August 25, 2002 - Msg 8645: We missed you too Charlotte dear, glad you're back with us!

Boo, better brush your teeth after that encounter!

~ Mrs. Wiley
roast beef, mashed taters and steamed carrots are on the table if you're interested. Someone bring some cold tea!

August 25, 2002 - Msg 8646: Howdy, everybody! Where's my rocker? Oh, there it is. Ahhhh, comfort! Charlotte, there is indeed a "Spaghetti Warehouse" (you were close) restaurant in the West End. It's an Italian restaurant housed in an old red brick warehouse building. In fact, about everything in the West End is in an old red brick warehouse building, because that's about all that's there! It's kinda interesting, lots of pokey little shops and such, but nothing to make a special trip for, at least not from very far away. It's a fun destination on the train from suburbia, but I wouldn't drive in from Oklahoma or anything.
Mavis, when one of my daughters was about ten, she acquired a parakeet and while we were considering names, she said maybe she'd name him after that explorer, that "Lieutenant Bird". After we all embarrassed her thoroughly by roaring with laughter, her brother informed her that it was "Admiral Byrd". Miffed, she said she liked "Lieutenant Bird" better, and that became the little parakeet's name, often shortened to Louie. He was a cute little guy, whatever his rank may have been.
Well, have a great evening, folks. Sugarplum says hey!--Romeena

August 25, 2002 - Msg 8647: Whooosh! Who was that masked sweeper??--Romeena

August 25, 2002 - Msg 8648: As far as I can recollect the Grit paper was just about country folk and items that interested them. Kinda puts me in mind of something that you would see at a Cracker Barrel. I don't know if it is still around. My grandma has been gone for 12 years and she is the only one who I remember reading it. I will check around and see what I can see.

Fun Girl

August 25, 2002 - Msg 8649: Ok, checked around and what I got was that the Grit newspaper was a predecessor to the National Enquirer and the Globe, but that the stories were believable, most of the time. I didn't read if the paper was still in circulation or not. It was just kind of a nostalgia article and it just mentioned the paper.
Fun Girl

August 25, 2002 - Msg 8650: Ok, ya'll told me if I missed something to click on Archives. I did that and it didn't work. What am I doin wrong?--Boo

August 25, 2002 - Msg 8651: Hey Fun Girl, disppointed in thinking Grit was similar to Inquirer, I did some Internet searching myself. I found a site in which I found the newspaper (now a magazine) is alive and well... here's a portion of the description. "dedicated to bringing readers good news. GRIT focuses not on age or abilities, but on at-itude - taking a positive approach to life. In each issue, we celebrate our readers' courage, dedication and determination to make a difference." I read a couple of stories and they were "uplifters." Next week Asa, let's you, me, possum, Salty, Boo, and whoever else is game go find where TKAM is playin'. Maybe Mrs. Asa should go along to keep you and your Brylcreme in line!
Charlotte Tucker

Andy: not a friendship?? dance--not an uplifter's dance, a CHURCH dance! Tryin' to get me used to the location.

August 25, 2002 - Msg 8652: Boo, Click on archives and then choose the dates that you want to review. Try again!

August 25, 2002 - Msg 8653: Hey Charlotte, welcome back! And greetings to all you porch sitters! Well, here in Michigan it's back to school time and all that and I am starting to get anxious for fall colors! I just LOVE the fall! How does Autumn strike in all you other porchster's neck of the woods? Here we have the most beautiful reds, golds, yellows, and I especially like the oranges. We have some evergreens to provide contrast and some of the bluest skies you ever want to see. The smell of the leaves and dirt, I'm sorry I just love it! And of course the cider mills, I can just taste those apples now. Excuse me while I wipe that little drip offen my chin! I suppose that's one of the things I like about TKAMB, parts of it are prominently set in the fall. Well, blessings and good night to all of you and a wish for a great tomorrow filled with all God's best for you all!
Mary Wiggins

August 26, 2002 - Msg 8654: Good Morning Porch Pals! MW, you make me actually smell the dirt and leaves...thank you for that vivid description of Fall in your parts! Here in central FL, there is no fall. Just Summer and Spring (for 2-3 weeks). Bacon, Biscuts/toast, grits and eggs are on the stove...y'all stop by on the way to work!

~ Mrs. Wiley
Aunt Bea: "WAIT, WAIT wait wait wait! Here, here's a sack of sandwiches in case you get hungry!"

August 26, 2002 - Msg 8655: Morning, porch!
- Hazel

August 26, 2002 - Msg 8656: Morning Porch, I declare I think I'll have some of that good breakfast Mrs. Wiley while I admire the leaves too. We get some pretty colors around here, especially up in the mountains. Just wish we didn't have to deal with what comes after fall. I'm not to big a fan of winter.
Prayers for our Hazel. Hope she is well.
You all have a great Monday.


August 26, 2002 - Msg 8657: Mornin'. Thanks for that fine breakfast, Mrs. Wiley. All this talk about fall. I 'm sorta ready for it myself. As much as I love summer (and hate winter), I'm still gettin' ready for fall--local high school football games, fall colors, preparing the yard for winter, and eatin' lots of chili. I have always thought I'd like to move to Florida but I'd sure miss Fall! Lookin' forward to a drive my mom and I always go on in early October here in Illinois called the Spoon River Drive. It's a drive of good food, craft shows, and garage sales. We love it. Everybody have a great day!
Charlotte Tucker

August 26, 2002 - Msg 8658: Mary Wiggins, I'm green with envy!! We don't even have Fall here in South Texas. Nothing changes color except the grass might get a little greener than in the Summer. We have Live Oak and Mesquite trees everywhere and they don't change color or drop their leaves. We will have an occasional cool front usually starting in October and it might get in the 70's or 80's during the day and the air is dryer. It only lasts a couple of days, then it gets pretty warm again. There does seem to be a different smell in the air, though, and I like that. I remember one Halloween about 8 yrs ago when it was 30 degrees but that is very rare. We generally run the air conditioning year round. Even in the winter, it might get chilly for a few days and then it is back up in the 80's again. We often run the air conditioning on Christmas (we just turn it on real cold and light the fireplace!!). One thing I haven't figured out is down here almost everybody has a fireplace and almost nobody has a swimming pool-go figure! We do eat chili as soon as the first cool front comes in and open the windows, which is a real treat. It's the only time of the year you feel really comfortable sitting on the porch down here! I have to tell you I get REAL dissapointed when it is hot on Christmas, so you folks who get a white Christmas , try and enjoy it. My kids never get to build a snowman unless they leave the state. My boy has never been on a sled,---Boo

August 26, 2002 - Msg 8659: Hey, Boo, your winter sounds a lot like ours here in the Dallas area. We do get colder than you describe, and most years we get at least one really cold spell, with temps down in the teens, but it usually only lasts a day or two, and there's no snow to speak of, just frozen-over roads and a whole bunch of wrecks. We, too, have run the a/c on Christmas in order to have a fire in the fireplace. When you have a house full of company on Christmas, you just sorta have to have a cheery fire burning. Of course everyone is in shorts and shirtsleeves, and no one sits very close to the fire! We make a lot of iced tea, but not much cocoa. Oh, well, it's still fun.
Well, got to work tonight, so need a nap. Have a good afternoon, friends, and Sugarplum says hey!

August 26, 2002 - Msg 8660: Evening Porch. Been a rough one here at the Neff house, started off with a migraine, the the Dach. got hold of my little Green Cheek Conure, didn't kill her, but scared her & me half to death! I have tried to break her of going after the birds, but so far, no luck. Anyways, thought I would join in & say howdy & that your mother & you are in my prayers Tom. Now for the fall here in my neck of the woods, I have to brag a bit, it's what I call God's Coloring Book (well the Country Gentlemen said it first & I liked it!) Perfect description. Here's an address to let ya'll see it too...
still not ready to join the spiders if the porch falls, so ya'll have to work to see it, but it's worth it. Still no bird name, but I do like Briscoe.

August 26, 2002 - Msg 8661: Evening porch, lots going on here tonight. Have a good nite I am off to bed. See yall in the morning--Salty Dog

August 26, 2002 - Msg 8662: Just checking in. Hope everyone is well. I'll catch up tomorrow. Have a good nite.--Helen

August 27, 2002 - Msg 8663: Well, Boo, don't get to jealous! We also have winter here and that can get pretty nasty. We can get snowfalls that are 3 feet deep but usually only a half foot to a foot. The further north you go they really get hit. Sometimes folks around here get to SHOVEL OUR ROOFS! At Christmas I have a fire in the fireplace, but I don't turn on the air, that's for sure! With all the people here, and the oven going, I do sometimes open the kitchen window for a little bit! Mavis, I've been in your neck of the woods in the fall, and it sure is God's Coloring book. I have always heard the autumn season in Vermont and other parts out that way are sensational. I have never been there but I sure hope to one day. Romeena, I oughta try serving ice tea this Christmas and just tell my guests my Texas friend gave me the idea! Well, I'm gonna leave you all a regional favorite from our parts, a nice cold bottle of Vernor's ginger ale. It's real cold now so watch your fillings!
Have a great day,
Mary Wiggins

August 27, 2002 - Msg 8664: Morning Porch. Mary Wiggins, it sounds like you and me have simular winters. They get very cold and usually very snowy, although the last several have been find of dry. I have had to shovel my roof more than once. No fun atalll. A perfect season for me would be a nice warm fall that lasts till December 1st, then snow but not to cold till Janurary 1st, and then the first day of spring. If anyone has such a climate where they live, please let me know, I'll be moving there soon.
Hey Helen, sorry I missed you last night. Good to see you. I am at work right now but I will send you the info you wanted tonight when I get home.
Hope everyone has a great day. Mrs. Asa is gone all week on a business trip. I can't cook, not a lick. Sure hope I survive. I'm already getting week.


August 27, 2002 - Msg 8665: Oh No! Mrs. Asa gone?! We are all in trouble now, Asa will be into everything! Reckon we could all take turns fixin him supper & stuff & keep an eye on him. That would help some. Just no hanging Christmas lights at Romeena's house!

August 27, 2002 - Msg 8666: All this talk about fall and Christmas gives me goosebumps. I love them both. Cold here where I live too but we sure haven't had much in the way of snow the last few years (oops, I probably ought not of said that!). I like your version of winter, Asa--snow from Dec. 1 to Jan. 1! That's a good one! Asa, I'll call Peggy and have her come right over and make some meals for you while Mrs. Asa's gone. I'd come myself but I really can't cook that well either. The only thing I'm really good at (says Mr. Tucker) is homemade pies. Hopefully Peggy won't make you no escargots (although I love them myself)! Nice chattin' with ya'll. I got books to edit. Better go! Sorry about your animal troubles, Mavis. Where's Dixie Belle? I'm curious about Guywatch 02.
Charlotte Tucker

August 27, 2002 - Msg 8667: Nanner cream pies Charlotte? I might be able to hold on if you could get one over to me soon. I'm fading fast though.


August 27, 2002 - Msg 8668: Hey yall! How ya doing? Back home from work. What a day. Computer screwed up this morning went to work and the ice machine and the register both screwed up after I touched them. Then this old grouchy cuss came in there and told me that my coffe was too strong. Now that just tears it!! Aint nobody insults my coffee. Man! Mary Vernors is tha best Ginger ale there is. But I Like Birch Beer too ever tried that? Kinda like Root beer but way better. Yes Asa, you could handle this too. No Alcohol. tee hee Yall have a good one. Id go lay down but Id be afraid Id break the bed!! Later--Salty Dog

August 27, 2002 - Msg 8669: In our little town the second week of October we have a Fall Foliage Festival. They block of the streets from Thursday to Sunday and have carnival rides and all kinds of good foods and fun. Then on Sunday the have a parade. It is quite a big deal. Last year George Lindsay was supposed to be the grand marshall, but something came up and he was unable to make it. Any way the festival is quite well known far and near. We have friends who live on the parade route and they have a big to do at their house and we usually have a big pot of chili and some cider and the usual finger food. (YUM) We live in the hills of Southern Indiana and we have some gorgeous leaves. They call us leaf peepers here in the fall. "All in all it's a good time, a real good time."
Fun Girl

August 27, 2002 - Msg 8670: Evening Y'all. Just got my computer back in working order after lightning destroyed the modem Sunday afternoon.Knocked a picture crooked on my bathroom wall! Bout to go crazy these past two days without my computer! Didn't ya'll notice there were no poptarts on the porch for breakfast?
Well,just wanted to pop in and let y'all know that I am back in action!
possum under a rock

August 27, 2002 - Msg 8671: Just checking in. . been at an autism workshop for the last two days - we have 4 more sessions to go. Learning a little. . .sitting a lot!
7 pints of salsa Mavis - hope to work on plain old mater juice tonite.


August 27, 2002 - Msg 8672: I must clarify something in relation to the above post-I know y'all are wondering if I keep my computer in my bathroom! My computer happens to be in my living room!Ha Ha

August 27, 2002 - Msg 8673: Oops! Homemaker snuck up on the porch while I wasn't looking! I was talking about my post # 8670.

August 27, 2002 - Msg 8674: Likely story possum, you stickin to it? You was walking plenty crooked last time I saw you.:)
You sending me some salsa homemaker??? Please?


August 27, 2002 - Msg 8675: Salsa & nanner cream pies?! You sure are fearless Asa I didn't get to do salsa this year, but it ain't over yet. I did put up 14 quarts of green beans & taters. They are real good together. mmmmmmmm possum sorry to say I didn't notice the pop-tarts missin, just thought Asa was storin them up for when the missus was gone. Off to sing some tonight, the band might be getting back together wish us luck.

August 27, 2002 - Msg 8676: Nothin against nanna pies but couldn't someone make a good ol chocolate pie with mile high merangue on top. . .mmm, and make that a warm chocolate pie - ain't nothin better:)


August 27, 2002 - Msg 8677: Luck Mavis. Sure is nice to see you around here again. Boy I am gettin weak.


August 27, 2002 - Msg 8678: Evening all! A computer in the bathroom??!! That's quite unusual possum! I guess it could come in handy there?! Sounds right nice by your neck of the woods Fun Girl. I might just have to sneak down there for your Fall Foliage Festival, (now there's a mouthful!). And Asa, I don't recommend eating all these things you've got a hankerin' for, you're going to get indigestion like you NEVER had it! Oh, and Salty Dog, I have never tried Birch Beer, does it taste something like root beer? I like an occasional glass of beer, root that is. Here is another regional tidbit I thought was funny first time I heard it. The people who live in the U.P. (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) call the rest of us Michigander's trolls. You know why? Cause we're the people under the bridge of course! (The Mackinaw Bridge connecting upper and lower peninsula.) Well, you all have a great night and I hope to see you all tomorry!
Mary Wiggins

August 28, 2002 - Msg 8679: Mornin' Y'all! Since nobody seemed to miss my poptarts I'm not leaving any this morning! How about a box of Krispy Kreme lemon filled donuts and a jug of milk? Me myself,I need a sugar fix to get me going this morning!
Rained heavily here all night long.We sure needed it,but sure made for good sleeping under my rock! Gotta try to get going so's I can teach my chillens at the schoolhouse.Y'all have a great day!
possum under a rock

August 28, 2002 - Msg 8680: Good morning Porch!

I sure love all of you, and OOoooWHEE that's a heap of lovin'!"

~ Mrs. Wiley
thanks for the KK's possum! (how do you fit a bathroom under that rock?)

August 28, 2002 - Msg 8681: We sure love you too, Mrs. Wiley. Morning, Possum.
- Hazel

August 28, 2002 - Msg 8682: Morning yall, Krispy Kremems sound good. Morning Mrs. W, Possum and Hazel. To the rest of yall have a good day. And keep your chin up and smile for me (you know who you are) See yall after work --Love ya all, Salty Dog

August 28, 2002 - Msg 8683: And we love you Salty Dog, sniff sniff, and Hazel, honk snort and Mrs. Wiley, sob sniff and possum. I'm not emotional, just high spirited, and hungry, very hungry. Thanks for them cyber snacks possum.


August 28, 2002 - Msg 8684: Afternoon Y'all! I FEEL THE LOVE!!! Hope y'all feel it right back at ya! Too tired to type much more.Maybe I'll leave TWO boxes of Krispy Kremes on the porch in the morning!
possum under a rock

August 28, 2002 - Msg 8685: I love you, you love me, we're a great big family, with a great big hug and a kiss from.... oh wait, that's the OTHER Barney! Lot's of love to you and your's!
Mary Wiggins

August 28, 2002 - Msg 8686: HEy ya'll!! is still school. My Statistics class is groing right over my head and gives me a crewcut every time. Talking about alpha, beta, p-value, Type I & Type II errors........... whew.... wears me out!

Mrs. Wiley is right about the seasons in Florida, Boy here in the Panhandle if we hit 30 or below we think the world is coming to an end!

CT I see you were asking about Guywatch ')2.... I'm proud to announce good news!

Guywatch '02 Update: We have a winner! I have to go to this formal dance in October and needed an escort...... I got up my guts and asked my main squeeze! Well..... sort of..... It's a trade off thing. He needs help in Hummanities which I passed with flying colors so I offered my assitance if would do me the honor of being my escort. He said " I can do that!" So I've wrangled myself a date.......and a future full of close encounters where we'll have to work together....... No matter how I got it I got it. Besides ....this gives me a chance to get to know him better!

Three Cheers For Dixie!

Gotta go work on alphas and bettas ;-)

Miss Dixie Belle

August 28, 2002 - Msg 8687: Dixie, I read someplace that statistics is hard for 7 out of 10 people. But 98% of the students end up passing the class. That tidbit of information might be only 30% accurate because the survey was taken when half the students were on summer break. Anyhow, I read that someplace... That's great news on your guywatch '02. I think that plan might just do the trick. Poor Asa. Are you still feeling weak? Can't you crawl over to the fridge and find something? I'll drop off some food for you later, dear.
- Hazel

"I ain't never seen a half a boy"

August 28, 2002 - Msg 8688: If we don't feed him soon, there may be a half an Asa. ~ Mrs. Wiley

August 28, 2002 - Msg 8689: I ordered up two meat loaf specials from the diner.You know how Flora always loads one of 'em up really good and the other one is sorta puny? Well,I thought about giving the big one to Asa and eating the puny one myself,but if Asa is as weak as he claims then I'm leaving BOTH of 'em for Asa! Y'all think he's strong enough to make it to the porch? I know he says Mrs.Asa isn't around,but after witnessing her skillet swinging after one of them picture show trips,I ain't taking any chances! I wanna live to go on my trip up to that big rock(Chimney Rock) in N.C.on Friday!
possum under a rock

August 28, 2002 - Msg 8690: It is a BIG rock Possum!--salty dog

August 28, 2002 - Msg 8691: Hi All. will thing are going fine for now mother s in the hosp for now . we are hoping for her to come home tomorror. for now we will have to have someone come in to hope her to git the used of the log bad . why is win she fall on her lifesaid and stay that way all nigth and it kill somefeeling in it so win she come she will have to stay downstair to she can go back upstair and all the help to git her in and out of bad to.
will school start here on thurday and matterw can not weat to go .
thank you all for the prayer for me mother and me.
Teach me oh God.
teach me, oh God to understand
the wisdom of thy way;
teach me to keep my hand in yours
that i may never stray.
teach me to share thy precious love
where'er there is a need,
to scatter joy and renew hope
round those who choose to heed.
teach me to set aside myself,
to serve and honor thee
and ever be a shining light
that others, too, might see.

August 28, 2002 - Msg 8692: Tom You are truly this & every other porch's TREASURE I am proud to say you are my friend! Thanks for that beautiful poem, & prayers continue for your Mama. possum are you from NC, or just visiting that big rock to get some decorating ideas for your rock? Hey to all the rest of the porchsters tonight, I am off to bed, this new med the doc has me on is still not in my system good yet & some days are better than others, but the BP is finally coming down, so reckon I'm getting my money's worth. Nite All.

August 28, 2002 - Msg 8693: TOM, so thankful your mother is bad. I understand how you feel. We've got so much sickness in our family.
Please remember my sister-in-law in the hospital-they don't quite know what the problem is, but she is better.
Mavis, keep that BP under control. I don't try that hard, but it stays pretty good.
I was doing so well and then got on a salt kick and can't get off it.
Hey to all.
Miss Ellie
"I just came in here for some foot powder." Barney

August 28, 2002 - Msg 8694: Miss Ellie I'm working on it. Are you getting flooded down there? I been seeing all that rain on the news & worrying about you. BTW I always loved the look on Barney's face when he said that line! LOL

August 28, 2002 - Msg 8695: Good evening all - prayers for your momma and you Tom. What would we do without you on the porch? Keep up the poetry - it is a lifeline for us all.
Now Asa - I know they got them there delivery things out there in the West - like Domino's (hint, hint) Not everyone is going to feel sorry for you. You are a mooch - that's all I've got to say about that! ;)
Well - I've got 5 quarts of mater juice finished and tomorrow I start on salsa again. I am hoping 14 pints of salsa will do for Christmas - I might need to make some extra just in case!

Back to work today at my real job - teaching. Spent most of the morning trying to catch up on the last two days of being absent.

Dixie Bell - never took statistics - can say that I am glad. Good luck on the dance. . .maybe Opie can teach you how to dance before then. Aunt Bee taught him really well - I didn't think you would want her to give you dancing lessons.

Well - the juice is getting ready to come off the stove.
Night night and don't let the west nile skeeters get you!


August 29, 2002 - Msg 8696: Ya'll are so funny today. I been laughin' out loud over and over. Hang in there, Tom...and hang onto the Lord.

I am sure glad we ain't talkin' about Fall again cause it was 110 here yesterday. I've had it! Forgive me, I'm a little cranky today from lack of sleep. We let Baby Girl cry it out last night instead of giving her the bottle. It plum broke my heart but it's for the best. She has been waking up 2 or 3 times a night and she is a year old! Hope we do better tonight (poor little tadpole). She's done stole my heart and wrapped it around her sweet, little finger. Aren't kids the sweetest and the most painful things in the world? It's like havin' a big, open wound in the midle of your chest. Suddenly you are so vulnerable! What a wonderful blessing, though. I better go to sleep while I can. Wish me luck!!-Boo

August 29, 2002 - Msg 8697: Well, it's 1:00 a.m. here in Illinois and I'm working on a book deadline for tomorrow. Thought I'd check in with ya'll before I turned in. I'm thinkin' of you Boo and hopin' you're gettin' some sleep tonight. Good luck Dixie Belle, would this "main squeeze" be the Mason you mentioned? Asa, I'd bring you a pie but my pies are mostly fruit. My best ones are rhubard, rhubard/mulberry, apple, and pumpkin. No meringue for nanner for you nor chocolate for homemaker! BTW, I love Pop Tarts, possum. You can leave 'em for me any ol' time. I ain't much on breakfast but if'n someone here on the porch cooks it, I eat it.
Good luck with the band, Mavis! Hey to Mrs. Wiley, Ellen Brown, Mary Wiggins, Hazel, and prayers for TOM and his mom.
Good night, sleep tight. (Most of you probably already are!)
Charlotte Tucker

August 29, 2002 - Msg 8698: Morning porch! Off to work, yall behave out here now. See yall latr--Salty Dog

August 29, 2002 - Msg 8699: Morning Y'all! Krispy Kremes for everyone and a box of poptarts for Charlotte T.! Boo,you'd best get some rest-can we let him sleep up here on the porch a spell? Mavis,I'm from S.Carolina down near Charleston.Oh how I wish I lived up in NC near that big rock! Y'all reckon I can steal it and bring it home? My little rock pales in comparison.Might need some help to move it-maybe I'll swing by and get Salty to help me.She has all them fire fighting tools-we just might be able to do something with that Chimney Rock!
Y'all have a great day!
possum under a rock

August 29, 2002 - Msg 8700: Morning Porch! Running late but wanned to say "hey". Thanks for the PopTarts Possum, Grape is my favorite - I cut off the crusts.

~ Mrs. Wiley
"tell everyone Goober sez 'hey'. chk!"

August 29, 2002 - Msg 8701: Boy, a bunch of early risers today. I would have been up to greet you but I have growed so weak these last few days I just couldn't muster the strength. Then homemaker calls me a mooch in my darkest hour, SIGH, oh the pain. I guess I'll just drag my old tired hungry self onto my rocker, next to Boo's and save what little strength I have left to call the man. Mavis and Hazel and Salty did bring me some meals over last night, bless their hearts, but it may be to late.
Don't worry about me though, I'll be ok no matter what happens. Just please remember me fondly if... well you know. Whoops, there's the doorbell. Hope that isn't more soup.
Later friends.


August 29, 2002 - Msg 8702: "We shall meet, but we shall miss him. There will be one vacant chair..." sniff honk
- Hazel

August 29, 2002 - Msg 8703: Hey folks, I just want to say that whoever gave my the advice about turning off the screen saver is mighty bright. I got out my computer book and discovered that I wasn't doing it right at all, not at all. Anyway, I did what the book said and it took about 30 minutes to defragment. Hugs to whoever gave me the good advice.

My step-dad decided to put off the procedure until a week from today. He TALKED TO THE MAN and they decided to move to another hospital where they do many of these procedures every week. He feels a little safer there.

Well tomorrow is my last day at school. I have decided not to go into the kitchen. I am having problems with my knee and I just don't know that I could handle the hard work those women do back there. I know that I will be a might teary, as I am very sad just thinking about it. But this will be best all around I am sure. The lunchroom aides are taking me out to Damon's Steakhouse tomorrow for lunch, as my good-bye treat. They are a mighty good bunch of gals.

Well, I will be going for now. I have a hair appointment this morning. Prayers and praise to our Lord for the care he is taking of Tom's mother.

Have a good 'un.
Fun Girl

August 29, 2002 - Msg 8704: Aftenoon porch, Asa, I declare we are gonna have to send miss Peggy over to take care of you. And by the wat there is some roast beef and some chicken in the fridge but you will have to flip a nickel to decide which one ya want. Or if ya want to you can always chew tar. Johhny Paul says its good for your teeth. Oh and one more thing dont forget that Aunt bee left you a whole stack of clean underwear on the ironing board. Tee Hee Later--Salty Dog

August 29, 2002 - Msg 8705: Is heads chicken or roast beef?


August 29, 2002 - Msg 8706: Roast Beef-SD

August 29, 2002 - Msg 8707: Hey! Two days in a! Ct--yes it's Mason...whooohoo!

LOL Hazel! I loved your tibit of info! Statistics is getting a little better.

I need prayers. I'm thinking about changing my major to Fashion Merchandising but not sure yet. I want to be positive that I want to do that.

Miss Dixie Belle

August 29, 2002 - Msg 8708: FG, glad to help out with the techie questions! I have experienced the dread "screen saver interuptus" myself. Prayers for DB's major selection! Asa, I'll run you over some good substantial foods on my way home from work... nanner cream pie, Pepsi's and DingDongs.

~ Mrs. Wiley

August 29, 2002 - Msg 8709: Afternoon Y'all! Yeeee Haaaaawwww! I'm off to see the big rock in the morning! Y'all take care of Asa while I'm gone-sounds like he's wasting away.Asa,didn't you eat those meatloaf dinners I left ya on the porch? Hope somebody ate them-hate to waste food.
Anyway,y'all be good while I'm on my mini vacation,Happy Labor Day to all and DON'T go to the picture show without me!!!
Hope to be back on the porch with y'all fine folks on Tuesday-take care!
possum under a rock

August 29, 2002 - Msg 8710: OK, I'll have chicken.:)
I'd say 50 50 chance you will change major's D.B.
Them stats are good stuff. I use them in golf all the time. Fer example, a putt left short of the hole will not drop 100% of the time. So stick that in your smipe and poke it!:)
Hey Hazel, HA HA HEE HEE YUCK YUCK. Your another Birt and squirt is what you are.:)


August 29, 2002 - Msg 8711: Didn't see ya Possum. Have fun and be careful. I didn't know that was meat loaf. Sorry. (blushing)


August 29, 2002 - Msg 8712: Mrs. Wiley, bless your heart. Now your talking my kinda food. You best hurry sweetie, I'm going downhill fast, and homemaker's the one who pushed me.:)


August 29, 2002 - Msg 8713: Hey ya'll! Thanks for the box of Pop-Tarts this mornin' possum. I needed 'em. Got my book done this afternoon. Ya'll just crack me up. Hazel, Post 8702 just put me in stiitches. I 'specially liked the sniff, honk! When oh when is Mrs. Asa coming back? Laaaw, we're all about to worry ourselves sick over what poor Asa will eat. Mrs. Wiley, I think them Ding-Dongs and Pepsi will do him just fine. Prayers for your ma, Tom. Evenin'
Charlotte Tucker

Dumb sensor! The other day I couldn't say "attiitude" and today I cain't say "stiitches!" You'd think Charlotte had a dirty mouth or something.

August 29, 2002 - Msg 8714: Oh by the way...with the anniversary of 9-11 fast approaching, if you have never visited this Web site, you should.


August 29, 2002 - Msg 8715: I read that in Mayberry After Midnight Charlotte reckon the censor did too? bring Asa a doggie bag from Damon's, he needs it, & speaking of Asa you gonna be a 'dead hero or a live you'? We'll have to sing Dig my grave with a silver spade good thing I'm practicin singin again, that is if I ain't too broke up. possum here's you a mashed penny, been run over by a train, it will protect you in yer travels. Ever'body else, I'm off to bed. Salty can I have the leftovers Asa don't eat?
btw~ where are Brisco & Dež?

August 29, 2002 - Msg 8716: Nice site CT I bookmarked it so I can go back. Thanks

August 29, 2002 - Msg 8717: Evening, porch. Thought I'd pop in and say I won't be on for a few days. I'll be having a little surgery. Here's what I want you to do while I'm gone: Act like somebody. Show the teacher you got some smarts. Keep a good thought. Don't take any wooden nickles. And don't look back. I'll check in as soon as I can, remember - I'm a pestilence, and a pestilence will find you.
- Hazel

August 29, 2002 - Msg 8718: Good luck to you and yours, Hazel. We'll be saying a prayer and waitin' your healthy return. I wish I'd thought to give possum a mashed penny before Mavis did!

August 29, 2002 - Msg 8719: Good luck and God bless Hazel. We wait you return back here soon.


August 30, 2002 - Msg 8720: Morning porch, Hazel thoughts and prayers are with ya. Possum I hope yall have a good time. Swing by my porch while yall are here. Asa, I hope you pull through. Hve a great day yall--Salty Dog

August 30, 2002 - Msg 8721: My prayers are with you Hazel - hope it all goes smoothly! ~ Mrs. Wiley

August 30, 2002 - Msg 8722: Prayers to you Hazel we'll try to keep Asa quiet when you get home so you can get yer rest. You know how hard that will be. Reckon possum is on the road today, hope a good time is had by all.

August 30, 2002 - Msg 8723: And have a safe and pleasant trip Possum, "Mayberry says Thanks and Happy Motoring!" ~ Mrs. Wiley

August 30, 2002 - Msg 8724: Mornin' folks! It's a great day here today. Nice and sunny. We've been trying to do our yard work during the day to stay out of the mosquitoes in the evening. They're pretty thick right now and a guy in West Point, Iowa, not too far from here was in the hospital with
West Nile virus. What is it with those mosquitoes anyway? Stay in out of the bugs! Headed to Chicago to sell furniture this weekend. Family reunion on Monday. Wonder if possum got off to Chimney Rock ok.
Charlotte Tucker

August 30, 2002 - Msg 8725: Hey Charlotte 'you one of ours??' That looks like spy talk up there! LOL (you know I'm teasin)

August 30, 2002 - Msg 8726: Now dadburn it I swear when I looked at Charlotte's post not a minute ago, it looked all squigly & strange, now it's back to normal! Must be the Count, thought someone got rid of him, ain't seen him in a while. Reckon he's back & playing tricks again.

August 30, 2002 - Msg 8727: Who's the "Count"? Someone I should be aware of? Should I run or fight? I can get scrappy if I have to.......

I promise to act like somebody Hazel and don't you go and give those nurses any back talk ya hear?

Possum..... you be careful gallavanti' around like that!

CT.. don't blow away in the windy city!

Hye Asa... you dried up and withered away to dust yet? If not how about a nice steak fer supper?

Three day weekend.....YESSSSSSSS! I feel like I've earned it!

Everyone behave and no more pushing;-)

Miss Dixie Belle

August 30, 2002 - Msg 8728: Hi, friends. I think I'm getting crazier all the time. Would swear I posted this information last night, but it's not here, so guess I didn't. Anyway, I'd like to ask for your prayers for my son and daughter-in-law. The baby they're expecting at the end of September has some very serious problems, and the doctor has told them that there is no way he can live after he's born. It's nothing fixable, so they will have to let him go. Naturally, we're all devastated, and request your prayers for strength and acceptance. Thanks, friends.--Romeena

August 30, 2002 - Msg 8729: Thats very sad news Romeena. You are all in my prayers. Bless your family dear.
I think Mavis got into the Cider, what do you think?
Steak sounds good D.B. Bless yer heart. Medium Rare please.
Mrs. Asa is due back late tonight. Pigs been in here to Pa. Any Clara Edwards wanna come over and hep out? Promise, Mrs Asa won't feel uneeded.


August 30, 2002 - Msg 8730: Boy, It sure got quiet around here. I was only joking about the cleaning. Ya'll can come out of hiding now. LOL


August 30, 2002 - Msg 8731: Asa - glad Mrs. Asa is coming back. I really didn't push you over the edge - it was more like I oiled you wheels and you went flying:)

Been a busy week - got a family rebellion on Sunday!


August 30, 2002 - Msg 8732: Dixie Belle the Count is none other than Count Istalavleki or however he spells his name, remember when Barney asked for the fingerprint kit, & Opie asked for Ms Crump to keep being his teacher? Asa I'm glad Mrs. Asa is coming home, you gonna tell her how close to death you came? Romeena prayers to you & your son & his family.((((((hugs))))) too.

August 30, 2002 - Msg 8733: Almost forgot, we call them family rebellions too homemaker & Mr. Neff's side of the family is having one Sun too. Do ya'll say 'humiliation' when the weather is really stuffy & hot too?

August 31, 2002 - Msg 8734: Gee, Mavis, I reread my post to see what spy talk I had in it. Couldn't figure it out. Then I read your next post. Sure, Mavis. You been sippin' hard cider? Enjoy that long weekend, Dixie Belle (and everyone else too!) I'll try not to blow away in Shy town. Prayers for Romeena and family. Remember, we serve an awesome God who is good at making beauty from ashes. Night everyone! Behave, Asa. Glad your woman will be back soon. Hope she don't beat you to death with no spoon.
Charlotte Tucker

August 31, 2002 - Msg 8735: So sorry, Romeena. My heart aches for your family. Lord be with you all.---Love, Boo

August 31, 2002 - Msg 8736: Morning Porch. Got Mrs. Asa back last night. She's happy to be back, and I'm happy to see her so I guess it's good all way around. I decided I wanted her to feel needed so I didn't tidy up. Hmmmm, I reckon she never saw that episode cause she didn't act like Aunt Bee aTALLL. Wonder what causes that?
On a sad note, Richard Ricci, the #1 suspect in the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping died last night in the hospital. Whatever he knew, if anything, he took with him to the grave.
Hope ya'll are having a nice Labor Day weekend. Hope our Hazel is recovering ok. I miss that girl.
Hey Salty, you having us over for a party today?


August 31, 2002 - Msg 8737: So sorry to hear that Romeena, my prayers are with the family. Trust Him.

Well I slipped at home last night and now I have sore knee. Honest, it was because the floor was wet - didn't have anything to do with the party our company had. Wonder if I can sue the apartments and get them a hot tub? Anyone know a funny little lawyer? (just kidding) Any of you nurse types, what do I put on a bruise - hot or cold?

Hey to Asa, Mrs. Asa, CT, Boo, Mavis, homemaker, db, and anyone elst I may have missed.

~ Mrs. Wiley
oh... my aching head.

August 31, 2002 - Msg 8738: Romeena, I'm so sorry. I'm going to pray for a miracle. I've seen them happen in my own life.

August 31, 2002 - Msg 8739: Hey Mrs. Wiley, you better get you Neil Bentley to taks your case. Unless you hurt it playing football with your...uhhh husband years ago.:)


August 31, 2002 - Msg 8740: Hee Hee, as long as it ain't no Lady Lawyer - I couldn't take too many meetings out by the pool! ~ Mrs. Wiley

August 31, 2002 - Msg 8741: Now thats were you and I come to a parting of the ways Mrs. Wiley. LOL. Especially if I can get a pair of them sunglasses like Andy had. Smooooth.


September 01, 2002 - Msg 8742: Mrs. Wiley, for the first 8-12 hours you want cold on that knee. That's to slow down any bleeding that may be going on in the joint, or fluid leaking from a tear in the knee somewhere. After about 12 hours, though, most of the leaking that might have been going on will have stopped. After that, you want heat, to increase the circulation in the area, which will absorb and carry away the excess fluid buildup. Elevating the area helps, too. If you have a sofa with a soft back, lie with that leg to the inside, and prop your foot and lower leg up on the sofa back. An Ace wrap can help, too. Use one that's 4-6 inches wide, and be sure you don't wrap it too tight. If it's not better in a couple of days, see a doctor. Or you can carry a buckeye in your pocket for a few days, that often helps. (teehee) Sugarplum says for you to be careful, she hates when her friends get hurt. --Romeena

September 01, 2002 - Msg 8743: And if that dont work, you can do the incant for a sore knee. hee hee--Salty Dog

September 01, 2002 - Msg 8744: Happy Sabbath Porch! Thanks for the info Romeena, you and the Plum are always a wellspring of health information!! Asa, those sunglasses Andy had were the cats... but I don't think a horn-rimed suntan would be in style these days. Mrs. W. must always set an example of style and high-class, even if she's limping a mite. :-P

~ Mrs. Wiley

September 01, 2002 - Msg 8745: Good Sabbath porch. Hope you are all doing well this fine Sunday morning.
Still praying for your situation there Romeena. That is so sad.
Hope yer knee ain't to bad Mrs Wiley. You sure you didn't hurt it trying to save a baby from getting hit by a train? Saved the baby but got a bum leg out of it? Maybe I'm thinking of someone else.
Well off to preachin now so I can be a better me.


September 01, 2002 - Msg 8746: Hello all! Sorry to have been away so long. Good to see all my friends again. And all my new ones. Welcome! For those of you, who have been to Mt. Airy, How much of "the streets of Mayberry" is actually there? Buildings wise. I'm planning a trip there in October with my family, and I need some attraction info. Thanks for your help.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

September 01, 2002 - Msg 8747: Romeena - so sorry to hear about the baby. . .wish there were words to help but I don't know any.

Asa - I AM SO GLAD THAT MRS. ASA IS BACK - does she know how you have been mooching? And you say I pushed you over the edge - I just think your wheel was a little rusty and only helped oil it! ;) The rest was all your doing!

BDJ - glad to see you back from the swamps - we was worried about you.

Mrs. Wiley - hope your knee mends soonly!

Off to a family rebellion -


September 02, 2002 - Msg 8748: Morning porch, Happy Labor Day!! Yall have a great day!!--Salty Dog

September 02, 2002 - Msg 8749: Gee, yesterday was slow--only 7 posts? How was your "rebellion," homemaker? We got one today. I enjoy them ok but my kids don't care much for 'em cuz some of their cuzins they don't know so well can be kinda ornery to 'em, if you know what I mean. Sold some furniture in Shy town--and Dixie Belle, you'll be happy to know I didn't blow away. Happy Mrs. Asa is home safely and glad she didn't beat you with no spoon, Asa. Ya'll have a wonderful holiday.
Charlotte Tucker

September 02, 2002 - Msg 8750: Hey to the Porch.

don't forget about Jerry's's important.


September 02, 2002 - Msg 8751: Mornring Porch. Looks like everyone is off doing other stuff this labor day.
I got an e-mail from our Hazel yesterday. She is home and recovering from her surgery. Still in a lot of pain and floating around from pain killers. But she is doing well and wanted me to tell everyone hey from her. Ya'll give her a holler here if you would and brighten her day.
Hope you have a great holiday and act like somebody now.


September 02, 2002 - Msg 8752: The rebellion was swell! My grandmother (who now resides in Heaven) had 28 grandchildren - ost of us were able to be there. I think there were 20 of 28 there. Some because of distance, some just because. . didn't come. My dad has two brothers and three sisters still living. The oldest is 91 and the youngest is 73. Not bad! Anyway - we all had a wonderful time!

Take care Miss Hazel - see some pink elephants for me too!
Glad you are doing better Asa - I don't here the hunger in your voice! HA HA HA


September 02, 2002 - Msg 8753: Happy Labor Day Porch pals! Thanks for the word on Hazel Asa, tell her I'll take in her laundry and run her over some soup. Bless her heart. Glad the rebellion went fine homemaker, so nice that most could make it. Hey to Jelsik!!

I got one thing to say folks...SALE, SALE SALE! I just got a fancy dress (no buttons or taffeta) at Penny's: was $119, drove her out for $11.40!! And it's slicker than a ... well, it's real nice. Also got a bed-in-a-bag set for the new wonder-mattress. King size was $129, for $90! Y'all get out there and take advantage if you can. Weaver's will have to work hard to beat these deals.

a totally satisfied female-type shopper,
~ Mrs. Wiley

September 02, 2002 - Msg 8754: Afternoon Y'all! I'm back from my trip safe & sound.Will fill y'all in on all the details later.Kinda tired-wanted to catch up on happenings on the porch-sorry to hear about the baby Romeena.Don't know what to say 'cept there's a reason for everything.We may not see it,but God knows and we just have to ask Him for strength to make it through.Hugs to you and your family.God Bless.
Thank y'all for the penny that was run over by the train.Sure protected me on the road!
possum under a rock

September 02, 2002 - Msg 8755: possum you still under your old rock? or did you brang that big one home? homemaker your rebellion sounds alot like my better half's rebellion, lots of them there that were in their 70's & 80's & I tell ya what, they sure know how to cook!! We sang for them & were a big hit, finally talked the other 2 singers into doing an acapella number (been trying that for a while) & got big hand claps for that! It was Amazing Grace, not the acapella tune Barney does! Hey to Briscoe & Jelsik!

September 02, 2002 - Msg 8756: You know we haven't heard from Boo in awhile. . .wonder what happened to him and there are several other new faces missing - we need to send out another APB. . .

have a good Tuesday!


September 02, 2002 - Msg 8757: You know we haven't heard from Boo in awhile. . .wonder what happened to him and there are several other new faces missing - we need to send out another APB. . .

have a good Tuesday!


September 02, 2002 - Msg 8758: A Big Hello to the Porch, hope you all have a wonderful day. FRANKIE FLINT

September 02, 2002 - Msg 8759: homemaker, you're chewin' it twice up there! Glad you had a good rebellion! Ours was OK but attendance was down quite a bit from last year or two. I agree with you, we're missin' some folks. Where is Boo? And Helen, Dixie Belle, Aunt Bee, Ellen Brown, Mary Wiggins, Tom, Salty, Fun Girl, Dež, Miss Ellie, SAM SCOTT, and AngeFan? Forgive me if there are others missing from our porch. Ya'll come back now you hear. Prayers for Romeena's younguns and Hazel's speedy recovery. Hey to Frankie Flint and jennieboone. Long time no see.
Charlotte Tucker

September 02, 2002 - Msg 8760:

Waving my hand as I walk pass the porch...

Hey, folks! Nice evenin', ain't it?

"Shew fly! ... He's dead!!"

Just'tan Mayberrian

September 02, 2002 - Msg 8761: Hey yall! This here's JR and I'm new in town. I'd be mighty obliged if yall would let me make this my home.

September 03, 2002 - Msg 8762: Mornin Y'all! Glad to be back on the porch,though I must tell ya that I sure felt at home up in the NC mountains.Rocks everywhere! I'm still under the same ole rock-took one look at that Chimney Rock and just knew there wasn't no moving that thing to SC or anywhere for that matter! Didn't go up on it either.I'm possum UNDER a rock for a good reason...scared of high rocks! And all the roads up there were aptly named: Possum Hollow Rd.,Slick Rock Road,Bald Rock View Rd.-even saw Hog Rock Road! Wonder how you get a hog out from under a rock? Jab at 'em with a long poinky stick? Ha Ha
Several Mayberry moments on my trip- Saw a sign in a shop in Chimney Rock with a picture of Barney and the slogan "Security By Fife". And on the trip home Mr. Possum was telling me that he was outside the cabin whistling the theme song for TAGS and a little girl on a bicycle passed by,heard him and began whistling along with him! Thought that was cute!
Welcome to the porch JR! Sorry I wasn't able to swing by your place Salty.Was just too occupied with all those rocks!
Leaving a jug of Mountain Cider on the porch for y'all.(No,it ain't turned hard yet Asa!)
I see Boo has gone AWOL on us.Y'all didn't leave him at the picture show or anything like that,did ya? Told y'all not to go without me! Now look what's happened! BOO Hoo Hoo!
Have a good day!
possum under a rock

September 03, 2002 - Msg 8763: Morning Porch. Welcome back Possum, and just plain welcome JR. Glad you made it back safe Possum. I'm thinking Salty and Boo musta run off together somewhere. They both been purty quiet now for some time.
Still praying for our Hazel and for a full recovery for her. I'll bring you some soup over dear.
Man them 3 day weekends go by fast. I declare it was friday afternoon about 6 hours ago.
Yes Homemaker, I am getting my strength back. I'll soon be singing with Mavis and her band again. She can hardly wait either. When I told her that she started crying, bless her heart.
Ya'll have a wonderful day. Love ya all. Them who are missing, get back in here and talk to us.


September 03, 2002 - Msg 8764: Mornin porch, have a great day--Salty Dog

September 03, 2002 - Msg 8765: Here, Hazel, forget that soup! I've got a roast and some fresh fried chicken for you dear. And here's some of your little blue pills. When you get well, you can pay the druggist a dime for 'em. Glad you had a good trip, possum. Welcome J.R.! Pull up a rocker. Have a great day, Asa and Salty and Just'tan Mayberrian! Possum, I'm with you. I just love North Carolina!
Charlotte Tucker

September 03, 2002 - Msg 8766: Well I just LOVE North Carolina too!!--Salty Dog

September 03, 2002 - Msg 8767: Mornin yall! Thanks for the friendly welcome. I woke up this mornin and decided to play hookie from work. Then the dog ate my shoe. I know I gotta run him around a spell. I hope you feel better soon Hazel. My word!It's almost noon. No wonder my tummy is grumblin! I better go find me some fried chicken and tater salad soon. I'll check back with yall later.


September 03, 2002 - Msg 8768: Hey to the porch! Had a wonderful weekend. Didn't do much but just but visit and clean house, but I did a bang up job on it. I even cleaned my winders. Gotta have a clear view of all our wonderful, colorful leaves coming up later on this fall.

Today is the first day of school since I resigned my post. It's kinda nice, but I am sure that soon
I will get to missing my kiddos.

Got my flags out of storage for September 11. Gonna put them out in the yard in rememberance of those who passed on that awful day. In rememberance of those brave public servants who, in spite of danger to themselves, went above and beyond the call of duty. To honor them is the least that I can do. And as far as Osama Bin Laden is concerned, he can kiss my foot. (Sorry to use such strong language in front of ya'll, but the man is untolerable mean.)

BDJ, we are so glad that you are back. But SHAME ON YOU! You shouldn't go running off like that without telling a body. Now thanks to you the tax payers have had to pay to drag the waters under the Robert E. Lee Natural Bridge TWICE looking for your sorry hide. We was shore heartbroke. What kind of example is that for Charlene and the Boys?

We are still missing Rock. And what happened to Opie, ace reporter and snazzy dresser, or whatever?

Hey to all on the porch. Welcome to the new folks and hey to the old regulars. Now go out and ACT LIKE SOMEBODY.

Fun Girl