October 06, 2002 - Msg 9438: Mavis, prayers for your son and his father and for your safe journey.
Friends, I have an old, old prayerbook that has some centuries old prayers in it that are sadly, still appropiate for today. In light of our world's war on international terrorism and sad to say, even domestic terrorism such as these mass killings right here in our own beloved country, I want to share one of the prayers that saints from long ago prayed:
"O God, who bringest wars [terrorism] to naught and shieldest by Thy power all who hope in Thee, overthrowing those that assail them; help Thy servants who implore Thy mercy; so that the fierce might of their enemies may be brought low, and we may never cease to praise and thank Thee. Through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen."
I know how hard it is to keep our spirits up when we hear of such terrible evil among our own people, but don't give up... the world WILL have peace when evil is finally stopped in its tracks.
Peace and God's blessings,

October 06, 2002 - Msg 9439: Afternoon Friends,
Mavis, my prayers join with those of all the others regarding your ex and son. Have a safe journey and may God's will come about in spite of the evil some have sought to bring about.
My prayers for all the friends here on the porch for ill grandparents, children with different difficulties and all the other things I read about when I read the many posts since I have been away.

If any one cares to know, I had a lovely vacation. I was able to go to the upper peninsula in Michigan and see the beautiful fall colors. The weather was good, (although a little warm!), and I had such a nice time. My husband is an artist who paints wildlife and we hoped to see some elk, and we specifically went to a buffalo ranch to get reference. As usual God blessed! We went to this one ranch and the manager of the ranch invited us back Saturday morning. We arrived and he took us out in an old Suburban in the middle of 3000 acres. He had three BIG old male buffaloes that we were able to get great shots of. Then this super nice man took us back where he had 80 head of buffalo roaming, more great shots. Now, remember, we had hoped to see wild elk while up on this trip and so far we had been shut out. This was our last day, last event. EXACTLY how God works. While we were watching all these buffalo, I see off in the distance some other creature walking along. A HUGE and I mean HUGE bull elk had some how gotten in this area! We got some great shots of him too! We saw one other bull elk, a smaller one, in the area, many deer, and a flock of turkeys! What a great way to end the day! I thank God for letting us enjoy such a blessed and fun filled vacation. I hope all my porch friends can find some time to enjoy this wonderful world God has made!
Mary Wiggins

October 06, 2002 - Msg 9440: What a blessing your post was, Mary, and welcome back! On a day where our minds can be set on other troublesome things, I was carried away to a most peaceful place on God's earth. So glad to hear how wonderful it was for you, too. May I ask where this is? It sounds "devine"! ~Clara~

October 06, 2002 - Msg 9441: Thanks, Mary! Your description of those last events was beautiful. There's just nothing like an encounter with nature to soothe and restore our city-weary souls. Manicured parks and such, in the middle of a city, are nice and can be very beautiful, but I'll take the wilderness every time, for sheer peace and serenity. I'd surely love to see some of your husband's art work sometime. Any ideas?
As this weekend draws to a close, let's all continue to pray for those of our little community who have such burdens and needs. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 06, 2002 - Msg 9442: I hear you Mrs. Wiley, I've been tired of this violence for a while now. Mavis, by the time you read this, I hope everything has come out ok, for everyone's sake. And Mary, that sounds like a lovely place, and it's part of the reason I moved back to Wisconsin. If everyone could get out in and appreciate the beauty and peacefulness of nature, I think there might be less violence in the world.
-Sterling Holobyte

October 06, 2002 - Msg 9443: Somedays I come to the porch and it seems like I talk to myself because there's no one else here right then. Then other times I miss one day and there's hours worth of posts to catch up on! Glad you found a snickerdoodle recipe, Sterling. If you decide you want to try mine, you can find me on the Cutlass. And Possum, I was thinkin' of you when I made the Pop-Tart comment...we're evidently the same type of mornin' cooks. You can stay the Pop-Tart lady. : ) Hope your neighbors get ahold of their dog, Clara! How aggravating. Prayers for Mavis' ex and son. Poor little guy--I'll bet he's scared half to death. Prayers for Salty's grandma. The Lord's will be done. I lost a classmate last night. He was only the third one we've lost. Had had a terrible 3-year bout with cancer. Leaves a wife and three children. Sad, sad. My Mom, kids and I had a nice time on the Spoon River Drive yesterday but the leaves really aren't turning here yet. But it was a beautiful day nonetheless. Loved the Remshaw Place, Floyd! I printed out them pumpkin patterns. Hope to have Floyd, Barnie, Opie, and Goober lighting my path on Halloween night.
Charlotte Tucker

October 07, 2002 - Msg 9444: Morning, porch. Coffee's on.
- Hazel

October 07, 2002 - Msg 9445: Morning Porch, Morning Hazel. I think I'll eat later. Just keep my breakfast warm and the coffee simmering.
Hope everyone has a good day today.


October 07, 2002 - Msg 9446: Hey to the Porch.
Yes, the ways of the creatures of the wild are many and wonderful.
How about my Redbirds?! they may not be Big Units,
but they're wirey...we're very wirey...


October 07, 2002 - Msg 9447: Go Redbirds! Good luck, Jelsik!

October 07, 2002 - Msg 9448: Morning all. Hazel, do you have decaf? Caffeine doesn't agree with me.
-Sterling Holobyte

October 07, 2002 - Msg 9449: Good Morning, Porch! Thanks for the great coffee, Hazel. I've made a real Mexican breakfast this morning: chorizo and eggs, home-fried potatoes, and tortillas. Some of you may not be familiar with this but, I know those of you out here in the West and down in Texas are. For those of you who aren't, "tor--te--yas" aren't "big spiders"! ;) So, if you are so inclined, come join me, I'd just love the company!
And for coffee, we'll add a little chocolate and whipped cream, maybe a sprinkle of cinnamon on top the way the Mexicans do. How about it? Let's get off to a great start on this fine Mayberry week! Gotta run, hubby's hungry.... Enjoy... Love you all and see you soon. ~Clara~

October 07, 2002 - Msg 9450: Sterling, I'll make a decaf pot special for you if you come try my breakfast! I make it the old-fashioned way... perked right on the old gas stove! ~Clara~

October 07, 2002 - Msg 9451: I declare Clara, I was gonna start a new diet today and I'll be dogged if you didn't just talk me right out of it, bless yer heart. I'll be there shortly.


October 07, 2002 - Msg 9452: Tortillas for breakfast, Clara? I've never had that before, but it sounds yummy. And I usually take cream and sugar with my coffee, but that chocolate, whip cream, and cinnamon sounds good too. Do you think that'll taste good with decaf?
I'll be there with swim fins on! ...It is warm down there isn't it?
-Sterling Holobyte

October 07, 2002 - Msg 9453: Never had tortillas for breakfast?!! I never heard of such a thing, Sterling. I don't know what we would do around here without tortillas and if you haven't had chorrizo and egg tacos for breakfast, you haven't lived! I'll be over in two seconds, Clara. Do you have ketchup? I like Ketchup on my breakfast tacos.
I absolutely love Buffalo but girrafes are selfish. Have a great day!--Boo

October 07, 2002 - Msg 9454: Good morning ya'll - just another day in paradise.


October 07, 2002 - Msg 9455: Ketchup? Blah, I can't take ketchup on anything anymore, and I think I know why(If you all don't mind a little story. Besides, what's your hurry? Sit for a spell.). Ok, The Reason I Don't Like Ketchup(Anymore) by Sterling Holobyte.
Back when I was a young(er) man, every Halloween my church and school would hold a Halloween party for the kids, and a friend of our family would build a haunted house every year. Yes, I said "build". He is a carpenter after all(no he isn't Jesus! Geeze, I'm not that old.) and he really would do a fantastic job. Every year they would get bigger and bigger, until he moved away. In fact, I think he might have moved away just so he wouldn't have to top himself every Halloween. Well anyway, my brothers and I, and a few others from the church, would help him build it and then work in it. One year, I was to play a guy who just had his head guillitined(spelling?) off. Yes, our friend even built a guillitine, with a dull blade of course. We had a fake head already in front of it in a basket, and just before the people came around the corner, the blade would drop so that they would hear the thud, then I would come out from behind the head-chopper-offer(I got tired of misspelling guillitine) and I would walk toward the people. Oddly enough, I did have enough sense not to make any Arrgh noises(since I didn't have a head, how would I?).
Well, it did scare alot of the people. But during one of the little breaks we had to set things up again, someone suggested that there should be more blood on my costume. The thing was, we were out of fake blood, so someone went into the school kitchen and got some ketchup(I know, I finally got to the ketchup part) and poured it above my head on my costume. Unfortunately it wasn't Heinz or it might not have come out. So there I am, hot and sweaty inside this costume, smelling mounds of rotting ketchup for 5(or more, I kind of lost track of time)hours.
Now you might understand why I only put mustard on my hot dogs.
I know that was a long story. Sorry. But it was timely wasn't it?!
Talk to you later.
-Sterling Holobyte

October 07, 2002 - Msg 9456: Good story, Sterling! I don't blame you. I only eat ketchup on French fries and once in awhile on a hamburger without a bun.
Charlotte Tucker

October 07, 2002 - Msg 9457: good story, Sterling, but don't be such a weinie; man cannot live by mustard alone!---Boo

October 07, 2002 - Msg 9458: Afternoon Y'all! Laughing at these ketchup tales! I like ketchup on certain things-fries,hamburgers,hotdogs-that's about it. What grosses me out is seeing people put ketchup on grits-YUCK! If you don't know what grits are,visualize ketchup stirred into a bowl of Cream of Wheat.That's pretty close.
Y'all are putting my Poptarts to shame with these fancy breakfasts-Mexican coffee? Gee whiz!
Had a pretty good day as far as Mondays go.Hope y'all did the same. Have a wonderful evening everyone!
possum under a rock

October 07, 2002 - Msg 9459: Ok, I also like relish, Boo. And Charlotte, I like avocado dip with my fries. I had that in California once and it was deee-licious!
Well porch, the in-laws whom I'm housesitting for will be back today, so I'm sad to say I won't be able to come here and shoot the breeze as freely as I have been able to the past few days. You know, I really should get another computer(our last one went on the fritz), but until then I'll just have to mosey over to the library and use theirs. I hope it warms up so when I get back I can go bike riding in the country. I pull my little daughter behind me in her trailer and she loves it. It usually calms her right down and she falls asleep. It calms me down too. I don't fall asleep though. That wouldn't be good.
Good day Mayberryin's and if I don't see you later today I'll just say see you later!

Got a couple hours yet.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 07, 2002 - Msg 9460: Looks like they got back sooner than expected, so I'll see y'all later. Have a good day!
-Sterling Holobyte

October 07, 2002 - Msg 9461: Boo! Ketchup on breakfast tacos?? For shame! It's salsa, girl, not ketchup! You want salsa on those breakfast tacos. Preferably one with some bite to it. I know you know better, you just weren't thinking.
The only thing worse than ketchup on breakfast tacos would be ketchup on grits. Now that's just plain disgusting. Everyone knows you want some butter on grits in the morning, and butter or gravy, or maybe some grated cheese on grits in the evening. Did you ever chill leftover grits (yes, there is such a thing, but only if you plan for it) in a loaf pan, then turn them out, slice about 3/4" thick and pan-fry in a little butter? GooooOOOD!
Hmmmm, what's for supper? Wish I had some left-over grits! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 07, 2002 - Msg 9462: How's about ketchup on yer harsh brown taters? I know it's suppose to be hash browns but the way I cook em harsh browns is more fitting.:)
Still never had grits so I can't comment on that. I have noticed that Gomer puts ketchup on just about everything he eats. Course nothing lays on his chest. BTW, What is the difference between ketchup and catsup? Just wondering.
I have enjoyed your time with us Sterling. Please come back and see us again soon.


October 07, 2002 - Msg 9463: I'll miss you, Sterling, you ol' ketchup head you! I just have to share this. All afternoon as I was working on the computer I had this song goin' around in my head...Nita, Juaaannitaa. There maybe I've loosed it up outa my brain. Don't know how that got in there. Maybe it was that Barney face I printed out for my pumpkin last night caused it. Grits. You southerners and yer grits and black-eyed peas and ramps and fried okra and the like. I do declare! My junior's birthday is this week and he's requestin' turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy. Now that's an all-American meal that is.
You all know I's just funnin'! Any word from Mavis? Her ex wasn't one of them random shootings, was he? I didn't think any of those descriptions sounded right. More prayers for Mavis and her son and his daddy. Hope he can recover from his shootin' as well as Salty's uncle did.
Charlotte Tucker

October 07, 2002 - Msg 9464: Hey, Porch! Glad you all enjoyed my breakfast. I'll make it again sometime or I've got a lot of other ethnic meals I can make for you. Being here in California or for that matter just being here in this great melting pot country of ours gives us the delicious benefit of eating all kinds of tasty foods from every country in the world!... I love it... which is probably why I can never lose much weight! What the heck, I enjoy it! So, don't fret none, Asa... we'll just be "fat and jolly" as they say... or would you prefer "pleasantly plump"? Happy is what we are!
Sterling, it is pretty warm here still as I think we've already gone into our "Indian Summer". It always happens just before Halloween and just after our first Autumn-weather week or two. It came quick this time but, that's okay with me cause that means Autumn will just be here sooner. Anyway, it's nice to be able to get in the last few barbeques for the year. We'll miss you. Try to come back whenever you can.
Yup, Boo, I have... ketchup? I have to agree with Romeena that salsa is the thing to use. I like it just spicy enough to heat my throat, Romeena. Everytime I get a cold, it clears it right up! But, Boo whatever you like I'll make sure to have on hand. One of my daughters used to put ketchup on rice! Yuck! But, as my wise old mama used to say, "To each his own". ;]
Asa, sounds like we'll be havin to borrow Boo's ketchup in order to eat your "harsh" brown taters.. or is it catsup? My family's been arguing about that one for years. Most of us say catsup but, since it's "ketchup" on a lot of bottles, my son-in-law says that's right. Am I the only one or does anyone else remember when there was no such spelling as "ketchup"? It was only spelled "catsup"... learned it that way in school. I think the marketers just figured that if most people pronounced it "ketchup" they should spell it that way and now this chere yunger genrashun will only say "ketchup" cause they plain aint got no 'spect fer they elders! ;]
Well, enjoyed spending time with you all this evening and I will see you in the morning... Possum, bring something good; I know you're a good cookin Possum, don't be shy now! ... me and Asa's gonna be hungry and you know how Asa gets when he's hungry... I don't envy anyone working under him!
Hey to the rest of the Porch: Charlotte, Homemaker, Mrs. Wiley, Mavis, Happy, Helen, Mary, Frankie, Briscoe, Ellen, Hazel, Salty Dog, Fun Girl, NN, Des, MPO, Floyd, Jelsik, Ernest T., Gator, Jennie and anyone who hasn't come vistin the porch for a while.... "Don't be such a stranger." God's blessings on you all, ~Clara~

October 07, 2002 - Msg 9465: Would you tell it to me again, Clara; you know, the part about the breakfast. I like most anything with salsa on it, just walked out to the garden and picked about 30 more ripe tomatoes, so I'm still making it every weekend too. P.S. I've never had grits either. But if I was to have em, I'd probably like melted butter on em. Ketchup? NEVER.
- Hazel

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9466: i m looking for are little friend TOM. HAD HE SAY NOW IS MOM WAS .

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9467: Ummmm..tomatoes off the vine! pop an egg with those grits and mix em with the yellar part - ummm, ummmm good!;o) Ain't never put ketchup on grits but it is real good on scrambled eggs.
Good will and blessings to the PORCH!


October 08, 2002 - Msg 9468: Mornin' Y'all! Grits for everyone,along with ketchup,catsup,and salsa.But don't put 'em on the grits. I imagine somebody will cook up a batch of those "harsh browns",so drown THEM in the red stuff! Bacon and biscuits for everyone too.Oh,and look over near the top step-left a box of strawberry Poptarts for whoever wants them!
Y'all have a great Tuesday!
possum under a rock

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9469: Morning Folks....

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9470: Hello all! I'm a little tard this mornin'. I watched another Braves October choke. I'll be pulling for the Cardinals now.

Briscoe Darling Jr.
Hey ta':
Fun Girl
An' everyone!

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9471: We are having a family feud over how to spell Aunt B. Is it Aunt Bee, Aunt Bea, or Aunt B? You real experts can help settle this. Please.


October 08, 2002 - Msg 9472: Morning Porch, I am back & had just enough time to skim thru the posts since I left, no, Pat was not a victim of the random shootings, a victim of getting lost in DC & ending up in the wrong part of town. Some guy was trying to rob them & when they tried to drive away, he reached in & shot him in the stomach. when he was hit, he tensed his muscles & the car sped into an embankment. He wasn't wearing a seatbelt & he has extensive injuries from that as well. His lungs are bruised & have fluid on them, his nose & both cheekbones are broken, his back is fractured, they had to remove part of his colon (from the bullet) repair his kidney & liver which were hit by the bullet. He is on a ventilator & they are having trouble keeping his heartrate in control. His is in "stable, but very critical" condition. The drs. tell me he can go either way & is by no means out of the woods. He did respond to me & to Jacob by squeezing our hands & when I brought Jake into his room to see him, his blood pressure & heart rate settled down some. He must have been worrying about him even under all the sedation. I am keeping everything on hold here just in case we have to go back up on a moments notice & Jake is doing as well as can be expected. I have my job cut out for me, just pray that I can handle all this. Even tho we are divorced, I still care deeply for Pat & this is devastating. I hate the thoughts of Jake growing up without his dad. Please continue to pray for us, Pat expecially, he needs it. More later. & thank you all soooo much for the prayers.

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9473: Oh Mavis! I am so very sorry and will be praying for your family, that is so awful. It is hard to believe people can be so mean.


October 08, 2002 - Msg 9474: Hey to the porch -
Gordon, I ain't no expert but the experts I know say it is Aunt Bee. You can see it spelled that way in at least one episode, the one where she opens the chinese restaruant. Also, the official listings of episode tytles (I know how to spell it, the censor won't let me spell it right~) always spell it Bee.

With the A's gone now, I'll be pulling for the Cardinals too.

Mavis, you and Pat and Jake are all in our thoughts and prayers. Boy, another reminder that we ain't REALLY in Mayberry ......

Milton P. Oliver
"Mayberry? We thought this was Elm City."

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9475: Good Morning, Porch! I hope you all are having a great Mayberry Tuesday.
Mavis, my prayers continue for your son's father. May the Lord protect him and bring him to wellness while comforting your son during his difficult time. How old is you son? I just cringe when I think of the horror these youngsters are having to live through these days, bless their hearts. I just don't know what it's like to grow up that way and it just shouldn't have to be like that. I hope this country does something real quick about these bad people who don't respect life or law! Sorry, to get on that soapbox; it just makes me so angry sometimes. I'm glad you're back though, and maybe you can get some rest and enjoy some relaxing time on the porch.
Hazel, it was chorizo and eggs, home-fried potatoes, tortillas, and Mexican coffee (with chocolate, whipped cream, and a sprinkle of cinnamon). Sorry you missed it but, if this sounds like it will really twang your buds, I'll surely make it again just for you! Your salsa will go just perfect with it, too.
Possum, you done good! Thanks for that delicious breakfast... mmm mmm!... bacon with biscuits, oh makes my mouth water... it's the greatest smell coming down the stairs in the morning if my hubby is in the mood to cook breakfast while I shower. Add the aroma of perked-on-the-stove coffee and you're in heaven.. at least through breakfast!
Happy, you must have loved Possums breakfast! I have never had grits before so I passed em by this time, but I'm working up to tryin em. You all are making em sound pretty good!
I'll see you all this evening. I'll bring some sweet tea and we can have any strawberry poptarts that are left over from this morning for dessert or if any biscuits are left (which I doubt), we can warm em up with a few softened apple slices, with melted butter, then sprinkle a little cinnamon and sugar on em and voila!...instant economical dessert!... the kind of stuff you get used to doing when you have lots of kids and have to save money!
Hey to the rest of the Porch: Floyd, Briscoe, Gordon, Boo, Mrs. Wiley, Helen, Mary, Frankie, Ellen, Homemaker, Charlotte, Romeena, Sterling, Asa, Salty Dog, Fun Girl, NN, Des, MPO, Jelsik, Ernest T., Gator, Jennie, and anyone who hasn't come vistin the porch for a while.... "Don't be such a stranger."
God's blessings on you all, ~Clara~

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9476: Hey Porch, I was already to make some crack about the whole ketchup thing that's been going on, but the smile on my face turned to horror after ready your post, Mavis. I hope and pray that Pat gets through this. And you, Jake and everyone else affected by it. If it's not too early for some optimism, I think the fact that he responded to you is a good sign.
As for the person who did this, I can't believe anyone could be so selfish and disrespectful of another persons life, just because they didn't get any money from them. It makes my blood boil!
But this thug doesn't even deserve to be talked about, so I'm going to stop.
I'll be popping in from time to time to see how everything's going.
Be strong Mavis!
-Sterling Holobyte

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9477: Clara, that dessert with the apples sounds good. I'll be right over.
-Sterling Holobyte.

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9478: Dear Mavis! What a terrible thing. I'm praying for you and for Jake, that you'll have the strength to get through whatever this brings, and for Pat, that God's healing hand will come to rest upon him. Just take things one day at a time, honey, or even one minute at a time, if that's what it takes.
On the subject of grits, I'd like to put in a request. Grits are inexpensive and easy to prepare. Will each of you who have never tried them, just please go buy a small box, cook them up with a little salt and some butter, and for cryin' out loud, TRY THEM? I can't imagine living in this country, especially in Mayberry, and never trying something as simple and basic as grits! They go with anything. Fried chicken and gravy, pork chops, with bacon or sausage and eggs for breakfast, or just a warm bowl of grits with butter, nothing else needed. Talk about comfort food. One of my favorite cartoons shows an irritated-looking waitress, talking to a confused customer, and she says, "Well, if you didn't want grits, why'd you order breakfast?" I love it!
Where is Tom? We haven't seen him in a while, and I miss him, and I'm sure everyone else does, too. Hope his mother is okay. Tom, if you're out there, please check in. We're about due for one of your poems.
Well, off I go. Back to work tonight, so better hit the ironing board for a little while. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9479: Good Afternoon Porch,

Mavis, I am so sorry for the evil that has befallen your family. I will continue to pray for your ex, that all will go well and through this whole situation, God will be glorified. May Jesus give you and your family strength and comfort at this time.
Sterling, I was so glad to see that you are still checking in on us. I was afraid it would be a good long time until we heard from you again. Please, keep in touch!

All this talk about breakfast foods reminds me of one of my most embarassing moments ever. When I was around 17, (a loooooonnnnngggg time ago), I was a waitress. One thing we served with dinners was french bread. I just loved to toast it and put some butter on it to snack on. Well, one morning I had a customer ask if we had "french toast". "Sure" I told him, "I have it all the time and I just love it!" So, I went ahead and toasted up some french bread and brought it to him. Well, as you all can probably guess, he was expecting bread, dipped in eggs, and then fried up in a pan. He looked at me like I was from another planet. He explained to me what french toast was and I just wanted to die of embarassment! Being the kind customer he just ate his dry toast and even left me a tip! Boy was a naive, dumb teenager! Now I am a naive, dumb forty-somethinger.
Well, I hope this story gave someone a smile, I probably wouldn't tell it to you if you saw me face to face!
Mary Wiggins

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9480: Hey Milton P. Oliver ...we sure missed you at Mayberry Days this year!!! I think I have that title problem fixed for you. haha...sorry to make you spell so bad. ha ha.

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9481: Afternoon Y'all. Tired and not much to say,except I wish to convey my best wishes to Mavis,her son,and ex.I will be praying for you all.

" You may say that I'm a dreamer,but I'm not the only one... I hope some day you'll join us,and the world can live as one..."
possum under a rock

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9482: Evenin Porch
Oh dear God, Mavis I am so sorry to hear about your X, praying all is going to be well & that your son is ok as will. Mavis my heart goes out to you all, I don't have the words that can express what I am felling, what is wrong with our Country? God help us all. Chicago is as bad as DC And I'm sure their are a lot of other places out there as will, we will just keep praying God will intervene in all this. Ro; I agree with you Girts is the bestest ever food they is. LOL.. Hey to Asa, Hazel, Homemaker, Boo,Wiggins, possum,Clara, Fun girl,Floyd, and just all of ya out there on the porch, Aunt Bee says hey, she has been ill but doing great now. My husband Lightning is still not smoking 9 months GREAT huh? He got all his teeth pulled on his birthday which was the first of October, he was a little sick at first but doing ok now a few bad days but not like at first. I'm trying to catch up on the post here but I have missed so many. Have a blessed night.. Miss Ellen Brown
Lots of luck to you and yers!

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9483: Hey to the porch -
Thanks, Floyd. We sure missed being there too. But at least we did get to see Don Knotts (and Tim Conway) that weekend. And we'll be there in Mayberry NEXT week. We're getting there Tuesday and leaving Thursday. Are you and yours gonna be there? I think several of the old gang are coming back and there is a little pizza party planned for Tuesday night.

Milton P. Oliver
"Mozzarella, my favorite!"

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9484: Nice to see you, Ellen Brown. We missed you! Be sure to tell Aunt Bee "Hey" from the porch. Thanks, Floyd, for fixing that little title problem. I've had that problem a couple times too... Mavis, we are praying for Pat and your son, and God bless you all. Please keep us posted.
- Hazel

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9485: Miss Ellen Brown ~ Big congrats to your husband on the 9 months! I just hit 9 months too and it feels GREAT. I don't even miss smoking anymore, they stank!

Have a great night porch, get'tin after 9p (est) here and got to git up with the critters early.

My prayers are with those who are in need, and all the rest of ya too!



October 08, 2002 - Msg 9486: Hey Happy.. How are you and the family fairing these days, congrads to you also on your 9 months, isn't it grand to taste & smell the wonderful world around us? Lightning wanted me to say that LOL .. He tells me everyday he is breathing better and he don't snore anymore, he has gained a little weight, but he still looks Great to me.:> Mavis dear do you get any of my email, or do I not have the correct addy on you, I tried to add you to my ICQ and it just wont go through. How is the family today? Ellen Brown (aka Ms Wezee)
Think I'll do some adventure sleeping tonight.

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9487: Congrats on those who have managed to stop smoking. I was a smoker years ago when I was in my early 20's. I smoked for a year or so. I didn't really have too much of a struggle to give it up as I didn't smoke for that long, but even now, 15 years later, there are times when a cigarette sounds so good. But the smell and the lung problems and all, I wouldn't go back for anything.

Prayers for all who are suffering physically or emotionally or mentally. It is easy to get down in the dumps and have a hard time getting it all together again. Just remember to look up and remember the one who guides our lives.

Peaceful sleep and sweet dreams!
fun girl

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9488: Good night Fun Girl...God Bless ..Ellen B.

October 08, 2002 - Msg 9489: Hey MPO and Hazel...glad I could fix the title problem. ha ha... MPO, I'm gonna be in Mayberry next week...getting there sometime on Tuesday and leaving sometime in the afternoon/early evening on Wednesday. I'll be at the Motor Inn. Maybe we can all get together for breakfast on Wednesday morning at the Snappy Lunch!

October 09, 2002 - Msg 9490: Morning Porch. Dear Mavis, words cannot express the sadness I feel for your situation. I most certainly will keep all of you in my prayers dear. Please let us know if there is anything else you need. (((((((Mavis and her son)))))))).


October 09, 2002 - Msg 9491: Morn'in Porch! I gotz some collards & mustard greens cook'in this morning and wuz wonder'in if ya'll can smell em? (hee hee)


October 09, 2002 - Msg 9492: Mornin Porch, yes Happy they smell grand,a cup of hot tea and a biscuit with em would just top it off. Mornin Asa, Floyd I just love the pic off the Remshaw place on the home page that would make a great screen saver.Pray all will be well for everyone today in the name of Jesus., Praying still for Mavis & son and X.. May God's Sonshine smile on y'all today. Ellen B. (((((((((HUGS)))))))))

October 09, 2002 - Msg 9493: testing

October 09, 2002 - Msg 9494: Let's pray together, friends. Dear Father, we are heart sick for our sister, Mavis and her family. Please be all that they need and help them to have peace day by day. Help Pat to heal and we would ask that you spare his life for Jake's sake. He needs a Dad. We know you are with us in tribulation and you can bring good from this devastating event because with you, all things are possible. Give them the faith they need to trust You. Help the authorities to find the man that committed this crime so that maybe noone else will suffer the same fate from him. Thank you for all you do for us, Lord. We love you. In Jesus name, Amen. Boo

October 09, 2002 - Msg 9495: Hey Mary Wiggins. Your story about french toast was a gut buster. I imagine the feller you gave it to has gotten a lot of miles out of it too.
Hey Happy, I wondered what was brewing. Thought maybe Floyd was painting. LOL.
Hey to everyone on the porch. Looks like Salty is hiding again.


October 09, 2002 - Msg 9496: Oh dear Boo, I talked in the middle of your prayer. I'm sorry. But I agree with it and give an Amen.


October 09, 2002 - Msg 9497: Turnips and collards are hard to beat. Especially with a little vinegar sprinkled on them. That's some real bud twangin'. Save me a helpin' of them greens. They are good fer ya. Have a good un yall.
fun girl

October 09, 2002 - Msg 9498: Good Morning, Porch!
What a wonderful way to start the day.... and with a prayer from Boo as well. Thank you, Boo. Sometimes it seems that the bad parts of life can hit you right in your spiritual gut... I don't know, maybe it's supposed to be that way; maybe to make us think.... Well, anyway, I happened upon an except from a little book about keeping "your soul alive". One paragraph is called "Live in This Moment" and I think it applies when you're starting to feel overwhelmed by the bad things in life:

I was regretting the past and fearing the future. Suddenly god was speaking, "My name is 'I Am'". I waited. God continued.
"When you live in the past, with its mistakes and regrets, it is hard. I am not there. My name is not 'I was'.
When you live in the future, with its problems and fears, it is hard. I am not there. My name is not 'I will be'.
When you live in this moment, it is not hard. I am here. My name is 'I am'."

Isn't that beautifully peaceful? So often I have had to stop my mind from going backward or forward like that and just live in the here and now and when I do, I certainly do feel more connected to Him. God's blessings on you all, especially for those of you who need a little extra, ~Clara~

October 09, 2002 - Msg 9499: Now, to get back to the more serious side of life: I LOVE mustard greens! Boy, I wait for them each spring like kids wait for the Easter Bunny! I've been eating them since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I have never had em for breakfast, but I do love spinach and eggs, so I suppose they might be similiar. My family has always cooked the mustard greens as part of an on-the-stove cubed pork dish... mmmm mmmm! Put a heap of it over some hot white rice and what a treat! Thanks for a new way for me to eat em, Happy! And I might try that vinegar sometime too, Fun girl. Romeena, would grits be good with em? Then I could try two new things at once!
Mary, what a hoot! That story made me laugh right out loud. Always can use a good dose of laughter daily... thanks! Reminds me of my ex-sister-in-law making her first pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving... reading the ingredients, she didn't realize that the spices were supposed to be ground and she put in WHOLE cloves! You can imagine our faces when we bit into that pie!
Ellen, Happy, and all who have or have someone who has beaten the nicotine nasty habit --- Way to go! Plus you'll save LOTS of money.
Anytime, Sterling, glad you could come! Keep in touch now.
Have a great Mayberry middle-of-the-week wonderful Wednesday! Make it a good un... and Hey to the rest of the Porch: Possum, Boo, Hazel, Mrs. Wiley, Mavis, Helen, Mary, Frankie, Briscoe, Homemaker, Charlotte, Asa, Salty Dog, NN, Des, MPO, Floyd, Gordon, Jelsik, Ernest T., Gator, Jennie and anyone who hasn't come vistin the porch for a while.... "Don't be such a stranger."
God's blessings on you all, ~Clara~

October 09, 2002 - Msg 9500: To show you how bad I is at cooking, the first time my wife was out of town and I was on my own, I decided to fry me some hamburgers. So I commenced to look for a pan, couldn't find one so I decided to try the next best thing, a cookie sheet. Well needless to say, the hamburgers were bad and it didn't do much for the cookie sheet either.:) So I have since been banned from the kitchen, for cooking purposes anyway.


October 09, 2002 - Msg 9501: Ha ha ha ha ha..... Oh, brother, Asa! You're a scream! So, what would you use to bake cookies? No, don't tell me... just stay out of the kitchen! ;} Let us women folk do the cooking. At least you are a good gardener! Just bring the food inside, lay it on the table, and leave! We'll ring the dinner bell when we want you back in the kitchen! ~Clara~

October 09, 2002 - Msg 9502: Hey Asa, I loved your story about the hamburgers. I have a cookie sheet story too. When I was about 12 or 13, my friend and I decided to bake cookies. We had never done that before so it was really foolish! Well, the cookie sheet we found was flat, with no raised edges, and we first GREASED the cookie sheet for some reason. When we took the cookies out we were lucky that the running grease didn't roll off onto one of our legs!

I probably should head to the store and get some grits and collard greens cause I never had either of them! There is a part in the movie "My Cousin Vinny" where a cook in a diner describes how you make them, funny stuff. I am not big on new movies, (actually "My Cousin Vinny" isn't that new) but that is one of the more recent movies I have seen. I tend to shy away from most new movies and television shows. They usually are too offensive for me. I just love old movies, and of course, "Andy Griffith".

Hey Boo, recently you were talking about being a mom at 40, well, I am between 44 and 46 but I can't tell my actual age, and I have a 20, 18 and 4 year old! Appropriately enough, the youngest is named Riley and he definitely has the life of Riley!

I guess I best get back to my stuffed peppers, I also made baked potatoes if any one cares to stop by, we have plenty! Have a great evening, maybe we can get Aunt Bee to make us some home made ice cream for desert whilst we enjoy the evening here on the porch!
Mary Wiggins

October 09, 2002 - Msg 9503: Maude, Asa...if those hambugers are ruined....I'M not responsible!

October 09, 2002 - Msg 9504: Evening Y'all. Well,I'm probably the only Southerner who doesn't like collards or mustard greens! Love those grits though!Since y'all are telling "cooking disaster" stories let me get y'all laughing REAL good. When I first got married(keep in mind I was only 20-but still...) I didn't know WHAT to do with shortening. I actually called my mom and asked her if she had some oil I could borrow because I wanted to fry up cube steak and all I had was shortening! DUH! Didn't know it melted down! Ha Ha Wonder why I had that shortening in the first place,since I didn't know what it was! Oh,my!
Clara,I loved that (for lack of a better word) prayer you used about God being "I Am". Thank you-really puts things in perspective.And Amen to your lovely prayer,Boo. May God Bless Mavis' family and all of us.
Have a good evening!
possum under a rock

October 09, 2002 - Msg 9505: You all have got to be the best people in this old world! I love you guys so much!!! Thanks for all your prayers, keep them up, they are working! Pat is still listed in critical condition, but he is better today! They are telling me his chances of living are much improved, if he keeps going this direction. They are having trouble getting him off the ventilator, will try again tomorrow, but is responding much better today! Jake is doing pretty good today as well, he started school here today, & that has helped, giving him something else to focus on. You would not beleive what I have gone thru trying to get him in school tho, they want a permission paper, court order or phone number to reach Pat so they can 'make sure' it is ok for him to be here with me without violating a child custody order!!! I told them the situation & offered them the number to ICU & they shut up! I was so frustrated I was crying & shaking yesterday. But we have it worked out & Jake is in school. Keep praying for us, & thank you for that verse Clara it was right on the money for me! I am not sure about my emails, haven't had time to check them, but I will let you know. My ICQ number is 171033310 for those that have it. More later, I am going to try to get some MUCH needed sleep, 12 hours since Friday is not enough! Thanks for being here guys!!

October 09, 2002 - Msg 9506: BTW~ Boo thank you for the prayer!

October 09, 2002 - Msg 9507: God bless Mavis. We love you!


October 09, 2002 - Msg 9508: What a wonderful way to end this evening on the porch... with Mavis checking in and bringing a bit of good news... we're willing to take anything you've got, Mavis! Glad to hear you finally got the school to see reason and that your son can maybe think of other things for awhile. And don't you worry; ours prayers will surely continue. In the meantime, keep stopping by, pull up an old rocker, and just spend a little time laughing and forgeting about all these troubles for a while.
Had a great evening with you all telling these crazy cooking stories... laughter is so good for the soul as they say so I expect my soul is in pretty good shape from having been on the porch tonight!
I'm gonna go watch my Startrek; one of the only decent programs to watch without cable! Have no little ones here to have to censor anything even a little questionable so most everything is okay on it for me and Hubby. I'm a real stickler when the little ones are around.
Okay, I'm going to leave a pitcher of sweet tea and there are a few slices left of my apple pie... enjoy!
See you in the morning... Hey, I'm thinking hash and eggs with buttery biscuits and apricot preserves sounds pretty good.. and definitely with some perked-on-the-stove coffee.. whadya say? Sounds pretty good for breakfast tomorrow I'm a thinkin. (I'm always thinking a meal ahead... may be one reason I can't lose weight!)
Sweet dreams and God bless Possum, Boo, Mrs. Wiley, Mavis, Happy, Helen, Mary, Frankie, Briscoe, Ellen, Homemaker, Hazel, Charlotte, Romeena, Sterling, Asa, Salty Dog, Fun Girl, NN, Des, MPO, Floyd, Gordon, Jelsik, Ernest T., Gator, Jennie and anyone I've forgotten.....

October 09, 2002 - Msg 9509: HI ALL. WILL THIS IS NOT A GOOD DAY FOR .

October 09, 2002 - Msg 9510: Oh Tom, I am so sorry my friend. You will be in my prayers for sure. Please stay in touch here with us. We can help ease your pain. God bless you my friend. I am truly sorry.


October 10, 2002 - Msg 9511: Tom..you are most certainly in my prayers. May our loving Lord Jesus be with you and your family in this time.

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9512: Bless you, Tom. I am so sorry about your mother. It's hard to know what to say, but please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.
- Hazel

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9513: Oh Tom, I'm so sorry about your loss, you have been and always will be in my prayers.and your family as will. God Bless you Tom. Ellen B.

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9514: Oh yes porch, I wanted to request y'all remember my husband Lightning in your prayers today, he came home from work awful sick last night. He had all his teeth pulled oct 1st on his birthday and the last 2 days he has really been having trouble. Thank you Ellen B.

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9515: Tom I am so sorry about your Mom and I will pray for you and your family.

Ellen B., prayers for Lightning - hope he gets to feeling better soon.


October 10, 2002 - Msg 9516: Morning porch, Tom I am so sorry for you loss. I pray that God will be with you during this time and give you peace. Mavis, things are sounding better for you. You are still in my prayers sis. Yall have a good day and prayers for the ones who need them Love ya all, Salty Dog

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9517: Oh, Tom! I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. That must be terribly hard for you. What will you do now - have you made any plans yet? Please stay in touch and let us know how you're doing. We'll be praying for you. I wish there was more we could do, but since we can't be there to help you, it's wonderful to know that God will be there, no matter what.
Mavis, it's good to hear that Pat is a little better. Don't you just love dealing with the bureaucracy? The idea of them giving you a hard time about getting Jake in school! It's not like you were keeping him OUT of school - you were trying to get him IN, for cryin' out loud.
I'm so glad we all have each other at times like this. Sometimes just knowing that someone else knows and cares can make all the difference. Have a great Mayberry day, everyone. Sugarplum says hey!

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9518: Oops! Sorry, but I guess you figured that last post was from me, since Sugarplum added her greeting.--Romeena

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9519: Tom,
Let me add my condolences to all the other's. It sounds like your mother was in pretty poor health so be comforted that she is in a better place. With Jesus she is able to leap for joy even with what once was her bad leg.

Ellen B., your husband is in our prayers also. I hope he gets to feeling better soon. It must be a miserable time for him, but time heals all wounds they say.

Mavis, we continue in our prayers for Pat and Jake, (and you). I am glad to hear you were able to get Jake in school. It is so much better for him to have some structure to his day.

Well, I guess I better set out on my day. My nearly 19 year old son is taking a road test to get his driver's license today. I haven't been in much of a hurry to see him drive a car because he has managed to knock out three teeth just riding his bike and doing all those tricks you see some of these kids doing. Heaven help us when he is driving a car!

Mary Wiggins

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9520: Prayers Tom. Your mother is in a better place. Peace and love be with you, and everyone on the porch.

Briscoe Darling Jr.

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9521: Much sympathy to your family Tom - our prayers are with you.

Many prayers for you too Mavis - what an awful situation.


October 10, 2002 - Msg 9522: Good Morning Porch
First of all, Tom, prayers for your family. Like everyone has said, your mom is in a better place; she is Home now. I lost my dad when I was 19 and my mom when I was 30; no brothers or sisters; no other relatives around. Eventually, I learned that there is comfort in knowing that our loved ones really are always with us; that they are looking down on us and pray for.... All these saints together in Heaven praying for us in that most beautiful place! I know it's painful right now but, the more you think of how happy your mom is now the easier it will get. God bless you and comfort you.
Ellen, prayers for Lightening. Sounds like the poor man must be in alot of pain. I pray the healing starts to go more quickly for him.
Mavis, my prayers contine. Prayers for anyone else's needs, too.
Sorry I didn't bring breakfast this morning. Didn't cook at all. Neighbor (single guy) kept me up two hours last night with his LOUD friends sitting on his front porch hootin and hollerin; girls laughing like hyenas.. the shameful hussies leavin half dressed this morning, hair mussed... disgraceful!
Well, enough of that. I did bring some hot coffee for everyone... I for one need several cups! I think we'll be needing a few more of them cookin stories to get us through this day! In the meantime, have a great Mayberry Thursday everyone... look for the good in life... I'm going to do it with toothpicks holdin open my eyelids! Maybe we can get together on MY porch this evening and do a little hootin of our own.. how about a band practice? If I make ya'll some hot apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, will ya'll bring your instruments over? Hahaha... I feel better just thinkin about it!
Hey to Possum, Boo, Mrs. Wiley, Mavis, Happy,
Helen, Mary, Frankie, Briscoe, Ellen, Homemaker, Hazel, Charlotte, Romeena, Sterling, Asa, Salty Dog, Fun Girl, NN, Des, MPO, Floyd, Gordon, Jelsik, Ernest T., Gator, Jennie and anyone I've forgotten.
God's blessings on you all, ~Clara~

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9523: Tom I am so sorry to hear about your Mother, prayers are with you & your family from here. I am so glad we have this porch to come to, you all have certainly helped me & Tom they will help you too. Ya'll are a great bunch of people! Pat is still the same today, they couldn't get him off the ventilator yesterday & are still trying today, so far tho, no luck, he is not tolerating it very well. The next worry after getting him breathing on his own is his back, they haven't been able to really get in there & see what is going on with it yet, so they are hoping it will be ok. Again, Tom may the Lord give you Peace today & in the days to come.

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9524: I'm going down to Foley's to get some sweet taters, country ham and flour to make some homemade biscuits for Saturday night. As always, you all are welcome to have supper with me. ~Clara~, People been keeping you up all hours and yellin' into the night? Tell you what, you come on over with some of that good coffee of yours and that apple pie, and I'll jug some soothing sounds fer ya'? Whatta you say? Time fer: "There's A Time For Us To Wonder". Play it 'purty boys. Here we go.

Briscoe Darling Jr.
Hey ta':
Fun Girl
All th' newcomers
An' everyone!

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9525: Clara~ just let me know when to be on the porch, I'll bring my Omni Chord. LOL .. Lightning says thanks for all the prayers, he is in bed right now still a little tired, bless his heart, I think he tried to go back to work to soon. Starting next week he will be layed off for a month and he was trying to get this full week in, but things don't always go the way we would like, but God is always the same, during this time we can study our Bibles more and he can attend church a little more, we got that to look forward to, God knows what we all need and when we need it, Lightning is a new convert and the hours he works he does'nt get to go to church much, but now he will praise God. Remember us always in your prayers, It's always good to see all of you here on the porch even if it is by my minds eye, you are all wonderful Friends. God Bless you all.. Ellen B. aka Ms Wezee

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9526: Afternoon Y'all. My sympathies to you Tom on the loss of your mother. Mavis,keep the faith-the prayers are still coming.Ellen,well wishes to your hubby also.
Sat. night at Briscoe's sounds like it'd be a real treat.Might even talk Asa into bringing his bongos!
Y'all have a wonderful evening!
possum under a rock

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9527: Our Father, thank you that we can come and share our heartaches with you. Be with Tom in a very real way in his grief. Make him realize that he is never alone, especially now. You are there and he has friends here that care very much. Just wrap him up in your peace and bring him through the process of grief in a very gentle way. Speak comfort to his heart as only you can do. We also ask that you help Pat to heal and bless Lightening and make him well, too, Lord. We love and thank you. In Jesus name, Amen. Boo

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9528: Hey to the Porch.
My sympathies, Tom.

MPO, can you do some kinda incant to help the Redbirds? That was brutal last night...


October 10, 2002 - Msg 9529: Mavis do you still have the cutless site I seem to have lost where I bookmarked it, How is Pat today? Prayers with you all still. Ellen B.

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9530: Hello everyone,

I sure have missed the porch here lately! I've been so busy, selling my goods. (not junk!!) Well, really I've had to work alot of overtime. We had one retire and one off sick and one on vacation. We have to cover 24 hours a day 365 in my job (dispatcher, state police) so when somebody's off work...well, we have to stretch our shifts. Enough about that, I bought an old Honda Silverwing motorcycle this week and I've been busy fixin' it up. (prayers be with me!) I hope everyone is well and I'm sorry to hear of Tom's loss. I'll check back in tommorrow to see y'all.

Newton Monroe

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9531: Hey to everyone. It's been a loooooong while since I've visited the porch, so I guess I'm a newbie. Hope everyone's having a great evening. Tom, you're in my prayers as well. Adios for now!


October 10, 2002 - Msg 9532: Evening Porch! Good News!! Pat is breathing on his own!! Thank You Lord! He is in alot of pain & fighting the nurses some so that is a good sign, he is an 'irishster' ya know! I am just so relieved & so thankful for all the prayers being offered up for him. How are you Tom my thoughts are still with you friend.
The Cutlass is still up, but needing work, I hope to get in there soon as things here slow down.

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9533: http://www.geocities.com/porchsters/
address to the Cutlass.

October 10, 2002 - Msg 9534: Mavis so glad to hear your good news, thanks for the cutlass addy. prayers still with you all. Ellen B.