June 26, 2002 - Msg 7628: Thats ok AngFan. Maybe some day you will run into her, then we'll see who is laughing.:)
Welcome back Romeena, I have missed your posts so much. How is little Sugaurplum? Glad you had fun and glad you are back with us.
Hey Helen, I never thought of the Asy thing... might work.


Nahhhh. It don't work.


June 26, 2002 - Msg 7629: Now look what I went and did, I had to sweep up after all of you. See if I ever treat you to the businessmans special again.:)


June 26, 2002 - Msg 7630: How about Aysa?

June 26, 2002 - Msg 7631: I like that Asey - that's a good one for you! Welcome back Romeena and Plum. You know Asey has been something awful around here. Please tell him he ought to behave.

Have a good evening!


June 26, 2002 - Msg 7632: Hey to everyone!
Sp00ky Benson

June 26, 2002 - Msg 7633: Hey to Sp00ky where you been? Off to work on some stained glass. Just wanted to say hey!

June 26, 2002 - Msg 7634: Good evening everyone. . . looks like a quiet nite on the porch.
Aren't the fireflies pretty tonite. Got the boys Mason jars with holes poked in the lids - running and catching. . . .
ahhhh. .to be young again:)


June 27, 2002 - Msg 7635: First one up gets to make breakfast - so it looks like that's me. I say we all meet at McD's for sausage and cheese biscuits and a cup of coffee. I am a little lazy this morning. Have a great morning - ya'll!


June 27, 2002 - Msg 7636: Mornin porch, Mickey Dees sounds good to me. But dont forget the buscuits and gravy. Welcome back Ro and plum hope yall had fun. Gotta go back to work. See yall later--Salty Dog

June 27, 2002 - Msg 7637: Good mornin' porch! I'm runnin late and will post later today. Good to see you all at McD's...where's Asey and Jelsik?

~ Mrs. Wiley
welcome home Romeena & Princess Ruby pillow!

AngFan, what a mean trick to play on you! (good one, Helen)

June 27, 2002 - Msg 7638: Howdy Porch. Kinda quiet around here, you know what that means.... ah-ahh -AHH-AHH-ahh-ahh.


June 27, 2002 - Msg 7639: Good Morning all you fine people!

Helen-- For them candles what you do is take an empty jar(little that is) and put one of those short candles in it. fill the sides up with coffee beans (all the way as far as you can get them) Then melt some Parafin(sp?) wax (you can find it in the grocery store with the canning items) and pour the heated wax into the jaruntil just the wick is left sticking out. Let it stiffen and enjoy!

AngeFan-- Don't worry .....you'll get Helen back one day! (Hey Helen ......you better watch out! I can see the steam justa risin' from AF's head as he thinks!)

Be good everyone!
Welcome Back Romeena!

Miss Dixie

June 27, 2002 - Msg 7640: BOY I can't spell! I'm having so many problems typing the past couple of days!


June 27, 2002 - Msg 7641: Just can't wait for the day, DB. Just can't wait for the day. Hey, Helen look aroung the corner it's Don Knotts! :-D


June 27, 2002 - Msg 7642: Eye hav haad a lut of Typ-o's ALSO, DB.
ie. arounG.


June 27, 2002 - Msg 7643: Romeena!Welcome home! We have missed you and the Plum. Sounds like your son has a tropical paradise. No wonder you've been gone so long. :)
I'm glad your Daddy got to go too.


No he isn't. AngeFan, I guess we're even now! :)

AngeFan was ready to let his secret out. He swore me to secrecy a long time ago. Only a couple of people knew, that, yes, he's my son. A good one too, may I add. A little trickster, like his Daddy. The Thelma Lou trick was his Daddy's idea, and I get the retaliation for it! This lady sure did look a LOT like Betty Lynn, a little younger maybe, but just like her.

Asa, It's quiet around here because everybody is at Mickey Dees. Why don't you come on over and sing to us there. Then we'll have the whole place to ourselves! :) Just kidding.

DB, I'm gonna try the candles. I'll let you know how they turn out. They sound wonderful.

I've missed Tom too. Rock and MERLE DEAN and Aunt Bea, Jelsik, and several others too. Fun Girl,check in and let us know how your b'day day was .

Ya'll take care.--Helen

June 27, 2002 - Msg 7644: BTW, I think AngeFan and I will go pray and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Our country needs prayer folks.--Helen

June 27, 2002 - Msg 7645: You know - when I heard about the pledge - it just really ticked me off. My daddy fought long and hard like those others in the different wars for the Atheist in California to keep his religious freedom. And the thanks they get is to have the words "under God" deleted from that text. PLEEEEEEZ! As my daddy says, whe you are in a war - your faith becomes pretty strong and you need God just to help keep your sanity. Maybe that man who brought the lawsuit needs to be put through the test. Sorry - it just really upset me. The next thing will be that our money is unconstitutional as well. I be the man enjoys his paycheck and all those green things that are in his pocket.
Okay - I am off of my soapbox.

Go ahead and sing Asa - as long as it GOD BLESS AMERICA or GOD BLESS THE USA!!


June 27, 2002 - Msg 7646: God Bless Us Everyone!

June 27, 2002 - Msg 7647: For cryin' out loud! I haven't read a paper or watched the news, so I'm just picking up hints here. Is some nut trying to get the pledge of allegiance changed, to omit "under God"? Good grief! When will this nonsense end? Next thing you know, we'll have to recite it in at least three languages whenever it's used. I'm so sick of all this equality, everybody's "rights", being politically correct, my grandson being admonished not to speak "disrespectfully" to the detainees in Guantanamo, nothing is ever my fault, it's always someone else's - all this idiotic stuff that's being jammed down our throats. We have become so concerned about "rights" that we've totally forgotten about what's "right". To partially quote an email I received recently - "This is America. We speak English. We worship God, if we choose to do so. No one makes us, and we can opt out if we wish. We have a lot of rights, one of which is to leave if we're not happy here." The idiot who wants "under God" removed from the pledge can just keep his yap shut during that phrase, when the pledge is recited. He doesn't have to say that part. Conversely, if his suit succeeds and the phrase is deleted, I can and will continue to squeeze that phrase in, every single time!
Whew! Where did all that come from? Not my usual style, but I meant every word, nevertheless.
Now, have a great Mayberry evening, friends. Sugarplum (aka Princess Ruby Pillow) says hey!

June 27, 2002 - Msg 7648: You tell em Romeena. The 9th circuit court has ruled that they cannot recite the Pledge of Alligiance in public schools because of the words under God. I think it's time to take our nation back, if it's not to late.


June 27, 2002 - Msg 7649: It's not too late I don't think. If they don't like the pledge then they can either move or plug up their ears b/c when I become a teacher not only will my class be reciting the pledge I will also have the Ten commamndments some where in the room. The only way to stop me is to hog-tie me!

You can like it, you can lump it, Take it down the road and dump it. Don't dare step on my religion or I'll step on you!

Proudly waving the Chrsitian flag along side ole Glory,

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Miss Dixie (Red, White, Blue) Belle*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

June 27, 2002 - Msg 7650: I agree with all of ya'll, I reckon that guy in CA didn't think his girl should have to 'hear' the words 'under God' when she was in school. Now they are saying something about changing it again, back to leaving the words in, not sure really, turned the tv on right in the middle of the story. Looks to me like if we have to respect their rights, they should in turn respect ours, if they don't want to hear it or say it, don't, but don't stop those who want to from saying or hearing the words! Dadburn it!! makes me madder than a wet hen!

June 27, 2002 - Msg 7651: Go for it, DB. Asa, I guess I'd better start watching the news and/or reading the paper. That's about the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. It's so simple, I don't know why no one sees it. If someone doesn't want to recite the pledge, then remain seated and remain quiet. I'm a Baptist, but I've attended services in Catholic churches for various reasons. I don't make the sign of the cross, I don't bow at the altar (genuflect?), and I don't make the responses. I do kneel when the others kneel, because I never have a problem kneeling before God. I am perfectly comfortable as I sit and observe the service and the sacraments, and while I do not hold the same beliefs as those around me, I respect them. I have never been made to feel odd or strange, but have been treated with courtesy and the same respect that I've tried to show. Again I say, if someone doesn't want to recite that phrase, "under God", then be quiet for those two simple words, and continue with the rest of the pledge.
I'm wondering now how long it will be before the entire pledge is deleted from all occasions, lest it "offend" someone who hails from a different nation. That might be someone who has come here, taken out the half-million dollar loan that is handed out so freely by our government, to start a business, and plans to declare bankruptcy in five years and return to their own country, with the loan unpaid. (Primarily Middle Eastern jewelers, but others do this as well. My brother is a jeweler and in years past he worked for two different Middle Eastern men who were doing just this.) I'm quite sure that it won't be long until someone complains, and we'll just scrap the pledge altogether. Does anyone else see a problem here?? --Romeena

June 27, 2002 - Msg 7652: Mavis, you and I think alike, apparently. Whatever happened to "the majority rules"? Maybe we need a good, old-fashioned, nationwide vote on some of these issues, and let that settle it. --Romeena

June 27, 2002 - Msg 7653: I think we do Ro it just makes me so mad! As for the getting a loan, then filing bankruptcy & moving back home, we have those kind here only they are running restaurants. Hey to 'Plum!

June 27, 2002 - Msg 7654: hey porch
see everyone is up in arms, I totally agree with you all, like they use to say ifin you don't LOVE this Country, Leave it. I'm sure they wont be missed. I voted on line tonight .. it's just a local poll but here is the web address, you may need to type it in ur search thingy. whtitv.com

June 27, 2002 - Msg 7655: oops! wthitv.com
sorry I was typing to fast. Ellen B.

June 27, 2002 - Msg 7656: Hi Porch, the rockers are on fire tonight! I was incensed when I heard the news... we remove God from our schools and our lives and you see what it yeilds. I betcha if we take Him off our money, he smites us off the face of the earth! I think the majority will win out however, and this will have all been an exercise in frustration.

Asey, I had my first day back to work yesterday. Tues. they fired 4 key people - old timers. We are all very upset. One more walked out - so that he "wouldn't kill someone". Jewelers, restauraunts...and e-commerce "dot.gone's". So many angry customers, some sueing the company, and still their leading new and prospective customers down the rosey path of destruction. I'm the only customer service person now, and only 2 acct. mgrs. for 180 customers. My interview in ATL went well, but the position I best fit into isn't available yet. But seeds were planted, and I'm satisfied with that.

Y'all have a lovely evening!
~ Mrs. Wiley

Aunt Bea: "If you won't do it for me, do it for Robie Miller."
Andy: "I don't even know Robie Miller!"

June 27, 2002 - Msg 7657: Good luck on the job Mrs. Wiley. I know things will work out for the best. You'll look back in a year or so and realize that. My Mom found out today that they are eliminating her position and she will possibly have to retire a yr. earlier than she wanted. Seems this kind of thing is happening a lot. Like I told her look at this as an opportunity.

After the 9-11 attacks Bryant Gumble asked a well known preacher, can't remember which, why God allowed these attacks to happen. The evangelist responded that we've asked God out of our schools, court rooms and just about everywhere, and then wonder why He allowed this.He's been ASKED to leave. I'm afraid to think what will happen if we keep pushing Him out of everything. Because Satan will be there to step right in. God help us all.

Ellen B. I'll add one to your web-site. It is grassfire.net . It is a very good site to sign petitions and write senators and things. They do send a lot of e-mails but it's things that I'm passionate about anyway, so I don't mind. Ya'll might want to check it out. I'm checking yours out Ellen B.

I'm going to watch TAGS now and forget about today's problems. Ya'll have a good Mayberry Nite.
Love each and everyone of my fellow porchsters.--Helen

June 27, 2002 - Msg 7658: "You're walking on the fighting side of me.
Talking 'bout a way of life our fighting men have fought and died to keep.
If you don't love it leave it.
Let this song that I'm singing be of warning.
Cause when your talking 'bout our country hoss your walking on the fighting side of me.

Couldn't say it any better than old Merle, so I guess I'll let him do the talking.

My birthday was great. I am blessed with so many wonderful friends, both on and off the porch. I got mostly cash and a couple of meals. Just what I need. LOL

The Darling boys and Charlene are here and will be singing for church this week. They will also be preforming at the Shady Grove Fiddle Fest this summer in Berrien Springs, Michigan.They are singing "Country Roads" as their dad is a fan of the late John Denver. Not to be confused with Denver Pyle, a.k.a. Briscoe Darling, who has trouble getting over the Robert E Lee Natural Bridge.
Little Charlene is even getting into the act this year. For the last 3 years the boys were billed as the Hardware Boys. (Their Daddy owns a "Do It Best" in their town.) I guess this year it will be the Hardware Boys plus one or maybe the Hardware Kids.
Or maybe Lady and the Tramps. tee hee

Have a good un.
Fun Girl

June 28, 2002 - Msg 7659: WHAT IS THIS

June 28, 2002 - Msg 7660: Well good morning ya'll . . .me and the hubby celebrated 8 years. . .let me tell you - it was a true romantic evening, he worked overtime again and the boys were rowdy all day - so that didn't put any of us into a good mood. I made homemade peach "cobblet" (as my 4 year old says) and he was too tired to eat that so I packed it in his lunch for today - another overtime day today. He went to bed early, the boys were sent to bed early for fussin and carrying on and I sat up for 1/2 hour by myself and enjoyed the first peace and quiet of the day. Ain't that a romantic evening. We did have candlelight - I hope that counts:-D LOL A funny note was , the four year old told his daddy that he made the "cobblet" all by himself and mommy helped him:) He did stir the batter that went on top of the peaches.
Well - in Indiana is about 5:30 AM and I think that I am going to get a little rest before I have to officially start this day. (I only got up to make hubby's lunch - he is a little spoiled but Aunt Bee would have been up getting Andy's lunch if he went in at 5) - I am just happy that he is on vacation for 4 days next week.

See you later in the AM!


June 28, 2002 - Msg 7661: Morning Porch. You hang in there homemaker. Hopefully times will slow down for you all.
Glad your back to work Mrs. Wiley. Pray that your Atlanta job comes through for you. Don't overdue it now.
Glad the birthday was so good FunGirl. Makes gettin older almost worth it, huh?
One of the things I love about our porch is ya'll have a great love for God, Family and Country, the three things that I think are the foundation of this great country. And if anyone threatens to try and destroy any of those 3 loves, ya'll get fightin mad. That says a lot about you fine folks. God bless yopu for it.
I'm off to work now cause.... thats what I do.
Where on earth has Hazel run off to? Hope she is ok.
Ya'll have a great Friday and be careful out there.


June 28, 2002 - Msg 7662: We got one more love, Asa: Food.

~ Mrs. Wiley
don't mess with my white beans

June 28, 2002 - Msg 7663: God rest you, John Entwhistle. *snif*

June 28, 2002 - Msg 7664: Morning porch, how is everyone? Slept in this morning. First day all week. You all have a great day. See ya after work. Salty

June 28, 2002 - Msg 7665: Howdy porchsters! I've been busy the last few days and haven't been able to post. I knew ya'll be all het up about the pledge issue. I just knew it. I told my hubby last night when we were listenin to the news, "I haven't been on the porch for a few days, I'll bet they've got somethin to say about all this!" And, I was right. It's great to know that all you friends are so steady and reliable. I am just soooo upset about this pledge thing. How dare somebody do this! And so soon after 9/11 and all the flag-flyin' and God Bless America signs. Give me a break! If you don't hold dear what we do here in this country, there's the border, Get to it! (quoting Aunt Bee) Now to catch up on all the posts I missed...Thanks for that yummy shrimp you brought from Florida, Helen. Glad you had a nice time enjoying the rain, Romeena. Your son's place does sound wonderful. New Neighbor, I'm glad you got you a nice porch for sippin' lemonade. Fun Girl, sorry I missed your birthday. Here's my belated wishes--Happy Birthday! Glad you got some money and such. And Helen, Congrats to your politician friend. Hope he's for keeping God in the pledge. Thanks for the Web site, Ellen B. I'll check it out. Hey to Asa, Mavis, Mrs. Wiley, Jelsik, Dixie Belle, Salty, and everybody else. Glad we have a new generation comin up with Ang Fan and Skippy! Ya'll take care.
Charlotte Tucker

June 28, 2002 - Msg 7666: Well I am up again for my second morning. The boys are in better humor today - at least so far:). It sounds like we need to do a roll call, we have a had a few missing here lately. It is those summertime hurries.
Thanks for the pep talk Asey - the boys are 13 months apart in age (5 and 4) and when they get on a roll - boy do they feed off of each other. I had to discipline alot yesterday. It was such a pleasant anniversary;). We were going to go to Dairy Queen and celebrate (that's if I had made my next goal - which I hadn't). My little boy said today that he thought I had made it and I wasn't fat anymore. That was sweet of him. I told him on my birthday - we were definitely going out to eat (goal or no goal). I a looking forward to having a glass of pepsi. Such Simple pleasures rule my life.

Helen - I am on the grassfire mailing list too. My preacher got me hooked. I was happy that Congress and the President both spoke out quickly on this judges ruling and now the judges are questioning their decision. I wonder if the man who sued was kin to Madeline Murray O'Hara and looked what happened to her.

Well - I need to feed the goats and get some chores done outside while it is a bit cooler.

Take care ya'll.


June 28, 2002 - Msg 7667: Well well well, Charlotte's back with us. Good deal. Thought you had fallen in with an evil companion or something. Good to see ya.
So how is everyone doing on this hot Friday afternoon? Counting down to the weekend here. Ahhhh love them summertime weekends, especially next weekend, a 4 dayer like Mr. homemaker is doing. Anyone got any icecream they wanna share?


June 28, 2002 - Msg 7668: Friends, I'm getting worried. We still haven't heard from Tom. Does anyone know if there's someone in his household that would think to let us know if he was sick? Do we have his email address? I tell you, I'm worried. He's been gone a long time. Hope his rocker didn't slip off the porch. Has anyone checked the forsythia bushes, or the jasmine? --Romeena

June 28, 2002 - Msg 7669: But there might be spiders down in them bushes. If I was a spider, thata where I would go.
Don't worry to much Romeena, Tom tends to drift on us for long spells sometimes. But aren't you the kind one for worrying about him, bless your heart. Sammy says hey to the plumbster and is envious.


June 28, 2002 - Msg 7670: Hey, Asey. The Plum says hey back to Sammy, and says not to be too envious. A pile of pillows is a pile of pillows, no matter what color or whether they're in Florida or Texas! She closed that statement with a big lazy yawn.
About Tom, I know you're right. I remember when he's been out for a while in the past, but it just seems like it's been longer this time. Anyway, I found his email address in Mavis's "Cutlass", and wrote him a short note. Hope he responds, or drops by the porch. I worry about his health.
My grandson is home from Guantanamo, will be coming in tonight to spend the weekend with me and his sister (who lives with me) and I'm really looking forward to seeing him. He visited his mother first, of course, and will spend the Fourth back in the Texas Hill Country with her before he has to return to duty. I'm so excited to have him here, and can't think of enough good things to cook for him! Gotta go make sure his room is shipshape, too, so here I go. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 28, 2002 - Msg 7671:
Miss Dixie, I heared that you was still alooking on a guy watch, so I recon that I will be obliged to give you my address once more. SAM SCOTT 147 NORTH MAIN STREET APT. 3-D MADISONVILLE,KENTUCKY 42431. E MAIL ADDRESS ky- wrestlingfan@hotmail.com GOD BLESS SAM SCOTT

June 28, 2002 - Msg 7672:
One Nation Under God...

possum under a rock

June 28, 2002 - Msg 7673: You said it, possum. What that pitiful soul fails to realize is that this nation IS under God, whether he chooses to acknowledge it or not. Sadly, he'll find it out some day. Even more sadly, so will the little girl he's trying to "protect" from hearing about that God. Sad, sad, sad. Every Christian should be praying for that person right now, but I confess, I find it difficult at times. --Romeena

June 28, 2002 - Msg 7674: Hey Porch! Helen I get GrassFires, I like it. Ro HUG that Military Man for me. My Son is a Sgt. in the Army. I am so proud of him & all our Military. That is my youngest son, my oldest son is a TruckDriver/PipeFitter, I am proud of him also. He use to help build those big ships for the Military & has hauld cargo for them so he is right up there with the Military as far as I'm concerned. I'm very PROUD of my Boys & they as will are proud of me, so they tell me. LOL. Have a Great Weekend all.... Ellen B

June 28, 2002 - Msg 7675: Hey, Ellen B. Isn't it wonderful when your kids grow up to be people you like and can be proud of? Now I'm having that lovely experience again, with my grandchildren as well. The one just back from Guantanamo is 21, and his sister is 20. Then we have a span of several years, and the other four are 9 and younger, all boys. Good kids, every one of them. Yes, I'm very proud of them. --Romeena

June 29, 2002 - Msg 7676: Morning porch, how is everyone this morning. I just dont know what to think of all thats going on with the nation right now. First prayer and now the pledge? I would get on my soap box too about it. But I am too mad right now. Later on I will. Granny came home from Hos. yesterday. Things are sounding a little better. Yall take care THE WEEKEND IS HERE!!--Salty Dog

June 29, 2002 - Msg 7677: Top of the Mornin Porch! Coffee Tea, Coca, biscutes, gravt, eggs, toast , sweet rools home made.. BLT for those who wish. It's all ready come & get it. SD glad to hear ur Granny is home, give her a Hug for me. Y'all have a great weekend & let Gods Sonshine in ur life. I've got a lot to do around here. Hubby is layed off now for a week. I still have to work. Thats life ... LOL... ((((HUGS))))) FOR EVERYONE. ... eLLEN b

June 29, 2002 - Msg 7678: Top of the Mornin Porch! Coffee Tea, Coca, biscutes, gravt, eggs, toast , sweet rools home made.. BLT for those who wish. It's all ready come & get it. SD glad to hear ur Granny is home, give her a Hug for me. Y'all have a great weekend & let Gods Sonshine in ur life. I've got a lot to do around here. Hubby is layed off now for a week. I still have to work. Thats life ... LOL... ((((HUGS))))) FOR EVERYONE. ... Ellen B

June 29, 2002 - Msg 7679: HUH? How did that happen ??? EB

June 29, 2002 - Msg 7680: Thanks for the wonderful breakfast Miss Ellen, I don't mind the second helpings. I'll bet Asa doesn't mind either. I need to run down to the drug store, get the car washed at Wally's, and take a load of books to the hospital.

What's everyone cooking for my oldest daughter's b'day (the 4th of July)?

~ Mrs. Wiley

June 29, 2002 - Msg 7681: We are cooking out hamburgers and hot dogs. Also deviled eggs, and cheesecake, b Just some of our favorites. We celebrate on the 3rd with some friends. Their town has fire works on that day and then we have people here for the 4th, as sitting on our deck you can see the fireworks at the park just wonderful.

June 29, 2002 - Msg 7682: Oops, hit the wrong button. Ended my message before I could say that Little Opie and I are going to see the WWE when they come to Indianapolis in a couple weeks and boy is he excited. If I see the Rock, I will tell him ya'll said hello and to mind his manners and let a body know when he is going off and we wont hear from him for a while. Everyone have a great weekend. HUGS!
Fun Girl

June 29, 2002 - Msg 7683: May the pledge of alligence stand forever. God bless AMERICA. LAND THAT I LOVE. SAM SCOTT



June 29, 2002 - Msg 7686: I saw a reference that the ROCK has not been heard from recently. Was he really the ROCK from WWF-WWE. ROCK, if you are seeing this, I am a big wrestling fan and glad you are a TAGS fan. SAM SCOTT.

June 29, 2002 - Msg 7687: Sam Scott, Dixie Belle is only 18 or 19 (I think), and as you told us last week on your birthday that you were 49, that might be just too big of an age difference.

June 29, 2002 - Msg 7688: Hey Sam Scott--I do not think that our Rock and the one on WWE are one in the same. My but the one on WWE is nice to look at though. "Aw Pa,cain't I just look at the purty man." I guess that might account for the Rock's long absence on the porch though. You know with him having to promote his movie and all. Little Opie is a big fan of Hollywood Hulk Hogan. I myself prefer Triple H, although many of the wrestlers are easy on the eyes.

Had a wonderful weekend with the Darling boys and Charlene. She definately rules the roost around their house.

Peace to the porchsters.
Fun Girl

June 30, 2002 - Msg 7689: Hey to the porch. Sorry I aint been on much lately.
- Hazel

I'm no good... I'm just no good.

June 30, 2002 - Msg 7690: Hey yall back from the races. And what a night! Hubby finished sixth, down two places from last week which was ok. But in the other divisions there was quite an uproar. They disqualified a whole division simply because the refused to be weighed after the race. Now there is nothing in the rules and regs about having a specific weight. But needless to say there are some unhappy people around tonight. So the drivers got together and decided that none of them are even gonna go next Sat. Anyway hope yall had a good Saturday. I have heard enough fighting for one night and am off to bed. But talking about purty "wrasslers" I always liked Shawn Michaels an HHH too. Well see yall at preaching in the morning. Nite --Salty Dog

June 30, 2002 - Msg 7691: We sure are a diversified bunch here on the porch, everything from rasslin to race cars to eatin, to education. Makes for enjoyable reading.:)
Yea Hazel, just where have you been? And what about you and that Edger Colemen feller, up gluing hymn books to all hours of the morning? Is it gonna be Edger or us, cause thats juast about the situation as it exsists.:) ( I always thought that line was funny)
Here's hoping you have a great Sabbath. Anyone for a picnic after preachin?


June 30, 2002 - Msg 7692: Good Sabbath Porch! Asa, I saw Barn that line the other day - it IS a treasure! Picnic sounds gooOOOD - I have a duck soaking in brine, should be ready for roasting this afternoon. Salty, I always love a good strike. Did you try inciting all the drivers to shout: "WE WILL NOT DRIVE, WE WILL NOT DRIVE!"? Worked for Aunt Bea.

~ Mrs. Wiley

June 30, 2002 - Msg 7693: HAHAHAHAHA Yer a caution Mrs. Wiley. Mmmmm duck sounds real good. Maybe Salty can brang some boiled ramps. Hazel, a nanner cream pie. Mmmmm
I'm enticed now.


June 30, 2002 - Msg 7694: Mmm, Nanna cream pie twangs my buds! How 'bout it Hazel? ~ Mrs. Wiley

June 30, 2002 - Msg 7695: I just checked, and I've got the bananas to swing it. So I'm bringing the pie. Did you all want me to bring my meatballs again this year? I know how everybody likes em.
- Hazel

June 30, 2002 - Msg 7696: Morning porch! A picnic oh I love picnics. I will bring the fried chicken and a watermelon and a jug of sweet tea. But my chicken dont taste like wall paper paste. Asey, you and yer nanner cream pie. Why not peach pie? It's much better. Oh and I'll bring my volleyball and badmitton set too. See yall later--Salty

June 30, 2002 - Msg 7697: Sounds like we got us an event planned. Brang them meatballs Hazel, and I'll brang my golf clubs, the ones with titanium steel heads so's they don't get damaged.:)
Peach pie is fine to Salty, but I got a hankerin for nanna cream now, and Hazel's is extry good.
Wonder if Mavis will come and sing at us?


June 30, 2002 - Msg 7698: I'll bring the potato chips and some soda pop,as I am not much of a cook. I know there are some Pepsi drinkers among us so I will bring that as well as Coke. Anyone care for Mt. Dew. I love the new Code Red. Asa, you may bring your golf clubs only if your promise not to hit anyone in the head.

Hey Salty, Shawn Michaels is fine to look at too, but there is something dark and foreboding about Triple H. I kinda like that BAD BOY thing he has going on, and those eyes are killer. (He and my hubby are about as oposite as you can get, as Mike is a teddy bear and such a sweetie!) That Triple H really twangs my buds.

Where is my buddy BDJ? Is he still down in the Land of Margaritaville and Papa Hemmingway. And if not where has the world travler run off to now?
(Maybe the R.E. Lee Natural Bridge.)

Wish we could all run of to Mayberry for a vacation. Such a wonderful little town.

Fun Girl


June 30, 2002 - Msg 7700: Hey Fun Girl. . .we watch them wrasslers too - every Monday evening and Saturday too. I personally like Jerry the King Lawler. He may be old but in his younger days with Memphis - whoo! I do not care for the Undertaker at all and I must agree - the Rock ain't bad to look at!
My husband and I always stayed at home on Saturday evenings (when we dated) to watch WCW wrestling. Now that's dedication to wrestlling - LOL! And I still married him.

Sam Scott - you need to check out www.yahoo.com to find you a girl. They have pictures of the girls looking to meet eligible men. Check them out. I agree - Miss Dixie Bell is way to young for you. Sorry that's my 2 cents worth.

We will be going to the town's 4th of July parade on Thursday. I don't think we will be going to the fireworks though - the traffic is atrocious! No picnic either - maybe I will splurge to make deviled eggs and grill hotdogs for the boys. Corn on the cob sounds good too!
Well - I've jabbered on long enough. Take care ya'll.


June 30, 2002 - Msg 7701: I declair, that was a dandy picnic! ~ Mrs. Wiley

Andy Griffith is on TCM (Turner Classic Movie channel)



June 30, 2002 - Msg 7704:
Welcome Britney - I believe you have said a mouthful.

July 01, 2002 - Msg 7705: Where is everyone??? Why it is 5:45 here and no one is up to make breakfast yet? Okay - I guess I'll make eggs and bacon for us all. I think toast and homemade grape jelly would taste good too. There is plenty of goat milk, coffee and tea for all and I think my boys have finished off the home squeezed orange juice (I even strained the pulp out for Asey). And I'll be a dear and clean up after ya'll when you're finished. Just remember to smile and have a good day at work and know that someone on the porch thinks you are all very special!


July 01, 2002 - Msg 7706: My goodness homemaker, aren't you chipper this morning. You made my day, thank you. Breakfast was dy-no-mite. Never had goat milk before though. Is it good? How is it compared to moo juice?
Short week this week with the 4th and all. One of my favorite holidays for sure. Maybe we should plan a big ol porch party for the 4th. Breakfast, Parade, games, pet contest, softball game, watermelon eating contest, a band concert followed by fireworks. Who is on the holiday committe? Sounds like fun don't it? I'll even sing a solo for you.
Well, everyone be safe today and have a good Monday. Later gang.


July 01, 2002 - Msg 7707: SAY! that's a good idea, Asey...I've got the fireworks to swing it....
I'll start working on the bandstand...
I'll take some goat milk, homemaker....
there's nothing wrong with it, it's good, I like it...

July 01, 2002 - Msg 7708: signed:

Jelsik T. Bulkhead

July 01, 2002 - Msg 7709: By the way . . .there is a fresh peach pie waiting to be cut for your first coffee break of the day. . .maybe you will want to save it for a luch dessert and have some ice cream on top of it. MMM goood!


Thanks for the compliments Asey and Jelsik - I aim to please!

July 01, 2002 - Msg 7710: that should be lunch!

July 01, 2002 - Msg 7711: Good Mornin Porch!
Off to work have a great day in the Lord. Ellen Brown
Hey tot he earler birds Asa, HM, Jelsik

July 01, 2002 - Msg 7712: early birds... LOL

July 01, 2002 - Msg 7713: Morning, friends! homemaker, that breakfast was great! My blood sugar will suffer, but I guess it'll get over it. Never drank goat's milk (didn't try it today, either), but I love goat cheese. Do you ever make it? I've learned the best place to buy it is Sam's. You can pay $3-4.00 for a tiny little 3oz package at the grocery store, or get a big 9oz package for about $4 at Sam's. And it's goooood! Soften to room temp, and spread it on seasoned crackers - yum! I'll bet the homemade stuff would be wonderful.
Folks, we still haven't heard from Tom. I emailed him several days ago, the mailer demon didn't intercept and send it back, so I assume it went through, but there has been no reply. I'm really pretty worried about that sweet guy. I miss his poems, too. Anybody got any ideas?
My soldier grandson is here, going back to his army post today. Has been lovely having him here. He's a joy to be with.
Well, have a good day, friends. We've got rain again today here in the Dallas area, thank the Lord. We sure needed it. --Romeena

July 01, 2002 - Msg 7714: Hey just checkin' in
gotta go

July 01, 2002 - Msg 7715: Hey to Homemaker, Asa, Jelsik, Ellen Brown and Romeena and anyone else sitting on the porch. I'll help out with the 4th of July party plans. I could guard the cannon if you want me too. Thanks for always making us breakfast and cleaning up after us Homemaker. You're the cats.
- Hazel

Barney: "I've got a special place in my heart for 'Old Glory' and what she stands for."

July 01, 2002 - Msg 7716: Dixie, we was posting at the same time; didn't see you. Have a great day.
- Hazel

July 01, 2002 - Msg 7717: Good Monday morning porch! B'fast was great Homemaker, I've never tried goat milk before either. Never been one to try "different" foods. Maybe I should. I'll try it next time. Thanks for the peach pie too. YYUUMMM!

I'll be on the 4th committee Asa. Fun Girls porch sounds nice. Maybe we can have it there, that way we can watch fire works too. Maybe you can sing during the loud fireworks show. ;)

Romeena,I know you enjoyed your Grandson. Is he going back to G. Bay? Our friend is in from Guantanamo Bay too. He was going back today. I wonder if they know each other?

Hey Britney, welcome to the porch. You're welcome to come to our 4th of July celebration! I'm glad theses young ones love TAGS so much. Maybe they'll keep it on another 40 years.

Ya'll have a good Monday--Helen

July 01, 2002 - Msg 7718: Well I am posting two in a row. Shame on all of you. It's time to do something about my multiplying laundry as we will have company on the 4th. I am just glad Aunt Bee is not here to slave me around. You know Otis and me call her Bloody Mary.

I think maybe Opie and I will go and see the Scooby Doo movie this week. Someone said that the plot wasn't that good, but when I see movies based on old cartoons I have to see them to see how much they match the cartoons. For example, I thought that the Flintstones movie was great. They made it seem like a real Bedrock and the cast they picked was great. Boy Rosie O'Donnell sure had Betty Rubble's laugh down pat. Hey yesterday my sister told me I have feet like Barney Rubble. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with that? I don't think that my feet are ugly. And besides, if my car ever breaks down all I have to do is cut a hole in the floor and push with my feet and away we go!
Have a good 'un.
Fun Girl

July 01, 2002 - Msg 7719: Well I am posting two in a row. Shame on all of you. It's time to do something about my multiplying laundry as we will have company on the 4th. I am just glad Aunt Bee is not here to slave me around. You know Otis and me call her Bloody Mary.

I think maybe Opie and I will go and see the Scooby Doo movie this week. Someone said that the plot wasn't that good, but when I see movies based on old cartoons I have to see them to see how much they match the cartoons. For example, I thought that the Flintstones movie was great. They made it seem like a real Bedrock and the cast they picked was great. Boy Rosie O'Donnell sure had Betty Rubble's laugh down pat. Hey yesterday my sister told me I have feet like Barney Rubble. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with that? I don't think that my feet are ugly. And besides, if my car ever breaks down all I have to do is cut a hole in the floor and push with my feet and away we go!
Have a good 'un.
Fun Girl

July 01, 2002 - Msg 7720: Hey Fun Girl - Scooby Doo wasn't that bad. We saw it on Friday. My favorite is still Shaggy ( and he looks like Shaggy too) and Scooby of course. Even Mr. Bean is in it. I really appreciated the fact that where they had bikini scenes - no thongs were to be seen. And I don't remember to many curse words either. I saw it at a Matinee - cheaper tickets!


July 01, 2002 - Msg 7721: Hey back Hazel :)


July 01, 2002 - Msg 7722: That's where the money is, feet. His wife's father was Jenson, Jenson Orthopedic Loafers. Yeah, the old man knew where the money was.

Feet......Brother, you are soooo right.

Fun Girl, maybe you should get a pair of those loafers.


July 01, 2002 - Msg 7723: TheMaskedSinger? Are you the beloved TMS of porch rockin gone by?

July 01, 2002 - Msg 7724: One in the same...


July 01, 2002 - Msg 7725: ...Masked Singer's his name..."


July 01, 2002 - Msg 7726: evenin porch

July 01, 2002 - Msg 7727: H'dy, sheriff

July 01, 2002 - Msg 7728: Wow - The Masked Singer has returned. . .do you think you could give Asey singing lessons - acupulco style?


July 01, 2002 - Msg 7729: Acapella, Acapella, doo doo doota doo doo, I can't remember all the words

July 01, 2002 - Msg 7730: Are we suppose to start using our initials now?
- H

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7731: Is that H Helen, h homemaker or H Hazel? Too doggone many rules...too many rules...I just don't cotton to it!

Good morning porch! It's going to be a stressful next 2 weeks friends. They took me aside at work yesterday and said "we really want to keep you on..we're trying to keep you, so do you mind being the receptionist as well as doing your work? We don't like the receptionist we just hired. You can do your job at the front desk can't you?" The gall!! I run 200mph all day - all over the building! Why didn't they just hit me in the mouth with a leg of lamb? Guess I need to brush up on my door-to-door sellin' skills.

Hey to TMS, Jelsik, Miss Ellen, db, FunGirl, Asa and everyone. Y'all say a prayer for all poor souls that have lost (or are about to loose) a job.

This is what they call the deadly game. I'm in it for keeps.
~ Mrs. Wiley

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7732: Hey - why sulk? I should fix y'all breakfast!

KrispyKreemes, eggs your way, MEAT, biscust and sawmill gravy, coffee tea and punch - thankyou!

~ Mrs. Wiley

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7733: I'm sure sorry to hear about your job, Mrs. Wiley. I hope it works out for you. I did hear they need a brine tester over at the pickle factory. Thanks for breakfast. I wonder when Rock is coming back. He must have decided to stay on at the Y, he loves that corner room. Keep a good thought, everybody.
- Hazel

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7734: Hazel, that breakfast special is hard to beat too. ~ Mrs. Wiley

Goober: "Hey Andy, read it to me again. You know, the part about the breakfast."

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7735: Well I better go, it's almost 5 o'clock and I don't want to be late to Mrs. Wiley's for breakfast. One thing I'll say Mrs. Wiley, they must like the work you do cause they keep giving you more of it to to. I pray for your situation dear.
Where has Salty Dog run off to? Ain't seen her since that picnic up at the lake. She did ride home with you homemaker, didn't she?
And where is Charlotte at? And Tom, and Rock? You folks holler at us and let us know you is ok.
Well off to work. Ya'll be good. Can't wait for the 4th to be here.


July 02, 2002 - Msg 7736: Asa - I thought Salty was with YOU! Oh me,oh my - what are we to do??
Thanks for breakfast Mrs. Wiley and by the way - if I use my initials, it is always HM.
I am powerful sorry to hear about your work situation. You don't think your boss and our director of special education are one in the same, do you? That sounds like the trick she pulls on us most of the time. Hang in there dear!

Another day of hot, muggy weather here. . . .

homemaker (HM)

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7737: Oh no. You mean Salty is still up at the lake? Maybe she walked over to O'Malleys cabin to wait for someone to come back for her. Bless her heart.
- Hazel

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7738: Here I am!! I was just looking at the ducks. Getting ready to go to work. Didn't mean to be quiet, I am usually very verbal. Well yall have a good day and for the ones who lucked up with a long weekend get out and enjoy it.I get to work for 10 hours Wed and Thrs both. Mrs. Wiley hope things get better for you. OK I have complained enough. Yall have a great day and I will see ya after work. --Salty D

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7739: BLUE!! BLUE!! Never mind Blue, here's Salty. BLUE!! BLUEEEE!!!


July 02, 2002 - Msg 7740: Thought I'd stop by the porch for a moment to say hay to all Mayberrians, who I believe are true Americans! Here's something that might warm your patriotic hearts:

Katharine Lee Bates

See the digest for more patriotic themes.
Your Mayberry neighbor, Dooley

..one nation under God..and Justice for all!

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7741: Howdy, friends! Mrs. Wiley, I'm sure sorry about your job problems. I'll be praying for God to open a new door for you, or at least a window! I once wrote a little treatise/commentary on the things that happen in the workplace. Kinda fun. Subtitled "The Law of Supply or Get Canned". Started it when "downsizing" first hit town.
I'm also raising a prayer of thanks. I've been worried sick about the Plum. Somehow, yesterday around noon she found a chicken wing bone - I have no idea where, really - and bit it in two, tried to swallow the big half, and got it stuck in her throat. She was having trouble breathing, was gagging and coughing, and generally in distress. I got her to her vet as fast as I could, and he immediately referred me to a specialized animal surgery clinic, way out in North Dallas. I got her out there, and they said it had to be removed, it wouldn't go down. So they sedated her, and kept her overnight, then went after it with a scope this morning. If that failed, surgery was next, but I'm happy to say they got it. She looked pretty rough when they brought her out, and she's very groggy, didn't even know me. They're keeping her at least until tomorrow, on IVs because she can't eat yet. So now I've got to try to sleep and go back to work, and try not to worry about her. I'm taking tomorrow night off so I can be with her after she comes home. Poor little baby. Wish I knew where she got that bone.
Well, gotta hit the hay. Worked last night, back again tonight. Have a great day, friends. --Romeena (Sugarplum's grateful mom)

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7742: Prayers for that darling little Plum and her worried sick Mamma! Glad she's OK!! ~ Mrs. Wiley

Thanks y'all for the prayers and kind words. :-)

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7743: Hey all! Glad to see everyone. Well, I guess I don't have too much to share today. Besides the fact that the Braves are on a ROLL!! They are pulling wins out of the clear blue sky in situations you wouldn't believe!

GO Atlanta!


Miss Dixie Belle

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7744: BTW Ditto on Msg 7742 ;)


July 02, 2002 - Msg 7745: DixieBelle, I've seen our bekloved Braves do some wonderul stuff - especially in '91.

~ Mrs. Wiley
as my 2 yr. old used to say: "Tommahop Chop"

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7746: Urp.....Boy I'm full.....Urp.....

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7747: LOL Mrs. Wiley! I'm Hopin' beyond hope that We'll win the Series this year:)


July 02, 2002 - Msg 7748: The lol was about the "Tommahop Chop"


July 02, 2002 - Msg 7749: Hey Romeena, thats scary about the plumster. Glad she is ok though. Don't you go worrying to much now.
Hey to D.B. and our lovely overworked underpaid Mrs. Wiley. I don't follow baseball so I can't comment on that topic, but you just wait till football season rolls around. Me and Mavis are bad for arguing that, course she always loses.:)


July 02, 2002 - Msg 7750: Mrs. Wiley--Next time the boss piles more work on you, go up to his office door, bite the end off of your snowcone, suck all the juice out and then hand it to him. (Worked for Barn.)

I chipped a tooth eating a piece of hard candy, so I am off to the dentist.
Not so much Fun Girl

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7751: Also tell him that the tears on your pillow bespeak the pain that is in your heart. He's not talking to a jerk you know.

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7752: You're KIDDING, Mrs. Wiley....you're just saying that to see that vein on my neck stick out...you LIKE that, don't you?
Well, my Cardinals are seeking revenge this year for the shellacking they took 5 or 6 years ago from the Tommahop Chop gang...
you better gird your loins sister...you've got a fight on your hands...

Jelsik T. Bulkhead

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7753: Hey guys, back home from work before my long days start. Prayers for the Plum and her momma too. Bless her heart. Yall take care, Salty Dog

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7754: Hi, all. Thanks for the kind words. Just spoke to the veterinary staff - the Plum is doing fine, still very sleepy, still on IVs, can't eat yet. Good possibility of taking her home tomorrow. Poor little baby. --Romeena

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7755: I have to share a Sammy story with you guys. My little weiner dog has one character flaw. He would sell his soul for a hot dog. He has a love for hot dogs like none I have ever seen. Anyway, I like to slip one somewhere under the couch or by a chair sometimes and then watch him when he comes into the room and find it. He is such a hoot, just like the hotdog god has paid him a visit while he was gone. Well one day I slipped one under the counter in the kitchen while he was in another room. Sure enough, when he walks into the kitchen his nose begins twitching and he locates his prize in seconds and has it devoured. About three minutes later he begins to lurch like he is going to hurl, and sure enough, he does. He brings up the entire hotdog, completely in tact, without so much as a tooth mark on it. We couldn't believe it. He ate it again this time deciding to chew it. Oh them critters keep you in stitches sometimes.


July 02, 2002 - Msg 7756: hey porch! Asa I can't believe he ate the whole thing. Thank God he didn't choke. I work fora lady that has a weiner dog, Trudy is her name. Shw is so cute. Her owner has Weiner dogs all over her house, some blown glass, what nots, pictures, scrafs and on and on , it really looks nice. My lil Pollyanna says hey to Sammy. Ellen Brown

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7757: We used to have a c0cker spaniel, who died when he was about 10 years old. Anyhow, one time he got a stick stuck up his nose. He kept sneezing and sneezing, we finally took him to the vet who had to do an xray and discovered he had a stick stuck clear up in his sinus cavity. They had to keep him overnight for surgery. They do find the durnest stuff to get into. I'm glad the Plum is going to be ok, Romeena.
- Hazel

Dogs, nothin' but dogs...

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7758: The censor wouldn't let me put in the type of dog I had without changing the spelling a little bit. Where's the mayor, I need to report this...

July 02, 2002 - Msg 7759: Evening Porchsters! Missed lots the last few days, Ro my thoughts are with you & Plum, let me tell ya tho, they are all pretty groggy when they come out of surgery, esp. the little ones, not recognizing you is a normal thing for all them. Asa don't go knocking my Redskins already, we ain't even started the season yet, you tryin to get a headstart or something?? Sorry I missed all that food, but everybody wants their doggies done up for the holiday & I have been busy grooming & making red white & blue bows for the last few days! Mrs. Wiley how old will your daughter be? My son Jake will be 14 on the 4th! Ain't it neat having a 'firecracker' baby? At least I ALWAYS have his birthday off. Hey to Salty, DB, Ellen B, Jelsik, TMS, homemaker, Hazel, possum, Fun Girl, Dooley & Brittnay shewwww that was alot of amenities! And yes if ya'll want me to I'll sing at ya for the picnic!