October 01, 2002 - Msg 9338: I believe I will just stay plain 'ol Boo. How is the weather out there? I have a friend in Nevada that is talking about possible snow flurries. If I didn't lover her so much, I would hate her. We are still slappin' on sunscreen and playin' in the water down here and the mosquitoes! The weatherman says we might have a cool front this weekend (or a hurricane, which ever comes first).
Oh, to feel the chill of Fall,
to see a colored leaf,
to make some chili with some beans
would bring my soul relief.

But down here on the Texas coast,
we haven't got a prayer
no chilly days or turning leaves,
it's always hot down here!

I'm so jealous I could spit!----Boo

October 01, 2002 - Msg 9339: Ok, I'm gonna share something else about myself...sometimes at the end of a hard day, when I lay my head on my pillow...I think about what it would be like if Mayberry was real and I lived there. sometimes I imagine being invited over to Andy's for Aunt Bee's cookin. She might be serving fried chicken and mashed potatoes with those little green peas, and for dessert we would have banana cream pie and coffee. After dessert, we would all take our coffee out on the front porch and listen to Andy play his guitar and sing while we sat in the porch swing. Of course Barney and Thelma Lou would be there, too tellin' stories about the old days. Then, we might take a walk up town to let our food settle. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Anyone else confess to a similar fantasy??---Boo

October 01, 2002 - Msg 9340: Sure does sound nice Boo nowadays people is just in a dang hurry all the time! MPO have you heard Patty Loveless' CD Mountain Soul Man is it great!!

October 01, 2002 - Msg 9341: Hey to the Porch on this fine evening! Hope everyone is doing fine. Glad to hear about your grandma's peaceful passing NN. That's a blessing.
Boo, I have ALWAYS dreamed that there could be a real Mayberry kind of town somewhere and if there was, I'd be there in the shake of a lamb's tail! But, I guess that kind of perfection just doesn't exist on this here earth, so like I tell all my family... when my time comes, heaven is gonna look like Mayberry and when they join me someday, they can find me on a front porch doing just like you described! For now, Boo, we can all have our own Mayberries... it's all in how we live each day and how we make our homes a haven for our families. For years now, I have not allowed anything on my tv that is crude such as Marriage Without Children and soaps, etc. and the like (I know by now there is much worse). We raised them going to church every week and let them know that God is the center of our lives. My hubby and I homeschooled and that helped too, even though they all have had to make their way in a pretty decadent society out there. Still, I know because we've kept our home a little 'Mayberry', as they get older and tire of the trash out there, they each have gone or will go back to their 'Mayberry'/Christian roots. So, Boo, my advice is make your own Mayberry! You'll have lots of good memories! ~Clara~

October 01, 2002 - Msg 9342: Ooops... that's Marriage WITH Children I believe... goes to show you how I think of that show. lol

October 01, 2002 - Msg 9343: Oh, and Boo, you asked about the weather: the weather here in the Central Valley turned cool this past weekend. (It can make such quick changes here) We've got a beautiful autumn breeze coming through making the air crisp... how I love autumn in this valley! Very soon the leaves will turn gold and be on the lawns. I never rake cause I love how the yard looks with all those colored leaves! All our orchards will be all fall colors too... A Sunday drive during October is just beautiful, wearing a favorite knit sweater and going for a walk along one of the rivers, then stopping at our local apple farm - Bloomingcamps - for the greatest caramel apple turnover and sitting by the duck pond while the little ones play.... oh, now you've got me antsy for the weekend! ~Clara~

October 01, 2002 - Msg 9344: Hey to the Porch.

Milton, that's neat having a NGDB/TAGS connection....I'm gonna have to set my alarm tonight, so that I can get up at 10 PM to watch my Redbirds...
St. Louis is my favorite big city...with the beautiful splendor of Union Station, and the arch and all...630 feet tall.
You see that at night with a full moon shining on the Big Muddy....you've really seen something.


"Stainless steel...Wow!"

October 02, 2002 - Msg 9345: Has anybody read any of the "Miss Julia" books by Ann B Ross? Let me tell ya if ya haven't, you shore are a missin' it. I just got the latest one from the library and it says on the back, and I quote, "Imagine Aunt Bee from The Andy Griffith Show with a lot more backbone and confidence and drop her smack in the middle of a humorous, rolicking plot and you have the tone and pace of Ross' endearing second novel."--Miss Julia Takes Over. These are books you will want to read over and over again. You will find yourself laughing out loud while you are reading them and you will be so unsettled when they are over and you have to wait for the next installment.

I don't know about Aunt Bee lacking any back bone or confidence though. Just look what she did with Otis. They don't call her Bloody Mary for nothing.

Have a good one, and do run over to your local library and check out Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind, Miss Julia Takes Over, and the most recent, Miss Julia Throws A Wedding. They are well worth the read.

your cotton pickin', ever lovin', book reviewin'
fun girl

October 02, 2002 - Msg 9346: Jelsik, walk with me. Jelsik, talk with me. Jelsik, send me an email. I lost yer address.
Hope everyone's having a Mayberry kinda week. I'm a-tryin'.

font check

October 02, 2002 - Msg 9347: Oh,Clara, you just don't know what your words meant to me! Thank you so much for the encouragement and that is exactly what I will try to do; make my own Mayberry. I feel like you do about what comes into my home via the TV. I have even been considering getting rid of the cable for financial and spiritual reasons. The only thing is I would miss Andy on TVLand. I guess it would be a good excuse for buying the series on video! My husband and I recently purchased 5 acres of land to build on and hopefully we can begin in about a year. One thing is for sure; I will have a front porch with a swing (I'm thinking about taking up the guitar because I, unlike Lydia, do not hate it).
I'm going to look for the "Miss Julia" books. Have any of you read the Mitford series? they are very Mayberry-like, too. Definitely worth reading. have a great day tomorrow! I am rejoicing for your Grandma, New Neighbor.--Boo

October 02, 2002 - Msg 9348: Morning Porch pals. Good to see everyone. Sorry but also glad about your Grandme N.N.. if that makes any sense.
I sure do enjoy reading all your uplifting posts friends. It just makes this place so special. It is our little Mayberry. We got much needed rain yesterday and when the clouds cleared last night we had snow down to the 7,000 ft level in our mountains. Snowbird had recieved 18" of snow as of last night and it was still coming down. Our water year began yesterday, so we are off to a great start. 4 years of drought may be ending for us praise the Lord.
You all be good today and make me proud of ya. Mavis, my ears could use a trim, if yer game.


October 02, 2002 - Msg 9349: Good morning porch, how are all my friends this morning? Hope yall enjoyed lunch yesterday. Mavis, Asa is all yours today girl, he was underfoot all day yesterday. Got flour every where and he kept eating all the black jelly beans. He is a handful thats for sure. I am gonna have to go to work to rest up. Yall have a good un now and act like somebody. Later-- Salty Dog

October 02, 2002 - Msg 9350: Morning Porch, hope everyone is off to a good start today making it a 'Mayberry' day!
Boo, you are more than welcome. Good luck and God bless ya!
Salty, the lunch just hit the spot! Thanks... and that was another surprise.... now we have a possum AND a dog that can cook! lol..What a team!
By the way, I'm hoping that my daughter's problem has been solved. She has decided on going back to school and taking up paralegal. Now she will be able to be added to her dad's health insurance. So, she can go to our own doc to check on that lump. Thank you, friends, for all the prayers. Remember I said I would be dealing with something that would be trying? Well, it is. It's not critical really, just one of those things that gets your spirit down, so please just squeeze me in there with the rest of your prayer requests. I'd appreciate it kindly. You are a wonderful 'Mayberry' to be a part of!
Hey to the rest of the Porch: Mavis, Helen, Mary, Romeena, Frankie, Briscoe, Ellen, Homemaker, Hazel, Possum, Charlotte, Asa, Neighbor, Fun Girl, MPO, Floyd, Jelsik, Ernest T., Gator, Des, and anyone else who hasn't checked in for a while....
"Don't be such a stranger."
God's blessings on you all, ~Clara~

October 02, 2002 - Msg 9351: I'm curious, where do you live, Asa? What I wouldn't give to see snow on something, just a snowflake! The only thing that keeps me goin' is knowin' that I will be in Colorado soon for a vacation in the snow. I'm gettin' my thermal underwear wahsed and ready. I like to visit a place called Georgetown, Colorado. Any of you been there? It is very Mayberry. they don't even have a convenience store there (maybe one) and no fast food. It is something out of a dream, for sure. Old restored homes and quiet neighborhoods, a great little park with a gazebo in the center of town. I can't wait to get there. Last year it snowed while I was there and, WOW, for a Texas girl it was pure heaven. My little boy and I played in the snow at the park and threw snowballs. I had to keep pinching myself to see if it was real. Did ya'll know that The North Pole where Santa lives is really in Colorado at the base of Pike's Peak? For real! I have been there three times and seen santa with my own eyes. Seriously, there is a Christmas amusement park outside of Colorado Springs called the North Pole and it is so much fun! If any of you with little ones ever vacations in Colorado, it is worth going to see. Well, my youngest is eating some plastic beads so I had better go. Prayers for you, Clara. Bye---Boo

October 02, 2002 - Msg 9352: Boo, think it over hard before you get rid of or change your cable situation. We have a Dish Network satellite dish and we love it. Our kids watch TVLand more than anything. They love Leave It to Beaver, TAGS, and Get Smart. The bad thing about getting rid of these channels is that if you decide to watch TV at all and all you have left is network (NBC, CBS, or ABC), all you've got is trash! With satellite you have the options of History channel, Discovery, Animal Planet (which our kids also love), Hallmark, etc. So unless you're going to do away with TV altogether, I'd opt for some type of package of good channels. We don't have Hallmark, but I saw an ad for it and was considering it for the winter. Looked like it had some good westerns and family shows. Anybody have it? Please advise.
Charlotte Tucker

October 02, 2002 - Msg 9353: I was going to tell you to come to Wisconsin if you want to see snow, Boo, but we haven't had any yet. There is that chill in the air, so I'm sure it's not too far off. I just moved back from Indiana to my hometown up here in WI and I'm glad to be back. We didn't get much snow down there, just the cold weather. It's also alot quieter up here. One of my fondest memories is when I went for a walk around the neighborhood one winter night. The snowflakes were coming down and they were HUGE! Even though it was night, the snow brightened everything up, and there weren't any cars driving around, so the only thing I could hear was the snow crunching under my feet. I swear I could almost hear the snowflakes hitting the ground. It was almost magical. Sorry if I'm droning on about it and I hope I'm not making you jealous Boo, I guess I'm just really glad to be back. I'm also glad because I finally have a computer I can use for a few days(I'm housesitting at my sister-in-laws), so I can see what's going on here in cyber-Mayberry again. Although I was just at the Blackboard and there wasn't anything on there that I felt I could contribute to. I hate that. Anyway, hope you all have a good day!
-Sterling Holobyte

October 02, 2002 - Msg 9354: Hey Boo, Yes I have read the Mitford series. My son's 4th grade teacher told me about them and got me hooked. Miss Julia is kinda like a mouthy old southern aunt I once had. She tells it like it it....at least like it is from her point of view. She is a HOOT! Give her a whirl. I am sure you will love her as much as I do.

fun girl

October 02, 2002 - Msg 9355: Afternoon Porch! Just wanted to say I finally got my ICQ back, trying the new LITE version to see if I like it or not, anyways, my ICQ # is 171033310 if'n ya'll want to add me to your list.
later, I'm off to try & get rid of one of them migratin headaches that is keepin me migrating from the bed to the bathroom with a sick stomach! Emma you got any of your little blue pills?

October 02, 2002 - Msg 9356: Sounds awful Mavis and those sick headaches are awful ones as I recall... I once had to be in the hospital for 3 days because of one! So, you sure have my sympathy and prayers for a quick recovery. I'm afraid I don't have any little blue pills... all I have are pickles and I'm SURE you won't be wanting one! Get well, soon. ~Clara~

October 02, 2002 - Msg 9357: Thanks for the prayers, Boo... feels better already! ~Clara~

October 02, 2002 - Msg 9358: Afternoon Y'all! Another long day,so I will keep this short.Boo,I'm very worried about that Hurricane Lili-it's geared up to be a killer storm.I know I told you before,and I stress (having been smack dab in Hugo's path) to PLEASE go as far inland as you can if they predict it to make landfall near your area.Like I said,I'm 50 miles inland from Chas. SC and Hugo tore my town up.Take care of yourself Boo.Don't know of any other Porchsters in the hurricane's path,but my heart goes out to those folks in Texas & La.It's gonna be bad.
Clara,I'm happy things are working out for your daughter! Mavis,feel better hon.I get those nasty headaches too.
Everyone have a good evening-behave yourself Asa!
possum under a rock

October 02, 2002 - Msg 9359: Charlotte Tucker, I have the Hallmark channel. Love it, just love it. Mostly the stuff that comes on during the day, like 2 hours of I Dream of Jeannie, and 2 hours of Bewitched, and 2 hours of Perry Mason. Love those shows. Kinda makes it hard to get anything done when you have to sit around and watch all that TV. The stuff that comes on at night I don't much care for, and in the middle of the night it's mostly paid advertising. That's my 2 cents worth.
- Hazel

October 02, 2002 - Msg 9360: Possum, it looks like that hurricane will be missing me and going into Louisianna, thanks for your concern. I know how bad those things can be and would probably head for the relatives in Waco if one were to come this way.
I don't know what to do about the tv situation. I don't get the Hallmark channel, but I get alot of other good ones. I would really like for my family to watch a whole lot less tv but when I didn't have cable, we were tempted to watch more network television which really stinks. Not sure what to do.
It was 92 degrees here with 90% humidity! that cool front we were expectin' this weekend is supposed to "stall out" according to the weatherman (bah-humbug). Well, hope the rest of you are enjoying some nice, cool weather.Later---Boo

October 02, 2002 - Msg 9361: "92!"

October 02, 2002 - Msg 9362: Well, a hot cup of tea on this beautiful, cool autumn evening then it will be time to say Good Night, Porch pals.
Boo, thanks for letting us know you will be alright... sure didn't want to think you were in danger of being swept away! Anyone else having such bad weather, you can count on my prayers for your safety. As for the tv problem... my dear old mama used to have a rule: absolutely no tv before noon and only for an hour IF all homework and chores were done. I more or less did the same with my kids. Lots of times we couldn't afford cable and didn't have an antenna and so just watched old movies and of course TAGS that I had taped. So, the tv wasn't on often. I think I had more trouble with the telephone cause I had four girls! Good luck with a good solution.
Nighty night Boo, Charlotte, Sterling, Fun girl, Mavis, Possum, Hazel. I enjoyed your company this evening.... sweet dreams and prayers for you all and your loved ones. I'll see you in the morning.... someone bring something delicious to eat! ~Clara!

October 03, 2002 - Msg 9363: Good TV advice, Clara. Glad you're not in the eye of the storm, Boo. Sounds like it could be a coolin' off here too. Been 86! Runnin' the air conditioner in Oct! Ain't that something? Looking forward to the Spoon River Drive with my kids and my mom this weekend. It's a fall color drive of flea markets, craft stands, and garage sales. My mom loves the garage sales most so that's mainly what we do. It's a Mom-daughter day. My little girl has her second school team basketball game tomorrow night. The first one last week went ok. For those of you who remember all that nastiness we went through last year with those parents! Well, things are looking up (so far). She's holding her own. Not a star, but at least she's making some friends. That's more important anyhow. She's doing much better in school this year too. What a relief for her mama! Night, friends.
Charlotte Tucker

October 03, 2002 - Msg 9364: That's just like me, ain't it. Last one to bed and first one up! Yea, that's the way I live! I have Snickerdoodle flavored coffee brewing. Mmm, it smells good! Enjoy a cup! Mighty foggy here today and it rained some yesterday. We needed the rain though. Off to lunch with some girlfriends today. Should be fun. Prayers for the little one's basketball game this afternoon and just in general her gettin' to be part of the group of girls. To you gals involved with the autistic kids, my little one (she's 10 now) was diagnosed autistic at 2 1/2 but the diagnosis has evolved to pervasive developmental disorder and now you can barely tell she ever had the problems she had when she was little (rockin', not talking, hiding under the table at school, etc.) except her problems relating to other kids. The Lord is good! We really can't attribute it to anything other than a miracle. Have a great day!
Charlotte Tucker

October 03, 2002 - Msg 9365: Where's Tom and them beautiful poems?

October 03, 2002 - Msg 9366: What exactly is a snickerdoodle anyway, Charlotte? I've heard of it but have never tasted. I have this idea in my head that it sort of tastes like ginger snaps. Am I close?
I'm glad your little one is better. It's hard enough raising kids without additional worries. I know I caused enough problems for my parents when it came to school.
-Sterling Holobyte

October 03, 2002 - Msg 9367: Have a Mayberry Day.

Briscoe Darling Jr.
Hey ta':
Fun Girl
An' everyone!

October 03, 2002 - Msg 9368: Morning, Briscoe, Sterling, and Charlotte and any other early birds out there!
Mmmmm! That snickerdoodle coffee sounds yummy! Now, I've had snickerdoodle cookies before.. is that anything like it? Tell us how you make it Charlotte. My son-in-law loves the cookies and I'd like to surprise him with the coffee.
It's good to hear about your daughter. At first, I was wondering how serious you were taking that basketball game asking us to pray! Then when you mentioned her social problems due to the autism, believe me, I understood perfectly.... I will certainly pray for her. My 6 year old grandson is playing soccer this year and has similiar problems. In fact, he has a very hard time just focusing on the fact that he is supposed to be kicking the ball toward the goal! But, his coach is wonderful and like you, my daughter believes doing these 'regular' things will help him learn naturally how to be with other people. I am so glad to hear how well she is doing. Many prayers.
Please keep my grandsons in all your prayers too, friends, especially the four year old. He sure needs extra prayer. He was here the other day and my hubby and I saw so many 'odd' behaviors that will make him unable to ever live without constant supervision if he doesn't get better. He's been trying so hard to talk, bless his heart, but just can't get the words out right so we don't know what he is trying to tell us. Then there are the daily episodes of mania (he's also bi-polar) when he can't keep his body still and can't focus on anything.... believe me this is not ADHD cause I've seen ADHD many a time. My grandson's behavior is more like sudden uncontrollable hysterical laughter and his body just flops around. If we intervene, he can stop for a while, then he starts that strange laughing and flopping all over again. It last about an hour or so. If it's long enough, he falls asleep afterwards. It just breaks my heart to think that any child should have to grow up this way. Obviously, he can't enjoy the same things other children can in their childhood years. Makes me sad. I love him so much.
Sorry to have rambled so much and hope I didn't ruin your day none. You are good people though and to tell you the truth, I don't tell these things to anyone else. I want to be strong for my daughter and my hubby has business troubles on his mind, so here I am.... thanks for giving me some emotional shelter... you're all the greatest. God bless you all and prayers for you and your loved ones, too. ~Clara~

October 03, 2002 - Msg 9369: Hey to the porch -
Snickerdoodle? Is that like 'ha-ha'?

Next time I go tiger hunting, I'm gonna take my snickerdoodles ....

October 03, 2002 - Msg 9370: No Clara you didn't ruin my day, and when it comes to things that make your heart ache, I say ramble away, we all have them. My 2 year old daughter was born with Pulmonary Stenosis, which is a heart condition where some of her arteries are narrow near her heart. They haven't done anything about it yet because of her age and hopefully they won't have to, but we have regular checkups to see if it is getting worse or not. Usually I can forget about it because she is such an active, funny, and utterly beautiful child. Until I take her for her checkups, then I'm reminded of it and it keeps me up nights.
So reading your post did made me a little sad because children are the most innocent and they don't deserve these things that happen to them.
So if I can be a part of an emotional shelter for you I will. I just wish I could do more.
And you're right, there are alot of good people here, I noticed it the first time I found this site. I guess that's why I keep coming back.

October 03, 2002 - Msg 9371: Who are you, I would love to pray for you and your daughter?--Boo

October 03, 2002 - Msg 9372: Include me... I will pray for that precious child too. And thanks, "#9371" for you kind letter. The more we learn about one another, the more we find we have "special" children among us who need our prayers... Any prayers at all for my grandsons would be so appreciated. God bless. ~Clara~

October 03, 2002 - Msg 9373: I meant, thank you #9370, who didn't give us a name... I will pray for your daughter too. ~Clara~

October 03, 2002 - Msg 9374: Happy Birthdy to Miss Ellie..I hope you had a wonderful day today!
Your fishfriend,
jennie boone
ps I sure missed seeing you at Mayberry Days.

October 03, 2002 - Msg 9375: well, guess what?? It is actually going to cool off next week. Tuesday will be a high of 78! That's real cool for us. Where is Asa today?
Can ya'll believe the horrible random shootings in Maryland? What on earth is going on? I can't imagine how cruel a person would have to be to kill innocent people in cold blood. God help the families of the victims.---Boo

October 03, 2002 - Msg 9376: will no more from me.all my time in used for prayer.

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9377: Bless the beasts and the children,
For in this world they have no voice,
They have no choice.
Light their way,
Don't let darkness surround.
Give them hope,
Let the sun shine around them.

----Couldn't say it better than Karen Carpenter, so I wont even try.

Prayers to all and "God bless us everyone!"
fun girl

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9378: Have a Mayberry Day! FRANKIE FLINT

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9379: Night porch, see yall iin the morning. Prayers for the ones who needs them.... Salty Dog

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9380: Morning Y'all! Prayers for all with special children.Off to school to work with "my" special kids. Been doing it for about 20 years.Had other job offers with better pay,but my heart is with my babies! I've seen visitors come to the school,look at the kids with something akin to disgust on their faces,I've heard all kinds of comments about them,etc. My life is better for knowing those children.
"One day we'll all have perfect wings,don't laugh at me..." Beautiful song lyrics,and how true!
Y'all have a wonderful Friday!
possum under a rock

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9381: Morning Porch. Been real busy here the last few days. Sorry about that. Love reading your posts though. There are some great people who hang out here on the porch. Y'all make me proud. Y'all make me a little fat too with all yer fine cooking, not that I'm complaining. LOL.
Have a great Friday and lets do a party this weekend.


October 04, 2002 - Msg 9382: Sorry Clara, Boo, and everyone here, I didn't mean to leave my name off yesterday. I'll try not to be so mysterious next time. No, actually my nephews were coming home from school and I had to get off the computer. I'm housesitting for their parents and I guess babysitting them, although they're not exactly babies.
I do appreciate all your prayers and kind words for my daughter. I would give anything for her to be ok, as I'm sure any of us would for our children and grandkids. Sorry, I don't mean to begin the day on a downer note. It's a new day, although it is kind of dark and rainy here. And Asa, I think a party is a great idea. In fact, why don't we have a good old-fashioned band concert. If we can only fix up that old stage:)
Have a good day!

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9383: Just kidding.
-Sterling Holobyte

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9384: "Five"

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9385: Good Morning Porch! Just reading your posts makes me feel better already. Sometimes, a few days in a row with unpleasant news or thoughts can bring a body down but, you all can bring it up again! There ought to be a slogan: "The Porch does a body good!" Thanks from the bottom of my little ole heart for being here and of course for your prayers, Salty, Possum, Fun girl, Boo, Sterling, and everyone.
Asa, a party's a great idea and Sterling, I think a band concert would be just the way to slow down this hectic week and relax. I don't know anything about the bandstand... you'll have to get Goober to see about that. Mavis could help there too, but she tends to get too distracted by them spiders! Maybe I can help with the uniforms but... mildew!.... I can't do anything about mildew!
Hey to the rest of the Porch: Happy, Helen, Mary, Romeena, Mrs. Wiley, Frankie, Briscoe, Ellen, Homemaker, Hazel, Charlotte, NN, MPO, Floyd, Jelsik, Ernest T., Gator, Des, Jennie and anyone who hasn't come vistin the porch for a while....
"Don't be such a stranger."
God's blessings on you all, ~Clara~

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9386: Hello all! Did someone say, snickerdoodles? My mommer used to mak'em. I need to dig the ol' recipes out and make some. You couldn't keep them cookies in the house long....They was gone in hurry. I'll make a batch of them. A steak for dinner with twice baked patatoes and open a bottle of red wine. Yep, that's the plan. Anyone is welcome to join me.

Briscoe Darling Jr.
Hey ta':
Fun Girl
All the newcomers
An' everyone!

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9387: Lol. I meant taters. Not baked toes. Must be Friday.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9388: Nope, Clara me & them spiders don't get along, nope not one bit! So somebody else can help with that bandstand!

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9389: Briscoe will you have any BREAD! with them TATERS! or will you just be havin MEAT! teehee

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9390: G'day mates! Couldn't say good morning cuz it's nearly 1:00! Nice reading all the posts since I posted last. Prayers for your grandsons, Clara. I can't imagine what you and your children are going through. I sure pray that something can be done for your the four-year-old that helps him with those body things. I have a friend whose autistic daughter has improved tenfold and is in regular classroom since taking some kind of medicine. I will try to find out what it is. It sure has helped Brittany. When I was an aid to my daughter's class in kindergarten (she's 10 now), Brittany couldn't even speak and if there was a class party or anything out of the norm, she'd bang her head on the wall. It was awful. Thank you all for your prayers. The basketball game went fine. She even scored 2 points. She's in the starting five but I believe that is just because she is the second tallest on the team. The best part is that she wanted to ride the team bus home with the other girls and she is making some real friendships. Makes mom feel much relieved. Now back to snickerdoodles and snickerdoodle coffee. Sterling Holobyte, (BTW,are you a male or female?) snickerdoodles are yummy cookies made with some cream of tartar and lots of sugar and cinnamon on top. But Clara, how do I make snickerdoodle coffee? This is Charlotte, remember, the Pop-Tart woman, I buy the coffee that says "Snickerdoodle" on it at the gourmet store, put it in the filter, set the timer the night before, and voila! in the morning I have snickerdoodle coffee. Seriously, I have no idea what's in it, but it is tasty. Probably some cinnamon. Ya'll have a great Mayberry kind of day. Think I'll make homemade caramels tonight. (I can make candy and cookies.)
Charlotte Tucker

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9391: Remshaw PaintingHey folks....it's that time of year again...

Be sure to check out the front page of Mayberry.com and the Remshaw place....there's spooky things there..


October 04, 2002 - Msg 9392: Check out those eyes on that painting....it must be the lightin'.

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9393: test

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9394: Hey *Mavis, I's fresh out of bread. I soaked it in th' squeezins. Hee-Hee.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9395:
Floyd, that's a HOOT!
"Who's been messin' up the bulletin board?"

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9396: Floyd, the Remshaw place would make a cool screen saver for Halloween..can you do that? I bet you can, because you're ept!
Ellie, did you have a nice birthday yesterday? You get the proud distinction of sharing it with the birth of TAGS!
Hey to Frankie Flint. It's nice of you stop by and say hey from time to time.
Had a wonderful time at Mayberry Days last week..can't wait to go back in Mid October! MPO, it will be great to see you and Myra.
jennie boooooooone
"I'll be dogged if it don't make a fellow feel right bad to get 10-4'd right in the middle of an idea".............Andy

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9397: Hmmmm... You know...I think I CAN do that. *IF* I have time...I'll do it. thanks for the idea Jennie!

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9398: Hey Charlotte, thanks for the info on the snickerdoodles. I can now get a sense of what they taste like. Do they sell them in stores or do you have to make them? Well, let me re-phrase that, do I have to make them, since you're the pop-tart woman. BTW, I'm a "domesticated" male I guess you could call me. I'm a stay-at-home dad right now(well technically I'm a stay-at-my-relatives-home dad for two more days). And I actually like to make things from scratch, even before I became Mr. Mom I liked to do that, so if you happen to have a recipe for snickerdoodle cookies I'd rather try that than buy them in a store.
Oh, Clara and Mavis, don't worry about the bandstand. I'm sure we'll get it fixed up before the day is through.

Man, that picture is scary.
-Sterling Holobyte

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9399: Dang! Almost crawled back under my rock when I saw those eyes lookin' at me! Ha Ha Good one Floyd! Hey,Charlotte,I thought I was the "Pop Tart Woman"! Well,guess you can be the "Pop Tart Woman" and I'll just be "Poptart Possum"-how's that?
Can I participate in the band concert? I played 1st string clarinet in high school.Might be a bit rusty,so y'all have been warned!
possum under a rock

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9400: Afternoon, Porch, hope everyone is having a fine Friday!
Briscoe, Mmm Mmm! My mouth is waterin now! What a fine way to end the workweek... I'm grabbin my knife and fork and I'm on my way!
Charlotte, if you could find out what that medicine is we would be so grateful. How wonderful to hear how your daughter is doing and how well the game went -- 2 points, yay! -- but especially about wanting to go on the bus. I know from my 6 yr old grandson, that anything of that nature is a milestone. Your daughter is on my special prayers list. And thanks for the snickerdoodles 'recipe' -- it's easier than I thought! I just haven't seen any around here.
Sterling, I can buy snickerdoodle cookies at my grocery store's bakery section... just no snickerdoodle coffee.
Great picture, Floyd... made me laugh right out loud! Thanks, I needed that!
Possum, we'd be honored to have you play in our little Mayberry band... and anyone who says you can't "is gonna have to reckon with me!" In fact, I think I can fix one of the uniforms for just your size... just ignore the mildew stains!
See you all later after I'm good and stuffed with Briscoe's fine supper! ~Clara~

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9401: That picture scares me to death! LOL When I was a kid it scared me, and now it's scaring me here! The other day I was watching some old videos of the kids and had picked a Halloween video. One of the kids walked in front of the TV and guess what was on. Go on, guess. Yep... and that picture and them eyes were right there in my video! I can't get away from it. :-)
Hope everyone has a great weekend! Hey to Briscoe Jr, Clara, Possum, Sterling, Floyd (even though you just took 10 years off my life :-), Andy, Charlotte, Mavis and everyone!

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9402: Hey ~Clara~, Thanks for coming over. I'll jug a little "I've Got You Under My Skin" By Frank Sinatra. Here we go.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9403: Howdy ~Des~. I didn't see you there. How you been?

Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9404: Can we start up the band asap? I need something to drown out that pesty neighbor's barking and howling dog next door... been barking and howling for nearly four hours now! They know the dog's a problem and don't give a hoot.... today I watched them as they drove away WHILE the dog was barking! I'm so ticked I could spit nails! Hate to do it but, I just might have to make an official complaint with the law. In the meantime, strike up that band good and loud will ya? I'll even listen to your practicing!... with or without uniforms! I'm desperate! ~Clara~ :{

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9405: Okay, Briscoe, if your jug playing or the band's playing doesn't drown out that dog's barking, never mind the glass.... just pass that bottle here! ~Clara~ (hoping my hearing will go first!)

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9406: Boy, dogs is selfesh. Just barking around. Looking after number one. And hoping not to step in number two. ~Clara~, Give the dog some of my Malberry squeezins. It'll calm hin down. It does for me.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9407: Hey ~Clara~, Here you go, dear. Are you planning to drink the bottle? Or womp the dog over the head with it? :-)

Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9408: I just might have to do both! ~Clara~

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9409: Hey Folks, I'm glad y'all like the picture. Be sure to drop by The Old Remshaw Place for more scarry fun.

Dež..sorry about them 10 years.


October 04, 2002 - Msg 9410: Floyd that was too great!! Halloween is my favorite holiday anyways, so that is right up my alley! I like them snickerdoodles, Sterling try typing 'snickerdoodles recipe' in the search bar & you can find a recipe I'm sure. Dež I always thought that picture was spooky too, but still loved it! Briscoe I wondered where all that BREAD! went to.

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9411: Mavis. I'm still waiting on my ear trimming.
Sounds like your having a rough day Clara. I'll bang my cymbols real loud for you.
Where is Romeena been? You doing ok dear? Please check in and let us know all is well. Same goes to you Mrs. Wiley. Hope your back safe from your visit. And where oh where is Helen hiding? We got some missing folks around here and I tell ya I don't like it one bit.


October 04, 2002 - Msg 9412: Whoooeee! I just visited the Old Remshaw Place, and I declare, Floyd, it's a site that is a sight! Those eyes following me around, floating all over the place - why, it's enough to give a person nightmares! I'm glad I didn't take the Plum with me, she'd have kept me up all night.
Are we gonna get the band together again, sure enough? Sugarplum says she'd like to be in it this year, says we can tie a tambourine to her tail and she can shake it, providing it's not too heavy. Since her tail-bones are about as thick as a strand of rug yarn, she can't hold up anything very heavy. I guess if she can't play an instrument, though, she'd be happy to carry refreshments like she did during the baseball games. As for me, I don't play an instrument, at least not where anyone can hear, but I can help with uniforms.
Love to all the neighbors! Things are going better around here, thanks for all your prayers and kind thoughts. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 04, 2002 - Msg 9413: Howdy, Asa! Thanks for thinking of me. Guess I was posting about the same time you did. What's that they say about great minds??? --Romeena

October 05, 2002 - Msg 9414: Hi folks, up kinda late, gonna have to go to bed soon, but I thought I'd come over to the porch to see what's happening. Mavis, I didn't even think to try searching on the old computer for a snickerdoodle recipe. I guess when I'm on here I'm too busy searching for my favorite TV shows. I'll try a recipe, as long as I don't have to buy too many ingredients for it. If not, I'll just have to look in the bakery section like you suggested, Clara. Thanks to you both for your help. Oh, and Clara, why don't you womp the owners of that dog over the head instead. I know how you feel though, we had a dog nearby when I was a kid that just barked constantly. But I always felt sorry for it. Wish I had a bottle of Briscoe's Malberry squeezins back then so I could of whopped those neglectful owners upside the head with it.
-Sterling Holobyte

October 05, 2002 - Msg 9415: Hey all again, I just did a search for the recipe and it doesn't look like there's too many ingredients that I don't have already(sorry for the double negative there but it's late and I'm getting kind of tired, I know because my fingers seem to be struggling to find the right keys) so it looks like I'm going to be making snickerdoodles in the near future. I'll send some over to y'all if you like to take your life in your own hands. Oh heck, I'll just leave a basket full of them on the bench in front of the courthouse, then if you feel like taking a risk you can just grab one. Just make sure you have strong teeth. Hey, I didn't say I was a GOOD cook.
Nighty night Mayberry!
-Sterling Holobyte

By the way, did I miss the party?

October 05, 2002 - Msg 9416: Nite Sterling I get the first cookie since I thunk up the recipe search! teehee Asa I have an appt. available tomorrow at noon, can you make it? & be sure to bring lunch. (like how I scheduled it right around lunchtime???) Hey to Romeena & Plum

October 05, 2002 - Msg 9417: That Remshaw picture about scared me to death! Mavis, I got to wonder about someone who's favorite holiday is Halloween (no offense)! I don't like bein' scared.
Clara, boy can I ever relate to the barking dog problem. I used to have this old, senile weinie dog living next door that would stand and look at the wall of his house and bark for hours. I worked nights then and the dog's owners put him out during the day while they were at work. It was murder trying to sleep in the day, especially since his favorite barking spot was about two feet from my bedroom window! I love dogs but when they bark constantly I find myself fantasizing about how I can finish them off, if you know what I mean.
well, i'm going to turn in. Just FYI, it was over 90 degrees today and very humid, felt just like July!----later-Boo

October 05, 2002 - Msg 9418: Remind me to never bark at Boo! LOL.
Lunchtime works great Mavis. I'll brang some peanut butter and bannana sammiches, and some rootbeer for you to drink, cause I knows what rootbeer does to ya. I'll try one of them cookies Sterling. I gotta warn ya though, it's hard to beat the cooking these ladies here on the porch do. They twang my buds.
Good to see ya Romeena. Glad yer doin ok.


October 05, 2002 - Msg 9419: Hey, ya'll if I commence to howling loud and long, do ya reckon you could pour me some squeezin's? I reckon that would help me sleep and I promise to be nice and quiet.
fun girl

October 05, 2002 - Msg 9420: Morning porch, off to work and left some coffee and hot chocolate on the table. Hope yall have a good weekend. Say a little prayer for my Granny, the have given her less than 2 weeks to live now. She is 94 has alzimers and has had an upper respiratory infection for awhile now. So pray that Gods will be done there. She'd be so much better off in her right mind and in a new body. But, just pray that the family will have peace about it. Thank guys yall are the best.--Salty Dog

October 05, 2002 - Msg 9421: Morning Porch! Salty, I'm praying for peace for your Grandma and family. And for all the children and parents who need prayers. I have tried to catch up with the posts, but there are too many needs to mention! Rest assured, I bring your requests before Jesus every week. Floyd - you are one heckuva host, you know that? Keep us posted if you find time to do the screen saver. I'd like one for the machine at work. The trip was nerve racking, but overall went very well. Aunt W is at peace with her Savior, and Uncle W. Do you know she planned for and paid for EVERYTHING years ago? Had her clothes and jewelry picked out, bought the flowers and casket and tipped everyone and even bought lunch for after the funeral! She was one smart cookie.

Thanks again for all your prayers and your friendship. Let's make them t-shirts Clara!
~ Mrs. Wiley

October 05, 2002 - Msg 9422: Glad yer back ok Mrs. Wiley. We missed ya.
Sorry about your granny Salty. She and you are in my prayers. Thanks for the hot choclate. It hit the spot.
Hey fun girl, I'd be careful if you get to howling around Boo or Clara. Don't want ya breaking yer neck or nothing like that.
Hope y'all have a blessed day today and act like somebody.


October 05, 2002 - Msg 9423: Hello all! Nice relaxin' day on the porch. Have a great day. Prayers all.

Briscoe Darling Jr.
Hey ta':
~Mrs. Wiley
Fun Girl(I'm making you a batch of Juniors not so famous fire water).
An' everyone!

October 05, 2002 - Msg 9424: Afternoon, Porch! Well, here I am really late today. I finally got some piece and quiet after the folks next door got home and found a citation on their door from the Animal Control officer. Boy, it had gone on almost five hours! Well, that wore me out so much and after that bottle (the whole thing) of Briscoe's wine (thanks, Briscoe), I didn't have the strength to get back here and say good night or to get here this morning! Never did throw the bottle at the pooch since by that time, it was too dark to see and things was lookin a little fuzzy anyway. ;] Now, I don't have anything against the little creatures, most of em are right cute, but when their dumb owners just let em outside to bark and howl, boy, it's hard to stay friendly when your nerves is all shot!
And Asa, your symbols worked real good. Now I just need to learn to read lips today... and there's this strange ringing....
Romeena, glad to see ya again. Yes, Plum will do nicely (just tell me she won't bark and howl!) and making a uniform just her size will be easy.. it's the shoes that's gonna be a dilly to find!
Sterling and Boo, thanks for the sympathy and understanding. I just hopin that citation is the "whomp" over the head the neighbors need! Wish me luck.
Fun girl, bark and howl, and we'll oblige ya by throwin the jug to you.... just don't know how good our aim is! ;}
Salty, thanks for the hot cocoa. I just got the last of it. Prayers for your granny. It's such a blessing that you've had her for so long and I think you've got the right idea about her passing to a new life. Hope your family will soon feel the same.
Mrs. Wiley, glad to see ya! Hope you had a great vacation. It's just tickled me about your aunt.. how she was so prepared and thinking of others even afterwards! Kind of inspires me to do the same... of course, I'm hopin that won't be for at least a few more decades! And what's this about teeshirts? Hmmm... might be a good idea.... no mildew! Thanks for your prayers.
Hey to the rest of the Porch: Mavis, Happy, Helen, Mary, Frankie, Briscoe, Ellen, Homemaker, Hazel, Charlotte, NN, Des, MPO, Floyd, Jelsik, Ernest T., Gator, Des, Jennie and anyone who hasn't come vistin the porch for a while.... "Don't be such a stranger."
God's blessings on you all, ~Clara~

October 05, 2002 - Msg 9425: Clara, are you one of the Back Bay Boston Edwards?
Just wonderin cause of the fancy way you said wine. Now round these parts I have heared it called: mash, squeezins, recipe, white lightnin',hair of the dog and as BDJ says "fire water." But I'll be dogged if I knew that wine was something you drink. I always though wine was something your youngin's did right before ya give 'em a good whollopin'. Least ways my daddy always said "Don't wine or I'm agonna whollop ya one good, right upside the head." LOL
Have a good day you all.
fun girl

October 05, 2002 - Msg 9426: Clara, I'm so glad the barking dog has been quieted down. I had a similar experience a few years back, and was ready to wring its neck. It never shut up, day or night. How the owners stood it, I don't know, and it was penned up about six feet from my sunroom. It was a huge Lab, and when I'd pass by, it would body-slam the fence. I finally got up the nerve to stand on a ladder and look into its pen, and guess what. It had no water. Not a drop. In Texas. In August! It had turned its water bucket over. I got the garden hose out, slid a pie tin halfway under the bottom of the fence, and started running water into it. That poor dog drank for fifteen minutes. I informed the owner when he came home, he put in a concrete container the dog couldn't tip, and all was quiet after that.
New neighbors, same house - large chow mix, constant barking, day and night. Checked water, had plenty. Hmmmm. What to do? Talked to neighbor, found her very nice, said dog was driving her nuts too, and dog had a new home with a relative within a week. Problem solved. Wish they were all solved that easily. If neighbor won't cooperate, you have a real problem. I've been lucky.
Clara, Sugarplum says not to worry about the shoes. She prefers being barefoot anyway, and says she doesn't think anyone will notice, since her feet are white and fluffy. They could pass for majorette boots with tassles, I suppose. If you think boots are necessary, she'll try to wear them, but she just may slip behind a bush and take them off. Do you want her to play a tiny tambourine, or just carry refreshments? She's willing to do either one.
Have a great Sabbath, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 05, 2002 - Msg 9427: Has anyone heard anything from Miss Ellie?

October 05, 2002 - Msg 9428: More like one of the 'Back Delta Central Valley' Edwards, Fun Girl! ;] ...though I suppose out here in California, just about every part of the state is into "wine"making (as in drinking, not complaining, although there are a few too many of those in California to my liking!) The city next to where I live is home to the Gallo vineyards which are the biggest wine makers in the whole country. But, actually, it was Briscoe who invited us for a bottle of "wine" and I don't know what part of Boston he is from... maybe from Upper Mountain Boston?
Romeena, thanks for your stories. Makes me think there is hope yet for neighbors :) The same thing happened with the howling dog next door... during the heatwave of 100+ degrees this summer, they left the dog for several days, in this case without even a bowl for food or water! My husband and daughter went and bought food and bowls and took care of the dog. I couldn't believe it! I guess that's why I have little faith in these particular neighbors. I have had all kinds of pets and I believe in taking proper care of them. They are pampered and living the life of Riley! I should be so lucky! If that's not what a pet owner is willing to do, then he should find someone who is. Well, off my soapbox now.. just irritates me when people leave their pets outside for hours or even days with no one for care and companionship. No wonder they howl and all. Speaking of pets, Sugarplum is welcomed to do whatever she feels most comfortable doing, I think she'd look cute as a bug either way! and she doesn't have to wear the boots... I could never get my cats to wear boots either! They'd rather play with em!

October 05, 2002 - Msg 9429: Mavis and Asa, since you inquired about them, I'll send you each a cookie in the mail. Nothing should happen to it right? It is the U.S. Postal Service after all. Just be careful when you open the envelope so that the crumps don't fall out.
Salty Dog, I hope your Granny and your family all find peace. I hope I'm blessed to live that long. I think about the times that people like your Granny grew up in. Probably simpler times, and I'm a little envious of them. How far we've come. And how far they've come.
Romeena and Clara, I congratulate you on taking the initiative and helping those dogs.
I was just wondering, how many of you plan on doing something for Halloween (parties, trick or treating with the kids, etc), and does anyone go as a character from TAGS?
Have a good night everyone!
-Sterling Holobyte

October 06, 2002 - Msg 9430: Poor doggies! I have a history of rescuing mistreated dogs. started with my mom when I was a kid. She was so tender-hearted and couldn't stand to see anything mistreated. I even remember stealing dogs from cruel owners and finding them new homes. Blessings on all you tender-hearts! Later!--Boo

October 06, 2002 - Msg 9431: Friends, will you please pray for my son & his dad, my ex-husband was shot Friday night & is critical condition, I am on my way to Washington DC to be with my son, who needless to say is extremely upset & needs his mother, not sure when I'll be back so please keep us in your prayers!

October 06, 2002 - Msg 9432: OH Mavis, how awful! Be safe on your trip - I'll ask for special prayers for your "x". Terrible, terrible, terrible. What is this world coming to? Obviously he was part of this series of random shootings. HEY COPS, GET ON THE BALL!!

~ Mrs. Wiley
getting tired of all this violence...

October 06, 2002 - Msg 9433: Morning Y'all! Those sniper shootings were beyond comprehension-Mavis,I am so sorry.You all will be in my prayers.God help this crazy world.
Don't feel much like chit-chatting now. Everyone take care of yourselves and your loved ones.
"What the world needs now,is love sweet love..."
possum under a rock

October 06, 2002 - Msg 9434: Morning Porch. Your in my prayers Mavis along with your ex and your son. How sad to hear. Please drive careful. God bless dear.


October 06, 2002 - Msg 9435: God Bless *Mavis, you are in my prayers. And God Bless everyone.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 06, 2002 - Msg 9436: Prayers fo your son's father, Mavis.

October 06, 2002 - Msg 9437: Mavis, you probably won't see this until you return, but we'll all be praying for you, and for your son. What a terrible thing to happen!
Boo, I go back a ways, too, regarding trying to help mistreated animals. I learned one lesson early, though. When I was ten, there was a family living across the back alley from us, who had a beautiful c0cker spaniel. The poor thing howled pitifully a lot of the time, whenever he was outside. With the zeal of a child, I wrote a letter and put it in their mailbox, scolding them for whatever they were doing to cause the poor dog such misery. Imagine my shock when the man appeared at our door, and asked my parents for permission to talk with me. He very patiently explained that the dog was completely deaf, couldn't even hear himself. His howling was simply his way of "whining" at the door to be allowed back inside after a potty break! He was well fed, well treated and well loved, just deaf! I got a taste of it myself many years later. My husband and I had a c0ckerpoo that was dear and sweet, but as dumb as a box of rocks. She was an outdoor dog (yes, I've evolved since then), and hated it. She would sit in the middle of the yard and howl as though her heart was breaking. At a neighborhood Christmas party, someone mentioned that "pitiful dog around here, that someone is apparently beating. It howls every night until it suddenly stops, I guess they've hit it in the head or something." My response was "the dog is mine, and the sudden stops occur when I switch on the backyard light." I reassured everyone that the dog was not mistreated, and resolved then and there to change the situation. We brought her inside, trained ourselves to let her out regularly (she never got the hang of signalling to go out) and she spent her last ten years in the house, which was what she was howling about in the first place. She died at age 17, a dumb but happy doggie. My dear husband often remarked that he bet she wished she knew what brought about the change, so she could do it again if she had to.
Well, those are my dog stories for today. Have a lovely Sabbath afternoon, friends. Sugarplum, who is terribly spoiled and I don't care, says hey! --Romeena