry about your puppy (dogs are like kids, they're always your puppies and babies, no matter how old they are.) Hope things are o.k.
Romeena, sorry about your son. That sounds mighty painful. I'll certainly remember him. I hope Plumy doesn't feel to badly about hitting the Mayor. I think she was so adorable in her outfit. She stole the show!
Fun Girl, what a halarious story about the oatmeal. Yuck!! LOL
How have you been? Better I hope.
Clara, Train up a child..., sounds like your daughter will be just fine. I'm trusting the Lord for that.
Mavis, I want to thank you again for the Cutlass. That was a lot of hard work, it is certainly appreciated. Hope you sleep a lot better tonite.
Briscoe needs to play you a lullaby on his jug.
Everybody remember Mavis in the morning and keep it down just a little.
AngeFan, glad to see you back! (CBH)
Prayers for the ones who needs them. I'll see ya'll in Sunday School tomorrow. Nite--Helen

May 05, 2002 - Msg 6704: Ah Hazel, I hope you was kiddin' me about frettin' over my husband. That lines from the show my name comes from, Man in a Hurry. "Charlotte Tucker--she was married to the man who fell down alot." I 'pologize if I really caused you concern and apologize again for explainin' if you was just funnin' me. Had a beautiful day here in Illinois. Spent part of it outside tillin' and weedin' and enjoyin' it and part of it in the dark ol' theater with my kids watchin' Spiderman. It weren't no TAGS episode but I've seen worse movies.
Charlotte Tucker

May 05, 2002 - Msg 6705: Thank you, Helen... yes, trust in the Lord... that's what I've learned to do more and more the older I get. That's why I believe my daughter will also. Sweet of you to remember us.
Asa, I've had many a precious pet (I've had all cats) that have also gotten too old or sick. But, aren't we thankful the Lord has blessed us with these little companions in our lives? I can tell you have given him a good home. Prayers for you and your little friend.
Romeena, how did your son's surgery go? Good, I pray. I'll say an extra prayer for a successful recovery for him at church tomorrow.
Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow, all.
~Clara Johnson~

May 05, 2002 - Msg 6706: Good Morning Porch! I was so excited to FINALLY get Dogs, dogs, dogs on tape...the TVL announcer even told us to listen for the great giraffe exchange...and what did we get? HEARTACHE, NOTHIN' BUT HEARTACHE! The peaches n cream bath is just about the funniest kid story I've heard in quite a while - that Opie is a real thinker there ;-). Asa I'm so sorry to hear about your puppy - I know how it tears at the heart when you have to say goodbye to a friend. Hope it's not as serious as it sounds. I'm prayin for you and the family.

Only 3 days of freedom left. Y'all please remember me in your prayers while I'm inarculated. (you mean incarcerated) What did I say? (inarculated - like when you get a shot) Well, they know what I mean. Guess I'll be getting incarcerated (in Hospital) and inarculated. Romeena, I may be emailing you with questions on recovery when I get back. It's off to the beach for now...(wen't to Preachin last night).

~ Mrs. Wiley
"maybe we'd better finish this another time, they're startin' to pile up now."

May 05, 2002 - Msg 6707: Morning Porch. Where is everybody? Here I thought I was late getting up and no one is out here. Hope everyone is doing ok. Prayers for your puppy Asa. That is very hard to go through. I got to see my cousin yesterday for the first time since his ordeal. He had been fishing and came back by the store where I work. So he is doing a lot better. Just made my day even if we didn't get to race last night. Well off to preaching then to work for little while. Having a dinner after church too yall come. There'll be more fried chicken, banana puddin and devviled eggs than you can shake a stick at. All good except for the nana pudding. Cant stand bananas. See ya later-Salty Dog

May 05, 2002 - Msg 6708: Morning Clara, Charlotte and Mrs. Wiley, Yall have a good day. Hope all goes well for you Mrs. Wiley. Yall snuck in on me--Salty

May 05, 2002 - Msg 6709: Morning Porch, thanks for your prayers and kind words on Sammy's behalf. The vet says he injured a disk in his back and we are trying him on a treatment of cortizone and b-12 vitamins. Hopefully that will work.
So Mrs. Wiley, I am praying for you dear. I know all will be well for you and I look forward to seeing you post much here during your recovery period. Bless yer heart. Wish I could be there to hold yer hand. Hang in there and keep a good thought.
Salty, you don't like nanna's? Whats the matter with you girl. They be good. Try some mashed on yer yacos next time you make them. Goood!!!
Hazel, Romeena, Salty Dog, Mrs. Wiley Mavis, Homemaker, FunGirl, Helen, Charlotte, Clara, Ms. Wezee and everyone on the porch have a blessed day and remember someone loves ya.


May 05, 2002 - Msg 6710: Charlotte, we went to see Spiderman yesterday ourselves. Adam (5 years old) has a Spiderman suit that he's been wearing around the house every since. I've been having loads of fun taking pictures of him in his outfit.

May 05, 2002 - Msg 6711: Floyd, could you squeeze me in for a haircut? My hats getting awfully tight.


May 05, 2002 - Msg 6712: Okay Floyd, if you took your 5 year old to see Spiderman and it wasn't too bad then it should be ok for my four year old. I was worried about the PG13 rating. He is Spiderman, Batman crazy. . .He just loved TV lands Batmarrythong!
We are really waiting to see the horse movie Spirit - even dad wants to see that one!
Glad to hear the news of your puppy Asa, even though Bandito is a terror - it still concerns me when he isn't feeling quite right.

Well - the sun is shining here and it is a beautiful day so I am going out to enjoy it some more before the rain heads in.

Just itchin and scratchin. . .

May 05, 2002 - Msg 6713: Good Sabbeth porch
It's been a pretty sonshiney day here in Southern Illinois. Hey to all. God Bless and keep you all. Has anyone heard from Aunt Bee lately, I haven't seen her since I got back home? Just wondered if she said she was going anywhere? 31 is perking right along, I saw her at Preaching today. Have a Great night all... Ms Wezee

Lots o luck to you and yers!

May 05, 2002 - Msg 6714: Just a quick stop by the Porch, Mrs. Wiley, to let you know you will be in my prayers during your hospital stay. I am confident everything will go well. You have so many here praying for you! When you are able, please be sure to come by the porch... I will bring a little sweet tea... hot, this time because hot tea is always good for what ails ya... not to mention just being on the Porch with good friends!
Hope everyone is having a blessed Lord's Day with family and friends. I'll be leaving my sweet tea for you all... enjoy! I'll see you all tomorrow.
~Clara Johnson~

May 05, 2002 - Msg 6715: Howdy folks! Been a bit since I come her last that I dern near furgot where it twas! Shucks! Well now I furnd it agun and I'm right 'chere! I was thunkin that I might try and bring up some niiiiiiiice hog back soup but it's too dang hot to cook it so I thunk I will anudder time if it's alright with you all? I'm bushed from all mah workin at the coffee shop so I thunk I will take me a nap. I'm feelin rather flat dogged.

ExcitedFan *yet to be named*

May 05, 2002 - Msg 6716: Hi Excited Fan, Clara, Ms Weezee, Homemaker, Asa, Salty and Floyd! Clara, I will enjoy some tea with you while I'm recovering, always like that spicy talk! Asa, you are just a doll. You'll be holding my hand in spirit.

Yall have a good evening,
~ Mrs. Wiley
Saw a school of sting rays at the beach today, I ain't never moved backwards so fast in all my days!

May 05, 2002 - Msg 6717: I'm giving a voice to a character that we never hear! JUANITA! HEHE So if ya'll get hungry, come over to the cafe and I will fix you up a stack of wheats, eggs (make sure they ain't too runny), a bowl of cereal, potatoes, bacon, cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice. It's the Barney special. *grin*

Juanita aka ExcitedFan

PS I dont want to steal the name if its already being used so if any of you know of someone using it, let me know.

May 05, 2002 - Msg 6718: Homemaker,
There's a little bit of language (actually I only remember the word as* being said but I bet there were others). The violence wasn't too graphic....about like they'd see in comics and it was mostly the 'bad guy' getting hurt. Adam wasn't worried by the violence at all. If yours like Batman, JL and stuff like that...they'll love the movie. (At least that's my opinion.) --Floyd

May 05, 2002 - Msg 6719: Howdy, friends! Asa, I'm so sorry to hear about little Sammy's problem, but I'm happy that there's some hope for a recovery. It's so hard when these little furkids get sick or hurt. They don't understand, they naturally expect us to fix the problem, and when we can't, it's just heartbreaking. We'll pray for little Sammy, and for you and your family, too.
Mrs. Wiley, it was good to hear from you. Be sure to keep us all posted.
Well, that knotheaded editor at TVLand did it again. This time it was the tweezer/tiger hunting conversation between Andy and Barney in the bird story. Just makes me so mad! I'm all set for those favorite lines, and they're not there.
Thanks to all for your prayers and concern for my son and his surgery. The surgery went well, his arm is in a big old brace/cast, but he's home. Biggest problem right now is nausea. Can't keep anything down. He's like me, just cannot tolerate pain medication without severe nausea. Darvocet is about as strong as I can go, and a glass of water is just about as effective! He's pretty much having to just tough it out.
Well, guess I'll hit the sack. Sugarplum has already staked out the best pillow. Have a great Mayberry week.--Romeena

May 05, 2002 - Msg 6720: Evening Porch. Did everyone have a good weekend. They sure go by quick don't they? Did them sting rays make you holler Mrs.Wiley? Your lucky to live so close to the ocean.
Welome to Juanita, our newest porch sitter. I think you'll like it here. Keep an eye out for Salty Dog though. She likes to play tricks on new sitters to initiate them. Just kidding, Salty is a-ok.
Well, off to beddy bye for me. Monday morning starts early sometimes. Later gang.


May 05, 2002 - Msg 6721: Oh, one more thing. I went out to the 60th birthday party of a dear friend last night, and her son was there. He lives out of state now, haven't seen him in years, and really remember him most as a child or young teenager. Well, he and I got into a conversation about British Comedies. I asked him how you pronounce b-u-c-k-e-t, and he answered correctly - "bookay". For the uninitiated, that's from "Keeping Up Appearances", and is as classic to that show as "Nip it in the bud" is to TAGS. Well, just on a hunch, I asked him if he could tell me a characteristic of giraffes, and he immediately replied "they're selfish!" I about fell out of my shoes! Here's this 30-something guy whom I only knew as a kid, and we have all this in common. We talked for a good while, exchanged email addresses, etc., and I've found a new friend. Isn't TAGS wonderful? The great equalizer.--Romeena

May 05, 2002 - Msg 6722: I didn't see you there Romeena. Thanks for the kind words and glad your son in law is doing ok. I have a hard time with them knockout pills to. They seem to work for about 10 minutes then I get onerey as all get out. Anyhow, prayers for him Romeena.


May 06, 2002 - Msg 6723: Morning Porch, it's National Nursing Awareness Week! There was a special Blessing at Preachin this weekend just for all Nurses. Ro, your poor son - I can relate to the nausea thing. There are 3 classes of Nausea meds - maybe they can give him something? Hey back atcha Sugarplum! Asa, I didn't have time to holler, I was expending all my human strength just backing up! For a milisecond, I wasn't sure if I was seeing things or not, then one "waved" at me (fin came out of water like a shark), and I skeedattled. Some other people saw them too. My Mom watches The Bucket's too Ro, It's a really funny show. That young man sounds like a winner!

Coffee's on, (tea too) cinamon rolls and apricot danish!
~ Mrs. Wiley

May 06, 2002 - Msg 6724: Mornin' porchsters: Just a quick Howdy whilst the youn'uns get ready for school. Howdy to all the new porchsters old friends alike! Thanks for the breakfast this morning Mrs. Wiley,- Nice to gather around the porch with friends to chat and chew. We are slowly but surely unpacking and making this house our home. (What a way to house clean!!) Well off to empty a few more boxes. Have the day off FINALLY! but then unpacking ain't exactly a day off. Have a good day,prayers for all. ~New Neighbor

May 06, 2002 - Msg 6725: Mornin Porch!
I need your prayers for my oldest Son Virgil, He lives in Fl. But has been working on a crew for his company in Ky. will he is very ill They took him to the Hospital yesterday, I plan on being there today, it was late last night when I was told, I called his hotel, he was there, he wouldn't let them admit him, he said he is going home tuesday, we just got a friend out of the hosp. with what sounds like he has, I called our prayer lines here late last night.I was also told there has been a epidemic of salmanila over the country. sorry can't spell some of those words, but sure you can see what I mean. It is raining awful here, they say we will have it for the next 4 days. Pray everyone is alright . Thanks for prayers in advance. Ms Wezee

Lots o luck to youand yers.

May 06, 2002 - Msg 6726: Morning Porch. Yipee Floyd, It works. Thanks for the help.
That breakfast sounds to good Mrs.wiley. Count me in.
Howdy New Neighbor, glad your getting all settled in to the new digs.
Hope you all have a wonderful day in Mayberry.


May 06, 2002 - Msg 6727: Hey Ms.Wezee. You snuck in on me. Sure will pray for your son. Sorry to hear about that. Hope he will be ok. I'm sure he will.


May 06, 2002 - Msg 6728: Morning porch, Thanks for the breakfast Mrs. Wiley. Bless your heart, here you're facing surgery and cooking breakfast for all of us. Hope all goes well for ya girl. Well bring ya some soup when ya get home. Well off to work for me. Dont get a day off till Thursday. Prayers for all the "kids" that need them. Human and canine too. Oh and welcome to Juanita too. Dont pay Asa no mind. He just rambles when he dont get to sleep at the bank. Yall have a good day see ya after work--Salty Dog

May 06, 2002 - Msg 6729: Hey, it's me again. Got a prayer request. A girl I used to work with called me and told me that her aunt and 15 year old cousin had been in a really bad accident. The young girl was driving and had just gotten her permit. Well they are not expecting the mom to make it. She has pretty much broken every bone in her body. She had broken all her ribs and has 2 compunds femur fractures plus both ankles. They were going to do surgery last night but she couldn't get stabalized enough to. Also the girl is having a very hard time of it too. Sorry to be long winded but these people really need prayer. The moms not married I think it is just the two of them. Thanks--Salty Dog

May 06, 2002 - Msg 6730: G'morning, all! Prayers for the folks in the wreck, and for Ms Wezee's son, and everyone else who is in need right now. My son is doing better, pain pills still making him sick, but he has found he can keep tomato soup down, of all things. And he doesn't like tomatoes! (Something wrong with that boy, imagine not liking tomatoes!) Anyway, he's improving, thanks for the prayers.
May I get on my soapbox for a minute? That young girl in the wreck should not have been driving on the roads. I know it's legal, with her permit and all, but look what's happened. She may be orphaned, will bear the physical and emotional scars all her life, and "legal" won't fix that. I think we let kids drive too early, without enough training and experience. There should be simulators, like pilots use, that will sharpen their reflexes and teach them the proper responses, and most important, will show up the ones that aren't ready to handle it yet. Kids don't all mature at the same rate. OK, the simulators are expensive. So are wrecks, injuries, and deaths. I also think the driving age should be raised, at least to 17. My heart breaks for that poor little 15yr old. She'll never get over this. OK, that's all.
Mrs. Wiley, I'd have loved to be a little crab on the beach that day, when you saw the stingrays. I'll bet you were walking on water! I would have been, for sure. I like the ocean, but prefer to see it from the beach. Too many "things" in that water, thanks.
Back to work tonight, several back-to-back 12hr shifts, so I may be a little scarce. Sugarplum says hey!--Romeena