May 11, 2002 - Msg 6841: Happy Mothers Day to all the moms on the porch.

May 11, 2002 - Msg 6842: Mrs. Wiley! So good to have you back. We missed you.
- Hazel

May 11, 2002 - Msg 6843: Good night porch! Welcome back Mrs Wiley....
Ms Wezee

May 11, 2002 - Msg 6844: Yahoooo!!! Mrs. Wiley is back and doing well. P.T.L. Thanky Thanky Thanky. We are so glad your back and that everything went well dear. You just sit back now and relax and we will tend to you. Post as often as you can so we know what ya need.
And don't over do it. So good to see you back with us. :)


May 12, 2002 - Msg 6845: Hooray! Mrs. Wiley is back and doing fine! Gonna bring you some vittles, hon. What'll it be, fried chicken or soup? Maybe the soup would be the best choice right now. I'd bring some jello, but I'll bet you've had enough of that!
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms around here, whether your kids are of the two-legged persuasion or if they're furkids. Doesn't matter, a mom is a mom, right? I guess I'm doubly blessed, I've got both.
Asa, I just feel like telling you that you're special to all of us, and we appreciate you. No particular reason, just thought about it and wanted to say it. You've got a good heart, and it shows.
Well, good night, friends. Sugarplum says hey!--Romeena

May 12, 2002 - Msg 6846: Good Sabbeth Porch! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you mom's out there. Another busy day around here. Have a G R E A T one. Ms Wezee
Lots o luck to you and yers!

May 12, 2002 - Msg 6847: Happy Mother's Day, all you mothers! Don't ya love the Mother's Day commercial they've got on TAGS with Larry Mondello (sp?). Cute. Praise the Lord for Mrs. Wiley's recovery. Glad to see you're back. Hey to Ms. Wezee, Dooley, Romeena, Hazel, Floyd, and Asa. Hey later today to you all late posters like Mavis, Salty Dog, Helen, Rock, and others. Good Sabbath.
Charlotte Tucker

Since it's Mother's Day I plan on takin' it easy. I might just go over to Thelma Lou's for TV and then take a nap.

May 12, 2002 - Msg 6848: Morning porch dwellers. Good Sabbath and Happy Mothers Day to all.
Thank you for those kind words Romeena, bless yer heart. Thats as nice a thing as I've heard say about me in a long time. But I gotta tell ya, Its the good company I keep here on the porch that makes me seem so special. You folks are the bestest there is and thats the bottom line.
I hope everyone has a great Mothers day. If you have Dish network they is showing an Aunt Bea marathon later today on KTLA, one of their superstation packages. Just in case yer intrested.
I wonder if Salty got to race last night? She must have cause she would usually be on here by now. Maybe Mr. Salty is fixing her breakfast in bed.
I think your plan is a good one Charlotte. Take it easy. Slow down. Enjoy the day the Lord hath provided. That just come to me. Thought I'd throw it in there.
Bless you all and welcome back once again Mrs. Wiley. :)



May 12, 2002 - Msg 6849: Happy Mother's Day! Porch! Hope all of you that still have Mama's & Mamaw's to go visit do just that today! I am heading out here in a bit! Sorry about messing up the porch the other night, thanks for getting down there with them spiders & fixing it for me Floyd yer a treashuh! Have a good one & welcome home Mrs. Wiley!

May 12, 2002 - Msg 6850: Morning porch, Welcome back Mrs.Wiley we sure did miss you. Glad you are doing better. Now if ya need anything you just holler. Yes, Asa we did race last night. Mr. Saltys first time out and he drew pole position. But after he got on the track the gears locked up and it wouldn't go out of 2nd. So, we have got our week lined up for us already. Lotta work. Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers. Gonna go see all 3 of mine this afternoon. Yes 3. I have my momma and my mother in law and my "adopted" momma. Actually she is a really good friend. Then hopefully get a little fishin in. Yep thats the plan. Yall have a good one and a big mayberry hello to all the ones I missed since I am a 'late' one getting up! hee hee hello to you too Charlotte. Hey Hazel, what do you use when you open a can when it's hailing? Them little umbrellas aint gonna stop that. See ya later--Salty Dog

May 12, 2002 - Msg 6851: Hello friends an' Happy Mother's Day! I got my mommer some canning jars, a baseball hat, salt and pepper shakers and a beer opener with an unbrella on it....It was her fav-o-rite. She's a senceable woman.

Briscoe Darling Jr.
Hey ta':
Ms. Weezy
An' everyone!
"And then you go over and visit HER MOTHER! And it's a fun day." (Andy)

May 12, 2002 - Msg 6852: Glad to help out *Mavis. Thanks for letting me know there was a problem.
Happy Mothers Day

May 12, 2002 - Msg 6853: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you fine ladies that I have come to know and love.

The Rock

"But Barney I'm your mother." (Mrs. Fife)

May 12, 2002 - Msg 6854: Happy Mothers Day Ladies of the porch & hey to the fellers! Mrs Wiley, Dear Mrs Wiley so glad to read your home & ok. I just got back from Ohio & everywhere else. I got a phone call before I went to preaching this morning my Aunt Pansy called ~ my Uncle Gurnie died last night he was around 84, cancer. Remember his family in your prayers. Aunt Bee.

May 12, 2002 - Msg 6855: God Bless you're Uncle Aunt Bee. Happy Mother's Day Porch! Ro, Fried chicken sounds good but I don't think I have any (slurp) appetite (crunch crunch). Just weak (burp) as a kitten (finger licking sounds). Yall are so good to me - I think the only thing I'll need is some pepto! Can't sit here long - but wanted you to know I am here in spirit! Thanks for all your love and prayers. and little blue pills...

~ Mrs. Wiley

May 12, 2002 - Msg 6856: Dear Mrs. Wiley: So glad to hear from you. We have been prayin' for your recovery. Now take it easy and enjoy the rest. You deserve it! I'll bring over a little cicken noodle soup... Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers on the porch. You have been chosen for a very special job! We're still trying to get to the bottom of the boxes and find the missing pieces. It's a never ending job. ~New Neighbor

May 13, 2002 - Msg 6857: Morning Porch. Howdy New Neighbor. How goes the unpacking? Don't see much of you anymore.:(
Hope everyone had a nice mothers day yesterday and are all rested and ready for another week at work. Semms to me the Mondays in a week out number the Fridays by at least 2 to 1 ratio though. Wonder what causes that.
Hope everyone has a great Monday. Prayers for you AuntBee and for Clara Johnson and her job situation. Hang in there.


May 13, 2002 - Msg 6858: Howdy porch. Mother's Day was nice. My children wrote me a card on notebook paper and gave me one of their Beanie Babies and $2 (which they'll probably get back at concession stands) and helped their daddy fix lunch for me (spaghetti and salad--I made the breadsticks). It was a nice relaxin' day. Went out to supper with my mom and grandma and relatives. The weather here leaves a lot to be desired. Cold, windy and wet. Yesterday was a beast of a day, just a beast of a day. It's supposed to be drier this week. Hope so. The stuff I planted Friday probably drowned. Too bad about your husband's car, Salty. Better luck next week. Sorry you're sorta nauseous, Mrs. Wiley. Pepto Bismol-the pink stuff. I took quite a lot of that as a kid. It helped. Glad you're gettin' unpacked, New Neighbor. Hey to Mavis, Briscoe Darlin', Asa, Aunt Bee, The Rock, and Floyd. Where's Ms. Wezee and Hazel, Helen, homemaker, and Fun Girl? Must be celebratin' too much Mother's Day!
Charlotte Tucker

May 13, 2002 - Msg 6859: Oh. P.S. Sorry to hear about your uncle, Aunt Bee.

May 13, 2002 - Msg 6860: Hello Porch
it is 8am here where I live, see a few has posted today. Mornin CT & Asa. Hello Mrs Wiley, pray you get pep in God speed. It is still raining here in southren Ilinois .. we are going to get flooded if it don't stop soon. Oh Me... Must get to work talk later. Ms Wezee.

May 13, 2002 - Msg 6861: It's me again . I have a question, would it be alright to change my name to Miss Ellan Brown ? I am a hair dresser by trade although I don't do it anymore.I haven't seen anyone post on here with that name . I saw her in an ep last night on tags. Let me know what you think, or should I just stay Ms Wezee

May 13, 2002 - Msg 6862: Morning porch, Well another Monday has rolled around. Hope you all have a good day. Mrs. Wiley sounds like you are on the mend girl. Glad to have you back. Sorry about your uncle Aunt Bee. Sounds like all the mothers had a good Mothers Day. Well I am off to work for a little while. Have a good day. --Salty Dog

May 13, 2002 - Msg 6863: Just checkin' in - sounds like everyone had a great mother's day. We are getting flooded here again today. . .Rain, Rain, go away!


May 13, 2002 - Msg 6864: goodafternoon porch!
The flood waters iis just 2 blocks from us now, ifin it don't stop we will be under water by Wed.. my my my mercy, Y'all have a Great day. Miss Ellen Brown aka ( Ms Wezee) ;)

May 13, 2002 - Msg 6865: Mercy Ellen Brown, head for the high ground. Send some of that rain out west would ya? We is dry dry dry. Hope it stops before causing to much damage. BTW, Do you still do manicures? My nails are a sight.
Howdy Homemaker. Better take them goats and head for the hills.
Poor old Salty has to work today, and I thought she was cooking lunch today. Oh well. (sniff)


May 13, 2002 - Msg 6866: Asa did you get to eat any lunch today since Salty wasn't home to cook it? Miss Ellen Brown I like that name too, I'll just have to say oh that is the porchster formerly known as... you know kinda like Prince? teehee Aunt Bee hope you & your uncle's family are doing ok, please check in & let us know you are alright. Howdy to all those I might have missed & Salty I still haven't gotten to try that milk yet, but I will!
(btw~raining cats, dogs & a few pos'tums here in SW VA today)

May 13, 2002 - Msg 6867: Ms Wezee, I think you can make your name whatever you like. I like Ellen Brown. Was that Barbara Eden? Kinda quiet here on the porch. Better get some supper goin'
Charlotte Tucker

May 13, 2002 - Msg 6868: Hey to the porch. I like your new name, Ellen Brown.
- Hazel

May 13, 2002 - Msg 6869: evenin porch! Yes Charlotte Tucker, it was Barbara Eden. Thanks Mavis I like the name also, been tryin to figure out a cast member who hadn't been taken , saw her last night & thought why not. Yes Asa I still do manicures & hair, but no charge. I'm sure those of us getting flooded would be glad to share our good fortune with y'all that are dry. as homemaker said rain rain go away. I'm fixin potato soup fer supper anyone hungry, gee whiz it is freezing here 45 degrees. Mrs Wiley would you like me to bring you over some of my soup, I'ld be glad to bring some by. I've got to go do the soup. talk later..
Miss Ellen Brown

May 13, 2002 - Msg 6870: Hazel you snook in on me, Hey to you.
Miss Ellen Brown

May 13, 2002 - Msg 6871: Can we talk about something besides the weather? (it's raining here, too)

Let's talk about me...I been coming into rooms nice..
I ain't been shakin' ladies hands...
and I try not to post thru my nose...
--Jelsik T. Bulkhead

May 13, 2002 - Msg 6872: Jelsik, you're coming right along! For a minute I thought you were the Count of Monte Cristo. Definitely Back Bay Boston.
- Hazel

May 14, 2002 - Msg 6873: Nite porch, Gotta get back to work tomorrow. Sorry about lunch today Asa, maybe Wednesday. But NO maters or nanners. Hey to everbody hope yall have a good week. See ya later--Salty Dog

Dogs. nothing but Dogs....
If you flew a quail through here they'd all point.

May 14, 2002 - Msg 6874: Morning, porch.

May 14, 2002 - Msg 6875: Oooops, that was me. I'm not too talkative today, I guess. Everybody keep a good thought. Oh, how are you doing, Mrs. Wiley? Need more soup yet?
- Hazel

They's all keyed up.

May 14, 2002 - Msg 6876: Morning Hazel. Morning everyone. How goes the battle? Hope yer winning.
Hope yer feeling better all the time Mrs. Wiley. Let us know if you need anything.
Mavis, just what kind of milk are you gonna try??? Is Salty talked you into something? You have to watch that Salty Dog, she's a sly one she is. Just picking at ya Salty. Yer ok in my book.
Where you be Romeena? And SugarPlumb?
Well off to you know where for you know who.


May 14, 2002 - Msg 6877: mornin porch. I been having puter problems and not been able to visit much. I have noticed reading the archives that we have become a little lacks in making the coffee and tea. So I'll do it. Coffee and tea are ready. For you folks that are ailing the crock is on the counter. Gaurenteed to cure or kill. Ya'll have a Mayberry type day and play pretty.(Heard that on the radio yersterdat and it cracked me up. Play pretty Hee hee hee.)

The Rock

"That's my lunch. I usually have tuna but today I thought I'd have trout." (Barney)

May 14, 2002 - Msg 6878: Mornin'! Thanks for the coffee, Rock. See what happens when you ain't here. We don't get our morning coffee. No wonder we been a little grumpy. (Just kiddin') Looks sunny here on my porch today. Better get some work done so I can play outdoors. Your amenities are sounded good, Jelsik!
Charlotte Tucker

May 14, 2002 - Msg 6879: Mornin Porch!
Thanks for the tea Rock. The water is just a block from me now, oh me! Will I've got to get to work. Have a nice day all.Miss Ellen Brown
Lots o luck to you and yers!

May 14, 2002 - Msg 6880: Morning porch, thanks for the coffee and the tea. Believe I'll let the crock stay on the counter this morning though, I gots to go to work. Mrs. Wiley you still hanging in there? Let us know.Ellen, you be careful with all that water. I just love that ep where Andy delivers the baby and it coming that storm and Barney wears the shower cap over his hat. Asa, I just told Mavis that she needed to drink some milk so her bones wouldn't go soft. You wouldn't want her to get soft bones now would ya? Well yall have a good day and I will see yall after work. Hey Asa, lunch tomorrow? --Salty Dog

May 14, 2002 - Msg 6881: Morning Porch Pals, Hazel thank you kindly for the soup - it's delish! Didn't post yesterday, my head is so dang cloudy I have to focus real hard or else y'al would be reading mu po mdts like thi8. kin ya underftand?

~ Mrs. Wiley
Jelsik, I liked to pop a staple laughing at you not posting thru your nose...heee heee hee OUCH!

May 14, 2002 - Msg 6882: Well thanx for the warm welcomes and welcome backs! I'm sooooo glad some of you remember me! I tell you whut .... I'm taking a summer course for college to get around some bad teachers and it's about to kill me. It's condensed so i feel like I'm running aroud like a chicken with its head cut off.

Someone has got to remind me how to do the fonts and fancy colors.....I forgot.

Asa..... I believe it was you that asked me to tell ya'll about me well here's an updated version.... I used to sign when I was 14 or 15, I am now 19 years old. I Loooooooooove oldies music and of course know just about every Andy Griffith show there is (excepting the Color versions...... Never did like those much) because I grew up watching them. I like jokes, tend to forget things, and can be very forgetful..... did I already say that? Anyhoo I sometimes forget to sign and at other times i'll be here all day. Ya never know with me. Eye allso halve aye prablim wiff speling.

Gotta go
Luv to all and hate to none!
Remember.... Life is always darkest before you screw in a new light bulb.

Miss Dixie Belle Edwards

May 14, 2002 - Msg 6883: Hey to everyone in Mayberry!
Sp00ky Benson

May 14, 2002 - Msg 6884: howdy

May 14, 2002 - Msg 6885: anybody here?

May 14, 2002 - Msg 6886: I'm right c'here..... --Floyd


May 14, 2002 - Msg 6888: Barney Beloved... ~ Mrs. Wiley

May 14, 2002 - Msg 6889: Evinin Porch!
The water is 1/2 block from me now. The river will crest late Thursday night. Pray for all those already flooded out, no deaths . Thank God, but so sad. homes under water. It was a beautiful day here to day, sun looked real good. Hello Diana are you knew? Hi Mrs. Wiley. Ro, where you be. Pollyanna says hey to SugerPlum & Sammy. ((((( HUGS ))))) TO ALL ...Miss Ellen

May 14, 2002 - Msg 6890: Hey Porch! Here I am again, 9pm, the water is up over all the road now, Pray, pray, pray that God will turn this around. My My My . It's bad. they say we are goung to get more rain , Th. Fri, Sat & Sun. I'm really concerned. Miss Ellen.
Lots of luck to you and yers!

May 14, 2002 - Msg 6891: Miss Ellen I hope that water stays away from you we are going thru that here in our neck of the woods as well, these storms we been having here are delivering lots & lots of rain & bad hailstorms, we had one last week that tore up alot of homes & cars, thank the good Lord my house survived. Prayers for you & yours. Asa I don't pick at Salty like you do so I'm sure she wouldn't tell me to drink bad milk, never liked buttermilk anyway except in biscuits. Miss Dixie Belle I remember you, yer all growed up now! wonder what causes that?? Welcome to you Diana & Hey to all the porchsters, I'm off to bed.

May 14, 2002 - Msg 6892: Nite porch I am off to bed. Got to get up at 5 in the morning. Prayers for all those in the middle of all them bad storms. Kinda cool tonight on my porch. Gonna have to pull out the blanket again. Mavis, I dont like buttermilk either. I cook with it but cant stand to drink it. Looks just like milk thats been left out too long. Well yall have a good night. See ya in the morning. Cant promisr I'll be quiet but we'll see. Nite--Salty Dog

P.S.-- Asa dont forget about lunch tomorrow 1:30 OK??

May 14, 2002 - Msg 6893: Lunch sounds real good Salty. I can hardly wait. What can I bring? I got some cider I sneaked out of Romeena's place back on new years eve. I reckon we could invite tothers too. Make it a party.
Boy Ellen, you and Pollyanna hang on there and I be praying it quits dumping on ya.
Welcome to Diane and thanks for the Bio Dixie. Nice to see Mayberry instilled in the younger folks too.
Mavis, my ears are needing yer attention. Are you free?


May 15, 2002 - Msg 6894: Hi All.
Will all this rain is good for all the thing that can used it.
Win God think it time to stop all the rain, he in his time.
kindness is a virtue
given by the lord,
it pays dividends in happiness
and joy is its reward...
for it you practice kindness
in all you say and do,
the lord will wrap his kinness
arond your heart and you...
and wrapped within his kindness
you are sheltered and secur
and under his direction
your way is safe and sure.

May 15, 2002 - Msg 6895: Morning Porch, Tom your poems are always a blessing the first thing in the morning. Off to work for now. Asa, is chicken sammiches ok for lunch? Anyone else wanna come just be here about 1:30. Nobody got flooded last night I hope. Yall behave now. I am off to work See ya later--Salty Dog

May 15, 2002 - Msg 6896: ChickIn sammiches sounds fine Salty, with sliced maters? Mmmmmmm.
Thanks for the poem Tom. God bless you pal.
I feel sorry for all you poor folks who are battling floods and what not. I pray it will dry out for you some. We, on the other hand, are in the 4th year of a drought, and it is getting serious here. So far this month we have had a whopping .15" of rainfall. Oh well, these things always work themselves out.
Prayers for all that need them this morning.


May 15, 2002 - Msg 6897: Mornin' all. Sorry to hear about the possibility of more rain, Ellen Brown. I live in your neck of the woods too and I don't want any more rain. But we're not close to floodin' like you are. Hope it stays away from your home. Hey to Dixie Belle and Diana. Thanks for the poem, Tom. Everybody have a great day. Hey to Asa and Salty. Where's Romeena?
Charlotte Tucker

May 15, 2002 - Msg 6898: Mornin' proch, everybody. Mrs Wiley good ta hear yer doin OK. Aunt Bee sorry bout your uncle, praying for the family. Hay to New Neighbor, Ellen Brown (like that name :) Sorry bout all the water. Its too close, prayin it stops!
Yo Dixie Bell, Welcome to Diana. Hay to Tom, great poem! Well I'll see ya'll.

Andy: Whad you n Thelma Lou do last night?
Barn: Ah, we droped by Nelsons Hardware store, he gotta new window display

May 15, 2002 - Msg 6899: Morning, porch. I sure had a hard time getting on the porch this morning. It kept saying I'd done something illegal and kept booting me off. Can you imagine that? Me, a law abiding citizen... Asa and Salty, may I join you today? I'll bring the desert. How about apple pie?
- Hazel

Ramona: "It rained today."
Ernest T: "I know, I was right there in it."

May 15, 2002 - Msg 6900: Morning Porch - please be safe out there in those flood waters! Hey to DixieBell, Diana, Miss Ellen, TOM - thanks so much for the uplifting poem! Hey to Asa, Hazel, Mavis, Salty, Romeena, Dooley, Floyd, AuntBee and Charlotte! Did I get all my amenninies in? Could ya hear em?

~ Mrs. Wiley
still foggy but well fed!

May 15, 2002 - Msg 6901: Hey to anyone who said hey to me! Yer so sweet!
I remember you 2 *Mavis!
I hope the flooding stops before it gets too bad. Believe me I know what it's like. I live in flood city myself w/2 rivers running through my county.

Well I hate to turn this place into a love hotline but I need some ad-vice. It's like this.... I like this guy. I've never dated. I'm afraid of being too forward. (I still believe in the guy asking the girl out, calling first, etc.) How do I deal with this? I've been praying about it for a few months but progress is slow b/c ya know god works things out in his own time but I also know that I also know I have to do my part. I'm just not sure what my part is.

Well that was long winded..... Any advice is welcome!! Thanx.

Luv to all hate to None!

Miss Dixie Belle

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the lord determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9

May 15, 2002 - Msg 6902: Miss Dixie: Call this guy. Guys love it when ladies call. Invite him to a church social. Or tell him you are going to the mall and you wanted to know if he wanted to hang out with you. Make it casual.

May 15, 2002 - Msg 6903: Asa - if we can get the bucket to stop being used for thinkin' - I'll send you a couple buckets of water. The goats and I came down from the hills. . .because the sun is SHINING today! PTL!!
Only 7 technical days of school left (1 for workday and 1 to visit a deaf preschool in Indy- leaves me with 5! days left!!!)
It's a mess here though because we still haven't got a teaching contract for this year. . .and it is getting pretty hot and bothered around here. Obtuse - that's the word . . .down right obtuse.

Well. . .Tom I enjoyed the poem and welcome to all the new faces. . .

May 15, 2002 - Msg 6904: Call 'em huh? I'm sceerd to. Cause if there's one thing I don't like it's a pushy salesman uh person. :) I'll think on that.

I tried using the thinking bucket but apparently someone already scooped up some water for Asa b/c I tried to put it on and got drenched. Oh well ....when I use the thinking bucket the silence seems to echo......

Miss DB

May 15, 2002 - Msg 6905: Hey everybody! I've missed ya'll. Been busy,busy,busy. Mrs. Wiley so good to see you back. I've been thinking about you. Hey to all of the new porchsters!
Miss DB, could you wait until my 10yr. old gets a little older? ;) I didn't think there were any 'old fashioned' young people out there any more. When I was younger, I had the same ideas you do about girls not being pushy and all. I was always so anxious for a boy friend and I had some but not what God intended.I even was engaged to another fellow and everything. I was trying to do it my way. I never felt comfortable with the situation (God was saying no.)I broke it off with him, became less anxious and enjoyed myself. Once I gave up, God brought my future husband to me. I never doubted this one! What I'm saying is enjoy yourself and listen to the Lord. God bless you, there are tons of fellows out there looking for just your rare kind.--Helen

May 15, 2002 - Msg 6906: Hang in there Homemaker. I was waiting on that bucket of water but Dixie went and spilled it.
Hey Dixie, I have a daughter a year younger than you and she has the same problem. She feels the boys should be calling her, and they do, but not the ones she wants to hear from. I keep telling her to be patient and pray, and the Lord will direct you as to what you should do. I reckon I'm kinda old fashioned cause I ain't never allowed my girls to call no boys. But I know it's a new generation. Anyway, hang tough kiddo. You will be blessed if you do I think. NOW CAN I PLEASE HAVE MY BUCKET OF WATER? :)
Hi Helen. Where ya been?
That was good cookin Salty. I enjoyed that, especially when Hazel went mad cause she thought she heard a bat. It were a moth. (snicker)


May 15, 2002 - Msg 6907: Hi porch Yall missed a good un. Hazel thought she heard this bat but it weren't no bat. It was just a moth but you should have heard her. Hollering and carrying on. Like somebody was beating their dog. Hey to Miss DB dont know what else to tell ya girl, but good luck, does your church do youth outings? A group thing is a good way to get to talk to him without the whole "date" thing to worry about. If not then just up and call him. See ya ll later--Salty Dog

May 15, 2002 - Msg 6908: So what yer saying Salty is, "CALL THE MAN, JUST CALL THE MAN?' LOL


May 15, 2002 - Msg 6909: DB, here's what you do...
get yourself all cleaned up and go over to his house with a raspberry snowcone...
butjust before you give it to him, bite off the end and drink out all the juice....
then look him RIGHT in the eye and say: "WHATDOYOUTHINKABOUTTHAT?!"
Oh, you don't WANT to play hard-to-get...nevermind then...


"OK, might work..."
"yeah, but it might not..."

May 15, 2002 - Msg 6910: Personally I love some cornbread all crumbled up in a tall cold glass of buttermilk with some onion salt and some black pepper. (YUM YUM) We have 9 days left of school and I am looking so forward to the break.

May 15, 2002 - Msg 6911: Oops I didn't finish my message. Porch friends there are some powerful hateful people out there in this old world. We had a parent come in today that literally scarred me. He came in screaming things not fit to be printed on the porch, that's for sure. He brought to mind someone who would have a gun and come into a school and just start shooting. He was not in control and he just didn't care. Prayers for those who have to deal with him.
Fun Girl

May 15, 2002 - Msg 6912: Nite porch, off to the ironing board. Been up since 5. Got 2 days off. So I plan on enjoying them. Hey Asa, can you keep it down to a dull roar in the morning? I'd like to sleep in if I could. If you get Hazel started again about them bats we'll never hear the end of it. Hope everyone is doing ok tonight. Prayers for ALL the ones that needs them. Hope NN is ok too and she hasn't gotten lost in those boxes!! Nite--Salty Dog

May 15, 2002 - Msg 6913: Good evening, friends! Been working back-to-back 12hr shifts, just too tired to stop by. Got a few days off now.
Miss Dixie Belle, the best suggestion I could make is to keep it casual and "group" at first. Do you and this young man have some mutual friends? Maybe you could have a little get-together at your home, order a couple of pizzas, rent a good movie, and just hang out together for an evening. Make it an odd number of boys/girls, so no one feels like they need to pair off. If he's interested, that should be opening enough for him to speak up and call you later.
Mrs. Wiley, it's sure good to see you back. Looks like you're recovering very nicely. Aren't you glad it's all done now?
Fun Girl, was that you talking about cornbread and buttermilk? Yummee! I love buttermilk any way I can get it, but with cornbread and a little black pepper - oh, it twangs my buds! I like buttermilk with sweet stuff, too, like cookies or cake. The very best is a cold glass of buttermilk with a big slice of German chocolate cake. Just something about that combination....
Miss Ellen Brown, I sure hope the rain stops before things get any worse. Prayers for you and yours.
Chaplain Tom, thanks for the beautiful poem. What would we do without you?
Asa, I'm glad you checked in with Mavis. You do need to get your ears lowered a mite, and she does such a good job.
Friends, I have to thank you all for being here for me. Today was the sixth anniversary of my beloved husband's death, and was a difficult day. It's a joy to be able to finish this day with a visit to the porch. He would be pleased, and would thank you for looking after me. Sugarplum says hey!--Romeena

May 15, 2002 - Msg 6914:

May 15, 2002 - Msg 6915: God Bless you Romeena.


May 15, 2002 - Msg 6916: Nice to see you, Romeena. I know it's probably a rough day for you, I sure am thinking of you. Sorry, Asa and Salty. I thought you really wanted me to come to lunch. Didn't realize you were just going to make fun of me.
- Hazel

May 16, 2002 - Msg 6917: Hey Folks,

I'm off to Joplin, MO today to pick up the Mayberry patrol car that I'm buying from Paul Mulik. It's about 585 miles so y'all keep a prayer in your heart for a safe trip for me. I'll be gone for a couple of days.

You can see the car here if you'd like.


May 16, 2002 - Msg 6918: Morning, porch. Well well well, last one up last night and first one up today. You all know what that means. I'll have to sing. I'll start the coffee, too.
- Hazel

Welcome sweet springtime we greet thee in sooonnng.

May 16, 2002 - Msg 6919: Oh, dear, Floyd was posting at the same time. I believe he was the first one up. Rats. Have a good trip Floyd. Don't take any wooden nickles.
- Hazel

May 16, 2002 - Msg 6920: Morning Porch, just thought I was gonna sleep in. I guess when ya get used to getting up at a certain time your body just dont want to sleep in. Now Hazel we really did want you to come to lunch. And besides, if we didn't love ya a whole bunch we wouldn't pick at ya. Romeena what a difficult day for you. Bless your heart. I am sure the Plum was there for you. Animals always have a sense as to when something is wrong. Well yall have a good day gonna fix a bowl of cereal and do the couch thing for awhile. See yall later--Salty Dog

May 16, 2002 - Msg 6921: Mornin porch!
Been busy the last 2 days with work & then in between & after, helping move people out of the flood waters. Praise God it finally crested last night about 50 feet from our place. I told Lightning when he lets Pollyanna out ifin I'm not here to watch her close, she is so small, we'ld lose her in a second in that loe water, Ms Ro. I'm so sorry about ur day yesterday, glad we're all here for you. Pollyanna says hi to SugarPlum & Sammy. Pray today is a better day for u Ro. CT how r u fairing this weather? Asa I pray y'all get some rain soon, we don't want to hog it all you know. LOL I can breath a little easier today, was really concerned about the water. DB just keep following God , He will direct all your steps. Miss Ellen where are you? Hey to Hazel, but wheres the tea? LOL Rock I hope you get ur puter going soon, hey to CJ, TOM ,Jelik, SD,Mavis,Helen, Fun Girl, Mrs Wiley,homemaker, Hazel, Dooley & everyone else, have a safe trip Floyd, Prayers to all. (((((HUGS))))) to all.. Mis Ellen
Let Gods Sonshine in your life today and always

May 16, 2002 - Msg 6922: Morning Porch. Look who's up. Salty Dog. You might as well cook some breakfast Salty. Your lunch was sure good. Didn't mean to rile you none Hazel about them moths. We was just pickin at ya.
Hey Ellen, glad the water done left ya. Sounds like you have your hands full for sure. Hang in there.
Romeena, you are such a blessing to us here on the porch. I pray you have a good day today.
And same for you Mrs. Wiley. Hope you are still doing well with your recovery. I be praying for you.
Have a safe trip Floyd, and don't go Glenn Fording all over town now that you own a squad car. Nice car btw.
Good to hear from you Fun Girl. You are way to rare in your porch attire lately. As is N.N. and Mavis. Guess I'm gonna have to kick some tail!
Well I'm at work so I better go do something now. Have a good day all.


May 16, 2002 - Msg 6923: 'Morning, friends! Thanks, all, for the kind words. Today will be a good day. I don't have to work tonight, and I plan to spend some time digging in the dirt, out in God's sunshine. Always lifts my spirits.
Floyd, what fun, getting that car! Drop by here on your way back and take me and the Plum for a little ride. I'll cook up a mess of pork chops for you, how's that?
Miss Ellen, I'm sure happy that water didn't come any closer. What a relief! You know, you can fight fire with fire, and you can outfox a fox, but it's pretty hard to fight floodwater. I don't think Barney ever offered any advice on that subject. Maybe you should get some waterwings for Pollyanna, or I could send you one of the Plum's little lifejackets. She doesn't swim well - her feet are too small to drag enough water - but her jacket keeps her afloat. She'd be happy to share, as she has three.
Well, off I go. Gonna go get something to plant! Sugarplum says hey!--Romeena

May 16, 2002 - Msg 6924: Mornin' all!! Thanx for all the advice, they were some really good ideas. Personally I think JelsiK's idea just might be the right approach (heh-heh).
Yes you may have your bucket of water Asa. I found me anuther un to do my thinkin under and it ain't near as wet under here!

Thanx again for all the ad-vice and I promise to keep on prayin' on it.

Miss Dixie Belle

Remember.... where ever you go.... there you are!

May 16, 2002 - Msg 6925: Hey all. Lunch is on the table. Sloppy Joes today. Ya'll come. Mrs. Wiley I can fix you somethin' special if you're not up to that yet. Hey Floyd will you be bringin' your car to Centreville, AL, in June. Hope to see you there. I agree with you and Jelsik, Miss DB, I think that's the best 'idee'!
Romeena, sorry about the anniversary yesterday. I know you had a lot of fond memories, you've shared some with us. Just keep those on your mind thorough this trying time. Hope today is better. You're such a blessing to us all, and we love you around here.
I saw all of the flooding and drought conditions on TV last night. It would be nice if we could spread it around a little. Glad your situation is o.k. Ellen. Prayers that it will continue to be.
Hey Salty, have a good day off and enjoy the couch awhile. Sounds like you stay too busy, you deserve it. Ya'll come on for lunch now, it's gettin' cold. (((to all))) I don't remember who came up with the hugs, but I like that.--Helen

May 16, 2002 - Msg 6926: Hello friends! Time fer: "Dooley". Aone..Atwo..Athree.

Briscoe Darling Jr.
Hey ta':
Charlotte Tucker(did she "shuffle off to Buffalo"?) Ha. Ha.
Miss Ellen

May 16, 2002 - Msg 6927: ((((Helen)))) Back at ya Helen.
Hey ta' Briscoe and everyone else.
Is that ramps I smell? Salty must be bur.... uh cooking again.


May 16, 2002 - Msg 6928: Asa, I promise if I was cooking ramps I would know about it. Well..... maybe not at first but later you would know it. Well I am off here to cook supper. Dont know yet what its gonna be I guess I'll figure it out as I go along. Hope we didn't rile ya too bad Hazel aint seen ya back. Tell ya what to make it up to you and since I have the day off tomorrow I'll fix lunch again. No picking I promise. We'll be good. Well I am off here for now got revival at church tonight. Guess I probably need it. See ya later--Salty Dog

May 16, 2002 - Msg 6929: Howdy Porch! Thanks for the yummy sloppy joes Helen, they was GOOD! Love and prayers for all ((((Porch)))))~ Mrs. Wiley

"You can get Gomer, he's still deputized from the flood!"

May 16, 2002 - Msg 6930: Evenin' friends! So good to see the Porch full of nice folks ta'nite.
Briscoe Darling Jr.
Hey ta':
Fun girl
Mrs. Wiley
Salty Dog
An' everyone!

May 16, 2002 - Msg 6931: Nite porch off to bed. Hope yall have a good Friday. Sounds like the weather is getting better for ya. Supposed to rain here tomorrow. Hope it does, we can sure use it. See yall tomorrow. Lunch at my house at 12:30. How does Taco salad sound? Anyone that can make it is invited. Nite--Salty Dog

May 17, 2002 - Msg 6932: Morning porch. First one up again, I see. Unless some rascal sneaks in on me while I'm postin. I wonder how Floyd's road trip is going. Mrs. Wiley, how are you feelin? Hey to Dixie Belle and Romeena, Briscoe, Helen and Ellen Brown. O.K. Asa and Salty. I'll come to lunch one more time. I guess I have been a little short tempered lately. Sorry about that. Tell you what I'll do. I'll bring some icecream for later. And I'll bring some spinach too. I have lots of that from the garden.
- Hazel

Andy: If I ever catch a certain little boy handcuffing another little boy to a flag pole, he'll not only be a-plantin' spinach, he'll be eatin' it - standin' up.

May 17, 2002 - Msg 6933: Morning porch, Calling for storms today and it is getting cloudy already. Hazel I am glad you are going to come eat with us again. We'll not pick on you this time. Well... not too much anyway :) Where is everyone this morning? Must be still asleep. Well I think I am gonna go back to bed. See yall at lunch.--Salty Dog

May 17, 2002 - Msg 6934: Morning porch, Calling for storms today and it is getting cloudy already. Hazel I am glad you are going to come eat with us again. We'll not pick on you this time. Well... not too much anyway :) Where is everyone this morning? Must be still asleep. Well I think I am gonna go back to bed. See yall at lunch.--Salty Dog

Cant I watch something else grow before my very eyes??

May 17, 2002 - Msg 6935: Whoops sorry bout that dont know what happened. Must have fell asleep. SD

May 17, 2002 - Msg 6936: Mornin' everybody. Gettin' caught up on the posts. Interestin' readin'. Sorry you were feelin' blue, Romeena. That workin' in the dirt in the sunshine will make you feel better. Good luck with your fella, Dixie Belle. Something will work out. Hazel, sorry Asa and Salty was makin' fun. Sometimes, folks can be so dern mean. (just kiddin, Asa and SD). Looks awful rainy again today. Hope them flood waters stay away from you, Ellen Brown. It's awful soggy here but no floodin' yet. Seems our flood waters are rushin' down to you all. Today is my little girl's 10th birthday. She's buggin' me to get off the computer so she can open a present before she goes to school. Have a Mayberry Day!
Charlotte Tucker
P.S. Saw the Fun Girl ep. last night. It's a classic! I love Skippy's laugh! But they cut the part where Goober sews his fingers! My son was disappointed about that.

May 17, 2002 - Msg 6937: Morning Porch! Romeena, those anniversaries are bittersweet, but the memories must warm your heart a-plenty. God Bless ya! Happy B'day to Charlotte's youngin'. Gwan, let her open just one! I forgot about Goober sewing up his fingers - dang shame they have to cut the gags and not the commercials. Salty, I'll be there for lunch - seems that meals are not something to be missed around c'here. I'll bring the big heart-shaped strawberry cheesecake I got as a get well present. I'm going to go all the way to the mailbox today - wish me luck!

~ Mrs. Wiley
"I got to inspire him with my power and strength."

May 17, 2002 - Msg 6938: Mornin porch!
Tea coffee & donuts are hereifin anyone is interested. I work all day to day, one of the long ones. Then Thank God the week end off. No flood to battle again as of now. The waters are going down, Thank you all for ur Prayers. God is soooo good! No life lost here in our area, but in other areas, my heart goes out to them all. We are having a singing group Saturday night at our Church. Come on over ifin y'all get a chance. 1603 Wheeler Street, Vincennes, In. It's a small country church with a Big Heart. Asia Marie was down for about 6 hours Wed. night, she is doing Great, Thank y'all for prayers for her, she didn't say anything about the bully so I figure God is helping them all. Praise the mighty name of Jesus. Hey to Ro, ,, Pollyanna can swim pretty good . she gets in our pool with me a lot in the summer. Mostly she likes to lay on one of the ratfs and catch some rays. LOL.. She says hey To the Plum and Sammy and all Mavis's lil ones. I better get ready for work ((((( TO ALL )))))
Miss Ellen
Have a GREAT day in the Lord.

May 17, 2002 - Msg 6939: Howdy, friends! Raining here, a regular frog-strangler! No flood danger where I am, at least not since my handy-man put in a French drain in my back yard. Without that, I'd be worrying about water coming in the sunroom door in the back. Let me tell you, that drain flat-dog WORKS!
I'm off work tonight, and plan to enjoy this day. I love rainy days. My dish TV probably won't work well, but I've got lots of good movies, some I've never even seen. Big glass of iced tea, the Plum in my lap and a good movie. Sounds good to me!
Yes, Wednesday was a bittersweet day, but God and the Plum got me through it, and I didn't even have a meltdown! I think my beloveded might have been helping me a little, too. Maybe not good theology, but still a comforting thought.
Have a lovely day, friends. Sugarplum says hey!--Romeena

May 17, 2002 - Msg 6940: Afternoon Porch. Did you make it back from the mailbox yet Mrs. Wiley? Hope yer not stranded somewhere's between here and there.:)
Hey Romeena, I don't know about theology all that much, but I have no doubt your loving husband was close by your side, as he is most days.:)
Happy Birthday to Charlotte Jr. How old is she? Are we invited over for cake and ice cream? Maybe we can mix up some of Hazel's spinach into it.
Glad things are calming down for ya Ellen. Keep yer feet dry.
Well I'm off to Salty's for some lunch. She said she was gonna try a chineese dish she got out of the newspaper. Might be good. Might not.
Howdt to everyone else and have a great weekend.

Barney P. Fife M.D. (mayberry deputy)

May 17, 2002 - Msg 6941: Afternoon! Guess whut? My computer is sick...yup. It has a virus. Sneezing, coughing, runny nose. Poor thing its temperature is so high that it forgets how to do things. Tsk,tsk.

Guess whut elst? Yesterday I got to Help one of my friends feed some calves at a real Dairy Farm!
Yup I bottle fed three of them darlings. Some of them were already weaned to a bucket. They were cute. A very interesting afternoon.

No progress yet in the feller dept. Workin' on it.

Hey to Everybody....... ya'll try to behave!

Luv 2 all hate 2 nun

Miss Dixie Belle

May 17, 2002 - Msg 6942: afternoon porch! Asa aren't y'all getting rain yet. Some parts of Tx. is getting it today, they really need it. 31 told me her sister said it has been raining all day there where she lives in Tx. Hope & pray y'all get what you need. Mr Wiley are you home? Happy Birthday to Charlotte's Child. Ro I always liked the rain too, use to love to walk in it, but I've had my fill lately. LOL.. Miss Ellen

May 17, 2002 - Msg 6943: Hey Miss Ellen, and all...I made it home OK, but my insides were about 5 minutes behind me. Hope it goes easier tomorrow. ~ Mrs. Wiley

May 17, 2002 - Msg 6944: Thanks for the birthday greetings for my little girl, Mrs. Wiley, Glad you're feelin' OK. She's 10. Thanks to you too, Asa. Cake and ice cream with the family is Sunday night. Everybody's invited! Her favorite is Dairy Queen cake--ice cream with the oreo stuff and fudge in the layers. Glad the flood waters are goin' down, Ellen Brown. Give my regards to the cows, Dixie Belle, was Frankie Flint around? Have a good evenin'.
Charlotte Tucker

May 17, 2002 - Msg 6945: Howdy porch! It's me *Mavis, the long lost porchster! Man have I been busy at work, so many puppies needing trimming! Miss Ellen so glad those flood waters didn't get to you! I was worried about you & yours. Romeena I'm with the others there, I beleive our loved ones who pass are always with us, that is the people ones & the furkids, I beleive they come when you need them. Dixie Belle ain't babies just the cutest things?? You should see those 2 foals playing, I went to see them tonight, & they were having a ball! Hey to everyone else I missed, ya'll be good & act like somebody, gotta get off here before the hail starts here again, hope it don't make it, but weatherman says it will. Blarney, Buster, Dumplin', Tink, Charm, Kiwi, Elmer & Thelma Lou say hey to Plum, Sammy, PollyAnna & all the other porch furkids.

May 17, 2002 - Msg 6946: make that believe, not beleive, good thing I'm a dog groomer & not an english teacher! LOL

May 17, 2002 - Msg 6947: Hey Porchsters, I am not with AOL anymore so I am using Explorer as my browser now, can ya'll tell me how to get the porch in my favorites to come up to the last post I made, I could do it with AOL but can't figure out how to make it work with IE. The way I have it now, I have to scroll down to find the last post I made & start from there. Thanks, I'm off to bed for real this time.

May 17, 2002 - Msg 6948: I'm making a quick stop in here. I'm so behind on reading posts. Miss Dixie Belle, I remember you. You've grown up ! Miss Romeena, I understand how you feel for a lost loved one.
Mrs. Wiley, glad you are feeling better.
Miss Ellen (Wezee) Brown, glad you didn't get flooded. Prayers for those who did.
Hope all of you are fine.
Just wanted to say "Hi".
Miss Ellie
"right now I'm on the trail of a babboon."

May 18, 2002 - Msg 6949: Hey to the porch. From where I sit we are having another rainy night and it is supposed to be in the 30's tonight. Not the usual for south central Indiana this time of year. Well I can't imagine anything twanging my buds any more than buttermilk and that cake. YUCK! Hey to Floyd. Hope your are home safe from your road trip and you and the Mayberry Mobile are home safe and sound.

How can they cut out where Goober sews his fingers together? That was truly one of the best parts. Do they not realize what makes a classic, a classic? Heaven help us. I guess we will have to raise our younguns to respect their elders and appreciate classic t.v. Maybe they will grow up and run the network and not cut important things instead of commericals. They will be a joy to us in our old age and keep us supplied with Mayberry.
Fun Girl

May 18, 2002 - Msg 6950: Now, Fun Girl, don't you knock it until you've tried it! German chocolate cake and cold buttermilk is yummy! You might even say it's delish! Any kind of cake would do, I guess, but I love German chocolate, and I make a mean one! From scratch, too. No mixes for me, not for that cake. I've got nothing against mixes, but German chocolate just has to be from scratch. I make a recipe and a half of the frosting, so it's good and gooey. mmmMMMM! Now I've gone and got diabetes, so I can't eat it like I used to, but I 'spect I'll still venture a bit of it now and then.
Mavis, I've about decided to give the Plum a puppy cut, and I'm planning to do it myself. I've done it before, when she was about three, and she was adorable. She's just so classy and pretty now that I kinda hate to do it, but I'm taking her to Florida in June, and we'll be on my son's boat dock a lot, and I think it'll be easier. Any suggestions?
That dratted dug-out flowerbed is full of water again, about a foot deep. This clay belt my house sits on holds water like a bathtub. If it'll ever quit raining, I'll backfill that bed with landscaper mix, but right now, it'd make a good duck pond. I expect to see Barney and Thelma Lou sitting out there beside it some evening!
Well, have a good weekend, friends. Sugarplum says hey!--Romeena

May 18, 2002 - Msg 6951: Good morning porch, off to work again. And I dont want to go. Them 2 days off done spoilt me. Theres cofee and tea and some fresh "poured" orange juice. Ro, German Chocolate is my hubbies favorite cake in the world. He aint ever ate it with buttermilk though. Well yall have a good day. Keep Asa in line while I am at work. Cracker Jack and Buckaroo say hey to the Plum , Sammy, Pollyanna and all of the Neff furkids. Later--Salty Dog

May 18, 2002 - Msg 6952: .

May 18, 2002 - Msg 6953: There's a lot in what you say, # 6952.
- Hazel

May 18, 2002 - Msg 6954: Just wanted to let everyone on the porch know I was still alive. Good luck to you and yours. SAM SCOTT

May 18, 2002 - Msg 6955: Thanks for checking in, Sam Scott. Saved us the expense of sending out a search party. Been wondering' where you were.

May 18, 2002 - Msg 6956: Good evening porch - 4 more days of school left. . .but I'm not counting!

I'll hope to be a regular again after next week. Floyd you'll look kinda funny sitting in the patrol car - who'll been minding the barber chair when you are cruising!


May 18, 2002 - Msg 6957: Thelma Lou: "Ask him again why he wants to go the the duck pond."
Opie:Hey Barney, "Thelma Lou wants to know why you wanta go to the duck pond after dark. Ya can't see anathin'."
Fun Girl

May 18, 2002 - Msg 6958: Hey, Mavis in regard to Msg 6946: it's i before e except after c in chicken. Glad you agree with me about cuttin' Goober sewin' his fingers together, Fun Girl, and in your episode too! I like your idea about our kids growin' up and runnin' these TV networks! What's the matter, Romeena, didn't Asa (aka Mr. Wheeler!) do any good on them french drains? Or did Dooley end up fixin' em? Anyhow, sounds like they're not doin' the trick. Maybe Dave Brown can come fix 'em...tomorrow. The perfect day to start any job. Msg 6953, I agree with Hazel. Hey homemaker, school's out, school's out, kids let the monkeys out! Hey to you too, Sam Scott.
Charlotte Tucker

May 19, 2002 - Msg 6959: I think #6952 was Mr. Schwump.

May 19, 2002 - Msg 6960: Morning Porch.


May 19, 2002 - Msg 6961: Morning porch off to preachin. Have a good day.--Salty Dog

May 19, 2002 - Msg 6962: Morning to the Porch. No rain here today...
I salute the sun...

--Jelsik the Flatlander


May 19, 2002 - Msg 6963: Good Sabbath Porch Pals! 6959, I agree, it musta been Mr. Shwump up there on 6952.

Hope Floyd got home safe and the new Squad Car is runnung like a scalded dawg!

~ Mrs. Wiley
"now, I'll sit in the front."

May 19, 2002 - Msg 6964: "Say Aunt Bea, now you can watch that TV show you like so much where people are always in the hospital being sick!"

May 19, 2002 - Msg 6965: Hey, Charlotte Tucker! Actually, Asa did a fine job on the drain. The main yard drains out nicely now. Problem is, the bed in question is on the far side of the yard, and is just a long, dug-out trench right now, dug through the clay. It just filled up with rain falling in it, and some draining in as well, I'm sure. It's still about four inches deep. I can't grow anything in this native soil - all clay - so I have the beds dug out a foot deep and fill them back up with landscaper mix. When I want to plant flowers now, I can scoop out the hole with my hands! Pretty nice. I could probably even grow "spinash" out there!
Well, gotta clear the screen. My 'puter is ailing, too, though it's not as sick as Miss Dixie Belle's. I don't think mine has a virus, probably just a head cold. Anyway, its "daddy", (the guy who built it) is going to treat it by remote control this afternoon. Now, that's a neat thing to see. He just links up, and I sit back and watch the action on my monitor. He's a genius!
Have a great day, friends, and Sugarplum says hey!--Romeena