September 20, 2002 - Msg 9106: Briscoe, that'n makes me cry.
- Hazel

September 20, 2002 - Msg 9107: Hey, I thought Briscoe and the boys were suppose to do the sweepin'? You know I'm not suppose to sweep; on account of my bad back. And my bad knee. But there I go, I went and swept the porch. I hope I don't have to take to my bed now.
- Hazel

September 20, 2002 - Msg 9108: Hazel, you poor dear. I thought I saw you sweepin right on down the street. Did someone git you riled? Yer workin yer jaw muscle again so I knows yer riled.
It is now the weekend and that is a good thing from where I sit. Now where did I put those Geographic's?
Looking forward to the picture show this weekend. A good comedy sounds just about right.


September 20, 2002 - Msg 9109: Oh, now Hazel... how can ya dance with Briscoe if your back's hurtin? Shoulda left the sweepin to Possum.. takes her awhile beins her broom's kinda short but she does a right nice job. Maybe Dr. Pendyke still has a jar of that Miracle Salve around and we can apply some to your back and knee... if it doesn't cure it, it'll cure everything else that's ailin' ya!

September 20, 2002 - Msg 9110: A wise decision Asa... no va va va voom to git ya in trouble! Mrs. Asa might just take a rolling pin to ya if you was to go down to that there Miami Beach to one of those rabbit clubs. Yup, you'll be much happier .... National Geographics, a nice movie, and a party at Mary's bobbin for apples... how much trouble can that get you into????

September 20, 2002 - Msg 9111: The Geographic? Oh, I read this months issue. Er... it was about Africa.
- Hazel

Just had to have an apple.

September 20, 2002 - Msg 9112: Ya'll are a mess! Miss a few posts & now I'm laughing so hard the furkids are looking at me like I lost my mind! One of them (a dachshund, of course) is at the door barking at 'whoever' is out there causing Mom to lose her marbles! Where did our Thelma Lou get off too? Let's see, she should be getting up here soon since we got our nights and days mixed up with hers. Brisco you sure can jug! Thanks for the tune. Hazel you need some soup since yer down in yer back? Romeena keep the strength tomorrow, I will be thinking of you & yours.

September 20, 2002 - Msg 9113: Hazel! You better not be sweepin' that trash in the street now! I like a clean porch but I don't want you litterin' up Main Street, ya hear? Barney might just have to take action against you with his judo. I'm up for a picture show too. Mary's house? Have we decided what we're watchin' yet? Comedy? How 'bout No Time for Sergeants! That's a good'n. We've probably all seen it hundred of times though! Ya'll take care. More prayers for Romeena and her lovely family. Hey all you lost porchsters! You need to stand up and be counted! Dixie Belle, I've got the feeling you must be in love. You aren't stayin' to visit much anymore!
Charlotte Tucker

September 20, 2002 - Msg 9114: Oh my goodness folks. Get outside and check out that big old harvest moon tonight. It's just pure gala I tell ya.


September 20, 2002 - Msg 9115: I looked, Asa. It's nice. Real nice.
- Hazel

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9116: Hey Possum, I got scared when I was reading about the kid who bites. My baby girl who is only 13 months old bites sometimes when she is frustrated. Do you think it means she will be ADHD? What are the symptoms of Autism? My seven year old son has Tourette Syndrome and now I am concerned that something might be wrong with my girl. She has already bitten two kids in the nursery and today when she was playing with her Spiderman doll, she couldn't get him to stand up and she bit him on the leg (she was real frustrated when she did it). Is this normal behavior for someone her age?...Please tell me what you think because I'm nervous about it...Boo

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9117: Hey to the porch! Boy have we had a doozie of a couple days here in Southen Indiana. Today in our little town, we had a tornado run through. Alot of damage, but only a few injuries. Our home is all in one piece and we are all safe.

Today the family went to an open house at the General Motors Truck and Bus Plant in Indianapolis. That is where my father has worked since 1969. It was kinda like an educational field trip as well as a family outing. We also went to a Jewish deli called Shapiro's. (Have you ever been there homemaker?) They have some good eats there, let me tell you.

BOO- I have worked in day care for many years and I do not think that a 13 month old biting is a very unusual thing. We had several children who were biters and I worked with them later in elementary school and I saw no signs of autism or ADHD in them. As a matter of fact, when I worked in special ed I didn't see alot of biting in our room, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. I have also seen that when children in Nursery School bite, that sometimes it runs in a circle. Is anyone else biting in the room? Kids at that age are very much into imitating. Perhaps there are other children in the room who are biting and so others are trying it. Another possibility is that perhaps those who do bite are given a little more attention and so your daughter thinks it would be cool to get in on a little more of the attention. Unless she is an exceptional communicator at her age, she may be expressing something that she can not make people understand with the vocabulary of a 13 month old.
The best thing to do is to talk to her nursery school teacher. They can probably give you insight into the situation or at least give you suggestions as to what might help.

Hazel--Honey here are some little blue pills for your back @@@@@@@@@. When we get together for the movie this weekend, maybe BDJ could bring you some mulberry squeezings and that will help ya out some. OKAY-- it ain't syrup, it's squeezings. There I said it and I ain't taking it back! I just may have some of Colonel Harvey's Elixir stored somewhere back in a cabnet. I'll look. Just don't go near a piano or the next thing you know you will have the whole gang singing "Toot-Toot-Tootsie Goodbye." That 'un makes me cry. Also when Rafe sings "That Lonesome Road." Gives me chills.

your tornado dodging, plant touring, corned beef eating,
fun girl

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9118: Just a little thing to make you laugh out loud.

Little Opie thinks GM stands for Geo Metro. Heaven help us. I think they could find a little better product to name the company after than that. We have one and it's okay, but if I was gonna name the company I don't think that I would name it Geo Metro.
fun girl

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9119: Mornin' Y'all! Somebody's beating drums at 7am on a Saturday morning around my rock! Thought it might be Asa on his bongos,but it is much too loud to be one person.Think it's the band a few blocks over at the high school.Never heard them this early though.Woke me up too dang early!
Anyway,I'm sorry to have worried you Boo with my talk of the student that bites.He is a foster child,and Lord knows what he's already dealt with in life to make him the way he is.Don't worry too much about your little girl.Lots of kids do bite at that age-doesn't mean ADHD or anything.Hope you read what fun girl posted-she explained things pretty good there. If you're still concerned,go to Google or any search engine,type in "Autism" and "ADHD" and you'll find tons of articles that could answer your questions better than I can. Again,I wouldn't worry too much.
Hazel,you gonna be up for the picture show? Heard you've been sweeping after surgery-poor thing!
Prayers for Romeena and her family.Today's gonna be a hard one for sure. God Bless Y'all.
possum under a rock

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9120: Morning Porch. Yea, don't worry Boo. I always liked to bite folks, heck, I still do today sometimes. Scares em real good when you look at em wild eyed and give em a good bite. Course it depends where you bite em at.
Prayers for you and your family today Romeena. Although we can't be there in person, we are with you in spirit dear. God bless.


September 21, 2002 - Msg 9121: Hey, Porch! Just stoppin by to check in. Can't even stay for a cup of coffee. Got to get over to my 6 year old grandson's soccer game... he's doing pretty well in spite of the autism, though when he finally gets a kick in, he never seems to know which way to kick it! But, that's okay he's out there with the other kids and that's great to see!
Sorry, Possum that you had to wake so darn early... have any earmuffs in possum size? Hope you're gonna be up to helpin me bake those pies today over to Mary's. By the way, got any good family recipes for pie? My mom's old, old, OLD cookbook has all sorts of crazy, old mountain-country pie recipes... owl, rattlesnake, squirrel, possum.....errr.. oh, well, umm.... so, yes, we're gonna make apple pies, right? [whew...hope Possums's hearin's a little poor this morning from all those drums!] And bring your dancin shoes Possum cause Asa's lookin forward to a dance with ya! rabbits, but possums is okay!
Prayers for Romeena and family and all who needs them. You'll be in my thoughts, Romeena. God bless you and your family.

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9122: Peace be with your family today, Romeena. Like Asa said, the porch is with you in spirit.
- Hazel

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9123: Well, I've thrown out the welcome mat, and dusted off the doilies! I guess I am ready for the Mayberry Invasion! CLARA! How could you bring up a possum recipe?! I am just shocked! Don't you worry possum, I won't let no one bake you up in a pie or anything! Asa, I hope you won't be spending all your time in the yard howling at the moon! And Boo, don't you worry none about your chil' bitin'. I got's me a 4 year old who was a biter. He's perfectly normal now, ('cept he does have awful long CANINES!) Well, I got the big barrel all full up with water and I am going to throw in them apples in just a little bit. Then I thought it might be fun to have a skeet shootin contest in my back yard. (Don't none of you go showin up Andy now!) After that it's Pie a la mode and Popcorn! And we can watch whatever movie ya all choose. I got "No Time For Sargeants" and I also borrowed "Gone With the Wind" just in case.Now all's I gotta to is wait for ya all!
Mary Wiggins

Special prayers for you Romeena.

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9124: hey there was a fish with a name in this show...what was the name of the Fish

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9125: Old Sam, the silver carp! Was I right? what do I win! I'm heading out to Wally World, & then over to the movies, want me to pick ya'll up anything whilst I'm there? Romeena May God & His wonderous love surround you & your family today.

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9126: THANKS MAVIS

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9127: possum I almost forgot, Asa can play cymbals too, so best find you some of them earmuffs, he's liable to be playing drums & cymbals in the morning & you can't be woke up early 2 mornings in a row, if you are like me it makes a 'grumpy' possum I know it makes a REAL grumpy *Mavis

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9128: Ear muffins?

~ Mrs. Wiley

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9129: "Pot too black, jump in the crack...."--ernest T

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9130: Anyone going to Mayberry Days next week?

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9131: Guess them drums this morning messed me up good,cause I overlooked something! Fun Girl and the tornado! Thank goodness you are ok and hope your town recovers quickly.Today is the anniversary of Hurricane Hugo,which came smack-dab through my town with 130 mph winds.I will NEVER forget that night and sure don't wish to ever see a tornado! I was more scared of that Hugo than I am of all this talk about baking possum pies! Ernest T,I might just have to "jump in the crack",cause I ain't going in no pot!Good to know Mary will protect me-thank ya kindly. Speaking of Mary,see y'all tonight over at her place.
I will be prepared for Asa-bringing my grandma's cast iron skillet along!To bop him with-(y'all possum pie baking people don't get any wild ideas now!)
possum under a rock

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9132: Just got back from my grandson's soccer game... sure love watchin him. So, I'm makin a last minute check of the Porch before I head on out to Mary's. I got my pie tins and I'm ready!
Now, Possum, I guess you got wind of my Mama's old recipe book. But, don't you worry, I never no way, no how is ever gonna eat (or bake) one of those awful tastin pies!... not that you would be awful... I mean not that I would want to eat a possum pie even if it did taste good.... ohhh.... let me try to get at this another way.. I would never eat a friend! Now, come on out from under that rock, grab your mitts, and let's go on over to Mary's! Asa's been lookin to 'trip the light fantastic' with ya! (whatever that means?, I think) and Briscoe's already removed all the appointments and is tunin up his jug. The boys are there too except they forgot Oather... ain't got much personality that boy.
No, no Mrs. Wiley... muffs, not muffINS! Possum's ears ain't that big! But, if you got muffins on your mind, we could use some tomorrow morning.... how about apple muffins? Bet we'll have plenty of apples left for a couple batches with plenty of your good coffee.
Fun Girl, glad you're okay! Come join the party and relax your nerves a little. If you still need to relax more, the boys brought along some mulberry squeezins... that's all it is, just mulberry squeezins! Of course, if ya bring your Colonel Harvey's Elixer, that'll do it too and I think Hazel will be cuttin a rug, trick knee and all with a little of that! Let's just not let her start singing Too Too Tootsie!
God's blessings on you all, ~Clara~

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9133: I think we ought to have mulberry muffins, but we ought to use squeezins instead of milk, reckon how they would turn out?? LOL

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9134: It's too late, Clara! Toot, toot, Tootsie, Goodbye. Toot, toot, Tootsie, don't cry! *hic (Excuse me) I found some of my own elixer in the back of a closet, so I started early. I hope Asa can come to the party, I heard something about Mr. Weaver having him come in for night duty. I guess his store's being robbed. Did you all hear the story about Myra Koontz? Well, if you aint heard it, I'm not going to tell you. You know I don't like to gossip.
- Hazel

September 21, 2002 - Msg 9135: Hey Hazel,let's sneak up to Weaver's store after the movies at Mary's. We can throw rocks at the window like Ernest T.Bet we'll scare Asa good! Bring your elixer with you,if you haven't drained the bottle already! Might just be a singin' possum on the loose in Mayberry tonight!
ME THEY ME THEY ME THEY (I'm warming up so's I can Toot Toot Tootsie with ya!)
possum under a rock

September 22, 2002 - Msg 9136: Lord, please continue to bless Romeena and her family with your peace at this time and in the days ahead, bring healing and strength, and draw near to the broken-hearted. In Jesus name, Amen--Boo

September 22, 2002 - Msg 9137: Oh, and thank ya'll for calming my anxiety about my little girl. She is some kind of wonderful!-Boo

September 22, 2002 - Msg 9138: Good Sabbath Boo, and Porch! Some shin-dig last night, eh? The apple muffins are warm and fresh churned butter is ready. Coffee/tea's on! I sure like these porch parties, they aren't near as stuffy as any of the ones I throw. I always end up asking someone to dance with Ramona, and there's always a stag line that just sets there. I still haven't gotten the punch stain out of the ceiling.

Hey Hazel, tell me the one about Myra Koontz from the lawn-gerrie shop...
~ Mrs. Wiley

September 22, 2002 - Msg 9139: Lawn-gerrie shop? ROTFL. Yer a caution Mrs Wiley. And how do you do it? Get up so early and fix breakfast after being up so late last night and rather..... elixirized shall we say. Wooo weee.
Hope all are well, including our dear sweet Romeena. Goos Sabbath all.


September 22, 2002 - Msg 9140: Lawn-gerrie shop? ROTFL. Yer a caution Mrs Wiley. And how do you do it? Get up so early and fix breakfast after being up so late last night and rather..... elixirized shall we say. Wooo weee.
Hope all are well, including our dear sweet Romeena. Good Sabbath all.


September 22, 2002 - Msg 9141: If any of you are seeing double you best go back to bed for a while. hee hee hee


September 22, 2002 - Msg 9142: I guess I'll go back to bed for awhile.
- Hazel

September 22, 2002 - Msg 9143: Guess everybody stayed in bed all day!

~ Mrs. Wiley
elixerized? heehee

September 22, 2002 - Msg 9144: Asa, break out your Andre Castillanos marchers...that'll get them put of bed!

September 22, 2002 - Msg 9145: That's "out".

September 22, 2002 - Msg 9146: I think EVERYBODY musta joined in on the elixer shenanigans last night, sure hope homemaker & Miss Peggy don't see ya'll's spellin, you'll be pulling time after school writing on the blackboard & doin extra spelling words!

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9147: That there party shore wore me out.
Charlotte Tucker

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9148: Good morning Porch!

Asa, you asked how I can get up so early (even after a party)? Easy - STRESS. I won't start everyone's day with my tale of woe, rather - I'll just make breakfast: eggs your way, MEAT, hash brown taters, biscuts and red-eye gravy! Coffee/tea's simmering...

~ Mrs. Wiley
"Barney! You aren't gonna eat all that are you?"

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9149: Thanks for the vittles Mrs. Wiley! Boy,that was some weekend,with the movies at Mary's and the elixer **hiccup** OOPS! Still got a hold on me!
Y'all have a good day!
possum under a rock

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9150: Mornin Porch
Hey Mavis I just emialed you and visited your web site. Hey to all here at the porch, it seems I must have missed a great party. Lightning and I have been so busy we haven't had time to rest. But we have taken out time to go watch our granddaughters play soccer & took in a few festivals. Oh this is my most favorite time of the year. Autumn how grand the world looks this time of year, it brigs me back to life at its fullest, I just love Autumn. LOL O h and thanks Mrs Wiley for the cup of tea it sure hit the spot. yum. and biscuts and gravy be still my foolish heart what a grand meal for such a grand day. Aunt Bea says to tell you all hey! 31 is still perking along. Pollyanna says hey to Sammy & SugarPlum, My lil Sgt (my baby boy) just told me the other day he will be going over to Afg. that knocked the wind out of me for awhile had to regain my feet, I can't hardly stand the thought but their are so many already there and more going just keep them always in your prayers. He is so proud to serve God and his country, I'm proud of him, but I'm just a lilole mama that wants her children home and safe as I know there are others that feel just like I do. There sure has been a lot going on here at the porch, I always miss out LOL ... God bless you all Ms Ellen Brown

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9151: Morning Porch pals. Y'all still ain't ailing are ya? Good vittles Mrs. Wiley. Sorry yer stressed. Ya want me to sing at ya? I've been known to chase away just about anythang that ails ya with my seranading. Just ask Mavis. I sang at her redskins and they aint' won since. tee hee. Sorry Mavis.
Hope y'all have a great day and bugs and prayers for all who need them.


September 23, 2002 - Msg 9152: Durn it, I'll give ya hugs if ya ain't wantin no bugs. SHEESH!


September 23, 2002 - Msg 9153: Aint this national bug month?
- Hazel

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9154: It was my daddy's bug.

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9155: Asa, as far as your singing curing what ails us, You know good and well you can't sing a lick, not a lick. There I said it and I aint taking it back.
BDJ you know what cures what ails me, and it kindly has the flavor of....what is it now. Oh yeah that's right MULBERRIES. So if you come down the mountain cross the R.E.Lee Nautral Bridge, fetch me some down here would ya. Oh I'd say about 11 hatfuls oughta hold me.

thank ya kindly,
fun girl

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9156: Morning porch! Thank you Mrs. Wiley for the dee-lishus breakfast! It's a beautiful day here, Autumn on the way and all! And I sure had a heap of fun with all the fellowshippin' going on here the other day! (I can't figure out how those meatballs got in my potted plants, however?)

Here's something just to make you laugh. Saturday my 8 year old niece and my 4 year old boy were hungry for breakfast. I made them English Muffins. Sunday morning my little boy asked me if we had any more of that "Chinese Bread"? Get it? hahahaha. Is it okay if I laugh at my own jokes?
Have a great day,
Mary Wiggins

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9157: Mornin' all! The bridge was flooded this a mornin'. So, me and the' Boys put the truck up on a pontoon. We used Oather as a motor. He needed to get run through the creek anyways. Hey fun girl, Here's a whole jug of my semi-famous recipe. Garunteed to cure you of any aches or pains you may have. I enjoyed cuttin' th' rug with you ladies. How 'bout I scrub one on fer ya'? "Dooley". Here we go.

Briscoe Darling Jr.
Hey ta':
Fun Girl
An' everyone!

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9158: BDJ--I got my strang box. I'll just jump in and hang on. (Got time for squeezings, got time for music.) Just so's it ain't "Never Hit Your Grandma With A Great Big Stick" That'un makes me cry.
Mary Wiggins, that story was plum adorable. Kindly reminds me of Little Opie when he was about 4 or 5 years old. We were at Long John Silver's and the hubby brought our plates to us and Kyle looked at me and said, "Why'd ya get me them dog muffins?" (Get it--hush puppies, dog muffins.) Like ta busted a gut on that 'un. Then there was the time he was trying to describe Paul Revere and he said, "Oh you know the guy who ran thru town yelling 'The Irish are coming, The Irish are coming!" Gonna have to talk to that boys daddy about goin' around braggin' about his Irish roots.
Oh and BDJ, thank ya kindly for the jug of the recipe. You know I don't usually imbibe, but you know how I suffer with my rheumatiz. Squeezings works better than any rheumatiz medicine I ever tried. Even better than Granny Clampet's and WAY YONDER better than Colonel Harveys elixir. Thanks a heap. If there is ever any way I can repay your kindness, please be sure to let me know.
Hey to all on the porch. Prayers for Ro and her family.

fun girl

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9159: Why, Briscoe, I never knew what a fancy stepper ya was!.... Knew you was a good jug player (and all those different instrument sounds you can make come out of that jug!... or did I just have too much mulberry squeezins???), but that foot work was a new one on me!
Asa, you can give Briscoe any bugs ya have cause he'll be a needin 'em when he has to replace all Mary's appointments! And don't ever work the the graveyard shift at Weaver's the night before we have an apple bobbin contest again though.... got us mighty worried when you didn't come back up til we found out you fell asleep with your head in the barrel! I'm sure glad we had some of that Col. Harvey's elixir to revive ya with!
Mary, you put on one fine party and your floor was just as clean as can be for dancin! Don't wax it next time though cause Possum was slippin way too much in those red sparkly dancin shoes of hers! Though when she spun across the floor that one time with those red shoes spinnin 'n sparklin like that, it sure made one heck of a dance routine!
Mrs. Wiley, those apple muffins with your good coffee were delicious this morning. Hope your stress disappears so's you can enjoy the rest of the week. Keep visitin the porch... it always helps to sit on this porch and just chat your troubles away!
Prayers for your son and everyone servicin our country Ellen... sure wish we had more brave boys like em.. we'd have a better world.
Everyone have a blessed Lord's Day. God bless you all. ~Clara~

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9160: Oops! I am one day behind ain't I? Wonder what causes that??? ~Clara~

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9161: My dear, precious porch friends! I've just finished reading through everything back to my last visit, and now I know why my family and I were able to get through this last week, and especially Saturday. It was the prayers of all our friends, holding us up and giving us courage.
Friends, our little Logan was so beautiful, and we were able to say our last goodbyes before the service, and then the little casket was closed. Caskets just shouldn't come in that size. It was beautifully hand-crafted of solid wood, but so small, just like Logan. The services, both at the church and at the graveside, were sweet and beautiful. My youngest daughter, who sings like an angel, sang "Surely the Presence" at the beginning, and "Mary's Lullaby" at the close of the service at the church. So moving. Then at the graveside, a song written by my talented older daughter was played. She wrote the lyrics, and a friend of hers set it to music and recorded it. It was beautiful.
I don't mean to depress anyone, but I do need to tell you all how much you mean to me and to my family. Some of them visit the porch now and then, just to read. Others hear a lot about it from me, and I was so happy to be able to tell everyone about how my porch friends have been so supportive, and about all the prayers that were offered in our behalf.
I'm not going to try to mention everyone individually, it would probably trigger a sweep! However, be assured that I've read each entry, and my heart was lifted with each one. Thank you so much. We are doing better, and of course, little Logan is doing just fine! He's with his heavenly Father, and I'm sure his Papa, my husband, was there to greet him when he arrived. He's in very good hands.
Sugarplum says hey!--Romeena

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9162: LOL... cute stories, Fun Girl. I just love our little ones. And believe me, when you become a grandparent, it just gets better! :) ~Clara~

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9163: Romeena, I was just posting as you were. I am so glad for you and your family that you could be comforted at this time and I think it is your family's strong faith. You will get through the days to come because of it. Know that we all will continue praying for you and your family.
As fate would have it, what I posted at the same time you posted about loving our little ones is so much more poignant with your posting. They are all so precious no matter what the circumstances.
This weekend my cousin who is in her late 50's visited and showed me pictures of her first grandchild... she has waited so long for her son to have children. And here I am 51 and have six already! She mentioned our aunt's only son and his wife who are now in their 30's and aren't even sure they want to have children at all! They think that because he has a mild form of epilepsy (totally controlled with meds) that they don't want children who might have it too. My cousin and I both agreed that some day when they realize that they were trying to play God by deciding under what conditions a child should be born, it will be too late and they will have missed out on God's most precious gift.
I look at my autistic grandsons and I know I would never have wanted my daughter to not have children just because their lives would not be 'perfect'... I think that's what love is. And Romeena, you and your family have exemplified that for everyone... some people only know how to be 'happy'; you and your family know how to LOVE. God bless you and all of us on this Porch who know how to love. ~Clara~

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9164: Afternoon Y'all.I am one laughing possum this afternoon,what with Asa and his "bug-hugs",Briscoe's mulberry squeezin's and all these funny antedotes from the kids! Guess it's true-kids DO say the darnedest things! I could tell y'all some stories about my school kids,'cept I'd have a hard time getting past the censor here on the porch.Y'all can imagine,I'm sure!
Yep,I was doing the possum trot,Clara in my red sparkly shoes the other night! That Mary sure throws a good party!
Romeena,the services for Logan sounded beautiful.Glad to know that you and the family are coming through this alright. I can imagine how hard it's been.May God continue to bless and strengthen you all.
Well,gotta go finish my laundry,so I bid y'all farewell (for now) and good night!
possum under a rock

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9165: Ain't this Porch the cats? God Bless us one and all! ~ Mrs. Wiley

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9166: Dear Romeena, thank you for sharing with us about your family. You are on our minds and each time you have left an entry since that sweet baby went to live with Jesus, I have sat in front of this computer and cried. I love my babies so much I can only imagine how much I will love their children someday. God bless you, Honey. Thank you Jesus for going to the cross so that sweet little baby can live forever with the ones that love him. What a wonderful place the Father's house will be!

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9167: Love, Boo (sorry, I forgot to write my name)

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9168: I almost forgot to share something my seven year old son said today. We were getting gas at the Exxon and as I was pumping the gas, Sean (my son) was hanging out of the window. A man got out of his car nearby and he had one of those artficial legs that looks like a pole with a shoe on the end of it. Well, Sean immediately said, "That guy has a stick leg!". I said, "Hush he might hear you". Sean quickly and seriously said, "It looks real good on him, I would say!". Ha. Funny kid.

well, if you don't hear from mean all of a sudden, you will know the hurricane blew me a way.---Boo

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9169: I mean "from me"! BOO

September 23, 2002 - Msg 9170: Boo stay away from that hurricane if you can, we need you here on the porch! Romeena God Bless You! Are are the cats in my book! I remember when I was going thru the time with our little Bobo the better half's uncle this porch sure helped me thru that! He has been gone 3 years now by the way, hard to beleive, but I still think of him everyday! This porch is just the best!

September 24, 2002 - Msg 9171: Hello Porch! You all have a wonderful day.

September 24, 2002 - Msg 9172: Hey to the Porch -
9130, after going to Mayberry Days each of the last 4 years, we're not going to make it this year. Instead, we're going Saturday night to see Don Knotts and Tim Conway in Mississippi and going to Mayberry in October. We're going to miss seeing ever'body at M'Days and I know they will all have a great time but we're really lookig forward to the Knotts/Conway show too.

Milton P. Oliver
"Do cousins count?"

September 24, 2002 - Msg 9173: Good Morning Porch,
How is every one this fine and fabulous morning? Boo, please be careful, don't get blown away or nothing! We need you here! Funny story about Sean.
Hey to Romeena, how are you doing? I continue to hold you and your family in my prayers. Let us know where to send memorials for "Logan's Garden".
Seeing as no one has set up the vittles yet I thought I'd put out some delicious scrambled eggs, canadian bacon, and of course some "Chinese Bread"! (Refer to msg 9156!)
(((((HUGS))))to all my porch friends!
Mary Wiggins

September 24, 2002 - Msg 9174: Morning Porch,
Thanks for the delicious breakfast, Mary. Mmmm Mmmm! Do you have to over to Mt. Pilot to get the "Chinese Bread"? My family and I can never go out for Chinese food without mentioning Mt. Pilot! Gets stuck in the brain I guess when you grow up on it and have watched every episode 5 dozen times or more!
Boo, stay out of anything stronger than a breeze!
Romeena, still praying for you all.
Homemaker and Salty, where are you? You okay?
Hey to all the rest of the Porch:
Milton, Frankie, Mavis, Mrs. Wiley, Possum, Fun Girl, Briscoe, Asa, Hazel, Mary, Ellen, Charlotte,
... and anyone else who hasn't posted in a while, check in and tell us you're okay. You know how ya worries us..."Don't be such a stranger." God bless you all.. ya all are precious. ~Clara~

September 24, 2002 - Msg 9175: Afternoon Y'all! Boo,please take care if that hurricane comes your way.Whether you live on the coast or inland,take my word that they can do some MAJOR damage.I am inland about 50 miles from Charleston SC and Hugo came through like a bat out of you-know-where. Not trying to scare you,but don't let your guard down if you happen to be inland. Head for the hills! I'm paying close attention to the tropics-think there are 3 out there that bear watching.I won't ride out another big one.I'll hightail it up to NC mountains.Salty,leave the light on,cause I might be headed your way,depending on what these dang storms do.
That Chinese Bread was just as flavorsome as can be! Look forward to dog muffins next time! When my daughter was little,she'd be outside playing and "cooking".When I 'd ask her what she was making she always said "Coconut fish cakes!" YUCK! I had to "eat" 'em too! Give me chinese bread & dog muffins ANY day!
Y'all have a good evening.Thinking 'bout ya Boo-stay safe!
possum under a rock

September 24, 2002 - Msg 9176: Whereabouts are you, Boo? And where is that hurricane anyhow? I've been working on a magazine deadline and haven't even paid a lick of attention to the weather channel, not a lick! I do love that weather channel! Anytime I'm the only one home that's what's on, unless of course I'm watchin' TAGS tapes or TAGS on TVLAND. Best wishes to all. Hey back to you, Clara! Where's Dixie Belle? I'm startin' to fret about her.
Charlotte Tucker

September 24, 2002 - Msg 9177: Hey to Frankie, Asa, Charlotte, Clara, Mary (thanks for the fine international breakfast!!),Possum, Mavis, Hazel, Salty and MPO. Hey Milton, we expect to get a play-by-play report on the Knotts/Conway show. Deatils, man - we need details! I'm too po' to go to M'days this year. Maybe next time. Possum, coconut fish cakes sound really good, I love coconut shrimp (but it's like eating a solid wad of cholesterol). I'm keeping an eye on these storms, too. Tornado's don't scare me but Hurricanes are another story.

~ Mrs. Wiley

September 24, 2002 - Msg 9178: Hey to you, Miss Charlotte. I'm in Corpus Christi and my house is about 50 yards from the gulf of Mexico! I can see the water from my front yard, so I'd better take cover if that hurricane is comin' here! I have sat through a couple of them because I used to work in a hospital (I'm a retired RN). Once I got stuck at the hospital for two days. When I was a kid, my family and I sat through a hurricane named "Celia" and it was the biggest of it's time. It is something I will never forget. I can remember sitting on my uncles front porch and watching the neighbor's roof blow off and down the street (among other things). It was soemthing else, for sure! I saw brick buildings blown completly away and boxcars in the middle of the highway. We were without water and electricity for two weeks. It was in July and talk about hot! We used kerosene lamps and the government brought in water and canned goods. I can remember the national gaurd guys walking around with guns threatening to shoot looters. You didn't dare get caught out of the house after sundown. I sure don't want to go through that again!
It looks like that hurricane is going to go North of us so I'm not worried about this one. Well, thank ya'll for your concern. Boo

September 24, 2002 - Msg 9179: Glad to hear it, Boo. Prayers for all you Texans and those on the East coast. When my son-in-law was stationed near Fayetteville NC, for four years I worried about my daughter and the new baby (my son-in-law was always sent away to emergency duty) every summer about those nasty hurricanes. They were pretty far from the coast but, like Possum says, they can get pretty far. Don't like it at'all. I'd rather be here and hot and we've been dang hot: 102 degrees! But, I'd rather have that than hurricanes and floods, etc. Prayers for all of you with these weather problems.

September 25, 2002 - Msg 9180: Thanks for the info, Boo. Glad it looks like you might be out of danger. It's almost midnight but I got some more work done tonight so I might treat myself to going in and watching the Weather Channel for a spell to check on that ol' hurricane. The worst weather we get around here is blizzards and tornadoes and while I don't want to be in either, I LOVE watching that stuff on TV. Storm Week is my very favorite on WC!
Just me, Crazy ol’ Charlotte Tucker!

September 25, 2002 - Msg 9181: By the way, yesterday I saw the “Call the Man" ep. I love that one! But Andy really does get kinda testy with Aunt Bee up town there when the dogs are yappin' after the meat. But I guess he's forgiven since he bought such a nice new freezer.

September 25, 2002 - Msg 9182: Got a call tonight from one of my students who graduated and went on to middle school this year. She just called to see if we faired okay in the tornadoes we had on Friday. Wasn't that right nice like of her? Her mama raised her right. She was one of my favorites. It was so nice to hear from her. Hey to ya'll.
fun girl

September 25, 2002 - Msg 9183: Clara, where are you living? 102 degrees?!--Boo

September 25, 2002 - Msg 9184: Morning everyone! Prayers for our Gulf Coast friends. Send it on up here. We sure are needin' the rain. Been busy doin' fall housecleaning, and of course WORKING! Sure do miss everyone. Hazel, when I get done here, I'll be over to help you, I know you have that bad back... hate for you to have to take to your bed for a spell. Asa, the box of golf balls on the porch are for you. SOMEBODY keeps shooting them into my yard! TEEHEE ~ New Neighbor

September 25, 2002 - Msg 9185: Mornin' New Neighbor! Long time no see. We need the rain too, but not as much as they're predicting in the Gulf! Everybody have a Mayberry Day now. Just look at me. I was the last one posting at midnight and I'm already up this morning. To celebrate that, I've got the coffee on, bacon frying, fried potato patties, eggs, and toast (wheat). Not quite as big a breakfast as Barney eats, but it'll do.
Charlotte Tucker

September 25, 2002 - Msg 9186: Mmmm-mmmm good breakfast Charlotte. I sure enjoy it when you ain't so busy on them books.
Hey N.N. Them ain't my golf balls. They is Hazels meatballs that got vulcanized. But they do travel as good as my pinnacle's though. Good to see you.
Where is my Salty Dog run off to. And Helen, she ain't posted in quite a spell. I declare, I don't know what I'm gonna do with em. WORRY WORRY WORRY.
Hope you all have a blessed day and please check in today and say hey. We need to hear from all of you.


September 25, 2002 - Msg 9187: Morning Porch! Tried to post on here yesterday, but this contraption had other idees so I didn't. Our band played on State St. last night we had a ball, (not them vulcanized ones tho) One thing I love about this town is that you can go just about anywheres & find music, seein as how we are the Birthplace of Country Music that makes sense, I just think it is cool to drive down the street, with the lights all lit up & see a band standing on stage pickin! If ya'll ever get a chance to come here you should! Romeena you doin alright? Been thinking about you. I had an aunt pass away on Sun & we go to go to the wake tonight, so I probably won't be back today, she was 84 years old & had that awful 'Old Timer's Disease' as they call it here. Ya'll have a wonderful day & Act like somebody!
September 25, 2002 - Msg 9188: ">


September 25, 2002 - Msg 9189: Fixed?

September 25, 2002 - Msg 9190: Bold should be off now...

September 25, 2002 - Msg 9191: BACK IN BUSINESS

September 25, 2002 - Msg 9192: It's a miracle!! We're back in bidness.

September 25, 2002 - Msg 9193: Thank you Floyd.


September 25, 2002 - Msg 9194: From the ABCnews website:
Andy Griffith to visit Mt. Airy
The 76-year-old actor, who brought fabled Mayberry to life on "The Andy Griffith Show," will make a public appearance Oct. 16 for the dedication of a section of U.S. 52 in his honor.

"He is probably one of the most recognized people, most recognized actors in the country because he's just got that charm," said David Bradley, the president of the Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce. "This is a great opportunity."

Gov. Mike Easley will be the keynote speaker, with Griffith scheduled to speak afterward.

Griffith's visit comes just three weeks after the 13th annual Mayberry Days, a festival scheduled to run Friday through Sunday that celebrates the characters and spirit of The Andy Griffith Show.

The three-day festival attracts fans of the show as well as those in search of the simpler living along Mount Airy's Main Street. More than 20,000 people attended last year.

Griffith usually skips Mayberry Days and has been reluctant to make a public appearance in his hometown. The last time was June 1, 1957, when he was greeted with a parade for his movie "No Time For Sergeants."

September 25, 2002 - Msg 9195: Hey to the porch -
Mrs. Wiley, we'll post a report from the show when we get back, fer shure. I hope to get some good pictures. If I do, they will be posted over at the Mayberry Giants: "Hit One for the Ol' Goober" place.

Milton P. Oliver
"You take a real good picture, Barney. Me, I never do."

September 25, 2002 - Msg 9196: Boo, I live in California's Central Valley which is mainly agricultural. Actually, I live on it's eastern border at the start of the Sierra Nevada foothills. This time of year is usually not so hot though, although we always get an Indian summer for a week during October when the temp is up around the 90's. This heatspell is just about over, thank heavens. Hope everything is okay for you over there in Texas. ~Clara~

September 26, 2002 - Msg 9197: Mornin' Y'all! Tried to crawl up on the porch yesterday afternoon,but something kept knocking me off the porch! Must have been a creachture or something! Glad to see that whatever it was is gone now!
Well,SC is getting LOTS of rain from Isidore,but thankfully,that's it. Hope everyone in it's path makes out okay.We sure need the rain.
Soggy Poptarts for everyone this morning! Ha Ha
possum under a WET rock

September 26, 2002 - Msg 9198: Try and stay dry possum, we don't need a sick possum on our hands.
Glad Floyd fixed our porch. Durn squeeky boards anyway.
Hope you are ok Romeena. Prayers and hugs for you.
Still no Salty or Helen sightings.:(
Hope y'all have a great day.


September 26, 2002 - Msg 9199: So ol Andy is gonna visit Mt. Airy, do hope he is much kinder to the folks there than in Wilmington, NC while he was filming "Mattlock". I worked for the Studios there and worked on a few Mattlocks and sadly the guy is NOTHING like he is on the show! Didn't want folks 10 feet near his trailor on the set and forget a hello or autograph? On a lighter note, did get to meet and party with Martin Sheen when he was doing "Fire Starter", what a doll! Supper guy!

Hope everyone is safe from the storms, we are just getting some much needed rain here in the Carolinas.

Take care,

September 26, 2002 - Msg 9200: Good morning - hope I'll be able to post this today. Indiana is getting soggy as I look outside. We have computer woes at our house - my youngest son crashed my computer. I have everything fixed except my modem. So I am forced to use my computer at school. So - I hope to keep a little up to date with you.


September 26, 2002 - Msg 9201: Hey Homemaker, Happy, Asa,Possum, Clara, Boo, Milton and everbody else! How are you all doing? I tried to visit the porch yesterday too, but something kept kicking me off also. I think Barney had something to do with it! He was probably spying on Andy to see if that ex-convict was going to do him some harm or something.
Anyways, I don't think I brought this up yet, I think Boo should host this weekends shenanigans. What with that place right on the water and all! It sounds right nice over there.

Now poor me...Here it is, fall, just setting in and me fixing to go leaf peeping and now I went and caught a cold! I wonder what causes that?!(My syntax was pretty bad in that last sentence, wasn't it? Must be the cold messing with my brain!)
Hey to Romeena, I hope comfort and peace are reigning in your life right now.

Well, you all have a great day, I think I will go stick my head under a pillow!

Mary Wiggins under a pillow

September 26, 2002 - Msg 9202: Howdy, friends! Am just about back to normal around here. Worked the past three nights, 12hr shifts, but now they're over and I'm off for four nights. Yippee!
One last word of thanks for all your kind thoughts, prayers and supportive posts during the time before and after the coming and passing of little Logan. His parents are doing well, considering, and the rest of us are trying to follow their lead. Some of you have asked about the address for the fund for Logan's Garden. Here it is: I.O.O.F. Cemetery, 6308 Edenborough Court, North Richland Hills, TX 76180. If some of you choose to be a part of this, I can only say thank you, and that you're going waaaay yonder past the call of duty for a Porchster. On anything that you send, please be sure to make it clear that it is to be applied to the fund for Logan's Garden.
In time to come, when the area is improved, I'll take a picture and try to figure out how to include it here for all to see. I have the digital camera, but am a little short on know-how. I'll get there, though.
Once again, you folks are the CATS! And I love you all. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 26, 2002 - Msg 9203: Hello all! Think I'll make me some white beans, meatloaf and johnny cakes. Later, walk over to Wally's for an orange soda. I'll make some homemade ice cream for later. Anyone wanna join me?

Briscoe Darling Jr.
Hey ta':
Fun Girl
All the newcomers
An' everyone!

September 26, 2002 - Msg 9204: Hey Ya'll,
I'm still staying at Mrs. Mendlebrights. I love it here and the food is fantastic but I need to buy a place of my own. I found a nice piece of property over on Woods Way so I may go check it out. Rates are so low I might as well take advantage an own. I just picked up my Hudson from Wally's. Goober says it's runnin' fine. I'll be catching that Gregory Peck picture this weekend so I'll probably be seeing some of ya'll there. Right now, I'm gonna join Msg 9203 for some of that homemade ice cream. I've got to be careful though, it always gives me a dose of the lazies. Take care ya'll.

September 26, 2002 - Msg 9205: Hey to "Happy" (msg. 9199). You seem kind of bitter, did you marry late in life? I'm glad you got to have supper with Martin Sheen though.

September 26, 2002 - Msg 9206: "5"

~ Mrs. Wiley

September 26, 2002 - Msg 9207: Someone get the broom, I think this porch needs a good sweepin.
What ya countin, Mrs. W? The vulcanized meatballs that was left after the party? Come on, you can tell me!
Briscoe, I'll join ya for some of that good eatin.... you wouldn't be a specializin on me now would ya? lol Maybe we'll get you to fix the vittles at this weekend's shenanigans... a man who can cook, now he's a real catch! I'll have to recommend ya to some of my single lady friends!
Gator, since your Hudson's ready to go, maybe after that Greggory Peck movie show, you can cart us all up to Briscoe's for some of his fine vittles and homemade icecream. Just be sure it can make it over the Robert E. Lee natural bridge (it's the log over a shallow part of the creek) and that it can tote us all here on the porch who is wantin to go... wouldn't want to leave anyone behind!
Romeena, glad to hear you sounding so good. Your faith amazes me. I declare you and your family are some kind of saints! It's just no wonder Logan was blessed with you all for a family! He couldn't have had better! God bless you all.
So, hey to the rest of the Porch: Happy, Mary, Boo, Homemaker, Asa, Hazel, Possum, Helen, MPO, Charlotte, Neighbor, Fun Girl, Frankie, Mavis, Floyd, Ellen, Ernest T. and anyone else who hasn't checked in for a while....
"Don't be such a stranger."
God bless all you good people, ~Clara~

September 26, 2002 - Msg 9208: "I am sooooo sorry, I broke yer heart, mother."
- Hazel

September 26, 2002 - Msg 9209: Aww Pipe down Otis would ya just pipe down!

September 26, 2002 - Msg 9210: OH YEA, WHO'S GONNA MAKE ME?

September 26, 2002 - Msg 9211: I am that's who!!

September 26, 2002 - Msg 9212: Who's Happy and why is he coming down on Andy? We can't have none of that! If ya can't say somethin' nice about all know the rest. Boo

September 27, 2002 - Msg 9213: Good morning Porch! Happy, glad to see you posting again! Boo, Happy is a decent joe - and actually worked on the set of Matlock. I wouldn't say he's 'coming down' on Andy, just making an observation.

Now it's my turn to ask for Prayers. My Aunt (I was named after her, so we'll call her Aunt Wiley) is passing over to Our Maker. Please ask Jesus to be with her as she crosses into Paradise. Her Daughter (78yo) took great care of her. I would like to go to the funeral in Chicago, but might not get to without jeopardizing my crummy job.

Breakfast is on...danishes from Panera (a great bread store/bakery if you aren't familliar)
~ Mrs. Wiley

"Now, Aunt Bea, don't take on so. I always knew Ms. Finch to enjoy poor health and you've always been healthy."

September 27, 2002 - Msg 9214: Morning Mrs. Wiley. Thanks for breakfast. Prayers for your Aunt, and bless her heart. Boo, Happy is a porchster who just posts every now and then. (I thought Happy is a "she", but what do I know.) And I'm sure there was a good explanation for Andy acting that way. I refuse to think anything bad about that wonderful actor.
- Hazel

Barney: Maybe we better loosen something. You got something we can loosen?
Aunt Bee: Barney!

September 27, 2002 - Msg 9215: Hazel - you ALWAYS have great lines! Happy a she? OOPS, my apologies!! ~ Mrs. Wiley

September 27, 2002 - Msg 9216: "Do you know what he said to me? Well Bee, we're no spring chickens. Can you believe it?"

Hey Briscoe, the vittles sound mighty good right about now. Thank ya kindly. Maybe we could have a little of those famous squeezins? Not to much now, we have to be able to get back across the R.E. Lee Natural Bridge. I'll have two helpings of ever thang. If that ain't a testament to good cooking, I don't know what is.
fun girl

Oh by the way...homeschool is going great. We are both learning so much. This week we are studying blood. We looked at it under the microscope and everything. I think this coming week we may take a field trip to the Central Indiana Regional Blood Center. He wants to go as long as no one comes at him with a needle. He is his mother's son for sure.

September 27, 2002 - Msg 9217: Morning Porch. Friday smiles upon us once again.
Mrs. Wiley, I am so sorry to hear about your Aunt. For sure she and you are in my prayers. That is horrible that you can't make the funeral because of your job. I am so sorry dear. God bless.
Hope everyone has a great day.


September 27, 2002 - Msg 9218: Mornin' porch! raining today and we don't mind a bit. Been needin' the rain somethin' awful. Now Isadora is coming to the rescue. Some folks don't need anymore, like Lousiana. Poor dears. Hope everyone has a good day. Mrs. Wiley, praying for ya. Has Salty Dog left town?? Where is that woman? Helen, oh Helen, please check in... 10-4? ~New Neighbor

September 27, 2002 - Msg 9219: Nope, not a Bad Bitter GIRL at all, I grew up loving the Andy show - it just really broke my little heart when I got to see him in person and had friends that worked on the set that told me how he really was - disapointed would be the word.
Hey, I am a North Carolina Gal and the person that Andy is on THE SHOW really is like most folks in this area, as I said, it just disapointed me real bad - my friend saw him out in town and went up to hug his neck and he all but pushed her away and acted like he wanted nothing to do with anyone? Again, I love the show - guess that is why they call them "Actors"!


September 27, 2002 - Msg 9220: BTW, thanks for the prayers for my friends Theresa (42) with cancer - sadly the news as of yet is not good but we still got more prayers and hope the new chemo will work cuz nothing else has so far and she is getting weaker by the day.
People, if you smoke PLEASE consider quitting - it is so sad to watch someone suffer like that, this lady is in major pain and nothing seems to help. I quit smoking 9 months ago TODAY but have found that even a quitter is not out of the woods for years. and is what got me here is anyone is interested?

Have a great day,